Haunted from Within

There’s a certain snail found in open fields that can be overtaken by a specific parasite. When that happens, the parasite is able to chemically induce the snail to want to climb up to the top of a blade of grass where it gets eaten by grazing livestock – and that is the end goal of the parasite, the cow’s stomach, it’s just using the snail for its purposes. When we are possessed by anything energetically it can cause us to do things that aren’t always in our best interest. Part of our journey toward consciousness is to realize when these parasitic energetics pop up. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in this dream, I’m like a young woman, probably in my 20s or something. And it feels like I’ve either been given or inherited an estate I don’t know much about, that I’ve gone to visit. 

The other people on the estate are kind of standoffish with me, and I think that maybe they thought they were going to get it, or maybe they run it, so they don’t know really who I am. I’m kind of going through different buildings looking at what’s going on. There’s a horse barn that some of the people seem to be in, and they’re doing things with the horses. 

But again, like I said, there’s no one that’s real friendly. There’s two girls about my age, one of them seems to be supportive, and the other seems to just kind of not want to associate with me. So I think maybe she thought that she should be getting the estate? I don’t know, I don’t know how to take it all. 

Meanwhile, it feels like to me, I’m just planning on leaving right then. I’m looking for someone else that I want to ride with me when I leave, to wherever it is that I feel like I need to go. I realize that people on this estate aren’t relating that well to me, so they’re not being very helpful when I’m getting ready to go. I’m looking for a bathroom. I go in one room that looks like a bathroom and I take a bunch of stuff that’s been piled on something that I hope is a toilet, but it turns out just to be a chamber pot filled with sand. And I see someone run by and I think maybe they know where the bathroom is. 

Now, I’ve been at a banquet that I’ve left and I still seem to be planning on leaving town. But it feels like there must have been some event like a fire that was handled – it’s out now, but there are still some people coming to help us with it. Because I look up and the sky is full of things like blimps. But these blimps, they’re traveling past us to someplace else where there’s a problem. But some of them are stopping and they’re letting people down who were coming into the village, who want to help us.

They all go to the banquet. And I guess because I’m supposed to own this place, now they think I’m going to be at the banquet, too. But I’m actually in one of the side houses; I’m still kind of looking for some things to pack because I know I’m traveling somewhere else. That’s all I could really remember. 

John: I had a hard time pulling out dreams last night, too, because I’m not used to being around a vibration that’s an exorcism vibration, where something is removed. In other words, things are given, but then how are they removed – they just move on? 

And what you were contending with was a sense of something that’s there as a haunting aspect or something from you catching up with, or being in touch with, how it is that you are, and who it is that you are. 

And so we’re used to looking and dreaming in a way that has us taking and realizing that there’s something so much more about ourselves. We’re not used to dreaming, or looking or having to go through things as if we carry around certain shadows or possessions. We talk about a shadow dynamic, but we never think about it in terms of it being like a type of possessory thing. It has its way of holding on to us in some fashion. It maintains some sort of characteristic about us. When you develop a certain kind of clarity, or quality inside, energetically it’s as if you can throw this sort of thing off. It’s as if it’s not there. 

When we meditate and such I never thought about the idea that one has to contend with things trying to get hold of you, I’ve only thought about it in the positive that you take and you develop a certain energetic and then all of this other stuff falls away. You go and you probe the depths of yourself – might be the closest that one comes to the idea of dealing with some sort of malingering vibrations or possessory qualities. 

And the other way that might be the closest that I’ve come to that is the idea that there are certain things that get repressed into one’s nature, that are in the molecular of one’s being, that rise up when the energy rises, that come out then and can haunt you from within. 

I believe all of that is kind of true as a way of saying it, but then there’s another way of looking at it directly in which these forces and whatnot can actually be viewed as having a kind of entity quality about them that can have an effect at holding one’s energy down because it hovers with us, or sits with us, and so it’s a whole other school of thought to be able to address that sort of thing.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Haunted from Within

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