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We all know the story of the snake-oil salesman with the healing elixir, and every day we hear about some new item that will cure everything and change our life. But, in reality, there isn’t one thing. As humans, we are a multiplicity, and a balanced diet includes the right kind of energetic foods. Said another way, we don’t want to lock ourselves in to any pattern or limitation in our processes. If we do so consciously, we can assay the energies we are dealing with on the move, only then deciding to let them go or keep the connection. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my second dream, there’s a young man and a young woman. And they meet, almost like at something like a fair grounds, or at least a place where groups of people have come, because each of them, especially the woman, I think the woman is there with her family, she seems to be helping her family promote the selling of some product. And it’s a product that maybe has helped her become healthy after having been ill. 

And you have the sense that maybe the young man had done something similar. Well, they meet and they’re attracted. And he even does something to show her that he really likes her by bringing her something, I think it was either a rainbow trout, or a salmon, or some kind of food. But she’s really not able to receive it because her family immediately begins taking her away to go somewhere else, to, again, be promoting something that she’s selling that makes you healthier. 

And so then he begins observing this process and realizes that what had maybe begun as something that they were doing to become healthier, the families are now making their whole living off this. It’s like they even travel in a sleigh, and the kid is with them, and maybe he’s in a similar situation that mirrors it. And then they developed a food that they’re selling at these fairs and other places that supports the whole family now. 

But, because of this, they try to keep her and him separate because now the whole family’s making a living off of something that was initially supposed to get one person healthier. And they don’t want that person to form a relationship or do anything that would cause them to go off from this process. 

So he’s kind of trying to break that cycle now, to kind of make a connection with her because it feels like she and he don’t even particularly like the food anymore. And they’re realizing the families, this is like becoming a way of life, and they want to break away from it. But you don’t know whether they can, or not, because I wake up.

John: So you’re staying completely on theme to what the issue is, which has to do with things that wake up or open up, and that you’re using this in kind of a tale, a fairy tale, way in which you have qualities of perceptions of what is the energetic, or food of life, that one needs to partake of?

And that the whole thing kind of starts off with the fact that the influence of the environment, or in this case the family environment, is such that it is indicating what food is to be projected as meaningful. Thus, you can have these barriers or gaps in life in terms of the fact that things have been screened in a certain capacity so that you only experience a certain quality or sense of food, up to a certain particular degree, to which you don’t waver. 

But you’re realizing that instead of there being a demarcation line in life, in that regard, you’ve come to realize that there should be a fascination, instead – the flip side. In other words, in Sufism, for example, one of the practices is to take something that you really don’t like and learn to accept it or embrace it, and bring it close to yourself. Because if you take something that you don’t like and are unable to bring it close to yourself, then something gets lost. 

Or, in terms of like, for example, the practices that the Chistis were just going through, is that you deny yourself a certain thing, like a certain food, or certain habits that you’ve come to appreciate as being meaningful, that you use for yourself to, somehow or another, these patterns are something that you just find and see for yourself as important. You take a position in which you refrain from that, you deny that, you shut that down for a while and see how it is that you cope when you are not able to be like this. 

In other words, these are practices where you go out of your way to play with this. This is not what you’re doing, though, in the dream. Instead, what you’re noticing in the dream is that the deeper truth behind the idea, which is the concept of coming to love thy neighbor as thyself, that you come to recognize, and have developed a fascination, and a greater part of your beingness is able to come together. 

And then you use, for your image purposes, the quality of masculine and feminine when you can take two distinct types of societal development and bring them together. And you find out that when you bring that together, and then you incorporate the idea of rainbow trout, or wherever, rainbow being the colors of life, that the colors of life can open up when things are able to co-mingle and intertwine. 

It eventually came across didn’t it, in the end, where this actually bridged a barrier, you being the person who was bridging a barrier between the two sides that way? By breaking away from families you’re using the breaking away in a different octave, in which that which is one way, in a family mannerism, you are breaking that. You ultimately end up pulling a particular sight and awareness together.

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We don’t always realize how sensitive we are, or acknowledge how sensitive others are. And, on a development journey, we often become more sensitive. Yet if we look at the variety of organic life, we see that sensitivity in animals, and even plants, is used to understand the world they find themselves in, and to navigate the situation, and to adapt. Sensitivity is a way to interact with what is happening. Too often we use this highly-tuned system to examine how we are feeling, when we are meant to use it to understand the truth of the environment we are in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My sleep dream was recognizing, in other words, first I recognize that as you become more sensitive in life, something else is possible. Now usually a person, when they become more sensitive in life, develops impressions about what they should or shouldn’t do, for example, which means that one’s sensitivity can cause them to withdraw

And one’s sensitivity could cause them to have to sort out how it is that they are able to relate to others, in accordance with protecting that sensitivity, even. However, the courageous and brave person, and this is actually a shamanistic trait, is you take the sensitivity down into the denseness of things, and come to realize that you can go even more into the denseness of things, than otherwise possible, with the sensitivity. 

