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Environments are always seeking balance and equilibrium – energetically. If someone new enters a room, or a conversation, it takes a little while for the “space” to readjust. In this dream, which has a huge spider running around, the spider has set something in motion that the dreamer is trying to manage and get back into a state of equilibrium. The repercussions could extend to many places – not all obvious. Still, as a dream, it allows the dreamer to see the task at hand and the underlying decision that looms. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember the end of my last dream. And in that dream, it feels like I’m living somewhere where when I’ve come out of a building, which might even be a movie theater, when I come out a large spider goes in, and it’s, I think, a black-and-white spider. 

I have a sword. And it’s almost like the rules are such that, at some point, if I want to go back in the building I’m going to have to fight this spider. But, meanwhile, you don’t know if the spider has multiplied, or it’s set up traps, or what it’s done. It’s a pretty big spider – it’s about half the size I am. 

And, at one point, I even send in a scout. But, as far as I know, the spider could have hidden what it does, or how many other spiders are there now. And then even if you go in and maybe you get that spider, did you get all the spiders, you don’t know. But maybe part of what you have to do is go in and try anyway. 

So I’m contemplating about how one does this: does one go in as a whole group? How does one ever get the spiders? Or do you let the spiders take over the building? That doesn’t seem like a solution, either.

John: So what you’re doing is you’re starting with the building which is a stillness. And then you’re leaving the stillness. And, when you leave the stillness, you immediately set in motion, in terms of identification, having left the stillness and having gotten caught into the greater spaciousness of having to figure your way out – in terms of both the timing and the spaciousness. 

The thing that I was trying to figure out was, what does this spider represent, in terms of going into the building that you’ve vacated? It involves having to sort things out again. Once you’ve taken and contended, or gotten involved, or gotten yourself sucked into something, meaning you’ve left the stillness, then you have to somehow sort things out, like black-and-white or something.

It’s kind of like you can be going along, I mean, an example of this as an outer effect that does this to you, that portrays Kundalini energy, it has both an inner and outer quality to it; it’s in a state of disarray. It has kind of an outerness that is coming down with its timing sequence of something, it’s seeking to act out in the outer. And then the inner quality that is trying to take on a spaciousness, that can be considered a spider, too.

The way, though, to look at it is instead of saying it like that is to give one more precise example. So when you’re feeling good, let’s say you’re just feeling great, you know, you have no reason or qualms whatsoever, you can say that you’re kind of in a wholeness, or in a oneness. You can feel still, in that way. It’s not that you actually have to do anything. 

Then, all of a sudden, you make a decision to do something, or are affected by something, that stirs you from this condition of stillness. And so when you’re stirred from this condition of stillness, you then have to step out; I mean, that’s where an energetic is set in motion. That’s timing, or a thought, or however you want to put it. 

When you get in the timing you don’t know the timing because the timing is complete, in and of itself, when it’s in a stillness. But when you’ve moved away from it, then there’s like, oh, a kind of disorientation – there can be moods and everything else that you can’t shake, that’s in the spaciousness now. 

And so that can be like that. As soon as you step out, then you’ve got this whole thing in a flux, in a disarray. And how in the dickens do you put the Humpty Dumpty back together again into a stillness?

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coin_flipWhen we find ourself in a new situation we test the waters, so to speak, by dipping our toe in. Then, when we realize things are safe, we can proceed deeper into the process. It works just like that for us on an inner level: when we have something new awaken in us, our system needs to test out what the effects are of this new presence. And, ultimately, we are trying to assimilate what has opened up from within into our daily life, so we are seeking to find a new balance and settlement as we continue to progress on our journey.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, this is a dream that has one point or two points in it where it shifts some. In this dream, I’m going to visit the home of a family. There are parents, and they have two sons that are very close in age, like they’re probably high school seniors or young college age.

And the house is very low and spread out, with a basement level as well the ground floor level, and it’s a little bit chaotic in there, just in a sense that sometimes it’s like there’s a lot of different things in the rooms. I remember like later in the dream there’s a time when I was looking for a bathroom and I saw a door and I open it up, and behind the door is something that looks like a cross between a fireplace and a white limestone shrine, it’s been made into a shrine whatever it is.

And some of the rooms are kind of cluttered, but they’re cluttered some way that the mother’s organizing things. And at one point when I’ve gone over the mother wants me to go to the basement and talk to a group there about the trip to India. It’s like when I first go down there’s a few people there, but when I turn around there’s a huge crowd of people – and some of them have broken into small groups.

And I seem to get a little discombobulated and feel like my talk is awkward, which it was. When I talk to the mother about that later she just laughs about it because I had kind of gotten thrown off by how the crowd was, and how it kind of went into these subgroups all over the place, and how it seemed to multiply.

