The Day Has Arrived

We don’t always know that the things we have been doing have been leading us to a turning point, and that we suddenly find ourselves perfectly prepared and positioned for the next step. And this is the way it works: what we do creates a new capability, a new fitness, upon which new intelligence and energetic support can sit. The universe is opportunistic, always seeking new avenues to connect with us, as we seek to connect with it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember brief parts of two dreams. In one dream, it feels like I live on a planet where one of the things we did is we would go out and we would learn to ride, and practice riding these things that look like a cross between a giant bird and a dragon. They usually have it somewhere where they stayed in a cave, and we’d go out and we’d ride them in the sky, and practice different maneuvers with them. 

But it’s like I wake up one day, and somebody makes me aware that maybe whatever we’ve always been practicing for, in terms of an attack or something, has arrived. So now it’s like, we have to go and maybe even live where the dragon’s stay, I guess, or when we fly them it’s more like they’re meant for combat now. 

And what I notice is I go out, and I do this the first time, it’s a little confusing to me because it’s like you never thought that time would arrive. But I realize some people can’t even wake up and realize that this change has happened, and they’re trying to go around as though everything is ordinary. 

No, something’s changed. It’s like whatever you’ve been practicing for, now it’s time to do it. A lot of people are kind of in some kind of a fugue state, or in shock, and acting like the change hasn’t happened when it has. And so, now, one has to be different and life has changed.

John: Normally, I would never understand what this meant, but I just happened to understand it. It’s actually a very shifted, advanced state in which the real reason why you access a certain presence, which involves the ability to come to know the dragons, and the flying of the dragons, is symbolic to catching up with a natural knowingness. 

Now, pursuit dreams and stuff like that are still in the camp of not quite holding something in an appropriate raw energy way, or the ability to fly and have a sense of the dragons isn’t quite a presence, per se. It’s close to it, but it isn’t quite the completeness of the presence. 

In other words, there is still something of a dependency that exists when one reaches out and just purely does that sort of thing, in many instances, if they don’t break through to the natural knowingness. And it would have to do with some sort of fear, or crack, and neurosis, but when that goes away to where you have a stillness in this very same quality, which is a form of like raw energy, it is this kind of rawness, this kind of energy, that provides the means of grounding to be able to take the expansiveness that is going on in the universe and ground it through you. 

It’s an outrageous power, in a way, that most people refuse to recognize, or would even see as something that is odd or peculiar to themselves. And this is a feminine power, it’s not the masculine power. The masculine proper use of the power has more to do with coming all the way down into a rootedness, a presence and a rootedness, that holds a grounding in the physical. 

The feminine is a power that already has the rootedness, but needs to find that it can rise up, and rise up in almost a type of fearlessness way. If it’s just merely rising up in order to subrogate or escape from something that is a fear or neurosis, then it hasn’t quite pulled it off. It’s close, but it hasn’t quite pulled it off. 

Dropping the fear, dropping the neurosis, leads to an instantaneous automatic knowingness. A knowingness that doesn’t make sense in terms of the circumstances and the events in front of you. It just kind of is infused, it comes through and in you. 

So what you are dreaming is about this sort of thing. And you’re telling yourself, and you’re being told, or you’re recognizing in the dream that the flying is about something. And what it’s about, this sort of flying, which means the accessing of the dragon Kundalini energy that rises up through the spine. It’s almost as if this rises up more in a feminine way, and comes down in kind of a seed aspect intensity of the masculine, all the way to a groundedness that is fierce.

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Balance and Connection

The first time we do anything we are not expert at it. Expertise comes with practice and repetition. Greater consciousness works this way as well: at first we choose to be aware of something in our environment, or as part of our inner process, and, if we repeat this over time, our systems will pick up the way of it for us – in the same way that we learned to drive a car. Becoming conscious about anything can add a new automatic process to our systems, which is a great form of gathering new intelligence. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember my last dream. And, in that dream, it’s like I was in this room, but this room was maybe on a college campus or something. And there were protests going on.

