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Logo-ColorThe image of giving birth in a dream is a powerful one, because not only has something new been made possible – in the dreamer – but, like any new life, the babies are vulnerable and need to be protected. So what has awakened, i.e., been born, needs to be nurtured by the dreamer so that the new aspect becomes part of the dreamer’s life and ongoing processes. But, of course, different parts of us want a say in the matter, and that resistance can appear as being hunted, or chased, in a dream. The new is always at risk until it has grown strong enough to stand on its own. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my dream, I seem to be around some family, but I’m almost like in a foreign country, at least some place that seems not like home. And I’m pregnant, and I’ve given birth to a daughter and then, after a delay, I give birth to a smaller baby that’s a son. You know, pretty much all in the same time frame.

And right after giving birth to the son, it’s like I’ve left the place where I am and I’ve gone with a man and a woman that are with me to another home, just a short walk away, because people are hunting me. They seem to want me and the babies.

And then I can hear they’re coming to that house, so I walk back through the woods with my friends to where I gave birth, to the original house, because they’d already searched that. And there’s a convertible there, which is not ideal, but that’s what I feel like we can all make our getaway in. It’s just I have to go into the room first and very quickly sort through what I’ll take with us and the babies.

And then I think I get in the backseat with the babies because they’re taking me somewhere else. Well, where they take me, it feels like I must put the babies down somewhere, and then I’ve gone into this large dining hall, and I almost have the sense I’m in an embassy or something, but it does have this huge dining hall with a lot of people in it.

And once I’m at this embassy-type situation, you have been around, but you’ve gone out to check out a living situation. It feels like you’ve gone to check out a hotel or something, that’s in the city, about whether or not that’s where we can go next. And I don’t seem to want anybody to know what’s happened, or what we’re doing next, so I’m in the dining hall acting normal.

And like somebody comes up to me and mentions that there’s all this speculation that something rough must have happened, because I think they found the room where I’d been with the babies and it was all roughed up or something, and I say, no, it was just an easy birth and the babies are resting now.

I’m just not like giving anything away to anybody because it’s almost like I want to just create this kind of normal façade until we can get to where it is that we’re going next. That’s pretty much the whole dream.

John: So the theme of the dreaming, last night, was that there comes a time, after the catching up with something on an inner level as images, or as qualities, of beingness that this somehow has to inflect into everything else in life.

And so, the masculine way of dreaming it would be to look at it as if there is a systemology, or ten-point plan or something, aspects, you know, levels or something.

The feminine way of dreaming it is that she sees in her nature that she carries something, or holds something, or sustains something, that she feels as an atmosphere, in the atmosphere. Well, she feels it, but then there’s more than just being able to just note it and feel it, so the dream starts off in which you’re in a house in which the atmosphere is conducive to catching up with this quality within.

And so you give birth to something that has a wholeness, both a masculine and a feminine quality. But you can’t stay in this house, so, when you go out of this house, are you able to take this quality, and the atmosphere, are you able to take that with you into the outer, into physical manifestation, so to speak?

And what you’re finding is that, to the degree to which you aren’t doing so, you’re haunted by parts of yourself that can have the understanding, so to speak, of what this inner depth is, can have the understanding in some sort of, we’ll say, subconscious level or something. But in terms of in the outer still it comes across as if something is still affecting you, or haunting you, or throwing you around. But because you have the effect, in a kind of subconscious level, it is almost like you have the inflections of how to go back to how it is that you are able and meant to be. In other words, it’s like you’ve got the masculine and feminine invisible sides of yourself that are kind of like hinting, or causing, you to function inflectively, even though you have issues that you’re not able to quite live and contend with. You’re not able to live this, so you’re still contending with something as if it is still haunting you.

What you’re talking about, in the end, is a realization that what is happening, from the sense that you have from deep within, that if you brought that through totally into the outer that would be a letting go. It would have the sensation of a letting go, as opposed to reacting to this, or that, yet, as if something is still haunting you.

And so, in the dream, the way you’re understanding it, is that you’re not going to be making any big deal out of anything in particular, you know, everybody likes the racket, and the doingness, and the carrying on, the so-to-speak news report of things, and you’re not buying into that because to buy into that serves no useful purpose.

So you’re almost catching up with what it really means to just let go, and that such a letting go then becomes a taking of that which is latent in your nature into a livability in the outer. That’s pretty interesting.

