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human.consciousnessWhen we reach a goal, the next question is always: what’s next? Where do we take our achievement? On a spiritual path it’s different. We may reach higher and higher levels, or connections, enabling us to see and experience the world differently, but we absolutely don’t want to reach the end. In fact, it is our development and connection to the purpose of life that allows us to continue. We don’t want the real journey that is possible for us to end until the universe has reached its goals. That gives us a long time to experience and process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then, in my sleep dream, I go back into the meditation, to go to another end with it, the actual meditation dream itself sat with something in suspense opening it, coming into fruition, a process, a flow, awakening, an aliveness, quickening.

In my sleep dream I go back into the meditation and dream and, in doing so, I walk up a number of floors by climbing steps until I reach the top of a building. I need to go back because what I had accessed there I felt was important for others. What I was able to show people is a source where the water rises up from the depths, comes up on the roof like this, and is there for use by those who seek it.

I don’t seek it. In other words, I can show them this, but for some reason I realize that I don’t actually seek it. I only thought I did. But I know how to get here, and the properties that exist in this quality of water, this flow, that rises up, if you wanted to call it a flow that percolates up, I point out to those I bring here that the water has a heavy mineralization. In other words, they may not have anticipated that. In other words, that it’s high in silica, and that this is a source where there’s both water and salt combined. Then I wake up.

I pondered what there was that could be done with this water. In the dream I remember telling others that this isn’t water you drink. It is too salty. In waking up, I found myself thinking that the salt extractible from the source is important to the process in an unsuspected way. The effect of salt is it usable in minute quantities by the body. Every body has to have salt. It is also a product that can be used for medicinal purposes to cauterize and heal a wound, or to sterilize an area when there is a need to neutralize.

The dream was preceded by a dream in which I was pressured to bring others to a place where I knew water was at. In other words, something pressed me inside to do that. And, in doing this in this dream, the water that I find this time percolates up from the ground, and this time it’s like this huge expansive area, and those who seek this place think it will quench their thirst.

When I look at this area with all of them, or these other parts of myself, what I see in this dream is this huge expanse in which the water has come up slowly from the ground, and it’s only like an inch or two if that, and it is not benefitting the area as I would have been inclined to think, you know something that’s moist and wet, but here it’s got little standing water. It’s wet wherever you walk, but not deep. It just like percolated up. It doesn’t soak into the ground, because the ground is like too hard, and it covers this large area, not just a small spot when I first came here and thought I had found something meaningful and a value for others. What grows here is a kind of surface plant that is okay being saturated in water, that is for the most part stagnant and unfit to drink. Water needs to flow to be of value to the user.

Meaning: In these sleep dreams I am shown another side of consciousness in which getting to water that is still and stale is not the end all be all that I had been inclined to think, in other words, water itself as an aspect of consciousness, and my latent synaptic nature in terms of what it was able to perceive and look at, how it aspired to reach this particular point, that it’s not going to be what I imagined.

The symbolic meaning is that this area, that is aspired to in terms of me having to adhere in my meditation dream to some important aspect that’s meaningful in life, that which I recognize as meaningful in life, in terms of a vibrancy and a flow, is exciting, but the resultant of that, that other parts of myself think come to some sort of completion, that isn’t so, that’s not something I am capable of understanding as a process. The end isn’t, that is.

What flows is what is fresh and viable. The journey is that. The reaching of this place is anticlimactic because it doesn’t really do anything for anyone when it is in this state of modality, a modality that, deep down, if I apply what I am looking at, in the way that I am looking at it, this will be the result, and that result goes nowhere. A meaningful transformative change occurs when the chemistry of above/below, inner/outer, precipitates an awakening flow. That is what is real for me.

Getting somewhere is another illusion, a waste of time, because when I am there, and pause to take it in, I come to know that it doesn’t do for me what I expected. The journey and the anticipation of flowing in a meaningful way is what is of value energetically. The delusional aspect is to think there is an end all be all place that is reached in the end.

The lesson to be learned is that the upholding of the traits, which support a greater beingness, is something I can do when I am not able to do justice to an end result. For me, where I am at at this time, the journey is where a flow is at. The getting to somewhere is anticlimactic. This is a hard lesson to accept because the joke in manifestation is that there is a purpose in life that we need to reach or something, and when we reach it then we are able to be at rest. If that is so, I am seeing in the dream that it doesn’t work for me like that.

