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How does our system communicate with us? When we are awake, we might have an intuition, or sometimes we’ll have a flash of insight, and, when we are asleep, we have our dreams that show us playing the many parts of a movie up on the big screen of our unconscious. And, in these roles, part of us can be bored, while another part of us is so far behind that what bores one aspect is fascinating to it. The human is designed to be a unity, and work seamlessly with itself. These subtle disconnects, and inner alienations, can be healed to a great degree by our conscious awareness that they exist. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, because this had to do with having to catch up with something anew, in the meditation dream, I noticed that the breath was causing everyone I knew to catch up with and see a deeper in-depthness in manifestation about themselves. But that was for them. 

In other words, what I’m describing here is actually myself coming to catch up with certain things that I’m meant to be able to catch up with in this lifetime, that are natural. And so in the meditation dream, it’s from the breath that I’m realizing that things can be caught up with, but it’s not a big surprise to me. There’s some other me that is watching, and it’s a big surprise probably to them, and it’s keeping life interesting for them. 

But for me, as I’m listening to people describe their awareness, I notice that everything they say is about the breath and its reflectiveness in manifestation. And that reflectiveness and that way in manifestation is something I already know. I also notice that, because I already know all of this, it carries a kind of a sense of ordinariness, so I’m a little bored and something more is needed. 

Well, in terms of the way things have been going, I’ve been looking outwardly and noticing that, in terms of the fact that it doesn’t go anywhere anew for me. But, when it’s my turn, the ordinariness about the general overall observations of awareness, that are notable in the breath, that I understand and find satisfy most dynamics in terms of human beings, I notice that suddenly there’s something more that beckons to my surprise. It’s just like a lightbulb moment, or a sudden shift, or shock, where I see a whole new world and life revealed in the breath that I hadn’t noticed before. 

So I find myself describing this breath of manifestation in terms of an awareness that I have found in the breath, as well. And it is something that no one has seen before in terms of all the others who are excited about the breakthroughs that they had that brought them up to a particular point, but for me what’s really going on is all of this – because everything is me – was it brought me up to a particular point and now there is a newfound use and awareness in terms of what is going on in manifestation that’s basically a newfound profoundness. 

So what I am talking about is a way of being, not heretofore revealed, which has suddenly come through me into manifestation. And, in doing so, it’s kind of given into life for the first time, this being an awareness about life no one had noticed before, which means I hadn’t noticed before. Because I keep talking about it in the past tense, or secondary tense, but everything in the dream is about me.

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It is both a grace and an delusion that our systems will incorporate anything that has long term effects upon us. If it is a pain or a burden, we are able to continue on, without the constant awareness and struggle that might be caused. It’s a form of management and it is constantly at work to help us. Sometimes, however, we let go of, or drop, the weight of our burden and we suddenly can feel such a difference that we find it hard to believe we had carried it for so long. Many things weigh us down on our journey, and we seek to become as light as possible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so, in the meditation dream, to compensate from an emptiness coming into the heart, in other words it’s like you can have this quality of the hovering beingness or something, that can cause an emptiness where you’re haunted in some fashion, because we’re all haunted by some mannerism of ourselves. This emptiness changed, this emptiness is there based upon a lack of value, in other words, where something is affecting you instead, so that you can’t catch up with who you are. 

And I changed the energetic by, so to speak, Photoshopping images into the scene that had been missing vibrationally. In other words, bringing something back, something had gotten taken away, or taken out. That’s when something is haunting energetically upon you that isn’t right, and it actually takes something away. Or, to say this another way, I recognized that personal afflictions and sadness drain because a value gets lost. 

So what I did was to seek to bring back what was missing. Now, that’s what I would be trying to do, but instead I’m finding this as if something got lifted. In other words, the sensation is different – I’m still lost in the way I’m used to doing it. 

So last night I sat in the weightiness that closed off a natural flow until I was able to discover redemption from this barrier. In other words, it’s just being exorcised or lifted. So, in the dream, there was a vibration hitting the heart that needed to be taken out. This vibration was caused by something that’s not fulfilling itself as it’s meant to be; you could call it an unfulfilled need. 

So in touching the hungry-ghost quality that keeps that need from being reached, so it could go, I brought a waywardness to a completion. In other words, a part of myself that is whole, but there was something askew. Just like you get sick in different ways, and so you can get energetically sick, I guess, based upon something haywire environmentally – spirit-wise, or something. So, in the sleep dream, I’m feeling free of a weightiness. It is as if an excess force that had been possessing my nature is dispossessed. What my dreams will be like without this will be interesting.

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A solid foundation is the basis upon which anything can be built. This is true in the physical world and just as true in the inner worlds. It is often our nature to make a leap before we are fully ready, and sometimes that can cause unintended consequences – when the infrastructure isn’t there to hold everything together. In our dreams, we can be given guidance to be aware of this process and to not extend ourselves before we are ready and capable. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my second dream, I seem to be visiting a college campus when different sports events are going on. And I’m meeting with a group of college students who are discussing how they want to organize for the tournament’s and things that are going on. 

And they’re trying to decide what they want to give as a prize, or to make the game more interesting, and what team they want to play. And I realize they’re all thinking of playing top teams like Kentucky or something, and I’m thinking they should choose a team like Oregon, that’s good, but maybe not top.

Then they’re also thinking of doing something like maybe giving away a horse as a prize at halftime or something. I’m kind of dubious about that. That’s all I remember from that dream.

John: Well, what you’re doing there, is I think you’re trying to figure out, I mean, you’re trying to dream the central quality of a dream that causes things to be shaped and designed. And, in this particular dream, you don’t quite have all of the component pieces working.

You have a sense that you’ve got to deal with something with power, like a horse, and you have a sense that you don’t want to go outside of your bounds, or station or something, which means you don’t go try to play Kentucky, maybe you can play Oregon.

So what you’re doing is you have to know your place in terms of how something opens up. Just like the training of the kid in the Tao story. He initially did a lot of things where he didn’t really know what was going on, didn’t really know his place. But, at the same time, everyone knew that everything in its due time because of his age and everything. 

And he would act out in a way that would be repugnant to something that should understand or should know. But it was allowed, and it was permissible, and he brought a certain joy and laughter in terms of the whole process that everyone knew was eventually going to have to unfold because he was in a quality of a training, but he did certain things that were repugnant, that actually threw barriers in his way, initially. And he learned by throwing those barriers in his way. 

And so, in your dream, you’re trying to sort out how to get to where something naturally unfolds, or shifts, or changes and shapes and all of this, that, and the other. And in this particular dream, you’re reaching outside of your boundaries. You have component pieces, but you don’t have it pulled together.

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