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Lucid-DreamingIt’s a curious thing to consider the idea of feeling tired in a dream, because usually we can operate more quickly, travel greater distances, and take on more obstacles, in a dream, than we can in real life. So this image, which shows the dreamer wanting to stay home because she feels tired, points out how the undercurrents of our dreams reveal the energies and connections that are available to us for what we need to do. By seeing our state portrayed through a dream image, perhaps some problems can be avoided in waking life because we have been given advance knowledge.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember my second dream, which was brief. And in it, it feels like I’m outside a childhood home, actually, where a friend used to live, but in the dream it seems to be my home. And I’m with a couple of Native American men, and there’s a conference or some kind of a meeting I’m going to be going to.

But I get into the car, and I realize it’s evening, and that I’m tired, and I decide that I’m not going to go – but I’ll loan them one of my cars. I seem to have three cars. So we go back to the garage and I’m kind of indicating which car it would be best for them to take, because there are three cars but I feel like there’s one that’s better. But I’m going to stay behind because I felt like I needed to rest, and it’s evening. But I’m going to send them on ahead.

John: It’s kind of a disconcerting dream, don’t you think?

Jeane: Yeah.

John: In that you’re in the midst of something that’s evolving, and yet it’s overwhelming for you, or you’re seeing yourself as being too tired. In other words, there’s something about you that’s holding back, in a remiss capacity, from participating in what is unfolding.

And it’s also kind of an information dream, and it indicates that something more needs to quicken in your nature because you’re right there, and yet the difference between taking that next step, or not, has to do with an attentiveness to an energetic, of which, in the dream, you’re saying that you do not have that attentiveness. And so you’re staying back.

Isn’t that a disconcerting dream? That’s a kind of dream that’s a little bit like a holy terror dream, in that sometimes a little holy terror is kind of good to stimulate something, because the dream is not saying that you’re blowing it – because you’re there, in the midst of that. I mean, you’ve got the components around you. It’s just that something is just not quite able to take a step, because what is missing is an awakening within in which there is more energy.

That’s interesting, isn’t it? And so, like I say, it’s like a holy terror information dream from the standpoint that it’s like a tease, in which there’s the implication that you can be right there and still decide to step aside, based upon seeing yourself as exhausted, or worn out. It’s almost like something laughing at you. Isn’t it?

Jeane: Yeah.

John: So the significant thing is to ponder what it is that you’re being poked fun at, in terms of some way that you’re right there, and are able to acknowledge, or denote, something that you’re not quite doing.

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Culvert Science AQ2We know from the analogy of flowing water that, when we have a blockage upstream, the water will begin to take a new course through the landscape, and the more water runs through it, the wider the course gets. It is like that within us as we form defense mechanisms, for protection, as a response to the contradictions and stresses we find in the world when we are young. Many times, this process creates blockages that prevent us from flowing in certain ways, sending us off in odd directions, i.e., into anger or emotion, that is no longer a protection but a limitation to what we are trying to do. Our dreams can help us unravel these mechanisms, enabling us to lessen the effects of the blockages. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The way I dreamt it is, in the meditation dream, to get the flow right I have to go back in time to determine the reason why things are the way they are today. I do this over and over in my dream; I keep going back to something and back to something. I’m reverbing back to something, reverbing back to something, as if I’m trying to get it so that it makes sense to me because it doesn’t logically pattern to do this.

I keep doing it, though, to try to prove or establish with myself that this is a viable approach, because rationally thinking, in terms of how my five senses and mind works, I can’t get there that way – because what you can think about is very limited.

So I guess another way of saying it is, you can say that this is an approach that is kind of irrational to the outer mind, yet I have found inside of myself, in terms of noting that there’s something that percolates back there, that this better explains what I need to know about my conditioning, in other words, how I am, why I am the way I am.

Until I learned to do this, I was limited to looking at everything rationally, meaning outwardly rational, and I was therefore unable to break out of a confusion that I carried. Of course, I didn’t know I carried a confusion. The confusion, of course, is the separation.

So the meaning is, is that to go deep within, to another inner time frame, which is how you tend to feel it because you’re going back to address what you’ve suppressed, or hidden, or veiled. In fact you’ve hidden it so well that you can hardly find it anymore. You just react outwardly, for reasons that make no sense. You just keep doing the same thing over and over again, habitually, as a conditioning that’s based upon something that got frozen into a defense mechanism.

So when I go deep within, as if to another inner time frame, what I am doing is I’m explaining to myself why I react the way I do today. So this is what I dream about; I dream about going there in order to find something more, because how something is in the present is unacceptable. It’s a delirium.

So you could say that the purpose of the dream is to point out that the linear perspective, which is your outer five senses and such, that that is a perspective that is not able to access the understanding for why things are the way they are, and why I am the way I am, so I have to have this awakening that goes back and touches the root. This, you might say, kind of inner approach, or basically probing the depths of the wholeness again to untangle what one has nailed down thinking that they’ve nailed something down that’s viable, gives me the sight that I need to access the vibrational impression pent up within. In other words, it’s like an impression, or a defense mechanism, and then you continue to keep playing that out and playing it out and you don’t even know why you play it out, and that influences my psyche’s reactions over and over and over again as a pattern.

