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tmclIf you watch a video that shows a pet dog or cat seeing snow for the first time, usually the animal is tentative at first, getting a read on what it has encountered using its senses of smell, touch, and even taste. Then, once it feels that there is no threat, it can play in the white wonderland. Our interior lives behave similarly when we open up new energetic pathways, or awaken a dormant part of ourselves. And this wariness often arises in our dream life, as fear, or the feeling of being chased, or of the image of an animal we can’t control. It can merely be the process of feeling safe in a new, internal place – that really is a great playground. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I had a dream that’s pretty complex. I don’t know if I can pull all of it out, but I’ll do my best.

It feels like, at some point, I remember when I left my dad’s store I went looking for my car, and I wasn’t sure where it was anymore. And then I and then I almost wandered down into an area where the earth started to fall away, like a ravine, and I saw that I could get close to an edge – and it was pretty dangerous.

But I look and I see people coming up from that way that I have a sense might be after me. So I have to climb out of that area. Then I’ve left that area and I’ve gone into this building with a group of people that seem different. There’s almost an elfin quality about them, but it’s subtle. Kind of like in part of the Rings, you know how they just looked a little different, the elves.

And, as I’m there, and I’m getting acquainted with them, then I have this sense that something’s coming. And it’s a little bit ominous, And at first I think that the elves want to hold me there, like hold me prisoner. And I start to go out; when I go out I start to get in contact with the force that’s coming. And I go into a hallway, at one point, and I run into this large, strange looking man. And it’s almost like I feel like he has something that will help me with the force that’s coming, that you feel like you might have to do battle with.

And he’s made me these earrings, but I’m not sure how to put them in, yet. But I take these earrings, they’re unusual earrings. Then I go back into the room where the elf-like people are, and they seem to be a little kind of focused and almost like they’re preparing for some kind of conflict.

At first I don’t know if they mean to kind of hold me prisoner a bit, but I feel like they can actually help me. And I go over to one of them that seems to be the leader because he’s suddenly in this high, thrown-like chair behind a counter. I’m asking him for something. And he brings different things and lays them out in the counter. I kinda keep looking until I see what it is I want.

But then the forces are coming. And it’s like I actually go into a room where it feels like he becomes heat becomes like a large cloth, almost, that I pull to my back, both so I’m protecting him, and then as though I pull him around me, and there’s other forces, some of them I want them to stay out of the way of what’s coming. And others it’s almost like I seem to pull from them something that’s spear-like, or something that will help me with whatever I feel I have to do battle with.

And even the forces I thought might be against me it’s more like I pull them into me. And then I leave the building and I’m traveling towards whatever it is; I’m not even sure what kind of strange vehicle I’m traveling in. I come to a college campus and, at first, I see what’s almost like a prehistoric bear, much bigger than a normal bear, lumbering along like a bear – it’s night – coming from the area that I’m going towards.

But this huge prehistoric bear, it must be the size of a truck, it’s to my right. Just as it gets near me, and starts to go by me, it’s like it looks over and just says something like, “hello,” and walks on by. The sweetest voice, too.

Then I continue traveling on, and then I get to an area and it’s almost like the whole earth is opened up there. And when I look in the distance a bit, because I seem to suddenly pause, but I feel like when I go into the air, I can even suspend in the air.

And it’s become daylight instead of dark. And the distance I see this huge almost like prehistoric tree, but there’s something that was formed and alive, almost like a being  but then they turn themselves into part of the tree trunk. And I’m absorbing other things, I’m seeing other things like that where they’re a huge force, but then they just absorb themselves into some form.

That was a dream.

John: The first dream, which gave an indication, that first you had to get to a particular point in order to catch up with something deeper inside, this has you also coming up to a particular point now, but, as a consequence of coming to this particular point, you draw the attention of other energies.

And you have a quality in your nature, a reactive quality in your nature, this energetic that you’ve drawn, that is coming about, that’s like a presence or a force, that you’ve gotten close to as far as access to, this sort of thing initially strike’s you as way too much. But, but over a course of time you come to realize that energy is just kind of energy, and that any negative spin or quality about that is some nuance that you’re projecting.

And that even though it’s more than what you’re used to contending with, that you just need to hold the power and it’ll all sort itself out. So, in taking and holding this spaciality, as opposed to having to to distinguish whether this is acceptable or not, you eventually get to a point where everything then is absorbable as you move about into the atmosphere, everything becomes you.

In other words, you’re not going around distinguishing anymore things as this, or that, you’re no longer venting some sort of reactionary-ness or fear about it. You’re able to be comfortable and realize that it was only a kind of ignorance, or something, a trauma misconstrued, or as a result of something maybe that had created like a trauma inside of yourself, like a type of rejection or something, that got overly misconstrued.

And when you quit doing that, you realize that you carry something about your nature that is then able to just be in a greater wholeness and expanse, able to absorb everything around you. This whole idea that things come, when you get to a certain energetic, that there are things that come and check you out, or take a look at you, it’s kind of a cute way of saying that

the way you’re carrying yourself, and are used to carrying yourself, in an amnesia, that when you break a degree of that amnesia you come to see something more about yourself. Initially you are inclined to not know what to make out of that, and are inclined to think that it could be good, bad, or whatever. But you just don’t know.

