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All energy seeks a path to travel. We ground our electrical systems so that the path that excess energy chooses to travel is away from us. In our connected life, our spiritual processes attract higher energies, but if we don’t ground those energies through our conscious and unconscious processes, they will continue to move through us with unintended consequences, perhaps triggering emotions or defense mechanisms. When we ground higher energy we are giving it a safe passage into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So what I remember of the dream is I felt like I had this long dream, and it felt like Jen from our group was in the dream, nearby. And I seem to be in a space, it was kind of a golden, mellow space. 

And I guess the best way I can remember it is I felt like I was getting some kind of body work, and that body work almost caused a certain kind of rocking sensation, plus there was this golden light around. And there were different ways of getting the body work, with different vibrations. 

And I seem to be discussing that with Jen, because there’d be the one scene and I was getting the body work in a way with the golden light, and it felt like a certain level of penetration could happen then; a certain shift could happen. And then if you saw the same scene, but you were getting the body work done in a different way, it had a different effect. 

So I seem to be discussing that with Jen, in terms of how or what you got, or how you got it. And the better way to get it, or what it did. And that’s all I remember. It was more of a sensation dream than anything.

John: Well, what was going on yesterday, in terms of the dream world, was working with the elements. I worked with the water element, and you’re trying to work with the body element. 

So what you’re doing is you’re working with the earth element that has to do with grounding. You’re trying to understand the aspects and the principles of grounding, something in an earthy way.

For the feminine, manifestation is her domain, in that there is the aspect of soul and all of its qualities embedded in manifestation. In other words, there’s the light embedded in matter. And if you’re properly grounded, if you’re wonderfully grounded, you can tend to pull it in from within the depths of like the groundwire effect to things, you could pull in the light from above. 

You see this pulling in of the light from above in areas that require a person to have to deal with the earth element really, really directly. For example, that is accentuated in the Far North. And so where they have to deal with the earth element of things really, really directly like if you were from Alaska, or something, where you had to be a little bit like a Native American and you had to live off the land, and chew the tallow of fat and whatnot to get energy. In other words, finding yourself really rooted to things. 

The whole reason for the phenomenon is to bring a person to the recognition that rootedness, being grounded physically, is really, really important in terms of pulling down things. And the pulling down of things is the holding of a presence. And, in the holding of that presence, you find that you have an awareness, a natural knowingness, that comes up from this way of being. 

And so what you were doing is you both work with a type of principle of body work. In other words, you use something as an aspect of a rootedness, of a presence of yourself, in order to work with the things that are misaligned in terms of people. You both do this in a slightly different way. You both work with the Kundalini energy in a slightly different way, but incorporate the rootedness of the earthiness of things in order to see it through.

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We all have set patterns and ways of doing things, but we don’t always understand that those repetitions can help us generate into a specific alignment and intention. But it is always the idea and the intention that comes first, so as one becomes a skilled practitioner of life, the need for the repetition diminishes and the intention can create the desired effect. This is what development enables. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I just remember one dream, and, in that dream I seem to be trying to figure out how to get one acupuncture treatment. And I feel like there’s even a way to do it energetically. 

But I feel like when I go to consult with the person that I would want to get the treatment from, that I know that my problem is that everybody’s used to doing acupuncture treatments in series of tens. And they’re all used to doing it with needles. And I just can’t figure out how to convince someone that actually one treatment is going to work. And then maybe you can even do this treatment without needles. 

And there is at least one person I talked to, but I realize that people just don’t get that if you try to do something differently than how they’re used to doing, they don’t think it can be done. And I can’t quite figure out how to get it done. I’m talking to somebody about how it can be done energetically, but I realize that I can’t seem to break through people’s concepts of how something is done, or has to be done. And so I just get frustrated with that; how am I going to do that?

John: So the key to understanding this dream is to understand what the theme was meant to be last night. And the theme that existed last night had to do with being able to be in life, in all of its different multiplicity ways, without having to be set in any particular way. 

You looked at it in terms of how to let go of things, as a type of letting go in terms of a presence. And you’re finding that, in life, everyone has a tendency to have adopted a particular pattern that they maintain over and over again. And, because of this pattern, they fail to see what is obvious in front of them.

They’ve gotten into this pattern, and so this pattern becomes the dictum to how something is, and you have a sense that there’s something more, much more, behind it all. And that this is something that is not in any kind of specific defined way, that you don’t have to go through some sort of set, over and over, defined protocol – that you can just let go and experience it energetically. 

