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Our brain is a great friend and companion on our journey through life, but it is not intuitive and all-seeing. We have higher senses, intuitions if you like, that work far faster than our brain, which can guide us through unknown terrain far better than the brain. When we listen to these intuitions, we are closer to the flow of life because they give us an up-to-the-minute reading of what is happening from a bird’s-eye perspective. And it may be more important than ever that we should put our focus to this aspect of our consciousness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream I’m taking this quality of where you visualize something as something that you catch up with, at a deeper depth inside of yourself, from a stillness point inside of yourself, because everything in the outer seems to be at odds, in that it’s reflective, as a bifurcation from the stillness. 

So what I am seeing is that we need to figure out how to cope when we are caught in an illusionary projective vibratoriness that is outside of the stillness. And so the current way that a person on the spiritual path connects with trying to understand how to be is that they come to recognize that everything that is happening in the present hints to something more – revelationally.

And that was kind of like the first part of your dream, that you had a sense of a revelational, in a little bit more than the revelational now, almost a pent up visualization inside of yourself, so that the outer pictures, the outer functionality, was no longer something you could buy into because you could tell that this other was quickened.

Well, as I see it, current conditions are such that we seem to dip in and out of a kind of revelational awareness of something more. Sometimes we can see it in little synchronicities in the outer and such, but by and large it’s not a fluid connection to the intertwined oneness. We just get maybe a little glimmers and senses of so much more, but, basically, we’re bifurcated from the intertwinement by some sort of choice, or mannerism, in our nature. 

And so a spiritual path, and the spiritual paths, that exist seem to be working upon recognizing a grace, and a forgiveness, and a letting go, and all of that that leads to a recognition of so much more, still more or less based upon the principle of revelation. And we tend to notice, correctively, when something isn’t appropriate or right, we tend to notice something in which there’s kind of an unconscious effect, or a response that kind of comes up out of the blue, that kind of causes one to react, or to shift a little bit. Not consciously, but kind of, I don’t know what the word is, it’s almost like just like the heart beats and you don’t think about it. Automatically, or whatever it is. 

And that sort of thing, when it comes up, also is pointing out that something isn’t right. It’s pointing out that you’re still too gapped out from what is real as an overall all-inclusiveness of your being, a oneness in the essence, intertwined essence. 

So you’re gapped out from that somehow or another. And so what happens is these surprises, and these surprises are generally not pleasant. They’re not pleasant because there is a subtle tension, a subtle imbalance, that causes this other sort of thing to flicker. 

So this is like an in-between condition – all of this beckoning to another shift in consciousness. And the shift in consciousness that it is beckoning towards is a shift in which, instead of taking and looking at things as they are unfolding, you already know what’s going to unfold. There is nothing to be figured out. There’s nothing to go through, you already know. It’s as if, maybe to put it into words, it’s as if you have caught up with the subtleness that comports with and is accepted by the collective consciousness, so that it can unfold in the outer and have a time aspect quality to it that is futuristic, which is visionary now. It’s as if it’s like that.

Or is it just the nature of the overall intertwined oneness and stillness, that when you listen to it, and catch up with it, and quit having these equivocations inside of yourself that this other is just readily apparent? That you can see where things are going. That you can tell how something is going to unfold. 

So this is kind of putting words to what it was that I’m sensing, and was experiencing inside. And I woke up trying to write it up as if it was dictated to me and I had to poke at it, because I was shown like a one, two, and three. And then the third is something that you know, pre the fact, as if one has to make a shift in consciousness so that you recognize this stuff without a time and space to have to noodle in it. And to have to play it out; that you already are on top of it, you already are there. 

Maybe this is the greater glorification of the essence of things, I don’t know. But that was like the sense that this had to be there. That this was a higher octave of revelation. That one had to shift it to where they had this cognition of a visualization. 

So it even had me thinking and looking at the higher octave of thought, that the higher octave of thought is a type of sight. And it’s a type of sight that permeates, that transcends, that isn’t caught in a time and space modality that has it all watered out, or bifurcated. There’s still an actionable in something like this; that was the other thing that I noticed, there is still an actionable quality to be able to note something in a visualized way. 

This is an aspect of beingness, however, that in order for it to exist you cannot be attempting to shift things, you can’t be attempting to do things, you can’t be attempting to make things different. You can’t have your ideas of what would make for a better modality in the outer, and you can’t be trying to gear this better modality in the outer because as long as you have that you have something in-between being able to visualize and just see how something is going to be.

