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mredtSometimes the doors of life open easily for us, other times we can’t open them no matter how hard we try. In many instances, it is because of our energetic state. And this is another reason why it is called spiritual “development,” because usually our energetic state seems completely random to us (though it never is), so we develop to become the master of our energetic state, consciously. Yes, the developed are known as masters, not of religion, but of themselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I remembered the end of my dream. It felt like I drove into this garage, I think with some of my friends, and went through a checkpoint which was run by the people that had been trying to capture me. And they let me through. And it looks like I’m getting away free, then.

And, after I’ve driven off a ways, the man who had started all this out by kind of falsely reporting me shows up, and he’s absolutely furious that I’ve gone through the checkpoint. But then, for some reason, I drive in this kind of square around the garage and park right where he can see me.

I think I’m going to have something to say to him about this whole process. I don’t run away. It’s like I park still in the garage somewhere where he can see me, kind of headed towards him in the car, because it’s like I want to say something. It’s like I drove around in a little square, or something.

John: Which is the right adab because it’s like there’s the statement, or there’s the situation, or the story, in which there’s a guy and he comes before a lion. And, of course, there’s something about the lion where he can’t take one more step. And it’s almost as if there is kind of like a third person in the scenario, observing this, that he’s reporting to, saying try as he might he can’t take one more step towards the lion.

And then he’s told that if he doesn’t get over that, the lion may think that he has an ill view of the lion – and will eat him. So, in other words, it’s like what you’re doing is, what this image is, this actually punches through the defense mechanism, to a certain degree, in that you adopt a type of freedom in a bodacious way.

Ordinarily, you would do what you would do, and go off to one side. But, in this particular case, you stand in clear visibility. To be able to stand in clear visibility requires the development, inside of one’s self, of a type of power presence. It’s on an inner level. It cuts through things. It’s what makes the difference.

And you might say that that is an outer dream, in relationship to an inner thing that I was trying to do to try to find what cuts through things, because I’m not looking for a one, two, and three answer. It doesn’t work that way. To try to come up with, or have some notion of, a one, two, and three answer would still be using the in-breath and the out-breath. I’m recognizing that to go beyond that, through that, and that’s the stillness, and to have the true stillness is to be in a spatiality whereby how it is that you’re able to function is untouched by the outer modality of one’s mind and senses. That’s what enables one to be where something isn’t seen, you know which is to see the light.

In other words, a Sufi doesn’t necessarily see the real light, but can somehow function there. That’s how that sort of thing is possible. What you did would normally have you, then, taking and going around a corner, but, instead, you were able to hold a space because in that space your presence exuded, and, therefore, you couldn’t be, on this inner level, distorted.

The whole principle of distortion, and the degree to which that exists in terms of the outerness of things, is really best represented by the Yin/Yang principle. And to be able to stand in the face of something like that, then, is to be kind of like the statement soldier between two worlds, but you’re really not that, either, because that still implies a demeanor, taking on a demeanor.

What you really saw, in terms of you being able to be out in the open, was not necessarily an adamancy. You could just do it. It could have been an adamancy, but you could just do it. It was removed of the defense mechanism.

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Duy Huynh

When something unexpected comes at us, our natural reaction is often to flinch. But what if that something is wonderful, and an enhancement, and a deeper energetic connection? We’ll likely still flinch, but part of our surrender to the universe is to trust that everything will be okay. So we may feel unprotected and vulnerable, but, in spiritual terms, that means we are still trying to control our lives, rather that give in to a greater flow. Logically, either the universe is in charge, or we are; it can’t be both. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my dream, I dream that something more is possible, and to accompany the shift I note the following. So the way I tend to see myself in the outer is, it’s like I’m parked along the edge of a road and I’m in kind of an amnesic state.

You know, I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t know quite where I’m at. I’m just along the edge of a road. And I’m sleeping in the back of the car, and the windows are all up, and I’m unaware of anything. I’ve blanked everything out.

As I’m laying down in the backseat I can see there’s an embankment next to where I parked, that’s at the edge of this road. It goes into an embankment. By embankment I mean something goes up a hill, so embankment is the right word, it’s up, it’s elevated. And there’s a person who’s coming along there, the top there, to check me out.

Well, my impression was I’m in the middle of nowhere, so I’m initially alarmed, thinking I’m about to be assaulted, or something, by the way this person is moving – as if I’m suddenly noticing, and pondering, that I’m vulnerable. I’m not protected.

So, in the image, as I see this person coming, and the way that they’re coming; I don’t see the face or anything, but you can kind of see that they got bulging muscles. In other words, it’s coming with a lot of verve. And before I can move from the backseat to reach up to lock the front door of the car, the person is there.