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590mIt can seem hard to grasp that we are made of many inner lives – because we think of ourselves as one person. But we have a part of us that is concerned with safety, and a part concerned with fun and excitement. We have a part that seeks the high and the spiritual, and we have parts that love exercise, food, and sex – all the sensual appetites we experience. All these lives need to be on board with us as we make our journey, because they are either for us, or they will distract us from what we are trying to do. In other words, we can’t leave them behind, or suppress them, we have to get them to understand why they should join us on the trip. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, my dreams last night were just a little bit frustrating. What I remember of the first dream, I seem to be out on the ocean in some kind of a boat, or a small ship, and there was a bigger ship that contained people that were searching for me.

So, initially, I’m able to hide, but then it feels like there’s someone that comes on the ship that I’m with, and the people I’m with, that sees me – but he’s not one of the one’s that knows he hunting for me. In other words, maybe I just look like one of the other passengers.

So, in one way, I know I’ve been seen, but I haven’t been seen by the people that actually knew what they were hunting for, so I don’t get a sense that I was captured then. But then I have a subsequent dream…

John: So what you’re describing is an amnesia state that exists between yourself, your higher self and your lower self, and that the greater teacher is all those people that are looking for something. That’s the outer. And within that is something that is real, and everyone is looking for something.

Everyone is trying to sort something out, but they get caught up in their senses into the situation and circumstances in the outer. And even when they come across something in which there should be a one-to-one correspondence, or recognition, even then it’s not inclined to exist because it’s so easy to get caught in one’s sidestep mannerisms.

Jeane: And then I had a dream where it feels like there was a group of us that were caught, and they want us to confess to something – but it’s something we haven’t done. But some of the others are taken away and tortured, so I feel like we’ll probably all be hanged because they were tortured to confess, so it didn’t matter whether you’d really done it or not.

John: Well happens there is, and that’s one of the reasons why one goes off and tries to complete the ocean journey in a little ship, but it takes the big ship in order to cross the ocean. It takes everything and everyone.

But you attempt to do it in the little ship because what you see in the collective, that has the latent energy of things that’s in the outer, of which all of the outer is a component and part of yourself, so what you see in these others is something that you can’t necessarily… It doesn’t recognize. It just doesn’t know, and when it doesn’t know, and when it’s in an ignorance, it can be a danger. It can take and it can do something that can be painful, or hurtful.

And so, as a consequence, that’s why you can have the waywardness of going off and trying to do something on your own, to have your own little ship instead of control and circumstances that you think make it easier – because you know what it’s like to become too open, and too obvious, amongst those who are at a different point on the path. What you’re apt to generate is some sort of rejection, or defense mechanism, or denial, or shutting off.

You actually tend to see this sort of thing amongst the people who are still more or less newbies on the path, meaning those who are young in life, that haven’t had a chance, through life’s lessons, to kind of recognize that there is something more going on. And so what’s also so interesting is that those people who are least inclined to recognize that there is something more going on, are the ones who think that they are experiencing something, and are attached, so to speak, to how they are and where they are.

Thus the danger that exists amongst friends, so-called friends, who all kind of support a process that becomes spiritualized, and is in a bit of a nausea, and also true in terms of people that you think you can play it safe with, that might be kind of simple and naïve and whatnot and you can kind of just kind of float in that naivete, and that simplicity, and be unnoticed.

But where you can gain the greatest benefit is amongst those that have developed a certain kind of maturity, that you might say, I suppose if you were to put a word on it, a kind of old soul. We put to the term an old soul is a person who has a realization that comes up inside of themselves from somewhere, in terms of a consciousness, that goes outside of the collective norm.

But you can have, in the outer, old souls that are very, very accomplished in their being, and in their ways, that may be on a deviation, a heavy deviation. But they’re able to be on this deviation when others cannot, which means that they have learned something, they have grown, they have taken a step, they have made realizations inside of themselves and they actually have interesting adabs that you would not think are possible, that the uncouth and immature have yet to catch up with.

The reason why I’m saying all of this is that your dream, first of all, is pointing out to you that it’s important for you to be in the mixture of things. There’s a danger of being in the mixture of things because shit happens, but in the mixture of things everything is there, everything is included, everything is before you. And you’re not to make this journey in your little ship all by yourself off to one side.

And so what is the singularity of a journey? The singularity of a journey can be a process in which you streamline what it is that you want to take in as an approach and, therefore, you shut off everything else that is part of the overall. And the fact that you then are shutting off other parts that are aspects of the overall, you are, in your conceptualization, thinking that you’re making things easier – and you’re mind is telling you that you’re avoiding complexities – but in reality you are not playing with all of the chips that have to be played with on the table.

