A Trance Modality

When we bump into someone accidentally we can feel shocked by the unexpected nature of it because we are usually keenly aware of our space and our trajectory through it. So, when such an image shows up in a dreamscape, we know it is trying to point out how out-of-sorts we are, and that we are disconnected from the life that is guiding us. If we have difficulty managing physical space, how will we fare in the invisible, energetic realms? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then I go into a sleep dream in which I am in a very chaotic setting, very busy there. It’s an outerness state that’s in disarray; everything’s in disarray.

And it seems in this outer state that my perception, because I’m in a kind of twisted trance, that I bump someone; it’s like in a mall area or something. And I’m with Rafe and we’re going into area; just walking along in this mall area.

And it’s not like anything in particular has to happen there, we just happen to be in the midst of things like that. And I believe I bumped someone, and those things happen because you’re not connected with the world around you. But I don’t notice it to begin with, because I’m kind of in my amnesic state.

A woman looking for her sister comes up, as if I might be able to help her: Have I seen her?, because they’ve gotten separated. Well, as I move away from her, I suddenly come across what is her sister sprawling on the floor, a broken leg and all. And I say to Rafe, did we bump her? And he says, I’m not sure – let’s get out here. 

Again what the dream denotes is like having to point out how it is that we sustain and maintain some sort of separation. And so, the significance is, this is an example of the trance modality and veils that I carry when I do not take responsibility by flowing into all of life to experience me. It’s whenever something doesn’t quite fit your perspective or your fancy.

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