Light Hands

There have been times when it was generally best for humans to say no to what they rejected and to stay clear of those things. But we are moving into a new time, and what is a better process for us is to evaluate everything and see where it fits -within us. Then, with a clear eye we can sort, clean, or otherwise improve the energetic in us, because we have the ability to refine all things, and that is more important every day. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I noticed the way the vibrational energetics are when in a collective collaboration. In other words, you can get to the point where you can see what is collective and then you can say, you know, that you have your own way. Usually, when a subtle recognition is needed, a person has access, as an inner depth of themselves, which is distinct from the overall condition of light and darkness thrown together. 

Rhythm is the name of the game; you house all of these parts. And there’s nothing wrong with the collective. If there’s something in the collective that comes up and gets a hold of you, that’s just kind of how it is, but if it gets hold of you to the point where you can’t come out of it, then there’s a problem. Otherwise it’s just an aspect or part, just like you have the angelic part, you can’t park there, or the jinn part, you can’t just park there, or the shamanistic part – you can’t just try to put the whole world in that. The human being is everything, so much more. 

So if you don’t take the wholeness of yourself, and accept the wholeness in every regard, then you’re apt to have a mannerism towards reactive aspects. And, when you have that, you tend to cause them to come out. And, when they come out, they destroy a potential awareness from occurring. In other words, you manifest what you don’t want to manifest when you push off too hard. 

You have to have light hands about everything and realize that you are all of the things that are going on. And you can’t steer yourself to try to do spiritual things, thinking that that’s the answer; you are everything. 

So what I am talking about is the general state of things for a person who has a long way to go before they are able to catch subtle nuances. In other words, if you have a long way to go, if you throw yourself in this motif direction and that motif direction, the subtle nuances include things that you’re inclined to have a repudiated attitude towards. Taking that to an extreme, putting an attitude behind that, is going to create a problem; it’s going to take away a certain quality of graciousness of a person’s being. 

So I’m talking about a person who is able to recognize the subtle distinctions, but is not able to carry the pristineness of their being into the collective consciousness with dignity. I mean, just because we call something subtle, too, in other words we have the gross, we have the dense, we have to take it all on. 

So what is going on? I am talking about the capability of knowing the distinctions from a person who has yet to reach various points. Knowing the distinctions: don’t take and push off something that is haywire, there’s always something about it that’s significant, that’s important. And we do this in relationship to how we see others, and we do this in terms of how we tend to catch up with what we think we know that we see in terms of ourselves. 

So in terms of a person capable of knowing the subtle inner and outer distinctions, I am noticing that when they are a person who is still intolerant of others, because of an inner wound in the way, a clash occurs. What occurs when a person who has a long way to go before they are able to be conscious, in terms of inner and outer, matches up with a person with an intolerance wound afflicting their heart, which is a series of reactions that don’t go anywhere. 

So, essentially, the meaning of this is, a human being is a conjangled mess that is always in need of sorting things out from the malaise. The malaise includes everything, positive and negative. We don’t know what’s negative. We think we know what’s negative, and we find a lot of agreement in terms of what we think we know. But none of that matters; that’s the problem, holding on to any of that gets us into a dilemma. 

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