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arnWhen no one is listening to us, what do we do? Often, we raise our voice to be heard. Or we make our text ALL CAPS. Well, our systems can feel the same way in their conversation with us, on the inside, through our dreams. That’s when we get jarring or unsettling images that can throw us off for the whole day when we wake up. In this example, there is a murderer, and then the killing of a murderer. But we are all the characters in our dreams, so the image is an expression of a deep fear or resistance to what needs to occur. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I didn’t seem to like my dream last night, I only remember one of them. In that dream, I’m living in a house, and there’s someone that’s going around town murdering people. And I’m trying to find, or capture, that person.

And I’ll go out, and I’ll be looking at people and following them, and then coming back. And people come to the house, and I’ll be looking at them. And, at one point, I have three people sitting in a room with me, I think it’s three men, one person I know from high school, I forget who the other two are. And I become convinced that’s it’s one of them.

And I know that the characteristic of this person who’s killing people is that he’s compulsive, because he’s killed successive people. And, anytime anybody comes through, it’s like I’m looking at them, I’m examining them. I’m trying to figure out where they were and what they’ve done. And everyone does kind of keep moving. So it’s hard for me to get a sense of them.

At one point, I have to leave these three people I have in the house where I’ve kind of narrowed it down, I think it’s one of them, and I ask some friends to watch them, and describe that I think that whoever it is will be compulsive.

Well, when I come back to the house, they’ve captured the person that was murdering everybody. I even thought it might be one of the ministers, but it ends up being a woman. So I have two of my women friends holding on to her until I can get back into the house. But as I come into the room, they take some kind of a cylinder and push it into her arm, cutting the arteries, so she’ll die. And I’m like shocked that they did that. And maybe they just thought that would stop her killing anyone else, but I’m shocked at it. So that was the dream.

John: The dream was triggered by the fact of an energetic inside, or a kind of awakening, or awareness quality, that you’re moving towards inside, in which the idea is one of letting go of everything.

So the idea of letting go of everything is scary because it triggers the impression of a kind of death. And so you’re trying to figure out how to observe all of this, how it is that you can take and observe, or notice, what is changing. Because this whole schematic of a type of death is a schematic in which a quality where you’re used to trying to make something meaningful – you can’t quite do anymore. And so it’s like the flip side of that, is that something is killing you.

It’s a peculiar sensation. The first time I had the sensation like that is I actually had something physically wrong with me. And, of course, I carried the sensation in terms of waking up and there being like an emptiness, where there was nothing alive, which meant that there was something dying.

That isn’t what you’re doing, what you’re doing is you’re carrying this sensation of something like this, because there’s a sense of a stillness, or a quietness where you let everything go. And that has an impression of death. So the oddity of this thing is, no matter how you look at this, it still looks like something has to go. And there’s always something that has to be let go of.

And so, in terms of your view of the overall world, that’s like something is dying, only you’re dying in terms of the way you’re caught, or held, or tied up in terms of the world. It’s a scattering sensation. You feel scattered, you feel discombobulated, when you have a dream like this. You feel like you can’t trust your sensibilities, even, when you have a dream like this. You feel like you’re overwhelmed, and it’s because you’re coming dangerously close to something in which there isn’t the aliveness that kind of keeps things going.

You carry something like this to the farthest degree, it’s almost as if the stillness goes back to the Demiurge, which is supposedly a vibration that came and ultimately out of that is the evolution of the species. And first there was just the Demiurge, and then came something as embodied as life; as human existence. It’s almost as if that’s where something like that is going; in other words, where it’s going, how it’s going, what you’re scoping to find, how it’s to be, is still like a mystery because it involves having to let go or sort something out.

And the attempt to do so causes these images that are kind of terrorizing, because it’s easier to keep something quickened in one’s nature, than to adopt a state that is more empty, because that is scary to the sense of oneself, that holds on to this quickening, that’s like an aliveness or vibration. It’s scary.

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71goIs it disappointing to learn that those sexy dreams, where we are making a beautiful connection with the object of our desire, are really about one part of ourselves interacting with another part of ourselves? It shouldn’t be a disappointment because it means that a deeper connection is being made, if the seduction is successful. We are always in an inner dance of approach and retreat, inside, as we try to become a oneness in ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I remembered my first dream, but lost my second one. In the first dream, I seem to be at some kind of a gathering in the mountains. There’s like little cabins we stay in. There’s people from different areas there.

