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Yoga CelestialThere are basically two directions to travel during a life. One is to take an earthly journey of personal fulfillment, whatever that may look like, with our wants and desires at the center of our decision-making processes. The second way is to move away from the personal, always toward the more universal, with the required letting go to being in service to something greater, to something, perhaps, that created us, and in line with the reasons why it created us. One is a path of separation, and one is a path toward unity. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I felt my dreams were crazy last night. It’s like I had woken up several times because you came to bed late, and right about the time you came to bed I was having a dream that was so crazy I wanted to throw it away.

The dream seemed to be that I went from where I was living, which felt like the Denver area, and I had traveled down to Mexico. And it felt like I was traveling there because I had some cattle herds there. And one cattle herd was a cattle herd that was a family herd, and the other cattle herd was one which some Mexican bandits were giving me, actually.

And mixed in with all of that is it felt like there were dinosaurs, and these dinosaurs you never knew if they were going to prey on the cattle or they actually were something that helped you. I think that was the point at which I kind of woke up because you came to bed.

But then, afterwards, the dream continued. And as the dream continued it felt like I was returning to Denver which was where I was from, having been gone a long time, to kind of consolidate the family in a way.

So when I come to town I see that there are some kids like playing on the playground, and they may be related, but they don’t really recognize me. And I kind of see them almost as a little bit adversarial, so I’m not calling my attention to them at first. And then I notice some other kids are kind of a rough group of kids, kind of playing to the left, and it’s like I kind of get acquainted with them first, just kind of get my way in.

And then I know that there’ll be some people in the family group that recognize me. But it feels like I’m coming back to the area to kind of pull the family holdings together, and the problem is that whoever has been running the family holdings it’s not someone that I really trust. And I have maybe a brother, but I feel like he’s been a bit unconscious in this whole process, so whatever he knows about the cattle herds and things that we have in Denver, I feel like he’s just been kind of distracted.

So I need to start doing some things to pull the holdings together, and it feels like my ace in the hole to a certain extent is that the people there in Denver don’t know about the cattle herds that I have that the bandits have given me in Mexico. They also don’t know about the dinosaurs.

And, like I said, all of that seemed pretty crazy to me. And then I had just another small dream that was inserted in the middle of it.

John: That’s what I mean about things are getting crazier, because my whole sense of things is also being affected in a fairly dramatic way. The image of Denver as a place is Denver is like the center of the country. It’s kind of like a focal point in which it is considered one of the hubs in which things emanate outwardly from that. That’s the symbolic imagery of what Denver represents, but in terms of a depth inside of yourself you have, in the center of yourself, that which is naturally given, or naturally there, and awake as an inner aliveness, an inner essence.

It’s hard to use the word aliveness in a world in which activity and momentum predominate. It’s almost like you have to make a quiet distinction to that being like an essence that is silent, and dormant, and you proceed into life, you go to the south, and in order to move away from this inner essence – that’s what you’re actually doing – and you awaken things that traumatize and terrorize your whole sensibility to what is your natural condition, and adopt instead things that come to pass as a result of indulgences in this blasphemous and illusionary way.

This reaches a point in which you can no longer accept that kind of unfoldment because it doesn’t do anything for you in terms of your connectivity to the wholeness that you call a kind of family herd essence. So when you come back into that, you’re now supporting something that is naturally real, and you find that there is a connectivity that is awakened, therein, from an echo of this quality that has been there all along.

In other words, the illusion is such that it’s almost as if you proceeded with this essence, and echo, the family connectivity to it all. It’s almost as if you came into life and you thought when you went to the self of things you created a reflective counter that’s illusionary to that actual essence. And it’s hard to let go of that. It’s easy to see that as being almost like a counter party image to the family herd, or inner essence, that you came into life with.

When you move away from the illusionary, when you come back from the journey that went away from God, or away from that treasure of your own beingness, when you come back you awaken again anew.

And that the journey to Mexico to a part of yourself that is unknown, because it is of an illusionary consequence in which the imagination, and all that there is behind it, create all kinds of phantom illusions that afflict and affect you. That falls away in a reawakening to that which pulls a wholeness of yourself back together, in terms of how you actually really are, and have always been, but found yourself in a loci in which the outer momentous conditions sent you askew into the journey, a journeying to the south, which is a journeying away from the wholeness and the oneness of life.

And so what you’re doing is you’re projecting an image of the return, which is like an in-breath because it’s like you were at the essence, almost as if something went into manifestation, just like into matter, but in an unconscious way, and then you return to find that consciousness that has always been there, is still there, and that the deviation is what was haywire.

And what that means in terms of how things relate to yourself is still kind of confusing because as you come back there also is still this mystique of your outer holdings, as if those outer holdings have value, yet when you have come back to the center of an overallness, it’s like you can’t find those outer holdings. It’s like there’s a memory of that. Again it’s more of those illusionary delusionary fog type things.

