No Moss

The very idea of being in a flow is constant movement; it’s never being in a place, or position, long enough to get locked in. Now this doesn’t mean roaming the countryside restlessly, it is speaking of an interior flow and movement that keeps one available to what is shifting and changing – just like an athlete bounces on his or her feet to allow the fastest reaction time. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the second part of the dream, and I know in the first part of the dream it had something to do with a kiss, but I don’t remember that part. So, in the second dream, it feels like I’m traveling somewhere. And there’s this little man with me; I don’t see him very clearly. 

Well, as we go there, there’s like a halfway point where there’s a small city. And he wants us to leave my car there and go the rest of the way by traveling public transportation. I don’t really like that thought. I either want to go all the way in the car, or go part way and walk. So I’m uneasy with this, but he seems insistent. 

So when I go to leave the car at this building, where we can get public transportation to go the rest of the way, as we start to leave where I’ve left the car, I glance over and I notice that a woman who works there has taken my car and she’s turned it into some kind of like a package that’s sitting on her counter. So I’m a little uneasy just leaving my car in this package form, sitting on her counter next to this box or something. 

So I’m walking over to her. I want to see if we can actually put my car somewhere else. And I think that was when I woke up. 

John: Well, the first part has you zigging and zagging in order to find a balance. And then, in the second part, there’s a purpose and reason for that. And that’s to be able to bring something straight through, straight on through. 

And, if you don’t, you don’t quite get to wherever it is that you need to get to. In other words, the zigging and zagging, I guess, keeps something from putting you into some sort of spellbound trance, keeps you from getting indoctrinated or something. 

But it ultimately serves a purpose, even though it defies appearances in many instances, especially if the appearances are more set, or slower. It’s meant to enable you to bring something through; it is meant to enable so that something can come through. 

Even though you’re zigging and zagging, it’s almost as if you’re not necessarily having to go anywhere, you’re just having to maintain a quality about yourself that isn’t being impacted by what is going on around you. And yet, at the same time, the other part of the dream indicates that things get construed, get shifted and moved around, in strange ways. Changed, if you don’t bring what needs to be brought all the way down and through. 

So it’s a fire energy. Fire energy, the zigging and the zagging clears and maintains the space for something to come straight on through. In other words, by just sitting you can be caught under the influences of things. So you can’t just sit in an earthy way. It sounds good, but it doesn’t quite work. You have to keep things from the moss of life from growing on, or something, you have to know how to zig and zag. 

So this is something more of inner in outer can go straight on through. And if there’s a waiting tied to it, as there might be in kind of an earthy way, the waiting is a zig zag waiting. Keeping the space clear so something can come straight on through. 

You just have a sense of what isn’t quite right, and so you’re keeping things askew, astir, zigging and zagging as if it’s going to sort out. Ultimately it does, in that something that can be brought straight on through by being able to hold the space that way.

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Continuity of Clarity

The imagery of traveling back and forth between two places, or two different energies, in a dream shows us a process of intertwining to bring different things together. Like any negotiation, one side is making its case, while the other side is evaluating viable options. Consensus, and agreement, can be reached when these two energies can begin to see that they are not so far apart to begin with, and that, ultimately, they are both part of the same oneness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember of my first dream is I seem to be traveling back and forth from someplace. And the place where I was traveling from was like in a deep grove of evergreen trees, almost a circular grove or something. And then I would be traveling to someplace else, and back. 

And Sara was there. And there seemed to be some kind of dialogue about how we did something with the traveling, or something we were trying to do, that we weren’t quite able to get done. So I would be traveling back and forth, kind of trying to find out what it was that we were doing, and how, and describing it, even, to see if we could get something to shift, I think.

It’s all kind of vague because it was hard to pull out. And then that was followed by a second dream. 

John: So the traveling back and forth, first of all you find yourself in a particular setting. And you’re going back and forth in order to try to maintain some sort of balance, which means that the scenario or the environment that you’re in needs something more to affect the situation. It needs something more in order to clarify the situation. 

And the scenario that you’re in is unbalanced as it currently stands. In other words, it’s with Sara and there’s something that’s just not conducive to you being completely comfortable under that setting. 

