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angelicpairWhen there is sex in a dream, or a marriage in a dream, it suggests the close interconnection between two parts of our inner self. It doesn’t matter if the dream characters look like people we know in real life, our unconscious is just using them as a representation, and to make a deeper point. In fact, the further removed our character is from the sex scene, as in this case where the dreamer is observing a woman unknown to her, that distance is a clue to how far apart these inner lives still are. And the point of such a dream scene is to bring the two inner parts together – if we can remove our resistance from the situation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my second dream I seem to have two houses. And in one house, it’s more like a little split level summer house, a little flimsy, and I’ve gone from the main house where I am over to the second house and I’ve gone into the basement, which is like a recreation room, and my old trainer, Anthony, is there and it feels like I’m thinking about getting back into training.

And then there’s a woman and her son there, as well, and he’s mostly working with them. Occasionally I go over to him, but I’m not really dressed right and I’m not quite yet into what I should do yet. I can’t figure it out, plus the lighting in the building is really dim so I can’t see really well.

And at some point I leave and they’re still there working out. And then I come back, and it’s even darker out when I come back, and I go down into the basement.

John: So what you’re describing right now is a quality in which Anthony represents the masculine, or a macho, and that this is a quality… and that house is like a summer house? Is the other house more of an all-year house or something?

Jeane: Yeah, the other house is where I really hang out.

John: Year-round right?

Jeane: Yeah.

John: And so something that’s in the sun, the sun represents the masculine symbolically, and something that’s like that is like kind of a fair weather kind of thing. And at that point in time things are done, activity occurs, masculine macho activity occurs, and you, in relationship to that house, are something that is getting worked upon.

In other words, it’s like you can get beyond your moods, you can feel better about yourself when you walk, when you work out, when you exercise, and the process that pushes for that sort of thing is a masculine process. That’s why you see women for example that take and try to join a guy’s world, and start putting on feminine suits, and whatnot, that they become very linear in their nature and they drop a certain feminine quality, and a certain mannerism, by which they can approach themselves from within, or as an awakening sensibility that can rise up from a depth inside of themselves having been touched by things of the masculine. Instead they’re now trying to be in that area, unnaturally, and it doesn’t quite look right and you can see how their feminine nature suffers from it.

So what you’re doing is, is you’re doing a parallel dream that has some similarity to the other dream before, only this time the masculine side is portrayed as this flimsy house with the macho protective workout, and the guy that pushes something. And what he represents is like a will that then has its effect upon the subjective side of yourself, the manifestation quality of yourself.

So you’ve gone over to this house – which is what you were trying to do in the dream, the other dream. You were trying your best to try to figure out how, on the other side of the bed, to get all of that stuff to come together. So now you’re back over, only this time it’s in the flimsy house. It’s the weaker part of yourself that you’re trying to catch up with, and you’re trying to see how to handle yourself, what that is all about.

But where your main residence is, because the feminine is creation, your main residence is not by and large there. In other words, this is the weaker side and, of course, like we tried to describe in the other, this is the side that brings in the out-breath, and brings in the sight, and seeks to do things that cause an awakening that then seems to engage, subjectively. And the key is to pull the two together so that you have a full breath. You’re trying to do this dream again, you’re trying to do the first dream, and you’re making a parallel of a kind of same way approach in this dream.

Jeane: So I’ve gone downstairs, and I discover that Anthony’s like pulled down a bed that I guess was down there and he must have made love with the woman. They’re still lying in the bed. I don’t want to wake them up, but I can’t quite leave the room because I’ve kind of fallen down on some blankets that were on the floor and got my feet tangled up in them.

So I’m trying to be quiet, but they’re half awake. He’s saying something to her. So then I go upstairs after I get myself untangled. I go upstairs and there’s hardly any light in this place, so it’s hard for me to find my way around, but I think the woman comes up and is starting to do some laundry and I’m kind of nearby just observing. It’s almost like there’s so little light that even though I’m there in that house where they are that I’m somewhat invisible.