The protests were supposed to be very controlled, but it felt like after the controlled part of the protests, that people kind of acted a bit like a dragon, or something. Or maybe they were even real dragons that sometimes came and they kind of broke some chains, because there was one out on the balcony or something. But they didn’t really seem to harm anybody, they just seemed to cause a bit of physical damage. 

And so I was kind of studying that out, just kind of what happens when crowds get out of control or something. Or when they protest. But they caused a little more damage than they thought they were going to. So I was just trying to study out how that was happening, and it seemed to be happening in the same physical setting as where I was sleeping, except it was a college campus instead of a bedroom.

John: So I guess you were looking at how you affect things, which might mean you’re still contending with as an impression or a way of looking at yourself. In other words, everything is affected by what goes on in the environment around you. And you have to be strong enough to be able to take every effect into something to which you’re able to recognize even something more in terms of things. 

The effect that you seem to be portraying is the ability to hold a particular kind of quality so that you can be in a balance with what is going on around you. To be able to note that, to be able to recognize that something more that’s going on around you. That seems to be kind of like a quality of the chi, or the Tao, aspect of it that you’re looking to understand, and looking to maintain in terms of a kind of balance of nature. 

So you must be dreaming this either because it’s an effect or an influence from the Tao teacher, or you’re dreaming it because you’re trying to hold a quality of a space in relationship to something else that’s going on. 

And you know that it’s important to hold that space in order to be able to let something unfold in the universe, that you’re able to then connect and pay attention to, or recognize, in a different way. The theme of the dreaming last night had to do with being able to maintain a balance and connection to an aspect of the Tao.

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A Solitary Way

7caforniaIn the game of Telephone, we know that when the message reaches us it will be terribly distorted, with, perhaps, the entire meaning changed. If we ask ourselves: what is the purpose of life?, we will find the same problem, because we humans have been getting the message wrong for thousands of years. So what do we do, and what can we trust? We can trust in the universe, and we can trust in our human design, two things that are still operating as they were meant to do and be. In the case of our design, we simply are not using it correctly, because all our sensitivities are part of our ability to connect to the universal – from which we can receive all the guidance we need. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, my attention is upon a substance that’s getting screened through and filtered in a noticeable way. What I noticed was that there was nothing to see and report, in terms of the filtering process. It seemed that something was there, but, if so, it was so fine that there was nothing to see.

In other words, we’re constantly filtering and filtering, and what we end up extracting is extracting a mannerism, or a pattern, or a way, and then we feel that and realize that that has its qualities in which it falls apart. But there’s nothing to filter to.

If I had seen something of consequence, in which there was a reportable visibility, I would’ve had a different determination and unfoldment as memorable – which would’ve been a wrong kind of memorableness.

The meaning is this is an image in that whatever I am refining or filtering gets to a nothingness of consequence, or visibility. In other words, it’s a purification image.

And then I still stay on this, in the next one, in which the image I see is that I pay 109-degree hot water bill, which is affecting a washing machine. In other words, I pay the bill and the bill is 109 degrees and that’s okay, and the 109 degrees affects the washing machine. In other words, it’s like a symbol of completion, where you accept the temperature that exists and just face that bill for whatever it is. In other words, it’s like a message, it’s like a strange kind of advertising, too, that this is how it is.

So now I’m starting to deviate in this one. So I go into an area where I see a stream of water that’s flowing. It’s not flowing in the way that it usually flows, and it’s kind of something I can easily swim in. It’s almost like a natural hot springs, the whole length of it.

But, in this hot springs, I know that there is a dragon, and this is a wonderful, friendly, helpful, magical dragon, but the water is so low I’m wondering how the dragon can survive in this. And so I’m swimming up this thing, and swimming up this thing, like I’m trying to get the source, and, eventually, I come to an area where there’s kind of some run down buildings that’s at the head of all of this, almost as if there are rooms that you can go into and whatnot, and it’s as if that is like a change area and everything else.

