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A3n34It’s one of the very difficult things to do, to incorporate into our daily process what insights and understandings we have found, or come to know. And it’s difficult because we have a lifetime of patterns and ways that we identify as “us.” Yet in the work of a journey we seek to remake ourselves in accordance with what we now believe, and that requires constant repetition, and trial and error, as we learn how to apply the inner into the outer in our lives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t remember the very beginning of the next dream but, essentially, I have moved into a town. It’s like I’ve moved from a very pretty mountain town on a lake, down to a slightly larger town. They’re not that far apart, but they’re very different.

And I’ve settled in there and I’m living then with the man I’m with, but I have a very good friend that has moved up to where I used to live. And it feels like I want to go visit her, but I also am feeling this pull to go back to the mountain town, maybe even live there again temporarily. I’m not sure. I don’t know if I could get the man I’m living with to agree to that, or not, either.

But I decide to go up there and explore. And, when I go up, I know a house there and even though the house has been remodeled many times, I know that it’s a house where a woman leases out rooms, or certain levels, to people, and I know her. I’ve maybe even stayed there before at one point in my life.

So I actually go up, and she doesn’t appear to be home; and I go in. Then I hear a dog growling, but I know it’s a dog that I know so I even let the dog into the house. And then she comes down from another room, then I kind of look around, and then I discover my friend that had moved up there and I’m also aware there’s some events going on in town, some of which I might want to see, but I’m also on a schedule where I’ll have to get back at a certain hour.

But my friend wants to give me a little bit of a massage before I leave, so I go out to the backyard and lay down on the grass and she gives me somewhat of a massage, but I suddenly realize that I’m very short on time and I want to get back before dark. And there’s still something that I want to see that’s happening in the town, so I hop up.

She gives me a little kiss and we go over to where I think my clothes are, and I start to put on one dress, it’s a black dress, but very pretty, but in a very old fashioned style that comes all the way down to the feet, and I realize it’s not my dress. It’s a dress the landlady had made and sewn from an old fashioned pattern, so it’s quite lovely, but I realize it’s not mine. So I fold it up, and then I find my clothes there and get dressed.

And I’m wondering if it’s going to work out for me to move back to the area for awhile, because I’d have to talk my boyfriend into it. And right before I go back, it feels like I go to another area of a town to where there’s like a street parade or something going on that I just kind of want to catch a glimpse of. That was the end of the dream.

John: Wow, that’s really a deep dream. And, it’s interesting how what you’re dreaming still works so much so in terms of looking at how something comes from inner into outer, or how outer plays with inner. It’s almost as if one’s been flooded by, as a scenario, the microcosmic effect of life in relationship to, and its correlation, I should say, to the internet of everything; the internet of everything in the microcosm of outer life.

And then there’s the offset of the inner net of everything. And so with that being kind of the overriding motif, what you’re doing is you’re looking at where you are in relationship to, let’s say that as an influence factor. In the first dream you’ve pointed out that you have to hold a position, maintain a position, not overstretch from that position, so that an access of innerness coming into the outer can come through, and awaken, and invoke a clarity.

In the second dream, you have a choice of going back to something that you remember from long ago, which is like a mountain town, or it’s like a raw energy having been refined, and that you are able to go there and appreciate a closeness to something deeper than a denseness, or what would be considered a denseness, that’s more in the outer, in the lower, larger town that you find yourself to be situated.

And the thing is, is you’re playing with the breath multiple times. It’s like you started more from on high, and then you brought something down into life, and you expanded and spread yourself out into the wholeness of life, in the city. And have learned that it’s important to be there, taking things in, and yet at the same time you have some knowledge of this other, inner place.

You’re not questioning or challenging the orders of things, in terms of being in the equation of manifestation; you’re not questioning or challenging it. You’re fully okay with that, and yet still have a memory of something more, at a deeper level inside, and the scenario that you’re in, and the relationships that you have, involve having connected with a guy, a person that you’re with in terms of this outer, who it took effort for him to come down and be in the outer because he had been more natural in kind of this innerness space.

And so once he’s come down and gotten accustomed, and accommodated, in the outer, for him then to go back to the inner – would he be violating his orders? In other words because, in a sense, he was required to come down. And so then to go back to the other, would that be a breaking away of kind of an intent that was meant to be, in terms of the flow, in terms of him coming down?

Now it wouldn’t be if he is able to look at the situation, if you’re able to go back into the innerness. In other words, what opens up in the feminine is something that then, when it’s opened up, is like a handing back to someplace else. Now it wouldn’t be a crackup, or a breakup, or deviation if he is able to go back into this higher place, or higher-self part, or realized side, the essence of himself. If he’s able to go back and look at that, and yet know that the directive is to maintain the journey, or this whole quality of a workability of inner and outer at play.

So, in other words, you’re playing with this dynamic; you have to hold a continuity of a type of tension together in order for something to become visible, and you’re pointing this out to yourself in terms of the process of awakening working like that because that is how you see yourself situated, in terms of what is going on in life around you.

So it’s as if it’s being explained to you, in this dream, what the dynamic is that you’re facing. And this dream is like also explaining the dynamic that a whole bunch of people are facing, and it’s also explaining a dynamic of the times in that if a person doesn’t shut things out they’ll realize that there is a huge awakening of things going on, and yet at the same time there is the need to be able to hold a certain sense, as well, and you have to hold the sense to manifestation, and the importance of the overallness of that, and yet be able to go back to the innerness.

The masculine has to come down with the innerness into the outerness, and yet it’s important that it remembers what the space looks like, and is like, even though they’re not allowed to stay there, that it’s important for them to know what that is like. They can be more effective at coming into the outer if they follow the prime directive, premeditated, condition of what that is like – but not leave the journey, hold to the trueness.

