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We all have all of the astrological signs in us, and we all have all four elements within us: earth, air, fire, and water. Some dominate, and some dominate some times, but on our journey we can become conscious of how these arise in us, and, if we learn the nature of their expression, we can use their attributes in a way that can most benefit what kind of process we are in, or what kind of challenges we are facing. The first step is to recognize them in us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I just remember one dream. And, in this dream, I seem to have this very large animal, it’s like a giraffe. Along with some other people, I’m going to be taking this animal back to where it came from, like Africa or somewhere, which means I have to get it to cooperate with getting on the transport and getting there – and maybe there’s even a point where I have to ride it. 

So I seem to be consulting with some other people about how you get the animal to cooperate with you for that part, because it could panic and hurt itself. Plus I’m talking to the animal to let it know what is going on. And we have a pretty good relationship, but I realize that it could panic at certain points. And I realize I can just feed it differently, or there are just things that will be different if I can get it back to where it came from. 

I get it to the point where we’re going to get on the transport, and that seems to be the trickiest part, like talking to it so it doesn’t panic. And then I’m back to where it came from. And then it seems like right before I wake up, I’m pondering that if we go back, in other words, that that would be the tricky part if we have to go back, do a return trip. But I’m not sure we’re going to, that’s what I’m unclear about in the dream.

John: So the dynamic that’s going on, it’s like last night we kind of took a break because something condensed. But the night before I had a peek of the water element, and how that’s kind of a natural corridor for myself, realizing that in the dark is kind of the grounding earth element, and the fire and air are just completely out of reach in terms of continuity. Last night, I pulled the earth and water more into a balance, and when one does that, especially bringing in the earth element, then you have access to the fire and the air. 

What you did in your dream is you dealt with the earth element in an instinctual way. And it was instinctual in relationship to the fire element. In other words, you’re dealing with something that’s an outrageousness that has to go somewhere, and you don’t have the ability yet to properly take that sort of fire energy element and ground it into a conscious knowingness. But you do have an understanding of it in an instinctual manner. In other words, the animalistic manner. 

This is a trait that is highly developed in a lot of people who are extremely sensitive, but then have a part of themselves that has a berzerk side, in other words, because they can’t handle how life is and so they go off in zigzag tangential ways, in terms of how they try to handle a quality of intensity, fire energy intensity in their nature. Because they aren’t generally grounded, unless they can get grounded to where something makes a lot of sense in terms of the fire energy component, the degree to which they are rooted is not at a depth that it needs to be. So what comes across is more of an instinctual mannerism, and that instinctual mannerism can be pretty incredible. 

That fire element can stimulate something in terms of an instinctual mannerism that can actually affect animals. If one looks at a person who has this trait, they’re good with animals. They’re good with the instinctual nature that is prevalent in animals, and they can work with animals really, really well. 

And so, in your dream, you’re taking a glimpse of where you’re at in relationship to a fire element. In other words, as you take and come out of, let’s say, an ordinary way of being and invoke more of a fiery, speeding up energy, you come into your own in terms of a kind of recognition of the instinctual side first when you try to ground any kind of firing out.

So when you engage in activities that cause something to rise up and zigzag out of your nature that is pent up more or less into the molecular side of your nature that normally is kind of held in check in a dormancy, but is meant to be quickened and enlivened because you have that whole part of yourself, when you take and you engage that or approach that what you are doing when you’re doing Tai Chi and stuff like that, for one thing you’re dealing in an area that is in the lower 1/3 of the breath, which is closer to kind of a shamanistic, animalistic kind of quality nature. 

And there is an intensity there that, when it wakes up in a balance, in more of a balance, more of an aliveness, more of catching up with something more going on, it is aligning itself with a portion of the breath that is above the angelic, between the angelic and the interval where the inbreath turns to the outbreath. When you put the combination of those together, and if you can do it in a balance, you develop something interesting as part of that is the instinctual clarity that comes.

And then there is a greater groundedness that occurs when you’re actually able to hold the Chi more and more between the zones, between these two zones. So you’re working with an aspect of breath. Your dream is just showing you kind of what is circumambulating in your nature.

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There are many ways to interact with life, but trying to control it is generally a futile effort. In this dream, the arising energy is shown as a puppy, which has a burgeoning life of its own. Leashing the puppy might dampen its spirit, whereas giving it an allowance to be what it naturally is, and to find its own equilibrium, can be a better way. What is emergent in us needs to be handled with care, in a way that supports its energetic flourishing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t remember dreaming last night; I remember I was dreaming but I didn’t remember them. After you came to bed, I had two dreams, one with you that I lost, and then this last little dream in which I seem to be outside a home. I mean, like in the city. 

