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re33teOne way we could define religion, or any spiritual path, is to say that it is a set of ideas and triggers to help us fulfill our human design potential.  Said another way, for a human to do what it was created and designed to do is a religious act. Purpose and religion are inextricably intertwined – you can’t have one without the other (but you can use any different words you prefer). And we need these kinds of guidelines because we live in a world that has moved away from purpose, and mostly settled for pleasures of one type or another. In the end, a religious life isn’t for the dedicated few, it’s for every human ever born. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, I’m a young woman, or somewhere maybe in my 30s or so. And I’ve been kidnapped by this big mob boss, or gangster of some kind, and taken to what feels like another planet – because when he puts me down, it’s almost like there’s some kind of surface he puts me down on almost like if it were a really large lily pad. But there are other people on it, I mean it’s quite large, like the size of this room at least. And there’s some other people on it, maybe they have places where they sleep and stuff. And sometimes it’s even a little sticky.

And I feel like wherever I am, it’s not like I can just leave there. And then it feels like he brings me little things now and then. And then he’s even wanting to encourage me to get up and move around. Or like maybe I actually can have some freedom of movement, but I don’t trust it, because I know he’s kind of a gangster.

And it’s as though he’s trying to convince me that everything’s fine, and I’m with him, and I can actually have a certain amount of freedom, but I recognize that that’s all an illusion to some degree. So it’s like this kind of a little tug-of-war going on there, where he’s kind of wanting me to pretend that I have this freedom. I can even maybe go to the spaceship, but I don’t know that I believe it. And it was all kind of murky colors, too. That was the first dream.

John: Well, you’re just portraying what it’s like to be caught in an amnesia of having to contend and buy into the outer. And, from the perception of the outer, it has like a whole monster, or harshness, or whatever it is, overlording quality to it, that is doing through it’s reflective way to get you to buy into it as being real.

And every time you have any intuition, or whatever, that something could be different, it’s hard to recognize that in the face of a situation in which everything is being done to convince you otherwise.

And the significance of the dream is to catch up with the vibration that belies the fact that this is meaningful, in terms of it being a reflection, and in terms of what it means, how it is, that a part of you needs to unfold.

And for reflection that’s there, and the intensity at play, to make this reflection seem all that there is, is something that you’re having to recognize, and realize, doesn’t echo to a point where you need to be at anymore.

And so, a dream like that, where everything is like that, and no matter what is done to try to convince you that it is otherwise, if you can truly see that and everything in the outer as being like that, then you’re at the threshold of an intense longing for there to be something more. And that longing can bring you out of the outer amnesia of things, which are the reflective conditions, the vibrations, in an outer, and can carry you through a epicenter, or depth, inside of yourself, which is able to take all of that in, in terms of the essence, as opposed to the reflection.

And so, you could say that your dream is a calamity of things, so to speak, in an exaggerated format, that’s at the gateway of the epiphany, breaking through, to something so much more on an other side. But, until you do that, and if you’re still caught in the equation of things all around you, then it’s like that, being in kind of a pressurized zone, and yet something is waking up, and yet there you are – not able to quite catch up with what is waking up. So you feel the kind of heaviness, density, and even a kind of anguish, at your condition in the physical.

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imcaveIn the overview of history, and the endless battles between different tribes of humans, what is lost is the essential reality that we humans are part of an evolutionary process. The very idea of evolution implies that we are headed somewhere, as a species – but not in a random way because of our own “great” efforts. We are evolving toward the fulfillment of our human capability that was latent, and possible, from the very beginning. But because we have disconnected from this understanding, we have detoured off the path and look to genetic modification to bridge the gap, rather than our spiritual development – which is all we’ve ever needed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I just had one dream. In this dream. I’m a young woman, and I have a great uncle, or someone, who’s died that was close to my family, that was much older. And I know that there’s material or things that he left that nobody’s discovered yet. And I’m searching for it.

And, in order to prove this point to somebody, I go into a closet in my backroom where I live, and in the closet on the wall I have three like foot-square paintings hanging, that everybody assumes are copies or something, but they’re actually original paintings. They’re like paintings of faces, like a person, or more than one person. They’re very old, and they’re actually painted by some masters, almost like those old Flemish faces or something – very nice.

So I bring them out to show them to someone, to show that this is part of what the uncle left me, and that they’re real. They’re not copies. And that I know there’s more. And this seems to be a catalyst for me to go to the insurance agent’s office, because I feel like she’s been searching for whatever else he left, too, but she wants to hide it from me.

