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555gesIt might be safe to say that we rarely, if ever, understand what is going on. And that is because our perspective is usually personal, so everything is filtered through that lens. Yet what is happening in the universe, and here on Earth, is a part of a much bigger outplay whose purposes are mostly unknown to us. That’s why it is a matter of common sense to align ourselves with the greater unfoldment, rather than the local (personal) unfoldment, because those are the processes that are governed by the laws of life, and we are meant to thrive within the connection of that.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And, in the next dream, I help myself to something in a jar and, when it comes to putting the cap back on, the various jar caps that are available to me, and there’s like four or five, I just keep seeing different ones, they all look the same but they don’t fit.

It gets embarrassing that it takes so long to get it right, like some of them have threads on them. They all look the same, yet something just is… this is another image in which, like this, I am not on the right track or able to make things fit. There’s something amiss, in terms of a focus and attention, in terms of making things fit.

As a meaning, the inner into outer process is a matter of alignment. First there is an awakening of an inner unfolding process that is designed – and designed for me. I do not realize this because the process has to be impersonal, i.e., for the benefit of the whole, or it won’t flow. And even when it does flow it still needs to be seen and heard properly. In other words, when at the end result you don’t go back and take credit or something. And so when an unfoldment is seen and heard, properly, the grounded earthy focus is ready to flow.

And so, in the very last dream, I’m at a football game. I’m sitting up in the stands, and on the very last play of the game the opposing team, which is behind 14 to 7, throws a Hail-Mary pass that goes almost the length of the field, gets intercepted in the back of the end zone by the opposing team – and here I am in the stands watching this happen. I’m kind of a neutral party.

The player who intercepts the pass comes from the back of the end zone, runs along the back of it, runs up along the sidelines, and takes the thing back for a touchdown, for what would be then a final score of 21 to 7, instead of the team winning 14 to 7.

The game is played in the winning team’s stadium. I yell out from the stands that the runner stepped out three times in running the ball back. I mean he just sashayed around in such a way. It didn’t matter whether he stepped out or not, and the final score of 21 to 7 versus 14 to 7 didn’t matter because the game was basically already won. And the local official, which is the official in the home team’s stadium, called it a touchdown.

And so as a matter of fairness I point out, yell out, that he stepped out three times. And the official doesn’t, of course, reverse the call. I’m not an official. Who am I? I indicate that for him to be that way, when he knows better, makes him a chump.

The next thing I know is a big guy is summoned by the official, who is insulted, to beat me up. No one comes to my defense or objects, although everyone in the stadium knows what is going on.

Meaning: In the meditation dream there is a result that occurs in which, in the journey, there was a lot of lucky breaks. In other words, I let go in the middle phase. And so then it kind of can cause a result to happen.

That’s why I’ve mentioned if you have the right attitude, and the right focus, you can do things that they’re not creating resistances because, in the focus and attention, you let go of things that undermine. A really proper focus and attention doesn’t necessarily invoke the personal, as much as when one is constantly struggling. And so a person who has a mood, and the wrong attitude, or whatnot, even if they had the right attention is not going to have things work out because they don’t finesse the ethers with the proper letting go, or a proper freedom.

So as a result, in the middle process, you generally don’t have the means to go very far because there’s generally plenty of opportunity to waver – where you stop and take notice of what takes place in the middle, or your focus and attention takes on a bit of personal, or whatever.

But in this dream, one has taken and gone from a beginning to an end, but it’s a tenuous end. First of all, it’s rare to go from beginning to an end because the personal level is likely to make itself felt somewhere along the way, or get in the path, and thus a karmic effect will prevail. But in the event you’re able to set it aside, and yet you do so maybe whereby you have a letting go during the middle phase, but like the end result you take notice when it happens that way, it is tenuous because the consciousness does not support the effect on a personal level.

