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imag00303esIn the midst of the idea of letting go, we can get confronted by the question of what parts of one’s self are actually the true parts, the parts we want to keep? This dream looks at this question, and the answer would likely be slightly different for every one of us, but it touches upon the concept that there are basic natures that we should hold onto, that without which we would be straying from who we really are. As we delve deeper, these are the questions that give us pause. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Last night I had a number of long dreams, but they were all kind of murky with a lot of people, so they were hard to pull out many details.

One of the earliest ones, it felt like I was going back and forth to some place in the mountains, a little town there. Once I got there I wanted to go back out and go hiking, and a friend joined me. And I remember I had a car parked in front of a house, and she’d come with a kitten so we were going to leave the kitten with my car while we went hiking.

And that was the strongest thing I remembered of that dream.

John: Well, the idea of being able to go back and forth in the mountains is an image that I wouldn’t be able to have, because I would always get twisted and lost, because I don’t have a proper schematic of whereabouts in terms of my spirit energy in manifestation – but you do. You do.

But what you don’t have is a certain sense of… well, the cat energy of a certain quality that you need from the kitten in order to be able to, you know, stretch out. In other words, you can’t go and solve any problems like going hiking up into the mountains. You can’t get very far away from the car because there is something about the energy that you need in relationship to the kitten.

So, what it is is an interesting dream that basically starts with what it is that is natural for you. It’s unnatural for me, but natural for you, that you know your north, south, east, and west, that you can go back and forth and back and forth.

But what you can’t do is probe out very well, which is the trait that the masculine does that’s able to try to shake things through, and understand something from on high or whatever, which on an energetic level for the feminine, is like it has to do more with a different aspect of the breath. It’s more the in-breath, where the masculine would have the sense of something coming down into manifestation and the spirit energy coming into matter.

For the feminine it would have to do with the fact that it can move around, meaning that the spirit energy could venture forth from its moving around and familiarity in manifestation. It could move around, and it could hike, or go through obstacles. But the dream is indicating that there is a dilemma in terms of leaving your car, or leaving that spatiality, and it has something to do with a relatability and an intertwining that is getting left behind.

When you do that, and that is symbolized by the kitten, I don’t want to venture to guess what that is, other than to say that there’s something about the kitten that is important in terms of the ability to reach out into, or to probe out. In other words, the ability to take and have something more than just being in matter and able to flow in manifestation knowing your bearings, but that where you go askew is when you try to probe away from that basic quality nature. Isn’t that interesting? 

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inner-strength-shreenaamIt’s a time of year where we think about family. Yet in this dream scenario, family represents the things we lean on – to our own detriment. Said another way, sometimes we turn to the familiar when we are trying to avoid the unknown that awaits us. Of course, moving into the unknown is a development that we actually do want, but we also have fears about what we have to let go of to make room for, or accomodate, what will change. Our conscious awareness is the first step in navigating these transitions. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my first dream it’s like I’m staying at some kind of a hotel, or motel, but the motel room is really large. And it has several bedrooms, like and a corridor, and a living room and stuff like that.

I think my dad is staying there in one room, and my sister’s somewhere there, too, and I’ve left the motel room to go somewhere. And an old boyfriend has picked me up to give me a ride and I’m kind of surprised to see him, but it’s almost like he’s apologetic for not being there for me in some way – but I’m unclear whether I really want him there or not.

But he gives me a ride and we seem to be talking about it all, because he’s kind of ambivalent about our being together or something. Then I go back to the motel room, and when I come back I seem to have a kitten. I’ve put the kitten down because it’s still at that age where it just plays and it’s not quite oriented yet. And I go to see my sister, and it feels like meanwhile the kitten multiplies and I’ve got three or four little kittens.

So now I realize that I’m not even sure they’re kind of housebroken yet, so even though I’ve put paper down on the floor it’s like my sister and I go to a backyard to a door that opens, or a window that opens out onto the back, and then there’s a large space there. But I see there’s even a dog there, so even though I bring my kitten out where the other kittens play a little bit, I feel like that’s too much for it. I don’t want it running off.

So I take it back inside and I’m thinking probably the best thing is to take it home, but then what about these other three kittens? I mean, do they belong to my sister? My dad’s around. I’m not sure what’s the whole situation with the kittens.

And I’ve gone into a bedroom, meanwhile, so I feel like the kitten needs to get to a place that would be its residence. Meanwhile I’ve gone into a bedroom and it feels like I’m starting to put on a nightgown. It’s a really kind of pretty turquoise nightgown and… I mean really light-colored turquoise. It’s kind of strange because it’s almost like if I have the top on, and these little bottoms that go with it, then suddenly when I reach down I’ll find the little peignoir or whatever you call it that goes on the outside of it – right around my feet – when I hadn’t even seen it before.

And then I pick that up to put it on, and then I notice the ex-boyfriend, that had given me the ride before, that he’s walking by the door and kind of looking in. And so he’s come back, and then there’s going to be like a major shift in the dream at this point.

