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l-AwakeningLiving in the moment or going with the flow are popular ideas, but why are they important? Well, when we personalize life to be about us and our small world of friends, family, and career, we leave no room in ourselves for the unfolding of universal things. When we react to timings that don’t suit our world view, we are rejecting the greater processes at play. And we will never be able to control the world around us (the personal), but we can align ourselves to what the universe is doing energetically – and there is freedom in that, as well as the safety of things unfolding as they should. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the next dream, instead of having to sort this out as a kind of masculine bondage, I had to sort it out as a feminine bondage. So in this dream I’m a woman, and so I am used to feeling myself in a particular way, in other words, in how I relate to my overall environment.

And another woman takes advantage of that and bumps me inappropriately. My sensitivities react, and this keeps me from responding indifferently. In other words, the feminine always feels the aches and pains of things, the moods, and everything. I cannot respond indifferently because I am indulgent in experiencing myself and life around me in a predictable way.

Well, the significance of this dream is that this is another aspect of an indulgence, but in an opposite way instead of with particularities. In other words, it’s a misholding of the overallness in the outer that keeps you from letting go. And the way I’m holding the overallness, which I think is okay, I come to know as not okay if I’m violated in that way, in terms of how I’m holding it, which means that the overallness is bigger than that if I’m subject to being able to be affected or reactive.

So my way of feeling myself and the world around me gets compromised when I am off to some degree and, consequently, then I’m not able to hear and see life from within. The reason being a reactive indulgence is in the way.

And this time it’s in the way because of the way one feels one’s self. In other words, you can be off in terms of how you see yourself in manifestation, just like you can be off by the way that you’re unable to sort through what is in front of you to know that that’s limited and more. In other words, you’re letting certain things vie for the heart, and then you get to the point where you can’t let that vie for the heart anymore, and then you break free and there’s a certain danger then.

That’s the masculine sense of danger, and in that there’s a battle, and in the feminine sense there’s the degree to which she’s always trying to hold onto things being such and so. That’s the limitation of the feminine, always trying to hold onto wanting something to be familiarly oriented.

And so in terms of kind of going back and forth and back and forth, and then also pulling things together, with each dream, with each aspect taking a step, in this dream I am now the patriarch of an extended family.

In order for my grown-up sons and daughters to comfortably visit, I must accommodate them in terms of who and how they are, not who and how I am, but who and how they are. If I don’t, damage is done to the overall, and then a natural intertwining suffers.

If there is an imbalance with my brothers and sisters, and sons and daughters, there will be a problem in the future with intertwining, that being as aspects of myself, to the grandkids. In other words, it keeps going. It’s meant to keep expanding.

So, the reason for the dream is, after seeing the polarities, which interfere with the acceptance needed for life to unfold, I am then shown where this is meant to go in the above dream. See how that expanded, added more?

And in the final dream, I am shown the importance of being able to accept everything that occurs in the environment I live in. When I am unable to do this, there is no inner into outer unfoldment. Well, none that I’m aware of, and participating in that is, and consciously.

So my wholeness in life is repressed when I am unable to accommodate and intertwine. Until I learn the importance of naturally bonding all aspects of myself, I will suffer and be postponing my awakening.

See, what this dream is doing is it is showing why and how it is that you stay in an amnesia for what could be long, long, long periods of time, maybe even lifetimes, because something doesn’t open up. And it doesn’t open up because you hold onto a conditionality of how you perceive or see yourself.

It takes a long, long time for certain things to shift, and change, or to emerge. Such a postponing affects the generations of myself on a subtle inner unfoldment level, which is the flip back of the sons and daughters and grandkids and all of that, brothers and sisters. And it’s like it says, you know, there’s the saying that as you become more conscious you affect generations going backwards and generations going forward.

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Paul Kuczynski

It’s interesting to ponder where good writers get their story ideas from. Some, certainly, come from life experience, but how many stories that we’ve loved over the years have come from dreams? This dream has a love affair between two women, a new job at a city newspaper, the helping in the arrest of a dangerous man, and then the running along a roof top to find some new clothes. All these cinematic images involve inner aspects of the dreamer, and show how her unconscious tries to summarize a state of affairs between different elements within. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream I’ve moved to the city. It’s nighttime and I’ve gone to a woman’s apartment. She’s a young woman; it feels like she’s my lover, but she’s also a lover to a number of other people, several other people there also.

And it feels like I’ve been with her, and then she’s going to be going to a party. So I go with her, initially, to a party at this man’s apartment. I’m just there briefly. Then I come back to her place, and I think she tells me that it’s like we can only be together every so often, we can’t have too much contact.

And I’m informing her I’ve gotten a job in the city at the newspaper, and then I go from there to the job. It’s a part of the newspaper that’s being run by a fairly older, almost elderly, Chinese woman in this part of the newsroom, and it seems to be part of the newsroom where you go out and gather and check facts, behind other people writing the stories.

And even though I’ve just started there a short while before, she’s already pulling me in to kind of work as her right-hand person. I realize some of the other people there are a little miffed by that, and it also means that what I thought was a temporary job I’m beginning to feel I may be doing a little bit longer because it seems kind of important to do.

And then I leave, and what I get involved in in this next part of the dream is, it feels like the man whose apartment I had visited earlier, who is throwing a party, is wanted by the police or other authorities now, because he’s doing something that’s poisoning the atmosphere, or hurting people. And I help them catch him. And he has some kind of an instrument that he uses, that’s causing the harm, and it’s like I go in and unplug this.

