The Grasping Point

It may seem like everything happens in a step-by-step progression as we evolve from one state to another, but it doesn’t work that way. Would the universe ever get anywhere if that were the case? The way of it is that things make progress, and, as they make incremental progress the big leap builds. At a certain point conditions are met, and the leap is made. So we won’t evolve by doing nothing, but it’s not a linear progression either. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: During the meditation dream I see myself taken from a back area, where I had been. In other words, it’s just like all of a sudden, it’s more than just being taken, I suddenly have leapt, or gone, or just been snapped, or am snapped from in the back area where you start, and I’m just kind of dropped right near the front. 

And it’s into a large crowd that I have to cope with anew. In other words, the usual vibrational aspect of this is that you go little by little. But I don’t have that luxury of going little by little, I’m just suddenly dropped towards the front, say the upper two thirds or something, and don’t have the dilemma of having to thread the crowd to get to this particular point. But I also don’t have the experiences that were involved with having to thread the crowd to get to this particular point, because somehow or another, I’m required to be at this particular point, whether I like it or not, and cope anew. 

Well, I don’t feel I know enough to be there. But nevertheless, I am intent upon making this work. Now, of course, there is the other option, which was to step back and work from the back, so to speak, from back to front in the old-fashioned way, which is step by step. But, like I say, unfortunately, in this circumstance of how I’m finding myself, I don’t have that option. There is no turning back. I must cope here, in a place where the guidance and protection is different. 

I see myself being able to move just a little bit, in terms of a sense of spaciality there, just a tiny bit. But if I move on from the back up slowly, there would be maybe a different sense of it, but not necessarily the acuity. 

So what does this mean? And what is it that I am being shown and told? And does this apply to how I am – to Chisti practices, everything that one’s going through, and what life is going through in general, too? 

Well I am being shown that I am placed into life in a position that skips certain protocols. Makes you ponder whether you’ve jumped up to where your soul left off, or something, and don’t have to go through the other which is like pounding away on nails. So, it is like catching up to something more as my point of reference. I do not have the luxury of going back, I must cope with this other grasping point. 

What this dream is also indicating is that life is meant to be at a point near the top, suggesting that the old protocols must come to this, in terms of their meaningfulness. I say that because there is a one-to-one intertwined correspondence in terms of how consciousness is linked with those similarly situated, which is the same thing as saying that this suggests that there is an opportunity, at this time, to take a big step forward to face other challenges by our beingness because we have been quickened. By quickened, I mean that access to a greater overallness is now possible. 

Taking this deeper means that in a oneness, in which stillness resides, the veils that keep us holding on to an actionability identification fall away. You could say such dynamics, where things typically unfold in a more tug-of-war way, have been shifted to a deeper recognition level.

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There for the Whole

Trying to cure an illness in a dream? And the dreamer has the illness, but then is able to help others because of it. It’s a curious image, yet it speaks about all the experiences a person goes through in their life, which then gives them a certain kind of immunity – in the sense that the process and the results are now known to them, so the experience will never be the same unknown. In this way, we can be teachers, not only to others, but to our inner self. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: When my dream starts off I’m somewhere on a hillside that feels like another country, almost. And the people I’m with, it feels like we step on something and then it goes down a hill, and it almost goes straight into the water on the rocks, but it stops just in time. 

The water feels like a very large body of water, almost like an ocean. But it stops, and then we go back. And I go into an area and it feels like an old stone building, almost like an old castle or something, where we seem to be staying. 

Then we’re in this building, and I leave the room that I’m in and I go to a friend’s room, and I see this man that I know that’s very Renaissance and my friend is staying in his room; like there’s two twin beds in there, or something. And I go in, he’s left, and I know he’s kind of a real neatnik, I mean he always keeps everything very precise. But his bed is a little messy; it’s got things laying on it a bit. And I fall on it. And then I turn around and I look at her, and she’s made her bed disappear. And she’s just laying in a sleeping bag on a carpet on the floor; kind of a pretty carpet.

And I know that we’re there, we’re trying to stop an illness that’s spreading. I can tell that he’s coming back, so I think I have to leave and get to my room. It’s like I’ve had a little nap there. But when I get up and we go to an area where she and I are going into almost like a

hot tub bath, then I see that around my left eye, up on that side of my face, I have a big curved, deep green blister. And she has a blister on her face, too. 

As I slide into the hot tub, it’s like my blister bursts. Her blister is still green and large. And then people start coming. I’m seem to associate this blister that leaves this green mark on my face now with whatever illness, it’s almost like some illness is going around that we came to help people fight. And at first I’m a little nervous about that. But it seems like because the blister popped that I’m now actually kind of immune to the illness, and maybe getting in that hot tub helped that happen. 

So now, I’m going over to long lines of people to help them to kind of look and see if they have the illness. And it’s hard because sometimes you might feel a person’s head and they’ve got bumps and stuff from bugs, because that’s how they live – they’re very poor. But we’re trying to approach them and help them fight the illness in some way. 

I’m immune now and I think she’s immune. I’m not sure what it means that the blister she carries, that’s deep green, hasn’t burst yet. I guess we’re just trying to figure this out as we go along, and find and help people who have the illness, or help them not get it.

John: The first part of the dream I had about a year ago or something, and, as you were telling it I was remembering it. In other words, in the dream, I had the ability to like somehow or another glide down to the waterfront. There was no explanation as to why I could do this, I just saw that I had this visual ability to encompass the area all the way down to the waterfront.

