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myy6Here the dreamer sees men in strange flying objects shooting at one another. And the masculine, as an energetic principle, begins “off the ground,” while the feminine principle is grounded. So the imagery speaks of a battle that is being waged on the inner levels. And the feminine is meant to ground things in life that are sparked into existence by the masculine. Until something is grounded it stays an energetic, but the process of being human is to bring energies into the physical realms. So this is a process we all do, naturally, and the dream is showing the process as it struggles to find a resolution to any resistance. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream, initially I’m in junior high and high school. I think I had a boyfriend in junior high, but at some point I left him and now it’s like high school or right after high school.

And I’ve gone to the beach with a boyfriend. I think it’s another boyfriend. We’re out on this kind of vast sand beach. He’s over to one side and I start looking up at the sky and, as I look up there, I notice a kind of strange flying object. And as it turned slightly I see that there’s a man with a gun, a rifle, that’s hanging out of the doorway of this strange flying object, and that it’s chasing another flying object that looks like a car that’s flying with another man with a rifle in it.

And meanwhile I go over in the sand and, at a distance from me in the sand, I actually have a dresser drawers. I go over and I open it up, and in one drawer instead of clothes maybe some bubblegum or something that had dropped at some point, so there are all these tiny, tiny ants are swarming the whole drawer. They almost seem to be in the air around you as you open it, so I shut it, and I realize I’m going to have to do something to clean out the whole dresser drawers or anything in them, and so I’ve gone back over to the side.

Meanwhile, I look up at the sky again, and the one person in the little faster flying vehicle that has fired at the other one. It’s like the other one got away from him, so suddenly he comes down and lands on the sand and grabs me. And then there’s somebody with him, and then I think he thinks that, you know, I can’t really help him at all because, you know, these are people that fly around in the sky and shoot at each other.

So he starts to leave but then he and somebody else they come back and they grab me, and they start looking at the back of first one of my hands and then the other. They were looking for some mark that denoted a certain genius or something, so I kind of joke with them that they’re looking at the wrong person here, but there was some sand covering the back of my hand so he starts brushing off the sand and he sees something there that he does find interesting. It might not have been what he was originally looking for, but he finds something else that’s interesting.

So I’m kind of a little agitated by this because of the feeling that maybe, you know, they’re going to try to take me somewhere, or they might take me with them, but I seem to walk away because then I find myself preoccupying again about how to clean the chest of drawers.

John: The dream is basically saying that there’s a part of the way that you continue to hold out, or feel yourself, that causes you then to look and direct your attention into the outer. And when you look and direct your attention in the outer, because the way your feeling yourself needs to be somehow or another corresponded to an aspect of something in a manifested way, you actually go away from the imprint of your being – which is an innerness, of which you still have the semblance, the echo.

But when you look out actually all of this being a continued stemming from the space of an attention upon how it is that you’re holding onto something deep down inside, and not letting go of, so as a consequence for that to live itself out it has you looking out to try to manifest it and, in doing that, you end up losing the light. You end up with the masculine principle of being off the ground, and that things are fighting and going at it. In other words, there is a dynamic, then, that is outside of yourself.

Now somehow you know that you need to pull this inside of yourself, so that that quality does come down, and take and look at yourself and look at you, but you have to take that in. It’s kind of like the woodcutter story. The woodcutter abandoned everything in terms of going into his hut and closing all of his shades inside the hut and just sitting and sitting quietly. Somehow or another he knew that in just sitting something more could happen.

And one day he started to notice that there was like a light coming out of him, and he thought well this is interesting. You know he’s sitting in this dark house with all the shades pulled and there’s a light coming out of him. So he is curious how this works, so he decides to partially open one of the shades and, as he peers out, animals sense the light, they come around, and as he peers out he noticed that the light diminishes.

So he goes back and he sits and he reaccesses this quality where he’s putting everything back into the heart again, and the light gets brighter. And so then he decides to open more shades and look out, and he even sees humans and other things now, but as soon as he sees them and as soon as he tries to bring those into focus, the light, the clarity, the inflection of an inner essence inside of himself, that’s reflected as a light, that’s portrayed as a type of light, diminishes again.

So finally he realizes that what’s important is this light and so he just goes and he sits. He doesn’t take and have to try to use his physical senses to try to make the light happen. The light doesn’t happen that way.