And so you’re inclined to see it as something that’s coming to check you out. And so you have a certain wariness about all of that. And that wariness that you have about something like that is based upon your denser, more limited way of having been thrown around, and have developed certain reactionary-nesses, or nuances, that you haven’t completely let go of.

When you completely let go of it you realize that all of that is just there for you. It’s not something that is, in any capacity, fearful, I mean, the whole concept of that is a defense mechanism based upon having been in a situation of density where you went through the heat and burden and got affected this way, or that.

But when you get to a particular point where you can let go of the attitudes and the mannerisms that that you are using to afflict yourself with, you come to realize that, deep down, at the core of things, everything is intertwined, and everything is connected.

And it’s not some sort of battle of this versus that, it’s not meant to be something like that. It isn’t something like that, and the only reason why it appears to be something like that, or has the sense of being something foreign to you, is based upon the nuances that you had carried so long that to suddenly catch up with something more, and something new, leaves you in a kind of wariness, and a wariness that’s based upon prejudicial qualities and traits that you picked up when you were in a denser mannerism.

So when you drop all of that, and as you drop all of that, you then find yourself in everything – you take from the wholeness of all that there is in life, you absorb it all. You don’t have the need to to distinguish this being different than that, or lesser, or anything like that; it’s all you.

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t45ffmbFor most of us, there isn’t anything particularly spiritual about our careers, our family life, or our maintenance life, where we take care of everything that needs to be taken care of. How much time does that leave us? The only way to fix this is to make everything we do spiritual, because our jobs will never matter to the universe, but our integrity and the way we treat people does matter, and our good intentions matter as well. What principles do we uphold? What honor and respect do we show to everything around us? In this is the real seedling of spiritual growth, and we are foolish to think that someone else’s opinion of what we are doing, or intending to do, is more important than the universe’s view of what we do and think. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just had these dreams that didn’t seem to go anywhere, in a way. It felt like in one dream I was going between my dad’s house and the building across the street, which used to be an old hospital that’s been converted into apartment units. And the reason I was going back and forth is I was carrying these animals. I couldn’t see one very clearly. The other I’m pretty sure was a rabbit, that belonged to somebody else, and I was trying to teach somebody else the trick of how to get the rabbit to stay more still and not jump off – and that took a lot of concentration.

The trick was to place it on your body, and it could walk around a bit, or move around a bit, but you didn’t want it to jump off. You wanted to do something that made it want to stay more still so that you could carry it from one place to the other.

So it felt like I was going back and forth, and when I would get somewhere I was judging the whole situation by how the rabbit behaved, then, whether it had stayed still, or only crawled where it was supposed to crawl, or only jumped off once and got back on. The dream seemed to take a long time because I was going back and forth with the rabbit, and some other animal, and trying to show someone else how you did that.

John: What you’re doing is you are looking at qualities in your nature, qualities that are not very developed. That’s why they’re more jumpy, and animalistic, and you’re looking at those knowing that they interfere with you being able to sort things out in a way that has a calmness, or a balance, or a stillness to it.

In other words, the reflection in the outer across the street is even something that’s in a disarray, and in attempting to contend with whatever you have to contend with, over there, you have this quality of needing to do this in a way that is not reactive, or caught up, in some imbalanced mannerism that keeps you askew.

And so, in your dream, you’re using this dream to show that there is a reactiveness, or a mannerism, that you are getting caught up in, that from the perspective of the dream, from a deep depth inside of the dream where you could lucidly look at that, it looks absolutely ridiculous because you can see that you’re attempting to find a stillness, but you’re certainly not making much progress doing that. And not only that, but you even have the odd belief that you can show this to others – as if this will help them – when what you’re doing is you’re running a counter shadow to what you know is the place that you need to be at, which is a stillness inside.

And so the fact that you act as if having to work with this kind of shallow energetic within, or lower-self energetic within, the fact that you think that you need to do this and show this to others, and whatnot, is another way of portraying to you that what is directing and causing you to go across the street, to strike out, to have a disarray of things in your life, is because the doingness that is in your nature has this characteristic haunting you.

Jeane: And the only other dream I remember it felt like, again, I was on the road and we were stopping at a restaurant, and some other people come down and are sitting and eating at the same table with us. And again I seem to be focusing on the food. I think I’m taking it back to my relative’s house, and even on the food the other people have I’m looking at like which food do you wrap up and take back, and how do you wrap it up? There’s a certain way that you set it down and you wrap it up – if you want to take it back for other people, too. That was the only things I remembered from the two dreams.

John: So the thing that’s in common with both of those dreams is that you’re doing something in an outer context way, as if that will lead to some sort of balance, or letting go, or completeness.

