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1fa19fHere’s a dream that sets a scene straight out of a romance novel, and yet it is pointing to some of the great fundamentals in dreams and in spiritual journeys. The scene: a woman on horseback, eluding a pursuer, trying to find her way in the fog. And it speaks of the need to trust an inner power when dealing the the trials and tribulations of outer life. When we finally do trust that inner power, we are well on our way out of the fog of life. It is also a good example of how all the elements in a dream are aspects of our inner lives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream it’s like I’m trying to get back home, or get somewhere. I’ve got a horse. I think the horse is white, and the dogs seem like they are white, too, and I’m being pursued by someone that’s trying to stop me – that even shoots at me sometimes, and so we have to get off the normal trail.

Sometimes we end up in somebody’s house and we don’t know if they’re going to treat us like an intruder, or help us and show us where we can cut across their lawn. And I finally, after several days, get to the last stretch of road and it’s foggy out. The horse is tired and its head is kind of droopy, and the dog is tired, too, so I pick it up and get on the horse.

I’m going to carry the dog for awhile, and we have to go through the fog, and we don’t know where the man that shoots at us is. I just feel like I’m talking to the horse now, and I just feel like the horse knows its way home. So we’re just going to have to trust it as we go this last little bit because it’s so foggy out you really can’t see.

John: What an interesting dream of taking and intertwining. You’re using the characteristics and traits in which things in manifestation, to which you’re connected, to help to facilitate the unfoldment. The dog is your friend, and the horse is a power that attempts to know what is going on, and attempts to then coordinate itself accordingly.

A horse is something that seems to, you might say, because it’s always trying to figure out what man wants, seems to have somehow gotten the memo that man’s kind of like the crown of creation, and so a horse is exalted if it figures out how to accommodate that, to conduct itself accordingly.

And the trouble that a horse has is because it represents the power and it is being compelled and pressed to do something, that it can get twisted and then react – and that’s when you have the bucking horse and all of that business that goes on. But once the horse has figured out how to flow with what it is that the human being wants, the horse then is in seventh heaven doing that, and the more it can figure it out the more the horse preens in terms of its natural being.

It’s amazing when you can come across a horse that will open gates, instead of the man having to get off of the horse to open the gate, and the horse is trained to open gates. And it’s also amazing for a horse that knows how to feel a human being to such a degree that it will help them in a time of distress. And an owner of a horse, those who are really, really good with horses, know that the final training is to get the horse to the point where when you really need the horse to take over, and know naturally what it is that’s required, and you’re in no condition for whatever reasons, you’re injured or something has happened, that the horse will take over and naturally know what you require to get yourself out of a situation.

Well, in your dream, you’re working with this quality. In other words, you have conditions in the outer in which you’re affected in ways that you have to contend with, and you have a way that you need to intertwine. And these conditions in the outer are keeping you from intertwining. So, at your disposal, you have access to a friend, the dog, and a horse, a power that serves, and the combination of those two you’re using to try to work yourself through the veils of things – which is the fog – in order to go somewhere.

So the theme of the dreaming, of course, at the very beginning when you look at your very first dream, is that you’re trying to find that which is natural for yourself. And what you’re adding in this dream is that you use the faculties in creation around you, the energetics that are naturally provided in life for a human being to connect with and to use. You’re using those qualities and those traits. You are forming a relationship and a bonded connection so that you accentuate how it is that you’re able to be by using those qualities and traits to further the natural understanding of things that you’re meant to find.

And those natural understandings of things are something that has to be sorted out and, I came to find out that it’s going to be energetically the same, so to speak, in terms of a general overall, but it will be, in terms of the intertwining, in terms of the relatability that we each have, that might be slightly different. It will have a different way of tweaking the outer from the natural intertwiningness, that is energetic, that one can come to find and identify with as a similitude. Did you like that dream? That was pretty good.

