Confirmed for Liftoff

When things are about to change, we often feel worse than ever. This can be because our unconscious has already sensed the changes ahead, but the rest of us is still struggling through the old ways. This can make us feel as if we aren’t getting anywhere, when the shift is closer at hand. This is why it can be important to listen to all the signals we are picking up: on one level we may feel disheartened, but on another level we may have a knowing that better things are just around the corner. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, to portray what I’m able to remember, it starts off in a flashcard way. It starts off with me observing a little guy who’s staying at a urinal, and I’m standing maybe three or four feet behind him. And it’s like the guy is, say, four feet tall, and I’m six foot tall. He’s not paying any attention to this as he’s standing at the urinal.

Well, I already know what this dream is supposed to be about, and it’s starting out with that as the initial image. I know that the dream was about a transformation and change. So I’m curious to see what’s going to happen next. 

So this little guy, who no longer seems to be such a little guy when he returns to the workforce, you know before he was just like really wimpish, is talking to other colleagues about something that is afoot, that is about to happen in his life. So as I am realizing and recognizing, and I’m knowing – so I’m needing to try to watch to see if I can see this more – from the inner dream that I couldn’t pull out images from, but knowing that something is changing, or is afoot in a soothing way. 

I listen and watch knowing that something is shifting, and I’m going to have to see this like in kind of this whole side show flashcard way. In other words, I know from the sensations and aspects that I had been feeling, plus other events within that I don’t pull out, that it bodes for something to be happening.

In the final image – and what I have to do is block out everything else that’s happening around me, it’s almost like I’m standing off 12 feet away, or 20 feet away or something. And he’s talking to someone, and there’s other noise and stuff going on, so I have to fight my way through that to listen as he is further explaining to a colleague the change that is coming for him. And I overhear him say that the liftoff date has been set. 

It’s about a year from now or so. And what’s gonna happen is that he’s all excited about, that’s firmed up as a go, is that he and his fiance blast off into outer space. 

So the meaning is, this is a dream about a shift and change in how I will be unfolding consciously in the future. Currently I am being pissed on as if a wimp who is unconsciously relieving himself, but the best one can. You know, going through life the best one can, and this is the treatment that I’m being subjected to as I unfold. 

I know it isn’t like it appears and I’m eager to see what is being implied. I’m shown that a transformation is coming. I’ve been feeling this as imminent in terms of prior dream sensations, the details of such dreams being something I don’t remember. So I’m watching and waiting, and while watching and waiting I’m attentive to the changes within, like flashcard inflections, that are there to help me zoom in, or zero in, upon a shift that is destined to unfold.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Confirmed for Liftoff

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