And it’s a day when most of us will be leaving. And I want to make an impression, or link up with, or still spend some time with one of the men who’s somebody I’ve known for quite a long time that I want to get closer to. And I’m trying to think of how to do that. He seems to have some kind of an appointment or something that he has to do back in the city.

So when I’m going to say goodbye to him, along with a couple other women friends that are with me, I think I’ll take him a crystal that has special powers. So when I go down to meet him, it’s in a small wooden building, but there’s other people that have come into that building, both men and women, that have been at the seminar. And I go over to him and I’m going to give him one of my crystals that I have in a little bag; I’m looking at a couple that have special powers.

And I grab a hold of one crystal, I know that it’s a crystal which I can almost levitate or do other things with. And then I see a man that’s come into the building, who’s from India, and I actually see him levitate, and he’s wearing white robes.

Well, then when I connect with the man that I want to spend more time with, I suddenly realize that he really is a good friend to me, that I don’t need to be wanting more. I don’t need to be doubting that link, or friendship, he actually does have something he has to do. And we will connect, because we have this deep friendship, and I shouldn’t have been being so neurotic about it.

And I don’t really have to give him any of the crystals or anything. In fact, now that I’ve seen the other man levitate, I feel like I don’t want the others to know that I have the crystals, or know what I can do with them, or if I can levitate or I can do other things when I hold a crystal, that I just put them away in a bag. It’s like I don’t want the man from India to see what they do. I should just relax and trust the connections I have. So that was that dream.  

John: The theme of the dreaming had to do with being able to be in a one beingness, or, in other words, a quality of essence of oneself, in which there is the holding onto the emptiness.

And what your dream does is it causes you to catch up or to recognize the one thing that you’re still holding onto, in terms of trying to get it to be in some particular personal way or another. So the dream starts off in which you have climbed the mountain of obstacles. And, having climbed this mountain, you’re at a point where there is the means of just now letting go; letting everything fall away.

And yet you still want to direct, or to shape, or to affect something, that you still feel is important, that you need. And so you attempt, then, to establish a reflection of yourself, in such a way, so that that creates an enamor-ation in which you are able to get, or to recreate, the inflection of that which you sense, or still hold out, as being something that you need, or want.

And, pausing from the dream for a second, on a psychological level, this trait is spoken of in terms of when the feminine energy takes and hearkens to a quality of doingness separation, to hold onto a situation, it is generally seen, or spoken of, or recognized most prominently, as what is called a Father Complex, in which the feminine energy continues to keep trying to please that aspect – as if there is something amiss until that is pleased.

But, in your dream, having noted this quality inside of you, and so also in noting this quality you note that there was something inhibiting about that, you were able to see that something that was inhibiting about that, instead of staying righteous in your oneness and adamant nature, to get what you felt you wanted and had to have happen. You came to recognize and to realize that there is a greater purpose unfolding, that there is a greater overall beingness that is emerging, and that this sweeps over anything that you could be looking at in some trite way, and you then realize kind of the error of trying to induce, or seduce, the conceptualization of what it is that you feel you still need to do.

And so, you realize that you are doing that as a kind of abomination, to yourself, when you utilize the secrets of magic in the physical plane reality of things. Instead, you can let all of that go as you embrace the totality of all that there is.

So, even though the dream is making this kind of an interesting Aesop fable of a storyline, what’s deeper underneath that is to actually do that, what is it that the heart must do? Because the heart is always lying to hold onto something a little bit this way, or that way. So what is it that the heart must do in order for it to truly be able to do that?

And the heart must be able to put everything into it, in other words, not have some little holdout area that it is keeping secretive for itself, or, otherwise, there will always be the idea that is called or referred to as a kind of Father Complex mannerism in which there will be an attempt to cause something to have an appearance that is in a directed, created, kind of alignment – that one has self-created – which limits the potentiality.

