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If we enter a new environment we may get an instant read of the “vibes” of the space. But people are environments, too, and when we are around a person who has a different vibration than we do, we will either rebalance them toward our frequency, or they can shift us toward their frequency. Sometimes that’s fine, and sometimes it’s not. A nervous person can make us feel nervous, an unhappy person can make us feel unhappy. On the other hand, a grounded and calm person can settle us when we are out of balance. The point is to understand the difference between what is us – created and generated by us, energetically – and what is affecting us from our environment. This awareness helps us to better process the energies, either way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now I would have thought after a meditation dream I’d be done with this, but, no, the sleep dream is very, very similar to the dream you slept except I do it in the opposite, instead of you doing it as a spaciality, I have my timing – about as haywire as haywire can get.

I dream that I am not being taken to the airport until 15 minutes before the flight leaves. The environment I’m in is all speeded up or askew. In other words, timing is haywire, and I’m unable to get it to come out of this. I haven’t even packed yet. 

I plan on just throwing things in my bag, unfolded and all, which will take me maybe five minutes or something. And I try to tell someone who realizes this whole thing looks haywire that it’ll have to sort itself out. And Rav is there, too, watching me carry on like this. 

And you, I can’t get your attention. And you act like, oh, you don’t have to get there… 15 minutes is plenty of time. And I’ve never heard you act like this before. You know, usually you have to be there for two hours, and now, all of a sudden, 15 minutes is plenty of time. And you just walk away and go upstairs, in this house, ignoring my concern. 

So I say, when I used to do this professionally, which means I used to always catch planes right in the last 30 seconds, and sometimes they’d even open the door again for me – I had it down to such a timing – and I just imposed this over and over again. It’s amazing how I never goofed up, I always was able to get this to work, which meant 15 minutes would have been enough time, because, if necessary, if I miscalculated, I could always run. 

So I comment about when I used to do this professionally it could work like this, but the game has changed. They shut everything off 30 minutes before the plane leaves, so if you’re not there  30 minutes before the plane leaves, you’re already whipped. And so I can’t get anybody’s attention. I can’t get your attention. Like I say you’ve walked upstairs and so I start screaming about how you want me to miss the flight. 

And so the scenario is, I am still in a delirious state caused by Rav’s behavior that I absorbed – his vibe is still affecting me. So what is going on? The demeanor I am experiencing has triggered a dream in which I am torturing and plaguing myself because I am warped out of my sense of overall balance, balance in a timing way, and infected by projections that aren’t who I am meant to be, ordinarily.

Meaning: this dream takes a lack of stillness of self, on an inner level, to an extreme in the opposite direction in relationship to how outer projections have hit me, and I’ve gone into them. To demonstrate the degree I plagued myself with such anxieties and mannerisms that are outside of the holding onto the maintaining of a witnessing and an auric place in the greater overall wholeness. 

To go off like this destroys my spatial senses, but, in this case, more than anything else what was really off was my timing. Of course, if timing goes off, spatial goes off as well, shuts off a light in my being, shatters my auric presence, and affects the surrounding environment with my confusion. Bottom line, there is no letting go or mirroring to a greater inner overall beingness when I am like this.

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We don’t always realize how small changes play out in our lives. For instance, one day we added a second spoon of sugar to our coffee, and then we did that every day for decades. Or we started a new social media account, and suddenly we were spending 15 hours a week for years on it. So, we make a choice, and whatever that choice is has an energy to it – an energy that must be, and will be, played out, or played through us. And that energetic frequency will continue to play out through us as long as we continue to feed it, by loving that extra sugar, or by putting our constant attention on our media account. Sometimes it’s worth understanding the ramifications of our choices before we begin. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I took what took place into an interesting meditation dream. And then I thought that I had resolved everything in the meditation dream and then I came and I had a dream that wasn’t all that dissimilar from your dream, with the difference being that it had a whole timing issue haywireness. 

My timing was scattered, so that I was fractured, and frittered, in terms of being able to have a sense of well being. But my meditation dream was there to show me something, to teach me something, in terms of how to be careful in a particular way because of the way the consequences and unfoldments of incarnate energy of what you have to look at and contend with. 

Because, when you take on a particular kind of nuance, or modality, you don’t play around like that, as if you can play act in that, because even when you see others that are like that you’ve got to be very careful. Because if you go acting like you can empathically inflect like that, you get consumed by that, you take it in – and then good luck trying to shake it. And it actually changes the way the world around you is able to relate to you. 

In other words, we have no idea the degree to which, when we take on a particular mannerism, the degree to which it changes the options for ourselves in terms of the feed loop, incarnated vibrational feed loop that we have access to, in terms of our unfolding process. 