John: So what you’re doing is you’re finding that you’re holding on to a particular way of looking at things, in terms of your attention, in terms of what is real. And that involves, for example, being able to keep close to you your sister and your dad and all of that. But that sort of thing has kept you from catching up to an even larger container, in terms of what it is that you are about in life.

And you come to find out, or come to know, that there is something that you have been feeling as missing for a long, long time, that is meant to be part of this much larger container. And there’s something that you’re feeling is missing is the key to you getting to a place that is really kind of your true home.

The way you’ve been hanging out you have surrounded yourself with things that you are able to lean upon, and be around, that creates a semblance of security and balance, but in the dream you’re finding out that there is a connection with something that is meant to open up inside of you, which is reflected by the old boyfriend, which is a touching of a value of an orientation. It’s a touching of an orientation that causes you to become more aware in life.

To become more aware in life by allowing something like that to be in your environment, sets off a chain reaction in which it multiples, where there’s more and more that’s naturally tied to this thread of being, or this way of allowing yourself to open up. And when you open up to embrace and take on things in this greater overall dynamic, you are coming to realize that instead of being okay hanging out in the hotel, that you have to take a step, or you have to shift to bringing things back into a cadence, or to a home, to a wholeness.

This is a type of dropping away kind of dream sensation in that how you have been placing your attention has been a kind of obliteration to what is able to open up. You have to let go of the energetic and mannerism, then what becomes revealed to you leads to a further unfolding of other parts and aspects that are forgotten, or amnesic and you don’t know how they came about, that are in your nature.

What you do know is that you have a sense of something that is from long ago that has been left behind, or that you have moved away from, or shielded yourself from coming to grips with, and that when you do come to grips with it, that’s when your orientation to the world magnifies and increases in terms of what you are able to take in, that belong to you. Technically everything belongs to you.

In your particular case it’s not a matter of letting go as much as it is a matter of opening up to a greater awareness that is at hand, that is at your disposal. In other words, as an energetic you’re meant and able to take on even more, and you cut yourself off from being able to take on even more when you settle for particulars and mannerisms as a way of being.

So what one has to wonder when one is doing that, and there is something that is estranged from your wholeness, what one has to wonder, because you have a sense of it, of something that is of the past, what one has to wonder is, what kind of defense mechanisms have you put into place to keep from allowing yourself to run into that? Because if you run into that, then your world changes.

And you do find yourself having to orient to something that isn’t as intangible anymore that you have to go more to the root of yourself, which is you have to take a responsibility in terms of the greater wholeness, or home, in terms of how it is that you are able and meant to be in terms of a responsibility.

When you hang out with that which is familiar, in which case your dad’s familiar and your sister’s familiar, and your family and orientation is familiar to you, when you hold onto that which is common you can tend to be taking steps to estrange yourself.

That process of being overly attentive in that way is taking steps that estranges yourself from finding the greater connectivity of yourself. What’s interesting is you kind of know what that connectivity is. You even know what will cause it to kind of come together, but you’re hiding it from yourself because if you entertain that, it’s going to cause a shift, or it’s going to cause you to have to reorient and realign to something that is different in terms of a greater sense of importance.

So there’s a fear in here. So, what is the fear? The thing is, is you’re not going to lose your dad. You are not going to lose your sister in terms of your connection. You can have that as well. You’re meant to have that as well, and that when you have a greater sense of home it’s not like you don’t carry them along to that as well.

It doesn’t have to be a particular way, and maintained in a particular way, as a means or defense means, to keep from running into or reacquainting yourself with that which has a larger dynamic about it, that is meant to open up for you. And the thing is, is that part is quite vaguely familiar to you. It’s not like it’s unconscious, but what unfolds out of that, where that takes you, leads to things that are pent up in the unconscious, that you have to take into account and be responsible for. I suppose, some part of you must know that, and that is why it’s a big gulp to do, or not do.

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kestreljpgIn yesterday’s dream, Jeane saw a string with small blocks that caused snags (see Imposing Upon Life). In her next dream, the imagery tried to give her greater clarity about what she was dealing with on an inner level, using the symbolism of a phone, an sharp-eyed bird, and the connection to a good friend. All of these elements come together to show where her disconnection is, and when the connection is lost we can see how everything falls apart – as shown in the final scenes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this next dream, I’m at a resort with another group of people and Dean’s wife, Anna, is there, and I seem to be sitting next to her; and the impression I have is he hasn’t arrived yet. He’s maybe supposed to join us at some later time, and we’re going on a hike through a jungle shortly.

And I’ve kind of put my hand into a purse to feel a cellphone. Maybe we’re going to call Dean later. I’m not sure what that’s about, but some of us go ahead into the jungle and we hike up to an area and then we’re waiting in the jungle for Anna and she doesn’t come, and she doesn’t come, and then I think about calling her. But then I feel the cellphone. The cellphone feels a little wrong, and so I look down and I’ve picked up Anna’s purse, so of course she’s not calling us or coming. She probably thinks her purse is lost so she’s still back there.

