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TUNINGINNEW1When a person watches a sporting event for a sport that they don’t understand, all the subtleties and nuances of the game are lost on them. Meanwhile, the avid fans see everything and know that even the slightest movement can change everything. Well, in terms of the world’s of energy, we are like the ignorant fan: it’s all happening right in front of us, but we can’t see it. And when we can’t experience it, we really can’t be involved in it. And the universe wants us to be involved in what It is doing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m having trouble right now because my dreams are a lot clearer when I’m in them than when I’m waking up, and they’re a little hard to pull out. I know in the dream that I was wearing strands of something around my neck, that hung down, almost like a strand that had little round beads on it. But they represented a connection to maybe a computer, or something, so that I could read, or locate, or understand certain things because of what I was wearing around my neck.

And, on the basis of this, I seem to seek out this couple that had a new baby, and I took their baby and went up into a bunk bed and was just holding the baby. But I recognized they were new parents and they couldn’t tolerate that for very long, so I had to return the baby to them probably a little sooner than I wanted to.

Then I left there, I went to a railroad car. It’s like I walked onto a train and went and sat for a few minutes, I think, in a car, two or three cars down into the train. And then I left that scene.

And I seem to understand, it was almost like I was mining for something, but it had to do with information, and that had to do with what I was wearing around my neck. But that was about all I remembered was it was like impressions of it, rather than a story that I could pull together.

John: It’s almost like these are prayer beads, and that there’s a particular kind of vibration, or tuning in, that’s involved here, whereby like for example in the first image that comes up where you’re required to do something that has to do with bringing something together, in terms of a quality of the whole. In other words, where there’s a baby that needs to be reconnected to the parents.

So, it had to do with you being able to recognize something about a baby that was important, and these beads that you wore had tuned you into the ability to be able to see, or grasp, something. In other words, it tuned you into something like a vibration, and so with that vibration you were able to invibe an energetic into life.

You were able to take the baby, for example, and set a note in play, and then return it back to the parents. So it’s like saying that you were capable of fixing something that could then flow or unfold in life, in keeping with the way it needed to awaken, or be.

The beads have a significance in that, point blank, these beads, from the way you’re perceiving them, have to do with tuning you into a quality whereby you can have a sense of what needs to take place, even though this may not be something that is recognized, acknowledged, or there yet, in terms of the ordinary outer appearances as they currently exist.

So it’s almost like something more than the prayer beads even, because prayer beads are to help one hold onto a focus and an energetic. You’re doing something more than just holding onto a focus and an energetic. You are actually transmitting, but your transmitting in a very specific way. You have an effect upon an aspect that is young, or is coming into life, that is being shaped, and you have an effect upon that as it finds itself in a scenario that, for all intents and purposes, will appear to be commonplace, but the effect that you can have upon that coming into being, the way that you can set this note off, discover the depth of this note, sets in motion something that unfolds in spite of the scenario of the outer.

It is said that a realized person, or a Sufi, affects three generations going forward, and three generations going backwards. And so what you initially described was the working with something that is unfolding like a generation of something in front of you, so that it can unfold in a way, or come into its beingness in a way, that’s designed to be. And that to affect that you just had to exude a kind of presence that had to do with something in terms of the way you wore something, or carried something, or was connected to something that you could radiate, and that this would have its effect in spite of outer appearances.

And now you’re taking and looking at how this works, in an exuding, that has to do with the process of a flow, or unfoldment. This isn’t something that just works going forward, it works going backwards, too, or as it’s said, blesses generations behind you as well as generations in front of you because there is no such thing as actual a type of time and space, there is a kind of misalignment that exists in terms of one’s energetic cosmos makeup, and that as you change the qualities of something that are impacting the present, that has to do with something that is limited in the chemistry of life in the near past. In other words, it’s like what is limited in terms of one’s near past?