John: So the last part you’re doing is you’re watching all of this, you’re trying to watch how it is that this whole process quickens something, touches something, what that effect is all about because a part of you is the watcher watching another part of yourself that’s affected by Anthony, in terms of this being the other woman that Anthony’s macho, strong, masculine, out-breath features, or mannerisms, or nature is exuding its, you might say, magnetic out-breath effect upon an innerness that wants to come out, that is waking up. But it’s waking up as an in-breath in a subjective way. In other words, you’re just staring and looking at the effect of the masculine and its play upon life in this other flimsy house.

So what you did is, from the first dream, where you had an understanding of how something was opening up subjectively, or rising up from a quality of manifestation, back towards the crown, you didn’t have to go back through that, apparently that part’s pretty well understood. You’re still coming to grips with understanding how the out-breath quality, the will, works. I mean you didn’t make any headway trying to reconcile the two in the first dream, so because that’s the issue at hand and not the other, the other completed. The in-breath area has no problems.

And that’s the nature of how we wake up. In other words, if we’re willing to face the stuff that goes on inside of us, and are sincere in wanting to understand it, we get information that’s provided to us as an inner coming into outer. And so you went into the inner coming into outer, which means you went across the street where that’s the zone where something is happening on a masculine oriented and dominated level.

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68617We have said that the universe is incomplete: it’s not finished. But part of what it is doing as it unfolds is seeking completeness. Things that are matter seek to return to energy; energy seeks to be released in matter, and humans awaken to their purpose and make their journey back home. So the process happens at the universal level, the human level, and even at the level of the breath: breathe in, breathe out, a full cycle. This is the process that we are trying to join – at a higher level than the physical, because that won’t last forever. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my main dream I’m sleeping, and I’m in this bed, and I’m coughing and it’s like I can see that there’s like four balls that represent the pillow on my side, and there’s four balls that represent the pillow on your side, or circles, whatever they are.

There’s a certain way that I can cough that causes these balls or circles to kind of collapse into each other, and pull together. And I can do that on my side of the bed. I kind of get that to happen, and that’s what’s supposed to happen, but I just can’t quite seem to get it to happen with the fourth and on your side of the bed; the pillow that represents your side of the bed.

And I’m trying and I’m trying, because sometimes I have to start over on my side if I can’t get it to do it on your side. And I’m trying and I’m trying, but I just can’t seem to get that last step to pull where things kind of collapse in a way where they pull together. I can only seem to do it on half.

John: So what you’re doing is you’re trying to access a level, or a part, of yourself. In other words, instead of talking in it as levels, you have to talk in it as masculine and feminine. And instead of talking it as masculine/feminine, you can even talk about it as in-breath or out-breath.

And so from an in-breath standpoint, which is the feminine breath, it’s where something is accessed. It’s where something seeks to go home as an in-breath. It’s where something rises up to free itself from the chains of physical limitation – meaning a type of subjective clarity. That is working, and is reached fairly naturally.

However, the pulling down of the sight and the will, the recognition of what is, from a seeing level, meant to happen, designed to happen, as an inner into outer or out-breath will, that’s the part you’re still trying to bring clarity to. In other words, a part of you is functioning from a part of yourself in manifestation going back to the crown or, in other words, a type of rising up to touch light.

But that whole kind of connection, which is moving towards bliss, which is what is accentuated, when the in-breath turns to the out-breath, that whole aspect is fairly unconscious – meaning it’s subjective, meaning that it’s not something you put your finger on, and you can image it, but you don’t necessarily understand, even though it is a completeness in and of itself.

Credit tends to be given to the seeing of things, and you’re in a zone in which there is something going on that is right, okay, in the unfolding, in the awakening, but it’s a subjective awakening. It’s very much like the feminine nature can tell when something is true or not true, but may not be able to then turn around and explain it back, because it doesn’t have the faculties of a type of clarity that catches up with things quite that way. Yet it knows it and can feel it in its body, so to speak, a body that is correlated to the physical nature of all of life, to manifestation.

The masculine has a problem in that area or, I should say, rather than calling it the masculine, the out-breath has a problem in that area because the out-breath has struggled to come and become grounded, and in touch, with the creation. And, if it can do so, if it can come all the way down and through, it can bring in the divine light or the will. It can bring it straight through, and in a knowable and more visible way, that then is embraced by the feminine, that then renders the effect as an in-breath, as a carrying back.

