Shaking It Off

do22oadWe like to think that stressful situations in life don’t really affect us, and also that we don’t pass that effect onto others – but we do. And this dream illustrates the potency of that, because a situation in waking life triggered a dream meant to process the energy through, but when the horses came to help, the help was rejected. So what was being processed became a swarm of wasps embedding themselves on the dreamer, and then no one would help her! We can also see how something not handled initially snowballs in its effect and potency. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I had a strange dream. I went to a house and there’s people in the house that I knew from high school. It’s almost like they look like they did then, but I think about it as years later. We’re getting together for some kind of an event; it’s almost like they kind of flow better with each other than I flow with them.

At one point I remember I’ve gone from one part of the house to the other to see the people there. There’s one person in particular I always liked who is very kind of bright and nice, and I’m kind of observing what they do, and the other people as they come, and how they are like they used to be then. There’s both men and women there.

And then someone is bothered by something outside, and I go and I peek through just a partially open door, and I see a bunch of people have ridden up on horses. And then I go out into the yard. It’s like a saddle club has stopped for a minute to rest at the house, and they’re wandering around the yard and everything. And they come up and they talk to me, and I tell them the people in the house want them to leave.

Well then, because I’m outside, I go over to another building and I go into a room. I don’t know if it’s a library, or what kind of a room it is. There’s one of the other people there that I hadn’t seen, but these wasps have swarmed and formed nests in his body and they’re all over the place.

And then the wasps start swarming on me, and they swarm on my left wrist, and I think near the back of my neck. They don’t seem to get as much in my hair like they did with him, and maybe somewhere on my lower back. But they form a nest, or three nests at least. At first I try to get rid of them, but then these nests have hardened and they all seem to be asleep in the nests, the wasp nests, but they’re on my body and they’re hardened, and I’m kind of freaked out by this.

And I go back to the house, and I go to someone in the house that I think knows how to work with this, and will take them off me, or be able to get them off me, without having them all sting me, but this person is just really annoyed because everybody’s ready right now to go to a big dance that’s like an engagement party for one of the people. It’s even a couple I like, and they don’t want to hear of the wasps. I’m just supposed to put up with it.

And then I notice that I actually am wearing this kind of ice blue party dress, maybe even a corsage on the arm that partially covers the wasp thing. I run into a couple that I don’t even know or like very well, I mean I don’t know for what for what reason, but I mean I don’t even really know them – and I realize I can get a ride to the party with them. I’m not really even wanting to go, but that seems to be thing you’re supposed to do.

But I really can’t stand these wasp nests so much that I actually pull off part of one of the nests on my left wrist. Some of the wasps crawl around them but none seem to sting me. But I feel like I have to go to the party and bear that, and I don’t have a gift for the party so I see a box up on a shelf and I bring it down, and there’s some money in it that I had put there at some point, so I take some of that money out so I’ll have it if I see a chance to get a gift.

But I’m really still kind of freaked out by the wasps that I just have to suppress that, and hope I can find someone that knows how to get them off without them all stinging me.

John: Do you know what triggered it?

Jeane: Probably yesterday, which was a mess.

John: And notice the parallel in the vibes, because that vibe is now feeding into the dreamworld in order to help you resolve, or absolve, that condition. So notice that. Because this is a dream that’s designed to give you more of an in depth, up close, way of catching up with and noting that so that it is something that you’re able to handle.

Now, how is it that you normally handle something like this? You have an absolving quality in your nature that absorbs this. You’re trying to absolve this, and find that quality inside, and you’re able to somehow move in the direction of an absolving energy inside of yourself in the dream.

In other words, this is like an answer and a fix response to the scenario that came up yesterday. Generally, you always dream based upon the state and the condition you’re in. So if you’re carrying some sort of neurosis about your nature you’re going to have to contend with what that neurosis is, and get guidance and advice accordingly.

Now it’s real hard to understand that guidance and advice because the fact that it threw you around or affected you in some way, when you dream about it, are you going to be able to reach to a higher quality behind all of that that’s there for you to reach, that’s there for you to come out?

Now sometimes you can dream about something, like this is a kind of dream that you would not normally have because normally we don’t get thrown asunder like you were yesterday, but because you did, you have that propensity in your nature, a latent propensity in your nature and so you had this dream.

Now what else do you notice about this dream? What you notice is you have a huge effect in this dream. When you have this, you’re going around and you’re projecting that mannerism wherever you go. Notice that it fell apart slowly. Initially, you’re in a house and there is a very slight imbalance, and then that slight imbalance leads to these characters that come up on horses and wander around the yard.

Think of the symbolism of horses.Think of the power that a horse is meant to carry – and how you didn’t like that. Whatever came up you don’t like, and then realize how that then devolves further to where it becomes something that you can’t shake off, that embeds itself in your nature.

Well, when you have a nature that doesn’t normally have that, that flows in the outer, that has opened up something in the outer, and all of a sudden you have that, too, can you see how pervasive that is? That’s the reason for the horses was to bring in the idea of power behind that, and it penetrates into the outer and has a bad effect in the outer.

And it all fit within a nice storyline that looked entirely different, but it was about the vibration and how that vibration works in relationship to how it is that you are able to be, and how it comes across in life. You bet you need to take a step back and get a bit of a drill down on something like that because, once you have grown in a certain capacity and something like that comes over you you’ve got to be careful what you think about – meaning that your thoughts then are more powerful in terms of their effect and potency in terms of affecting things in the environment.

