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Crawford, Hugh Adam, 1898-1982; Orpheus: The Wooing of Eurydice

Hugh Adam Crawford

For things to come together, certain criteria need to be established. A bee won’t visit a flower before it reaches a certain stage of development, birds won’t come to an area before their favorite food arrives, and humans can’t make a connection if certain requirements aren’t met. That’s why, in the natural world, everything is always trying to make itself right for what it is trying to attract. This same process applies to our inner lives, with the masculine and feminine aspects seeking a connection, but one that can only be made when the terms of acceptance are reached. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I had a series of dreams I don’t recall. In the last dream, I recall it’s like my sister and I are going to visit the house where my dad lives, and, in this house, there’s now a room that has, it’s almost like a rotunda-type room, where it’s got a round ceiling and walls.

And what my dad’s been doing, in that room, is he’s been putting plaster of Paris designs, like a fleur-de-lis for something, big ones, around the rotunda, and then gilding them gold.

Now my sister feels, and I kind of feel, this is, you know, kind of way too ornate, so my sister’s upset about this. But I’m telling her just to chill, because if my mother comes back, or whatever, you know, and it is probably too ornate, you know, it can just be painted over – so it’s no big deal.

It’s like my dad’s enjoying doing it, and, you know, even if it’s not quite our style, he’s having a good time doing it – and it doesn’t matter. It’s like if mom came back and wanted to change it, then she’d change it.

John: So that’s repeating the first dream, basically, except presenting the energetic in a slightly different motif, where the masculine, which represents the gold, is coming down, and it’s gilding the building, or the beingness, of it all.

And, the feminine principle, the part that’s represented as your mother, is asleep, is not being touched, or affected. The part that’s representing you and your sister, which is trying to awaken, and trying to take into account and keep up with a quality of honoring, that is important in the equation, which is like the prayer quality, it’s got its divided opinion as to what is taking place.

You have the sense towards a stillness, towards a letting go, that is a sense that is the right sense to have because that, then, can result in something that can be woken up. But, as long as there is the commotion, and reaction, in-between, in terms of whether it’s right this way, or right that way, prevents something from being able to find its correspondence.

In other words, your dad’s doing something with the gilding gold vibration of a building, of a beingness, coming through into life. He’s doing this in a particular place. And that’s what it looks like in terms of a sight. The touching of something in manifestation looks to touch at a particular spot.

And then what rises up, the maiden energy, or the feminine energy, that rises up at that particular point, well, it’s not rising up in an acceptable way. It’s leaving something off the ground; in other words, your dad’s a little off the ground.

The deeper feminine mother principle is still asleep, and the other is sitting there, and looking at it, in a kind of in-between capacity yet, with the advice being to sit, to wait, to accept. That if there’s something that has to be taken into account, or handled, in relationship to that coming down as the seed of things, the mother, the feminine, it will, when there is the coming together, then, it will respond as need be.

Do you see how that was the same dream?

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i009esWhat makes us vulnerable? One way to think about that is to consider it from an energetic perspective: we have an aura that surrounds us, our energy field, and when we are well rested it provides a strong barrier to illnesses and stresses. But, when we are tired or run down, our aura is not as energetically charged, so we become susceptible to colds and other illnesses, and are more likely to be affected by personal slights or emotional upheaval. This dream describes the issue from an internal perspective, where an imbalance, energetically, between the masculine and feminine aspects of the dreamer have made her vulnerable to a break-in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had a bunch of dreams last night, but I only remember two of them. In one of them I’m in my hometown, and it’s dark, it’s night, and I’ve gone down to Main Street with my father to a department store that he used to have.

And the store’s all dark, but I go in the store. It feels like I leave my dad out in the street and I go in the store, and go to the back of the store, and there’s a corridor in the back of the store with a door that opens out onto the alley back there.

When I get back near that section of the store, I can hear like someone’s kind of broken into the backdoor and they’re coming into the store, so I’m not sure what to do. And then, the next thing I know, it feels like there’s these kind of ruffians that have taken over the store – and my dad doesn’t seem to be anywhere around.

But there’s another woman and myself that they’re holding captive in the store. And they’ve even set up almost like a little cabana stand, like you see down in the islands, that has drinks and coconuts and things hanging around, and they’re kind of eating and drinking. But it feels menacing to me, like I feel like they could hurt us, and they’re not going to let us go – but at least my father didn’t come in.

And I’m looking for ways that maybe I can escape, or get away, but right now they’re watching us too closely. And that was the first dream.