And that in the house where I was from, and I also flopped across the bed, not on the bed, across the bed. And what this image meant – and it was left at that, it was very generic. You’ve advanced this forward now. But what that meant at the time was taking in a greater spaciality of what exists in an overallness, or a wholeness.

In other words, you don’t take it in in a way that’s rigid. In other words, even the ability to go down to the thing, you don’t then take and go back into the usual sleep with it, or something, that blocks it out. You lay across the bed, which creates the image of a freedom rather than a type of losing the energy vulnerability. 

And as a consequence of having this greater overallness that has evolved in your nature, you’re able to get into the thick of something inside of yourself better than most. Most people could still have a kind of greater bewilderment, or wouldn’t quite know where they were at, or whatever, because the situations, and the circumstances, might be a bit overwhelming. 

But, in your particular case, you can get into this depth now as a consequence of having accessed a deeper quality of your beingness. So you can actually now get into the heat of something. And the heat of something is like a type of speeding up, but it then enables you to redeem yourself from whatever it is that is a kind of pall, or trance, or spell that you’re under –  that everyone is under. You break the veil, you pop that thing. 

And, when you pop it, it’s green, which means it’s life. And you come to know that this overallness about yourself, it’s there for the whole. You are able to see this for yourself, and see it pop or whatever happened on the inner, for yourself. But can this thing come across and do the same thing? Can this also redeem? Can this also rectify, or create a type of salvation for that which is in the outer?

Very interesting image. What was so stunning about this image was the first half that I remember having, but it was just that, I mean, it wasn’t prepared to go anywhere. It was just that this was what was opening up. What you did is you took what was opening up and then you put it into a deeper process in terms of how to hold up or support… you took it into a deeper Crown of Creation kind of process with yourself where, on the inner level, you were able to speed up to the point where you could break through a barrier. And now, in the outer, can you also do that, too, which you deem as important and necessary as a quality of helping the whole.

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The Proper Setting

Everything seeks a conducive environment. Seagulls live near the ocean, frogs like the water, and lizards like the desert. If we really want to talk to someone we’ll go to a calm and quiet place where we won’t be disturbed. Energies follow these rules as well. If we are too noisy on an inner level, the subtle guidance can be lost to us. And, similarly, we can’t process the deepest parts of ourselves if we are distracted and caught up in outer details. We need to make time for things, but we also need to make space. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my sleep dream, I have this need to access what lies dormant, that amounts to a number of scroll-like objects that I find located in kind of an awkward, or wayward, location. 

So when I find and notice that I’m in this awkward place, and find the objects that are there interesting, but the setting uncomfortable, I see that something is stifled, or not able to come through. 

Now, I’m sure that there is this whole story behind getting to this place where the objects I need to figure out are located. It happened inside of me last night, but I can’t recall it. What I recall is that I need to move what I’m finding in this place to a location which has a quieter setting, or freer location, because I feel that the location where these scrolls are at is not environmentally conducive to what needs to happen. 

What needs to happen is what’s in those scrolls needs to open up. And it can’t open up, for some reason, in the environment that they were located in, or I found them in. I mean, maybe they could, to some degree, but it would be a painful process to have to try to do it that way. 

So I see myself moving what appears to be a whole bunch of different scrolls from where I am finding them to another spot that is more out of the way and at ease. Had I delved into the secret objects where I found them, to do so would involve contending with an awkward setting. In other words, that’s how the heart would have taken it, it would have felt jammed. 

So in moving them I’m moving them to a place where I don’t go flat, or lose interest. I would lose interest in where I found them, something just doesn’t flow in the right way there. And when I move what I need to delve into to this other scenario setting, what seems to happen is my focus and concentration gets accentuated. And the setting that had existed, it is as if there is a stigma in the way. 

So it’s like you might say, as a scenario, trying to look at what kind of scenario would trigger something like this, I’m using this dream to point out that there is something wrong about Era’s setup that interferes with the unfoldment process. In other words, there’s nothing wrong with looking to unfold, now, it’s just that the setup isn’t right; the control, or something about that, isn’t right. 

And then, if you apply this in a deeper way, it’s like in the outer from the parameters and the reference points that we have in the outer, in terms of trying to sort something out in an outer context way – that’s not the proper setting. The proper setting lies at a deeper depth within. We have to take what is reflective in the outer, and we have to find the clarity awakening from within. 

So this is what happens every night when I dream in meditation; when I go into meditation. In that, the first thing that happens is I go into a kind of a stillness, I don’t know how I do it, I just do. And then when I go into a stillness, something happens. And that which happens, happens in this other place, this other depth inside of myself. And then I’m challenged to understand or to read that, which means that it doesn’t happen with the clarity that is needed in the outer, because that’s not the right setting for it to happen. 

Maybe that’s because everything in the outer is of a projective nature. And that when you go to the inner, you’re going to more of the source of yourself. And so then something can happen when you’re at the epicenter, or something. That’s also what this dream is kind of saying in its greater generic way. 

In other words, we have a tendency of applying it in our wounded way that still keeps us going in circles in some sort of bifurcation. But there’s also a way of applying it in a greater general way. In other words, we can see a certain setting inside of ourselves, in terms of what’s real, in a greater generic overallness, we can see that from a depth within. To what degree can one take a shadow dynamic of that, the existing conditions of things?

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