In other words, it’s almost as if when you came into life there was a spark of something that was already latent inside of you, that became the means and the mechanism upon which you could be fueled to make the journey, even though the journey you made was into a moving away from this essence. And so you set up a flip side, a reflection, in the outer counterbalanced to this inner essence, and then you come back to this inner essence and let go of the illusionary mannerism. That’s why a teacher can look at a student, can see the life that they’re living is a counterbalance to something deeper within that is the essence of their being in its pure state. 

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ChaosThe dream yesterday began with an inner perspective, but then it shifted to dealing with events in the outer world (see A Visionary Effect). And, just as in waking life, when we are faced with what is unfolding in the outer, things begin to get chaotic. Nothing works quite right, and more and more detours are required to handle everything. It’s interesting to see our dreams in this light: are things unraveling, or are things working out? This can tell us where we are in our struggle. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So when I go to the outside again there’s a lot of people, and some of the first people that you run into, of course, are the people that you wouldn’t let into the inside before. But I just seem to kind of ignore them. And I’m walking around the lawn and exploring the area, and there’s a woman who wears white, an older woman who wears white, that I see as owns the area, or it’s her area anyway. And at one point, then, you’re there, and then I think of her as your mother.

You and I decide to go on a hike up the side of the hill and, as we go up the hill, it’s very muddy and there’s kind of like a stream beside it that has pooled up in different places. And as we’re about some distance up there, then you notice a place where it’s almost like a pool with some steam coming off of it has pooled among the rocks. And you want to go in the water.

I don’t really want you to go in the water because I feel like we can’t tell how hot it is. It might be quite volcanic, or it might just be like a hot pool. I just don’t know, but you just jump in. But when you do that, it’s like part of the side breaks down and it sweeps you down the mountain a little ways and you get all muddy.

So you kind of holler at me and I have to come and pull you out and back up onto the trail. And then we have to go down to the house because you have to go change clothes or whatever, get the mud off you.

When we’re down there, it’s like your mother really wants me to leave. There’s also been an Indian man that I feel like was wanting to be in a relationship with her, or someone there, and he’s left.

Before I can leave, I’m looking around for some things that need to be done, and then a little spider lands on my glasses. You know, I don’t like spiders near my hair or anything, so I kind of take off the glasses and ask you to help get the spider out, shake my head. That’s just kind of disturbing.

And then she seems to have left for a few minutes and you’ve gone to clean up and, because she wants me to leave and it’s her house, I feel like I’m going to have to – but I make a phone call. It must be about a cab or something. And when I make that phone call, somehow I get hooked up to the house of the Indian man and I find out he has a wife, even though he’d been there trying to maybe have a relationship with your mother or someone else.

So that was kind of like information that we didn’t know that I know it might even upset her, but at least I’ve got the information. Also, before I leave I see these white clothes all around, and I’m picking them up, and I feel like they need to be washed before I go. And as she comes and she’s gathering up some of the white clothes, too, I’m trying to sort them out a little bit more from colored clothes or other clothes that are with them, and get them in a washing machine that’s outside with everything else. I think that’s when the dream ended.

John: So when you put all of that that goes on in the inner in which you can have a certain knowingness, when you put this into the outer, you repeat over and over and over and over and over again all of the various variances.

And, to begin with, things just keep becoming more abstract, meaning separating from this overallness and this wholeness in which there is a sense, an acuity to every little nuance that is able to take place in terms of the effect as something changes in an inner way of something coming through.

But in the outer, you start off in which, fresh off of the inner, you have the sense of the various relationships, or parts. In other words, you have a sense of the effect of the mother, you have the sense of the effect of this, and the sense of the effect of that, and it’s still kind of within the metrics of an overallness, but with separate distinctions.

And then as the dream progresses, the vagaries get more and more askew. You know, you get the white clothes, and the colored clothes, and you’ve got the this and you’ve got the that, and you’ve got to handle this a little differently than you handle that. And it becomes more and more askew, meaning more and more like in a separateness.

And the more and more it goes like that in the outer, the further and further and further away you get from a higher-self acuity that you had on the inner. And yet that is how it is played in the outer, because in the outer you have your senses, and your senses are only able to pick up what is in your immediate environment around you.

And so you have to conduct and act off of that. And as you conduct and act off of that, can you hold onto, can you be in this innerness, at the same time you’re in the multiplicity? Because the multiplicity isn’t really a multiplicity. To begin with, you know that it’s kind of a part of you this way, and a part of your environment in this way, and a part of your environment in that way.

But in the end the images and the variances and all of the stuff that you’re going through sound estranged, sound like you know just things that you have to contend with, and you tend to lose more and more and more in the separation. You lose more and more and more of the union, or the oneness of things.

So when you dream on the inner, you pull more and more into a huge oneness, and world soul of yourself, in which that which goes on you can be in rhythm with. And when you go outward, there is an amnesia that sets in, in which the parts all to begin with have a relationship, but in the end that relationship can break down and you can become completely bewildered by the duality of things – as if they are things that you have to contend with, as if they really are separate.

And, as your dream progressed, these things kept having a semblance of greater and greater separation in terms of the imagery.

