At a Limit

In relationships, sometimes we outgrow people we once were close with. In the dream world, the story of a relationship reaching an ending makes a perfect metaphor for the idea of letting go of something that has been a part of our life, but that no longer serves the current situation. This is about inner growth, and, even though it is a great accomplishment to grow, it often has some twinges of pain when the attachments are severed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.) This post was originally published in October 2020.

Jeane: I just remember my last dream. And the dream seems to be set like in a little bit of a different time period, like more like the 1950s, or something, in terms of the office furniture and everything, and the way everybody’s dressed. 

And in this, I’m married, and my husband’s a businessman and I seem to spend some time at the office. But he’s been spending a lot of time with a young woman that’s helping him with a book or something; they may even be having an affair. And I’m looking at the situation and I realize, that day, he’s going to meet with her because maybe she’s claiming a role in the book she doesn’t really have, and, if so, he may fire her, or stop working with her.

And he’s left to go have a meeting with her. When he’s left, I suddenly realize, as I look around the office that it’s almost like I’m kind of at a limit with this relationship now. If he decides he’s going to continue being with her, then I’m going to end the marriage. But I’m kind of quiet about it. I don’t even say that to anybody. 

I go home. And when I go home, and I’m kind of going around the place by myself, there seems to be this man in the background. It’s not someone I have a relationship with. He looks like an older European man, actually. But he’s staying at the house for right now. I’m going over in my mind that it feels like my husband comes by, at one point during the day, he’s talking a little bit about this book. And I realize that other people around us may or may not have scoped out the situation, or I don’t think they have. I don’t even think he realizes now that I’m at this point. But I’m just observing to see what he’s going to do now: is he going to come back? Is he going to stay out? 

And I’m looking at that I’ve made up my mind, and if he’s continuing that, that that’s no longer acceptable for me. Well, nighttime comes and he hasn’t come back. And I go and I make up my bed. My bed is almost like a couch that pulls out a little bit like a Murphy bed, it just folds down. And I have a place where I can sleep there. 

And then I notice this European man is making up a bed somewhere else in the room. But I know that I’ll sleep okay, but I know that he’s someone that, for some reason, because of what he’s gone through in the past that he can’t sleep at night, usually, he’ll just lay down. But I can’t do anything about that. I can only just handle my own situation. That was the dream. 

John: So what you’re talking about is qualities of vibrational acuity, that exist in certain aspects and ways, that is kind of interesting and unique in terms of how it is that it’s evolved. And that what you can find in one modality, you don’t necessarily find in another modality. 

I also dreamt the same thing in terms of where there is a certain kind of acuity that can be considered phenomenal. Every person has the in-breath and the out-breath, and, within that, are qualities in which something goes into a letting go that leads to a deeper stillness. And to the degree to which one comes out of a stillness, they are in some aspect of breath. 

You are everything in the heart, there isn’t something else somewhere that comes about, so to speak, from somewhere yonder and hilt hierarchy, or whatever. And what’s also interesting is how the heart can look entirely different, if it’s a heart that’s developed through the out-breath aspect. And that more of the in-breath barriers have fallen away. 

We all differ. I’m not sure quite how to say this, but we all differ in terms of how we access the heart. And just because some people have a definition of heart that’s one way, there can be other definitions of heart depending upon where and how you are correlated in terms of the breath. 

A breath yet that still is a bifurcation from God. And God, of course, is hidden in the heart, and he doesn’t exist anywhere else. He doesn’t come in from somewhere else. He’s just quickened and awakened, touched, mirrored, but he’s always within. 

So, dreaming like this, it was almost like answering a question, it was almost like you had a particular question in your dream. And your question in your dream was, why is it that certain things that you may feel you still have as a conceptualization of importance, then aren’t there, and you think they need to be there: what is wrong? Almost as if something has to be changed, or altered, or some other authority or effect needs to come in – does it work that way? And it doesn’t work that way. 

Not all things are revealed at the same time. And that oftentimes certain things are set aside for something else that develops. It doesn’t have to be that way, but it does seem to be that way, in that we are compelled to having to deal with an in-breath and an out-breath. And so we have an inclination, in terms of how we let go, and there are ways that we let go easier than others based upon the mirage that we’re hit with.

You could see how you’re vacillating inside in relationship to a sense inside of yourself of something that is highly important, yet, at the same time, you have this aspect of maybe something that isn’t as conceptually comfortable at the same time. And how do you reconcile that? Do you reconcile that? Is there something wayward there? Or is it just how something has evolved? And, in that evolving, is there anything profound about it at all? No, there really isn’t.

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