So the full effect is kind of like a will, or an impulse, or a design coming down and manifesting itself as creation, and then the recognized acknowledgement of what has happened, when it isn’t lost because it’s gone so far away from the so-called home at the crown, is reconciled as the in-breath goes back.

So what you did is you imaged this as a kind of in-breath. Your dream kind of portrays the dynamic that the in-breath goes through as a function of itself, in that it pulls together a completeness from within. So the two pillows on each side make a completeness. When they come and work together it’s the full breath.

The pillows that are on your side, that represent the in-breath, the half of it now, find their completion when there is the catching up with the four balls that’s within them; which means then that the in-breath finds its completion as it goes back to home, goes back to the top. That’s the symbol. That’s the image.

And as far as this being a totally effective cycle of creation, and manifestation, from beginning to end and back to beginning, and it all being a type of pure energy or something, nothing going on just one image to the other, I mean flip sides of the same coin, above and below, in terms of that you don’t have the direction of the will, the above coming down, and you don’t have the access to that. You’re not in touch with that.

You’re in touch, however, with what is waking up, or a part that is then rising up and going back and handing back to the top as a means of facilitating what needs to be recognized, and seen, as a hearing and seeing from the top. But you don’t have the perception of the sight from the top coming down into manifestation that starts the whole process off, because it’s not outer to inner, it’s not the progression. The progression starts from inner into outer, and you don’t have the start. You don’t have the inner into outer. If you could pull that together then you would be in touch with seeing the pure light. Instead you bring it back. You bring something that awakens and inflects. You bring it back.

So what you have is only the one half. You have the rising up of what has been absorbed, the awakening of what has been absorbed. So what you’re trying to do is, if you can find the masculine side of yourself, with the feminine side activated, you will have made the full circle, the full breath.

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In the arc of these dreams we proceed from the fear of being kidnapped to a kidnapping that is for the best – in spite of appearances. But what is really unfolding is the attempt for the feminine aspects of the dreamer to let go of an inner oppression from the masculine – or the traditional way of things – and expand into the greater wholeness that is a characteristic of the feminine. And, while this is all happening on an inner level of an individual, it points out that certain possibilities require the role of the feminine in its fullness; i.e., both genders have specific roles in the way things can unfold. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had three or four little dreams. I don’t remember the detail as well, but the very first dream I seem to be in a Middle Eastern country. I’m out in a village somewhere, and it feels like I’m trying to find my way back – but you don’t know which people might be wanting to kidnap Americans, and which people might be friendly.

And it feels like I’m trying to sort that out so I can get back. I even want to offer one lady maybe my necklace or bracelet or something for helping me out, but you really can’t tell which people are going to guide you back and which people might be wanting to lead you astray. And that was the first dream.

John: The nature of the dreaming had to do with being confined, and your way of describing it is that of not knowing where to look, or how to turn, in order to contend with getting one’s self outside of a lost condition.

In other words, it’s like you feel the restriction. In other words, there is a restriction that predominates, but your response to that is one of not knowing how to respond, or what to do, to overcome.

Usually, in a dream, there is something in the process of the dream in which there is an ability to make a decision. In this dream, you’re acting as if conditions are such that there is nothing you can do to handle the scenario. So let’s see if you have any other solutions.

Jeane: In the next dream it feels like a time period after some conflict has happened. And another woman and I have been taking in women who didn’t have many means or anything, and we’ve been training them how to do some community work, maybe even go out and work with girls in the community to become like scout leaders and things like that.

And, having done that, we’re now looking at the group of women and seeing which ones we could select to be trained even further so that they could do more than that – although because of the nature of the world right then it might mean that they go on into the military or something, but maybe they could take on a different role in the community beyond what they thought they could do.

And we’re just trying to assess which women we think we can train, and how would we train them to do that, because we’ve trained them to do this first step now, there’s another step.

John: So, what you’re doing with the second dream, it’s like you’re building off of the first dream in which there isn’t any way out of a scenario, or predicament, that you’re in, that you can tell.

