Cost-Benefit Ratio

We can easily understand the cost-benefit ratio of things we purchase with money because we can evaluate its worth to us against our bank account. But we are not as rational about the energy we process and come in contact with: some people always drain us of our energy – they like drama, they are takers, they complain or criticize – while others make us feel excited or energized. A normal interaction will always have some give and take energetically, so a good friend will lift us when we need it, or we will cheer them up. We want our interactions to be fair trade. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the last dream I had, that I didn’t write up, I was calculating the cost benefit ratio of energy. In other words, the dream was about the application of vibrational energy, in terms of enhancing consciousness.

I suppose what dreams like this offer is the idea that there are things that you can do that actually cause you to take on a dense nature and slow yourself down, and dense yourself up, and therefore go backwards. 

Well, in the last dream, it was pointed out that there are things that you can do, that are within the same thematic, that some of them are beneficial, and some of them are not. And so what I was looking at was, like, for example, oil usage: there’s a certain burning of the oil, in terms of a benefit ratio is a certain amount. But, of course, where there’s recycling and stuff where you can refract it or do something to get it back to utilize it again, you get a different kind of energetic ratio that’s added. 

And so all of the various ways in which you can take and look at the use of something in various ways, various benefits, you take and you look at all of it in terms of its effect upon your nature. 

So the idea was to note how everything that one does has an effect upon one’s nature, some of a greater degree, some of a lesser degree. In other words, it’s almost like taking the dream where you had something that could be like a 10% bright light that you can’t see that everything that went into that could dissipate and disappear, and then you had the halo of that, or the rainbow effect of that going into subtler light coming off of the brightness that went into a total immersion – all the way to the denser light. 

And that we carry those components of our nature, and that we need to be aware of all of that effect that happens upon us, to know where when we do something that it contributes, let’s say to that 10%, and then to the various other aspects of rays coming off of that, that have a denser effect that still carries a karmic overtone. And you then can take and you can total all of that up and kind of see a quotient to where you’re at in relationship to vibration. That vibration being the vibration that you carry, or take into the world. 

So it was interesting that you could take a particular action and look at it in all of its different arrays, in terms of some of it having an effect that is impossible to know, because it goes into a complete emptiness, and other effects to the point where you even question it because of its density and a weight and a burden that it can leave as a stigma upon your nature. 

And that everything can be measured in terms of its degrees, in which you still have some sort of karmic overtone that is being worked out in terms of the way you have to somehow or another sort yourself out. That was kind of the dream I didn’t write up.

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