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i2wsesTo carry a tiny person in one’s pocket, in a dream, and protect them as one moves about, is a good illustration that we are all the characters in our dreams. Because we know this is not a real life image – it’s not someone that is known in the outer world. It is a character that represents a still vulnerable aspect of the dreamer, and it is important for the waking self to provide the safety that is needed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the next dream, I’m traveling, walking actually, it feels like to get to where I’m going, and there’s a place where I’m going to stay for a few days. And, as I approach this place, and I can look down, I see several structures. There must be like a gateway when you go in.

And it’s like, if you’re traveling, then they’ll assign you to where you stay for the night. And I’m going to be staying, I think, in building D maybe. And I look down, and I see that the main people that live there, that run things, they live in something that used to be a building that belonged to the Hearsts, it’s almost like a Hearst Castle, but they’ve gone a little bit to ruin – but it’s still quite elaborate.

And then beyond it are three more institutional-looking buildings that are a little more identical, and those are buildings B, C, and D. And I’m looking at how rugged this little wooden path is that goes, and how much further it is than I had thought it would be. So I’m kind of taking a breath because this just going to spend a few nights somewhere is turning out to be a bit more challenging than I realized.

But then as I pass through, it must be the building of the family that’s running things, I don’t remember all of the exchanges that happen, but somewhere in there they have a younger sister. And she seems to compress herself into something that’s only about so many inches big. And she’s compressed in the middle of it, and I stick it in the pocket of my dress, and she’s hidden, then, and travels with me as I go to where I’m going.

And I’m kind of weaving in and out among a lot of the people there, including she has a number of brothers and mostly sisters, and her mother. The others seem like normal, except they seem to be running things and they seem to have some magic about them. And so you’re kind of trying to stay hidden in their presence, and I’m definitely hiding her.

As we travel about, it’s like I do have some interactions, but I don’t recall a lot them. And definitely I avoid the mother because the mother has this kind of long black hair and you can be a little scared of her. I even feel like that girl I’ve got in my skirt is hiding from the mother. But after we’ve gone so far out, and then we seem to be coming back because of something that’s going to happen, then I feel like there’s a ceremony we all need to perform in. And for that, I’m going to have to wake her up and feed her. And then it’ll become obvious that I have her.

But I have to wait until the right time to feed her, and wake her up, and bring her out, and she has to want to come out, too, and then she can take part in this dance, or ceremony, but it might even become a battle – you don’t know which – it just has all different kinds of feelings about it.

So then I reveal, first to one of her sisters where she’s at, and I think she comes out. I remember seeing the mother in the line there somewhere, too, whatever was occurring. And I think that was when I woke up.

John: What you’re doing is something that is a positive subrogation of energy. Most people, when they subrogate energy, they get lost in the subrogation.

So what do I mean by that? Well, usually, in life, people are overwhelmed by things that are in front of them, by the appearance of things in front of them. In other words, they’re overwhelmed by how they have to live, and what kind of job they have to have, and all of the little nuances that just go along with basic human existence.

And let’s say that that is a .7. And then from .7 to 1.2, what opens up for you is the recognition that this is something that has a certain wealth effect to it. In other words, it’s a hidden energy. It’s the Hearst family; the Hearst family has a wealth over all kinds of things. And so what that is, is we’re talking a .7 to 1.2, that’s in the out-breath. There’s something coming down into life.

You don’t necessarily bring it down into life, instead, you come to recognize that there’s something deeper in that process of an awareness that is important. In other words, you see all the outer nuances of power and wealth and stuff like that, just like you can see all of the outer factors and features of a lifestyle that people have, and how they can be more or less caught up in that.

But you come to know that there is a greater meaningfulness behind it, which is that the greatest saint could have also become the greatest dictator, or something. Just like Siddhartha, the prophecy of Siddhartha, was he could either become a very great king, or a very great saint. And he left his kingdom when he realized there was more going on than what was being carefully spooned out to him.