Plus I’m trying to find out what things he might have contaminated that people could touch, and it’s like a white powder or something he sometimes leaves on the wall, and some of it falls in the water and poisons his own pet. So I help the police capture and hold him.

And then there’s a slight shift, and I seem to be going somewhere on my own, except instead of being down on the road, I find myself on the roof of this large complex building – like I go down to the edge and realize it’s too far to jump down. Then I notice there’s several doorways that lead into the building from the roof, so I reject the first doorway, and I go over to the edge of the building where there’s another roof and I go in.

And the first thing I see is a shop, and I realize if I’m staying longer I might need some more clothes, but the first shop I go into everything seems too fluffy or frilly or for parties or things, so I leave that shop. And I suddenly see a shop that I could walk into, that in past dreams has always been on the ground floor of any dream I’ve had, but I recognize it because it’s a shop where I can always go in and find something that will fit, or work for me, except now it seems to be on an upper floor. That was the whole dream.

John: You’re working with the polarity of a closeness, that is a closeness to kind of a feminine understanding of things. You’re working with that, and so you have this quality that enables you to be touched in some way, and then that quality then opens up to where you’re able to resonate or reflect in a particular way; project out in a particular way.

So basically what you are seeing is that your adherence to a certain quality of inner balance has led to a certain kind of expressiveness, that you have in your nature, that can exude out, and be visible, and reveal things, and it’s a direct correlation to having gone to a certain inner depth inside of yourself for you to be able to do this.

However, as you do this you jar and you shake things up, in terms of the masculine side of yourself, that is still guilty of something, and that has a certain quality of imbalance. So when you have a certain quality of imbalance, the typical thing to do is the feminine tries to figure out how to please that, but you’re going back and forth has opened up and revealed something to which you recognize there is this imbalance, in a certain masculine way, and you have learned, instead of trying to please it, you’re recognizing the imbalance and can denote how it is that that needs to be dealt with, arrested, or whatever.

With this dream you’re going backwards and you’re pointing out that, for example the first part, this kind of corresponds to the feminine side of your nature having in the past sat in kind of a quiet-tudeness, basically working on the ground floor of things, and was able to develop a certain sight and balance, or access a certain innerness of your own being.

You had to do that in order to catch up with things because you had them misaligned. You had a misaligned understanding of how the masculine was and, as a consequence, it affected you in strange ways, which is how blind-side things work. And after developing a bit of that which is actually difficult to have to stay on the ground floor because it’s quiet and out of sight, you have developed a certain understanding at a depth of motion, of movement inside of yourself, and so now you can basically express this, or do this, at a higher level in a more dynamic scenario of expansion.

So what’s interesting is you had the part of yourself that has to delve down at a certain depth and that’s called into manifestation. That’s where it was feminine, or into catching up with where it is and how it is that you really need to feel. And that’s kind of almost a condensed quality. And then from that condensed quality, then you have an expressive quality that’s able to come out in which you’re able to shine certain feminine values, and views, and beliefs and whatnot that have a nice little twang to them.

And so your higher self is saying, okay, this is the scenario you were in, this is what happened when you were natural, this is what you need to now see, and this is a greater freedom that you now have because something has shifted and changed in terms of how you’re able to be. That’s a psychology dream.

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Balanced RocksWhen something is new to us, whether it’s a new idea, a new relationship, or a new energetic connection, it takes time for us to be able to hold it in us, for it to become grounded and a part of our life going forward. Once we feel that state of grounding in us, we can offer what we have come to back into the world; then we are ready to share it with others. Before that point, we still feel unsure, or unsteady, with what we have because, in a way, it’s not really “ours” yet. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: When I had a coughing spell this morning I lost a lot of my dreams, but the dream I didn’t lose, and I think the dreams I was working on trying to heal something, or I was working with something I was having a lot of trouble with, getting it to shift.

In the dream I remember there’s a house on stilts. I guess water goes down below or something, and I’m doing two things in that house. At one point I’m working on healing someone. It’s a man who’s wearing kind of robes, and initially the robes are black. And even though I don’t know if I can accomplish the healing, whatever I do the robes turn to white.

And then the other thing I’m doing is I’m trying to prepare rooms for company that’s coming. And a lot of the company are like great aunts, and my grandmother, and my mother, and I’m trying to find enough room for everybody and where they can sleep.

The home at that point even has a reception desk with a lady that is in charge of who’s handing out the rooms, and I’m trying to remember what furniture’s in certain rooms so I can tell if there’s enough room, if there’s space there for I think my grandmother or someone to sleep.

That seems to be my focus at that point. But I didn’t remember a lot of the dreams.

John: So the dream has two parts. One is where you find yourself in a situation in which you’re required to work with something, and ground it, or bring it to a point of balance. And this, initially, has to do with something that is with an aspect of your masculine that, when you catch up with it and ground it, it leads to a very high and complete consciousness.

And then from there you’re able to then take and effectuate this, in terms of others in your life. In other words the pattern is essentially the same, that things are ungrounded in terms of how it is that they need to be, and that you’re able as a nature, as a quality of energy, to cause things to awaken, to drop whatever it is that’s the predominate barrier.

And, initially, you’re having to deal with something that’s too negative and making it clear, making it white. And once you’ve figured out and have accomplished that, then you basically see yourself being able to repeat, or to follow up, on this process with others.

The theme of the dreaming was how to bring inner into outer and, in your case, you were grounding something in order to establish the basis for a connection, so that the connection would be complete. And be able to hold the way so that something can be grounded.

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