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oasis-home-slider-4How do our dreams show us what we are still working on in our development journey? Here is a good example, where the main character finds herself in an idyllic-type of setting, yet in the house, i.e., in the inner life, there are still energetic natures locked up in a room that need to be freed. So we can look at the image and say, yes, the orchard is good news because we find ourselves in the middle of an oasis (not on the edge, or far away), yet there are still inner aspects that need to be let go of in order to truly be at home in that oasis. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream it’s like I’m going through an orchard and I have a house somewhere in the orchard. I’m walking with a man towards that house. So I go in that house to go to the bathroom but then notice a second house that belongs to my folks and my father and my mother and her sister are all living there. My mother maybe has some dementia or something.

I go in my folks’ house to use the bathroom and I realize the bathroom is near the back and maybe because my mother’s not completely well or something they have three dogs and they’ve locked them up in the back bathroom, which is the one I want to use.

So I go and open the door which excites the three dogs. They have a Basenji, and then they have a tiny little bulldog, and then they have the third dog, I don’t know. It’s also small. They’re kind of like between dogs and puppies, actually. They’re all excited when I go in there. You know how they jump up and down.

Apparently the dogs have been using the toilets, too. And then I’m trying to get the dogs to kind of… I want to let them out of the room, but they might be too much for the elderly in the house, so I’m trying to get them to calm down a little bit. They’re jumping all over the place because they’re just excited that someone came in to see them.

John: So both houses are in the middle of the orchard? The orchard in this dream portrays something that has the significance of an energetic oasis. And when you view it from the inner, when you go behind the symbolism and you go back into the inner, what you’re looking at is a prosperousness or quality, a soothingness, a balance inside, that sweeps over the space that you’re in.

And that what you’re still having to sort out with that as your etheric being, or connective light body, even, if you wanted to say it that way even what you are having to sort out is how to work with that in regards to a flow. And the flow has to do with other energetics that could still have some dense characteristics yet in your nature.

The exact or parallel image that I had in my meditation dream, that portrayed the same thing, was that of a round in the midst of an area that was like just open, no trees or anything, in the midst of that was a round thing in which everything sloped to a center – and that was a drain. And in this area you had this humongous drain that balanced things out.

And the vibration leading one into this was one of a soothingness and a wonderfulness that was on an inner level, and then this image came out as I was coming awake into the outer. But it was hard for me to come out of this inner soothingness, into the outer, and in terms of breaking through the barrier of that, or in the hypnagogic state almost, of coming from a depth within to a quality where you have a blending of the outer now starting to come in as you’re traveling through levels or going through a veil, a barrier, or whatever that is between inner and outer.

That was the image that popped up right out of the blue because when I was in the inner all I had was this soothing, wonderful sensation and was not able to recognize or distinguish anything.

And so that’s very much similar to your situation in which you have the orchard, which is like an oasis, because I even found myself describing myself as this being like an oasis that one is within because it’s so soothing. An orchard is something that’s plentiful, that’s abundant, has an abundance, that’s fertile, and you’re in the center of that.

You’re functioning near the center of all of that, and you’re going somewhere in the center of all of that, and it’s a pretty interesting image in that in terms of going to the center of that, there’s still a little catalytic process yet, in regards to what is still pent up, or trapped, in your nature, some little nuance that has to do with the three dogs. They have different quality natures that haven’t yet been fully integrated in terms of how it is that they are in terms of your being. In other words, the dogs represent a type or quality of flow, inside of yourself, that you’re a part of. That is a pretty profound dream.

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Yaacov Kaszemacher

One way to think about consciousness is that with it we can elevate our awareness of what is happening in us and around us. When we lack consciousness, or do things robotically or reactively, we get swept up in the energies of other things – which means we put ourselves at the mercy of other things. When we raise our inner consciousness it gives us more control about how we choose to be in a given moment, and can allow us to affect the world, rather than be affected by it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I didn’t dream much that I could remember, but I had one dream where I seemed to be in this household that’s kind of chaotic. There’s a number of us that live there, and there’s a woman that’s supposed to help out – and she seems to be disappearing on us, and we even think she’s left completely. And I even go to where she was working and she hasn’t shown up there, either, and she was like an apprentice or someone.

