We might consider that we are mostly out of the flow of life. This can make us feel alone because we are most alone when we are separated from the universe. It can also affect our health because an energetic flow, like a flow of water, is clearing and cleaning to whatever system it runs through – and many of our physical issues are due to energetic blockages and stuck points. The universe itself can offer us the best form of natural healing if we can connect to its flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream I notice that there is an awareness and sight in life that I need to catch up with. This was portrayed as follows. 

In the dream, I can tell there is another quality of something going on that I am not accessing. I experience myself at another level of myself, and notice that this level points to the something more. The way I had been going does so as well.

The something more coming into one is a new sense I have and where I am at this is another way to experience the same something more. The something more is not what I’m able to handle, so I accept this other way of being this way or that way so I do not have to go through it.

What I’m trying to say is one way has to do with opening up to the heart, and one way has to do with the sight, or the third eye. And so the something more coming in is a new sense I’ve been having for some time, but I’ve been having it in relationship to having changed the direction in terms of trying to aspire to something that breaks through then waking up to the veils. I’m having to contend with this sort of thing coming down and through and having its own life. 

And, as a consequence in the physical, there is an imbalance, I find myself unbalanced in the physical almost as if something got missed. So the stirring up has to do with the stomach acid and stuff like that that plagues me now. And the heartfulness of something, as an inbreath, can heal that. The heart can heal that. 

So it points out that I am clamored out. The something more coming into me is a new sense I have, and where I am at this is another way to experience something more. In other words, the something more is not what I’m able to handle, so I accept this other way of being so I do not have to go through it. And this is what I mean: the other way, meaning the way with the going through a certain sight and having a certain understanding, kind of scientific even, has a collateral consequence in how I ordinarily am, which I don’t engage in for fear of setting off more than I can accommodate. 

Now this other way is the way of going into the full experience of going somewhere, which is all inbreath, and I can’t fully engage in it because something has to come back through, it has to witness coming back through – through a sight. And then it has to go back up as a heart. 

For example, the stomach acid is more than I can accommodate and it is caused by not being able to flow in the greater overallness that touches life. So, as an alternative to this flow, my body goes through these reactions. On an inbreath level, I can mitigate what I witness, and take in how I see myself and others. In other words, you mitigate that; you do that with the heart. And when I do so, that which is unbearable in a dense sense of all, is released into the overall in a mirrored way that reflects what is pent up in an unbalanced way in the physical into an intertwined, mirrored orientation.

In other words, this is difficult because I’m going back and forth with the breath in order to create the reflection that is so much more. But I am compelled to do this because the state that I am in has gotten to the point where I recognize that I, somehow or another, experience something more so now the orientation I have in the outer is skewed. The challenging that I am noticing is that I must embody both, or I will not heal. By both what I mean is that the part that is in manifestation needs to take what is before me and witness it, the essence within that. If I do not do that I remain in an expansiveness that is treating manifestation as being mysteriously out of touch, when it is me who remains removed. 

So the significance is I am part of an overall awareness that permeates everything, on both an inner and an outer level. I’m not taking the essence into matter in a proper witnessing, mirroring way. The result being a denial exists on that part of the breath. The disturbance I am experiencing as physical misalignment, or symptomatic to stomach acid, is an estrangement in terms of the rhythm. The acid is indicative of being pent-up in the third eye and not embodying a heartfulness permeating the environment with its own lucidness. You have to have both haves, they mirror each other; they go back and forth, they’re flip sides of the same coin.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Symptomatic

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