When I get there, she seems to want to put people through a contest in order for us to get the information we want. And there’s a young woman with me, that I didn’t seem to know, but she has to be part of the contest, and some other young person. So she has the three of us go up and we’re having to answer quiz questions and things like that. I’m going along, but with a little bit of an attitude.

But then the young girl with me, she had like a partial plate on her front mouth, and she makes her take it out to answer questions and doesn’t seem to realize this is humiliating to the young girl. And that makes me so mad I stopped the whole game, because I don’t understand how she could do something that humiliates this young girl and not even be sensitive to it.

In my anger I seem to suddenly spot some closet, and shelf, and I’m pretty sure that’s where my uncle’s stuff is. And the insurance agent tries to race me for it, but I get there first and I pull down something like a duffel bag, or something that has things in it that he left. And even the insurance agent’s boss at this point comes in and makes her kind of step back because obviously this belonged to my family. That was part of what he left.

And I have a friend that seems to be close by that’s looking at it with me. And first I lift out two kind of thick books that are covered like with a white and gold leather cover. They’re even peeling back a little like they were real leather and they’re real old. And I open them up, and maybe they’re some kind of a classic book, but I know I’ll enjoy reading them because I remember that my uncle really did like to read books like that.

And then I find a packet with some photographs in it. And I can look at these photographs and see, there might be some of me in my childhood, but then there’s photographs of family going way back, that will tell a story. And I’m exploring that. And I feel like there’s even more now that I can discover that my uncle had left me. That’s the whole dream.

John: So, it’s said that the connection that a person has, I mean, this is just kind of a fact of life or something, saying that traits and qualities and characteristics follow bloodlines. And that if you were talking about this in terms of a journey of the soul, it’s like the soul will wait for the right conditions in which the circumstances are such to come through, in which the closeness, and the similitude in terms of things is such so that it can follow through and have a way, or a means, that’s there.

And, in the outer, this can appear, and comes across, as something that runs in the family like a bloodline. And then you can take that and say, using that as a motif that is recognized or accepted as something that has a pattern of unfoldment to it – of course a lot of other things come through families, in terms of all kinds of habits and traits and issues that are like a karma that particular families seem to incarnate or are born with. But that’s another story.

In this particular case, we’re talking about an awakening process, instead, that is a flashback that is based upon you, so to speak, awakening to something in which you have a connection that’s like a bloodline connection, that goes back. You’re using a bloodline kind of linkage because, in terms of describing it in a mundane after-the-fact sense, oftentimes it is done that way.

So it’s kind of an accepted kind of fact that there is something to that, well, you’re using this as an image to begin with, that you have this great uncle who has something there that you’re able to find, or are a meant to find, or is something that belongs to you, or is part of who you are. And the dilemma you have is, there is a certain degree of noticeability that exists in the outer, and so the collective outer, or the circumstances that you find yourself in, intercede then, get in the way.

You’re contending with something like that, energetically, in which whatever faint understanding there is, in terms of this quality, you have these interceding outer forces that are usurping the equation.

What’s interesting is what you do to break free in order to lay claim to that, as opposed to being pushed and shoveled off to one side. You react. You take a very strong, poignant side of yourself and you direct it in kind of an outrageous, adamant way. You aren’t to be denied.

Now what’s interesting is when you do that, or storm the gates, so to speak, in that fashion, not only do you find it, but you find a whole lot more than just that. You find connections that go way, way, way back. And not only do you learn about yourself at a point in time, in other words, there are pictures of you in there that you’d never seen, and weren’t aware of a kind of quality of energy that may have gotten lost, that is there when you were growing up or very young, and not attentive. Not only do you notice that, but that’s almost beside the point, because you now have a linkage to takes you way, way, way back.

And the significant thing, in terms of this dream, is that to accomplish this, you had to pull up the full force and fury of yourself, not just be pushed around and go along with the flow of things, because the flow of things kept you demeaned, and kept you from taking a strong enough adamant approach that would shake this inner into outer, or recognition of the inner, so that it could possibly be in an outer, as something livable.

What’s interesting is, in the dream, you came to the recognition of having to do something quite direct, forceful. In one way, maybe even considered against the easygoingness of human nature. You had to storm the gates, and essentially got mad. And that brought a clarity to the forefront in which to slice right through.

So that’s an interesting dream describing an aspect of a process, in which it’s laying out a recognition. And then, as well, a directness to that recognition that will lead to the opening up of, and access to, the way you’re meant to be, along with access to so much more of yourself, fairly straight away.

