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http://regex.info/blog/2010-11-20/1666In looking at these dream images it’s good to remember that we are all the characters in our dreams. We are the wayward people, and we are the guides, or ushers. We are all the components that arise. In this example we can see how these different aspects are having trouble staying together, or being on the same page about things. Yet, as a life, we must be in charge of these aspects and get them all together, otherwise we risk not getting where we want to go. Or, as is shown, we must become the owner of the house. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I felt like I didn’t dream much. In one dream I remember it felt like I’m an adolescent. And I’m going over to a friend’s house who’s a little bit older, and it’s like I’m maybe supposed to take care of the house over there.

But I get over there and I found out she’s gone, but she’s invited some guys to come by that maybe want to drink beer or have a party while she’s away. So then someone that I know comes over, he looks in, and tells me that I can stay there, you know, taking care of the house like I planned, but I can’t have anybody drink while I’m there.

And maybe that same person, which feels like another part of me, even tells the guys that they’ll have to leave if they’re drinking. I also go out and sit on the roof for some reason. It has like maybe a veranda and a roof, and I go sit on the roof for awhile because I like to do that.

The not drinking the beer doesn’t seem to upset me that much, but I do want to leave the house to go see a grandfather who does martial arts, and I don’t seem to have permission to do that – and I am struggling with that. But either I must go ahead and leave that to see the grandfather, or the grandfather comes to the house, because suddenly he’s showing me a martial arts kind of like demonstration with someone that he’s competing against. That’s all I really remember unless my other dream pops back in.

John: It’s a pretty deep dream. So, what you mean by adolescent is that you’re at an in-between zone. In other words, the deeper part of yourself, which is the owner of the house, is not there, and you’re trying to catch up with that.

And the tenants that are there by default, so to speak, are drinking, maintaining themselves in a delirium in the outer, and that you can stay there knowing that you can’t drink but, at the same time, you’re still not quite able to be at this place in the way that you need to be, in terms of full possession ownership of getting it.

What it is that you’re meant to get has to do with the moment and the importance of a stillness. The drinking and all of that, and the others that are doing all of that, are keeping themselves or remaining in a state that flickers back and forth in the outer, by flickering back and forth meaning, in this instance, back and forth into one illusion after another illusion, staying in a constant state of delirium.

At least you know that it is important for you not to be in the delirium, and that if you could catch up with the essence of what this house is all about you would be catching up with the moment, and the time, and the importance of the stillness of it all.

If you do that, if you do that, even the spiritual journey comes to an end. But to not do that means you still have to go and keep coming closer and closer and closer to the essence that is revealed, and made possible for you to grasp and, in this case, that essence is represented by the grandfather.

So, when you catch up with that, that’s almost like an alternative option. In other words, you can catch up with it in terms of really understanding the awareness in life itself, the Mother Maya principle, which would be out-breath and more Chisti in nature. Or you can come to understand it by the in-breath, by the recognition that there is something way beyond the beyond as a moment, and as a directive, and as an unfoldment of inner into outer – that is the grandfather

And that realization enables you to come to know how it is that you can serve humanity. In other words, what is it that you can do that can make a difference, or have an effect, in terms of how it is that you are able to function, because you are in a physical body, when you catch up with this, how it is that you’re able to function in terms of the greater meaningfulness that is intended to come through you and reflect into life.

Jeane: I remembered my first dream and in this I’m with an ex-boyfriend, and we’re at this large stadium where there’s a lot of people, and it’s almost like there was some kind of event that was going on outside. And then when we go inside, it’s maybe separated into pie-like shapes and, you know, you’re going to sit in one section and watch a movie.

But the impression I also have is that the different sections might even watch different movies, or at least the sections were different. I happen to have the two tickets, but he wants me to go on ahead, or for whatever reason I go on ahead, into the section where we’re going to sit down to watch the movie.

So I have the tickets. So I go in and I find an usher and she sits me down, she takes me up to a seat and sits me down next to this woman. And she explains to me, and I even look at them, that the two tickets are actually seated separately.

And it’s hard for me to read, but she takes the tickets to hold them because I’m fussing about this because I know that he’s going to look to find me to know where he’s going to sit, and why would you sell two people tickets that are coming in together and they’re not seated together?

So she said to leave the tickets with her and she’ll figure it out. Meanwhile I’d gone and sat next to this woman. Well, a certain amount of time goes by; I don’t see him. I realize it’s a lot more crowded than I realized. I don’t see him, or if he’s come in, and maybe have to go down and look instead of just sit and look. And also I don’t see that usher, so I need to know what’s happened to our two tickets so I can even tell him where his is if we’re not going to sit together.

And now I can’t find the usher, can’t find him either for that matter, and I even go over to another section because I’m looking for someone in authority to see if they can sort it out, because it’s just the whole idea is so absurd to me that they would sell two people tickets and not keep them together. Plus I can’t find him now, anyway.

