5geesSometimes when we meet a person who is greatly skilled in the martial arts – karate, and the like – we sense their confidence and know we wouldn’t challenge them. Then, we’ll meet someone else, and we’ll instinctually understand that this person is a pushover. And this isn’t about muscles or strength, it’s about the energy that a person exudes. When we feel strong and confident, we exude that, energetically. We may know this, in terms of a physical example, but we can also be a presence by what we exude, energetically, through our spiritual development. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the theme of the dream, one of the themes of the dreaming, because this helps explain one of the dreams that I had, has to do with having an established quality that permeates in such a way so that what effuses is undeniable – in terms of how it touches and affects things.

And this being undeniable is important in terms of being able to have an effect, as a person that’s able to shape things, vibrationally, in their environment, and in the world.

The third dream that I had points out the way this can vacillate a little bit, and the danger of the vacillation plus even something interesting about the vacillation, even, in that, in the third image, there’s a situation which is kind of like down to the wire. In other words, it’s where something is meant to happen, and that something that’s meant to happen has to do with the decision that allows it to go forward. And this involves something that one is seeking, but yet it’s time seems to be running out.

And, in this dream, I comment how I hate there having to be exceptions. It’s like exceptions that are made at the last minute, that appear to compromise and have to be accommodated, in terms of their effect upon the agreed upon unfoldment. And I say, it shouldn’t come down to this sort of thing.

The person I’m saying this to is not at all fazed. This person knows that a decision is made that is meant to be, and that the appearance of there being an issue is ill placed.

So the sensation of this is that you can hold a note, a long, long, long time. In other words, I’m a person that can see things in little, shifted, interesting ways. But I don’t go into a scenario that holds the note, and seals the note. And I can see when something is askew, but I don’t stand up front and make it happen, as a knowingness, and so I can come in and I can see the blind side. But as soon as I see the blind sides, and point them out to him, he’s so well developed that he gets it, he gets it.

I don’t hold the center, he holds the center. So whatever happens in the future, he stands his ground. I never stand any ground. You know, I get rattled, discombobulated, and whatnot. And that’s kind of what this is about.

So an inner flow, with the stillness of demeanor, solidifies an intended fate. When there is a tearing at the seams energy, such freneticism has kind of a destabilizing quivering to the intended effect. This dream is about the virtue of adhering to a knowingness and how that is important in terms of the outer intended effect. To act in a variant way rattles the obviousness.

And then here’s the importance of the frenetic effect. It’s important in terms of causing a clarity; it also draws the issue into clear cut focus for all to see. So the frenetic effect isn’t for naught, either; you can’t be a bombs-away frenetic effect, but it does pull to solidness, adds something to the solidness. So when I take and I look at some of the stuff that’s going on, I can have a frenetic effect that helps pull that into a solid.

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Forward and Back

time-741824Sometimes we can get an insight that helps us make sense of our past. In that, we can often feel a shift, as if that piece of the puzzle was now in its proper place and something was resolved. On an energetic level, we are changing things all the time: we change our future by the energy we attract today, but we also can clear pathways from yesterday that have been blocked for years – and that now, too, can contribute to our future. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m having trouble right now because my dreams are a lot clearer when I’m in them than when I’m waking up, and they’re a little hard to pull out. I know in the dream that I was wearing strands of something around my neck, that hung down, almost like a strand that had little round beads on it.

But they represented a connection to maybe a computer, or something, so that I could read or locate, or understand certain things because of what I was wearing around my neck. And on the basis of this, I seem to seek out this couple that had a new baby, and I took their baby and went up into a bunk bed and was just holding the baby. But I recognized they were new parents, and they couldn’t tolerate that for very long, so I had to return the baby to them probably a little sooner than I wanted to.

And then I left there, and I went to a railroad car. It’s like I walked onto a train and sat for a few minutes I think in a car, two or three cars down into the train. And then I left that scene.

And I seem to understand it was almost like I was mining for something, but it had to do with information, and that had to do with what I was wearing around my neck. But that was about all I remembered was it was like impressions of it, rather than a story that I could pull together.

