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varda-0You might say that we are supposed to be the director of the movie of our life. And it’s a good analogy, because a director makes the choices about what happens, frames the image to focus our attention, and tries to give a big panorama. What a director does not do is get personally involved in the action, thereby ruining the scene. A director does not judge the characters, merely offers a reflection that can help others see. We can think about our lives in just this way, and our dreams are the dailies to let us see how the film is progressing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So it’s not like my dreams are long, but they are additive; they’re glimpses, and there’s a lot of depth inside those glimpses.

So, in the meditation dream, there are three properties, that are up for sale, that draw the interest of everyone in town. I know that this is not something I want to get involved in, meaning all three properties, but decide that I can play act with regards to a couple of them, and do so, then, kind of in support of the cause, or the fact that this is what is before me, in the outer.

The involvement is not the issue. The issue is not knowing how to keep from being indulgent, in other words, getting lost in that. With the first two properties, my presence, or involvement, is actually constructive. I helped in the transitioning that needed to occur. My problem was I got swept up, caught up, speeded up into the action of all of that, which always plays itself out in a capacity that’s lost in a situation in which there is decay, and millions of pieces that haven’t yet composited to a stillness. I got caught in the action, and didn’t know how to stop.

So I, then, dealt with the third thing. And, when I did, I got caught up in such a euphoria, and vibratory pandemonium, that I got lost from being able to listen to the heart. In other words, you can get speeded up, you can get going, and you can’t listen to the heart.

Now when you get caught up in something like this, it’s like a type of pandemonium, or vibratoriness, or euphoria. The end result is you find yourself where you don’t belong. And you would have understood that, and steered clear of it, if you hadn’t got caught up in something that tranced you out, that took you away from being able to handle a greater presence of an overallness.

So by being involved in something where I don’t have anything to offer, because when you aren’t listening and aren’t taking it in simultaneously, then you really don’t have anything to offer because you’re not taking into account everything that’s going on. You get weighed down by the minutiae of the situation, because you’re buying into a minutia, and getting caught up where you don’t belong.

The point is that whenever you get racing out, you can’t hear. Whenever you’re caught by something that influences or affects you in some dynamic way, or that has your attention and you find yourself feeling the mood, or the tone, of that, then you’re not able to respond with a deeper clarity within, in which there is a stillness, or something, that you know.

In other words, in the first of the three properties, in playing with those first two, I was okay. But, somehow or another, the infection that can come across about getting indulgent hit me, to some degree, so that when the third one was dealt with, I got lost in the third one. When I got lost in the third one, then, instead of being in this greater spaciality of stillness, I’m now in a place where I don’t belong.

And what is that place where one doesn’t belong? It’s caught in an identification, in some aspect of the breath, that keeps one sustaining the appearance, and the manner, and the demeanor within manifestation – instead of all of levels, too.

So the breath is meant to be reflective to where one gets to a point of stillness, and manifestation is the playground in which it facilitates all of that – and the heart sorts it all out. It sorts it out so that you go from here to outside of time and space, to who knows what?

So also, the meaning is, this is a dream which is indicating that I need to listen to the heart, first and foremost, and when I do, the heart will direct the flow, that I need, because it is not caught in a process.

And the reason for the dream is, this is a teaching dream designed to keep me from indulging in energetics where, deep down, I have nothing to offer that doesn’t quicken, or doesn’t lead to a confusion, or a bewilderment for myself and others. Whenever you have an opinion about how something should be in the outer, there is a confusion built into every opinion. So when I deceive myself, my heart gets heavy. And when I am like this, I unwittingly pull others around me down as well.

I do a greater service by knowing how to leave sleeping dogs lie, and stay away from situations that are not vital to how I am designed to mirror a beingness. That’s very, very difficult to do. To begin with, that’s an intention, and you’re on a road to that as a type of intention, because there are things that are going on, and, if you could just do it in one fell swoop, you would go into too great of a stillness to be able to touch things – as the night before indicated.

You’re meant to be able to touch things, and, in the touching of things, let go again.

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i908sWe all know that when we have a young baby, or child, in our home, we must take certain measures to keep the young ones from hurting themselves. We do this to provide a safe environment, a safe ecology, for a vulnerable life. And when we see a baby, or a young child, in a dream, we can also understand that that is a newly emerging aspect of us, and it also needs our help, protection, and a safe ecology to grow in – which is us, in our life, in our decisions, in our intentions, and in our choices. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the last dream, which is a little less clear to me, there’s a friend of mine that I really regard highly, in the outer, very smart, very together family. And, in this case, even though she’s been living with her husband and at least one child, the child is suddenly very young, like an infant. And there’s some problem.

And she can’t seem to heal it by staying in the family, so she’s come to the house, where I am, with the baby. And it feels like I really recognize this dilemma that she has to leave. The only way she’s really going to heal what’s going on with a baby, it seems like, is to leave the marriage and be with the baby, somewhere, for a period of time.

And so she’s come to my house because it feels like I understand this. And I’m trying to do something about it, I think, when the alarm went off.

