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0498We have come to understand how we process food: some find they have intolerances to gluten, or peanuts, or dairy. If we indulge in what we are intolerant to, we won’t feel well. It is the same with higher energies in spiritual development. At first, we aren’t used to them, and we can’t be with them for long. Over time, and repetition, we develop an ability to handle more and more higher energies, and, in the doing, learn how to translate their intelligences. Once we are more developed, it is the lower energies that we will find ourselves intolerant to: such as judgment, criticism, and other types of coarseness that we no longer want to be around. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So it felt like I had a dream, and then it felt like there was a shift where I was trying to be a little more in the body. And then I would lose the dream because I was trying to figure out something that worked both for being in the body, and for being wherever I was on the other side.

And then I would have this struggle. I’d have to throw away some things I was doing here, or else what I was doing there, because it didn’t work once you were more in the body. And I was trying to figure out what actually did work, for when you were in the body, and to pull things from there, you know, and so it was kind of a struggle because then I would forget the dream because what was involved with this struggle was trying to get something to work both places.

John: Yeah, that was the theme of the dreaming, last night, was how it’s possible to take and be in a place which is in both places simultaneously, in other words, on an unrestricted, unlimited, all-encompassing, omniscient everywhere. And yet, at the same time, how does that work in relationship to when you’re in the body, in your five senses, working on a plane of sound; condensed energy that comes across as a form of sound?

How does that work in relationship to something that’s on a plane of light? And then how does all of that work in relationship to something that goes both beyond the light, and beyond any condensed qualities of sound, that is just a stillness that is all-pervasive? How can you have action and inaction simultaneously?

That was pretty much the theme of the dreaming last night, and that’s what you were playing with, in the sense that you could, in your sleep, you could see something that was like this, which was quite soothing and quite naturally intertwined, and yet you can’t bring it back in terms of waking up to this in a physical manifestation orientation.

And so you’re left with a bit of a puzzle. How is it that you comport what you can catch up with, in a deep, deep sleep, that makes no sense in terms of the way things are in a denser physical state of sound? How is that to work? Right?

Jeane: And it felt like whatever was working on the other side, if I tried to do that here, it lacked integrity for the body. In other words, you have to have a certain integrity with the body for it to work in both places.

John: That’s correct, because you can’t travel light-upon-light in manifestation like you can on the other side. And so, on this side, you are caught in a loci in which things work with sound, and your body is designed to work with sound. In other words, you have condensed molecular tissue, and synapses and everything, that have absorbed a sound-oriented loci.

And it takes a lot more to access and open up the embedded light behind all of that. As a consequence, when you’re in a loci, which is one of sound, and you have adopted a way of bicycling around in dealing with that in a sound-oriented way, and you have impressed those conditionings upon your psyche, upon your molecular structure, it’s unhealthy for you to try to get too conscious, to try to access light in too direct a way, because your condensed, molecular, cellular manifestation of sound nature is impacted – and you are not a light-upon-light schematic of being.

You’re lower-self here, you’re not the higher self. And so, as you attempt to bring through what you can see on the other side, which might be the light-upon-light, you’re going to have these limitations.

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Being Accountable

rs33tWe have seen how our dreams are always trying to help us make inner connections, and give us guidance, for how to handle the processes of life. Yet we can also, consciously, take our outer situation, and, in this example, the outer situation is a health issue, and bring it into our inner processes for letting go and healing. This idea helps us to remember that we really are a wholeness, and that our systems want to help us heal and have the best opportunity for succeeding on our way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: When I went into the meditation, I had this strange physical condition, in that there was something that was impacting the way I was able to hold the space within, something that held my attention in kind of a way that was caused a constant echoing pain. And so this resulted in the meditation dream being something that I had to take into account, or utilize, or otherwise it would predominate, in order to truly let go.

Now, in the past, when I’ve had it, I have taken whatever the illness is and incorporated it into the dream and got it to dissipate, or lose its overriding sense of significance. And this had to be handled in somewhat the same way, in that if one continued to look at it, in terms of its significance, in terms of its loudness, you wouldn’t hear, or recognize, anything else but that. And I know that I have this quality inside of myself that’s able to absorb the characteristics of other things around me without being infected.

So, somehow, I found myself having to utilize this principle, pulling it all into a quality of wholeness, and, to what degree was I able to do that? There was this in-between zone that came up in which that there was something that I could sensate, that had the deep innerness, and then there was something in the physical that was not affected – in which that was all not in the ordinary, but just a dense, dense state.

And so, then, in-between would be then this point where I was neither in the inner, and neither in the outer, or be this kind of middle zone. And so this is a place where you don’t actually go anywhere, but you’re not really in the physical, and you’re not in the inner, but, by not being in the physical your ego and senses don’t quite come together under any kind of spellbound control – and so there’s no way of indulging. You’re not really indulging, in other words. You’re just in-between. You’re not really going anywhere.

And so the sensation was, then, hallucinogenic, and various things would pop in, like I would see, for example, options that could be used to rectify, or accommodate, being able to get used to the eye, for example, hurting, like one of them was even seeing that I had reached a point where I was able to give back the bottle, or whatever, that one used to drop something in the eye.

