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inner-lifeWe all have our inner life, and we all have our outer life – the one where we interact with the physical world. And every day we try to bring these two worlds into unison, or into some type of harmony. Our dreams work similarly, with a house representing the inner life, and exterior scenes showing the outer worlds. And even in our dreams we are trying to bring these two worlds into one experience. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had some long early dreams in which, again, it seemed like I was impacted by watching the films on the Roosevelts, and it was like I was trying to approach some quality in Mrs. Roosevelt. And I can’t remember the specifics of those dreams.

But then I went into a dream where I seem to be in a house that belonged to a friend of our family when I was little. And I’m in the living room of that house with, there’s at least one other or two other people there. And it feels like some authorities are coming to the house that we want to avoid. Like they’ll take us out of the house, or something.

So it’s like they go to one door, we try to avoid them through the other door. And then the boy in the house has gone outside and gone onto the lawn into a bed that’s elevated. And the mother sends me out to the other bed. And, when we come back in the house – I think he stays out, but I come back in the house – and there’s still some one of the authorities trying to catch me and take me away and I seem to be trying to keep evading them

This authority’s a woman, young woman, because I feel like the authorities don’t really know what they’re doing. And then after that, I have one other short dream.

John: So what you’re dreaming is an attempt to blur together the conditions of an inner into outer, which require you to break a trance. In order for it to come through, you break the trance by catching up with an inner depth within; you catch up with this depth within in the outer, in which something is able to awaken, or come alive.

What you’re doing, before you go into the outside, it’s almost like you don’t see anything. You’re not really able to be content; you have to go outside. And it’s when you’re willing to go outside, and be okay in the outside, that you’re able to catch up with the more innocent aliveness of yourself, that seems so much older, in the inner, which is almost like saying you have something as an inner that is older. That’s another way of saying it: you have something that is inner that is older. A depth on an innerness that is older, but, in life, it has the quality of being a new found, awakened, youthfulness.

So, what you have to ponder here is the sensation, because the theme of the dreaming is you’re looking at wonderment, and the sensation you’re having to catch up with is one that takes into, or brings about, or accesses the wonderment that is quickened within, but has to be taken into the outer, lived in the outer.

If you were influenced by the story of Roosevelt, you were influenced about it in terms of the fact that there was a quality of depth within that needed to be shared, or communicated, or brought through into the outer. What’s unusual, or what’s a kind of a paradox to the dream, is that you’re thwarted in trying to look at things much on the inner, but you’re able to flow in a useful energetic sense in the outer.

To be stifled in the inner, to try to access this outside of how you’re supposed to be, because you’re in manifestation, to try to do this in the inner, like I say, there’s a sensation in there, and there is a healing of a sensation in your dream. In other words, it’s not just a dream of how something is facilitated in the outer; there’s a vibrational sensation that goes along with it. And it’s a hard sensation to grasp because it consummates as a wonderment. And it starts as a type wonderment, but one with a mood, or a frustration, perhaps, with it. And ends in a sense of awe in the outer.

The importance is for you to be able to see the mood, and the frustration, in it, because this dream is like a healing answer to this mood, sensation, frustration. It’s not really readily seeable, but it’s an answer to that. In other words, you’re not meant to walk around feeling overwhelmed. You have a wonderment that is meant to come through.

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images-6What happens when we suddenly see a truth that has been hiding in plain sight? There has been a shift within us, an opening, or a melting, whereby something that had been blocked is now flowing freely. It is important to trust these transitions within ourselves, because the nature of our journey is to always be removing veils that prevent our ability to see clearly. And it’s usually our higher self that sees it first, and then spreads the word to the rest of our inner lives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this dream that I woke up with, it’s like I’m in some area that there’s like huge cliffs and like sandstone cliffs almost that people… we’ve been helping some people ahead of us escape through these cliffs, through the caverns and caves inside the cliffs. After they’ve gotten a certain length ahead of us, because we’re staying behind maybe to fight whatever the forces were, I realize that actually these people are going to betray the people they’re with, or they’re going to betray us. And then they’re going to disguise themselves and run off with the gold, or whatever it is, the treasure they have.

So I’m inside one of the caves, with some others, and I realize now that we’re pursuing the people that we were helping, we were staying behind to defend. Because, yes, we’ve realized they’re going to betray.

John: Initially you didn’t know that?

Jeane: No, initially I didn’t know that. So, in order to recognize them, I have to see what they’re going to look like because I know they’re going to disguise themselves. And so I’ve gone into this cave, and in this cave there are figures of people that look like from different tribes or different religions. They’re about one foot high wax figures, all over this wall, and I’ve taken a large lighter or match and I’m melting these wax figures heads so that I can see what they’re going to look like when we catch up with them.

John: So now you’ve switched your way of dreaming, actually. Normally you’re pursued, which means a darkness is having its way with you. In other words, it’s overcoming you. Its force is more than what you can handle, therefore you’re backing away from it.

But now something in you has risen to the point where you’re ready to take and basically go beyond the barrier that had prevailed, instead of it having its way with you, it’s turned around now and you’re able to pursue it or, so to speak, change, or alter, or dissolve it.

In other words, you’re going to melt it, you’re going to get a close enough look at it that it no longer has an effect upon you. That’s an interesting shift in terms of the way it had been. Ordinarily it had prevailed, and now you’re going to melt and shift it.

