Creating a Contrast

rubik-fig9In this dream imagery we have a wonderful example of how the unconscious uses things we know from everyday life to tell us a story. And in this story we have an effort to make coffee – to release something from its confined state. And we have cats and dogs with their different natures, and we have water and milk with their different natures. And each of these elements holds a certain energetic essence that we can understand and relate to, which is how all dream images are used in the effort of our higher systems to speak to us in ways that we already understand. In fact, each person dreams in their own vocabulary of references and meanings. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.) This post was originally published in December 2017.

Jeane: I had a dream in which I seem to be working in a somewhat confined, felt almost like underground, space, or at least a confined space with other people. It felt like there was an overseer somewhere.

It’s like we were assembling all the ingredients for something. It might have been something as simple as coffee, but we only had the dry ingredients. And there would be times when we would try to introduce a wet ingredient, but milk didn’t work. And if cats came around the whole process didn’t work at all.

But if dogs came around, it didn’t seem to make a difference. But mainly there were two things I was doing, one was I was trying to find a way we could assemble and introduce at some point a wet ingredient, and that was just not getting it right yet, although if you had a wet ingredient water was going to work better than milk at this point in time.

And the other thing that seemed to be going on is, on another level, I seemed to be searching for someone that I used to know. It was a woman that had actually been in a relationship with another woman I knew, and I could find the one woman, but I couldn’t locate what had happened to her friend.

So I was just struggling to try to get the whole process to work at all, once you introduced the final ingredients, or something, or how you could do that. And so it was like the two themes kind of got intertwined. But that was about all I could remember from it.

John: Well, what’s striking here is, cats didn’t work in the scenario because cats are precocious, and dogs are considered the friend. In other words, the dog takes and relates to what you want or need as your friend. It supports you. But cats are precocious; you have to win them over.

And water works better than milk. Water again is more general. Milk is more specific. Water is colorless. Has a more translucent, colorless quality to it. Milk has a distinction in which there’s an effect. Milk is often associated with a type of purity effect, but it’s a designed purity effect. Water doesn’t have any of that to it. It leaves everything as is. It’s more of an invisible overallness.

So you kind of have to figure out how those two uses of energy apply. A cat that is precocious is more raw energy than a dog that subordinates, and is your friend, and goes along with however it is that it’s trained to be. A cat, you can’t abuse a cat or it’ll go wild, more raw energy.

And milk, in relationship to water, milk I suppose can be a belief, or spiritual quality, when water leaves everything in its overallness. It doesn’t try to distinguish or anything. So water works better than milk, and dogs work better than cats.

And so this is all done in relationship to trying to jumpstart yourself, in other words, to try to heighten something, to speed something up. And so you’re not yet able to figure out how to make it fluid, so you’re settling with just trying to get the components together for something that can then take a step forward or be speeded up.

And, energetically, you’re looking at a conduciveness, so the conduciveness you’re looking at you’re not able to get it to flow. It’s almost like you know part of it, but you’re still sorting out the other part. In other words, in my opinion, I think you’re right that water works better than milk because water is neutral, and something that’s neutral doesn’t go off and perhaps go into any kind of tangential way, even if that tangential way leads to a greater purity or something, it leaves everything alone. It’s neutral.

And when it comes to speeding something up, you have to have a neutral approach or otherwise you’re going to disturb. You have to be very neutral in your nature or you’ll disturb, you’ll impose. But when it comes to cats and dogs, yes, you can be friendly, but you can also be precocious. If you’re friendly you can make yourself more acceptable and you can get closer to the situation, but do you limit yourself in some way by doing that?

And yet a cat can’t get necessarily closer to the situation unless it’s on its own terms. It is a raw energy that has to be pacified. That’s a tougher call because, in the short run, the friendly energy works better. It leads to more openness and helps facilitate the free flow. However, the cat energy is an interesting energy in that it is actually more contractive because it is pushing off, and yet when it is able to let go it has a more soothing, rather than obedient, effect upon things. It can have a more soothing effect. It purrs and everything. It gets into a nice lilt.

A dog always stays at a point of attention in a subservient way. A cat, when it’s in its raw energy state, is more precocious, and then when it chooses to intertwine it can let go and go into this interesting purring state that’s very, very soothing. So in the long run if you can work with the raw energy, the cat energy, you can accomplish more.

And so what you’re trying to do is you’re working with this in terms of the schematic of speeding something up – in order to see. So you’re using the comparison between a cat and a dog and water and milk. Now water’s more important to the overall, for coffee, and for releasing what’s necessary to be released, for purposes of something working as an aspect that speeds things up. And if you’re just doing this in a literal way, you can do it faster with dog energy, with friendly energy. But if you’re trying to do this to a greater depth, and you’re trying to have a greater depth with it you would need more of the cat energy, the raw energy that gets to a purring which reaches the soothing quality state.

