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How quickly things can change in the dream world, shifting from idyllic images of yachts and fjords to suddenly finding oneself in the bad part of town, interacting with crude characters, feeling trapped and hiding in a closet. The idea of a hungry ghost is a representation of some aspect of ourselves that we are leaving behind, or outgrowing, but it should be understood that anything we have ever fed, energetically, will cry out to be fed again – most particularly just when we are about to get on that yacht and sail even further away. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So what I did was a lot like taking a journey to come to see more. Now we’ll pull this together more in relationship to this thing that I had.

I leave the comfort of my place that I live, and I go to a store. No one is coming in, and no one is there, because it is a holiday. And it’s at night. And why I would go there, I don’t know, I kind of have some companion walking with me. But that’s kind of like a shadow or something, because it’s not something that’s the dynamic in the dream. 

And the place where I was at, it’s at a point in time where normally I have a chair that I would sit down and meditate in, but I’ve actually gone out at that hour. Initially, I’m with this guy, I run into this guy who tells me something or another on the street; there’s nobody else on the street. He then turns off and goes into and opens up a barber shop he owns. It’s all dark, but for some reason he’s going into his barber shop. 

That’s when I realize that, why am I even out here because all the stores are closed? But there is kind of a type of grocery store or something that’s open, at least the lights are on, but no one is in there. And I go into this store as I’ve walked on. 

And they have a massage chair. I sit down, as if I’m going to use this for meditation. I don’t quite fully know how to operate this chair, and as I push a button it starts shaking back and forth real hard, so I can’t get comfortable in this. And, as I get out, I realize I’m in a horrible part of town, the vibe of this town is just terrible. So I start wondering, what in the heck am I doing? 

And then I see three guys down some sort of corridor in the distance, anyway. And they’re really crude guys. One of them attempts to talk to me from afar, and I realize, boy, I’ve gotta get the heck out of here. There are dangers in whatever it is that is their habituation or mannerisms. So I go upstairs. In other words, this is a place I’ve been into before that I actually stayed there ages and ages ago, when I didn’t know any better, didn’t have any place else to stay. People live up there. You kind of feel bad for them to have to live up there. 

I know this place, too. So I don’t just go outside or something, because if I went outside, you know, these guys could catch up with me – they’re crazy types. So I go upstairs. And then I realize that there is a point about halfway up that they’re not likely to go, they’d be inclined to think I’m going to give them the slip and go down. So I do the opposite. I go all the way to the top. And there’s an open area or attic area or something up there. And there’s actually a kind of a type of closet spot to hide out at. 

And one light is all there is in this area, it even shines a little bit into the closet area, but I think I can hide there. Just in case I’m wrong, in case they come up. And I’ve got this figured right, they don’t come up, but a couple of old grannies come up and seem to be aware that there’s a problem that I have in terms of those characters. And they say I can come down to the ninth floor and hide out in their apartment where it will be safe. 

I don’t like that because I don’t like what that suggests in their hungry-ghost mentality. In other words, this is a very otherworldly kind of dank, dark place. So I’m feeling trapped. I would like to go home but can’t seem to get out of this strange environment. Whatever caused me to come out on the streets, at such a strange hour, thinking I could be anywhere. It’s just a strange denseness.

And the meaning is, I am of the opinion that subtle energy is able to be directed to permeate the surrounding environment. I am spread out but able to affect the outer vibration I am here to transcend. What is even deeper is I’m meant to be able to shift vibrations, in the outer, and do so in a split second. I can’t do this from a hungry-ghost aspect of myself – or it will prevail and the projections will pull me down from the inner stillness. 

Yet somehow I have to do this. I find myself always having this, where way deep is a kind of ancient past, or something, too. So, if I don’t, then when am I going to do it – next lifetime?

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In dreams, like in movies, the impossible seems to happen all the time. Things appear out of nowhere, do improbable things, and then disappear again. Mountains grow up from the ground, fjords open up, and people go swimming by. Sometimes it feels almost like a beckoning, asking us to follow, because, if we were to join that journey to that unknown place, what might we discover? Something beautiful? A deeper creativity? An awakened sense of self? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So my last dream was a little bit like a vision, and a little bit like traveling, or journeying, which would be more shamanistic; this is a little different than a regular dream. 

In this dream I own a house that is high above a raging river. It’s way up and I look down on the ground below. And even this place that I own is quite isolated. It’s like a type of retreat that I go to – and it’s huge. This is big, and it feels very special in terms of getting away from things. 

It’s like I’m by myself there. But then suddenly, I notice a place that I hadn’t noticed before, which is on the other side of this raging river – it’s kind of built in because it’s a mountain that shoots up from the bottom there. And I look out again, and see, to begin with, it looks like a dock and a boat, and that the owner who owns this place has arrived. 

It’s a long kind of white boat, like you’d see a yacht, except it sticks out into the river. It can’t be sticking out on the river, this is a raging river, but somehow it is at the moment. It’s kind of a beautiful sight, but, still, I thought I was isolated and nothing was around. 