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INVISIBILITxImagine we are going to a gathering of people, a party, and we plan to just say hello and then go home. But then we decide to have one drink. Well, we’re having fun, so we have another drink. Pretty soon it’s past midnight and we’re among the last to leave – and we know we’re going to feel terrible in the morning! This is just an illustration of how the world around us can pull us away from our inner, spiritual, location, and, pretty soon we become vulnerable to all kinds of things. Only when we stay in our inner location – out in the world – do we provide a safety for ourselves and our connections. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember my last dream. I felt like I dreamt a lot last night, but I didn’t remember most of them. And the last dream was influenced by a mystery I’d been reading.

And in the mystery, I’m a policewoman, and it’s almost like somebody, it feels like maybe my partner’s the person who’s murdered a girl. So he’s off the case. And he thinks this man that he knew from his childhood, who’s running some kind of a compound where people go and live apart from society a bit, did it. I’m not sure who did it. In some ways I’m not sure that either one of them did it, but I’m investigating.

So I need to sneak on to the compound, and I go there at night. And I notice that there’s some hippy looking girls and people that have come, that are going into the compound at night, either they want to join it, or maybe they live there and they’ve left. So I kind of use they’re going there as a cover and sneak onto the compound, which is a really large compound.

And then it seems to get lighter out as I’m there. And I’m going towards a part of the compound where the man who runs it lives, because I almost feel like he’s in hiding. And he seems to sense I’m there and he sends some men who find me, that take me to the area of the compound where he is.

On my way there, I look off into the distance and I see this really huge old building that almost looks like those libraries they used to build, that have big columns and everything. That’s not where he is, but I’m just interested that that building’s not that far away. And then they take me to an area where he is, and he even seems to have a big carved chair, almost like a throne.

And it’s like he sends the people that brought me there, away because I wondered if they were going to try to capture me, or hold me. And, at this point, he shows me a bus that’s loaded with people that maybe got upset by all that’s going on, and are leaving. And he’s telling me that I can drive that bus away with them.

At the same time, I know there’s other people that come, just as there are some people that are leaving. I don’t even know if the bus is safe, but I suspect it is. What I really suspect is that everybody’s looking at these two people who’ve known each other, the policeman and somebody he’s known since childhood that’s running this compound. Everybody thinks whatever crime has been committed, that it’s one of the two of them.

But I’m actually thinking I’m going to have to investigate more, because I’m pretty sure it’s somebody else. And neither one of them knows how to look beyond what they’re seeing. So I have to go look for it. That was all.

John: So this is a dream in which the decisions that you’re making are actually hard on you. They’re holding you back. They’re pulling you down.

Initially, you have a partner, so you’ve made a step where you drop whatever it is that you were carrying around as a kind of extra aspect of yourself that you don’t need anymore. So that is a positive step.

And then you go into a place where things are in a disarray; that’s like coming into manifestation. And when you’re in this place, you come to know that the idea of there being like a crime, or a wrong that’s been committed, a mystery that exists, you become entwined with that place in that modality.

However, you know that there is something more about this place, in terms of how it’s meant to be. And that is represented by this building that you see, that you’re not far away from, that’s the library. Within that is the, so to speak, answer, a stillness answer, to everything that exists. The library represents the fount of whatever it is that needs to be known, or taken in, or absorbed. In other words, it’s the epitome of the stillness behind it all. But you see it, but you’re not able to let go enough yet to go into that, and so you are induced to take on something in an outer capacity way – which is basically to drive those that are being released from this place.

But it’s a belated thing because, even though you could see and say to yourself that you’re serving or doing something useful, you know that into this place is coming others that are also going to be caught up in whatever is going on here. And you’re able to look at the power presence that exists in this place and realize that it dominates over what can take place.

And what caused you to have to be recognized as a person who could take and drive the bus and such, is you weren’t staying in your stillness, you became visible. And when you became visible, you brought upon yourself the attention that then had a hook, or a means, upon which to avail itself upon how it is, and who it is, that you are. And, thus, you were pulled into some tangent or another.

And in this particular case, because you were visibly seen, the part that was seen was not in a stillness where it would be invisible, it then could be manipulated, or turned, to some aspected mannerism. In other words, you were able to be deviated into that.

Now, the purpose and reason for a dream like this is you can come to see the importance of this space of invisibility and stillness, because within that space, everything then can be affected, in a mirrored-capacity way.

But when you are having to come out, or be recognized, or lose the cover of this stillness, or this mirroring capacity, that is when things go awry. And that’s when you take on identifications again. And when you take on these identifications again, the sense of the dream is going to be a sense of still having some sort of weight upon the heart, which means that deep down, you knew that you were close to the stillness. Had you not been close to the stillness and recognized that, that had its all-pervading essence over everything so that what was taking place would be taking place as meant to be, and that if it wasn’t meant to be, the stillness itself would affect it in some sort of mirrored-capacity way. It wasn’t for you to take and try to change something, or to conduct yourself in some way or another in some aspect that you might have that purports to alleviate things, when you know deep down that it doesn’t at all.

That what exists is going to continue to exist, and that you just got abstracted into something that you felt was providing some sort of justified relief. In other words, you had lost your importance, you had become stigmatized, because you had become visualized – instead of in the stillness and the emptiness.

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