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33d1liat2Why would the universe give humans freedom of choice? Because freedom of choice allows for things to happen that are beyond the robotic repetitions that follow a predetermined plan. But it’s an incredibly risky thing to do, because, as we can see, choice can be used for good things as well as terrible things. So how does the universe protect itself from such a risk? It disconnects its energetic support from anything that is not contributing to the refinement and evolution of the whole. Said another way, it feeds and protects, energetically, what it wants to support, and starves energetically what it wants to discourage. This is the difference between being connected, or not. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.) This post was originally published in January 2020.

John: So, in the meditation, there is a way that I have at my disposal that enables me to do things with greater ease. The dilemma I have is I have gotten dependent upon kind of an outer means, and yet, on the inner, I’m looking forward to availing myself of doing it in this other way.

So, in other words, it’s like I’m dreaming both inner and outer; that’s the oddity of it. On the inner, I can see how something can be done with ease, how there is a quality to the way of doing things that makes everything flow. And it’s almost like I can feel that, I can feel how it can be like that, and yet, then in the outer, when I’m in the outer, I am the way I am and I can just report to myself in the outer, almost as if this other is trying to break through, that there is a better way of doing it.

In other words, in the meditation dream, I have it easier because at my disposal is an energetic that in an inner capacity I’ve gotten accustomed to going to. So, in the meditation dream, the effect in the outer is seen to be about 3%; only able to bring about 3% across. This effect is able to change, and it’s a tremendous 3% because it’s able to change unfolding consequences when I access, just by the fact that there is this kind of essence that’s leaked through.

So what is interesting is this effect is in the hands of my shadow, in other words, the other side now is my shadow, which is hanging out in an inner zone, while I’m going about in manifestation. It’s kind of like a strange way of dreaming this. Carl Jung had a dream where he saw a yogi sitting by a tree, and then when he came up close to him he realized the yogi had the face that was him. And then he realized that if the yogi woke up, then how could he be? What was the dream, and what was the dreamed, kind of thing?

Well, that’s kind of how this is, I’ve got this inner thing that’s an aliveness inside of me, kind of like a shadow, but the effect of that can come across and can touch the outer, and can be brought into the outer, and can affect the outer. And this inner quality is where total at-ease and peace exists. And, to the degree, even if it’s just 3%, that something comes out, it can change the way things are, it can affect the way things are. Otherwise they’re pretty dense, and pretty serious, and you’re caught up in your senses.

So, in the outer, there is this need to justify that I can lean upon things in the outer. In other words, I’m trying to justify that I can go through the things in the outer, I can lean upon the things in the outer. I can do this as my motif, but that’s not the way the shadow part, or this other part  on the inner plane where my higher self decides, it decides it all has to go. So it is destroyed. I winced at not having this at my disposal, when I could have used it to make things easier in the outer.

So the inner got destroyed. The 3% got destroyed. It’s like I was using it, but maybe misusing it, or something, and now all of a sudden it’s gone away. So my higher self saw this as being a limitation, in that I was going more and more asway in the outer, applying it to make my life easier. I was not meant to use it in that capacity. Use, in this way, leads to an imbalance and inadvertent ungroundedness. So my higher self, seen in this dream as a friend, destroys it. It was okay, but not if the effect is going to change the meaningfulness of the process.

So, what is going on? The energetic that I am waking up to needs to be in an inner/outer cohesion. If not, there is a problem, the problem shows up in the outer in that the unfoldment deviates into a personal abstraction. To deviate means a closeness of the heart, in the outer level, has gone askew.

At the inner, higher-self level, the importance of the heart being in a more real place, meaning unfolding closer to the essence made manifest, not getting lost in the outer reflections, is the predominating note.

So, when I lose it in the outer, in other words, get caught up with things in the outer, yet still have access to a little more energetic or something, that being a bit of a violation because it’s not supposed to be used to make the outer easier to accommodate, because the outer is just a reflection, so when I lose it in the outer, the higher self coming from the plane of the soul, has to honor that plane, has to honor that as the realness, so it has to destroy that which is being bastardized.

So the meaning of this dream is, an inner awakening is only able to be, in the outer, from the perspective of the higher self, if it brings a heartfelt closeness to the situation. If it doesn’t, then the result is wayward and needs to be obliterated. In other words, because then you’re misusing it, or whatever.

Or to put it another way, the dream is saying that I am only allowed to use the access I have to bring about a greater overall awakening. The significance is to dwell upon problem solving is not what serving the higher self, on a soul level, is all about. To awaken from the projective outer slumber is needed at this time. With that in mind, as an inner principle, I am not allowed to make things easier if doing so leads to a waywardness.

The way things are devised to unfold in the outer is beyond my frame of reference. My frame of reference needs to be upon facilitating the inner-into-outer awakening, and not in paying attention to extraneous nuances.

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