John: The beads around your neck probably got triggered a little bit by the image of something breaking up in the movie show that you saw, and also then how this necklace turned out to be something that caused something to be recognized, in terms of who did what, and how, because it implicated in a particular direction.

So that’s probably the convoluted thing that might have triggered why you would use a necklace, but your application of the vibration of the necklace is different. It’s almost like these are prayer beads.

And that there’s a particular kind of vibration, or tuning in, that’s involved here, whereby, for example, in the first image that comes up where you’re required to do something that has to do with bringing something together in terms of a quality of the whole. In other words, where there’s a baby that needs to be reconnected to the parents. So it had to do with you being able to recognize something about a baby that was important, and these beads that you wore had tuned you into the ability to be able to see, or grasp, something.

In other words, it tuned to into something like a vibration. And so, with that vibration you were able to invibe an energetic into life, you were able to take the baby, for example, and set a note in play, and then return it back to the parents. So it’s like saying that you were capable of fixing something that could then flow, or unfold, in life, in keeping with the way it needed to awaken or be.

And that these beads that you found are the only thing that I could think of that has a similitude to something like that in terms of a person trying to take and hold a focus, and a space, is you do so with prayer beads. The beads have a significance in that, point blank, these beads, from the way you’re perceiving them, have to do with tuning you in to a quality, whereby you can have a sense of what needs to take place, even though this may not be something that is recognized, acknowledged, or there yet, in terms of the ordinary outer appearances as they currently exist.

So it’s almost like something more than the prayer beads, even, because prayer beads are to help one hold on to a focus and an energetic; you’re doing something more than just holding on to a focus and an energetic, you are actually transmitting. But you’re transmitting in a very specific way: you have an effect upon an aspect that is young, or is coming into life, that is being shaped. And you have an effect upon that, as it finds itself in a scenario that, for all intents and purposes, will appear to be common place, but the effect that you can have upon that, coming into being, the way that you can set this note off, discover the depth of this note, sets in motion something that unfolds in spite of the scenario of the outer.

In other words, it is said that a realized person, or a Sufi, affects three generations going forward, and three generations going backwards. And so what you initially described was the working with something that is unfolding, like a generation of something in front of you, so that it can unfold in a way, or come into its beingness in a way, that’s designed to be, and that to affect that you just had to exude a kind of presence that had to do with something in terms of the way you wore something, or carried something, or was connected to something that you could radiate – and that this would have its effect, in spite of outer appearances.

And now you’re taking and looking at how this works in an exuding, that has to do with the process of a flow, or unfoldment. This isn’t something that just works going forward, it works going backwards, too, because there’s no such thing as an actual type of time and space, there is a kind of misalignment that exists in terms of one’s energetic cosmos makeup, and that, as you change, the qualities of something that are impacting the present, that has to do with something that is limited in the chemistry of life, in the near past, in other words, it’s like what is limited in terms of one’s near past, based upon an absorption of denseness, or mannerisms, reactivities, in the molecular makeup of your nature.

So, as you take and you become more solidified, more together with yourself, then you affect things going backwards as well as forwards, which means that, okay, we’re going to start with something that symbolically speaking represents a quality of a wholeness of a beingness, and what that quality of that wholeness and what that beingness means we’re going to let you know about that.

And just like hair can be a sign of something symbolically, in terms of a dream imagery, the beads are a symbol of something symbolically that you somehow know. The beads are a recognition of having caught up with, and able to sustain, a particular state in a particular way, in a particular solidification and a particular setness.

And when it’s able to be still like that, and do that, then it can touch things and shape things going forward, and it can affect things going backwards. Thus, the idea that a realized person affects three generations going forward, although you just talked about the little boy but you did talk about the three going backwards, the three cars going backwards. All within the schematic of what unfolds. Because even though you go three cars back, you go forward, you’re still going forward, touching things going forward. You don’t stay three cars back.

