A Dense Reflection

Just as a logo can be the symbol for a company, implying that there is something much bigger behind the individual product, the physical world provides a similar symbolism that points to the vastness of creation that every bit of matter represents. Yet, in life, we don’t want to connect with the symbols of creation, we want to connect with the essence of what that symbol represents: the never-ending flow of all things. In that connection, what is merely symbolic about our physical incarnation becomes an enlivened piece of the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What I dreamt about was really difficult because I was in such a grog. And so I started off with pointing out that the theme of the last couple of days is continuing, and the theme is: the way I am conducting myself is unwarranted. It is not in keeping with the energetic flow that is coming into life through me. 

So the scenario is I live in life, and life is life, meaning outer life, basically is a dense reflection of things. In other words, whatever you go through the mind grabs a hold of it and flips it in some fashion or another. And that if you know how to read or to poke to a depth inside, what you come up with is not just meandering, you come to experience life on a physical plane as manifestation inflecting something more that all of this comes from. 

So life on the inner plane is a stillness, and to take the stillness into manifestation, to do that, there is an imbalance if you do not witness it as an intertwined essence. In other words, if you’re just going into the stillness it’s almost as if you’re an island again, except in this particular case you’ve built up this toxicity inside, because even though you can be in a stillness you’ve still got things moving. And they might not be moving quite in the way that they’re accustomed to naturally move in manifestation. The heart beating and the breath going and the blood circulating, and all of that. And so it requires kind of a motion, or otherwise there’s a toxicity. Or it requires a use of the energy in a way so that it comes across in a witnessing, or mirroring, kind of way, which is something more so than what your mind can grasp or hold onto. And that’s why people don’t do it. And that’s the flow from the inner into the outer. 

So I do this by getting out of the way of how I see myself. In other words, you have to get away from any kind of control or whatever, you have to totally let go so that it just happens, kind of as an etheric effect. You connect instead to the macrocosmic flow going through you. And my orientation has been towards an inner depth that lies veiled within. That’s how it has been for the longest time. In other words, trying to access through reading the symbolism that comes from within. 

Each of us has our own little way, and behind that is something deeper; behind that symbolism. And in this way you go beyond the ego barriers and physical identifications. But that’s changed. In other words, like I said, the flow is different. And it’s the flow that accentuates this quality of having to witness or otherwise you poison inside.

I’m actually kind of concerned about it because it tears things up to such a degree though to adapt to this way of feeling and being, looking at it just strictly as a type of witnessing, means that you have to have something that comes across, that radiates from you out into things – and changes and touches things that way – as opposed to trying to get through the bewilderment. In other words, the flow is from a clarity of an inner. 

In other words, that’s what has changed, the direction has changed. And so I am now noticing that I am putting my attention more upon the flow coming directly into life, and, in doing so, I’m not veiled and separate, which means that I’m not having to catch up with myself revelationally, and symbolically, through veils. 

But it requires a whole different sense having to open up. In this meditation dream I don’t quite catch up with the fact that when it’s like that you have to then open up the feeling, or otherwise you’re weird, you just can’t look at things.

So I’m still just on the witness. To not witness is to be in an aloofness in which my veils get in the way of mirroring. So it’s like a third-eye type discussion, or seeing of things, at this part of the dreaming. 

And so the affliction I am experiencing is the result of not flowing with the inner which is meant to use the outer to shape and design and all of that. In other words, the inner uses the outer for purposes of experientiality, for seeing and all of that. But it does in a different way. We have a lower way of doing it in terms of just looking at things in this density, and then there’s a higher way of doing it in which you come to grips with something coming through and it’s humongous and expansive, as a way of seeing and being.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Dense Reflection

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