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Little Nightmares_20170707234528Okay, we can admit it: it is absolutely a battleground going on in us as we seek to let go of the personal and embrace the universal. It is the known trying to let go into the unknown. This is fundamental to our journey, and the resistance comes because we learned the truth later in life (as a rule), because if we were taught properly as children this process would be much more natural – because it is natural to our design. That’s why it has to be a conscious journey; we won’t get anywhere by luck, or accident. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream I seem to be in a building. There’s a man in Middle Eastern robes to one side in the room that we’re in, and he has a daughter about 7 or 8. And I’m in another part of the room and I’m interacting with her sometimes, and I can tell that he disapproves of this, and it’s like I want to get her to come and play, or interact, with us, but I can feel his disapproval because it’s like he doesn’t particularly want her mixing with what’s modern.

And it feels like I’ve also been playing with magic – in this dream, and with the girl. As I go out from the room, however, I discover that we’re under attack by other people and we have to fight them off sometimes using magic and martial arts.

When I go back to the room, because we’re now under assault, it’s like this Middle Eastern man wants to show that he’s resolved with me so it’s like he suddenly drops his robe and he starts dancing with me doing a little Irish jig to show his daughter, I think, that we’re all together now. But, meanwhile, we have to flee a bit because we are being assaulted by all these people from elsewhere.

At first I try to hide myself. I even like run across a rooftop, and I run into a building that’s hidden by a skylight on the rooftop, but one of these invaders who look kind of Mongol-like, you know, sees me and comes up and busts into that room. So all of us eventually end up in a ground-room floor.

And when the invaders come in and surround us, initially we start moving around the room as though we’re harmless. You know, I have a fan and I might use that fan to just fan myself, or dance, or twirl, but in a way, on another level, we’re kind of consolidating ourselves all together, and we’re drawing all the invaders into one room, and giving them a chance to see if they will just back off.

But, you know, they just think they’ve kind of got an easy slaughter here now. So when we see that they haven’t changed their minds we lock the doors of the room, and then we kind of bring out our magic, like what was my fan becomes like a fan with swords on it. And then we proceed to really fight where we had just been dancing around before, you know, to use our magic, then, as well as our fighting ability.

John: So what you’re describing is kind of a whiplash scenario. How you develop a whiplash scenario is if you’re contending with energetics, in terms of inner and outer, and outer and inner, in which there’s kind of a battle between those forces, in which there has been the contractive forces that seem to dominate in the big picture of things.

It seems, however, that you have been observing how to go and contend with this in kind of a simpler way inside of yourself. That’s what I mean by a whiplash scenario, in that you go up to a particular point, then you fall back. And so, initially, it’s like you can expand, and then contract back, then expand even more and then contract even more, things like that, until you can finally break the bubble of the effect.

So, in the first aspect of the dream, you have the part, the little girl, that is something that can open up in a particular way. And that opening up is contradictory to the environmental influence that is upon her, that’s placed upon her. And so you’re working more naturally because you’re working with the feminine principle and with a daughter. You’re working with something that runs almost counter then, to a misguided, or misaligned masculine aspect of the father of this girl, as the dream portrays, that has other ideas in how it is that she’s to be brought up.

So, as that opens up, what that opens up to is that then causes you to confront something even bigger in the collective. When you confront that even bigger in the collective, those domineering forces come out at you in a way that are inclined to try to crush you back even further.

In other words, the initial scenario you kind of energetically zip through, so now you’re hit with a bigger kahuna to kind of try to push you back again. And this time when you’re pushed back into the room, or the inside of yourself, something has taken place in which because there’s a connectivity of things something has taken place in which the guy, the father, has seen something, has got something, has recognized something. Apparently he’s come to appreciate something in terms of how he has observed the daughter, or however you’d say that, because he is no longer opposing you.

And so that gives you an infusion of energy, as a base, that was needed. You know, in other words, you can’t operate in a vacuum or otherwise you’re just whiplashing back and forth. So then when the intruders come into the building, the hope is that they will see, or recognize, or get it in terms of the quality of the energetic being in a state of submissive innocence. Total innocence is total power.

Total innocence creates the mirroring by which something that is out of balance in a denseness is able to see it. It actually absorbs that which is out of balance. It won’t absorb it if it’s all reactive, but it will absorb it if one goes into a certain depth, or heart, of themselves, and is able to hold a quietness, or an innocence. And so that’s what you do, and then that enables you, then, as that other gets weakened, then to rise up and effectuate a change.

So, the schematic of the dreaming, is inner into outer, except what you did is you made a little bit of a battleground out of it all. In other words, first of all you had a part of yourself make a transitioning. In other words, it was the part of yourself in the first dream in which you were looking to expect to see something that would be sitting in a reflective zone, and it was no longer in the reflective zone. It had recognized something and had moved on, and had reached a deeper state – in terms of having realized something more than just the outer. It also had married, or found the inner.