So in this .7 to 1.2 side of yourself, you have this hidden essence, some part of you actually knows that there’s something more to all of this, within the family of wealth and such, there are the more grown-up aspects of things. In other words, they’re not small like this one little thing is.

What is most precious, what’s the secret substance to all of this, is maintaining the recognition of this thing that is most, most precious inside, which is this little, little thing that you hide in the folds of the dress that you wear. And you carry that, you hold that, that’s a quality that you maintain inside of yourself in spite of the fact that you’re in the .7 to 1.2 out-breath coming down.

The day arrives, however, when something switches, and you start to go in, go up. And when you start to do the in-breath, it causes then something to become pulled more together, more made known. You’re going into the angelic side of yourself where you experience this part of yourself more out in the open. You can show the other parts of yourself how they can see, and come to know, this little part hidden inside.

So what you’ve done is you have conquered the two components, the two flip-side components that are identical – meaning between the high in the breath in-breath, but you’ve started with the high in the breath, coming down, out-breath.

Somehow, when you put this together with your first dream, there is the recognition that in order for all of this to be understood, in terms of a greater history of your beingness, that has pent-up qualities, is that you have to give something to the masculine in order to be able to bring this thing down into a point where you catch up with these hidden elements of the two flip sides of yourself.

When you’re able to bring a clarity, like from the first dream, to the situation, which is where you give something to the masculine which is the clarity aspect. And when you give that something to the masculine it causes a shift to somewhere else. That shift to somewhere else, that’s revealed in this dream, is that you’re now able to introduce to a greater overallness of your being.

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1ce41Each of us has our strengths in the way we do things. For example, when we find ourself challenged, or needing to solve a particular problem, we will usually go through our tried and true methodologies – you know, the ones that have worked for us in the past. Sometimes, even those don’t work. That’s when we need to stretch beyond our established ways and find new solutions. And, when we do, those new solutions will become part of our methods going forward. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, the first dream I remember, I’ve been living in a house, but it’s kind of a shared house, there’s like this invisible wall that sometimes can just remove itself between my living room and the woman who lives, or family that lives, on the other side of the house.

And I’m going to be moving. So I’ve been cleaning the house. I’ve got my car packed and everything. And I’ve gone to her, and I’m going to be looking around for someone else to live in the house after I leave.

And, at some point, I run into this man, and I’m going to have him stay there temporarily and see if it’s going to work out for him to live there. And I show him this kind of unusual arrangement where sometimes the wall between my apartment, let’s say, and her apartment can just disappear. And other times it’s there. I want to know if she’s going to be comfortable with this, and if he’s going to be comfortable with this, so I’m letting him stay at the house a little while.

Meanwhile, I packed up everything and it’s in my car, and I’m traveling, but I’m not yet going to where I’m going to be. I’m going to be kind of in transition, for a while, and looking at where I might stay temporarily. And I’m also somewhat focused on whether or not it’s going to work out for him to live there. That’s all I remember of the first dream.

John: Well, in this dream, you’re having to shift, you’re having to transition, you’re having to open up from what is a part of yourself to something more. This is a different impact in your dreaming.

Ordinarily, it has been important in the dreaming to catch up with parts of yourself that are there – but you’re not acknowledging. But, in this particular case, you’re dealing with the part of yourself that is there, that is affecting you in some capacity, even though the veil is thin, and that you need to throw a spotlight on it, in such a way, so that that part shifts into a greater wholeness. Instead of it just being there, it shifts into greater wholeness. It just being there holds something back in a limiting way.

And so when it shifts into a greater wholeness, that shift actually inflects somewhere else, in terms of a greater beingness, to where you then are able to become so much more. I mean, that’s the energetic, so what is it really referring to?

So the house that you live in, that has this thin veil, like two apartments, and you’re on one side and it on the other, is something that can tend to blur a little bit, but technically it’s separate, and that you need to bring more clarity to that situation in order to reveal something that is there, that has to do with an ancient part, or an old part, of yourself.