What this story portrays is that what he is actually doing is he is allowing everything to exist inside of his heart, and it can’t exist inside of his heart if he has projections outside of himself, if he’s looking with the senses and trying to come from what he has a sense of inside and throw it into the outer. That then dulls and diminishes and shorts the light out. So he realizes that when he sits and goes somewhere, and is somewhere else deep inside of himself, his ability to be really deep inside of himself has a whole lot to do with how he’s able to let everything come in. Everything sees itself. A consciousness emerges.

Everybody is doing it trying to sort things out with their senses and their mind. It’s in the allowing something to reside inside of yourself, and that’s where these little parables come up. In other words, to begin with you may come to see the outer as an illusion, and so instead of it being you and me, it’s just me. And then eventually you disappear yourself, and when you’ve done that, then it is just you – meaning something else – and then that something else inside of your heart held in a place without any story to it because you don’t have any story of yourself, that is where love is at, and that is where God is at.

You have the illusionary inflection of something that’s created. Everything in the outer is created for the benefit of something else to be able to have an experience of itself through it, and so if what is created, in other words if man goes out and tries to perceive everything that’s out there and take that in as if he can read through the illusion, he’s getting it backwards. Instead, man, who is a composite of everything that there is in every regard in the outer, he’s made out of all of that because he is that, if man can just then quit looking out and can instead put everything inside of himself – but he doesn’t put it inside of himself.

What happens is is he actually takes himself out of the equation so that he hears nothing about him that interferes, or interrupts, or disturbs and thus things can come to see themselves by existing inside of a human being. Otherwise they can’t see themselves. A human being having any kind of cognition of trying to do this, or to do that, that’s backwards. The right way of doing it is to get into an empty enough space so that everything is able to mirror by being able to exist inside of a heart of a human being. In other words, there is no “me” anymore. There’s just that, and that, then, is God. That’s another way, a closer way, of describing what God is.

And so in your dream, what you’re doing is you’re still carrying, you’re still projecting, something in terms of a way you want to feel yourself. And this way that you want to feel yourself then has to manifest, and that’s what manifestation is all about is to give you a means so that it can occur. And so when you have this and you don’t let go of it then you are still looking in terms of how to maximize; you’re looking into the outer, because you don’t realize that you can sit back and be holding all of it inside of yourself, that and everything else.

But you can only do that if you have an emptiness, but if you have something that is banging around as a doingness, as something that needs to be, then you start looking out, and then if you’re truthful to yourself, what you see is that that creates just nothing but stress. That’s just a conflict.

In other words, in your image of what you see, you see a type of strife, which means that you recognize, some part of you acknowledges in your higher self, that this tears you down. And your higher self seems to know, or have a bit of an echo towards, how it is done so that when you take a step back it’s as if the issues out there take a time out, and come and evaluate you in terms of something about you as a beingness that intonates something. In other words, because that other is an aliveness that’s been created in the illusion of things, and you carry something that’s like a faint memory where they can see the mark or this, that, or the other upon which there is a sense of something that can go more deeply, outside of having to go through the machinations of activity, of reactivity, of indulgence. That’s an awful interesting way to dream.

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engulfed0It’s much easier to talk about the idea of surrender on a spiritual path than to actually do it. These dream images show that, and the form it takes is the image of being stalked by a murderer, and then of being suspected of being a murderer. The seriousness of those ideas shows how serious the concept is to the dreamer, and yet we know that when we are being chased in a dream we need to stop running and allow ourselves to be caught – so a deeper inner connection can be made. If spirituality is to become part of something greater than ourselves, we’re going to have to find a way to let go to it.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I felt like I had two dreams I pulled out, and I was having some problems with a little bit of cramping in my legs when I straightened them out, so it was like that would pull me out to the surface more than I liked to be.

But I’m not sure of the order of the dreams, but I think in the first dream there’s some guy that’s maybe killed a few women, who’s stalking me. And he tries to do things like come through a drainpipe into the house, or some kind of a pipe that goes into the house, or at the office or somewhere. But I kind of know that he’s stalking me, but I have to keep checking all the time when I go places to see if he’s showing up or not – so I can keep him away from me.

And it’s also like trying to sometimes convince other people that he is doing this, so they can get him. I do seem to be able to get away from him, or to expose him if he shows up. And that was that dream.

John: That dream causes me to remember another little dream that happened inside, in which people are taking on a particular demeanor inside – and they’re not allowed to take on that demeanor in terms of what’s coming.

