Psychically Lost

Sometimes the assumptions we make end up limiting our possibilities. In these two dream images we see different natures and effects of making assumptions, yet in each instance the natural flow is lost and repetitive mannerisms are leading the way. This is a type of auto-pilot state that we may often find ourselves in, but we can keep it to a minimum if we raise our conscious awareness that we are lapsing into it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the sleep dream now, I come out of a house with a friend and notice a real small deer that is about four inches tall. I look and look at it, it’s so adorable. It is also tame, and seems real hungry, almost as if maybe it’s blighted, or something.

It’s four inches tall, I’m trying to see if maybe it didn’t grow its ears properly or something. And it seems to have lost its fear because I can get close to it. You would think something this small and sensitive would be very flighty. And, as I get closer, it suddenly jumps onto my chest and is now kind of a small, cuddly animal.

I realize that this is not good. So I attempt to throw it off because it is probably diseased, because I noticed that it wasn’t growing its ears properly and whatnot. And doing so this could scratch me. But the animal is holding on intently, not wanting to go. 

And so, you might say, I didn’t write up the meaning to this, but the key thing that had me thinking that something was haywire was the fact that when I stared at this little deer was the fact that its ears looked deformed, or not growing or something. I just had the sense that it was small and all of that because it wasn’t eating properly, and didn’t grow its ears and was kind of diseased. 

And in this next dream I go to college for another year. In this regard this is like a repeat dream where I go back over things and go back over things, like I never graduated myself from college. 

And so this year, when I go back, I just act as if it’s business as usual, meaning I keep going to school and to school and to school and never graduating. So I go to where my room had been and find out, and in this particular part where people are all over the place, gathering in rooms and stuff like that, going through whatever they’re going through that I don’t necessarily relate to. 

So I go into the old room that I used to have. I think I remember the room; it doesn’t look familiar to me. And there are a lot of people there. And one of the persons sitting there kind of pulls me down. And he says, no, not here. In other words, we don’t need that, or something, almost as if there’s something about me that doesn’t fit in that room. 

So I go out into the hallway, which is also very chaotic. And so I’m suddenly realizing, okay, I gotta figure something out. And suddenly I realize that maybe I belong somewhere else this year? And that’s when I have the sense that I was here last year. And maybe it was like, why am I just assuming that I come back to the same place each time? And so I say to someone in the dorm hall, I suppose I should go and register? And the person says, yes, that would be a good idea. 

So this is a dream in which I am not moving on like I am supposed to do, and I’m still clinging to an aspect of the past, and am putting myself back into the past. And the experience of being where I do not belong, that’s an experience when you go into it and you suddenly realize you’re lost, it’s miserable. 

And so I guess you could say that, in a sense, it’s like being psychically lost. But something inside can sort you out, and does do a good job of sorting things out because it has to work that way whenever we’re going through things because we’re constantly being directed, so to speak, from inner into outer. 

So being lost, or being confused, causes a lot to go on, to sort out. And that is what this dream is causing me to denote. I am being challenged to find myself in the environment. And it may be different than I think, and it may be different from what others are experiencing.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Psychically Lost

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