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d44rIt seems almost quaint for a woman to seek a man’s help around the house these days, as gender roles shift. But in this dream image, that help is needed for the interior life of the dreamer, and, in universal terms, the masculine and feminine in us play certain roles at certain times – which is how the universe itself operates – to maintain a balance and flow for what is unfolding. In simpler terms, some part of us needs to spark something happening (masculine), and some part of us needs to hold and contain what has been set in motion (feminine), otherwise we won’t gain any ground. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t remember my very earliest dream, other than thinking that it had something to do, again, with watching some kind of shift occur.

But the next dream, it feels like I’m observing. A man has gone to where a woman boss is. She’s standing in a building, and there’s a toilet there in the middle of the room, and she wants him to get it unstuck, or unplugged.

And he’s taking a long wooden spoon, or a wooden spoon with a long handle, and he notices that there’s a circular piece of waste stuck just down at the very bottom of the toilet. So he takes the wooden spoon and he pushes that towards the drain in the toilet, and everything and anything that’s unplugged, then, just flows fine.

And I remember I was kind of curious because it seemed to me it was something that the woman could’ve done herself, rather than make him do but, you know, that fixed it. That was the first dream.

John: What it signifies is just another image that could be used in terms of the breath. In other words, something comes down from the masculine into a domain, and a realm, in which there’s an overallness that’s in place, that’s in the jurisdiction of the feminine space of things.

And, in the feminine space of things, strictly speaking, it’s an orientation to the outer, and how it is composited, and put together. And the feminine, in a closeness to that, supposedly has a rootedness to the depth of the reflection, but is unable to access, or reach, the significance, and the meaningfulness, of something so much more.

And that it involves something coming down and dislodging, and releasing, the impediments that keep an awakening, and a flow, from occurring.

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CROYou’ve probably heard this concept: We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And there is great truth in that idea, because there are parts of us that are universal, and parts of us that are purely planetary. But having a human experience is a great risk to our universal aspects – especially on a planet like this – because the temptations and distractions of this place can detour us from the spiritual purposes and processes we came here to do. So much so, in fact, that we can say that the planetary side of us is winning the battle – which explains everything about the world we see today. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream you and I are visiting someplace that feels like there’s some mountain and some woods nearby, but also a home we’re staying in, and a town and shops and things, you know, so it’s like it’s got both countryside and a little bit of town.

We’re staying with a family there that has children. One day I come home, or where we’re staying anyway, visiting, and I’ve bought this fancy red motorbike, kind of a cross between a… It’s like the Lexus of motorbikes, and it’s bright red, and it’s like a cross kind of between a motorcycle and a scooter. You know, it’s not like a huge motorcycle, but it’s something I can ride on.

So I have to get used to having this motorbike and I also, for some reason, have brought along this little gray skateboard. I’m always trying to keep track of both the red motorbike and the gray skateboard.

You’ve gone off to the woods to play poker. There’s a poker game going on in the woods. And while you’re in the woods playing poker, it’s like I’m suddenly thinking I don’t know where the motorbike or the scooter is. I feel like I’ve lost them. And I haven’t done anything to identify everything.

So I go to where you’re playing the poker game and I do see some kids going by on skateboards, so I think maybe one of them borrowed my skateboard. And then I see the motorbike parked off to the side. I’m thinking I’m going to have to go to the Lexus dealer, I think the motorbike was actually a Lexus of some kind. Maybe have to get some kind of decal painted on it so I can tell it from any other red motorbike, or if somebody took it I could tell how it was distinct.

I kind of feel like the kids maybe are using the motorbike. I’ve gone back to the house where we’re staying and the kids kind of come running in and out, so I’m kind of letting go of the little gray skateboard, but feeling like I’m going to have to do something to identify the motorbike. That was that dream.

John: What’s interesting is, of course, you have to incorporate the two dreams together, and first of all what’s interesting is you have somehow or another in this dream kind of brought together the process of the east traveling to the west, in which you have the components in place. You show that you have the components in place.

In other words, it’s just like you’ve integrated the masculine and the feminine, or the inner and the outer, or so it seems, in a particular motif way. But you have to look at the particular motif way that you reach a kind of completeness, so to speak. You did this kind of completeness by going from an east, kind of a northeast, to a northwest. At the very beginning it seems that there is a certain balance there between the two. So now you have to contend with going more into life, or more to the south.

So that’s where the little red wagon comes in, or the red motorcycle, and that enables you to take liberties. And then you have the skateboard that enables you to kind of be able to knife along. And that sort of thing kind of naturally wants to emerge when you have a wholeness, or a completeness, from the way the dream started off in terms of intertwining, or catching up, with the east to the west.

But when you attempt then to contend with things in an outer unfoldment, or going to the south way, you endanger that connection. And so you’ve established a completeness so that it’s not completely forgotten, but it still is thrown a bit askew because I then, or the masculine, and the feminine that is integrated at the beginning, you having something that goes out and extends yourself through your red motorcycle, and your ability to skateboard around and in and about things that are happening, has its limits because, as that is happening, the masculine side of the energy is out gambling and carrying on in kind of a way that is also taking a type of liberty.

And the two need to function together, because when the masculine tries to sort something out, and takes liberties, and deals with the idiosyncrasies of things, it is going to suffer some wear and tear. Gambling’s not a thing that works with perfection. And the dream kind of completes where you realize that something is not quite feeling right, so you have to go and find that masculine gambling side. You have to figure out where that’s at again.

And that’s where the motorbike is at, and that’s where the scooter is at, and that’s where everything is at – and it comes back together.

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