John: So that dream was very much like the one that I told at the very, very beginning, in that it starts with a collective situation, like in my case there were three of us as an atmosphere. And in that atmosphere something is insipid, or isn’t possible, because of the effect of that atmosphere.

And, in this particular case, the atmosphere that you’re in was such that how you’re able to be with regards to a little baby isn’t possible, in terms of the needs of that baby. So you have to rise beyond that atmosphere.

It’s all within this theme of letting go, because you don’t get beyond an atmosphere, and the effect of the way it throws you around, and causes you to be infected, or diseased. You don’t get beyond that without a deeper stillness inside of yourself.

And so, you’re being shown how you go to a greater depth. But, in that greater depth, when you leave that atmosphere in order to take care of that baby, what you’re doing, that isn’t noticeable to those in the atmosphere that they are in. Those that are in that atmosphere, that you moved away from to a greater stillness, are still impacted by the collective consciousness conditioning, and have the ideas that arise from that sort of thing, which would be unhealthy towards what it is that you have to reach, or find, inside of yourself, which is depicted as having to take care of this something.

So when you go into a greater stillness, you go into a greater invisibility. And so what I projected, when I was doing that in my dream, is I just took it to the next step, and the next step, and the next step. You just keep letting go, and keep letting go, and keep letting go. And you just kind of disappear yourself, so to speak, in terms of how you are actually able to be perceived by others – who don’t know these other levels of possibility because they are caught in the modality the presides, at a given point of denseness, in which there is a time and space orientation.

They don’t know how to let go of that. And, when you let go of that, you have actually brought a stillness into the aspect of something that is action. And that stillness calms it enough so that you have a timing, then, that can touch that, because you’ve broken the time and space.

And so, how you’re able to be, and where you’re able to be, is not really reportable. It mirrors to the degree to which someone else can catch the hint of it. But that’s about as good as it gets. It keeps getting deeper and deeper and deeper, to where, how can the hint even begin to be caught?

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CaseyMeteoThere are many things that can transfer from one person to another, or that a person can catch. But all of them begin in the energetic worlds – before they appear in the physical world. A virus, a disease, depression, anger, all are transferable from one human to another. But we have an aura, and it’s our energetic shield, just like the planet has an edge to its atmosphere. When we see a shooting star, that is an asteroid, or rock, being burned off, or deflected, by the planet’s dense, protective atmosphere. And we, as humans, can strengthen our atmosphere, our aura, by having higher energetic processes. Through kindness, compassion, service, and many other selfless qualities, our energy is raised – along with our immunity. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I remember parts of two other dreams. In one, I seem to be walking back to where I’m going and I see this house, it’s a little bit like an estate, and it has an outdoor swimming pool, but it’s more like winter. And so the pool is a little bit greenish, or brackish.

And this couple has come out of the house because this little boy, that’s like a baby, actually, has somehow come out and started swimming across the pool. And they’re just standing there, kind of a little in shock, because no one wants to get into the water because it’s all greenish.

And I go down, and, when the boy reaches the other end of the pool where I am, now, I lift him up and hold him. It’s almost like no one even wanted to pick him up because he was going to be all green from the water, or something, or because everybody was in shock that he did it.

And it feels like then I just return him to them, or to the house. And it feels like, at some point, maybe I even get into the water – even though I know it’s something they wouldn’t do. It’s not like I’m swimming, but I seem to remember the impression of getting into water before I left. That was another dream.

John: So, where this is similar to the prior dream is that, in the prior dream, you found out how you can let go to a deeper space. That’s how you self heal, actually, too. How you let go to a deeper space, so that what is meant to be, is meant to be.

Because who knows what is right, and what is wrong about what is meant to be?

And, in this dream, you’re pointing out that when you are in a space of such innocence of the letting go, like a child, you can be in the midst of the greatest disease. You can go into the cesspool, a cesspool that others looking at just shudder at the mere fact that anything and everything about that cesspool is such a contamination that anyone who is touched by that is infected.

Yet, in this state of a greater innocence, and a greater letting go, you are seeing that what is interesting is that something can go into that, and go across that, when from the perspective of you standing back looking at that, you would say that that just isn’t possible.

Reminds me of the scenario of a leper colony, where there was a Buddhist sect that developed based upon the fact that there was this person who recognized how everyone was squeamish towards the lepers, and, therefore, creating a pall that pushed the lepers off to one side and treated them as such an abhorrent condition that they were put up with, but put up with in an extreme ostracized demeanor.

And he realized that and saw that demeanor inside of himself, and realized that he had to get beyond that – and got beyond that. And, when he got beyond that, then he could go into the leper colony, and, unlike everyone else that couldn’t get beyond that, he wasn’t, then, affected by the leprosy.

And, as a quality of going beyond that, he was able to transform, or to shift, or to shape something – to bring something to a kind of a healing. So, you pointed out to yourself that there is a type of healing, in terms of going to a deeper depth within. And then you took and you gave an example of that in the second dream.

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