And on the street walking there’s a young Russian woman, and I guess her husband or boyfriend, and she has a new puppy that they’ve decided to take out for a walk. Or maybe he has it, and she’s coming and so the puppy is running towards her. Glad to see her. 

But then she’s all excited and then the puppy runs right by her. So she catches the puppy and puts it on a leash, and puts it in the elevator. And they’re going up in the elevator to their home or something. And I think I say something to them about, if they really want the puppy they should have left it off the leash. You know, it was going to come back. It was going to come back on its own time. So I was hoping they would actually leave it off the leash.

John: That’s a good dream in terms of a container energy. And it’s actually, if you think of the three Hindu forces, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, that’s a Vishnu trait, knowing how to preserve something. And you don’t try to control it. You recognize, in an overall context container way, how it is that something needs to be maintained. 

And that’s kind of how you were expressing yourself yesterday in the dream group: you know, and had a sense of how something needs to be understood in a maintenance way. And you communicated that.

The difference in what I communicated is, I’m primarily Vishnu, too; primarily. I don’t have much Brahma, but I do have Shiva.

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We don’t always know that the things we have been doing have been leading us to a turning point, and that we suddenly find ourselves perfectly prepared and positioned for the next step. And this is the way it works: what we do creates a new capability, a new fitness, upon which new intelligence and energetic support can sit. The universe is opportunistic, always seeking new avenues to connect with us, as we seek to connect with it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember brief parts of two dreams. In one dream, it feels like I live on a planet where one of the things we did is we would go out and we would learn to ride, and practice riding these things that look like a cross between a giant bird and a dragon. They usually have it somewhere where they stayed in a cave, and we’d go out and we’d ride them in the sky, and practice different maneuvers with them. 

But it’s like I wake up one day, and somebody makes me aware that maybe whatever we’ve always been practicing for, in terms of an attack or something, has arrived. So now it’s like, we have to go and maybe even live where the dragon’s stay, I guess, or when we fly them it’s more like they’re meant for combat now. 

And what I notice is I go out, and I do this the first time, it’s a little confusing to me because it’s like you never thought that time would arrive. But I realize some people can’t even wake up and realize that this change has happened, and they’re trying to go around as though everything is ordinary. 

No, something’s changed. It’s like whatever you’ve been practicing for, now it’s time to do it. A lot of people are kind of in some kind of a fugue state, or in shock, and acting like the change hasn’t happened when it has. And so, now, one has to be different and life has changed.

John: Normally, I would never understand what this meant, but I just happened to understand it. It’s actually a very shifted, advanced state in which the real reason why you access a certain presence, which involves the ability to come to know the dragons, and the flying of the dragons, is symbolic to catching up with a natural knowingness. 

Now, pursuit dreams and stuff like that are still in the camp of not quite holding something in an appropriate raw energy way, or the ability to fly and have a sense of the dragons isn’t quite a presence, per se. It’s close to it, but it isn’t quite the completeness of the presence. 

In other words, there is still something of a dependency that exists when one reaches out and just purely does that sort of thing, in many instances, if they don’t break through to the natural knowingness. And it would have to do with some sort of fear, or crack, and neurosis, but when that goes away to where you have a stillness in this very same quality, which is a form of like raw energy, it is this kind of rawness, this kind of energy, that provides the means of grounding to be able to take the expansiveness that is going on in the universe and ground it through you. 

It’s an outrageous power, in a way, that most people refuse to recognize, or would even see as something that is odd or peculiar to themselves. And this is a feminine power, it’s not the masculine power. The masculine proper use of the power has more to do with coming all the way down into a rootedness, a presence and a rootedness, that holds a grounding in the physical. 

The feminine is a power that already has the rootedness, but needs to find that it can rise up, and rise up in almost a type of fearlessness way. If it’s just merely rising up in order to subrogate or escape from something that is a fear or neurosis, then it hasn’t quite pulled it off. It’s close, but it hasn’t quite pulled it off. 

Dropping the fear, dropping the neurosis, leads to an instantaneous automatic knowingness. A knowingness that doesn’t make sense in terms of the circumstances and the events in front of you. It just kind of is infused, it comes through and in you. 

So what you are dreaming is about this sort of thing. And you’re telling yourself, and you’re being told, or you’re recognizing in the dream that the flying is about something. And what it’s about, this sort of flying, which means the accessing of the dragon Kundalini energy that rises up through the spine. It’s almost as if this rises up more in a feminine way, and comes down in kind of a seed aspect intensity of the masculine, all the way to a groundedness that is fierce.

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