The Buffer

emotiIt is common sense to worry about one’s physical safety in the world today, knowing that the randomness of events can find us at any time. But we worry less about our inner safety, and our ability to maintain a location that allows us to navigate the emotions and intensity of what we are confronted by. Yet it is our inner safety and security, established by our adherence to our chosen values and principles, that can give us the strength to weather the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. In the end, it is the only aspect we can control. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then there’s an earlier dream in which I have been getting used to sipping the liquid inner contents from the bottom of a cup. In other words, you have a cup and there’s a little slit at the bottom, and you could suck the liquid through the bottom. I’ve been just doing it on one side,  drawing something down, so to speak, drawing it out through the bottom on one side. And then I realize I can shake the cup a little bit, and turn it around, and 180 degrees that whole area hasn’t been contended with, and I can suck the liquid out from there, too.

So this is an image of how you deal with the top down coming through. You have to deal with it on all sides and all ways. You know, you can’t just take and address one aspect of it. This is the initial dream. I just kind of sat there in a quandary to wonder what that meant. So that was what that initial dream was like.

You and I have decided to go record our dreams, and we’re going to do it in a quiet spot in the mall. And Leann is invited to join us – and she’s real excited to see what the heck we’re doing. So we have stepped over to try to find a spot, and she has stopped to get a cup of coffee or something. I guess thinking that that’s what she needs to bring herself into an acuity or something.

So suddenly we see her coming to join us, and I’m not sure how this will be in terms of this change in the environment, and the circumstances, because the energetic has shifted to include her and that brings in a different vibrational motif.

The question I have is, will I be able to flow under this change? I’m concerned at how the inflections will come through and if this will make it harder for me to read what is unfolding, because it’s one thing to go over the dreams, and it’s another thing… I actually get hit by things as I’m doing it, too.

So this is the main dream that I had, and it has a lot in it. In this sleep dream there is an attached room to a house that I have, that is like a buffer between the main house and the outside. See, I kind of included that in your dream because I recognized the parallel.

So in the main house is my family, and I am in the outer attached room talking to someone while a crowd gathers outside. The intent of the crowd is to break into this place. The place is fairly secure. It’s fortified and everything, but it can be broken into in this area first. The main house is protected unless this is broken into first – and it can be done if those forces try hard enough.

As the crowd seeks to break in, with each bit of success they have in ripping something away to get inside, they seem to get more and more intense. I leave the room, go into the main house, and I ask my wife where my gun is located. I tell her she needs to wake up and realize how dire this is.

In other words, she’s still in the stupor of everything being copasetic; she’s been protected on the inner plains of something where nothing like this goes on. You can hide from it all. I say to her, “We have about two minutes. You need to wake up right now. Also, is there a way we can lock the door to this outer room and buy a few more seconds?”

So what is going on is, in the meditation dream I am taking in other levels of inner beingness. Such access comes with a price, in terms of the outer counter reflective effect, unless I am able to integrate the inner into the outer. In this dream I have isolated my family off from the outer world. I have done it in an unnatural way, thinking I am protecting them. I have protected my family from a reflective dense outer, extricating them from the day-to-day exposure. In other words, I sit in this low-level of a type of power and control. I am in the buffer room, while they stay in an inner sanctum impervious to what is really going on.

Meaning: What the dream is saying is that unless the inner is integrated into the outer in a natural way that awakens the outer to a greater inner into outer integration, a breakdown in society is imminent. There is no way to protect against such a collapse. That may not make much sense for the parts of myself that have chosen to stay aloof and asleep, however. In other words, how am I even getting my wife to respond inside? It’s like a bunch of malarky. I mean she’s so used to everything she just doesn’t have the synapses to pop, jump to.

Answer: The need that exists is to bring into the outer the innerness to everything. There can be no secrets. The internet of everything unfolding into the outer requires that to occur consciously or the impending reverberations that will occur from the outer will be like a backlash that will affect the fabric of a perceived separation and personal security.

