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iesIf you’ve ever tried to drive with a full cup of coffee you will understand this dream, because, when you try to do that, you suddenly become aware of a hundred bumps on the road that you were never aware existed. For the purposes of the dream, the dreamer is trying to keep an innerness intact, but everything around it, front and back, is trying to disrupt that inner state, all while the inner state is trying to impose itself on the outer situations. This is the struggle of trying to bring our inner life into the everyday of what we do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My earliest dreams seemed to be more about almost like just forms, and it was like they come together and they shift. I can’t remember that much more about them. It wasn’t like anything was happening as far as people. It just was forms and shifting.

In the second dream, it’s like I’m looking for someone, and I go into an old theater building. I have to go down into the basement and through this kind of maze of rooms, and then I keep going past people but I can’t find the person that I want. I come out the other side, and I decide I have to go over to the next town.

And so I hitch up a horse to a wagon, a horse and a buggy kind of arrangement, and I head over there. And I have somebody else with me now, but then I get distracted, or not distracted, I’m going there, but there’s a man that is behind me that’s trying to pass me, also with a horse and buggy, but he’s trying to make his horse go too fast, and is kind of in that sense abusing the horse.

So I’m trying to get my wagon to block that so that he can’t go so fast that he wears out his horse, or abuses it. And then there’s another horse and buggy that comes in front of me which means I have to slow down a bit, too. That’s okay because I’m trying to get the guy behind me to slow down and even to get him to stop and ride with us, or go at a different pace, because his pace is way off in terms of how he’s pushing the horse. That’s all I remember. It was just a night when the dreams were kind of jumbled.

John: The theme of the dreaming had to do with being able to pull and integrate into a wholeness, into a oneness, all aspects of inner into outer, and the outer effect being recognized as a quality coming from an innerness.

And when you were like looking at that, or contending with that, or in the swirl of something like that not having pulled it through with a clear-cut understanding of where this was all at, what it all meant because you were, in terms of the fact that to properly do this you have to let go of everything, and you weren’t able to let go of everything, because you were affected by the horse, meaning a sense of power in the buggy or whatever, you know one behind going at a peculiar pace, one in front going at a faster pace, you in the middle. In other words, whatever all that dynamic was, and how you were having to cope and relate back and forth to the tug-o-war of something like that, you were not sorting out what that really meant. However, it is better, that’s a better image than sitting completely in an amnesia as if there’s nothing going on.

That image of being kind of in-between things, and frustrated by being in-between things, and it’s almost as if when you’re in that it’s a frustration that seems to have an outer vibrational effect because the buggy in the front’s not acting right in relationship to the buggy in the back.

Take that image, add this following image to it. Let’s say you have a house, and the house has an outer area that is exposed to the public. In other words, it’s what the public can see. The public can’t see the inner sanctums of the house.

So if you have a family in the house that’s protected because something sits in this outer area and is able to contend with the forces of things in this zone in the outer part of the house, and is able to somehow or another sustain its ability to do that, that means that on the deepest of the inner levels everything can appear to be okay.

But what if that outer level gets broken into from the collective on the outer, of which something can be sitting in that outer room that is all properly barricaded and whatnot, and protected, so that the innerness is secluded from it from happening?

See, you with the carriage with something in the back and something in the front, you are in that outer room. Now if the outer room breaks down… First of all, what is this outer room? What is this carriage that is caught by something in the front and something in the back? Essentially this is a zone that you could describe as a place where the dynamic is being played out between the forces of vibration and energy that have penetrated the lower levels of the inner plane, in other words, because you can have a place of a greater quietness.

Now what’s happening, the mistake that’s being made in consciousness, is that a person can go into this place, can be really soothed in this place, and can thereby pull themselves into this greater level or degree of isolation, or a greater inner level. Yet you’re still going to have this outer level, of which there’s an innerness having penetrated it, that is able to keep things hidden. If it’s effective enough it can keep things hidden. So you can have the buggy that’s not right in the front, and you’ve got something pushing from the back, and sitting in between you have an energetic that holds the line.

