A Magnetic Aliveness

Russell Kightley
Russell Kightley

Sometimes our dreams provide a symbolic snapshot of what our internal or external struggles are about. Other times, as in this example from Jeane, our dreams seek to lead us to understanding or connection. In this image, Jeane is in line to get a dance partner who will be a stranger to her, and she is thinking about how to time it to land on her preferred one. But if we trust the universe, and ultimately we must, it will make the right internal connections for us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.) This post was originally published in August 2015.

Jeane: My first dream takes place in a bar. It’s like I’m sitting and looking – there’s a dance area that’s next to a pool table, and I’m sitting actually a little distance from that, kind of opposite where the head of the table would be, kind of studying things.

People line up around one side of the pool table and then as they come to the other side they get a dance partner, and then they dance until they’ve gone to the end of the pool table, and then they get in the line again.

Well, your partner is determined by where the line has moved when you reach the dance floor. And I’m studying out this whole system and I realize that of all the people that I see waiting to kind of pick up a dance partner, there’s only one man in the line that I might actually think it was okay to dance with.

And so like how would you actually figure that out? How can you get your timing right? Because I’m not sure I’d really want to dance with any of the other characters I’m seeing around the dance table or the dance floor. That’s the first dream.

John: What you’re doing is you’re looking to find a connective focus and flow that is something that you’re able to let yourself go into. Which means that you’re experiencing the oddity and awkwardness of activities, per se, because you’re sensing that there is something missing in terms of how you are in terms of your ordinary connective focus and attention – because you are recognizing how it is that that touches you in some specific way inside.

And so because you have a sensation sense over how it is that something needs to be, in terms of you having an overall well being in terms of it, this is like recognizing from somewhere deeper within a magnetic aliveness that is pulling you to something more real.

Because you don’t know what that something more real is, your mentalness or synaptic nature is inclined to look at the activity that is going around and around and attempt to factor into that activity that which would give it a greater meaningfulness.

In other words, you’re experiencing something that is trying to pull you into a greater realness, but the best you can do to denote that in the dream image is to take that back in terms of the senses, of your senses, of the situation, of the image, and your mindfulness in terms of what you’re able to perceive and think about that, and attempt to make it come across and seem better so that it corresponds to that which is attempting to pull you into a greater state of meaningfulness, of realness.

And this is a realness that you can’t put your finger on, per se, that is in motion inside of you, that then affects your attention and the way you conduct yourself in the outer, and so your dream has created this perspective, has created a storyline, that is symbolic to this process of unfoldment – even though the storyline dream that you portray, as if that’s real, it is instead depicting something else that is out of reach, and out of touch, and unknown to you that is having an effect upon the situation to which your mind, not knowing, and even in your sleep not knowing what that is, puts together this image, this dream image.

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A Greater Integration

integIn this dream image, the process that is trying to find balance and flow is between the individual and the group dynamic. Both want a state of well being, yet both have their own timings, speeds, and capabilities. The character of Jeane finds accommodation, however, by gradually adapting to the state of the flow she seeks. This process happens internally as we develop different aspects of us, and it also needs to happen as we integrate ourselves into the universal. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.) This post was originally published in April 2015.

Jeane: Well the first dream I remember it’s like I’ve gone on an outing with some other people that I must live with, and it’s like we’ve done it for exercise, and we’re down by – it’s either a lake or a broad river. It’s a little hard to tell.

Now I’ve actually walked out on a dock, and I’m looking at this really deep water with a certain current in it, and I’m thinking I can swim in that. I’ve swam in it before and I can swim in it again, but I realize that it feels like my exercise instructor is somewhere around. He doesn’t like the water that well. I realize he wouldn’t like it if I got in the water, plus I’m not sure how strong the current is that day.

Then I go back to the group I’m with and I tell them I feel like today, instead of walking back, or getting a ride back, I’d like to ride a bike back. And my sister kind of points out to me that there’s this really steep hill going up that we would have to go up that she doesn’t think she can ride up yet. And I’m not sure I can ride up that hill, either, it’s such a long, steep hill.

But I tell her we can walk our bikes up that part and then we can ride the rest of the way. I’m still kind of determined to ride and, if we’re not quite up to riding bikes all the way up the hill, we can walk them up part way.

Then someone brings me some glasses I guess I’d lost, they’re slightly tinted glasses, and they’re really thin, kind of modern looking. I hadn’t even realized I’d lost them, but they bring them to me and now I have those, and we have the bikes, and I feel like we can get back to where we’re going that way rather than walk today.

John: The way this dream starts off is you have your idea of what you need to do for your well being, or exercise, or for the flow so to speak, because you find yourself looking at this water -but something about it isn’t right to swim in. It’s something that doesn’t quite meet the flow, the deeper flow, of the group that you’re with.

In other words, you started off thinking that you could do something you needed to do for exercise, which means that you started off thinking that you could find a flow that was suitable for you, for your well being, but come to learn that that takes you a bit away from what needs to occur, or is what your group is all about. I mean, in other words, that doesn’t quite fit.

