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spiritual-iIn dreams, as in life, the situations we face are not always resolved in the first try. This dream follows the submarine adventure from the last post (see Submariner), but the scene has changed and the situation has become more intimate. Still, as we see, the efforts of seduction, of one feminine aspect and one masculine aspect in the dreamer, are unsuccessful. But to bring something from the inner depths, then into the house of life, and then into bed, is great progress. Perhaps the next dream will see the connection made. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So then I seem to be with the same people, this man and this younger woman, on land, but they’re no longer Soviet, and now they’re Israeli. And I’m still trying to steal secrets, but I might do that inside and outside the house, now.

And so when I’m outside there’s even a sleeping area there. And I know they’re going to leave the next day, I think to go back to Israel, and so I sleep in the bed with the young man. I think the woman is still in the house. And, although I can get quite close to him, I can’t really seduce him. Maybe there’s still just this difference between his being Israeli, and my not being Israeli, although the woman first thinks that I’ve seduced him when she comes in the morning, and I’m helping them pack to get ready, and even hooking her up with a leash for a little dog that showed up.

I kind of let her know that, no, he wasn’t quite seducible, but I’m trying to make sure they have what they need for their journey. And, again, I seem to be studying. I feel like I had been able to spy and get some secrets, but not all of them. I had just gotten as many as I could before they were going to leave that day, and now I’m helping her pack, and hook up with a little dog to take with them, before sending them on their way.

John: So what’s different is, you’re still working the same schematic in terms of how something can break down, in terms of there being an intertwined connectiveness, but the slight difference is you are toying with a different kind of note to the approach.

In other words, the first approach still had to do with something that went up and down as a flow. In other words, there was a flow connected to it. And, in this instance, you’re dealing with something in which there is a greater setness.

In other words, when something’s floating on the ocean in water, and goes up and down, there is kind of a sound flow that’s involved. It’s able to use a type of sound to sort things out, because a submarine uses sonar and stuff like that in order to move about –  it’s part of its secrecy.

When you are on land you don’t have that, and yet, at the same time, you have to be able to function in that kind of shifted modality, as well, in the same sort of way. In other words, things may be more set. Everything may have its ordered format. At least, in the initial dream, you did have a quality of a flow to try to sort things out with, now you don’t have necessarily the quality of flow as readily visible.

You still have the foreign element aspect that tries to create barriers, and a gap, and a veil, but what you now have, that’s slightly different, is without this kind of flow, and use of sound, you have a certain setness in a loud way. Now, can you break that into a clarity, and into a type of awareness? Can you shift that?

So, I can’t really describe how this is working with the elements very well, but it is a shift in the working with the elements. I don’t understand quite how to intertwine with all the elements. I’m more familiar with how the intertwining works in regards to something that has kind of a fire element, which is an in-the-blood quality that rises up from somewhere as a deep rooted cognition of wholeness. I’m a little familiar with that, and I’m familiar with how there is a way of working with sound as an aspect of flow, in terms of an intertwining.

But you’re now talking about an element use that I haven’t had to look at that much, which has to do with taking something in its basic nature, basic dense nature, and figuring out how to get it to intertwine, how to get it to drop its distinct, separate nature. That’s another note, and whether you actually describe that as an elemental kind of note, or just how, I don’t know. But it’s another note.

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According to some, we wouldn’t dream at all if we were fully functioning, realized, human beings. If we consider that idea, we can see that dreams are always showing us how we interact with ourselves, and within ourselves. If we had no psychologies or fears, and we didn’t project our personal view on the world around us, the sorting that dreams allow wouldn’t be necessary. Said another way, we would be in the flow of things. And if we were in the flow of things, then all the sorting would be happening in the moment, as needed, and there wouldn’t be anything to work out in our sleep. And that sounds rather dreamy. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the next dream, I seem to be visiting a man, in his living room, and in the adjoining room he has two young sons who are sleeping, or at least playing in their room.

And then I go over and it’s like I want to lay down under some blankets, on the floor, with him. And it also feels like there’s his mother, or someone, in the background somewhere, but not right there with us at the moment, but an influence.