So I’m talking to her coworker and we’re going back and we’re looking at jobs maybe she was supposed to do, even at the house, like the dishes, and they’re all stacked up. And, at the same time, I’m noticing the woman who’s in charge of the house would probably like even a new kitchen because the water’s like up over the counter almost; in fact, the water even like floats most of the kitchen on the floor. And I’m trying to help them figure out how to drain it so we can start cleaning.

Then the woman that was supposed to help with everything shows up and acts like she’s just, even though she disappeared and maybe she doesn’t even have the training she’s supposed to have, that she can just come back and do the job. And I’m kind of looking at her skeptically, but it’s really up to somebody else to decide whether that happens or not because my focus right now is on helping clean up.

Even if the lady wants a new kitchen, I should try to get the old one in order now. And while I’m doing this, meanwhile some dogs come and they get in the living room and they’re kind of taking over, and someone even comes down the hall with kind of a ferocious dog, although it’s a big poodle, and none of the other people are doing anything with these dogs.

And so I go walk up and I face down the poodle. In fact, I kind of scare it, it runs off. I turn around to the others and I tell them that you really do have to kind of take charge and, if not, it’s going to run over you. Anyway, that was the dream.

John: What you’re doing is you are finding that there is a… it can seem kind of awkward if one identifies and is observing and is only noting things from what happens in the outer. It’s kind of hard to recognize something that is affecting the outer from the inner and that, in other words, it’s like the outer condition is with this person having to do something with the dishes and all this, that, or the other, and there’s the whole outer image of the effect.

But what’s the vibration behind that? There’s the outer effect, then there’s the vibration behind it. And then dogs running wild without any sense of an orientation to something that would have them recognizing what is right, or appropriate, or not; in other words, a lack of inner consciousness, and that’s what it’s like in the outer. That’s what the outer is really like.

In other words, this is what we take as literal, and have our ideas about how it should be, but this is how it actually is. It’s chaotic, and disoriented, and all over the place like this, the outer is, and the inner is what makes everything make sense. But for us, we’re basing what makes sense in terms of how it is that we perceive the unfoldment of things as they unfold in the outer.

Now the idea of bringing inner into outer is to do it in such a way so that there is a vibratory aliveness that comes through, in the connection, so that there is an understanding instead of a disorientation. But when there is a gap, and a person is relating in an inner way yet responding in an outer way that is different because they adhere to what flows from within, you can get all kinds of peculiarities. We live in the manifestation or outer way, however, so it’s kind of imperative to try to bring that connection down through, and try to line that up, but they operate in a little bit of a different, almost a different sequence and flow.

So your dream is basically showing just how peculiar and odd it can be if the orientation, in terms of value, is turned around in which one puts a high degree of attention upon how something unfolds in the outer, which is natural in human nature, and as a consequence then you can lose the appreciation in the sense of an inner aliveness.

Yet to see what’s really going on you, have to see this innerness. That’s the beauty of everything. It’s not the outer images of what is taking place that is real. It’s how something is carried, or held, or sustained, or maintained inside. That’s what is real, just like the dog’s running around.

Untrained dogs represent your friend, or loyalty even, mostly loyalty, and that’s in a state of disarray because you don’t see what is really going on in terms of the animals because the animals have one reflection outwardly, and then there’s an inner way of relating to them because animals tend to try to comport to the natural. They try to find the natural. They may not have the consciousness to put themselves through paces so that they can make the outer coincide according to expectations as easily as one would desire that to happen, but they do and can depict something in an inner way. They try.

A horse, for example, will do its best to try to understand what a human being wants. And to begin with the horse and the human being are going to be at a state of confusion in relationship to each other until you find the cohesion, and the cohesion comes from the horse having to subordinate itself to understanding the inner vibration of what it is that the human being wants.

Animals pick up on the inner vibration of things really easily. That’s why in hunting and whatnot you have to be very, very careful because they can sense the changes, they can sense the innerness as much if not more so than the outerness. They could tell when something isn’t quite right in the environment.

A human being could learn from that and make major strides to understand that naturalness that comes from within. Our orientation unfortunately is, as you indicated in the dream, is caught up in how appearances and mannerisms are around us in the outer.

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