John: Actually, knowing what my dream is makes it easy to understand what this dream is saying, because after you reported your dream you actually reported the Naqshbandi way in your first dream.

In other words, you were going with the in-breath, finding it in a masculine way. In other words, you were assailing the masculine that you needed to assail, that you needed to catch up with and get to, which is a sight. And the sight is an in-breath sight, because that breath going back is into the sun, or the top, as opposed to the out-breath that is down to the moon, or Maya, or Mother Earth.

And there you come to know what it is that is your dharma, or principle, way of being in the stillness, and in the moment of the wholeness of the essence of it all, that then is diverged and broken into its various and sundry misaligned component parts, that you were able to hold a focus that can function as a pulling of it together – thus the martial arts, which is a way of getting to a soothingness, and a calmness, and a stillness.

So then you get to describing this in detail again, in the other dream, in which you talk about the various levels. And at these levels you have access, and that access is something that you are taking, and sustaining, and maintaining, and conceivably working with the mother principle – which means the depth of a naturalness inside of yourself, to facilitate and bring across all component parts to the wholeness.

And it’s your responsibility to do that, and that there is something about that that doesn’t come together in the dream. In other words, you’re not able to settle back, and be relaxed, and at a peace, in terms of being able to take in the various levels, because there’s still a jumpiness, and an awkwardness, as something that’s still yet meant to be.

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Union-4The masculine and feminine genders are different, and play different roles in human life, as well as different roles in spiritual life. Unfortunately those roles have been lost in this male-dominated world we find ourselves in – and that is a loss for everyone because it has caused an adjacent and equal energetic principle to be stifled into a position of being lesser throughout much of the world. For true balance within ourselves and in the world, the feminine principle needs to regain its rightful position next to the masculine principle. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my main dream, I’m in a house that belongs to a woman. And in one room of the house is a very kind of charismatic man that I’ve known from my past, that I seem to want to get closer to, but there’s a woman that he’s somewhat pursuing. But I also seem to be responsible for fixing up his room so he’s gone out with the other woman, but he’s actually come back.

The woman who runs the house just seems to be in another room, and I’m in his room and I’m kind of straightening things up. And whereas before I seem to be kind of really interested in pursuing him on one level, now it’s like, as he approaches, I’m kind of moving around the room doing things.

The thing that I seem to be focused on as I’m straightening up his room, I have two focuses, one is it feels like I can tell that there’s a golf game or something that he wants to watch so I go into the other room and try to tune in the old TV set for him, but it won’t quite tune in.

But my real focus seems to be on, there was a piece of paper and it was cut into four equal parts and each part seemed to have a grey and white pattern on it that was like the tile designs in Uzbekistan. But one piece of the paper is not there anymore – and that feels like that’s my focus, I mean the ones that makes the fourth corner of it like if you were looking at a square the upper right hand corner of the paper, that quadrant is missing.

And so it’s almost like my attention has shifted some because it’s almost like I feel some connection with him that I wanted I can back off of a little because there’s something there, but my real focus now is on that paper on the design, and the missing piece of the design. Even though the designs are kind of identical I need the fourth quadrant.

And so on an outer level I may be going over to tune things in for him, and I’m straightening up his room. I’m even actually kind of moving around the room in a certain way, but my real focus is on that pattern on the paper.

John: You’re describing a process of awakening, or coming into a wholeness, that has both a microcosmic and macrocosmic quality to it.

On the microcosmic level you’re affected by forces in a patriarchal outer world. In other words because things are manipulated and shifted about by the seed energy thought patterns that come through what is considered a masculine energy. And so you’re required, in a limiting, self limiting microcosmic way, you’re required to take that in, contend with that in some sort of way that is conducive to the schematic of an overall well being.

That’s the nature of the feminine, to have to be a receptacle and container for this sort of thing that flows, like a will of God, into manifestation. And because of the magnetism of the outer that is the nature of this loci, your attention is inclined to be confined to the seed thoughts and the mannerisms that lie before you, immediately before you, in this seed thought, i.e. patriarchal way of being.

This is where everything has to start. It has to start in this way in terms of the feminine forgiving, and letting go, and learning how to embrace, and take in, and provide something to the wholeness of it all and, in doing so, catches up then with the other levels that exist in an expansiveness in that what is done in a microcosmic way also is impacting the macrocosm.

And that eventually you go beyond the general overall malaise, or amnesia, in which what you’re doing appears to be identified and associated with the environmental microcosm that you find yourself in. Eventually you go beyond that and start to realize that it all intertwines, and it intertwines and is interconnected in a greater matrix and wholeness that is all of life, and that you put all of that together, and are putting all of that together, simultaneously. And that you may not be aware of this when working strictly in the microcosm, but ultimately become aware of this as you get more appropriately aligned.