The unfoldment, and the journeying associated with the awakening process, was invigorating to the soul as an aspect of an overall oneness in which beginning and end are evoked as a journeying process, the breath going back, and towards, that interval where the inner turns into the outer.

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As humans we have been trained to be very goal oriented. We set our sights in the distance and do everything we can to get there. But a spiritual journey is not so straightforward: yes, we want to develop and evolve, yet that all happens in the process of doing something, anything, with a spiritual intention, or as a service to something greater than our selves. We are here to help things evolve, not leave them behind. Ultimately, we just want to be better and better at that process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember one dream, which is one I had right before waking up. In that dream, it feels like I’ve discovered that it’s like I can help produce what’s called an app, you know one of those little applications you have on your smart phone or computer, that I can actually help produce that. And it’s produced like on the window of my smart phone, but that becomes a room. And then that app is like a baby and it produces something else; and everybody wants to see it happen.

So these men have me in one room and, because they’ve discovered there’s this process, they want me to help give birth to these apps that appear, then, in this other room, and can be used to create a result we all want. But then when I go to the room where they are, they tell me the apps didn’t really live, that they were like babies that just didn’t live, so that we can’t then use them to produce the result we want.

But I don’t believe them. I feel like they just used me to produce the apps, and then they hid them, because they don’t want me to know that they’re viable. So that’s the whole dream.

John: The question that seems to be getting asked is that we all can feel… Well, first of all we all can have a sense, or feel, that there is something important to be supported, a way of adhering to something that is meaningful, but the dilemma that is posed is that where that goes does not necessarily result in what we think, and believe, when we’re doing a process, does not necessarily go to something that is all meaningful.

Which is kind of a hard one to swallow, because the implication is that the flow, and the journey, the anticipation, all of that which invokes a growing process in which there is something that stretches in the middle – called the journey – and keeps opening up in greater and greater ways both as a kind of expansion, and yet also contraction, going on simultaneously, and that the end result of that is anticlimactic.

Anyway, that’s how I came to see it. The way you’re looking at it is, you’re pondering these apps, they cause something more to emerge, and more to emerge, and more to emerge, and you’ve got to be careful because what really emerges is generally delusional – if it isn’t something that is contained, because it goes nowhere.

Everyone thinks that it goes somewhere. Everyone thinks that there’s an end all be all about all of that, but there really isn’t. The process itself, the way one unfolds, and awakens the process itself, a quality within that awakening is what is really meaningful. But what we’re able to make out of this process of awakening, what a human being is able to make out of this process of awakening, at least where we seem to be at now is anticlimactic. It has certain properties to it, but they’re not what we expected to find. In other words, it can heal to a certain degree, but that’s a peculiar kind of soothing because there isn’t necessarily a flow associated with that.

Once something is resolved, it’s resolved. What’s next? And so it can be like stale, especially in relationship to the whole journeying in which there was always this heightened aliveness that seemed really significant. While the journeying was occurring they’re really exciting, and then all of a sudden whatever it was that one was imagining that they were journeying to, when that is reached, that’s what is reached, which is, I guess, some sort of latent definition of heaven or something that we carry; it‘s really anticlimactic. Everything comes to a halt again. There is no flow. It seems very stale. It seems so quickened and alive in the journeying.

But then what do you do with it? Or at least that’s the tone, or the mood, of the schematic that is thrown at us now. In other words, if there’s something to open up one needs to be sure that they understand what opens up. And that if you compile the facts, in terms of the process, and the way that mankind is approaching that process with his mind, this is what he is apt to find with this kind of mind way of creating things. So it’s kind of like the idea, be careful where you put your ladder in terms of the house, because it might be the wrong house that you need to climb, or something like that.

In other words, it raises a big question mark, or red flag, in terms of how it is, and where it is, and what it is,, in terms of the process in that I really, really, really don’t know where I am going and that I lack, in other words, what it takes to be able to grasp it or appreciate it in the way that I am at this point in time.

Maybe one could say this in terms of looking at outer space: if everything is alive, then how does one survive on something as stale and as bland as the moon? And if there is a consciousness in which stars are being created, how is that meaningful in terms of where we’re at now?

And so maybe the best we can hope for, to be realistic, is to support the process of unfoldment, and the latent traits, wherever they might go, helping concretize their unfoldment so that they don’t crack up, or break up, or fall apart in some capacity. Maybe that’s as good as it gets, and then whatever ends up happening, ends up happening. But if we look at it from the way that we are inclined to be unfolding or growing, and we’re to draw any conclusions from that, that kind of mindfulness will result in an anticlimactic staleness that will be a shock, and a surprise, because it isn’t quite about that either.