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A process of purification can take us through many obstacles. In this dream, the dreamer must crawl on all fours to be baptized. In the process of letting go, each aspect we drop is a purifying process, making us cleaner, brighter, more natural, and more able to stand up straight and tall. In the dream, however, the dreamer finds herself still crawling back, so the process is not complete, there is more to be let go of, and there is still an inner resistance. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the next dream, you and I are in one building, which I think is with the religious group we’re affiliated with. I never really seen them clearly. But we’re next to a church, and, for some reason, there’s a point at which we want to go over to the church just to get baptized. 

So we go over first to the church to look in at the church, and the Minister, and the people that are there; check it out a bit. And then we go back to our own building and people. And then when it’s time to get baptized, it’s like I go over to get baptized, but I’m not sure quite what’s happened to you, we’ve gotten separated, or you’re coming later, I don’t know. So I’ve gone ahead.

And, when I get over there, first I observe that the way that the priest there baptizes people is he takes them from the church building across the street into another building. These are all wooden buildings. And when he goes into the other building, he goes past the public area, and then has them crawl on their hands and knees through this bathroom. And there’s a bath inside the bathroom somewhere, as is the water he uses to baptize them. 

So, since it’s my turn now, I’ve observed this once and then I’m going to get baptized. I crawl on my hands and knees, following him over these wooden floors and through this funky bathroom to this backroom. And then I see there’s a basin there that he’s taking water out of and he pours it over your head to baptize you. 

Well, when he pours the water over my head, suddenly, this ancillary building is filled with people, a whole group of people that are related in some way are suddenly there, whole families. The priest takes this as a sign that I’ve created this, or brought this, attracted all these people there. I think he’s being superstitious, but I don’t say anything.

Because I’ve been baptized, but I’m still like leaving the building, it’s like I’m still crawling on hands and knees. And when I want to leave the front of the building, what I realize is I have to go through these whole crowds of people that have suddenly shown up, including moving aside for a minute before I can get down a bank because a mother and her daughters, who are all celebrated and dressed up, are coming up the bank, and then I can get down. 

I still don’t know quite what’s happened to you, because I’ve gone on ahead in this instance, but I’m actually headed back to the building where we normally go.

John: It’s interesting that you would use the word baptized in the deepest meaning of it. In other words, the word baptized has a very, very, very, very deep meaning itself, in that, to be truly baptized you let go of all things. 

You started off with a buying and selling, and you’re going over to where you’re going to absolve yourself of everything. So you’re involved in something which is familiar to you, that is your way of trying to do something, and have come to the recognition and realization that you need to fully let go of everything. 

In order to be complete, in order to be whole, you have to let go of everything. And that’s what baptizing really is. Baptizing is something which is symbolic to the idea that you have truly transformed from holding on to some aspect that you’re carrying about your nature. 

Well, as circumstances would have it, that may be the deeper meaning of what baptize means, but you’re not able to do it in the fullness in which it is, where there is the emptiness, and the oneness, and the wholeness. And you still are harboring over the idea of where am I at? And also having to crawl or go through a whole process to, so to speak, get there. And because you are still trying to take all of that with you, this crawling or quality of whatever it is that you think you have to go through, you also, then, after being baptized, as if you’re able to come back into life or something, think that you have to go through this whole deal again, crawling and this, that, and the other back to contend with what is still harbored. 

So what you’re doing is you’re creating an interesting image in which you see yourself as not truly able to let go in the full sense of the word because you still have these aspected, bifurcated mannerisms, or qualities, or characteristics that are harbored in some fashion upon the breath that you are thinking that you can take with you. Because the true definition of a baptizing is to let go of all such vibrations, to let go of all past, to let go of all kinds of things that condition you to having to be in some bifurcated, energetic way, from the essence of a stillness and a wholeness. So it’s an interesting way of looking at it.

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The universe, and the planet, always cleans up after itself. Things may explode, but, in time, what has been becomes part of something new, by going through a black hole, or by being exposed to other inexorable laws and pressures that change its form. Our inner life is similar, in that we create inner explosions caused by our responses to experience. Eventually, we must refashion and reform these into our current self, with all the untidiness swept away. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the sleep dream that I had, that I can barely remember, it’ll become clear in the meditation dream what I’m talking about, but the sleep dream adds an interesting point in that there are things that we do in the outer, that if we take and let go of those properly, in other words, don’t hold on to some sort of reservation vibration, then we actually don’t have to repeat them. 