And it comes right into the house and it completely disorients you, and it’s like this huge presence that can completely engulf you. I have to jump off to one side, you know, and I’m inside trying to, before it comes all the way in, I’m actually even trying to warn people that whatever’s going on inside there doesn’t need to happen, that something is impending. And it’s just like this energy and, for a split second, I even stepped into it and all frames of reference are gone, all frames of reference. It was an engulfing thing.

Then I stepped back away and woke up and realized that this is going to engulf every… This is here. It’s coming inside. It’s going to engulf everything. And so what is stalking you is similar to that vibration of something that swallows the density and the nuances of one’s makeup – once one drops those mannerisms, ways that they project themselves, and carry themselves. Then you can function, but until you do that sort of thing kind of plays upon you and drags at your attention all the time. And everyone has that dragging at their attention in some fashion or another, and that’s just how they are. And that is not what is supportable anymore, because when you support that that takes you away from yourself.

So what’s behind everything that is pushing people to do this, and to do that, is this deeper vibration that is trying to come through. And if they can screen out the outer conditions, and the outer mannerisms, of things, but they still carry in their being as a vibrationalism as if it’s important, if they can let go of that, then they can be engulfed.

It’s an engulfing energy and, instead of allowing that to happen, it’s easy to just settle for something that you can make a big deal about, as a dharma, or frame of reference, or the idea of being stalked. That’s all a doing, and that all has to do with pointing one’s attention towards something outwardly, because inwardly it would be all-engulfing. And who can allow the all-engulfing to happen? Because that will take away all frames of reference, frames of reference that people cling to for their own idea of getting by.

Jeane: In the other dream I have it’s almost like a flip of that one. Almost like a flip side of someone stalking me. In this dream, I’m more being spied on because they think that I’m the one that’s been going around killing people. They think I’ve been going around killing people, so they’re trying to catch me doing it.

And I have a boyfriend who’s a detective, and then there’s a girl that maybe I work with or something that I know, but they’re always popping up places trying to catch me killing someone. I just think this whole thing is so absurd, I just want my boyfriend to, like, get in the car and we’re going to go where we’re going to go.

And yet they keep popping up around the corner, or doing this or that, trying to spy on me to catch me doing what they think that I’m doing that I’m not doing. So my feeling in this dream is just one of kind of exasperation, like would he just get in the car so we can get on with it because what they’re looking for is not happening.

John: That’s an interesting way... The first dream is projection, too. In other words, something is coming, but it doesn’t come all the way through, and it hits some little thing where there is something that you still feel or contend with, and when you contend with anything you have to contend with it in relationship to how it is that you’re designed, in terms of your challenges, your veils.

You have to contend with what that is like for you yet, and when you are caught in an energetic vortex like that, and then have a sense of something so much more, it’s a sensation of being stalked. In this case, you had the good sense to just stop and observe. When you stop and observed, you realized you were creating all of this. That’s what your second dream was doing.

Dreams that I’m classifying dreams in terms of the way they’re coming from and such, as energetics in manifestation, this should be a little like a Vishnu dream. And your dreams are more of a Vishnu nature and, oddly enough, mine are too only slightly differently. They’re Vishnu acknowledging the Brahma energy that is imminent and is rapidly approaching, and soon to be all-engulfing. And in order to hold that stillness I can’t be caught up in anything in particular – or I will be in a trance over having done that.

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107df_bThese dreams offer some iconic imagery, in the form of people endowed with magical powers and people flying. Yet they also cut to the heart of the matter of human purpose, and that has to do with a human correcting things in the environment – energetically first and foremost. It has been portrayed that God is perfect and that the universe is completely natural, but everything is relative, and the human can help improve everything it touches in life by using its intentions and energetic connections to make things better. When we do that, it is a connection to the true magic of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my first dream… actually, I lost my first dream or two. I think they involved some kind of chase, but I don’t remember them.

In this next dream it’s like there’s this older man and this younger man that have gotten together that are magicians, or they have magic, and they seem to be after myself and a man that I’m with, an older man also.

So they seem to be after us, and it’s like when they catch up with us, especially the young man, he’s kind of fighting me, and the older man’s maybe confronting the other older man. It’s like they want to destroy us with their magic, but I suddenly remember that their magic actually came from the older man – who was also me.

It happened years ago when they both maybe had been drinking and they’d fallen down in this subway or something. They were sleeping next to each other and me as this older man had given the other man this magic because it was too much, didn’t want to deal with it or something. Of course now they don’t know that, but now I’ve realized that so when the younger man comes to try to imprison or use magic against me, at first I kind of gently try to dissuade him, but then once I know that he only has the magic because I gave it to him I can take it away. I can have it again, or I can take it away.

