Letting it Go

ima2211gesWhen we let go of something, an old habit, an old opinion, an old defense mechanism, we make room for something new. It’s a law of physics that nature will always fill a vacuum, and that is a fact of energy that we can use to our advantage. When we clean and clear, something new is possible for that space. When we let go of relationships, we are open to meeting people who are right for us in the now. And when we let go of the past, we free ourselves from baggage that limits our future. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.) This post was originally published in July 2018.

Jeane: Well I dreamt a lot last night, and had at least three dreams, but I don’t remember many of the details. I remember more of the message.

One of the earlier dreams, it felt like I was on a property that had like pine trees and some buildings, including one building that looked more like an old stone tower that someone lived in. And the man that lives on this property, that has some priest-like qualities, he kind of pulls me aside from the other people because he has like a mission for me.

And what’s involved in this mission is I seem to climb up the outside of the tower wall, and talk to him through a window in the tower wall, and he gives me something, a piece of paper with some information on it.

And then I’m looking down, I’m hanging onto a tree so that I don’t fall, hanging onto the rocks on the wall and then the tree, and I’m looking down. But I realize that I can get down safely with the support of this real bushy tree.

The result of whatever he gave me through that dream, and two subsequent dreams, is that I really learn that in order for there to be more of something rather than to do what everybody else has been doing, or even I had been doing, and contain it, or put it away, or hold onto it, that what you had to do is open it up and let it go. And that was how you had more of it.

So it was like whenever that came up in the dream I had to remember that because it was kind of counterintuitive to how everyone was doing something; like they were kind of trying to hold onto something, then I would have to remember that, no, the right way that you had more of this or that it went into the world was you let it go.

John: From the way my dream unfolded, and the nature of the theme for last night, before you started to tell your dream I was actually wondering how it was that you were going to be able to keep approaching things using the tree, so to speak, or a groundedness, in manifestation as your means of being able to grasp something.

The dream is indicating that something more is needed that can open up if you let go of trying to function as a container energy only and allow yourself to shake, or quicken, the flow that is coming from within. And when you do, that will only intensify, as it is meant to do, because it is seeking to have a greater and greater connection as a flow through you.

So what this dream is doing is letting you know that there are limits to the functionality of container energy because there is this connection to a flow that you have accessed or, as the dream says, that you are given. And what you are holding on in terms of climbing down, or having the tree, or coming down the wall, is done because you’re in physical creation, because of manifestation being what it is that you embody naturally, that you can access this in a greater and deeper way. And that if you connect to this as a natural inner flow, in a more quickened way, it grabs a hold of you more and more all the time.

So what is a dream like this suggesting? Well, I suppose it could end up having you acting more in a masculine motif of writing your dreams up when you have them. And, if you did that, you may not necessarily have to know what they mean at the time that you write them up, but in the memory of them it would probably trip one right after another, right after another, right after another. And the reason why it would trip one right after another, right after another, right after another, is that some part of you will know what that means and, therefore, you will pull out, or facilitate the pulling out, of the meaning as I am saying it because you will be attuned to the correctness of that from a space of subjectivity, and kind of knowingness, that has been quickened.

And this is also what is important in terms of you catching up with a connection to the masculine, in which you would be pulling in the wisdom and sight yourself. As it is right now you are catching up with this through the container energy of a flow that is caught in a container, and it easily dissipates, but the container is not going to change. The container is going to catch these flows as they come in, and what can change is your greater understanding of those in and for yourself can intensify on your own, in other words, without the need of let’s say my interpretations per se.

In other words, you would be more acute in terms of the understanding already from having shaken the bush, so to speak, in that way of this flowing inside of you. And, were you to do this, this would just then intensify the depth to which this whole process would start going. It would kick it into another gear or two.

So, in other words, what your dream is saying is that the container energy can only go so far, and that you can take this a whole lot farther if you embrace what is trying to flow through you. And when you do, it will flow through you more and more.

That’s an information dream isn’t it?

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