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Jeane: In the next dream, we’re in bed, but you’ve gotten up to use the bathroom. Well, when you get up, I notice that a friend of mine, and her husband, are also in the bed. At the end of the room is a big wardrobe that you open up and then you sit briefly on a chair nearby before heading to the bathroom.

When you come back, you’re hopping around and you pick up something. I think I tell my friend that it’s a TV schedule that you’ve grabbed, and perhaps you’re confused because you can’t get something on the TV.

As you’re hopping around (you seem to be hopping rather than walking), I holler, “You know, it’s a.m. not p.m.” because that seems to be the problem with finding the show on the schedule.

Then I see you sit very still at the far end of the room, like you’re not moving. Well, I realize you’re not moving because it sounds like there’s a huge bumblebee in the room and you don’t want it to sting you.

Then it seems that it’s no longer you sitting at the far end of the room, but it’s my older dog, a male Basenji I had, in a frozen position because of the bee. The bee then comes toward me and, since the light is on, I kind of cower down and the bee lands right on my cheek! I don’t want to move. I want someone to come get rid of it so it won’t sting me.

I don’t know what finally happened, but something makes it move and then it lands on the wall. I get out of bed to look and it’s just a normal-sized hornet rather than the huge bumblebee it felt like on my cheek.

Then I go to look at my dog and he has two little puncture wounds on his back, the poor thing. So, I’ve kind of gone over to see how the dog is. That’s that dream.

John: Interesting. As each dream from the night unfolds, the imagery is getting subtler (see Get Smart and Indulgence). In the previous dream you’re paying attention to an imbalance, but you don’t quite have all of the variables. It’s like being thrown a curve; then the question is, how far can your nature go in handling the curve?

There are always a lot of variables that can be picked up as part of something meaningful and dynamic. But you have to pick those variables up through a greater, overall part of yourself. Otherwise you end up with knee-jerk type reactions to all the little things that go on. Those reactions create disturbances within you, whether in a dream scenario, or in your life.

And when you respond in that way, it pulls you away from who you really are – it knocks you from your center. In other words, you don’t want to get carried away by your imagination of what the situation is. If you do, the next thing you know you’re stinging yourself, or confusing yourself, or creating problems that prevent you from doing what you’re able to do in a greater capacity.

It’s like you have an intuition that has developed listening in a greater way, but hasn’t yet figured out how to discern or discriminate so that it doesn’t create friction. In the dreams, you see yourself almost like a Laurel and Hardy. You’ve become the fall guy. That isn’t how you’re supposed to be.

You’re supposed to be able to roll with everything that happens, as opposed to going off on a tangent. Somehow you’re allowing yourself to be affected – shifted – into an imagined idea of what is occurring around you, as opposed to carrying it in your balance.

Another example is when we feel an illness or physical pain, or any imbalance in our nature, we tend to worry about that and send all our attention on to it. In other words, we tend to lose an overall trust or balance.

It is not that we aren’t supposed to pay attention to something that is affecting us, it’s just that there can be an indulgent, or imaginative, aspect to it that inflates its importance and ends up disrupting our internal listening center.

We each have the capability of keeping everything in its proper perspective. As shown in this dream, that capability in you has to do with catching up with the masculine side of yourself (the image of me, hopping around).

Your feminine side feels all of this in an overall way, and is receptive to what is occurring. Yet in its attempt to accommodate what it is sensing, it can go over the top to the point where you’re creating things that sting or disturb in your environment.

So it’s a tough balance, to be sensitive and accommodating. Yet it’s an important balance because we can end up creating greater disturbances than the ones we are trying to smooth out.

Don’t Agitate Them

John: In this dream I’m cleaning up an outdoor area – it’s kind of like an outdoor patio. The house inside is empty, and I eventually realize that it has already been cleaned up. As I’m working on this patio area, I see a huge hornets’ nest, and it’s built in a square shape. It looks dormant but, you know, I’m not 100% sure.

So I figure if I’m going to clean the area, I can’t leave this eyesore hanging there. I take a shovel, just initially to test things, and I whack it with the shovel and cut into it a little bit. I might have even knocked a small chunk off. It surprises me how hard the nest is.

All of a sudden, a couple of hornets come out. So, uh oh. I know how badly hornets can get you, so I run into the empty adjacent house and I try to close the doors behind me. I go from room to room to block the attack of the hornets.

There are still only a couple of them, but my imagination is that there could be a lot of them. I only see two but who knows. At some point, I duck down into the garage and close the basement door above.

As I come down the steps, I can hear voices so I think, okay, now I’m stuck. I can’t go back up because the hornets will get me, so I’ve got to continue on. It turns out it’s not the owners of the house I’m hearing, but two cleaning girls who have already cleaned upstairs and now they’re working on this area.

That relieves a certain concern that I must look like a trespasser, just running around this property. I mention that there are hornets up there so they might want to be careful. They don’t seem to be concerned. I wake up as I’m looking for a way out, thinking that I’ve eluded the hornets.

Well, the dilemma is that a part of me, when it comes to a certain aspect of life involving the outer physical reality, feels like I’ve paid some dues and moved on. Yet there are still things that can come after me. There are still hornets, so there are still agitations that can come over me.

The house is empty – it shows I’m moving on. There are just a few details left. So even though I’m cleaning up the last area, I end up leaving behind a bit of something that’s quiet now, yet can be agitated, i.e., the hornets’ nest. The nest isn’t alive and buzzing with thousands of bees. There are just a couple. I’ve come a long way, perhaps, but there are still hornets that can be stirred up.

It’s almost like joke in some ways, or even a warning that the work is never done. It can be seen as part of an ongoing process, but it also disturbs.