In other words, that’s kind of a step that you make. The next step that you make in the dream is that once you’ve gotten to the point where you take into account working with the group, per se, you then have to do it in a faster way. Well, you’re used to walking, but now you need to ride and take bikes, which means that you can go faster.

Now if you walk, you don’t have to take into account the terrain. Things are more complicated when you have a bike because it’s one thing to ride the bike on the flat, but when you go up a steep hill – you can’t do that yet. You have to walk the bike up.

Well at least you understand that. And so you go along with that so you’re not overdoing it, or otherwise you’d be back to walking. You’d have to take a step back. But you know that when you face an obstacle you have to slow down, and you have to walk, and otherwise you can ride the bike and go faster. So that is like step two.

And then step three, out of the blue, you come across the glasses so that you can see the situation better. So that then means that you can then integrate a greater process again. In other words you’ll be able to understand the distinction between how something goes up a hill and down a hill, or faster or slower, and all of that.

In other words, you’ll be able to integrate all of that. You’ll actually be able to go all the way back and integrate this idea of being able to go into a flow, but not doing it because it doesn’t quite feel right.

You can’t deny anything and everything. Maybe there’s something to that flow, but not for you yet because it is something that doesn’t quite fit, or go along, with the group, of which, again, as you go and get yourself back into the flow of the group you find yourself able to walk again, but something is different in that you have to go faster and that involves the bike, but you don’t know how to handle the bike under all circumstances so you have enough sense to walk the bike up the hill.

But then to integrate all of that, that you just went through, you seem to be naturally unfolding there and something has been kind of progressing but now, all of a sudden, fortuitously you run across your glasses – or greater sight – and so that means that something even more is now possible.

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Something Real

Hilma_af_Klint_SvanenBeing in service to the whole is an often misunderstood idea. It can encompass the selfless acts of good samaritans, yet at a higher level it is the conscious shifting of energy, from out of balance into balance, or even cleaning up coarse energies and elevating them to a higher vibration. We do this by the aggregation of our energetic life: whatever level of vibration we hold radiates and affects the environment around us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.) This post was originally published in February 2014.

Jeane: It felt like my dreams were way too wispy to pull out. I know the last one I was having, it felt like I was a woman and it’s almost like I would like I would go into a building, it felt like a bank building or some kind of commercial building, and whatever was going on there it was almost like I tried to draw fire, like maybe there was gunfire going on, or something that kind of diffused the situation inside, that if I could pull the attention, or I could be there, maybe I could shift what was happening.

And it might just be something that was being caused by some little boys playing there, but if I could deflect their attention it might make a difference. And I would leave and then maybe I would come back and try to deflect the situation in another setting. And then go back to someplace like a railroad station. It’s just all really vague, I couldn’t pull it out.

John: So what you were doing was, you were sacrificing yourself, so to speak, to draw the attention of an energetic?

Jeane: it didn’t feel like a sacrifice, it felt more like if I were there I could do something to draw the attention of the situation and help shift it.

John: I think it’s talking about this quality that is natural to the feminine nature that is able to take a situation in which you can hear various energetics that are in the environment, and it can help those energetics see themselves, because it is able to work from a place of, well it doesn’t hold a judgment, it holds an energetic space, so that those energetics get grounded.

In other words, I think it’s saying that you have the ability to take, no matter how disoriented something may be, or disconnected, or unbalanced something may be, that you can go and, in a non-judgment state, because you can see that behind that is something that is valid, that is real, that just can’t catch up with itself. And you can take and absorb the energy of those ideas and awaken or quicken, with your focus or attention, that which lies within.

That then takes what exists in the outer and enables it to see itself as being unbalanced or misaligned. And it actually does more than just see itself as misaligned, I mean that kind of goes away, too, it tends to see how it is that it is meant to be in terms of a wholeness. 

In other words, the parts that are considered askew and astray suddenly make sense, in terms of the equation or picture of things.

It reminds me of this example. It’s a story in which, I believe it involved the Dalai Lama who came to visit this person, who took the Dalai Lama, as if he didn’t know any better, into a bar scene where you had every imbalance or peculiarity going on that you could possibly imagine.

And the Dalai Lama laughed and carried on and acted as if this was of no consequence whatsoever, essentially taking the energetic of that space into himself, but seeing it for how it was on a whole other level.

And so, as a consequence, the Dalai Lama was emanating a quality that wasn’t out of balance with the place that the Dalai Lama was in. Instead was in balance, and therefore balanced out that environment for those who had the ability to inflect inside themselves and catch the reflection of how it really is, vibrationally, to the eyes of the Dalai Lama in a state where it all makes sense.

So, the point being is that, in life, the vagaries and mannerisms and attitudes that you generally see are imbalances that exist that, technically behind that, those imbalances, is something that is real. And that if a person is grounded enough, whole enough, complete enough, accepting enough of their own energetic being, it can take that and see that for what it is – and not get all twisted and reactive and rejective of those conditions.

To be able to absorb like that is what it takes to take something that’s in disarray and bring it back to where that disarray catches up with its own wholeness – or has that capability.

So I think you’re dreaming that and you’re realizing that you can do that to a greater capacity.

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