Then there was almost like a shift that was different in a sense, the first shift. In this first shift I’m suddenly in a room with our friend, and we’re trying to climb somewhere. We’re trying to shift somewhere in the same house, but we have to climb up and over a partition.

And when we get kind of to the top of the partition, I notice it’s like a big spider that I’ve pushed out of the way, or brushed the web away, or something. Well, then, the spider suddenly came right back up at me – and it’s a big spider. The head must be as big as a quarter, and it has like a body and then legs. It didn’t look like a normal spider, but it was a spider in the dream.

And so I would push it up, and I would knock it down, and send it all the way down to the floor. And then it would spring back up, and I would kind of grab it behind the head and try to hold it. About the second or third time I did that the spider bit me really hard on my hand, like between the thumb and forefinger. And then I threw it back down, and when it came back up I had taken off its head, I guess, and its body was all gold and yellow now. Then I went back to the main dream.

And, in the theme in the main dream, part of what was going to happen is, even though I was somewhat older, I was going to be spending the night with one of the two brothers who share a room together. And as I go back to that, I’m supposed to be going to his room to spend the night with him, and I guess they’re rearranging the room a bit because he shares the room with his brother. Plus, the brothers inform me that they will be waking me up sometime of the night because the brother has to get up in the middle of the night and get some kind of a transfusion for his heart.

And before I go down there I’m looking for a restroom, and it feels like that’s when I walk around and I open up doors, and maybe I find a shrine, and I open another door and there’s clutter, and I actually kind of get distracted trying to put some of the house in a little better organization.

And the mom, at one point, says to me that sometimes she just goes outside to go to the bathroom. But I finally do go back to the room and find that there is a small bathroom attached to the room. And then I’m going to get in bed; the guy that I’m there to be with is actually sleeping soundly, and his brother has his arm around me, and we’re kind of standing there by the bed – and I think that’s when I wake up.

John: The theme of the dreaming involved being able to shift to different extremes in a balanced way. In other words, you repeated this three or four times in your dream. The first time you repeated it was you saw something that was like a bathroom, and then at the same time it could be like a shrine. Those are dichotomy shifts.

In other words, it’s like if you have an awakening, or an opening up inside of you, of a particular kind of awareness, in this case you use India in some element or aspect of India to denote something that quickened an energetic in your nature. Whenever the energetic is quickened in your nature, because we live in an outer sensual world you then have to put up with the shift of the outer in which you have all of the ideas, and the things that get invoked, and that is all of these little groups that are breaking up, and going on. And they are then almost like spinning in relationship to the increased energetic that has opened something up.

So the first is portrayed just something that is completely opposite. You have the one extreme of a bathroom, which is catalytic, and the other extreme of a shrine which is pulling one’s attention into a pristineness. And so you have those two extremes. The bathroom scenario that is catalytic is kind of like the process in the outer, and how do you handle and resolve that to a deeper meaning somewhere else? Which is set forth as the pristineness, but then the pristineness needs to live itself out in some sort of outer capacity as well. So then you have this repeat as India representing something that is deeply touching and significant, and then you have the spin of that that has to somehow or another be accommodated in relationship to the ordinary.

And then you go into the aspect of the brothers, and you end up finding yourself in some sort of mixing zone there. And then you have the spider, and in the spider you have this going up and going down, going up and going down, going up and going down, which is the nature of going to some depth inside, coming back down into life, going to some depth inside, coming back down into life. And in the end, dying before you die: getting bit by the spider.

Then when you rip off its head, that’s not necessarily good because that then becomes a decision that’s made in terms of direction. You have to be able to go up and down, and up and down, simultaneously; and it’s not one’s nature to be able to go up and down and up and down simultaneously. One wants to do it in one linear way, or the other linear way.

And so when you’re ripping off the spider’s head, you’re making the decision to only be directional. And the sense of the dreaming is to show you that you can multitask, so to speak, in terms of the multiplicity of things. In other words, you can have the pristineness of something and then, at the same time, you can contend with the diversity of something.

So when you have a pristineness of something, you’re able to hold the diversity of something, too. And they work hand in hand, because your pristineness can be too narrow, and the diversity is too reflective, and too broad. But by being able to somehow hold both, you can have so much more. And the pristineness you had was the shrine, versus the bathroom, which is the rumble tumble catalytic of it all. And you have to be able to correlate and to handle both.

And so you had dreams that went around this. And so you dreamt around this paradigm, and that spider aspect was very interesting because the spider aspect was more than just the spider biting you. It was going back and forth, and back and forth. You were going up and down and up and down. The key is, the ability to develop, first of all, it’s a big step to get to the point to understand that it’s inner into outer. But then it’s another step to recognize that there’s an importance in the outer reflection, and that as you go back and forth you hone the pristineness and the bathroom scenario more and more all the time. You come to know the difference between the two brothers, so to speak, that they are one and the same, in a way, because in the dream you were going back and forth between them even.