And it’s like we kiss, but I can tell there’s an imbalance going on, like one of us maybe wants more children and the other doesn’t. And I’m also trying to figure out what is it that the mother would want, or what is it that the boys want? Because I think maybe he doesn’t want more children, and that’s what I’m trying to figure out.

And then the scene shifts, and I seem to be by myself, in a house where I go, and I think the boys burst into that living room at some point, too. Then I seem to be in a house and I go up to a room and there’s a man there, a married man I know from New York, and he embraces me, and kisses me, but I’m really not feeling anything. But now I know he’s going to be going back to New York. That was all that I dreamt.

John: Well, what you’re doing is you’re playing with the aspect of whether or not your intentionality of your nature is taking into account the surrounding. I mean, it’s not a whole lot different than when you’re observing the football game, and going up and down with every little aspect of things, and fail to realize that there is an intertwinement that you’re capable of catching up with, and should be seeing.

And the closer you get to that intertwinement, the more closely you get to what is actually going on. And the more, somehow or another, you actually influence, or seem to influence, because you’re in touch with the sequence of events.

So, in the first part of your dream, you are actually trying to do something that doesn’t quite feel right to you because there’s the mother in the area, there’s two kids in the area, there’s this guy in his notionality of things, and then there’s the blanket that you crawl under and hope to, as a consequence, blank out, or shut off, all of that in order to effectuate a particular kind of momentum, or intentionality, of your nature.

And, deep down, you know that it isn’t meant to quite work that way, because what you’re doing is a peculiarity of overtness of your nature that isn’t taking into account a bigger picture.

So, in this other part of the dream, you’re starting to let go of that, and, as you let go of that, you find out that, for example, the boys are able to now free flow around the house, when before they needed to be off to one side in order for you to get your way. And that the guy that you were overly indulging in, with kind of an emotional blood energy depicted aspect of projection, turns out, you know, that that was all projection on your part because you realize that you had to carry it all, that he doesn’t, isn’t, and wasn’t really intertwining with you, and it was all coming from you. Because when everything is placed back into the natural, where everything has its own place, you come to realize that that doesn’t fit.

And so it’s kind of a teaching dream, in a sense, in that it is showing the momentous mannerism, or nature, that we get caught up in, because we live in such a bifurcated way, that we can’t help but have predilections that choose to select this, and select that, as we bicycle about – all the way from how we watch an illusion unfolding in front of us, like a football game, to where we take steps to try to enhance our life, so to speak, but there’s nothing to enhance. There’s just something that has to be intertwined, and, if we don’t see what is intertwined, then we just cause ourselves a lot of grief.

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3562272We can see all the changes between the female and male genders in recent years, and it’s just the beginning. For the human race to move forward, it has to be with the feminine playing an equal, but different, role together with the masculine. It can be no other way, because the very design of the energetic worlds demands that these two aspects interact to create something new. Male and female don’t just give birth in physical life, they join to create on the energy levels. So rebalancing the relationship between them is a first requirement. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I’m at a car auction. This isn’t an ordinary car auction. In other words, it’s like you’re inside of a hall, and you don’t see the cars up on stage. You’re just sitting in there, and then something happens up on stage that is going to affect, or change, things.

And what this car auction is like is, it’s not necessarily a type of auction in which it goes to the highest bidder. This is a kind of auction in which the cars that are selected are specifically selected to be the vehicles that others will be using in the future.

In order to have that sort of thing happen you have to have three components in life. You have to have the inner and the outer coming together as one, which is portrayed as both a feminine and a masculine principle. And then you have to have an outer motif in which everything is laid out there. In other words, at this particular car auction, you’d have to have every potentiality that could possibly exist.

Now only certain cars are going to be selected, or ways of a flow being that’s going to unfold, only certain flows are going to become the motif for the unfoldment going forward. And so what you had as an image is sitting on the extreme far right-hand side, the very far, far right-hand side, only had three seats per row in the front. And I was sitting in the second seat that was against the wall.

Directly in front of me was a woman who was sitting in the front row, in other words, against the wall. And next to me was the guy who is the potentiality of all that could be. And so all of the various cars that were there, they all were just presented. Whatever unfolded in relationship to that, meaning the way this thing proceeded and was being handled, his part was to present everything as is – without having to define what is to be used, or not.