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A fundamental question to ask about our dream images is: are the events taking place inside a home or building, or are they taking place in the external world of public places and buildings? This can be a first clue to understanding what is at play. In the case of this dream, the images take place in, or about, interior spaces. And from that interior space, the dreamer is able to sense a vibration that may point to a dramatic change ahead. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well my dream kind of had two parts. In the first part it’s always night, and I’m in this long little house that seems to have one room linked to another. And I’m in there with a number of people.

In the beginning, the woman that owns the house is there but she has left and, as I go from room to room, we seem to have different discussions and occasionally people come that want to come in the house and some of them we don’t let in because maybe they’re trying to take advantage of a relationship with someone they have in the house.

I remember one time I’ve gone into is kind of a narrow room, and across from me is Harry, and when we’re in that room when the others are talking I feel a vibration. And they don’t feel it at once, so I kind of ask everyone to be quiet so I can listen again. And with my feet I can tell it’s a kind of vibration you have right before an earthquake, so I tell everyone they need to move to another room because this room has glass all around it. Even though it’s night, I can tell it’s even got a glass door, so if there’s an earthquake you don’t want to be in a room with glass all around you.

So I tell them we need to move to another room, which we do. Now a big earthquake doesn’t hit, but I had just felt the vibrations and I didn’t know if it would, so I wanted people to move from what didn’t feel right.

And then, like I said, at various points someone may come and try to come in and there was someone that had a relationship where I felt like he was trying to take advantage of something so I didn’t want to let him in.

And so it would be things like that. People would leave, and you knew they were going to come back, but at this point we shut the door. And then I’m exploring the house more. And then the dream shifts to the outside.

John: It makes sense the dream would shift to the outside because this dream is all geared to an inside, and yet you’ve already indicated from an inside what can be possible from the outside.

In other words, the theme of the dreaming last night was, what is there about a higher side of ourself that is possible, that we can catch up with, that we’re not able to catch up with if we don’t properly take into account the way of a beingness.

Your dream provides you the access to something so much more by taking and having to contend with the qualities and parts of yourself in such a way so that you function as a container to take all of that in. You know it’s almost easier, in your case, to stay amnesic by just going up to a particular point.

So the first part of your dream covered what it’s like to have this inner sense that you had, and so in this inner sense you have developed, you’re able to develop, in other words, your approach is different. You’re actually working with a quality of the masculine more so, in this dream, than your general way of dreaming, in that, as part of the overall responsibility that you have to take on, you also have to include within the environment this greater whole, all these row houses, whatever you want to call it, all get connected together.

And by getting connected together, you get all of this little inflection of a piece here and a piece there, and a piece here and a piece there, and in being able to handle this inflection, where the masculine aspect comes into account is, now you suddenly have a sense of knowing about something. Only for the feminine, the knowing is better accentuated as a vision. You’re able to have a sense of what’s going to be taking place in the future, and that’s because you have allowed yourself to take in the inflections, and allowed every inflection to be brought back inside of yourself as a stimulating aliveness that intertwines throughout everything.

It’s hard to describe quite how this works, other than to say that the tendency in a nature of a doingness is to have a defined container with parameters. But if you can take away the parameters, and take on a greater whole, even though it can seem a little awkward and isn’t as casually done as a defined way of being, that you can defend and protect. When you then take on these whole other greater parts of yourself as an overallness, you come to a point in which in doing so, in order for that to happen, you have to account for the inflections of like a spirit energy that ebbs and flows through all of that, instead of it just being dormant and nonconscious, just in other words part of matter. You now how to take it into account in a greater overall capacity.

And when you’re able to do that you kind of throw yourself to the threshold of a sense, you know, where you can see the little undulations because everything affects everything. You throw yourself into a sense where in a very, very subtle way you can tell what is anew, that is moving about, that touches everything including all of these little aspects. And you’re able to part the waves of that somehow or another, part the sea, so to speak, and have a visionary effect of what’s coming.

You sense it only because you have been able to take into account more of the greater overallness of things. When you had taken into account all of the parts of yourself in the greater overallness way, then when something would happen it could catch you by surprise because it would only be in a very narrow puddle of yourself, a very narrow container aspect of yourself.

But then when something is coming and it’s hitting the cosmos of your beingness, and it has a little slightly changed undulation to it, and you can see it in all of the composite qualities of your beingness, you could see it in every corridor and every row house, or however you wanted to say that. That’s when you know that a change agent of the inner is at hand – otherwise you’re just a victim to the changes of the collective.

And it’s like a collective around you, but it’s no longer a collective when you take it in as all part of yourself. And so this ability to suddenly know something more is kind of almost a masculine quality, but it’s also more than that, it’s coming from somewhere outside of your ability to necessarily explain why it is that you suddenly know. But the ability to discern it has to do with the sense of a very slight change, or difference, in the vibrational way that something is touched, is affected, and you can tell that.

So you tell that on the inside, and when you tell that on the inside, you can sense what’s on an inner level afoot. And now you’re taking it to the outside.

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