These shapes all have to come together, and so you have that as your schematic, and then you go into a dream in which what you have as a consequence is this area in-between in which there is a dynamic going on so that the buggy in the front and the buggy in the back, there’s kind of a veiling as a result of the buggy in the middle.

So this leads to a confusion. See, where your dream left off is you saw what it’s like to be in this in-between, but your image wasn’t enough to show that this in-between is a lot like an extension to a house, an extension that is out there in which if anything goes on it goes on against this extension, this kind of zone, and that on the inner of that even is a quietness, is a peace.

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inner-depths-1Diving to our inner depths is a poetic way to think about our awakening, and here we see that very imagery in a dream, with the dreamer swimming into the unconscious realms, where great things, the size of whales, swim about freely. Such a journey could be terribly frightening, but not this day, where the beauty of the inner experience can be felt just by the description. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember of my dream was, I had to travel somewhere and, at night, I’d go and I’d catch a boat and it’s just a man on a boat, almost like one of those paddle boats you see nowadays where people stand on them, except it was about the size of a kayak and you could get in it.

Well, he goes across this bay that, in the past you used to be able to go to this bay and deep underwater you could swim with the whales and, apparently, it’s more of a whale sanctuary now. But because it’s nighttime, and his boat doesn’t have a motor, I grab hold of a rope and anchor it to the boat and I slip underwater to see if I can see the whales.

They’re so deep down, and it’s kind of blue water that’s lit from beneath when you go under, so I kind of hold onto the rope and swim in a circle and I can glimpse way down kind of the energy of the whales.

You don’t quite see them, it’s more like shadows down there, movement, but you still get the sense of them. And I think that’s really special because it’s nighttime. There’s moonlight. There’s this kind of blue light that comes from the water itself, down deep, and there’s a sense the whales are down there circling around.

And then I come up and we go on across the bay, and as I’m on my way to where I’m going and he is with me, the boatman starts talking to me about a children’s book he thinks that I should get that’s like an older book. It’s a tale that may even be somewhat out of print.

We have to keep moving because of somewhere I’m going, but as we move we stop at a university bookstore and there’s another bookstore they direct us to, and even though someone can’t find that book on their computer, she has a sense it might be at a certain place in the store. We feel like if we just kind of keep moving as we go by there, maybe it will pick up the book. That is all I really remember of that dream.
John: Well, the cadence of the dreaming had to do with going back and looking at the means upon which you access information. And the information that you access is information almost as if, maybe the short way of saying it, is if you’re catching up with a quality or thought of God upon which you are designed.

And so you’re describing kind of how it works for you, and so you’re required to hold a composure and go into the depths of yourself, and there you find something ancient. In other words, you don’t find it by going outwardly, or transcendently. You find it by going into the depths of yourself.

And then in that far flung zone is something ancient that is there, only that ancientness comes across in terms of you catching up with something at its origin; from the depths you catch up with something at its origin, like a children’s book, and that’s how you are inclined to access the information, or put yourself in a position upon which the information can come through.

It’s not like you actually access it. It’s that you know that it’s at that depth and that it’s ancient, and that you put yourself in a position so that it can open up to you. It doesn’t open up to you. It’s not like you go down there and you find it in that direction. It’s more like in going in that direction you’re letting go, or you’re settling back, or you’re released, or you’re relaxed.

In other words, this is the means upon which something is able to come through. It’s kind of like a portrayal of a subjective sight, or a subjective knowingness. There’s an objective knowingness too, but it works differently.

This is the subjective knowingness. It’s in that place, in the depths of that, as a type of calmness and soothing, that you’re able to find your balance, or to be in a position to know what is meant to be, or in a position so something can come out, so that you can recognize something.

If you don’t do that of course, you then just kind of stay… it’s a paradox on the idea that you’re going into the subconscious. In other words, you’re unconscious and subconscious during ordinary normal life, but you become more conscious and closer to the depths of yourself when you go down there and realize that it’s more alive there, in that direction of letting go, and being at a state of calm and repose, than it is on the surface of things.

It provided information in terms of how something seems to come through in terms of an accessibility. In your dream it shows that you do this by plunging, in some aspect, to a depth, a letting go depth, a receptive letting go depth, and then you get a sense of things from that zone that is ancient and old.

