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fd7It has been said that being on a spiritual journey is not just about rising up to higher and higher levels, it’s about bringing light into the darkness of things. And that idea is important in two ways: in one sense, the human can bring higher energies into the coarseness of the world and make it better – the way compassion can improve an unfortunate situation. But closer to home, it also means coming to grips with the darkness in ourselves, facing the inner fears and defense mechanisms that we use to survive the absurdities of life, that prevent us from being able to connect and respond to the higher energies we seek. It may not be an easy process, but the results can be elevating. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The next dream I seem to have twice, and in this dream it’s like I’m in an area where there are two houses. One is kind of quite tall and more off the ground, like sometimes when you go into that house you have to almost like climb up a ladder that goes over a whole story and then come back down. 

Or there’s a back stairway that’s a little easier that I take once, and I go into that house with the assistance of somebody that actually opens up, it’s like a stained glass window that can revolve a bit, and if she revolves it enough I can squeeze in the side.

But like going up and going into the house isn’t so hard, but when I come back down I know that I have this fear of heights sometimes and so I don’t always know if I can go out that front window because I have to overcome my fear of heights. But at the same time it’s like I’m on a bit of a mission, so I have to. 

What the mission has to do is it feels like there are some people that everyone thinks are from the government who are trying to help us, that are actually sabotaging us. I have gotten one of the people who is helping who is with that group. There are like three of them, and one of them is more military and maybe somebody is a volunteer. 

And I’ve gotten the person who is more of a volunteer to actually tell me what’s really going on, and so I have to get to the bottom of it, which means in the dream it means kind of actually going to the bottom, kind of almost going underground through this shaft that’s hard to climb down and makes me claustrophobic, to where he actually can show me the body of someone that was killed in this whole process.

Or he can reveal what’s really going on so that I can show and take that knowledge and stop what the man from the military or the government is doing. But in order to do that it kind of takes me up through my fear of heights, and down through my fear of claustrophobia. And then I have to have the proof, not just what he says, but I have to have the proof, so I’m taking somebody with me to show them that. 

And it’s like the first time in the dream of course I get all of this knowledge because he shows me that, but then the second time I have to take somebody else to show them, so the dream is repeating and the hard part of the dream for me at first is climbing down this kind of roof at his house, which you have to go out through the stained glass window and carefully climb down and it’s hard because you’re afraid you’re going to fall. 

Well, I get that part down, but then in the second part of the dream we have to go way down, climbing like down a shaft and I get so claustrophobic I think that’s when I wake up. I know I can’t go back up once I start down. I have to keep going down because I have to show somebody the evidence unless I get it down there to where the body was. I just have to keep doing it even though I hate it.

John: The key thing about the dream is that you’re using the part of yourself where you’re most reactive, that you have a fear or admonition about this or an admonition about that.

Well, it’s a quality that’s caused probably by some sort of trauma or something in the past and so, as a consequence, that blocks off or gets in the way of you having your ability to take and go through and deal with something that actually has to be resolved, or needs to be resolved, that would cause consequences if it weren’t resolved.

You have this peculiar veiled effect, and it’s very similar to the first dream, it’s just like a displacement of veils that are the issue, and in the second dream it’s like the veils are defined more precisely as having something to do with the reactivity quality, or part of yourself that is there as a type of defense mechanism or mannerism that comes up whenever something isn’t right, or whatever it is that creates the apprehension. And that what’s significant or interesting underneath that is what is important.

When you carry the admonition of sensation in the second part of your dream, you have created kind of a throw off of those kinds of issues that are unfolding, that are part of an unresolved energetic. The key is to go behind that, in other words deal with the reactivities or deal with that mannerism that’s inside, and thus break the unconscious pattern of creating an unfoldment like you were describing there that has an awkward traumatic quality to it.

And so you take that component and you match that component to your reactions that are in the way, which you realize are to be viewed, and recognized, and felt as a type of veil to something that has a deeper depth underneath all of that, once probed keeps a certain way of unfoldment in the outer from continuing to unfold in its unconscious-quality way.

So that’s the first part of the scenario. The second part of the scenario is this whole sensation and feeling of displacement. And so what’s interesting is you actually handled the displacement kind of in an interesting way, because you addressed and looked at the displacement as if that’s a part of you, as if you have the reactive qualities that keep something then from unfolding, or having to unfold in an unconscious way – because there’s the fear of this or that.

In the first dream you kind of had something also unfolding that took place in its own sequence of time based upon the various veils that were in place, in relationship to what was going on. In other words, each of these veils you might even say were slightly different, different colors or whatever, you call them curtains, and in a sense something changes just a little with the different colored curtain, or different kind of veil, and you actually got to a point of touching or awakening a memory behind those veils, of something behind those curtains or veils. You had a sense of something and you kind of flushed out that sense.

So then your second dream took it even deeper, and this time took it as a reactivity element, and then took the reactivity element and showed that as long as that continued that it caused something to continue to be maintained, or sustained, as an outer reflection. Because to go to the depth of that is what was required to stop a certain kind of other kind of unfoldment from continuing to be sitting there, or an effect anyway continuing to be sitting there, influencing the imagery.

Now what you also did in those dreams, is you indicated a whole other sense that you would have if all of that went away, if all of that was addressed in such a way so that it was let go of.