So what you’re doing is you’re trying to go back and forth, and back and forth, to try to make it comfortable. What you’re doing is you’re working with fire energy. In other words the dreams last night had everything in it but the ability to be able to sort something out. In other words, it had the earth element in it, you had the air element in it. But you didn’t know how to zigzag back and forth – that’s the fire element. 

And so you’re dreaming about the thing that was missing, which was the fire element: how to go back and forth. It might be like a dream that covers what is missing in the general schematic of things, the zigzagging back and forth. In other words, one can be in one place, one can be in another place. How does one zigzag back and forth and maintain a continuity of clarity? 

You can’t just sit, you have to have the ability to go back and forth. You have to know how to do that. And that’s a fire energy trait, to know how to do that. You’re not really burning anything, you’re just going back and forth, back and forth. It keeps something from becoming too stale. So your dream is about zigging and zagging to keep from being affected.

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A Singular Essence

The dance we do with the universe from the moment we are born is like many relationships: it has its ups and downs, and it has its rough patches along with its moments of sheer beauty. What we try to avoid is the estrangement of a full break-up. And we know pride can get in the way when there are hurt feelings, but when it comes to us and the universe, it is us that has to choose to reconcile, and it is the universe who will always be waiting for us with open arms. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And this is another dream in which, without a closeness and softness of demeanor, a stark and steady aspect of myself forebodes danger, and shock, and disastrous consequences. This adds to that, in other words, if you continue like that nothing of merit can occur.

And the deeper meaning is both dreams involve an attention and focus that is preventing me from a closeness, and veiling me from a closeness and a subtle sensitivity, and the naturalness I need to embody and embrace an intertwined overallness in life. 

You could also say, to be perturbed, or non-cognizant, is another aspect of being checked out from the surroundings, from the whole. 

And so the last dream is, over the passage of time I have gotten distant from a fire chief. The fire chief and I used to be close. And he had built up the department, but now we no longer seem to relate, or work together, in terms of things. We’ve gone a bit separate. There’s a sadness in that. And I don’t like the way it feels, it just is the way it is. In other words, it’s like we’re both stifling ourselves because we had been close. 

One day the fire chief comes into a place where I am at. An aloofness exists, so we hardly acknowledge each other. In other words, I have made myself take on a firmness that’s moved on. And so it’s kind of black-and-white in my nature. 

And this is the fire chief, he’s actually getting ready to retire. He’s near the end of his term. And I guess he was just kind of coming in for one last deal or something, but I didn’t acknowledge him at all. And, as he leaves, he just kind of pats me on the shoulder, which is like a tender reminder of how things had been. This breaks me out of an aloof trance; I don’t want this to end where there is this gap. 

So I know I may never see him again, and for his gesture to fall flat after all that we have been through, leaves an ungrateful weariness, a heaviness, in the atmosphere. So I go out to where he is being ushered away. In other words, he’s with a bunch of others, you know, I guess he had come in on his own and then they waited, because he’s being acknowledged or recognized as part of his farewell. 

And he’s gotten into a vehicle. And now, instead of him being a fire chief, he’s like a woman fire chief, and he’s sitting in the middle. But there’s a back; there’s a way of getting in behind that. And I do, and I come up behind him and give him a hug. 

The meaning of this: just because circumstances may have changed, doesn’t mean that we lose the bigger picture, in which we carry mutually, in the heart, which is an intertwined essence that permeates all there is.

The dreams are dealing with not looking at things too harshly. When you look at things too harshly, you take and you shut something off. Everything’s meant to connect. Everything is meant to come together. Every situation has the essence behind it. In all of the stuff that we do, to act like we’re separate, and that we have our own freedom of choice, I guess that’s interesting from the standpoint that it makes it appear that there’s all kinds of things going on, but, through it all, there’s just this one singular essence that touches and permeates.

That quality, like we’ve recognized in previous dreams, is instead of indulging this way, or indulging that way, if you hold that in-between quality, you more or less then are the viable force between the above and the below. And that’s what it’s all about. And that’s where the essence is at. And that essence, then, can reduce itself into something that’s of a physical reflection. And then that essence can be something that comes into being able to see and hear itself, from the inner, when it is able to come together like it needs to come together.

And, if it can’t come together, then it’s all too transcendent or something, it doesn’t intertwine. Everything has to intertwine and then you have the relatability, and the commonality, and the oneness of all that there is.

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