John: So the theme of the dreaming has to do with there being a magnetized energetic, whereby what is able to take place can be both whole and complete simultaneously. So, your father represents the wholeness, and you represent, in manifestation, an aspect of completeness.

So the father, which is the masculine, is taking you to show you the wholeness, but, for whatever reason, you don’t stay with him, or he isn’t able to stay with this aspect of feminine energy, and, therefore, something isn’t properly grounded. So that the place that the masculine energy touches doesn’t correspond to a coming together of a rising up energy, of the feminine, which they then are a cycle of creation conjunct, or succinct. And this is only possible if there is the magnetized breath, like the dhikr, which takes into account the wholeness and the fullness, the completeness.

So the image you had is that of leaving that masculine energy behind, not able to hold it, not able to take it in, not able to properly fully accept it, embrace it properly. So you left the masculine outside and went inside, and, when you do it that way, you don’t have the awakening that is needed as a result of the masculine effect. And so when you go inside without the awakening that’s needed with the masculine effect, then there is going to be an imbalance, a disorder, a discombobulation, a misalignment.

Thus, the place is subjected to all kinds of variables, and you, in a type of righteousness, a protectiveness, instead of a stillness, a protectiveness, are acting as if this is okay, in a way, because your father is okay, isn’t in the place.

Now to turn this dream around to where it would be complete, is where you would go into the place with your father and find it to be wondrous, and have something then, that would be more like the light that has come down to touch manifestation, has resulted in a result that rises up. It would be a cycle of time in manifestation, because what is out of joint here is the feminine energy and the masculine energy aren’t coming into cohesion. The light isn’t coming down completely and touching the light, so that the light rises up to touch light, meaning light upon light, isn’t a net result, or effect, that then results in a total letting go emptiness.

The feminine just has its experientiality, and knows when something feels right, and thus you have this dream where something doesn’t feel right, things are breaking in, the place is still being affected. You have that sensation where something isn’t quite right, and the succinctness of the masculine isn’t there.

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oie_deep_breathThere will always be aspects of our inner self that will be in battle with other aspects of our inner self: the part that wants to stay in shape, and the part that can think of 100 better things to do; the part that wants to be successful, and the part that can be content with less stress and more relaxation. But the greatest battle is between the planetary aspects of our life: family, career, food, sex, and the universal aspects: spirituality and service to something higher than our planetary desires. And the only way to resolve this antagonism is to make a place for both aspects, but keep our spiritual pursuit as the reference point to make our life decisions. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I just remember one dream, and, in this dream, it felt like there was a battle going on, and the battle would go on at night. And it felt like it was kind of a building that was kind of dark, with dark blue paint or something, but, essentially, the battle went on, on the bed, which was like this bed.

And if I kind of shifted from one side to the other, when I was on that side, where you are now, the people that I was battling, they would try to do something to make one lose their lung capacity. You were vulnerable, when you were on that side of the bed, to them.

So I had figured out some trick so that it didn’t completely work on me, so that I could continue the battle and didn’t get defeated. But it always felt like a little iffy, like you didn’t know. But I had figured something out so that I could go to that side, and then come back, and not be defeated in the battle.

John: Well, what you’re describing is a process that stabs the heart, or demoralizes one’s nature. And whenever there is an overindulgence in the outer, in other words, whenever you’re caught up in something, and thrown around by variables of things, in the outer, you experience shortness of breath.

You actually experience something affecting, because your breath follows what happens with the heart. And so if the heart is not in an appropriate flow condition, or state, there is actually an impact on the breath. The breath is exquisite when everything is unfolding as it’s meant to unfold, or as it’s designed to unfold, or as you’re designed to be a participant in the design of what is unfolding.

And the scenario that would trigger that might be the fact that things could go into such an exhaustion, or askewed way, or you imagine even that they’re off and askewed, you can even put the curse upon yourself by just imagining. And that creates a heaviness of the heart, which creates a shortness of the breath.

That’s why the principle of following the breath is so important, because within the breath is the wholeness, and the overallness, that you can experience, and it is mirrored to the heart – or the heart mirrors to that.

So when you’re relating to this side of the bed, versus your side of the bed, it’s almost like trying to take into account the two parts, the in-breath and the out-breath, the masculine and the feminine, the discombobulation versus the order. My side of the bed being always kind of a sense of a discombobulation because it’s trying to pull something into a wholeness, and your side of the bed being something of a completeness that is always in a sense of being in jeopardy, and that can have a strain on the breath because of the qualms of the heart.

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