So one sits and wonders where does this come from, how does this arise, and it’s almost as if you have embedded in you that quality already, and you don’t figure it out by banging around, bumping into things, and struggling in the outer. You catch up with it by the quietness inside you.

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234gesWe all know the feeling of being in chaos in our lives, and we all have baggage from the arc of our experiences. What happens to them? And why does time heal our profound hurts? At one level, it is because we have processed the intensity of that energy through our systems so that it no longer has a hold on us. And that healing always comes from within. In this dream we can see the mechanic of it, where the dreamer finds herself in chaos, and literally engulfed in luggage. Yet she is able to find the part of herself that can absorb and process the heaviness out. We all have that in us, but sometimes it can be difficult to let go and allow the process to work. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Carol: The third one is really short, and it seemed like the whole dream was very confused, like just kind of jumbled up in a way. So I was staying in a hotel, with my sister again, and a friend of hers. And my sister’s friend’s relative just died, so we were in this hotel and I think it was a resort place.

We had like tons of luggage. We took over the whole hotel room with luggage, and like our clothes were everywhere, and it was kind of chaotic. And then, at some point, I go off to adopt a cat because I found this cat, and this was so beautiful. It had pink eyes, almost like pink diamonds. It was very unworldly again, a very unworldly color, and very shiny, and very much like a gemstone; less like an eye than a gemstone.

John: So let me try this out. So the pinkness in the eyes with the quality of this cat, this cat had the ability to absorb something. And the general aspect of the dream is a weightiness with luggage and something has died.

Does the dream have a quality of a little bit of grief, to which the cat has an ability to, in its way of throwing something out, but then also in its way of having the quality of something in its eyes able to absorb, heal by an absorbing?

Carol: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

John: Is that the vibration?

Carol: That’s it, yes.

John: Wow. See, that’s like a progression, isn’t it? You could see how that progressed from the first dream. That’s a tool.

That quality in its highest manifestation, meaning, like I guess however you’d say it, in terms of it being in the outer, where the eyes can be like that and, at the same time, it is an aspect of precociousness carried to a higher degree of a freedom aloofness – but not an aloofness that goes into a transcendence that doesn’t do anything for life – but it’s in life, but not necessarily touched or affected by it.

In other words, you can kick a dog and whatnot and its loyalty will always be there, but with a cat you know it’s going to hold, it’s not going to demean itself. And yet, at the same time, it rises above the demeaning aspect of energy in life, forgives in a way, so that it can absorb. And so with the light, that light, with the color of the eyes it takes something in.

Now the highest expression of that, it is said, that a teacher who can see and can touch, on a level of the soul, with that kind of quality, sends something straight to God. Now that’s a funny way of saying it, but that’s how it’s said.

And so, let me make up a manufactured image of this happening in kind of its… we’ll call it a trite way. Let’s say you’re going about and you’re profoundly touched by something, someone does something that really touches the heart. And so a certain quality comes to the eyes even when its deeply touched by that, and that communication seen as an effect that touches another, or another corresponds to that, creates a kind of interesting transporting or movement to somewhere very nice, and deep, and sweet and healing – on a consciousness level.

It’s that kind of cat, isn’t it? Wow. More information isn’t it? That’s a big marching order to catch up with something like that because most people always have some holdout aspect of themselves that shows, that’s part of their demeanor, that’s how they have to consider themselves in a separate capacity. But to have eyes like that puts you into the vacuum of a wholeness. That’s like transported to God, and can, if really, fully developed, transport in the environment that that can rest upon, and penetrate, can affect that in the same way.

It is said that just being in the atmosphere of a teacher creates interesting transformative effects. And the light of the soul is considered something that is seen in the eyes, that causes the connectivity to that, like a transporting.

In other words, if you were to take and substitute the word God in for soul it would be like that. That’s a very interesting thing because you actually do something like this invisibly. When you’re touched by things you’re just touched by things and, at the same time, you just being yourself don’t think anything of it. That has an effect that touches things around it. You just being how you are, you being like that softens heavy energy.

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