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OumDo we realize that we are energy processing beings? If we feel restless it is because we have energy that needs to be expended. If we have anger or other emotions, those are energies that are in a state of being processed. And when we have a hard time of it, it’s because we are unable to process the energy quickly enough to prevent it from becoming toxic to our system. It’s not a mystery, it’s the way it works. When we are healthy and rested, we process energy better. And, best of all, when we are conscious of this process in us, our systems can work even more efficiently on our behalf. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I’m looking at what is a kind of evolvement in which there are aspects of kundalini. And I started off exclusively looking at it from the masculine standpoint, and then it flips to the octave of the feminine. But the subject is perceived from the standpoint of the other side. Kundalini energy perceived from the perspective of the other side.

And so my meditation dream involved the schematic as being impressed upon a sense of tangible experienciality, that was before me, as a condition, but not quite reachable; in other words, it’s off the ground. Or, in another way of saying it, it’s like an image that I’m seeing myself that is inside a container, and I am outside, or not able to touch this state. 

I’m trying to contend with everything therein that is going around and around, and I am unable to touch this to cause it to be still. Consequently, because I am unable to quite reach and touch the projected outerness, that would be still if it was pulled together, by being in-between like that, my kundalini energy is racing, and I am unable to shut off this synaptic-ness.

The way you could recreate this, in this kind of effect in a physical way, is if you take magnets that oppose each other, like a type of opposing of each other, they really attract, but that requires another flip at something. If you take two magnets that have a like kind of vibration, they tend to push each other apart, and that is a reactive zone that’s pushing like that. They really attract.

And so there’s always the apprehension of something more. And then there’s that repeller, and then you end up with going through, when you’re experiencing it in an outer way, you’re going through repeats and repeats and repeats of patterns, as you’re continually trying to break this trance – because there is a wholeness; we are all same same. There is just a One Being, and you pull the likenesses together; the magnets are pushing, trying to keep it separate. You gotta break that, and that’s breaking the kundalini entrapment.

So because I am unable to quite reach and touch an outerness to be still, my kundalini energy races and I’m unable to shut off this synaptic-ness, because you’re striving to have the likenesses. It’s an awkward way because it’s the condition of manifestation to have something set up that way. To not be able to stop, and be still, is to be restless.

This is more or less a description of how the masculine struggles to bring things all the way through. They run into that. And the feminine pulls something. So the masculine energy is like an “I need” energy, and the feminine energy is like an “I want” where it pulls something. Again, as if there is an opposite between masculine and feminine, and thus a magnetism. So when something is seeking to absorb, it’s an “I need.”

So, because I am unable to ground what lies as an image before me, my efforts to touch the reflectiveness so it will go – poof! – into a letting-go stillness, is a bewildering state. You’re ever so close, yet just out of reach sensation is the effect of kundalini racing.

The stillness is to stop, or go through, to let go to hit the stillness of this outer condition, that’s reflective, where there is that zone in-between. And that, to do so, is a letting go that is naturally quiet and still. For me to meditate is to be able to come to an inner stillness. That’s transcendent energy.

So, as a raciness inside that is just there, which was the scenario when I sat down to meditate, is to be caught up by an energetic, and from the perspective of focus, thus, unable to be quiet, unable to be still, unable to dream.

So it’s interesting, the idea of letting go leads to the quietness and the stillness because you you take in, or you absorb, something comes together there instead of repelling and creating this peculiar thing –  and that condition is kundalini, it’s a power there and you pull it together. It’s pulled together as the masculine is trying to come down, and it’s pulling together as the feminine pulls something in.

To be swept up energetically, yet unable to bring the energy into a reflective dream, is a condition the masculine complains about it when it knows it dreamt but isn’t able to pull out the dream when it opens its eyes. This is the want, and the need therein is to be grounded. And the feminine is to pull it to a closeness, i.e., to bring the transcendent vibration into an immanence.

So you have the subjective, embedded knowingness that isn’t quite accessible, because getting it to come out requires almost like an objective something occurring. And the objective something has to occur in order in order to see the subjective embedded knowingness.

And, to repeat, the energetic out-of-reachness is the condition more prominently experienced by a masculine trying to come down in an attempt to be complete. And the mood and subjective rootedness is the condition more prominently aspected by the feminine unable to break free – so she longs to be free.

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