So my meditation dream was very inflective to how one alters, or changes, and writes their world, based upon how it is that they carry themselves, or experience themselves, in some sort of in-vibed way. 

So it’s like I’m functioning with flashcards, in which on a flashcard, like in the dream, there are three choices. And I can take any of those three choices on the flashcard, each choice being a number that is assigned in terms of how it vibrates; it has a number that’s assigned.

So, for example, I’m looking at a flashcard on which the choices are like 3, 7, and 11. And if I take, say, 3, then this means that the next flashcard of choices will be 8, 14, or 20. It’s going to increase, or multiply. 

But what if I, instead of taking 3, I took 7? Well, in that case, the choices are going to be multiplied even more: 12, 17, and 24. What I’m saying is the choices that you make determine the path that can unfold in terms of your environment around you. Choices that you select, or take in, set off the unfoldment, or the karma, that just has a life of its own. 

Or, as you can see from the example, if I select the lesser of the three numbers, in the next scenario I will have more choices than before, but not as bad if I would have selected a higher option initially. In other words, more flip-flopping.

The hint being it is better to, 1, to not get on the cycle wheel, because, in doing so, things become defined, or set in motion, which makes it then hard to cut off. Of course it can be a question of degrees. 

So, what this also implies is, 2, every choice shapes the solution, or direction, or directive unfoldment that we have to contend with, or go through in life, that I have to live based upon having incarnated a demeanor that disturbs the moment in time. 

And 3, if I define myself based on the way the world opens for me, I am taking on these particular vibrations, which means they come to own me, in some sense, I don’t shake them. I then function through that. 

So what’s the object lesson to be learned from this? Be careful what you wish for, for one thing, or in-vibe, or take as a choice of demeanor, thinking that you can do this or act it out harmlessly, because sometimes it, more than likely to some degree, it gets under the skin – or has consequences. 

So the most interesting thing about this is choices result in demeanors, and a demeanor invokes vibrations to incarnate that reflect more of a given demeanor, which means a person veils themselves from a stillness and witnessing when they stir the juices of life in the outer in any given way. What this means is a person who witnesses their heart, and notices afflictive options, doesn’t take afflictiveness on, and is thus able to let go to the greater whole, which is a quieter beingness.

A person who carries stillness as a lightbody beingness doesn’t go off in this way, or that way, of being, thereby they are not only are healing themselves, but this mirrors the healing into life, changing not only the shape of things to come about that are unfolding, but also enables the witnessing to spread.

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We’ve all heard about houses having panic rooms, or of people running to the basement during a tornado, but we are mobile creatures and what befalls us doesn’t always happen in our homes. So, where is our safe space then? The only possible answer is inside. And what makes that space safe? We make our inner space safe by determining, consciously, who we are, by choosing the fundamental principles that we will uphold in the face of any challenge, by knowing what is truly important to us. We may be born with these inklings, we may be taught some of them, but until we, ourselves, consciously choose them, we will not even be safe to ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Last night dreaming and meditating was all about a connection, like a stillness connection, that was reaching for my attention. In other words, instead of me going into a stillness, the stillness was coming out.

If what is going on in the outer doesn’t have any way of feeding something, or being in a particular way that is meaningful, I can easily drift to this stillness space. In other words, because the stillness has come out, I can easily to go back to it. 

Apparently, I have established a recognition to this part of myself that is not as apparent. It’s not as affected. It’s not as affected in terms of what is going on in the outer. It’s not able to touch me like it normally does because this stillness is able to engulf the outer whims of things. 

Consequently, I have developed a proclivity to drown projected images that waft in between the all-engulfing stillness and the outer magnetism. I can drown them back and forth. I can go back and forth, I can drown them now. Which means I just kind of slip into a deeper stillness, or a letting-go into this state has become more natural for me than it is for the average person who is affected and haunted by outer projections that terrorize an inner aloneness that extends from an all-pervasive wholeness. 

So, in other words, it’s like what flickers, the Bardo stuff that flickers, it’s not like that flickering world is where one sits then and tries to look at that, and tries to go back through that, and finds the stillness behind it. It’s not like that’s in-between anymore. It’s like coming out of the stillness, going into that, and then from that into the waking world, now.

In other words, the process has become reversed. It’s not finding a remembrance, it’s coming from a remembrance into the flickering of things. The whole process is getting reversed, it’s like it’s tipped. It’s gone over the threshold, or something. 

And so, as a consequence, I can actually say things about things. But nobody really understands it because, when I say things about things – I can see this happening now – I can say things about things, but when I say things about things, deep down, where I’m at, has a slant to the other side. As opposed to saying things now that has a slant towards that side. Now it’s from the other side. That’s different.

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