So I think about how I have to get the purse to her, so I get up and I move a little apart from the group as I’m going to walk back to where we started from at the hotel. But as I stand up and I’ve just gone a few feet in the jungle, this bird, that’s kind of like I think a kestrel, you know a small hawk of some kind, a small falcon even, I’m not even sure, comes down and gets right up in my face beside me, not in a hostile way. It’s kind of on the ground even, just has its whole body kind of stretched out with its wings pulled partly back like it’s at attention, like when they’re going to dive or something, but kind of has its face right up next to my face.

Well, I find this really kind of peculiar. I think, it’s a bird, it should be up in the tree, flying or something. And I kind of watch it even goes over and it assumes that pose next to a small kitten, or just a young cat that somebody else has that still has that kitten energy. It’s not totally tiny though, and I’m a little concerned about the bird now because the cat is aligned perfectly with the bird in a way. They’re side by side. They’ve even moved forward a few inches. Their heads are next to each other almost like greeting each other, and they both are looking totally alert.

Well, I’m a little concerned about the bird now, even though that’s not a full grown cat. It’s just not quite behaving normally, so I kind of try to get it to inch forward a few more because I want the bird to be able to fly.

And then my attention is distracted and I find myself in the jungle like I want to go back to where Anna was, and then I’m separate from the group and it’s almost like everything’s shifted. I get back to the resort – but this time when I first get into the resort it feels like I’m being pursued. There are two guys that when they spot me start chasing me, and one of them falls behind, but the other seem when I try to lock the door on him the door won’t lock. And I go into one room and the people there feel like they’re from a different era, and they’re even almost partly present and partly ghost-like – so I leave that room.

And then I feel like the guy is still a little bit behind me, and he hasn’t caught up with me, but I want to stay ahead of him. And I even start to go outside and maybe fly through the jungle again to get back to where I was, but I change my mind and I decide to go swimming. Then he seems to fall away, and I’ve gone into a changing room. There’s another woman in there or two women in there that one of them went ahead to use the showers, and I see they have one of these odd bathroom stalls where when you go in the stall, one stall doesn’t have anything in it, and I guess that’s maybe the changing stall. And then you can either go back out and enter the second stall and there’s a toilet there, or you can kind of bend down and actually go through a cutout space to get to the toilet.

And so I go in there to change and then I’m going to use the toilet, but the toilet has disappeared on me, so I realize there must be toilets in the other changing room. I come out to go look for that and I think that’s when I wake up.

John: So you’re inter-phasing things for direct information, because you’ve set the premise that there are certain blocks in the flow, and the thread of unfoldment, that keep one from directly seeing what they need to see.

And you use Anna as an example to help reveal that, because technically you and her basically have the ability to walk around together quite fine. In other words, it’s like you do have a communication connective level that is there, so you’re using Anna as an example where there’s a break, where there is something that is missing in terms of the natural acuity that can be there.

And it has to do with something that you’re holding onto, which is the purse, versus that which enables you to see, or hear, or comprehend – which is the cellphone. And so it’s like that is disjointed in terms of the connection, because basically Anna is you and you are Anna in this dream. And yet then for that to be pulled together, you can’t be taking and sustaining or maintaining yourself with what you’re holding onto. In other words, if you’re going to hold onto something you have to have a sight. In other words, within that should have been something like the cellphone or something in other words so that there was the connective communicative link.

That was the key, that was the symbolism of the bird, is the bird – the quality that needs to take flight – you’re missing a certain characteristic that is represented by the bird. And of course this bird also represents a type of meditation, quality in meditation, or a quality in the meditative state. In your particular case you’ve basically gotten a little discombobulated. It’s not that you cannot ordinarily be like this, but you’ve gotten a little discombobulated. And the discombobulation has been associated with something that is a characteristic, or animal-type energy, that you need to experience, which you described it as being like a falcon, which has to do with a certain sight, and probably a particular quality of how that sight works even.

Something that automatically knows how to come into touch with something, in other words isn’t fooled by things, because then when you take and can be duped or fooled by something, then you can’t seem to, as in the last part of the dream, which really wasn’t important other than it showing how one flops about when they don’t have that sensation. And it was not quite really a flopping about, because it was kind of a figuring out, too. There was an emptiness that was reached, but at the same time that you have an emptiness you also have to have, and be able to have, a presence.

So here’s how that works: There is a kind of groundedness that one has that when you’re grounded you sometimes can’t then take on any additional information because it requires your attention to become overly expansive, and then you space out. And that spacing out means then you can’t find your way, and you can’t tell where the bathroom or something is, and you can actually go into an obliviousness – and that part isn’t good. So there is a type of focus and attention that holds the energetic of something together so that you know where the dynamic is at – in terms of how it is that you’re supposed to perceive and see something. Now the falcon illuminates that, addresses that problem, so that when you bring a particular sight so you can sort something out, and you have it clearcut with that kind of energetic, you also then are able to find where to go to the bathroom, or this, that, or the other, for relief.

This is a dream that is showing you an aspect of a type of focus and attention associated with a certain keenness, that an animalistic characteristic has, it’s important in terms as a tool to letting go of blockages, or characteristics, mannerisms that function as blockages, which causes you to carry something that is personal instead of something which is a sight.

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