In other words, it’s as if everyone else feels that there is some sort of defined outer way that something is done in order to create an invisible effect. And you are of the recognition and view that it’s not the act itself that does it, it’s the energetic behind the act, behind it all, that does it. And if you hit that energetic, that’s all that’s needed. 

The activities in the outer, where everyone has 10 steps or something like that that they think of as a checklist will get them to what they desire as a solution. And that’s something that you realize will never lead to a solution because it just solidifies into some other aspected way of being. 

And you know that what has to be done has to take place in a sense that is invisible, energetically invisible. That’s a statement of the feminine, in terms of her presence in existence. She knows how to not let things stick in a way that creates a discombobulation from our standpoint of attitude or judgment or mannerism. And so it’s a quality of not leaving traces, in terms of being able to hold oneself in an overallness. 

So this quality of being able to be invisible, a feminine trait, is offset by a masculine trait, which is the quality of a natural catching up with a knowingness, where you just have a sense of what is and you’re not continually having to figure out how to peel back to figure out what is. You just have a natural sense in which you know things. 

So the feminine trait is to let go of the mannerisms of a checklisted unfoldment, and know how to invisiblize oneself. The whole idea was, how do you go about when you move through life? What is the way? What is the right adab or mannerism for doing so? And so you dreamt what that is like in the accentuated feminine, and I dreamt what it was like in the accentuated masculine.

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A human life is constantly swirling with activity: we learn new things, we let go of old things, we stifle certain aspects of ourselves, and we rediscover certain aspects of ourselves. This has to do with our ability to handle something, or not, or the way our life supports something, or not. When we stifle an aspect of ourselves, we take on a kind of amnesia toward it, forgetting it is even there. As we develop we can have opportunities to revisit, and reawaken, them, and that is what today’s dream is about. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my dream, it feels like my mother is involved with other people in building this building that will be apartments where people can live. And my dad has come back from somewhere, and he’s in the background in the scene, but not really that strong a part of it at the moment. And I’m kind of looking at this whole building, and exploring it, and thinking about living there. 

And then there do seem to be some people that I see as destructive, or the bad guys in some way, anyway. And, one of them, I almost feel like at one point either chases me, or I’m chasing him. And I go into an area where I see part of what is helping construct this whole building, but it’s something odd, it almost looks like if you had a train moving underground, and you were looking just at the top layer of it and it had water flowing over it, and the water was kind of an odd blue white color. And it was swirling, but it maybe was energy, maybe it was water. 

And if you kind of looked down, or went down, into that, you could go into some compartments that would actually take you, then, up to some of the areas that were being constructed, some of the apartments. And what I realized is that there’s a way in which I could jump in there and actually go into an apartment and be taken somewhere. That was one of the ways that you could get away from the bad guys. 

However, I discovered there was this one bad guy that actually could figure out how to do the same thing. So I go to find my mother to let her know that that’s how he escaped was he figured out how to get into the building. And they need to know this, that they need to know he has a way of getting in. Plus, I’ve kind of decided that I want to take one of the smaller apartments. So I’m going in, and I’m looking at some of the units. 

And then I see that there’s some units, that there’s just room enough for one person and their things, and then next to it is kind of an open unit with another space. And there’s just one person, and one person, and one person. And I realize I don’t want anything quite that small, that I actually, for a period of time, want to get one of the medium-sized apartments and live there with my mother for a time. 

So I want to go and talk with her about it, and also let her know that one of these guys that they thought that they could keep out has figured out how to get in. So that was the dream. 

John: So what this is, I could see right at the very beginning that this was a dream about a quality of amnesia, or cutting yourself off from an awareness that you naturally have. But, in my dream, I was told why I cut myself off from the awareness, and I was trying to look to see what it was, and how it was, that you cut yourself off from the awareness. 

What the dream is indicating, however, is that you’re going back into awakening whatever that was that got cut off, that is able to construct things, to bring things together. But maybe not bringing things together as much as construct something back in some sort of original way that you’ve forgotten, or cut yourself off from remembering. 

And it has to do with feminine energy in terms of a relationship, in terms of something that was designed. And your father, at this particular point in time, didn’t understand it, didn’t get it, was in the situation, perhaps, but of no significance or importance. And so, as a consequence, there was a problem in which an amnesia, over the course of time, occurred. 

Now the scenario that exists for a dream like this is, it’s repeating. What you did add, though, is interesting information is that it’s a quality of feminine energy, like a responsibility in life. And the amnesia is facilitated, to a large degree, by a lack of something proper that has caused the cringing, and the isolation, or the pulling off to one side to where it becomes a lost functionality. In your case, what caused you to forget I don’t know, because you didn’t reveal that.

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