In this case, you have your ideas about how something should be packaged, or put together. And those ideas, if you’re looking at what those ideas are really doing to you, is they are putting you into some sort of modality, or mood kind of quality nature, in which there is an adamant characteristic to think that when you contend with that, in the way that it is being thrown at you, that somehow or another that that will actually wrap things up. But that idea, of how to wrap something up, is the problem.

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rattlesnake-1A scene filled with large rattlesnakes would be the stuff of nightmares for most people. In a dream, it can stand in as an analogy for all the things in the world that are venomous to us, that can make us sick, or even kill us, meaning any enticement or distraction that draws our attention away from our human purpose. And we may think that human purpose is something for others to worry about and pursue, it’s really everyone’s problem because every generation we get further and further away from our truth, to the point where the species as a whole is in danger of losing its universal support. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, the first dream I remember, it’s like I’m in a room but it must lead out into the desert because there’s all these rattlesnakes everywhere, and some of them were big, and they strike at things.

And it feels like we collect the snake venom or the snakes, or something like that, and it even has to do with collateral or income. It’s like the initial part of the dream I don’t remember as much what it related to because I just seem to be studying how people did that, and how you had to be really careful because the snakes can sometimes jump way up in the air and you can get bitten.

And then after I’ve studied that out a bit, it feels like this man comes. He’s from Mexico and he’s got a native background, and he takes me elsewhere, and I figure out that he’s actually a real rattlesnake hunter. It’s more like we were just coping with the snakes we saw. I’m trying to understand how they interacted with things, but he takes me out and then he takes me into a building, but this building seems to open up into like a desert-type environment – and it’s where all the snakes live. And as I look around, even though it’s a little bit dimly lit, I see there’s big snakes everywhere.

And there’s also these little things that crawl on the ground that look like kind of pale frogs. I never can quite see exactly what they look like. They seem to accompany the snakes, and I think that maybe they’re a food that the snakes have, but I can’t see them clearly enough. But I think of them as some kind of toad, or frog.

And then I find out this guide, who’s taken me, he belongs to a certain tribe from Mexico. He’s like a professional snake hunter, and then he even shows me he has a dog with him, and he’s got the dog all wrapped up with a coat to protect it from getting struck by the snakes. And it’s a Doberman.

And then he’s dressing up for us to go out and collect whatever we need to collect in this kind of desert of snakes, like he’s putting some kind of cover over his shoes, because they’re kind of like the shoes you see native Americans wear that are like moccasins that lace up the leg a bit. But then he’s covering that with something that would protect him from snake bites, and he’s putting on what looks almost like a fireman’s uniform, in a way, because it protects you from snake bites. And then we’re going to go out to collect something. So I’m curious about this, but also a little leery of the snakes.

And then I see that where he’s gone out into this desert that seems to be inside a room, and what he’s brought back are these bones that look like carvings of people from the village of the type of Native American that he is, and he’s explaining to me that he’s going to take it back to the city because it’s like, even though there’s a city and it’s populated, there’s not that many people from his tribe left.

And so it’s like if he could go out into this area, this desert where all the snakes were, to these artifacts which look like little carved people, and bring that back, it’s like that will lead to there being more people from his lineage, or his village, or his race, that will be in the city afterwards; they’ll be born there or something.

I wasn’t quite sure how it all worked. I was just studying it out, and that was when I woke up.

John: The dream starts off with having to do with conditions in life being what they are, that have been this way for a long, long time, that reflect or permeate a direness.

In other words, the dream starts off in which it’s like in the city of things there are snakes. Something can be too much, and then when you go into the outer you see that it’s accommodated in some fashion, by nature, but it still reflects an imbalance. Nature is trying to transform, or reform, the condition. And, in nature, even though you can see the reflective remnants of things that are in a process of being transformed, when viewed from the perspective of where it all comes from, in other words going back into like an overall collective, it is an accumulation. It is a conglomerated accumulation that tears things down.

Now if you were to take and dwell upon the way things are being torn down, it then tears you down. So what you have to do is you have to recognize that all of the snakes in the conglomeration of things from which they originated, that go back maybe having been put in place by misconduct, and unconscious nature, that goes back you know lifetimes, that it has gotten to a point where man, in order to redeem himself, has to take back the issue, and he has to take it back in a revelational way.

In other words, you don’t go looking at the overtopism that was created, and yet at the same time you can’t ignore what was done, because you can see it, and you go into the all natural country – it’s there too. It’s infected, or permeated, through everything that exists.

But if you try to just lilt along and put the best spin on it, where you could avoid some of this, it doesn’t change the slant of manifestation that has been overwhelmed, and overpowered, by this collective ignorance. And so much so that it is causing things to be on life support, to break down.

And so deep down you know that there is a thread from somewhere deep, deep that can make a difference. It’s a vibrational thread and, instead of recoiling to what is out of balance, you come to realize that you have to take it into account. You have to accept it in the condition as it is, and thus, if you are able to do that, you bring the vibration back that is going out of life. You bring it back, and, of course, you’re told that if you don’t bring it back, the alternative is your species will die out.

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