And that is repeated, in the second dream, with regards to the daughter and the father. The father then makes the transition to where he is no longer an obstacle, or a force, that counters something. He becomes somehow, where he had been devil advocating what was happening and questioning and challenging it and being resistant, he becomes something that supports it.

Now, in both dreams, it’s not apparent that he supports it overtly, but he supports it energetically. And in the first dream this is a matter of opening something up as a portrayal of inner into the outer. In the second dream the opening up is by way of the letting go again; and what are you letting go? You’re letting go of the sense identification that is normally associated with reacting to things as they happen in the outer.

And when you react to things that happen in the outer, you empower the outer and you weaken yourself. And when you do that, you get personal, and you shrink. But what you did in the second dream is you didn’t empower the outer, you went innocent, subjective in your nature, so that you didn’t portend any barriers for that which is a misaligned and overly-directed force of outer mannerism. You pulled the plug so that you weren’t conducive to that outer mannerism. In other words, you weren’t letting that outer mannerism dominate, and throw you around, and cause you to react and, as a consequence, you disempowered that as that kind of illusion from working.

So the magic that you did was actually the real use of energy, and not the wrongful use of energy that occurs when what is purported is reflection. In other words, the personal, the degree to which one reacts in a personal way, is a reaction that involves the use of the outer senses in a personal way. And you have to transcend the outer senses, or the noodling around in the outer, which leads to those defense mechanisms, and adhere to something of an inner depth. When you adhere to something as an inner depth that’s the natural transformation, that’s the way that things actually naturally always work.

And I suppose, to the outer, that is used to gauging everything based upon reflection, that would appear to be magic. But the idea of magic would be the goofy concocted notion that you can actually take a reflection of something and make it dance into something that is real. It never has. It’s not an outer speaking to the inner. It’s an inner coming through and flowing through the outer, and the outer always responds reflectively.

And that a human being gets lost in the outer because they relate to the outer through their five senses – as opposed to a type of depth inside of themselves that can come to know the inner flow – because it’s that inner flow that is what is real. And because you identify with that inner, which is real, and are able to absorb, or absolve, or diminish the effect of the outer projection as it comes to try to usurp the inner.

If the outer comes and it dominates in terms of its appearance, and its ways, and its mannerisms, it will dominate only because you give it credence by acting reflectively, and defensively, and in a personal motif; that is what perpetuates the illusion. But when you are subjective and know how to hold the space of an overallness, in terms of a vibration that is coming through life in a destined, or preordained, way, and that it’s not of a reflective collective conditioning of the senses, when you relate to that, that, then supplants or shifts you outside of the realm of a limited, personal, physical existence.

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DreationExperiencing the feeling of being chased by the Mob in a dream is definitely an image that is a huge relief to wake up from. And sometimes, facing what is repressed in us, or letting go of defense mechanisms that we have relied on for our whole lives, can seem to us to be just that dire a situation – a kind of death, actually – and such inner processes can feel that intense to us. But the pain we feel is our resistance. The freedom we gain if we succeed in letting go will feel even better. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember two short vignettes in terms of my dreams last night. In the first vignette I’m a man, young man, and it’s like I’ve found out that I’ve done something that’s offended a mob boss – who’s after me. So in that dream I’m kind of on the run from the mob boss. That’s all I remember of that.

John: A little bit of the theme of the dreaming had to do with an energetic that involves an opening up to it in order to catch up with something that’s a little amnesic to one’s usual senses in terms of seeing things.

In other words, you’re used to seeing things in terms of an outer motif, and one of the themes of the dream, an aspect or theme of the dream, was to be able to denote, from some way inside of yourself, something that is opening up, that can be seen on the inner but not necessarily the outer.

And so how do you say what it looks like in the outer when you can only see it on the inner? That is the twist that I was thrown. You were thrown the twist of something hitting you on the inner that you weren’t quite ready for on the inner.

Something hit you on the inner. You haven’t described what it is. Something hit you on the inner. It was a bit more than what you’re used to assimilating, or in other words taking in naturally, and so it set in motion, it released pent up energy that needed to proceed or to flow from within.

In other words, there’s such a thing as a quality of an openness that if it reaches a particular stage, or a point, it sets in motion something behind it that then comes rushing out. Now great care is taken that whatever it is that comes rushing out is not something that’s too difficult for a person to assimilate – or at least that’s supposed to be the care that a teacher exudes over a student.

Because if you naturally, or over-the-toppish, stir the Kundalini energy in a way so that it cannot be assimilated, or it creates too much havoc in the person, what happens is it can set them back. You know, there’s instances where it can knock them off their rocker, it can make them insane, maybe more than temporary.

