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We can see in the outer world the difference between trying to make changes when you are outside the system, as compared to trying to make changes from within the system. On a spiritual path, the “system” is the universal process we are born into, and our connection to it determines whether we are working as an outsider or an insider. As an insider, changes we make in ourselves can effect the wholeness – and that is exactly what we are designed to do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So a little bit of what happened in my attempting to sleep. First of all, I came out of my meditation dream about 1:30am. But I didn’t come to bed until after 4:30am because it took three hours to probe all of it out, because what I did is I was going somewhere to where you change things. 

So when I came to bed and I looked at it, it was like, in my sleep, it was like being able to push buttons and stuff like that, and you could get things to happen – because you’d actually broken through whatever the barrier was. 

And one image it was like I had ordered a cow, a beef, and I’d brought it to like a place like here and told the person I’d scoured such and such states to get this thing. Someone else didn’t want it, and it was for him, then. 

In other words, it was like everything was images, and everything that was happening, was all in conjunction with the fact that there is a certain quality or way that you effectuate or go through something that, I don’t even know if that’s the right word. It’s a way you have an access, however, to the greater dimension inside of yourself. 

When you have that connection – it’s like it sits dormant inside – and when you have that connection, it’s like having a connection to a greater light, a light that takes into account the composite of everything that goes on, it takes into account everything. And, therefore, it’s the means by which, then, things change more readily and more quickly. Otherwise your nature is usually dulled-down and caught in the collective and so not much really goes on.

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We’ve all the heard the mantra that challenges and setbacks are opportunities in disguise. And, when we ponder this idea, we can see that it is only when we are in it, when we are feeling the emotions and personal involvements, that we can make a new decision to change our way out. Many times we just let the intensity subside and eventually fade away, but it is when we are fully triggered that there is the most potent opportunity to make a new intention. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the next dream, I am in a place where there is no light. I go into this dark and dire atmosphere to try to find more life. What I find is that the duress is depressing. But, even so, there is still hope. 

But a hope for potential change has been discarded in a bathroom. I take from the bathroom garbage, to a place where I can be by myself, three eggs that are so dirty you can hardly recognize them as eggs. I found these eggs in the bathroom. I was in need of finding some eggs because I needed something to light my lantern. And I came across these eggs, and because I desperately needed something to bring out some light, I guess I had no choice but to resort to these inadvertently thrown away filthy eggs. 

So I rescue the eggs from the trash, I take the eggs through a restaurant outside, I’m looking to find a place where I can be alone, where I can sit and be with the eggs. It’s recently rained outside, so I still have to contend with that factor where I can do all this comfortably. Or quietly. 

And what I’m doing is I’m seeking light within each egg, or what I’m doing is just trying to put the eggs into like a type of flashlight – to power the flashlight with these eggs. It requires, really it holds four batteries, or four eggs, but the fourth one was so bad that I just took three of them. I figured I can make three of them turn on the thing even if I had one bad battery. There was a degree to which, how low I was going to stoop, in terms of these filthy eggs? 

So the dilemma is, in this dream, the wayward conditions I find are lost from who I am, but there’s still hope. In other words, I have my concept of who I am behind it, because I don’t like certain things when they come out – but sometimes that’s okay. 

The hope is based upon accessing from a depth within an energetic clarity that awakens my beingness from an intolerant stinginess, maybe even stinginess isn’t the right word. But it’s an attitudinal thing. And so what is that? I hadn’t really fully sorted this out yet. Maybe there wasn’t anything wrong with it. A person finds that if they go into a certain state of bewilderment and confusion, and allow themselves to go into that, that they have access to something inside that will turn that around and flip that around and make something more out of that. In other words, we have become so compartmentalised that all of the stuff that affects us is actually positive, even though we perceive every time something throws us off a bit it’s negative, because it is an opportunity to take on more. But we have defined ourselves to such degree, we do this in ways that aren’t apparent, we have to be able to accommodate everything. 

And then there’s another dream I had, which is to find my way wasn’t easy. There initially was no place to go. I somehow felt my way in an area where it was so crowded you couldn’t move. I stumbled upon a blocked off place where no one was allowed because this area was volatile and could slide again. I was desperate enough to take a chance on this unstable and slippery slope, having nothing to lose, because there was nowhere else to go. 