In other words, you have to almost throw everything that unfolds behind yourself or otherwise you get caught even in the beginning and end. However, when the personal is taken out, and a true letting go occurs, this kind of freedom is allowed, it’s supported, as a process that is like magic because the ego isn’t sucked up at the last moment, the whole thing made vain again, and thus easily disposed of.

And then in a middle dream what is done does not come together with balance because the correlation between inner and outer has gotten lost. In other words, you might have the right focus and attention but got lost in what you were trying to do. This is when it is not possible to match proper lid to jar, in which something was taken out without holding the overallness properly.

And, in this dream, what unfolds in the outer, in other words in this dream I just recounted. In this dream what unfolds in the outer does so for a reason, to pooh-pooh that result, even if right, does not resolve anything. To be a spoil sport is inviting trouble.

Significance: The process of letting go to an inner design flow requires a human being who is a party to the effect to totally let go, not second guess the result, in order to uphold through them the divine unfoldment. It is best to do so in a quiet way, applied discreetly, as to be meaningful in a way that draws no attention. Otherwise, you know, people question or challenge you. It’s just human nature to not get it, and so that’s why things happen better when they happen more invisibly so that no stigma can slip in.

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DapyTEdWkAAtYGWWe may have noticed that there is a timing to everything. Sometimes a chance meeting, or a casual comment, is exactly what we need at the time to trigger the next thing that needs to happen. Other times we want something now, but, in some mysterious way, we aren’t yet ready for it. And then when it eventually happens we can see why it took so long. This is all part of being in, and allowing for, the flow of life. When we force or fight it is when we set in motion things that may take us away from our original intention. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: All I really remember of the dreaming is that I was working on getting the sequencing right. In other words, I was trying to fix one thing that had three parts to it, and then fix the second thing. But I keep having to take a step back and redo it, because I would tend to get the order in which I had to heal things, or fix them, backwards a bit when you had to heal the thing with three components before you healed the next thing. And I would have it backwards, so I would keep going back and redoing it.

John: Well, that was actually an aspect of the theme of the dreaming and, for some reason, we had to go through and experience the vibration of what it’s like to be out of twang in some fashion. And, being out of twang in some fashion, this causes a result that doesn’t align what is necessary, or needs to align, in terms of an unfoldment of inner and outer.

Because in the dream it seemed like what was askew was a sense of timing, and timing is an aspect of masculine, kind of a masculine side of the consciousness. The feminine side is they know how to take and unfold something into life, but the timing has to be right.

So we dreamt this in what appears to be an interesting theme, in which introducing inner into outer is the subject matter, bringing something through, but the limitations of the feminine is portrayed in terms of the aspect of timing in which there’s something in which one is struggling to make up, or compensate for, because it’s off.

And in the masculine it’s an issue of bringing something through in an overall way, in a complete and overall way, which is a matter of grounding, which is a matter of hearing it correctly in a earthy way, that being the hearing of it correctly, being kind of a condition, a watery condition.

The loudness of something, in terms of when it’s loudly heard, needs to be sure that the timing is correct. The hearing of something needs to make sure that it coincides with the earthy in a way that flows, which is a watery effect.

So I’m finding myself pondering this because when I’m looking at trying to put this together in terms of the fact that you did something with the limitation of the feminine requiring a timing, you being in the physical, and the timing being something in the masculine. And I did something as a hearing, which is a quality of flow, which is more in an area of the feminine, which is more watery of a quality in nature. Interesting.

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Distractions-1We are always battling outside forces. Energetically we are bombarded by what lives in the environment we occupy, from cell phone signals, to the road rage of a stranger, to the hidden stresses within us. They are all competing to gain our attention and to drain our energy. That is why a journey is a development: over time we narrow our focus from 1000 importances to a very few (like human purpose). In this process we put much more of our energy into these few things, which makes them stronger in us. And what is strong in us is much less likely to be swayed by the common events we encounter all the time. Ultimately, our strength resides in what we put our energy toward, and that is something we choose every day, consciously or unconsciously. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my meditation dream, I see myself as high up on an embankment. It’s kind of like where you can have a drop-off that goes way, way, way down below, to who knows how far it can go down below, and that one is sitting kind of up on an upper ledge, or an upper space up there, not necessarily on the edge, but in this upper area. And in this upper area there’s a little bit of a ravine and then things just drop away; and you don’t really notice that they drop away.