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A Set Trance

5322At one time or another, we all find ourselves developing set patterns, or operating only within our comfort zones. And, of course, we only learn and grow when we are stretching ourselves into new territories, where we almost always find that we have abilities and skills that we never imagined. It is just as easy to create such comfort zones on our spiritual path because the challenges of growth can be intimidating. It’s helpful, then, to know that we are actually designed to be able to enter into new domains and be able to handle them as we go. And the more we do it, the better we become at that process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, I’m coming to realize that it seems that my meditation dreams are really, really difficult and peculiar to pull out because they seem so far away. And then when I come to bed it seems like the profoundness of what I dream, and my understanding of it, and how that opens up seems to be where the dynamic is at – as opposed to the meditation dream.

But if I didn’t have the meditation effect, to begin with if I wasn’t going into something like that, where you just come to bed, the dreams that I would have per se could only go so far because I wouldn’t have established a quality of a type of letting go that is possible in the meditation scenario, whereby something at a depth is able to probe, or go, even though my recognition of what that is about is extremely limited.

And so in a cause/effect kind of world, because that is so much different, it would seem that what I dream, and what I pull out in my dreams, is where the action is, but I know that if I didn’t do this other that the actions of the dreams would somehow or another get compromised because there would be a slow swallowing up, in terms of the outer dynamic effect upon things, and man’s need, the human need mannerism, that loves to take and just get by according to the lowest common denominator of relatability.

So I guess we’ll do our best with the meditation dream, and then show how the dreams, which seem to push something to another point, ensue. So to begin with, in the first meditation dream, I’m a woman who’s looking for a job in an organization with a lot of different departments and independent skills.

I’m a woman, and I have spoken with an interviewer in a company, and an interest has developed over what I have to offer. Now I used to work at this place. It is a very large kind of place that provides everything, and deals with everything, imaginable, and I’ve come in on the ground floor level to relate to this interviewer, and not realizing that whatever I’m doing with this interviewer permeates throughout everything.

And so I’m on the verge of leaving the building when the placement person says that there is an interest in hiring me for an independent agency in the organization. In other words, all I did was an interview, yet whatever I did seemed to permeate the whole place.

So I look up above and comment that I hope this isn’t the insurance department, that I had been at, because I notice that the interest is coming from the top floor area where ironically is the place, you know in this particular top floor area, is the place where I had worked before. So I had been with an employer, up above there, who was in insurance.

But that’s in the past and I have an interest that extends to a number of different ways, and things that I feel I need to contend with, so I am looking to make a change to accentuate another part of such a beingness.

To be of interest by the same person I have worked for before would not just be ironic, but it would also be counterproductive to how I need to unfold. I’m ready for another unfoldment adventure, but what comes up is a surprise to me: standing at the top of the stairway, looking down, trying to get a better look at what is to be hired, and what they are hiring, is a woman who is an accountant. I am surprised, but then I inflect inside and, even though I was looking at something slightly different inside, by inflecting inside I notice that I am able to do that.

And so basically what the dream is kind of indicating that one has to be careful in a process, and in an unfoldment, to not be selling themselves short by staying in the same motif – because then you fail to realize that there is more inside of yourself, that is going on, that needs to come out. And it’s too easy to get settled in to something that seems relevant, and significant, and not bring to bear what is more important.

And what is more important is a wholeness and overallness that’s inclusive, that takes in a mutability of a flow that can go through you, in that you are connected to everything. And that you can’t be annihilating things, and you need to be able to go to whatever level, in whatever way, and whatever means that there is, and break the stigma of any kind of set trance.

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Inner Dynamic

iesIf you’ve ever tried to drive with a full cup of coffee you will understand this dream, because, when you try to do that, you suddenly become aware of a hundred bumps on the road that you were never aware existed. For the purposes of the dream, the dreamer is trying to keep an innerness intact, but everything around it, front and back, is trying to disrupt that inner state, all while the inner state is trying to impose itself on the outer situations. This is the struggle of trying to bring our inner life into the everyday of what we do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My earliest dreams seemed to be more about almost like just forms, and it was like they come together and they shift. I can’t remember that much more about them. It wasn’t like anything was happening as far as people. It just was forms and shifting.