Where I went along with others that followed me, all of us hoping for a second chance, is a place we all knew was a gamble. That’s another way of pointing out a certain kind of, well, you have to have a certain kind of courage in terms of being able to confront things because there’s a whole bunch of things that you have to deal with that don’t make sense to you, necessarily, in terms of how you are inclined to see yourself. And these things come up as you’re breaking out into the open in terms of realizing and coming to grips with more and more that is going on. 

All the fragments are significant and interesting. What’s not interesting, what is a problem, is when some fragment owns you, and you can’t move, you become linearized. But if the fragments hit you and then there’s something always more behind it, so one has to be careful what they annihilate again, in terms of even the negative fragments. It’s kind of a common thing to have certain areas about what you can and can’t do, and will and won’t do, or look at or however, and you carry that to too great of an extreme and pretty soon there isn’t much that you can do. You’ve isolated yourself, you’ve put yourself into an oxygen tank of some sort.

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It is an inherent tendency of all things to find a state of equilibrium because such a state offers the possibility of operating with maximum efficiency and the least resistance from external forces. Our systems seek to do the same for us, internally. When we have elevated our processes, through development away from personal ego, we can begin to offer this service into the energetic environments we find ourselves in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I think I did it, too, but we’ll see. In the meditation dream, I’m confronted with the fact that a stabilization of a vibratory quality in life requires the ability to control and contain discombobulated energetics. 

In other words, that’s a way of describing the parameter; in other words, trying to work to a refinement. It has to do with being able to continually work with energetics that are not refined, to know how to stabilize that, to not do something or live with this vibratory nature, in other words, not deal with it. If you don’t quell it – the vibratory nature – or bring the energetic from awarenesses that are offensive, you can’t catch up with a stillness that is healing. 

So you’re playing with levels again, the capacity to ease outer energetics and bring a stillness therein into a natural unfoldment and flow doesn’t know that, in the outer world, this is what takes place. In other words, that you’re doing this all the time, attempting to bring something to a quiet, or a peacefulness, or a stillness, to a natural unfoldment. 

And, in the outer world, this is what you’re always trying to do. You’re always trying to bring this about, even though you wouldn’t admit this to yourself. Or, to say it another way, it is one thing to have a capacity to flow, and another thing to be able to take the penetrative energetic into chaos and bring a stillness to a natural condition. The natural condition is a state that is unaffected by the surroundings. 

So we go through life, we’re affected by everything that we’re doing, but we’re trying, of course, to bring it to another point. To be able to do this in manifestation is to have the ability to penetrate, or to effectuate, a change in life. In other words, we don’t effectuate a change in life if we’re just kind of caught under every little motif that hits us, you know, by the collective. And we just kind of react spontaneously, just like we’re helpless. But when we’re able to recognize that we’re trying to pull all of that to an emptiness, or a stillness, or into the vortex, or more into the 10% or however you wanted to say that, that’s when you’re able to change life. That’s when you change the environment around you. That’s when you’re taking denser energy back more into the subtle, and subtle to the emptiness. 

Most people are like weather vanes, only able to flow in conjunction with the way things are around them. A person who has true spiritual power is able to take wayward energetics that are misaligned, loud, and out of balance, they’re able to take that sort of thing on and effectuate a softening. 

In the dream, I do not know the difference between an innerness that encompasses all there is, and an outerness that is out of sync and reflective. In other words, when you’re deep in a dream, you don’t know that there’s the outerness, you just look at everything as an innerness. And that’s why you come to know that when something is out of balance that you’re meant to bring it into something that’s a singular way; a stillness.

In a deep dream you just know that it’s meant to be like that, it’s in the outer that you have this different view of things because everything seems separate when you’re working just off of your senses and bicycling about as best you can – or so you think. 

It is from the all-pervading oneness of the inner I am responding. In other words, this is what I see in the dream, when you’re in the inner. In the outer, of course, you form a different conclusion, you think that what you do is significant in your differentiated ways. 

So, in the dream, I do not know how great a phenomenon that is. In other words, to live in a capacity that goes into an overallness, that is the overallness. Or, to put this another way, when I wake up to the outer only – when my orientation is in the outer – I will find that I am in an atmosphere where everything is out of control and reflecting a denseness that is stifling. Yet I buy into the stifling because I don’t know any better.

To be able to automatically absorb such a state of chaos and confusion, and revel in an all-encompassing macrocosmic intertwined stillness, is to embody the spiritual consciousness of a heart as the epicenter of all of existence.

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