So in the long run it’s better if this opens up before it seals, or becomes effectuated, in your nature. It’s better if you can open up to the cat energy in the process, along with the water. In the short run, for expediency purposes, the other works and the cat energy and the water can appear to oppose each other, initially. In the long run however this leads to something that’s a better end result.

Well, you’re not there with that better end result, and there is something about the friendliness of the dog that must bother you in some capacity because you’re not doing it. You’re still trying to figure out the best way of doing it. A cat energy is going to enjoy a dark area better than a dog energy. Yes, you would need the dog energy to try to get close enough, to create a friendly enough atmosphere, to figure out what the components needed to be to be put together.

But in terms of the actual release of the energy, of the qualities of something that speeded something up and can facilitate a greater seeing, the cat energy would then come into play. You would have to use both. So that means in terms of the water you’d have to actually use both, too, because the milk’s going to be important in the end, like a cream, to finish the coffee.

So you’re going to need water to begin with, you’re going to need dog energy to begin with, but then for the depth you’re going to need the cat and the milk. And in terms of the expediency of something, if you try to do it with just dog and water you can only go to a certain depth, to a certain point. To go to a greater depth you need to utilize the milk and the cat.

Some part of you knows that, or you wouldn’t have created that contrast to try to unfold. You created that contrast in order to better understand an intertwining – because everything is correlated, and when you live in a dense outer world you tend to look at this looking like that, and that looking like that, and you don’t necessarily see the correlations. And therefore you keep things distinct, and then as part of a process of an energetic release that is all pervasive in things, it has to be an energetic that’s composed out of everything in the environment. It can’t be an energetic that goes back and forth.

And, of course, there are qualities of things like the milk that gets ingested and turned into a product, a byproduct of all of that, which has healing capacities, nurturing capacities. In other words, you have to work with all of the components, some that are just generic like water, and then others that are refined like milk.

And a human being needs to find acceptance in order to function, which is a dog energy, but comes to realize that there is something so much more that can be found in a more soothing way, even though it may not look like it, when you work with the precociousness of a raw energy like a cat. So you’re sorting out animal energy, which is an interesting feature of the feminine nature.

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Out of Containment

When we are born we have escaped the containment of the womb and are, in time, set loose in the world. In dreams, the energy of escaped cats – lions, leopards, or tigers – shows the power of what has been set free, and hints at the dangers of this new power unleashed within. Of course, if we are, in ourselves, lion tamers, or we have the ability to harness this newly released power, instead of danger we have great new enhancement. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I had one dream where it felt like I was going into a room that was like a circular room. A large room with cages around about three sides of it. In the cages were lions or tigers, that you felt were almost like man-eaters or something. 

And when I’m there alone, at one point, I realize that one of the tigers has gotten out and I feel like it even disguises itself in the tiles of the floor. So, when somebody else comes into the room, I’m trying to point this out to them so that, as they go over there, they actually know that either the lion or the tiger is on the loose, or leopard – maybe it was a leopard because it had spots – that they know this big cat is on the loose because they could get eaten. 

That’s what I remember. And then it felt like the dream shifted a little and I was going with this person to an area to eat.

John: So, in the first dream, you just observe a bunch of cages and that a lion has gotten out of one of those cages. So, in other words, what you’re describing is something that has gotten out of its containment, and it’s able to dumb down its appearances, hide its appearances. And yet it’s dangerous.

In other words, you know that it’s gonna attack or something. That’s in keeping… it’s in the vibe of I got my pathogens and vials going that are outside of the containment field, that are disguised as if they don’t amount to anything. And yet there’s something more dangerous about all of that than meets the eye….

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Leading Forward

Claude Monet

What are saints, and prophets, or even saviors? They are people who have developed, spiritually, far beyond the average person, and they spend their time working in the realms of energy. They are guides, and teachers, but their role is to change things energetically – that’s why they don’t become leaders of countries or politicians, because that is work done in the realms of matter. But we are meant to see the example of the saint, prophet, or savior, and understand that such development is possible for us, too, and that we can also effect change in the energetic realms by focusing our intentions and actions on purposeful pursuits. To change something energetically is to make it available to anyone who can connect, now and into the future. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember one dream. It felt like I was trying to investigate something. And, in order to investigate it, I had to go visit this school for high school-aged kids. But one of the things I’m cautioned about is that it’s like the rules of the school are pretty rigid, like the girls either are separate, or, if there’s a boy around, they have to sit across the table from them.

But somebody’s gotten me this ticket so that I can sit in a seat where maybe there would be a boy that would sit across from me, or I could get access to talking to them, anyway, and get a better idea of what was happening. But the school feels kind of ominous.