In the second dream, it’s like I’m looking for someone, and I go into an old theater building. I have to go down into the basement and through this kind of maze of rooms, and then I keep going past people but I can’t find the person that I want. I come out the other side, and I decide I have to go over to the next town.

And so I hitch up a horse to a wagon, a horse and a buggy kind of arrangement, and I head over there. And I have somebody else with me now, but then I get distracted, or not distracted, I’m going there, but there’s a man that is behind me that’s trying to pass me, also with a horse and buggy, but he’s trying to make his horse go too fast, and is kind of in that sense abusing the horse.

So I’m trying to get my wagon to block that so that he can’t go so fast that he wears out his horse, or abuses it. And then there’s another horse and buggy that comes in front of me which means I have to slow down a bit, too. That’s okay because I’m trying to get the guy behind me to slow down and even to get him to stop and ride with us, or go at a different pace, because his pace is way off in terms of how he’s pushing the horse. That’s all I remember. It was just a night when the dreams were kind of jumbled.

John: The theme of the dreaming had to do with being able to pull and integrate into a wholeness, into a oneness, all aspects of inner into outer, and the outer effect being recognized as a quality coming from an innerness.

And when you were like looking at that, or contending with that, or in the swirl of something like that not having pulled it through with a clear-cut understanding of where this was all at, what it all meant because you were, in terms of the fact that to properly do this you have to let go of everything, and you weren’t able to let go of everything, because you were affected by the horse, meaning a sense of power in the buggy or whatever, you know one behind going at a peculiar pace, one in front going at a faster pace, you in the middle. In other words, whatever all that dynamic was, and how you were having to cope and relate back and forth to the tug-o-war of something like that, you were not sorting out what that really meant. However, it is better, that’s a better image than sitting completely in an amnesia as if there’s nothing going on.

That image of being kind of in-between things, and frustrated by being in-between things, and it’s almost as if when you’re in that it’s a frustration that seems to have an outer vibrational effect because the buggy in the front’s not acting right in relationship to the buggy in the back.

Take that image, add this following image to it. Let’s say you have a house, and the house has an outer area that is exposed to the public. In other words, it’s what the public can see. The public can’t see the inner sanctums of the house.

So if you have a family in the house that’s protected because something sits in this outer area and is able to contend with the forces of things in this zone in the outer part of the house, and is able to somehow or another sustain its ability to do that, that means that on the deepest of the inner levels everything can appear to be okay.

But what if that outer level gets broken into from the collective on the outer, of which something can be sitting in that outer room that is all properly barricaded and whatnot, and protected, so that the innerness is secluded from it from happening?

See, you with the carriage with something in the back and something in the front, you are in that outer room. Now if the outer room breaks down… First of all, what is this outer room? What is this carriage that is caught by something in the front and something in the back? Essentially this is a zone that you could describe as a place where the dynamic is being played out between the forces of vibration and energy that have penetrated the lower levels of the inner plane, in other words, because you can have a place of a greater quietness.

Now what’s happening, the mistake that’s being made in consciousness, is that a person can go into this place, can be really soothed in this place, and can thereby pull themselves into this greater level or degree of isolation, or a greater inner level. Yet you’re still going to have this outer level, of which there’s an innerness having penetrated it, that is able to keep things hidden. If it’s effective enough it can keep things hidden. So you can have the buggy that’s not right in the front, and you’ve got something pushing from the back, and sitting in between you have an energetic that holds the line.

These shapes all have to come together, and so you have that as your schematic, and then you go into a dream in which what you have as a consequence is this area in-between in which there is a dynamic going on so that the buggy in the front and the buggy in the back, there’s kind of a veiling as a result of the buggy in the middle.

So this leads to a confusion. See, where your dream left off is you saw what it’s like to be in this in-between, but your image wasn’t enough to show that this in-between is a lot like an extension to a house, an extension that is out there in which if anything goes on it goes on against this extension, this kind of zone, and that on the inner of that even is a quietness, is a peace.

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