So the spot, and the energy, and all of that across the way is really raw, so I don’t know how he got building materials there to even erect such a place. And then I look out again, and a fjord has opened up. In other words, something has opened up that goes into the mountain, a channel. And there’s a little bit of the river that’s flowing into that, and the boat goes down there and out of sight. The dock disappears, the whole thing. It’s going somewhere there. 

And then, as I’m watching, there’s like four people. One guy is a big-bodied kind of guy. And then there are a few others that I didn’t pay any attention to; I was staring at this one bigger guy trying to figure out who and what he was because maybe he’s a bodyguard, he’s a muscle guy, you don’t mess with this type. And he swims into the fjord with these others, and they disappear. 

Well, you know, I’m observing all this, but I can’t talk you into going over there, but I need to explore it. But I make this agreement with you that I won’t go into the fjord. So I go over there. 

And what I hadn’t seen from the other side is, on one side of this building, is kind of like an artist shed or complex. And there’s a whole bunch of vases, but they’re gorgeous; they’re being painted. And there are other things being painted, but it’s the vases that stand out. And I’m kind of impressed by this creativity. 

Then in the next image I seem to have laid down in this area, and I haven’t seen the artist or anything yet, but suddenly laid over my eyes is something with something written on it. And when I open my eyes, it talks about a particular quality of something. 

So I lay back after having read it, almost like I’m in kind of a little bit of a stupor. And then when I move to read it again it says something different again – it’s progressed. I don’t have the time to figure out quite what it says and what it means, although I’m pondering it. And it would have been nice, I was close to actually remembering it in the dream, what it said at the beginning and what it said in the end, but I couldn’t quite pull that out. 

The meaning of this is this is a dream about access to more waking up within that hasn’t been noticed before. Last night I felt like a type of download was hitting, in that I now know why I can hear things every now and then. I actually can hear this stuff almost as if there is a language in the grounding of things, as if there’s a language in the matter of things. 

I mean, it woke me up. But the thing was the whole thing started really early. And then, after writing it up, I went into kind of a trance zone and all night long I was somewhere. And I was just enamored with what I was seeing, and I wrote up a little bit of it. So it was like getting a whole huge downloaded input in terms of a sudden waking up of an awareness by being able to pull into this shamanic zone of something in-between, in order to see and look at things that I hadn’t been paying any attention to before, but had been purposely shoving aside.

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When we have confrontations, in a dream, we are confronting ourselves – even if the situation seems to reflect our outward life situations. And, when we remember that life works from the inside out, any connections or collaborations we make on the inside will radiate into outer life. Said another way, if we want kindness in the world, we must find kindness in ourselves. It may require a stretch from our normal patterns, but what begins by stretching often leads to permanent growth and change. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so then, in the next dream, I find myself in a gym, basically in a shower and locker area. And in this gym is another person; he’s actually smaller than me, but he’s always in this gym – for me, it’s not usual to be in the gym – which means he’s always exercising and working out. 

And one glance at him and you could tell, by the way he looks and everything, and my sense of looking back at self, it’s a consideration that he’s stronger. And so then there is a waft in the energy. And the barrier in the energy, in which something is off in the vibration, is that from his perspective, in a dense way, he has a right to pick on me. 

So, to begin with, I think maybe I should leave and get dressed in the hallway. But then I come to realize that that just keeps something haywire, something separate. So as I review the situation, I realize how silly this is. 

Plus, it would set up a precedent that I cannot hang with what is in the outer, and that I have to break the physical barrier – because the physical barriers are not what things are about. And it’s not a good complex to have the idea that this is like this, and that’s like that, in terms of separation. 

So this is an advancement of the first dream. In that, like the first dream, I’m finding myself in scenarios where I do not see myself as belonging, or, in other words, I’m in a collective and I can’t sort anything out, is basically a better way of saying it.

And from this I’m coming to know that a merged essence and result is possible. And it’s possible in spite of appearances and seeming differences. Thus you get to the point where through a collaborated combobulation, that on the surface seems a bit bizarre and out of place, and, as we are able to intertwine, an end result emerges out of this. And what is surprising is that we are able to step forward in this way, in terms of the growth of our being in life. 

And so you might say that’s like a meaning, but then it has a suggestion to it. And the suggestion is, I have been concerned about being where I could be affected unnaturally by being out of place in an awkward situation. 

This image points out that the net effect is good if you can take it in. You can handle that. You don’t have to run from it like everyone does. And the dream is suggesting when I accept myself as being in the mix of a setting in which I am required to stretch, I evolve my consciousness and am able to come to know a greater intertwined overallness, and am able to see that what comes to be enriches the atmosphere, opens things up, and everything, and everyone, and we all become more complete and more naturally accepting. 

This is a flow in which an intertwined naturalness that may not seem possible finds itself amidst the supposed differences. By that I mean, barriers fall away when we courageously, with focus and an intent, come together to evolve.

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