Well, in your particular case, your image, the fact that you’ve upset something, caused a mob boss to come after you, or a sense of that, what you’re describing is that you have unleashed what is normally a pent up quality that you normally don’t face or address because, for whatever reasons, you have your defense mechanisms that have caused it to stay repressed. But you’ve done something and, because the theme of the dreaming had to do with looking and seeing something, I’m inferring that you did something even though you don’t recall what it is that you looked and you saw.

You did something to open up in a particular way, and by opening up in that particular way you created a kind of collateral damage in that this, which is normally something that you keep repressed, and suppressed, and hidden has come out. And so that energetic is something that you have to contend with. And so, because it is something that is a bit unfamiliar to you because you’ve kept it repressed for so long, then it creates this kind of convoluted inflection. Do you see how that is?

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laserparcour_berlinWorking with spies, casing the joint for an escape, and stealing a kiss in this dream imagery, which is all about an inner dance between the masculine and feminine elements in the dreamer, trying to come to terms. There is a lack of trust, yet also the attraction. This is the process we go through as we seek to incorporate new aspects into our inner lives. Sometimes it’s literally a dance and a kiss of mutuality, and other times it is a thriller full of intrigue. It all depends where we are in the process.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this dream, it feels like I’m with a man and it’s at night. We’re outside, and we seem to be on the run from something. And then we run into another man who, I think, is actually someone who belongs to like a spy service, or he’s someone in that whole espionage or that type of world because he’s very sophisticated, and he joins up with us as though that’s going to help us. But it actually results, I think, in maybe the guy I’m with getting wounded.

And then the three of us end up on the grounds of this large building, and then the man that I was with initially just seems to be gone and it’s more like there’s a woman that feels like a sister that’s with me, and the man who belongs to the espionage group, and we’re in this large compound. It has like grounds and a hospital area, and then an area where we’re staying.

And I go and I walk around and I start studying the grounds to see if there’s a way that I can escape from them because I’m pretty sure there’s gates, but I don’t know if they extend around everywhere. And I can’t quite see how far out it goes, and there’s all types of different people on the ground, so some of them have Russian accents. And the man we thought was helping us escape seems to be the one that’s keeping an eye on us – except, like I said, at this point I’m with another woman.

I don’t know what happened with the man I started out with, whether he was wounded or what, and I think one of us was wounded and is having to recover a little bit. It might have been me, but I’m not as badly wounded as they think because I’m a little more mobile than they think I am, so it’s like, as I walk around, I’m kind of studying and looking out windows and seeing certain areas where I see a window is open, and I see someone walking outside, and I think I can escape.

But once I get out the window I’m not sure if I keep going to where I can’t see whether there’s an electronic gate or something that I wouldn’t be able to get away from or not, so I’m contemplating whether it’s worth making a break for it.

At the same time, when I’m inside and I go back, I don’t ever stay away too long from where this guy is because I don’t want to raise any suspicions yet that I might try to make a run for it. I go back and it feels like I want to kiss him, but he’s confused and he thinks that I want to kiss another guy that’s walking by. And he’s kind of talking about how he can hook me up with him. Well, I just kind of shake my head in frustration at him and he finally gets it, but then I don’t want anything to do with him, you know, because he was so slow on the uptake.

Then I walk away again, kind of trying to case whether I can get outside, and studying the people that are outside to see whether I think there’s actually an area where there’s a gate, or there’s this one area I’ve discovered I’m wondering because it’s up higher and you crawl out a window and you have to go down a slope, I’m wondering if it actually would lead to an area where there are no gates.

At the same time I’m aware that if I were to escape, and got caught, that they’d probably lock both of us in a room and it’d be his duty to make sure I didn’t get away. And that would be very confining for him and he wouldn’t like it.

John: So the dream is giving you information about what is called cadence, meaning a balance, or a flow, that is in keeping with the way something needs to proceed. In other words, something is kind of speeded up, and I hadn’t really thought of this before, if it gets speeded up, or is going too fast, or is outracing parts of itself, then there can be a tendency where you start scrapping about trying to redeem, or to catch up, with something that you’re outracing. You’ve outraced it and so now you’re trying to catch up with it or something.

In other words, you get this kind of skewering in the head, instead of finding the proper cadence. And as a consequence this becomes a way of spiraling out of control, as well. In other words, I hadn’t thought of this as a way of spiraling out of control, but your dream is indicating that this is the sensation when you get a little out of kilt with a particular setting that you’re meant to be more rooted in.

And the thing repeats over and over again, and then there are changes, and there is actually evolution that is going on in this process, but it never quite feels right, or is quite able to come together in a well-balanced manner because it’s got this whole quality to it that is jutting out this way, and jutting out that way. But I like some of the shifts that are happening inside of it, which means that you’re getting just enough out of this process of being like this, but you’re getting something out of it, but you’re not breaking out of a kind of bewilderment either, because you’re a little out of sync in terms of how it is that you are maintaining yourself. Do you see that?

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