Outside the Frame

Humans are highly trainable. The world has changed so many habits in the past year that it should be clear that a willingness can overcome many obstacles. This is equally true for the work of personal development, or the effort required to make a spiritual journey: we are retraining ourselves to use our consciousness to focus on different things. When we do this, our systems begin to supply us with the deeper, more connected, information that comes from the energetics we are aligned with. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The earlier dreams, it seemed like I was at the dojo that we’d been at last night. And if I wasn’t there, I was at a place nearby talking to people that went there. 

And I was trying to figure something out, but it seemed like, in order to really belong, you had to, in terms of martial arts, you had to find this woman that had been there for a long time. She’s actually a woman I have seen there. She used to teach, I think, the form where you work with a fan. 

And I felt like maybe you had to have some kind of combat with her, or a dance with her, or something to really become part of the group there. It was like I was coming and going trying to figure out how things were there. So, when I left, it’s like I would visit someplace in the neighborhood where people who were part of that martial arts group went, and then I would be going back there, but trying to figure out how it was that you really became part of it. That was the earlier dream.

John: The underlying theme of the dreaming last night was to be able to go outside of your usual frame of reference – that is in an outward context – because that outward context draws you into reflective responses. 

And so to really learn, or to access, something, you have to catch the flow that resides in an unseen capacity. You weren’t noticing that, per se, because for some reason you were still having to notice, or be in, a state of attention with a type of unfoldment, as opposed to a type of unfoldment that has to do with an individual orientation – instead of recognizing that there is the inner unfoldment that is what dictates.

Now you could have had that sensation because you had the components there, but you still had some other sensation in terms of an outer context way. And it is for that reason it can be concluded that your mind senses, in terms of an orientation of what comes through, still has that quality of a filter. 

And because the sheer flow that puts you into a connection that affects how the outer is in relationship to everything, that causes the mirroring of yourself to a deeper depth of self, that’s part of this hidden zone that you’re still, apparently, seemingly feeling that you have to not get to, or go to, directly, but utilize a means to the end or something, find something that triculates something yet left to have to resolve or to contend with. 

That’s the right focus and the right attention, but the result of the hearing, and seeing, and experiencing of the inner as a flow, you’re not quite seeing that it has to be like that. You’re still acting like there is something in-between yet. In other words, there’s the sheer outer – you’re not going to buy into that. There is something that can teach you, or cause you to have a grasp or understanding of things – you can accept that. But then there’s something that goes beyond even that where there is just a natural flow.

And, in that free flow, all of the other falls into its proper ordinariness as a space. And, if you’re in a flow, your responsibility changes, too. Those in the flow, or caught up with the flow – up to a point, that is, of being caught up with the flow – orient themselves to another listening center that’s in the outer. 

We’re still talking a type of flow that’s a little bit probationary in that it still is heavily flickering, it’s not there constantly. As the flow becomes more constant the inner connection is recognized as the primary way that something needs to come through – and that puts you into a different space of being challenged. 

It’s not an outward challenge. It’s an inner challenge to stay with the flow and recognize that the flow is everything that comes from within, and is able to not be affected by the reflections because the flow is louder, yes, but also subtler. 

And when it has gotten subtler through a quality of honing, that comes from a rhythm of the in-breath, then the flow has found a type of subtle humility, and a type of peacefulness, and a quality of compassion in what it witnesses, and knows how to, then, work for what pulls something through.

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Rhythm of Nature

Nicholas Rougeux

The field is affected by the stream, the stream is affected by the hill, the hill is affected by the wind and rain. No one aspect is free from its interactions with everything else in its environment. Often, though, we humans look only at a singular aspect or item, and try to solve or resolve something from just that viewpoint. It’s a process that rarely gives us sustainable solutions. The more we can embrace, from within, the more we will be in sync with what is around us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then, in my sleep dream, I can feel a greater capacity is existing and I am making the choice to hearken to that. What I am harkening to is outside the scope of the familiar parameters that I’m used to relying upon. 

The familiar patterns that I’m used to relying upon and sorting out and whatnot, and contending with, have a certain choked effect upon the heart, but that’s just the way it is when one is dealing with things in an outer context way. 

Which is the same thing as saying that what I know, externally speaking, is that those parameters where I approach the outer reflective world are such that anything that I pull off is riddled with various kinds of pills for every given equation. Others tend to think that this is important – in all of the ways that you sort things out in the outer – and that I am crazy when I seek from an intangible depth within a greater capacity than a dependency of the pill. 

I have come to know that the dependency upon pills is a panacea that leads to more pills until there are pills upon pills and the result veils off a sensitivity to a naturalness whereby I feel the greater capacity from within. 

The reason for the dream is to point out that I need to trust in, and let go to, what I feel and know as real from within. And, by within, I mean this is kind of something that is inside one’s nature, that you can’t put your finger on, that feels the capacity, and therefore can sort something a little bit with this sense of capacity. And so it can’t buy into the projections that are thrown at one’s self, or, saying it like I wrote here, even though this isn’t a black-and-white, nailed down, outer external knowingness. 

So, by being able to access a feeling within as a quality of a greater spaciousness and heartfulness, I’m able to go beyond the outer appearance and reflections that shrink a person and take them out of a greater capacity. And when one is able to do this, with a rhythm of their nature, they are capable of touching all of manifestation.

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Common Purpose

Throughout the centuries and around the globe people have always formed belief systems of something greater than themselves, which usually pointed to a higher purpose and connection between all things. And even though the details may differ between these systems, if we are striving to be in service to what created us, and to fulfill the reasons why we were created, then we are all on the same path. In a certain sense, there is only one process going on in this universe and we either are in support of it, or we are in opposition to it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s interesting that we’re theming in this way, now, because my meditation dream does something similar, in which I see myself with a bunch of different people, and we are all following a kind of different path. Each path, however, is trying to point to a greater end, or quality of realization. 

And so, in this meditation dream, I am the Christian, another person is a Buddhist, then there’s a Hindu, a Muslim, a Sikh, a Native American Indian, etc. And we have come together with a common purpose in which each of us must uphold our inner truth – in spite of outer appearances that are inclined to keep us checked out. 

So to prove we are who we say we are, as a consciousness that is real, it’s as if we are put to a common test: we are required to inflect into manifestation our truth. So, in this dream, out of a darkness that presides, we must each figure out how to go from a state of personal oppression to a state where we are able to be free. And, what I mean by being free is we have to each produce a flicker of light that rises from the darkness of our nature. 

I do not know how anyone is able to do any of this. In other words, I do not know how anyone is able to do any of this because we all seem so different and are coming from different paths. Yet this is what we are about. In other words, you can’t make sense out of this from a mental point of being, it’s just a greater spaciality, and capacity, that lies dormant within each of us. 

And so what is going on is, in the dream, we have gathered as an eclectic oneness, and as representatives to all of the colors of the universe. And, likewise, we are all of the truth of mankind. We have come together with a conscious realization, within, that we each can go beyond the shackles of the outer that binds, and awaken a beingness capable of accessing a light of consciousness. 

Of course, it’s an unseen light because, when we come together, our outer aspects have us looking one way, but the way we really relate, or have a sense of feeling inside, is something entirely different. 

And so, as a meaning, that which is real is not caught up by reflective identifications, as if that is the end all, be all. From the darkness, we each know how to access, when we listen to the hidden inner light, we seem to have a way of accessing it and bringing this light into the outer. 

To do so is to reach within our being and denote the greater spaciousness of ourselves that is real. To do so is to be a truth to the oneness of life. Those who have the focus and attention to be a force and flow to an interconnected oneness, know each other as a oneness – and know everything as a oneness.

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