So he was sitting next to me. Because he’s presenting everything as is, he doesn’t put any weight upon any one thing. Instead, he is a person who stands out talking to everybody all around. He’s the image of holding all the pieces.

So what you have is you have a one, two, three, and four. The one and the two, in this situation, is one could be say the masculine, two could be the feminine, the coming together of that is a coming together of the one and the two into a type of completeness.

The overallness is the three. It’s the catalytic. It’s all of the possibilities that could possibly exist. And you get a four when you take and you determine how the flow of all of that needs to be, and, whenever that flow is selected, that is what is going to happen. In other words, this is an auction in which the flow of life is being designed.

And so it’s getting close to this auction starting. The room is full. Everybody has packed in, and so now you just wait to see what’s going to start, because you’re coming to an unveiling, a revealing, of something that is now going to be the new way of being, from all of the potentiality.

Well, instead of just sitting there, the woman in front of me, who happens to be dressed just like me, gets my attention for me to go with her and it’s like we’re going to review, or to put notes together, or however it is, right at the very last minute just before the auction begins. So our movement stands out, it’s noticeable, because you don’t just get up when something’s ready to start – and we’re up front. That’s the one thing you never do.

And, of course, to get up we had to go probably up on stage, which is where it would be happening, whatever is going to be happening, and then at some point we have to come back and again everyone’s going to see us coming back. And I know that what we are going to be doing is putting a focus and attention together. And that cohesion of the coming together of a completeness and a wholeness is going to set in motion a change, in terms of what is to be. So I can feel that it’s going to be like that. I know that it’s going to be like that.

And so when I come back it’s like I know now that what took place has changed the energy, and so I kind of want to be seen and noticed. And because this guy is carrying on with everybody, I kind of want to be seen and noticed by him, but as I file by and back into my seat he appears to be completely ignoring me, or denying any recognition of even feeling the vibration of an outcome that can be. He still is just maintaining his overallness; you don’t have the flow anymore.

In this dream this isn’t going to work anymore like this, because even though this guy doesn’t put any direct attention upon my coming and going at the last second, I know that he has to be feeling this motion. He has to feel the motion of me leaving and coming, and there’s something different in other words. I’m not just sitting in an amnesia. And so some part of him has got to be making note of it in his psyche, in terms of what can come about.

So the feeling I have as I come back to my seat is that the most memorable thing that will be happening at this auction is going to be what this woman and I will be doing as we choose and buy from a large, overall stock of vehicles; vehicles are things in terms of the flow. A vehicle is a representation of the over body of ourselves. And, when the auction is over, those who have come will go home knowing what is coming into life as a flow. In other words, they will be letting go to that – instead of whatever had been their dumbed down condition.

It’s a very strange effect, because something has changed. What starts in one motion has to affect all parts of things, goes beyond the four to the five, to the wholeness that way.

So the meaning of this dream is a designer dream in which, from the extreme right, and I’m not sure what right means, out of the blue, or so it may seem, the potential options available as choices for the future, all represented by this guy sitting to my left, what’s going to happen, what’s taking place there. In other words, it’s like I’m affecting the design by being able to catch up with the flow – which is an energetic unfoldment important to the future of humanity.

I might have something to do with affecting the note, but the guy next to me has the responsibility to see to it that everything that might possibly be is there for consideration. And yet the woman and myself coming together will be established from all of the options that there are, what the future is going to be like as a flow. And I can’t do this without her. She carries the unfoldment role that ushers forth the shift of reality.

My role is to make sure what needs to be seen and known, and make that known for her, in terms of being able to help in the implementation in an overall for all to be. And this overall for all to be is what the dream is about. So that when this day is over, everyone will be on the same page in terms of what will be happening from here on into the future.

So the scenario is there is a lot of behind-the-scenes energetic ruminations that stir the pot of life. From this pot, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes of the overall potentiality, is what will be. That’s when you’re looking at something that’s a shift, rather than something that’s kept in a complete dumb down. And so there is to be a completion, i.e. the number four.

The woman and I are the inner and outer coming together. The man next to me is the embodiment of all there is in manifestation, and he is the catalytic three prior to the four. Four is the result being determined via this selection, or by the flow, that’s going to be on implementation day.

Four is when, out of all the energetic designs of life, that which is meant to be is established. In other words, it’s a completion.

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