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Sending Up Flares

3gesSometimes we run amok. Or, we could say, a part of us runs amok, because are we ever really in full agreement with ourselves? Usually, one part of us overrides another part, and then we feel the stress of it. Sometimes it gets to the point where we have to send up flares, from ourself, to ourself, so that we can see where we are and where we’re headed. As we’ve said, we are all the characters in our dreams, and sometimes we act against our own wishes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This dream was preceded by two images. One image was that there were bugs everywhere and every time I turned a page the bugs just gobbled that page up, too. I just couldn’t get away from the bugs.

But, in terms of the meaning of this dream, I wrote I am feeling of chaos inside over a waywardness that I feel in the outer, and to know what I need to know in terms of my whereabouts, parts of self, what I am to do, what I need to see, who I need to be, etc. I need to set aside, let go of, a waywardness vibration that is unsettling to a heart that is able to put things out – to extricate itself from its delirium.

When basically I stop. It’s not a matter of being encumbered or unencumbered, although that’s one way of trying to look at it. I just need to settle back because something is coming into vision. There is a knowing, but I will not catch up with it if I’m in an unsettled state.

And then, also with that, there was an image of where this guy could take his head and he could stick it through a hole on the back of a chair. It was about yay big. And so to avoid some issue, or to turn his attention differently, he would take and he’d stick his head through this hole. I was just amazed how he got his head through this little small hole. I was wondering if I could even put my head through that small hole. I don’t think I could, but he certainly could.

And so when you take and you put all of that together, what I’m doing is I’m describing a breakdown, in the outer, that I’m feeling within, and I’m trying to reach beyond. And I am carrying an unsettling sensation, I can’t shake, of an impending chaos, which is something I’m not prepared for – that will overrun everywhere I turn – while I seek to deny and not face it.

That’s the condition that I seem to be encumbered with in the outer. But the meditation dream is much more interesting in that it portrays something more in terms of how something can work. It also portrays how I am that isn’t conscious enough in that process, but does portray

how it can come together and work.

In this dream, I see myself shooting off flare markers into a rectangular field. I have a sense of the field, it’s maybe about 80 acres or so, just to take a guess, and it’s a flat field. I don’t get the memo, but it is said that you shoot these flare markers you can’t go over a certain line. You stay within the center of this field. And from there, you can shoot these markers out to the edges of the field. In other words, this is how you’re able to denote your circumference of your overall beingness of this place, is you shoot these flares out.

But here I am with my flare gun, and you only have so many markers in order to denote this for purposes of being able to come back to it; for recollection purposes or something, because in the depth of where I’m at, in this dream state, I can see everything plainly and clearly. But that isn’t the point. The point is to be able to come back to these markers.

And so I don’t stay where the line’s at and I walk around the peripheral of it and shoot the flares off. And, of course, that leads to a disaster because these marker flares I eventually run out of before I’ve made it all the way around the field.

Now, fortunately, there was a woman that followed the prime directive of realizing that you had to make sure that you had to have things marked, or the ability to look at everything in the circumference of things. So she stayed where the line was at, and shot these flares out.

So when I ran out of flares, I realized, wow, it’s a good thing she’s doing it right, because there will be some flares. It would have been nice if there’d have been more flares, but I blew it.

And then I realize, oh, my goodness, there was some other crazy person that ran out in the area where we were shooting the flares off, and so there’s a whole spot that we didn’t dare shoot any flares into because we might hit him. And so I’m having to pull that into a depth of remembrance that I have to hold on to. In other words, I can’t just have the flares out there that I come back to as kind of a remembrance; I have to seal that image of this area.

The idea of being able to come back to the markers is almost an idea that still incorporates somewhat of a sense of the senses, where you can leave notes to yourself, so to speak. But a deeper depth, which this dream is portraying, is that to really get it you have to somehow or another have access to the knowingness from having freeze-framed it, so to speak, at an inner, inner depth.

So what occurred last night was that was the depth, in terms of the meditation. But in terms of the way that that is approached, the way that is being approached, the way that is unfolding that’s a whole other thing.

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