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Woman opening curtains in the roomOften in dream work we talk about lifting the veils to certain insights, inner truths, or awakenings. Yet, sometimes, we are still in the process of putting them up – here those veils appear in the form of curtains for a room – usually as a way to protect some sensitive inner place that is in danger of being brought out into the open. But in the unveiling of inner aspects we free ourselves up for something new; it is a letting go process that allows us to move forward. By understanding this, we can stop the hanging of the curtains before they are firmly in place. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had one dream in which I was at a house that belonged to my niece and I’m there with my sister. And there are also people there from a store where they make curtains. And my niece had asked me about what kind of curtains I guess she should put up in a guest room, and so I had an idea of exactly what type of curtains and I think I’d even talked to the people from the store and we’ve made some measurements

Well, then we go up to the room and now my niece has a different idea, like she’s going to put up I think yellow curtains of some kind. But then when we all get together, my niece has definitely made up her mind for a third kind of curtains, and she’s already going around and measuring for those. They’re more beige. 

I probably have a little bit the energy of like, sometimes you wonder why someone asks you what you think because they already have such definite ideas on what they’re going to do. Plus, I’d had some people from the store measure and I realize that my niece had also measured but she probably is not going to be able to complete them yet – maybe she has to wait until she has the money.

And then I’m wondering if maybe I should have them made up for her. I don’t know yet. I realize I have really fond memories of this guest room because I guess you and I had stayed there, and maybe, I don’t know for some reason, we made love on the stairs going up to them or something, and so I have good feelings about this room.

But I’m also wondering if I need to go look in the room and make any last measurements, or see what else maybe needs to be done, or ask her about it, but then I go and I open up the door into the room and I see my sister in there sleeping, so I just quietly shut the door to the room, like there’s nothing I can really do further right now. That was one dream.

John: The dream is about veils. You’re using curtains as your issue of veils, and veils are important. Veils are important in terms of protecting the consciousness, and at the same time they keep one from reaching a particular kind of awareness inside of themselves.

What you’re contemplating in your dream is the degree of the veils, which is an amazing and interesting approach, or at least seeing the distinguishment of the veils between one color veil versus another color veil, versus another color veil. And all of it is displacing a sequence of events, or creating a whole scenario of time unfoldment, which is the veils.

It’s as if something is meant to be remembered, or awakened, and so the consequence of these veils is the distinguishing, or determining, or dividing factor in terms of how something is to transition. It’s interesting that you look at it as a standpoint of veils.


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76B4We mostly think about whether things are right for us: other people, our careers, where we live. But we have to flip that narrative around if we want to connect at universal levels: we have to ask ourselves, what are we right for, energetically? If we are full of judgment and criticism, we will only attract more of the same into our lives. And if we are full of compassion and kindness, that too will respond to our efforts. The problem is, coarse energies will come at a moment’s notice – they’re not picky – while finer energies have to learn to trust us, which can only happen if we are consistent in our intentions and efforts. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, when I woke up I lost my dream, but I think that one of the reasons I lost it is it seemed to be an energetic dream, like I was trying to get myself in some kind of right space energetically. 

And so the image was almost an image of moving into an energy, or trying to move into an energy, or moving with an energy, so it wasn’t really like kind of a storyline or anything that I could pull out.

John: What you were doing is you were scoping inside of yourself to try to find the flow, or attunement, that echoes from within, that puts you back into a kind of cadence. Those kind of energetic experiences are best experienced in meditation, then the dream world can take something like that that is a bit incoherent, and kind of patch it together, or give it some substance, an aspect or a quality of substance through imagery and such.

But as an energetic alone, it’s too great of an expanse or something of one’s nature, as pure energy, to make much out of. And it’s useful to have something symbolic that can come along and kind of show you what the energetic is all about.

So what you had was the energetic that takes and gives you a sense of how you’re probing to catch up with, or be in, a place of comfortability. You’re reaching and questing for that and, of course, you’ve been announcing that, or you’ve been saying that, that you can’t quite get in your body, or you can’t quite get this way and you can’t quite get that way.

And yet this place, area, feels good to you. It’s an interesting interlude, but you’re not able to get grounded or rooted in how it is that you are meant to be. And that’s a type of uneasiness that one carries, or a quality of feeling off-the-ground or something, and it plagues you.

It’s a type of longing again, in that one has to go into that – to allow one’s self to be carried into that – in order to discover, in order to reach, what is acting like a magnet on the other side. However, if one doesn’t take and try to probe that, or isn’t making efforts to change, it’s not a change per se, but a recognition, a seeing of something that is creating an echo about one’s nature.

One doesn’t make an effort to try to see where that is coming from, from deep within, that is now affecting the outer. Then one walks around imbalanced and it can be extremely frustrating, and your mind goes all over the place trying to understand what to make out of it, whether you conclude that it’s living in the wrong place, or that you’re skipping something, or that you need something else.

You can go around and around, except when you’re needled like this from inside, probed and pushed like this, as if something is inside there needing to open up. The answer lies there, not in anything that you can do as a fidgetation to try to ameliorate, because the chances are, whatever it is that you would do would dumb-down a state that is attempting to come through with its loudness in a way that has been held back for a long, long time.

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