Well, one of the things that’s limited is what you go through, that causes reactions and such in your nature, affects the synapses. The synapse is affected based upon an absorption of denseness or mannerisms, reactivities, in the molecular makeup of your nature. So as you take and you become more solidified, more together with yourself, then you affect things going backwards as well as forwards, which means that, let’s say your cellular makeup is designed more for a denser kind of nature, and that denser nature has to change.

And the way you are in the present does not work for that denser nature, so then that denser nature is changing the karmic in the blood, so to speak, characteristics that are defining, in terms of creating archetypal aspects to how you relate and react, is having to let go, and to the degree to which that is something that has gotten a bit sealed, based upon the fact that it takes a long, long time for the cells to change, or to alter, you know, so that they can take on more light, that to the degree to which you’re doing something that’s in the present, that still might have an echo of the past to haunt you, you’re aura of nature now can extend, can protrude out both forward and backwards, can touch something going forward, and thus affect the way something is set or needs to be quickened. And you can affect something that is in the near past of your synapses, and affect that as well so that it no longer has its direct deleterious effect upon your nature.

And thus, the result is, in other words the memo of this dreaming, is to point out that, okay, we’re going to start with something that symbolically speaking represents a quality, a quality of a wholeness, of a beingness, and what that quality of that wholeness and what that beingness means we’re going to let you know about that. The beads are a recognition of having caught up with and able to sustain a particular state, in a particular way, in a particular solidification, in a particular setness.

And when it’s able to be still like that, and do that, then it can touch things and shape things going forward, and it can affect things going backwards.

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pur67What do we hold onto, in ourselves, when things begin to get out of hand? For many, it is the love of a family, or of an individual, for others it is a God, or a belief system. But there is a great strength within us, designed to help us navigate the unknown, and it is our human design. We are absolutely meant to find our way into the service of the whole, yet we also need to survive whatever we come across so that we are able to continue working for creation. And it is that combination, knowing that we have a greater purpose, and that we have been designed for it, that is our best path through any adversity. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream, or the dream that actually was preceding this, was this thing where every page I would look at the bugs would suddenly be all over it, you know blot it out, and I would turn the page and the bugs would just sweep into that page. And I would turn the next page and the bugs would sweep into that page.

It was a question of this accentuation of this heebie-jeebie thing that I feel, in which something is falling apart, is breaking down. It’s temporarily broken.

And then also with that there was an image of where this guy could take his head and he could stick it through a hole on the back of a chair, that was about yay big, and so to avoid some issue or to turn his attention differently, he would take and he would stick his head through this hole.

I was just amazed how he got his head through this little small hole. I was wondering if I could even put my head through that small hole; I don’t think I could, but he certainly could.

And so when you take and put all of that together, those two images in the dream, what I’m doing is I’m describing a breakdown in the outer, that I’m feeling within, and am trying to reach beyond, and I am carrying an unsettling sensation I can’t shake of an impending chaos – which is something I’m not prepared for – that will overrun everywhere I turn, while I seek to deny and not face it. Interesting huh?

That’s the condition that I seem to be encumbered with in the outer. But the meditation dream is much more interesting in that it portrays something more in terms of how something can work. It also portrays how I am that isn’t conscious enough in that process, but does portray how it can come together and work.

In this dream I see myself shooting off flare markers into a rectangular field. I have a sense of the field, it’s maybe about 80 acres or so, just to take a guess, and it’s a flat field. I don’t get the memo, but it is said that when you shoot these flare markers you can’t go over a certain line. You stay within the center of this field; you can’t go over a particular line. And from there you can shoot these markers out to the edges of the field.

In other words, this is how you’re able to denote your circumference of your overall beingness of this place is you shoot these flares out. Well, I heard that you’re supposed to stay and not go beyond a certain line, but here I am with my flare gun – and you only have so many markers in order to denote this for purposes of being able to come back to it, for recollection purposes, or something – because in the depth of where I’m at in this dream state I can see everything plainly and clearly, but that isn’t the point.