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Sun_insion)When we are in contact with the aura of another person, energies are exchanged. When we are within the radiation of a teacher, what is exchanged is the expertise of that teacher. Meaning we will understand things better, see things more clearly, and learn more quickly when we are in their energetic field. This is true of a real spiritual teacher, or anyone with expertise or facility in some area or another: a musician, an artist, a good mother, a good athlete, a good cook. The laws of energy are the same: the stronger radiation transfers to the weaker radiation, in the sense of teacher to student, and the student benefits from the transference. But, of course, the student must take up the practice of what is transferred, making it their own, otherwise, when the student is alone, the transference will eventually dissipate with little gained. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, because the atmosphere that I am accustomed to here is different, or has changed, in that apparently I must miss some level inside myself, that Dee brings to bear, that facilitates a connection that I’ve come to expect, and, I guess, perhaps even take for granted.

I’m noticing the difficulty, somehow. There was something imperatively important, or intertwined, in terms of that relationship. The way it’s seen in the dream is I’m traveling into an area in which I’m struggling to find the natural knowingness that corresponds with the inner guidepost. Usually, I don’t have to struggle. Usually, somehow or another, there is a natural grounded presence that makes this possible.

And this area I travel into is, when you kind of view it from within, from the level of the soul or something, because apparently this connection must be on a soul level that makes for a greater wholeness, I have an awareness that I have just naturally gotten accustomed and acclimated to expecting this being there, and treating it as part of my overall atmosphere. But this time is different.

So, of course, to make sure that I document this I made a note to what I call energetic self, that I believe, on a subtle level, this is an area that Dee has honed, and that I am able to benefit from a connection that is invisibly there as part of us. So I am having to access the depth, based upon what I am familiar with in terms of my soul nature from long ago. And this isn’t very balanced, or at least not as balanced, based upon how the dream portrays this.

So, in the meditation dream, I go away from the we’ll call it the Dee energy guide, which is not succinct like it usually is on the inner vibrational plane level. And so I go off on a side journey that’s in communion, or union, but not me. In continuing this, I see myself going into a place where I was stuck way out there vibrationally, trying to speak in an aloneness long ago, until after a very long time in this limbo I come to know that there was a subtle sensation missing. And, as a result, I find myself in this kind of Bardo area, in other words, not able to travel in the way that I’m accustomed to traveling, having made like a type of energetic detour and not knowing my north, south, east or west.

So I find myself back into a place where I had been ages and eons ago, long, long ago, in certain terms of some sort of energetic soul memory, which was a self-imposed kind of purgatory that lacks a lot of sensation that’s necessary – and so I’m really kind of compacted. At least I have a background. In other words, I’m trying to rationalize this because I’m familiar with this place that I fell back into without something that had bolstered me so that I no longer held out in that way.

So I’m trying to rationalize, and I’m saying, well, at least I have a background on this inner soul level from which to fall back upon to sort things out, because I’ve been to this place before. It was there for a long, long time, stuck there for a long time, figuring I have to do the best because without a presence on an inner soul stillness, that somehow or another is associated with Dee’s vibration, which is removed from the atmosphere, means that I have to tread through this Bardo area in terms of a soul clarity, break out of the sensation limitation, and aloneness, and do it on my own.

So I seem to have done that, because I seem to have spent enough time there to know the difference, in that I am able to come back to a point, as if I can follow that echo back to that point, and do so in spite of a kind of amnesia where I don’t know where to go from there. It’s like I miss an energetic bridge within, that’s a linkage I’m meant to have.

I could have gotten quite distraught, but of course on an inner level you don’t do that, you just sit in a confusion, because I noticed that I didn’t have the insight, an insight that I took to be a quality of a stillness. In other words, it keeps one from jumping around too energetically, or reacting in too great a way, this way or that way, which is what I seem to have when Dee’s inner soul presence is there.

So, enough of something is here, though, in terms of a growth process, from an innerness in which I seem to be situated without time, that I can kind of sort out, or describe, the distinction of what had been, and what now is, meaning that I don’t have the stillness as honed as it was before.

And I just have to notice that, on my own, it’s as if things are just going to be a little more vibrational, and vibrations lead to pain, or, therefore, a little more painful than usual, as the price for the break in the intertwined linkage of my inner beingness.

So, I guess I can conclude that I still need help, however, in that a natural, at peace, stillness in which an inner soul faith is always there for me, it’s not something that I have fully embodied yet on my own.

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