What I notice is that there are other forces, or three others, or something. It’s more of an energetic that is kind of conspiring against me. And it’s as if now is the time they choose to dream, in other words these other factors, as if now is the time that they choose to dream, or try to affect the situation.

And I am a person that’s situated off to one side, not noticing the embankment but closer to it, and they are kind of a force that’s coming into the scene towards where I’m at near the embankment. And I am deemed to be compromised in that I am off to one side, in an area susceptible to being affected by what is happening around me.

Well, I seem to have a sixth sense in terms that something is afoot, or changing, and different than before – where I might have been diverted by it, and just having to go through it.

I seem to be able to take an action this time, and what I do is I take a water hose and I douse down the area to destabilize these forces, almost as if watering down this area is part of adding something that is needed, and then carrying it to a degree even farther than that where I actually create a flood of water, a flow that’s able to sweep them up almost in like an avalanche of water – and it washes them right off the edge of the embankment.

And so, in other words, they don’t quite get to me. Now I’m able to do this so swiftly that they are unable to grab any branches from a tree that is tipped over the side. In other words, trees, mountains, all that stuff can represent obstacles, in a way, or a tree in a sense is a trying to hold onto an aliveness in an obstacle zone.

And so the tree has tipped and is pointing straight down the embankment, still maybe held by the roots at the top or something – but not for long. It’ll eventually give way and have to fall. And so they go over in the direction where this tree is at and the water flow is such that it just sweeps them right over the edge in such a flow that they can’t grab any branches from the tree to try to hang onto.

Now had these forces caught up with me I would’ve been able to grab the branches, but would  that save me, other than temporarily, is a whole other thing. The plunge to the bottom will take these forces out of my life forever. As they go over the edge I even notice that I’m wishing them well in their new adventure and new setting.

So the meaning is, I have been under a steady pressure, the sense being from the perspective of the powers that be that have betrayed me in some capacity, or have done something so that in the air or atmosphere around me there is a doomed fact, or quality. But appearances like this are deceiving.

What these side forces do not take into account is I have access to a flow that is able to redirect. At first it seems this flow is too much for me. In other words, the newfound flow could invoke, from deeper within, latent forces that in the unconscious could rise up and consume me.

In other words, first I watered it down, and then enough water was created as a flow to cause these forces to just get swept up in that flow, and swept over the edge. But to begin with when you start watering it down, and you’re in an area which is extremely dry, the moisture falling upon the dryness creates a smell, or like an odor, it starts to freshen or awaken something a bit, and that can attract a deeper unconsciousness that could rise up from within.

This points that there’s something still latent inside as an unfolding deeper within. In other words, I dealt with the immediate, but there’s still a subtler level that could get me then. And so all I can say about it is I was fortunate that this scenario, or possibility, didn’t occur and overwhelm me. It remains, however, an issue for the future.

The obstacles I placed directly before me I’m able to sweep over the edge, and doing that enables you to maintain or feel a kind of quality of wholeness. It creates a reprieve. It creates a kind of letting go, a calm before the storm, perhaps a calm before the fact that something else was invoked or invited in when I watered the thing down and created a flow. Maybe that can come. Who knows? The dream doesn’t cover that though.

It just means that I’m able to sweep the outside forces over the edge to a depth below where they would never directly or indirectly affect me again for a long, long time. And I’m able to do this so swiftly that these forces aren’t able to utilize the benefit of the branches of the tipped over tree to salvage themselves. In this way I am able to rectify myself from the dire scenario.

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