And in the second dream it’s as if the consequences of being like that are part of a design in which you are being trained, in which you are having to learn to understand something. And that in order to develop, to go forward, in this kind of understanding, what the second dream now describes to be a kind of training. So in order for that to happen you’re being trained.

Jeane: Okay, in the third dream, I’m in the city. I seem to be visiting my great niece. And she was married and they have a little girl, but the father’s mainly raising the little girl. And then they’ve separated, and she’s with her current husband, and they’re going to be moving away.

And during this time the father’s been raising the daughter, and I’m walking with her and she’s talking to me about she’s going to go get the little girl and take her with them when they move. I have mixed feelings about that because the father’s actually been the one raising her.

And when I walk with her up to a corner where we want to cross the street, suddenly I see that the stoplight has gone out and all this heavy machinery that’s doing road construction is whizzing by us and won’t stop because the light is switched. So I don’t know if we’re going to be able to cross the street.

John: So again it’s a progression in which, from the second dream, is an emerging sight of something having to be trained, or waking up, and it’s waking up in terms of understanding the role of an energetic in life. And it’s pointed out that that role is something that involves women, the feminine.

And, in the third dream, the implementing of something like this involves a change in terms of the way the unfoldment had been occurring, or going on. The unfoldment had been constricted to more of a masculine influence over creation, or over the feminine. And that is an image in which there is a sense of power and control that is dominating over that which needs to have a more receptive and inner overallness, a greater spatial orientation, awoken. And in this dream there is the realization that this needs to occur.

And the dream, however, is finding that to go from an orientation that’s more linear to an orientation that opens up more to the wholeness involves having to step out, or to expand, or to cross the street. And that’s where it’s left.

So, when you have a dream like this, you’re meant to be able to sit with that, and the dream doesn’t complete for a couple of reasons: 1) because there is still something going on in one’s nature that keeps that from happening, or 2) it’s already imputed, you already know the answer so there’s no reason for it to have to get into greater detail.

So I’m inclined to believe that it’s the second, that somehow or another you already know what is important in terms of what used to be in relationship to how it is that something is able to emerge or unfold. So that would mean that the detail in the dream is such that the end result effect of what is to emerge is in that process, vibrationally, is already revealed.

So in pondering the facts, first of all you’re finding yourself in a state or a condition in which there isn’t any hope or resolution, in terms of getting out of that condition, in other words the condition itself is overwhelming. And then you come to learn that there is a training, or there’s a sense that emerges inside of you of a training, and that training has to do with an aspect of something that has a feminine orientation about it.

So you’re talking about now being in a world in which, from a perspective of clarity you have no answer, but that process of repression is such that you are having to resort, for understanding purposes, even though to begin with you don’t necessarily know what it is that you need to understand, you’re having to resort for understanding purposes to the emergence of an awakening that aims towards a quality of training that is needed in order to awaken to more of a feminine understanding as a way of breaking out of the condition that you’re in – that has you blanked out from what to do.

And, in the third dream, this awakening is a kind of awakening that goes against the grain, in terms of how it is that things typically unfold, or proceed. Typically things proceed by way of an aspect that is able to come through and set off a motion that results in an awakening as a quality of inner into outer – which means that it has to arise from the inner.

The change has to arise from the inner in order for something to shift, or to become different, or to awaken. And in your dream you are indicating that this is very difficult to occur because your whole orientation has been under the guise of power and control of the masculine, that has kept things from opening up. And so in order for you to get out of an uneasiness, a delirium, that your first dream pointed out that you are in, and then in the second dream you had a sense of what needed to emerge that wasn’t there. In the third dream you are responding and saying that your condition is dire and helpless because you don’t have any background of how to be, other than the way something has been oriented upon you in a masculine motif way.

So you’re not able to go across the street, so to speak, or to expand your sensibilities in order to find in a spatiality something more that is possible. So it’s as if the masculine input of things has kept you restricted in such a way so that you can’t see the forest for the trees, which means you don’t have enough space in your nature in order to feel things out, or to feel things through.

So you’re actually describing something that adds another level of subtle awareness to how a process is in need of unfolding.

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