So this is kind of the theme. In other words, you were getting to a point where, whatever it was, was dead right? The products were dead. You don’t really necessarily believe it. We’re best, we experience something more vibrant and exciting, by just honoring the process, supporting the process, not having to reveal anything because we don’t know what is revealable.

If we were to take and look at what we see as able to be revealed, it will be blasé, or be like dead babies or something. It will be a stillness without a flow. So it’s like there is something that expands in-between. That journeying is both expanding and contracting, and it’s the journey that’s the end all be all. The flow is where the consciousness is invoked, where the aliveness of the consciousness is invoked. That’s interesting.

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5322At one time or another, we all find ourselves developing set patterns, or operating only within our comfort zones. And, of course, we only learn and grow when we are stretching ourselves into new territories, where we almost always find that we have abilities and skills that we never imagined. It is just as easy to create such comfort zones on our spiritual path because the challenges of growth can be intimidating. It’s helpful, then, to know that we are actually designed to be able to enter into new domains and be able to handle them as we go. And the more we do it, the better we become at that process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, I’m coming to realize that it seems that my meditation dreams are really, really difficult and peculiar to pull out because they seem so far away. And then when I come to bed it seems like the profoundness of what I dream, and my understanding of it, and how that opens up seems to be where the dynamic is at – as opposed to the meditation dream.

But if I didn’t have the meditation effect, to begin with if I wasn’t going into something like that, where you just come to bed, the dreams that I would have per se could only go so far because I wouldn’t have established a quality of a type of letting go that is possible in the meditation scenario, whereby something at a depth is able to probe, or go, even though my recognition of what that is about is extremely limited.

And so in a cause/effect kind of world, because that is so much different, it would seem that what I dream, and what I pull out in my dreams, is where the action is, but I know that if I didn’t do this other that the actions of the dreams would somehow or another get compromised because there would be a slow swallowing up, in terms of the outer dynamic effect upon things, and man’s need, the human need mannerism, that loves to take and just get by according to the lowest common denominator of relatability.

So I guess we’ll do our best with the meditation dream, and then show how the dreams, which seem to push something to another point, ensue. So to begin with, in the first meditation dream, I’m a woman who’s looking for a job in an organization with a lot of different departments and independent skills.

I’m a woman, and I have spoken with an interviewer in a company, and an interest has developed over what I have to offer. Now I used to work at this place. It is a very large kind of place that provides everything, and deals with everything, imaginable, and I’ve come in on the ground floor level to relate to this interviewer, and not realizing that whatever I’m doing with this interviewer permeates throughout everything.

And so I’m on the verge of leaving the building when the placement person says that there is an interest in hiring me for an independent agency in the organization. In other words, all I did was an interview, yet whatever I did seemed to permeate the whole place.

So I look up above and comment that I hope this isn’t the insurance department, that I had been at, because I notice that the interest is coming from the top floor area where ironically is the place, you know in this particular top floor area, is the place where I had worked before. So I had been with an employer, up above there, who was in insurance.

But that’s in the past and I have an interest that extends to a number of different ways, and things that I feel I need to contend with, so I am looking to make a change to accentuate another part of such a beingness.

To be of interest by the same person I have worked for before would not just be ironic, but it would also be counterproductive to how I need to unfold. I’m ready for another unfoldment adventure, but what comes up is a surprise to me: standing at the top of the stairway, looking down, trying to get a better look at what is to be hired, and what they are hiring, is a woman who is an accountant. I am surprised, but then I inflect inside and, even though I was looking at something slightly different inside, by inflecting inside I notice that I am able to do that.

And so basically what the dream is kind of indicating that one has to be careful in a process, and in an unfoldment, to not be selling themselves short by staying in the same motif – because then you fail to realize that there is more inside of yourself, that is going on, that needs to come out. And it’s too easy to get settled in to something that seems relevant, and significant, and not bring to bear what is more important.

And what is more important is a wholeness and overallness that’s inclusive, that takes in a mutability of a flow that can go through you, in that you are connected to everything. And that you can’t be annihilating things, and you need to be able to go to whatever level, in whatever way, and whatever means that there is, and break the stigma of any kind of set trance.

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