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In thinking about the chemistry of things, we might see that everything interacts, and, when they do, new and different states are created, or attained. And when the balance of ingredients changes, the character and nature of what has been created can also change. For us, when we are too self-involved in outer events, we have changed the chemistry of our flow in life and limited its possibilities. Likewise, when we surrender to the flow, it can change our state for the better. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I probably described how it works, in terms of how you feel it. As a process I would describe it in terms of why I’m describing it like this, and why am I seeing this, is I’m making note of this energetic as something meant to be when the chemistry of consciousness is able to get out of its self-limiting way. I’m seeing this as a reflective action in the outer. 

So what is really going on is, when I go to the heart of it all, this is not about an outer event. Sure, it can be like that, because the inner and outer, the inner touches in the outer, but what is going on has, at its roots, an inner quickening. This is such a quickening that manifestation, in terms of time and space, can come into alignment to a flow that is meant to be in an intertwined way. 

And, of course, I’ve described how you do that, in terms of absorbing something, so that they see something, so that they take it to heart. If they don’t take it to heart, then they just go back into the usual minutiae. And sometimes people go backwards because it can have a collateral damage effect of being something too much. 

So for this to occur upon an outer level, the inner has to be heartfully and graciously accommodated. In other words, you don’t just pick up your paranoia. When that is so, magic happens. When not, then what goes wrong is the result of an energetic that isn’t able to take a step because it is not in the right state of being. The right state of being requires a realness from within that goes into matter. 

Where does one generally see this in life? In a teacher/student relationship where the student catches a hint, or speeds up, and there is a feedback, collectively, or consciously, in terms of the outer reflective that is testing. The way this works is, and it works like this in the dream world as well, but it’s all an invoking process, is that if something happens in the outer that needs to be drilled down on because it’s a peculiar mannerism, then you can drill down on it on the dream level. And you drill down on it on a dream level more intensely, in order to absolve the quality or the characteristic. 

Because you’ve delved into it and drilled down on it on a dream level, you now then have a knowingness that can take and observe this particular quality inside yourself. It doesn’t mean that it went away just because you dreamt down on it. As a matter of fact, it probably got worse because it was pulled out to a key. But, at the same time that it was pulled out like that, you also now have the capacity to see it more clearly; before it might have been just a blur way of you being such and so and not thinking anything more about it. And not realizing that underneath all of that was this other percolating. 

And then if you dealt with this other percolating, you actually dealt with a certain way, a way of feeling yourself, that is imbalanced. But by not dealing with this quality, you continue to stay in this kind of defined imbalance. And it’s hard to take and address something like this because you don’t like to see yourself like that, you don’t like to be like that. 

And so dreams to a large degree cause some of this stuff to get a little bit on edge and a little bit chaotic in your environment around you because you made it louder inside of yourself so that in the outer it triculates, too.

This is all kind of an interesting process in waking up. And the way you would say that is it’s like when you have speeded up, or woken up, in this capacity inside of yourself, it’s like you have taken in something more loudly that you’re meant to be able to absorb. And to the degree to which you don’t, in the outer it comes back at you. The dream process causes this to happen. It’s very interesting. It’s why you can go along and you can talk to people about very insightful things, and you could sit there and you can see that the reason why they don’t understand the very insightful things is because they keep this part of themselves in check; they haven’t faced that yet.

And for you, it’s kind of on a razor’s edge and you’re still trying to sort it out. And for them, it’s dormant. And so there’s an interesting dilemma in that, to what degree do you create a collateral damage or effect when you wipe something out, so to speak, too quickly, or bring it to a state of attention too abruptly in terms of how it is that they’re able to facilitate a relationship with themselves that is more real? 

That’s why, in terms of describing it, you generally see this in the teacher/student relationship, in which the teacher absorbs something so that a transmission takes place, which is normally blocked out by the student. And such a subtle transmission takes on the karma of the student, or helps the student go beyond his own karma. It’s almost kind of like a subtle shift. And it enables them to see maybe who they are more closely, and yet the student must be able to survive the naff collateral damage when it flashes back – in order for a transformation to sustain itself.