So why is this important? There are reactions I have today that are tense and awkward, which I seem to do over and over, that make no sense to my linear mind. For example, if I am bumped by someone, even if it is an accident, my first sensation is to be reactive. You should just be able to drop it, but I have a defense mechanism inside that won’t do that. Even if I know that I should be able to do it, I can’t do it because it’s entrenched. It has to do with a repression that I have established that has taken me outside of the whole, so that I do this kind of control thing. So when I go back to the root cause, when this defense mechanism first started, I am able to identify experientially the reason today for the habituality.

To see the pattern energetically from long ago explains where this habitual pattern is coming from as a bifurcation. And, of course, it’s a bifurcation of the way of what is real. So often it is from a wound or trauma that I repressed within. The contraction, as a result of the defense mechanism, causes me to shut down instead of being in a greater overall connective flow. As a result then, of the shutting down, the habitual pattern will then blind me from the inclusive perspective of the whole – to which I am just a part of all of that.

The limitations, having shut down, then created these defense mechanisms and annihilated things in terms of creating ways that I try to kind of control my well being, the limitations I have placed upon myself are just illusions I think I need in order to sustain a separation from effects – that I suddenly developed the peculiar notion were out of my control. In other words, I want to control, instead of just be. Such definitions blind myself as a result of these reactions, and such reactions then veil my beingness from the wholeness that is permeating all of life.

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bre8It’s it a wonderfully connective image to realize that everything in the universe is breathing – it’s something we have in common with what surrounds us. And this idea of breathing needs to include more than the breathing of oxygen, but also the breathing of energies – which is another kind of food for us. And to breathe with something is to be in sync with it, because it has been scientifically proven that people in love can breathe in unison. This concept is also used in healing therapies. So imagine what that means for us, if we can breathe with the whole of the universe? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the dream, it’s like I’m going back and examining working at healing with the breath, that this is something that I know something about doing, or I’ve done in the past. I’m in the process of examining that, and just working with the breath.

I come across some people talking about a meeting they’re having, where even someone I knew who is in high school is coming into town, and she’s going to be teaching a class to another group of people that also do breath work. And I know she’s very bright, but she’s kind of stiff, and I know that I probably even know more about teaching it, or can do it in a more lively way than she can. But I hadn’t even realized this group of people have been meeting, and having seminars on it, locally.

I had never met up with the group that was doing it, or teaching it, even though I have a lot of experience in it. And so they didn’t have any idea I could do it, either, so one person I can see is kind of interested they could see that I could probably teach a good class in this, but others who are in charge are kind of dubious because they had never thought of me one way or another of being able to do this.

So I’m pondering all that, and I see that she’s going to come and she’ll teach, and I’m going over in my mind what will be the difference in the ways that I might teach, or what I could introduce.

And then I seem to drift a little…

John: What’s interesting in the first dream is that the awareness you have, you describe it as an awareness of breath, that is something that you’re coming to recognize, in other words, the vibrational element within that, and that you’re able to facilitate or teach that. In other words, it’s something that you didn’t realize that you could do, but you’ve kind of been doing, and you’re recognizing that you can do this. That you’ve always had this quality about you that could do this.

The unusual thing about this is it’s a Catch-22. The teacher is in the outer. In other words, all the others that you see that are doing it, and the others that you liken to as individuals, or as a group, are actually a functionality of the outer that everything in life is breathing this one quality. And that it is this one quality that you’re coming to recognize that you have inside of yourself.

In other words, this is an odd kind of way of saying this to yourself. In other words, like you’re creating the image as if there are other people that do this, and that you suddenly realize that this is something that you’re able to do, that you recognize. Actually that’s still keeping it as a duality. But when you take the duality out, you realize that everything around you is doing this, is breathing in this particular vibrational way.

It all has a note that undulates through life, and that you can find that, and channel that, and be at home with that, and in tune with that, yourself. It’s a type of understanding that you need to catch up with because the vibration is all around you in life, and that you have separated yourself from it. And so, in the dream, you’re acting like you’re recognizing that it’s supported somehow or another, in terms of others that are in the scenario, and that you can do this yourself, and perhaps do it better.

In any event, you’re evaluating how it is that you are in relationship to this. It’s slightly off in that the thing that is teaching is life itself, and it is showing that it is carrying this singular one-mindedness of an energetic of breath that permeates everything, and that you are coming to find out that you are correlated with that.

So it’s tricky. In other words, the duality mind is having you looking at this as if others are doing it and that you are finding that you can do it as well or better, or however you want to contemplate that. And instead, what is actually going on, is that all of the world has been doing this and that you have been holding yourself off as separate, and then are coming to find out that you have a recognition of this sort of thing, and that discovery that you have this recognition of this sort of thing, you’re taking as some sort of epiphany about yourself. But the thing is, is it’s like waking up out of a trance. What is really going on is the whole world is breathing in this fashion. This whole world is alive in this fashion.

This is the atonement that is permeating in everything that there is, and that you are coming to recognize that you are a part of that. You’re not distinguished in some fashion from that. You are part of that. So all of the others in the group, and all of that that you’re talking about, is the wholeness or the overallness, to which you are awakening to find yourself to be a component of that. Isn’t that interesting how that turns?

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