This may not be what other people do, this may be almost counterintuitive, most people become more sensitive, like, for example, you’re more sensitive in terms of what you can eat, and therefore you start eating and refining yourself more. And you start taking care of how that is that you are refined by being very, very much more careful. And you drop certain other kinds of foods that you’re accustomed to eating, for example, because your sensitivity requires you to be more attentive in that capacity. 

Okay, that’s an external way of seeing things in terms of how we are relating, in terms of our physicality within. Or, you could see that when it’s something about your nature that isn’t drawn to certain dense characteristics and qualities like it is because you become more sensitive, and so you find yourself avoiding getting into situations in which there are grosser activities going on because you have become more refined. This is the usual way. 

However, the warrior, the courageous one, doesn’t do that. They go into the dense activities and find a greater capacity. And that’s what the shaman does. And to be able to find a greater capacity, and to catch up an intertwinement that one doesn’t normally see as possible, you have to be able to have the bravado to do that. That’s why I find things like that almost interesting, when I notice others don’t dare to try to have anything to do with something like that because they’re not quite able to accommodate it. 

And it tends to work both ways. When something subtle rejects something that’s denser, something that’s denser then rejects that which is subtler, and you tend to create an arm’s length distance, or different levels. So it has to start somewhere, and where it has to start is that which is more subtle is able to come down into life.

In other words, this is the whole principle of continuing to come down, come down, come down, and come down. And, like we’ve talked, the thought energy, or vibratory energy, tends to come down but requires something in terms of an expansiveness to accommodate it coming down in that it seems to stop, say, three feet off the ground. And something in the accommodating of an expansiveness brings it through. 

Okay, that’s a nice way of saying it, but putting it into practice, it’s a shamanistic trait, which takes the sensitive awareness of things, or develops a sensitive awareness of things, can then take and go right into something that is normally considered forbidden, or dense, or too animalistic, and can have a greater awareness by the fact that it can take on that capacity. 

So who does that? Not very many people do that. So this sleep dream, like the way I’m finishing it, because I finished your dream because that’s how I dreamt it, is indicating that this can be done, not what we tend to do by predilection and, therefore, keep the veils alive.

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Humans create things that are a reflection of the universal. Our computers have protection software as a kind of immune system for what they will interact with. And we have our internal voice, which is always trying to steer us to the best possibility for us – from a universal view, not an ego view. In this dream, we can see that the ego view is like a malware trying to compromise the greater connected system. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: For the first time in ages, I had no meditation dream. And so I figured that everything was going to be a bust because things were so confused and so bewildered, and the lowest common denominators of things were so loud that I was beginning to think that it was creating a complete blur. 

But then when I came to bed, suddenly, convinced that I was going to spend all night not sleeping, too, suddenly I had this kind of image dream, basically, in which almost simultaneously two people have come up to me. 

And one is a person that I had been casually talking to that was off to one side, and this person has come back over to tell me something. And they’re trying to tell me something about themselves, as if I would be interested. And this person is standing. 

And then there’s this other person who has come and is sitting down, or something, because they are connected to a computer program, apparently, or some flow in life. And there is some sort of feature about it that causes something to pop up, and protect, or block. And, apparently, this person is saying to me: I can see why you have this. In other words, it jumped up as a protective feature or something. 

It’s almost as if this person was involved in whatever it was that had to do with this program, and maybe kind of remotely knew or something that maybe I had something there – but rebuked it, or paid it no heed. And suddenly whatever this was, it jumps up and protects the situation, that, had it not been there, something else would have happened. 

And so the person is now getting it, and saying, I can see why you have this. Well, I don’t know the details about whatever it is that I put on the computer or have that it’s there for protection purposes, to screen out issues, or an unfoldment, and so I’m interested in the details. 

But, simultaneously, this person telling me this is this other person standing there trying to say something to me that is important to them, that they think I need to hear. They think I need to hear it because it’s important to them. Ordinarily, I would probably pay attention, even though it doesn’t connect directly with me, it’s them, but ordinarily I’d pay attention to it because one’s always intertwined with everything on some level. But at this particular moment, I can’t do both. It’s like two different energies. 

So I say to the person standing, wait a minute, I have to hear what this other person is saying with regard to: I know hear why you have this, whatever it is, kind of firewall or something, protection screen, on your system, which is a mechanism that protects me in terms of my systemic functionality. The other person, talking to me about something else, has a need to be personally heard.

So what is going on? In this dream, there is an innerness in place, and then there is an outer voice. There’s an innerness in place that’s meant to be there for a sort of fall back, protective purpose. And then there’s an outer voice seeking to project its perspective. 

This innerness has to do with what I supposedly already am concerned about. And it’s as if this innerness, because I don’t quite know, I want to hear more about whatever it is that I placed there, which I kind of knew that I had to have done because I had good sensibilities at some point in time, but it’s gotten a bit foggy in terms of its apparent obviousness. 

So, what is going on is, in this dream, an embedded innerness has been activated for protection and safeguarding purposes. This screening mechanism was put on my system to keep me from being taken advantage of. 

Meaning: my system is not able to handle a projection voice that interferes with systemic screening protocols. The projection voice is of a self-interest nature and is projecting itself upon me. If I listen to this, how is it that I am going to have time for the flow that I need to catch up with?

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