And I notice that when I went into the space that resulted in that, I recognized that I had gone into an area where the two conditions predominated: one of sheer physical density, not thinking and contending with anything, just blindly going forward. And then, the other, that had this huge innerness, that had a sense and sensibility about it. And noticed that the result, then, was like another beingness that couldn’t sort itself out very well, that was caught by moods and stuff, and the moods were the father, and the beingness, when it figured that out, was able to kind of support and hold that overall space. But it didn’t do anything for my condition, other than suggest that I push my way quite a ways through.

So that was like the meditation dream, and so then the sleep dream had to be done in a way so that you weren’t in this in-between state with the quality of something keeping you from going somewhere.

So the sense of letting go, again, the greater letting go, had the sense of like images of pouring water over your head, in a way of kind of cleansing, of which to do all of that resulted in kind of another kind of battle over the fact that, who has the right to do this? Which was whatever was the predominant energy, in terms of what I was holding out on.

Or instead of the image of what one could do, in terms of regulating and focusing the soul energy over the equation, I had the dream glimpses of being able to get out of the car and move in a way in which your feet would be washed, again a way of cleaning and letting go, so that something more can happen.

And then in terms of laying here, prior to the alarm going off, and even after the alarm going off, there was a soothing state that had that kind of quality and condition about it. In other words, there wasn’t the mannerism that’s projected in terms of having to sustain a particular modality. It’s as if what took place pointed out the absurdity of that, because a lot of that middle zone that one contended with stayed as a middle zone, because one couldn’t find the fluidity properly, just was continually acting up in a last second way that was kind of jarring you, and so had to be held accountable by this whole new way, deeper way, of being.

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In the Open



Whenever we reach for new heights, there is always something that will resist us. Perhaps it comes in the form of people who don’t believe, or in the form of rules that make the path harder, or in the form of financial stress. It may seem like it’s the way of the world – and it is. Energetically, a force moving in one direction will always attract a force that resists its movement. The harder we push, the harder the resistance will come. That’s why wise people speak of taking on our biggest challenges quietly, without fanfare or grand pronouncements. That way, we don’t attract the resistance until we have the strength in ourselves to overcome it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I only remember my last dream, and there’s only parts of it that I pulled out. In this dream it feels like I’m accompanying a group of some other people. It feels like they’re younger people, and I’m accompanying them on horseback to this place way high in the mountains. A.nd these are mountains like the Himalayas.

And when we go there, it’s like the people can see you coming for a day or two, and it’s very rugged and remote. And there are ways of shifting in this process, both before you get there, and when you get there; they help you get there, and I can’t remember all those ways clearly. Some had to do with sound, some had to do with some symbols, I really can’t remember, and I can’t remember the third way, but I was aware of them in the dream.

Well, we get there. I kind of look around. It really is a really old, very remote place high in the mountains, and then it feels as though I’m made aware of the ways that people shift, or can know things there.

And then I’m suddenly back where we started, and someone is telling me that the people in the mountains have summoned for me to go there on my own, now, not to go with a whole caravan. And I know that they’ll see me coming for several days, particularly the man that wants to see me. And I’m thinking through the two or three choices you have on how you can shift, as you work with whatever it is that takes you there. And I’m going over those.

I don’t remember them enough to describe them clearly enough. I remember one had to do with sound, and one had to do with symbols, and I don’t remember what the third one was. And because they can see you coming for a couple days as you come, if they don’t want you to come they can block that. So I’m going over all these things in my mind as I get ready to go back on my own.

John: What you’re pointing out, what that dream is, it’s a dream in terms of the use of power, and the use of sight, and the use of clarity, the use of sound. The dream is portraying that you need to be able to hold a space, inside of yourself, so that the outer doesn’t see you coming. In other words, the power that you have inside is not something that can be just treated in a willy-nilly fashion, thrown out there, in terms of what you see and what you know, because everything in the outer causes a thought process, the mind and senses, to get engaged.

And so, if you make yourself obvious and apparent, to the mind sense outer, whereby it sees you coming, sees the nature of something that is a presence, or a power, and can see it coming – it can block it, which is an interesting time to bring the subject up. Where they can see what’s coming, and throwing everything out into the open, and when things are thrown out into the open then nothing can really unfold because they can see you coming.

In other words, when things are thrown out in the open in that fashion, because you have the power, which is the horse, but it’s out in the open, and from afar it can be seen coming. And not only is the horse out in the open, but the horse is scaling the unimaginable heights, the Himalayas.

So it’s a horse of power, going into the sacred land – but it is going into it in such a way so that it is obvious that that’s what it’s doing, and all can see what it is doing, and so a resistance can be established to stop it.

And so the scenario, you might say, is that in the seeing of what is unfolding… Actually, I was taking it in the negative. In the positive, it is this. In the positive, first of all, in your dream, the thing that is powerful, and the thing that is sacred, is yourself. You have the horse, and you are high in the Himalayas, or high in the sacred mountain, sacred of sacred mountains. And when you’re like that, with the power and high in the sacred mountains, whatever you come across you can expose. It can be seen.

It is known. As the little ruminations of things happen, it’s all seen as coming. It stands out in the open. In other words, your power, presence, and high in the mountains, the sacred mountains, that force of nature is such that it causes everything to be known.

And the negative side of it, in the application of life, is attempts are made to block it. But, can they block that? Because what is seen coming can be seen in both directions, just like they can see you as a force of nature that can come, and simultaneously you can see yourself, as well, and what it is that you have to go through.

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