But if we hold out for some sort of reservation vibration that is pent up even deeper within, then we don’t obliterate that, that quality, that trait. And that mannerism that exists deeper inside of ourselves as kind of a precursor thought vibration will have to impel itself to come more into manifestation to be lived out. 

So it’s important to properly contend with things here, to properly deal with things here, or, otherwise, the pattern will have to repeat. Because the reason why something exists here, the reason why we go through something here, is because deep inside of ourselves this vibration that we’re contending with here, this projection we’re contending with here, comes from a latent pent-upism inside of ourselves that when we appear to deal with something in the outer and then notice that yet inside of ourselves at a deeper level. Because if we haven’t fully absolved the projection, then that will come back and haunt us in that it will still have a vibration there dormant from within that has come out of the stillness of that – that will then reignite as a projection into the outer in yet another way that will have to be lived out. 

So that’s very interesting. So it shows how my dream was a platform upon which my sleep dream points out how it is that patterns repeat and repeat and repeat. And that even though you may have something kind of ingrained in your nature, unconsciously ingrained in your nature, in terms of something that you haven’t yet addressed, but is deep, deep inside of yourself as kind of like a dharmic unfoldment part of yourself, that can become a projection, a need to have to live out, that if what currently leaks through and comes out is in the outer that causes us to experience issues with this on the breath. 

And that if we learn to let go of that, and step aside from that, because we trust in the importance and recognition of how the heart is as a proper mirror, then if you come to a first precursor thought that hasn’t yet hurt the heart because it is coming from a deeper, deeper in-depthness out of the stillness, and hasn’t yet gotten into manifestation to have to be lived out. If you haven’t properly absolved yourself from something in the outer, then, when you go back and you see the vestiges of this pent up vibration there it will have a certain kind of excitement to it in terms of how your attention tends to gravitate, then you will find yourself having to again get whiplashed by this as it feeds and comes through yet as another energetic thought vibration mixed with things in the collective, that then are bifurcated from the whole of one’s being and have to be lived out again through the whole mechanism of reconciling oneself back to the heart. 

So it’s interesting that my meditation dream actually showed the yo-yo effect of how things repeat and repeat and repeat. And it dealt with, the word that I use is, subrogation. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but you can have something built up inside of yourself that comes out, almost as if it’s caught in the synapses or molecular of your nature. However it’s there, it’s coming out of a stillness and then finds its means, so to speak, has its correspondence or something like that, in terms of trying to alter matter in the outer, and that then becomes the repetition of, and the acting out upon, a projective level that doesn’t ever go anywhere – because the heart, the whole time, always knows the true mirror of everything being in an all-encompassing essence. The heart always knows that. 

So any kind of acting out, or playing out, or doing always strikes the heart – that is attentive to the big picture, the intertwinement of everything – always strikes the heart in a way in which the heart is saying, no, that doesn’t cut it. And then that can lead you to dropping something. 

So that’s the cycle and the pattern: a projection comes out, we go through it, we relegate it back upon the heart, it either gets absorbed or taken completely back into the heart so that the heart let’s go and doesn’t have to suffer in terms of any grief, or impingement, or exhaustion, or anything like that because it can’t make something out of nothing. Because a projection is just a projection. And yet, the human being has, at a depth inside of themselves, something that goes all the way back then to seeing if there are some little tiny holdouts inside of yourself, where there is an initial thought or something, and the initial thought coming out of the essence has tremendous, tremendous energy behind it because it’s so close to the stillness that there is a certain excitement to wanting to somehow make something out of that. 

Because, deep down, you’re trying to make something out of the stillness. You get yourself a little lost in terms of that thought actually being a deviation. And you don’t note that yet because you haven’t yet used the heart as a mirror to point out that it’s just a bifurcation; it’s just subrogating the essence energy into something that is deviant. 

And if you haven’t really fully caught up with the ripples and eddies of the heart – that knows only one thing and that is the total stillness – if you haven’t caught up with it in that capacity, the total stillness, then the heart will always act as a mirror, pointing out the deviation, so that one can change, and grow, and come closer to the essence of oneness.

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