Now, it’s a part of yourself that, in most instances of developing a consciousness inside, in most instances this is a part of yourself that most dreams would indicate that you would be needing to awaken, or come to see, or to come to recognize, or to come to know better. In this particular case, this coming to see, coming to recognize, coming to know better is based upon bringing a clarity into the equation. That’s where you bring this other guy in that then sits in the place where you’re at.

So what you’re doing is you’re giving something to the masculine, you’re giving something to the plane of a clarity. You’re giving something to the plane of a clarity, or the plane of a wisdom, in order for something to be able to be seen, because you just carrying this feminine principle, in and of itself, is holding you in some sort of trance. But when you give something to the masculine, when you let go in some capacity where you give something to the masculine, that which needs to be seen at a greater depth of yourself is able to be seen, and thus, you find yourself able to be transported into a whole new way. What that will be, and where that is, and how that goes, and all of that, isn’t revealed to you, other than the fact that you make a big shift.

So what is it that is sitting in your nature, that you’re not able to catch up with, that is made possible when you give something to the masculine, that brings in a clarity that you aren’t able to reach this aspect of your feminine nature by yourself, that is necessary to give something to the masculine for this to be able to happen?

This is a very, very interesting informational dream. What it is that is pent up in your nature, is dormant from a long, long time ago. Basically, it’s hard to note that it is saying this, but this is a dormancy that goes back beyond this lifetime. It’s a dormancy that has an effect upon you, that dictates and impacts the way you’re able to relate to things, in that particular house that you’re in, where there is always this thin line that flickers a bit, that’s between a part of yourself and you also there.

When you’re willing to step aside from just the flickering, and just this other that’s there, and truly pack up your belongings and leave, and leave in its place a clarity, which is the masculine, you’re not abandoning anything. What you’re doing is you’re leaving the space so that it is able to be in a greater fruition of itself. What that means is that however it is, and wherever it is, you shift to, even though you don’t know what that’s going to be about, is going to be something so, so, so much more.

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internet-connnect-map-fractalIt may seem a contradiction: to let go, yet also to become responsible in our development journeys. It’s not, however, because we do need to become conscious of our energetic affect on people and things – in terms of what we think, how we act, and what we do. Yet we also need to let go of our personal viewpoint, and also the idea that we know better than the universe how things should unfold. For the universe to make use of us, we have to be able to listen and respond to what It wants. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the next dream I’ve gotten into a pickup with you, and you’re in the front seat with another guy, and at some point there’s another woman who joins us – but I don’t know if she’s in the back seat with me or not, but it’s one of those bigger pickups that has that kind of half passenger seat in the back.

So, you seem to have almost driven it right up and into a building that reminds me a bit of a hospital, and we’re going to do something there. I don’t remember what it is, but I’ve gone away from you for a few minutes.

I come back to where you guys are to see if you’ve done what we’d come there to do and it hasn’t happened. It seems like what I get focused on is I have this large shawl that’s more like the size of the tablecloth and I’m trying to get it folded right – and that seems important. It has embroidery on it and certain bright colors in some areas.

And the other woman even tries to help me, but I have to kind of wave her off because there’s something wrong that I just can’t get it where it will fold in the right places. And I finally figure out that maybe somewhere it’s been stitched together, but I have a feeling like if I can get this folded right and wear it right it seems like it would help us with the process.

But I’m frustrated. There’re even some doctors that are having a meeting that come and wander through at one point in this whole process, but I just note them in the background. And then it feels like the dream just shifts.

John: So what this dream is doing is it’s indicating that a lot of your problem in terms of being succinctly aware of what needs to be, has to do with the acceptance of letting yourself be directed in terms of how it is things unfold. It has a sense of almost an easygoing relaxation to kind of go with the flow like that.

