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do22oadWe like to think that stressful situations in life don’t really affect us, and also that we don’t pass that effect onto others – but we do. And this dream illustrates the potency of that, because a situation in waking life triggered a dream meant to process the energy through, but when the horses came to help, the help was rejected. So what was being processed became a swarm of wasps embedding themselves on the dreamer, and then no one would help her! We can also see how something not handled initially snowballs in its effect and potency. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I had a strange dream. I went to a house and there’s people in the house that I knew from high school. It’s almost like they look like they did then, but I think about it as years later. We’re getting together for some kind of an event; it’s almost like they kind of flow better with each other than I flow with them.

At one point I remember I’ve gone from one part of the house to the other to see the people there. There’s one person in particular I always liked who is very kind of bright and nice, and I’m kind of observing what they do, and the other people as they come, and how they are like they used to be then. There’s both men and women there.

And then someone is bothered by something outside, and I go and I peek through just a partially open door, and I see a bunch of people have ridden up on horses. And then I go out into the yard. It’s like a saddle club has stopped for a minute to rest at the house, and they’re wandering around the yard and everything. And they come up and they talk to me, and I tell them the people in the house want them to leave.

Well then, because I’m outside, I go over to another building and I go into a room. I don’t know if it’s a library, or what kind of a room it is. There’s one of the other people there that I hadn’t seen, but these wasps have swarmed and formed nests in his body and they’re all over the place.

And then the wasps start swarming on me, and they swarm on my left wrist, and I think near the back of my neck. They don’t seem to get as much in my hair like they did with him, and maybe somewhere on my lower back. But they form a nest, or three nests at least. At first I try to get rid of them, but then these nests have hardened and they all seem to be asleep in the nests, the wasp nests, but they’re on my body and they’re hardened, and I’m kind of freaked out by this.

And I go back to the house, and I go to someone in the house that I think knows how to work with this, and will take them off me, or be able to get them off me, without having them all sting me, but this person is just really annoyed because everybody’s ready right now to go to a big dance that’s like an engagement party for one of the people. It’s even a couple I like, and they don’t want to hear of the wasps. I’m just supposed to put up with it.

And then I notice that I actually am wearing this kind of ice blue party dress, maybe even a corsage on the arm that partially covers the wasp thing. I run into a couple that I don’t even know or like very well, I mean I don’t know for what for what reason, but I mean I don’t even really know them – and I realize I can get a ride to the party with them. I’m not really even wanting to go, but that seems to be thing you’re supposed to do.

But I really can’t stand these wasp nests so much that I actually pull off part of one of the nests on my left wrist. Some of the wasps crawl around them but none seem to sting me. But I feel like I have to go to the party and bear that, and I don’t have a gift for the party so I see a box up on a shelf and I bring it down, and there’s some money in it that I had put there at some point, so I take some of that money out so I’ll have it if I see a chance to get a gift.

But I’m really still kind of freaked out by the wasps that I just have to suppress that, and hope I can find someone that knows how to get them off without them all stinging me.

John: Do you know what triggered it?

Jeane: Probably yesterday, which was a mess.

John: And notice the parallel in the vibes, because that vibe is now feeding into the dreamworld in order to help you resolve, or absolve, that condition. So notice that. Because this is a dream that’s designed to give you more of an in depth, up close, way of catching up with and noting that so that it is something that you’re able to handle.

Now, how is it that you normally handle something like this? You have an absolving quality in your nature that absorbs this. You’re trying to absolve this, and find that quality inside, and you’re able to somehow move in the direction of an absolving energy inside of yourself in the dream.

In other words, this is like an answer and a fix response to the scenario that came up yesterday. Generally, you always dream based upon the state and the condition you’re in. So if you’re carrying some sort of neurosis about your nature you’re going to have to contend with what that neurosis is, and get guidance and advice accordingly.

Now it’s real hard to understand that guidance and advice because the fact that it threw you around or affected you in some way, when you dream about it, are you going to be able to reach to a higher quality behind all of that that’s there for you to reach, that’s there for you to come out?

Now sometimes you can dream about something, like this is a kind of dream that you would not normally have because normally we don’t get thrown asunder like you were yesterday, but because you did, you have that propensity in your nature, a latent propensity in your nature and so you had this dream.

Now what else do you notice about this dream? What you notice is you have a huge effect in this dream. When you have this, you’re going around and you’re projecting that mannerism wherever you go. Notice that it fell apart slowly. Initially, you’re in a house and there is a very slight imbalance, and then that slight imbalance leads to these characters that come up on horses and wander around the yard.

Think of the symbolism of horses.Think of the power that a horse is meant to carry – and how you didn’t like that. Whatever came up you don’t like, and then realize how that then devolves further to where it becomes something that you can’t shake off, that embeds itself in your nature.