And when you do get to this particular point where you effectuate this as a natural overall design in manifestation, you are, instead of catching up with disconsonant energetics, you are actually gaining more and more access to the principle of taking the seed thought that is in its higher essence, actually the divine thought of God, the will of God might be another way of saying it, and funneling that into the wholeness of everything in the universe.

This is kind of your calling. This is how you are meant to evolve in taking back, or catching up, with a destiny in which you reassess the crown of your own beingness. That’s a big dream.

Now, what this dream doesn’t have is certain details about the divine imprint, like for example we live in such a collective that that sort of thing gets smothered out and we tend to adopt principles and mannerisms that are associated with the gravity of the situation that we find ourselves mired in that is all around us.

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Tristan Savatier

If the house were on fire, what would you rescue? If the house on fire were an image for an energetic shift on an inner level, then it would mean that not everything could be saved, because new energies have different requirements and needs, just like when we reach a certain level of maturity we have to let go of our comfy blanket or our pacifier, or we get a work promotion and we have to take on a new level of responsibility. It works the same way as we develop, letting go to make way for the new. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I felt another night my dreams were all over the place.

The main dream, it’s like I have a house. It’s maybe not too far from my mother’s house, but I still have some of her things in it. And the house is catching on fire, so I’m trying to load up things and get them in the car, and especially maybe things that would have some meaning to my mother, but just things you want you want to get out of the house anyway.

And, initially, I have people helping me and we’re putting things in boxes. I think even your brother at some point was helping, and getting them into this kind of white car I have and driving it somewhere and come back. But then the fire speeds up, and the house is kind of gone.

I had to go back and even make sure I had the car, and bring boxes to the place where I’m moving to, which is maybe where my mother’s at or somebody else is at. In that part there’s almost like there’s a lot of going back and forth and trying to see if the car is even okay, and what did people actually pack, and was it packed okay, and to unpack.

That dream was like very active, and then it shifted a little.

John: Well, what you’re doing at this point, in this aspect, is there is an awareness of something in the outer that you have, that is in a state of transformation, it’s in a flux towards transformation. You perceive it as a type of getting burned up, or going through a process.

At the same time you see it as the journey being important, in terms of catching up with something that was important as part of this general overall process. In other words, it’s like you don’t just come down in life and leave, and have nothing to show for it. Even though it is said that everything is an illusion in the outer sense, it is there for the purpose of facilitating an awakening, and a catching up with, something more deeply imbedded in the overall

And so it’s just like looking at the Ferris Wheel and you see the scaffolding at the top and you know that the scaffolding is going to be taken down, but it is there as part of the construction of the hub. And the outer is there as part of the construction of something that you catch up with, in terms of a quality of acceptance, and a quality of recognition, at a depth of yourself that is important to the inner journey. In other words, the in and the outer journey come together.

The feminine way of presenting this is kind of the opposite way in which the masculine perceives it. The masculine can perceive the inner essence, and then can see images and inflections of a similitude patternized in the outer, because the inner and the outer were actually one, just somehow or another veiled a bit from each other.

The feminine sees this as catching up with things that are in its surroundings. In other words, they’re rescued from the malaise of it all. That they’re able to embody or maintain instead of it just being an overallness that is unconscious. And so it’s almost like the taking back. It’s like a taking back of something in the outer, back into the inner, and taking what is important in the outer back into the inner – and that’s the in-breath.

The out-breath image is where the masculine would have the inner and recognizing a similitude coming together in the outer. The feminine way of perceiving it would be an in-breath taking something of a treasure that is important to retain, or to hold onto, or to catch up with, bringing that back into the essence of a home on the inner.

In other words, it’s like you could say that, in that regard, if you wanted to be crude about it, it’s like the human being is like something that is tended in the field, like a cow in the field, and the cow is tended in the field because the cow has something that it produces – and what it produces is brought back to a home.

The difference is that you are the cow, and you are also the person that tends the cow. You’re all of that, but in a bifurcated way of saying it, the milk and such that the cow produces is taken from one level to another. It is important in terms of sustenance. It is important in terms of a greater realization.

You know, all of this is flirting around with the quality of the breath, and you’re dreaming in terms of something that is brought out of or from a depth of the outer in which the dross of the outer, that is the misalignment, is parted so that the product, the essential part, that is hidden, can be brought forth.

That’s an interesting in-breath description of what it looks like to the feminine to awaken to how it is that she embraces life. She embraces, she rescues, she catches up with those qualities that are meaningful in terms of the whole.

So, in that sense, it’s like a light rising up to touch light, you know to use that expression, and then the masculine is like a light coming down to touch light. And the pulling of those together is a cycle of creation.

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