The point is to be able to come back to these markers, but I don’t necessarily recognize the importance. And so I don’t stay where the line’s at, and I walk around the peripheral of it, and shoot the flares off and, of course, that leads to a disaster because these marker flares I eventually run out of before I’ve made it all the way around the field. If I would’ve stayed more in the center and shot from the inner and shot out towards the outer, it would’ve been different.

Now fortunately there was a woman that followed the prime directive of realizing that you had to have things marked, or the ability to look at everything in the circumference of things. So she stayed where the line was at and shot these flares out to denote markers for purposes of recollection or remembrance.

I have to seal that image of this area so that when I come back and this is no longer crystal clear, you know, because it might be clear in what I’m dreaming, but it’s not going to be crystal clear when I come back to this place. That from the flares that I can find and such, and from having documented at a depth inside of myself this gap where no flares are at, between the two points I can impute the other if I can just hold onto a deep, deep, recollection that this was something that I can’t lean on the remembrance to anymore. I have to have a direct knowingness that is held with inside of myself.

In other words, I don’t have the tools. The idea of being able to come back to the markers is almost an idea that still incorporates somewhat of a sense of the senses, where you can leave notes to yourself, so to speak. But a deeper depth, which this dream is portraying, is that to really get it you have to somehow or another have access to the knowingness from having freeze framed it, so to speak, at an inner, inner depth.

So what occurred last night was that was the depth, that was the deeper depth, in terms of the meditation. But in terms of the way that that is approached, the way that is being approached, the way that is unfolding, that’s a whole other thing.

That approach has to not get torn asunder, or impacted, by things that are going on that are going to be hard to contend with. There’s like bugs everywhere, denial and everything, because certainly it just can’t be, you know, and yet it will be.

And yet, at the same time, in spite of all of that going on, the table place setting is that of the meditation dream in which one has to not lose those deep, deep inflections that are freeze-framed in your nature. Don’t shock yourself out of those. There’s a need to hold onto them, not let the outer create the amnesia that then spills – as the amnesia of the outer dictates – spills into a letting go of the freeze frame vibrational qualities that are just imbedded naturally, and function within a depth of one’s self, in spite of the outer conditions of things. Isn’t that interesting how it all pulls together?

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crowded-marketIt’s probably easier for most of us to recall those rare moments when we feel settled, and at one with ourselves, and in the flow of life. Mostly the world knocks us this way and that, and we are constantly struggling to regain our equilibrium. And this is why it is so difficult to live a life without a greater purpose: if we have no greater purpose, one entertainment is as good as the next, and there’s no reason to choose differently. But our purpose, our human purpose, allows us to see clearly what is useless in terms of that journey, and we can choose accordingly. There will always be detours – that’s how we grow – but we need to keep them to a minimum. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: All I really remember of my dreams last night, is it felt like I kept having the same dream in that it was outdoors in kind of hilly country. It was usually sunny. And it was like I and some other people were pursuing someone. We were trying to catch them and bring them back for something they had done. But it felt like it just kept repeating, but I never could quite get a hold of it.

John: Well, there’s a whole sensation of trying to catch up with something, from a depth within, that is kind of the running schematic. And it’s kind of a prime directive, too, in that deep down we’re kind of compelled to having to realize a greater part of ourselves.

And that realizing a greater part of ourselves, a part that takes us outside of our time and space limitations that is kept in place by the trance of senses and mind, to catch up with that greater part of ourselves is to go to the all-pervasive soul in our nature.

Well, it’s pretty hard to do because everything around us is causing our attention to go this way and that way, and yet there is that echo. And so what you’re doing is you’re reverbing, and reverbing, and reverbing as if trying to come to the grips of this echo that you feel affecting you. That’s very similar to my second dream, which also has a quality of floundering about.

In this dream, I’m inside. I’ve traveled to and am inside a multistory building that’s huge, and there’s several floor levels. I don’t know how many, but each floor I know is huge, and that it’s a maze just to go in any given floor. And it’s kind of a glorified hospital, although there seems to be other things going on like businesses, and merchants, in this place, too.