And, to my surprise, it’s Archie, and I get out and greet him. I mean, he’s there, he opens the door, I get out and greet him. And there’s an inference about helping the situation. I mean there is something in the mode about that. In other words, there’s something about how I am that’s too pent up or something. And what I find out, when I get back into the car, is he left the window down a bit, so it is more open and not as stuffy inside. In other words, that’s how he recognized there was something that needed to happen in order for it not to be so contangled and in isolation.

And, in another image, there is a kiss that is different. In this kiss only a flow of connectiveness is quickened. There isn’t the sensation of a touching of the lips. I’m blown away that this is possible. I hadn’t noticed that before, that you can do that.

And so the meaning is, I am realizing, from the way the environment around me is, that I am able to take in changes in a way that catalyzes a deeper, inner realization. This is what the outer is meant to do, but because our lower-self nature sorts this out bizarrely we remain disconnected and take the changes into a tangential reality, reactive and whatever.

Instead, the challenge is to take everything that happens and find the catalytic thread behind it. Everything has a purpose. Nothing is by accident. Fate is not just fate. It all points to a greater intertwining in terms of a greater whole.

So to react is to shut down a potentiality. That’s the first thing, to shut down a potentiality. And second, to hold onto a conceptualization is to let a barrier affect a natural flow. That sentence is like the kiss. The other is the motion outside coming. To react is to shut down a potentiality, and then to hold onto a conceptualization of how something is, is to let a barrier affect a natural flow.

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00df1Just like the flora and fauna around us, humans have energetic connections to the environment we occupy. But the human can raise these connections to a much higher level of consciousness, and, in doing so, can gain more and more intelligence from those connections. That’s why an owner’s manual to human life is not necessary, because we are designed to get all the information we need from the energies around us – again, just like everything else we see does. This shows us just how disconnected we really are from our natural capability, and why we often feel lost. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I notice that I am able to experience a quiet, heartfelt meaningfulness with everything around, with every little inflection. I’m seeing this in the meditation dream.

In other words, it’s like in the meditation dream there are things that are just kind of there, almost like little flickers. They’re not constellated or anything. They’re just flickers that kind of go into a stillness. And each one of those flickers, what causes it to be able to just kind of zip like that is that it has a revelation, or a vibrational heartfulness, and then that goes boom, boom. It’s like going back.

And so such inflections, or revelations, are in the breath. In other words, I saw this on the inner, but then when you take and you describe it in terms of how that is experienced when you’re walking around in the outer, you experience this sort of stuff dancing on the breath. It’s on the breath, and it’s dancing on the breath, and what it is, is it’s a revelational kind of touching of the heart. It touches the heart. That’s a revelation. It’s that little thing that goes schtt, schtt. And that little zipping takes it right into a stillness, takes it all the way back. And so every vibration corresponds to an aliveness within the breath that is placed upon the heart.

And, of course, in this case one’s using the heart as a type of symbolism, the deeper symbolism of the heart, in which it is actually a point of stillness where it absorbs a type of quality which is like a revelational touching. It absorbs that. It’s almost as if it’s been estranged, and then it just feels, ahhh…, when it all comes back. And then it’s still.

So in the dream I notice the embodied vibrations touch the heart, and when this vibration is recognized or something the challenge is to carry the revelation within the vibration on the breath, to the heart – absorptively. If the revelation is not taken into the heart, in an absorptive way, there is a distraction that breaks the natural connection.

Every connection exemplifies the self, because the self is everything. There’s just one thing going on. When a vibration’s revelation is not embodied in the heart, the self gets confused. Such confusion creates doubt. Doubt is the illusion of separation. Separation corresponds to the thinking perceptions that imagine something to be missing.

When a given thought corresponds to other thoughts, or, in other words, goes thought-upon-thought because it’s lost the revelational aspect that goes into the heart to a stillness, this causes a veil when that comes in the way to what is a greater overall beingness.

So, to absorb is to embody. To notice the revelation behind the inflection is to touch the heart. To hold the heart and breath, as an energetic aliveness, is to experience the self. Nothing more is needed if this is done all-inclusively. When there is a need, or energetic gap, not nourished by a revelational stillness our beingness tries to fill the gap by deviating.

The purpose behind the dream was for me to notice the flickerings. In other words, where I would see this schtt, and how there’s a little revelation, there’s something energized, there’s something still there that’s a spark or something – and it zips into the stillness. The purpose behind the dream is for me to notice the flickerings and how each flickering points to a self that is revelationally complete. As a vibration each flickering corresponds to the heart breath, revelationally, as a stillness. If the stillness is too much to sustain, the thoughts and nuances get magnified. In other words, you’re not able to hold it.

What we’ve come to know is that when you hit the stillness space, and where it’s most recognizable, is where you give up on something that becomes exasperating and you hit a stillness where the out-breath turns to the in-breath. That can be too much to handle, and then you have to fall back into this or that again. So when the thoughts and nuances infect the self’s aliveness, which is a stillness, and an all-inclusiveness – and that can’t be lived – then you get the deviation.

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