Well, when you have a nature that doesn’t normally have that, that flows in the outer, that has opened up something in the outer, and all of a sudden you have that, too, can you see how pervasive that is? That’s the reason for the horses was to bring in the idea of power behind that, and it penetrates into the outer and has a bad effect in the outer.

And it all fit within a nice storyline that looked entirely different, but it was about the vibration and how that vibration works in relationship to how it is that you are able to be, and how it comes across in life. You bet you need to take a step back and get a bit of a drill down on something like that because, once you have grown in a certain capacity and something like that comes over you you’ve got to be careful what you think about – meaning that your thoughts then are more powerful in terms of their effect and potency in terms of affecting things in the environment.

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Universe_web_1024It is an intriguing concept to wonder about, in terms of why are we born into the physical plane and then are supposed to spend all our time connecting back to the energetic realms from which we arise? And there’s a fundamental truth of physics behind this: energy alone cannot change its state. Only through the physical realms can energy evolve, learn, and refine. So that is why we come here, on behalf of creation herself, to assist in the process of transforming energies in the refinement of the universe. And the human is the most sophisticated practitioner of this process – that’s why we’re considered the crown of creation. The catch is, we are not meant to process the coarseness of the man-made world – creation has no use for that – we are instead designed to process the natural world and create new possibilities according to universal purposes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just had one dream I remember and, in this dream, there’s a man who manages a woman singer and he’s trying to match her up with a male singer. But the way he matches her up was influenced by my looking at the Apple Store yesterday, because in the Apple Store I went and looked at a table where they had all different kinds of iPads. And the iPads are all lighter, and thinner, than the one we have, and they’re different sizes. Some of them are smaller.

And then on the iPad, as he opened it up, it represented a male singer, and it would have discs or symbols on it, and as some of those symbols matched up then they would collapse, you know, like a game does, like they collapse together and run down the screen running into other symbols, or balls, or whatever they are. As three or four would match up, then they kind of continue to run down the page, or disappear. Then others fill in, but at some point, when there’s not enough matches, everything stops. And that’s like the end of whatever songs or singing matches up.

So he had been bringing her over all these kind of regulation-size iPads representing, you know, a singer, another singer, to match up with her. And then he felt like he was done, but I come in and I have a couple different size iPads, maybe smaller or thinner, things that he hadn’t thought about that represent some men that he just hadn’t thought about in terms of their singing with her.

But when I bring them over, you know, one or two actually match really well. They’ll run for a long time. It just hadn’t occurred to him to try them because they look different, or they had a different way of singing than he had thought about, but they would run for a really long time. All the symbols would run down the page. And so that was the whole dream.

John: I hadn’t thought of that. After my meditation dream, I was spending a lot of time fighting a rear guard action against the idea of opening up, or waking up, on kind of a plane of the soul, because it didn’t seem right. It looked it gave up something, it looked like there was a collateral effect that looked like there was a way of losing a sensation or something, in terms of how one is in the outer.

And so I was quibbling with this idea that one has to not give up the outer, and if this is kind of like a shift, or a whole different plane reality that is there, you can’t have one for the other. In my sleep last night I was finding that, on the plane of the soul, there’s no recognition of the outer. I can’t even tell I’m here. You know, I could chip a tooth or do all kinds of things, you know, to try to hold onto the fact that it is such a traumatic shift.

And so, when I came to bed, I had image after image after image showing that I was actually fighting this process of this kind of shift into this plane. What your dream is doing, is your dream is pointing out that there’s more going on here than meets the eye. Your dream is pointing out that there are variables in other levels that haven’t been thought of, that also correspond reflectively as a consciousness develops, that exists on this side. Because you’re situated firmly without this mannerism that the masculine has of having to contend with the on high, or bringing down the seed of something or whatever, or staying there even, you’re looking at what all there is in manifestation and you’re actually making a strong point. A strong point pointing out that there’s more going on here than meets the eye.

And that when I’m sitting, in my sleep, struggling to not give up the contangle of things here I don’t have that information. You have that information. You can make the argument a whole lot better than I was making the argument in my sleep. You were singing the praises of how there’s this, and that, and the other, and it introduces a whole other dynamic that no one has really taken into account, or realized, that is important about how it is and what there is.

Yes, in an ordinary way, the physical plane is something that’s very limited, and very dense, and seems very trite, but as the consciousness opens up in the inner you have a corresponding reflection in terms of what is a way of permeating into the outer – and that there are ways that something can be brought through into the outer that are unimaginable, and can only be imaginable if you allow yourself to fully appreciate what the outer is all about. Isn’t that interesting how you dreamt that?