And, therefore, whatever result occurs is going to be bifurcated, or limited, in some way. Or is going to be incomplete, and may even go off on some sort of sick tangent, because it fails to recognize what it needs to recognize as part of itself yet, having purged it to such a degree that it can’t find it anymore.

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a22spIt’s nice to think that we always face things head-on, with confidence. But, as we discover, not all parts of our nature have equal amounts of confidence. It’s true in waking life, and it’s true in our dreams. Here we find a woman on the run, hiding and being followed. Yet, since we are all the characters in our dreams, we can also see that there is also a wooing going on, as wary lovers try to find the best way to accommodate each other – so they may begin their future together. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I didn’t think I was going to be able to remember any dream from last night because I kept coughing; had a headache. But towards morning I had a dream and, in that dream, it feels like I’m a woman. I have some children. I’m living with a man, but I take the kids and I run away from him.

And I seem to go to something like a villa, somewhere in Italy, and the villa is kind of in a little village where they have all these white stone walls, stucco walls. And I’m hiding out there, and I seem to like it because it has good music.

There is a man there at the villa, but I can’t tell if I’m actually with him, or if I avoid him sometimes. It seems like I do both. And then there’s a woman who brings the man I had run away from to the villa, or the little village. Sometimes it’s like she helps me hide, and sometimes she helps him find where we are.

I also remember that there was a garden area with some marble steps and, at the top, there were these headstones that were partially made out of leather and alabaster. And they were the carvings that represented some famous lovers who had been buried there. I think they were performers of some kind, singers or something,

And you could kind of pull a little bit on the stone and it would come forward, and you could see the statue and the carvings. And then you pushed it back a bit and it tucked itself into the leather, which helped protect it from the elements.

I think three different statues there representing famous people that had been buried, one was this couple, and the other I don’t know who they were. And then it seems like I’m trying to keep a certain freedom, but I also have the kids there. It just wasn’t a real clear dream to me.

John: It wasn’t a real clear dream because you’re hiding from something that’s trying to break itself through. Even the headaches you have, that you pretend have something to do with dust and this, that, and the other, are actually the result of something trying to awaken, or come through. And you have these headaches as kind of a dense nature that you carry to try to keep things in check.

It seems that there really is something to this idea that a person who gets on a spiritual path gets to a particular point where physically they can break down, or start to suffer more. And, of course, a lot of it’s easily explained from the standpoint that they get more sensitive, or something, and they can’t eat like they normally eat, and require circumstances to be a little different.

And, in this particular case, in your particular case, your whole dream went into describing and portraying this whole quality that you have in which you are doing things that peek at, and yet somehow or another, work with, hold in some aspect of your nature, that which you protect.

In other words, you have these kids that you run away with, that are your kids. And then you have this peekaboo way that you deal with the masculine, with what you find there. But what you’re saying in that is that there is a setting in which what is important and necessary for something to come out, in terms of how it is that you need to be, well, that you’re sitting veiled in, yet you have your moments in which something comes out, and you do have a sense of what it is that has to be protected.

And then you take and you repeat that, in another way, where you see these statues or whatever and you realize that if moved forward they have one kind of dynamic; pushed back, left in a kind of staleness of the past, they have another look. And yet somehow or another you have a sense of the before, or of the timeless beyond.

And, the thing is, your dream, this dream that you were able to pull out, you weren’t able to pull out the other dreams before because the other dreams before would have involved you breaking through, confronting a physical dimension, that is there, because the subtle loudness behind the denseness of the physical dimension is something that is being kept in check yet by the outer quality of your nature.

It’s being kept in check for some reason because the time isn’t fully right, or ripe, for it to come out, apparently. Yet you have the peekaboo with it. And so, when you mentioned the headache, I immediately saw that this was correlated to something that inside of you that is trying to find its way. And the outer circumstances, the effect of the physical outer, is imposing this limitation.

The way that you work with that, or struggle with that, is causing you to slowly break through it – yet you don’t break through it as naturally as you could and, as a consequence, you have headaches and such. And, of course, almost in answer to a frustration, you have this dream.

And the dream portrays this little quality of, you might say, a scoping out that is occurring in a very steady and unfolding capacity. That’s interesting.

What a theme huh? Because the theme had to do with being able to recognize and identify a quality of a deeper innerness that’s at the depth of a person’s nature and being, even though outer appearances could easily, and tend to, suggest otherwise, because it’s the outer appearances that predominate, or appear to predominate, most of the time. Rarely is a person able to see through the outer appearances to denote what is trying to move around within.

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