However, this isn’t appropriate, or getting the job done, in terms of how it is that you need to be in terms of your role with yourself – with who you are, and how you are able and meant to be. In other words, something can bring you to a point but, nevertheless, after being brought to that point you have a responsibility to take and step forward and see how something is folded, and put together, and packaged and such. Or otherwise, if you stay in the malaise, you stay in a mood or in a tone in which something just isn’t quite right in terms of what it is that you’re meant to access, and experience, and touch, and know in terms of yourself.

In other words, you can’t live a life that is based upon a submission or bifurcation that goes through the eyes of someone else. You can do that up to a degree. You can catch the ride like that up to a degree, but you have to fill in the blanks, and bring about a balance and an order, and proper packaged unfoldment. You have to do that – as being true to yourself. You can’t just let that sort of thing hang out on its own – as if it will figure itself out that way.

Jeane: Then you and I seem to have gone back in time. We seem to be almost in a foreign land in kind of a little village square area, or more like an old time city area I would guess because there are shops and everything around us but it seems kind of foreign.

There’s still another woman with us and we go into an area where we’re going to eat. We sit down around a round table; there seems to be a Chinese man serving the food. The woman disappears for a moment into more of an inner area, so I get up. I think I’ve taken just a bite or something out of some fish, and I get up to go get her, or bring her back to eat, but when I step through the doorway I can’t see where she’s gone.

So I wander there a little bit to look, but since I can’t find her I come back to the table. It feels like you’ve eaten, and I look around to see where my plate is and I do see that there’s a cooked fish still there, and I’m going to look to put a certain sauce on it. And then the Chinese man who served us kind of indicates to me that, no, I need to taste the sauce that’s already on the fish, that it’s going to be the right one.

John: So, you’re taking and you’re describing, in the first part of the dream, what it is and how it is that you’re meant to be in order to bring something forward through yourself as a knowingness – and that you won’t catch up with that knowingness if you just sit back in a submissive way.

And then when you shift and seem to go somewhere, what you’re actually doing is this is not a traveling per se, in a physical sense that is. It is instead a reverting to a way of perceiving, inside of yourself. In other words, this other process brought you to a point where it causes you to shake yourself out into perceiving more directly, internally. And that’s important for you to be able to recognize the unseen, a language that works in that capacity.

You don’t quite pull it off. I mean there’s a walking through a doorway and all of this stuff that occurs, but you don’t have the instantaneous visualization of what that is like. But you’re getting closer. You’re still cluttering something up in terms of its real subtle quality that speaks in this nonverbal instantaneous knowing way. You’re still apt, when left to your own devices, to mess up the naturalness of it, but at least you’re starting to try to settle back and give it a chance; in other words, realize that the sauce is unfolding for a reason, or it has a reason to taste it, to recognize that first. In other words, note the difference between what is provided in a natural language inner unfoldment way, versus what it is that you are still inclined to do.

What you’re talking about is something that in my dreams I go into quite a bit of depth about, especially the initial dream. I too do not handle this, naturally, very well. However, I shake closer to it because it’s more of a masculine kind of energy way.

And you come closer to it by seeing how you are situated naturally already, and have to honor the naturalness that already exists in the environment that you’re in, and that this is your way that may look a little more indirect, but it is your way in which you catch up with that language.

I catch up with the language by way of overtly dealing with it in kind of a way that connects. In other words, I move the force or something around, and it kind of then comes and finds itself via inflections that spring out from kind of going through a heart center. And because the heart is connected to everything that exists, I find that intertwining, I recognize that intertwining, and am able to speak vibrationally to that – and in that way am able to find a nonverbal language that, when properly and completely and readily done in this way, causes things to shift, change, and unfold because we’re all on the same page. There’s no diversion.

That’s kind of how I do it, and you can come to know it by how whatever it is that’s unfolding is unbalanced and that there is a more natural way that it needs to be twined and folded for it to more succinctly link. You come to know that through allowing yourself to recognize that which you are able to naturally feel when you are yourself, in other words, not affected by influences around you.

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