Normally we dream kind of in a cohesion, but apparently what you did was you took on my concern and, instead of dreaming in a cohesion, or a theme, you took on my concern over what is kind of being introduced in the awakening process, and you responded to that concern, because my approach is too negative, and I am downgrading the significance of what manifestation is about, in my quibbling even, and, therefore, even though I’m trying to hold onto and know that there is something more in manifestation, I don’t have good enough facts to not keep quibbling and quibbling and still affected by this pull to just lose all sense sensations completely and be on a quality that is a dying before you die plane of the soul kind of nonbeing. In fact, you don’t find where is the self in that.

So you provided a better explanation than I seemed to be able to provide on the issue, as to the virtues and values of what can be realized and recognized in manifestation.

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imag324esIn a chase dream, who is the pursuer and who is the pursued? The simple answer is: you are. Because we are all of the characters in our dreams. But what’s interesting is that a chase dream shows us how one part of the inner life is resisting making a connection with another part of the inner life. But that connection wants to be made for the good of the whole. In this image, the pursuit is in a mine dug into a mountain, so it is happening at a great depth inside, where letting go of fundamental defense mechanisms can be a scary thing. Yet the unconscious is saying: trust us, it’s okay. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I remember my earliest dream, it felt like I was almost inside a mountain. Do you remember how when you see those movies when people are traveling around in carts inside mountains, like using the old miner’s carts? It almost felt like that.

There was a young man, or older boy, with me, and I had him on one of those carts, but maybe a little lower cart, and other things piled in the cart with him. And it felt like that was one of the ways that I was, in a sense, helping him get away longer, in a game, or last longer if we were being chased.

I had a feeling like something was happening where eventually everyone would be caught, but whatever I was doing with having him sit like lower in that cart with some things piled around him would maybe let him last longer in the game. That’s about the only impression I had of that dream.

John: So the typical image is, you scale a mountain in order to overcome it. You don’t go to the point where you’re overwhelmed, or immersed. Or at least that’s the question: can you do it that way?

Because the theme of the dreaming has to do with a quality of the vibration being such that you need to recognize and understand it as saying “no.” In other words, images and vibrations that tell you that something isn’t meant to be done that way, or isn’t meant to be done at this time that way, in other words, because it can change.

But you don’t eliminate something of a karmic flow that’s off by trying to do something that’s not intended. That only causes you to become more veiled, and it causes you to lose the acuity of your listening center. In other words, it’s like this: you have in the higher self, or the inner of the inner, you have light. And then in the outer and outer, or the smaller than smaller, you have sound and in the sound there is information – just like in the light there is information. But in the sound it works towards giving you guidance. From that you can come to know what is to be, or isn’t to be, in the smaller of small of which you don’t have a full recognition connectively because your senses are limited to a type of perception that is inclined to keep you viewing things as being in a multiplicity and, as such, then you have to learn how to, or think you have to learn how to, navigate within that, as opposed to accepting it as an aliveness, and a oneness, and a wholeness that permeates all of your being.

Now since the theme of the dreaming had to do with knowing how to recognize when something is not meant to be so, I’m wondering if your image of being inside a mine, or a mountain rather, if being inside is an overindulgence, or is something in which you are on a tangent and have gotten to a point where you aren’t able to recognize how something is able to be sorted out because of the overindulgence.

Now ordinarily, all things being the same when you have a dream in which you go into the depths of something it’s like going into the depths of yourself in order to work on the karma, or the waywardness, of one’s nature. Ordinarily you do that, you go into the depths like that in order to burn off the dross of karma, in order to come to grips with how it is that you are, or to see yourself more fully, to recognize within all of that is the greater wholeness of your being that you have not met before.

So you go into the depths of yourself to gain an access to this other. So the question I would have is, and the only way that you can know whether this is true or not is whether when you were inside the mountain, if the vibration of being inside of the mountain had the sense of a constriction that kept you from free flowing in a way that you needed to free flow? In other words, a mountain symbolically in and of itself represents an obstacle, so you’re inside the obstacle, maybe to up close and personal to the obstacle to be able to untangle it. Maybe you need to recognize, maybe by going into the mountain, like you’re doing, maybe you’re acting like the obstacle somehow or another is real – as opposed to it just being a defense mechanism or a quirk in the overallness vibration of your makeup. I don’t know. You’d have to denote that.

If it’s a sense of pursuit, then it is a type of defense mechanism. It’s a type of refusing to yield and let go, because when you let go you can become empty, and when you become empty you can have an access to something more that can flow through you. So if you have the sense that it has this whole other context that’s pressured against you, and you’re fighting that, then what you’re doing is you are not allowing yourself to be in a space of letting go. Like an example is, if you’re meditating and in the meditation your thoughts run, and then you try to stop your thoughts to meditate and the thoughts keep running, you’re being pursued, that’s like a pursuing. And it’s a defense mechanism and good luck going anywhere. If you’re haunted like that. And is this that kind of a haunting?

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