So you were caught, you were almost taken on a flip side, flip side of the coin kind of thing – the coin always being one-sided in terms of the outer – and able to somehow or another sell you the other side of the coin. That was very, very interesting.

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vibrate-81This dream follows the dream we looked at yesterday (see Lines of Energy). And when we remember that different dreams through the course of a night are often different and continuing aspects of the original dream, we can see the changes that have occurred. The dreamer has learned to fly and to become a warrior, and with the interaction of a spider and its eggs, the dreamer is now promoting the growth of new connective energies in herself. As the image proceeds, the dreamer discovers skills she didn’t know she had – because she has allowed something dormant to awaken in her. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my second dream, I seem to be on some kind of a planet where the people and animals can at times look different than they are here, and sometimes they look like they are here, but it feels like a different planet. And there is some kind of battle going on, now and then. I don’t always see it.

In the beginning of the dream I seem a little bit more on my own. I mean I might go into a room and there’s people there I know, but I’m feeling a little more on my own. I remember one time that I went into a room and there was a couple that we went to India with that are there, and there’s a couple there from my past from New York, and other people.

But when I’ve left that room I’ve gone out and I’ve been forced, in order to escape from being attacked, I’ve been forced to fly, and I’ve been forced to fly in front of people, like I might have to fly up over a cliff, or fly over the water, and I had to do it in front of people so I couldn’t hide that I could do that.

And then it feels like I get kind of bold with it, and I come back to the room where I know people and show them that I can fly. But then there’s different reactions to it, and then I’m not sure whether I should’ve done that, but the result of it seems to be that there’s something that’s kind of like this strange creature that’s considered part spider – but it doesn’t look like a spider – and it comes and deposits something in my pocket, that are like little eggs, that can be used as a weapon when we go to battle.

And then it unwraps itself from me, and it feels like I suddenly have some others that are with me and I show them how I can fly. And I think one of them even learns how to fly because we need that to get away from people. And then we’ve gone to a village where there’s some elders, and I think at this point there was even some kind of a battle I was involved in, that pulled out certain skills I didn’t know I had, or I even could spot somebody that was an enemy that was disguising themselves as a friend.

And when I go over towards one of the elders somebody talks about how my mother had been… I can’t remember the name now, but it indicated that she’d been some kind of a shadow warrior, so maybe these abilities that I had I had inherited. But because I’d inherited them at a time when the training didn’t still exist, it’s like they were coming out in battle but I didn’t even know what some of them are yet because we didn’t have the same training we used to have. Now it’s just coming out when you have to use it.

John: The big difference, and the most distinct difference in this dream, is that instead of being subordinated by the energy lines, which means that something is always haunting you, or chasing you, or you’re having to escape or something like that, that you’ve reversed this now to where you’ve developed an acuity to being able to contend with the energy lines, to be able to maneuver in relationship to the energy lines, to be able to find a space within the energy lines.

And the fact that there’s the spider and all of that, and that there’s the eggs of the spider, which means that you’re laying the seed for intertwining it more and more and more all of the time, and there’s a kind of a confidence in that.

The first part of the dream, before all of that, dealt with just recognizing that you could be somehow or another unique in relationship to the energy line. In your particular case, you’ve taken out that word, or that consequence of a word, or way of looking at it that can be put into place because you’re just evolving more and more all the time, in terms of how it is that you’re able to contend with how things are in terms of the way you, yourself, in your uniqueness, is able to, first of all, exist within the context of that, and then, second, intertwine within the context of that, lay the seeds of something. And those seeds, those eggs of the spider, the spider always webs, and the eggs then also know how to intertwine.

And so what you’re doing is it’s like you’re just kind of experiencing yourself suddenly doing this, but the dramatic thing that needs to be denoted is a huge shift in this dream. The huge shift in relationship to the fact that you are no longer, that you may be at a point where you no longer, have to contend with having to view forces as haunting you, in other words, like you being out of sync in terms of the way things are in a general context – meaning that there is something yet that needs to open up more for you, and that you are pushing off from that opening up.

Maybe from here on you may be dreaming more to the effect that things have opened up to what is needed and necessary, that a completeness has been reached, so that now you can proceed to go forward and twine and intertwine in relationship to how that is. And if you’re able to do that, then you’re able to kind of alter and change the story, otherwise you’re still having to find yourself in relationship to whatever the overall storyline or design is.

So this is a broader, a more descriptive, and a cleaner view of what’s going on, and how it’s evolving. That’s pretty good. I mean this is one of those cases where the feminine’s description of something evolving like this looks a lot better than the masculine’s portrayal.

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