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In this third dream of a single night, we have reached the point of the internal review where the dreamer is speaking to himself. We are all the characters in our dreams, and here we see a message being sent to the “one in charge” that things cannot continue in this direction. Sensible decisions need to be made, and corrective actions need to be taken. These are the inner conversations we have that help us evolve and refine as we go – and shows us how our dreams are always trying to help. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then, I had one last dream, we already did this one. So, in the very last dream, a person is proposing a program that benefits the education system at a high school. And, of course, they’re standing there, and they’re proposing it, and I’m standing on one side. 

And then there’s the principal. The principal’s kind of a dark-looking guy, meaning he has a dark energy, he’s taking everything with a grain of salt. And he speaks out and he says he doesn’t agree with these proposed changes. In other words, where’s the money going to come from and everything else? 

And so, without hesitation, I butt into the conversation that I overhear and I say – otherwise it’s in a stalemate – and I say that this is important or the school program will go really backwards. This is needed to maintain what this high school is all about. You have to do it. And just know that you’re going to get the respect that you need from the public to make sure that it’s properly funded, or whatever has to happen. To not do so is to go backwards and have a failed system. 

There is the outer, and then there is the heart. It is easy to see when the head (outer) dictates and not the heart as there is a darkness. The high school principal caught up in the minutiae of things had a dark demeanor, and to change that is why I interceded.

I was appalled. Not that my approach is the way to do it, but the dark demeanor couldn’t continue as a position because that would create more and more outer reflective in this very same way. It would destroy the high school; he’s in charge of this. It would contribute to the trend of tearing it down.

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Our dreams do not judge us, but they do show us a mirror reflection of our nature, often taken to an extreme so that we can learn from it, and then we can take a position in ourselves about it. We all know the feeling of anger at an injustice, but to over react is a loss of control – a loss of consciousness, we could say. And on our journey we always seek to become more conscious. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my dream, it’s like a story. I stayed at a place, I spent the night in other words, this is like a motel or something, in which the atmosphere is unbalanced. It’s kind of a shaky place. 

I came here as part of an event in town that has ended. So it is now time for me to leave. Apparently, it was a one day event and then I have to go somewhere else the next night, or the next night, or whatever. 

So I’m down there at the front desk to pay the bill. It’s a very cheap place. You know, the bill is less than $20. It’s a dive is what it really was. And therefore it has a vibrational imbalance right from the get go because it has this heavy atmosphere. So to pay the bill I give the gal at the checkout counter $50. And she hands me back a pile of change. 

And I say, I gave you $50. She refuses to acknowledge that. I drag her from behind the counter and proceed to torture and torment her to come clean. I haul her off into another part of the room, even. I break her arm and still she acts as if it’s not so. 

And then there’s a commotion over by the front desk, which is on the other side of the room again, and, as I turn my attention a little bit to it, or drift to it, she ducks out a side door to get away. But she leaves her purse behind. It’s kind of like a handbag type purse. 

And that’s when I recall, or flash, that I saw her make a motion towards her handbag purse. And it occurred around the time I gave her the $50. And I remember where she did that. So I go over to that area immediately, or stick my hand in that area, and there’s the $50. It’s all folded up. I take it out and put it in my pocket. 

Meanwhile, I hear a discussion, which is what had distracted me enough for her to slip out but she couldn’t take her handbag with her. My attention is drawn back to the discussion that’s taking place over by the check-in and checkout counter. And management in this discussion is siding with me about what took place. In other words, customer’s always right, something like that. 

And another patron is saying, hold on, what she did could have turned into $200,000. In other words, maybe she could hold it against me, or false arrest, or whatever could have happened there. In other words, you have to settle back and see what’s really going on there, maybe there was something more there. It could have worked out for her, or something. 

And I’m sitting there thinking to myself, I don’t know how that could possibly be unless she sued me for pain and suffering or something. And, of course, now I have the evidence in terms of what was done, so I do not see how that could possibly go anywhere. So that’s a very strange hypothetical. 

The meaning of the dream is, this dream accentuates a reactionary-ness I carry to a parallel extreme that is further lived out within. In other words, from the outer I was like this and now I recreated this dream to go through this vibration. 

So the hope for me is for this to take me into this energetic vibration again so I can see it is a waywardness with consequences that I need to drop. In other words, I manufactured this whole dream to repeat the pattern, but I did it in another world. I created another world. I created a dream that repeated the pattern. And there’s still more about this pattern that I have, that I need to know – and that’s the next dream.

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