John: The dream is portraying an effect that’s being compelled for you to catch up with, or to bring out, from your first dream that you lost that involved the chase scene. It involves having to be shaken, or there’s a catching up with that. And of course the challenge is to catch up with that, or it to catch you, or come through. And when it comes through you’re able to endow or bestow, through the way you are, certain things, and it happens to the environment that you’re in.

The question you should have is, you have a sense of that, do you feel a heightened closeness to it as a result of the dream?

Jeane: I should note that these are the first dreams we’ve had on our first night in the Himalayan Mountains, which is a pretty powerful area.

So in this next dream I’ve been somewhere with you. We went out for the evening. At first when I start to drive back, it’s like I’m in a convertible or something, and I want to get across the railroad tracks before the train comes, but I see that I’ve waited a minute too long and the crossbars have come down – plus I realize my car is maybe on the tracks a bit, that I’m oriented wrong as far as the way I’m facing, so I back up and change position.

Then I realize I still want to get somewhere sooner, so I must abandon the car and I decide I want to fly home. I haven’t been flying lately. I’m with you and you’re not always certain you can fly, and then in the process of going up to a building, or to get a little more height or something, there’s somebody that you totally annoy, another guy, who decides he needs to chase you or hit you or something.

And so now I really need to get you to fly, so I kind of get you to fly but this guy kept getting close to us, like maybe we climb out on a ladder and he wants to try to grab us, but I make us jump and so that gives us that little bit of height that encourages and makes it a little easier to fly.

So we’re flying. You’re still kind of new to flying, so he can kind of see us and try to chase us, and even at one point tries to catch your wrist and bind it to something because he’s really annoyed at whatever you did. But I keep flying and getting us closer to home. And suddenly as I am closer to home there’s a young girl there, and she’s looking at me, and I’ve kind of picked her up and it’s like I want to show her how to fly, too.

And she asks if it’s magic. At first I joke about it being magical, but then I say, “You know, it’s really not magic to know how to fly, but it’s true that there’s magic in the world and this relates to that.”

John: So the thing that you have to flush through is, you carry a sense, in terms of what you have to hold onto inside yourself. The way you presented it, the way that it unfolds, is opposite. The idea of flying is something that comes up from a depth inside of yourself, and it comes up as a depth inside of yourself. It awakens as a depth inside of yourself, it effectuates things from a depth inside of yourself – as a consequence of you being able to accept and pull something into a tranquility or harmony to pull it down.

It’s like the dream is saying, in a scenario way, that you have a way, or have the means, or you have what is necessarily needed to be able to take energetics – using me as an example – that are not appropriate for the situation, or off in some regard, and bring it into a calm. And that bringing that into a calm, or into a cadence, into an alignment, causes the release of magic into the world, causes the sensation of a flying, which is the masculine element releasing.

So you’re describing something that’s almost really difficult to put into words because we’re not used to talking about, or looking at something like this, or speaking of something like this. We’re used to the idea that theres something about the feminine nature that, in order for her to be who she is meant to be, in order to catch up with her own inner magic, that she has to somehow or another accommodate, be excited by, hold a continuity towards, and to, things that are in her environment.

If she reacts, she isn’t doing that, and is instead putting herself in harm’s way – just like the vehicle on the railroad tracks. The energy is coming, the train is flowing. When she is able to accommodate and bring something down and through, meaning giving something so that that can happen, letting go so that that can happen, then she keeps things from getting beat up.

If she looks at something that’s not right and doesn’t, in her own way, figure out how to handle that, then she doesn’t break free, she doesn’t fly either.

The idea of flying is kind of a masculine thing from the standpoint that you’re used to looking at flying as something which is off the ground, that is a quality of misaligned perception. But you’re using the word flying in the opposite direction. You’re using the word flying as something that arises out of having taken and accommodated the different energetics in the environment, accommodated those in such a way, absorbed those, accepted those, were okay with all of that, in such a way without reaction, so that the pent up energetic of something more, that can happen in manifestation, the flying now, which is magical, can happen.

And that, as you do this, this is actually being done into life. In other words, life is effectuated by this. This is kind of like, if the theme of being alive has something to do with changing of the dream, this is what changes the dream. What gets absorbed, what gets brought into a cadence, and a balance, it doesn’t feel like it’s haunted, or chased, or trying to shake something out, or figure out anything anymore. And then something totally unexpected, and magical, then something just changes.

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