I really just go into the cafeteria and I see I do have a ticket where I can sit across from someone, and I notice that sometimes there are places where maybe a girl can sit across from a boy, but it’s kind of like these very rigid rules for interacting.

And then one of the teachers takes me aside, and takes me to a back building in which there’s an old car, and one of the young men from the school emerges from the car – so maybe he can talk to me, and tell me something about what I’m investigating. But the whole thing feels a little ominous. I mean it’s kind of like all in shadows and everything.

And then I glance out of the corner of my eye and I see what looks almost like some kind of a prehistoric cat, not like a house cat, but like a wild cat, like a tiger or something, except the thing that’s kind of prehistoric about it is it looks like the backside is huge, and then it looks like the backside legs and things are kind of shorter than the front legs which are taller. And I can’t see it all, and I almost wonder if the boy has kind of morphed into this cat. And I think that’s when I wake up.

John: Before you started the dream I had kind of like a visionary inflection, wondering how it was going to be possible to try to describe this kind of evolution in life. What you’re doing… Well, I should describe the way this evolution is.

What you’re describing is not an evolutionary path that is keyed towards the saint, or even the master path, in that you are taking and going into conditions in the outer. You’re living those conditions in the outer. You’re going into the school of things in the outer – as they are – and you’re contending with that as it is.

In other words, you’re not following the path of purity. The path of purity is followed by the saint, and the path of purity is pointed to by the master, but there is another stream of evolution that runs counter to the path of the saint and the master in that it has a different responsibility – in terms of the consciousness of life.

It can even be said that this undermines the saint, in a certain way of looking at things, in that it doesn’t just completely let go. It mixes itself up in things in life. And where the saint is trying to cause a purification to happen, this dream of evolution seems to be burdened with having to experience what is taking place in the outer, blow by blow, instead of taking and purifying one’s self away from it.

It’s a type of indulgence. Now this is a type of indulgence that’s important to bringing something out into the open, that’s in a thought-by-thought way, that needs to be accentuated so that the potential purification process can work. But it doesn’t do the purification process, and, therefore, an approach like this tends to look like it’s running counter, yet it leads something forward, in terms of the times, by taking what is going on and drawing it out, holding onto it as it draws out – and it is awkward.

Now this is the path of the prophet. This is the prophet energy. The prophet energy comes in and isn’t the kind of energy that takes and approaches things in terms of attempting to create a complete letting-go purification. The prophet energy comes in and works with the thought-upon-thought of the collective, and does so in a way that causes it to kind of be accentuated. It’s kind of an awkward, painful, way to go about things, and you find the prophet kind of energy in the midst of the chaos of things. You tend to find the saint and the master as an energy that is absolving itself, pulling off to one side, creating an atmosphere for the letting go. So that’s what you’re describing.

It’s important to kind of know what you’re doing. If you think that you are indulgent in the idea that the path has to be one of purification, steady and straightforward purification, then you would reject the prophet quality inside of your makeup, inside of your being. That’s a different stream of evolution. That’s a different approach.

The saint generally tries to work with the stillness in a way in which it is completely let go, in which there is this total letting go. The prophet is aware that there is the stillness, but isn’t generally allowed to get out of life. And so, if you were looking at the nature of the prophet, the prophet’s role when it is like that generally only changes maybe when they’re in extreme old, old age, and then they’re allowed to check out, but otherwise they never really totally check out.

And it’s an interesting kind of schematic that serves its own role, and creates an interesting conundrum, when a person is trying to conceptualize what the unfoldment process is meant to look like. And the prophet energy has that sense, as well, and so would throw himself into doing things that would be absolutely completely ridiculous in the eyes of the saint energy, where he might go out and kill somebody, or even steal, do things that touched and evoked an energetic important, not necessarily in terms of how one was inclined to conceive it in terms of an angelic or saintly adab, but more inclined with what was needed in order to bring about into the collective, into life itself, another way of being able to awaken – even though that aspect of awakening, from the standpoint of looking at it from a saint, would be considered negative, would be considered maybe even demonic, or devilish.

The saint would be a type that, if you were looking at the naffs of things in the world, the saint would be a type that would know how to reflect a purity that caused that to be set aside, would be able to denote when something is vibrationally off, and add, by their presence, an inflection that touched it in a way that could cause it to inflect in a clearer, cleaner, more pure aspect, that being an aspect towards going home, towards letting go, towards the stillness.

The prophet is a little bit like an agitator. A good prophet will sit there and go through what is taking place by being part of it, not fighting it, not trying to purify it, letting it draw itself out, knowing that if the prophet does his role properly, in allowing something to draw itself out, it will become so obvious to everyone that the echo of a quality of letting go, the stillness with inside, will be something that a person will be able to catch up with. And, often times, that comes at the expense, almost the martyrdom expense, of that kind of energy.

So that’s kind of what you were dreaming.

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