But each floor has a central nursing station, that’s how one knows it’s kind of a glorified hospital. And there’s just people everywhere that can grab your attention, and cause you to be distracted, or to get confused and get lost.

So I have come into this building, I’m up on the second floor, I seem to know that there’s a person I need to find that’s on the second floor. And I’ve come with a friend, but we get separated on the second floor. And in my moving about on the second floor, trying to find the person who I come here to visit, I also set down a bag that I was carrying.

Fortunately, I can recollect where I set that bag down because I left it at the nursing station on the second floor. And even though somehow deep, deep down I have a sense that the person I’m looking for is on the second floor, and that my friend is somewhere wandering around on the second floor, too, I end up going to the third floor.

And when I go to the third floor it’s like I’m even more spaced out, and I get really enamored at looking at all of the myriad of things going on on the third floor. And at some point I even leave my notebook behind, my dream notebook, which is important to me, that I apparently was carrying, too. And it’s almost like I’m so amnesic that I have no idea where I might have left it, except it was somewhere on this floor.

And it all kind of starts to gel, my predicament, when in my wandering about I come to the nursing station on the third floor. It’s then that I realize, oh my goodness, I need to get out of this enamored condition that I’m in, and I also need to find my notebook, and I need to get back to where I need to be looking, retrieve my bag and such, which I can leave this bag behind, but who am I to know what there is to let go of?

It would be nice to have this bag, just like my notebook, caused some other kind of unfoldment depth to my nature. So, I know I should take steps that go between nursing stations, but instead I wander off as if something will pop in, or something will help me, or I’ll accidentally get an inkling as to where I set my notebook down. When, all of a sudden, actually by complete, total surprise fate would have it that I see the notebook – and it’s laying on the floor.

So I go over to pick up the notebook and, as I pick it up, this guy grabs at it and he says, “This is mine.” And he claims he knows it’s his because it’s got the three-ring spiral binding or whatever it was that he portrayed. I look at the notebook, and the notebook has all that scratching out and scribbling that I do and, on this particular page where it’s open, there’s more scribbling and complete blanking out than there is anything written.

And so I look down and I can read my writing, so I know it’s my notebook. So to free myself again of how I need to proceed, he’s got the notebook, I’ve got the notebook, and so I need to go. I can’t be just sitting there tugging away, so I bend over and I bite him on the wrist to get him to let go.

So now with my notebook in hand I now know that I go back to the nursing station on the second floor, probably ask at the nursing station rather than just continuing to keep wandering around, probably will find the person I’m looking for there on the second floor, probably somewhere in that vicinity or area on the second floor I’ll also probably run into my friend. And there at the nursing station, where I conveniently laid my bag down, I can retrieve that, too. That’s when I wake up.

So this is the same dream that you had, so to speak, in that there was this reverbing around to try to zoom in on something or another that is meant to be, that is trying to come out, that’s trying to make itself known. You don’t even have a very good guess of what that is, but you’re haunted by it nevertheless. That’s kind of how your dream is.

And in my dream, my inclination is to keep going up where it gets foggier, and less clear, and less clear, and I keep losing more and more of myself. But what I’m losing is important, too, and what I need is more grounded – on the second floor. There’s no first floor in this building. It’s like a second floor only, which is another image in which something isn’t quite grounded as it needs to be.

But, in terms of the meaning of this dream, I wrote: I’m feeling a chaos inside over a waywardness that I feel in the outer. And to know what I need to know, in terms of my whereabouts, parts of self, what I am to do, what I need to see, who I need to be, etc., I need to set aside, let go of a waywardness vibration that is unsettling to a heart that is able to put things out. In other words, to extricate itself from its delirium; when basically I stop.

And it’s not a matter of being encumbered or unencumbered, although that’s one way of trying to look at it. I just need to settle back because something is coming into vision. There is a knowing, but I’m not going to catch up with it if I’m in an unsettled state.

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