This whole time I’ve been alone as I’m doing this, and, when I look outside, in the far distance I guess would be the ocean. And then water is coming across the white sands, just a very small amount, and I can’t help but wonder if the sea level rises maybe it fills this channel more, or if it goes down, then what if there’s global warming or something. Whatever it is, it can impact this, and somehow or another as it comes across these white sands in a very, very thin layer of water coming across, I guess it heats up or something and goes into these hot springs.

So I go back into these hot spring rooms. I’m all by myself the whole time, and suddenly there’s a room and there’s a whole bunch of guys in it. And they try to invite me in, and as soon as I go in there I realize there’s something strange about them. I comment about the dragon, and if the dragon does he make it to the sea? And they assume that he must make it to the sea from time to time, and I figure he has to make it to the sea because this is pretty shallow the way it is now.

So I’ve got to get away from them; these guys look strange and weird. Who knows what is apt to happen. And so I act like I’m going out to find the main river. Well I came up what was the spur that I thought was the main river, and, as I go along I walk out this way and that way, and of course I am careful to try to make sure I get away from these characters, and I come down to an area and there’s a huge river there.

Wow, where’d that come from? And as I come down at the head of the river is all kinds of people in the water, and lo and behold, that’s a hot springs. The water is hot there and all these people are just enjoying themselves, and I can just go into that amidst all of those people and be just fine.

So the nature of this is that this dream starts off in which I’m in a solitary way and, little by little, that gets one out of balance. However, there is the magical dragon that does cover this whole area and, when I’m wayward and off, the hot springs that exist, or the flow that exists, is even a little polluted, and I could see it’s not conducive to the needs for this kind of magical creature to live.

And it’s not healthy to be by myself trying to follow something as an unfoldment to the source, as if I’m going to sort all of that out on my own, because such an approach can lead to where I can see the sea, or at least the white sands coming from the sea, and the water that flows across that from the ocean access, but it flows across and is looked at in this way in kind of a bifurcated aloneness way which gets into a type of life that is dysfunctional.

To leave that is to find the mighty river, which at its pure source is healthy, and where the true hot springs of life can be. Or, as I said in another way, when I leave this imbalance I find the hot springs again, but at the head of a mighty river, and a lot of ordinary people to be with.

So this is pointing out again that my tendency is to ponder and to look at things, and find all these different variables, which will be unlimited in their nature, as a type of looking in a Solomon kind of vanity way, when doing that is a bifurcation off of what is really meant to be, which is to just hold the central vibration of a letting go, that you can hold in the dhikr of the breath, or in the prayer quality of yourself, or in the meditation. Allow all of that to come together. They work together.

Spirit energy is different forms, and spirit energy can come back to you, and is carried from lifetime to lifetime. And so you have to be careful of just catching up with spirit energy, per se, because it can have its mannerism, just like how do you address the kundalini energy that’s throwing people around, in terms of them not being able to sleep, or dream, and stuff like that? That’s something that sorts itself off in a type of letting go that they have to reach inside of themselves, and they reach that inside of themselves by holding the quality of the note of the vibration. The best thing to do would be to do the dhikr.

Next dream: I am warned ahead of time about being held up by bandits who shake people down along a road. I seem to forget this, and I end up with an old pickup truck full of gold, and hidden amidst the gold is something even more precious than that cargo.

And so it’s almost as if, in this pickup truck, with me is a bunch of these surly guys that are just kind of, you know, in the state that I’m in it’s okay, but you wouldn’t want to meet them by a road. And they remind me that it might not be a good idea to go over this area, and I get this notion that, you know, yeah, they could actually call ahead and I could be waylaid, even.

Well, to go over this area, I seem to think I need a different vehicle and I go to get into the vehicle and it won’t start, which means I’ve moved away from the truck, that’s this old beat up pickup truck, that has the gold in the back and something precious there.

And so that’s the dichotomy in this dream is, in some way, I’m attempting to be adamant in my own way, and the meaning of the dream is just to stop, and the circumstances are my clue, and I need to hold tight to where I am, and there is no need to reach out. I have at this time what I need. I just need to know how to take it in, in its entirety of my being, as is.

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