Beyond the Flow

In so many ways, a development journey is about gaining access. If we gain access to higher frequencies, we gain access to greater intelligence and information. Being in the flow of life isn’t important just to be with “it,” although that is critical to our experience, but being in the flow is to be where the current-cy is, and to be where the intelligence of the moment is. This offers us our best connection to our next possibilities. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, the scenario that I see within myself is designed to unfold no matter what happens. This is so because, in the big picture, everything that goes on is taken into account. Nothing is destroyed, it just changes into other ways and forms that keep on keeping on. 

So, in the dream, in the big picture there is a sort of betrayal of trust in a particular way – or so it seems, because in the unfoldment is another manner that is accommodated. The concept of what should occur, or needs to occur, is swept up in some other motif. The motif may be pragmatic, meaning designed to function in a way that doesn’t comport to a sense of value or sensibilities, but in the larger design, however, that is taken into account. 

And so what I’m shown is the degree in which a human being is caught up in a particular orientation is the degree in which a personal ideal, or concept of life, is projected. Such an ideal does not make a right, in terms of our perception and concept of things. The design and intent is often something else in the end. 

For the person who isn’t able to let go and is caught up in the black-and-white, such a person is going to eventually get left behind. The flow is beyond our limited conceptualizations. We’re allowed to participate and from a quality of the heart have an insightfulness to the world of God. But we, in our projections, do not really denote that until we come to the flow of a oneness. That is when an access to the will of God is deemed complete. Until then, there are moving parts we do not spring to. We do not spring to… hmm.

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A Kind of Block

Many may find that different aspects of their personality or character are set free in the presence of another: one person triggers our sense of humor, one person makes us feel very relaxed, one person eases our fears, another inspires us. We could call these energetic allowances, and it happens from our energy system reading and responding to the energy system of another. This is mostly done unconsciously, but on our development path we can raise this to a level of skill into the world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s funny we had to dream in these strange ways because, in my dream, initially, I see myself as having a seat that is back away – it’s near the front, but back away, like four rows or something or five rows from where Gee is to speak.

Then, all of a sudden, something happens and a big shift occurs. It’s as if something has to be redesigned in relationship to all of that. And I see right up to the far, far left, where he would sit, so close and so much to the far left that I just see his side face, real close, as he would be speaking out to everybody. 

And then I also see myself as somehow or another being around him, in which he is pointing out a particular kind of energy, and he gives it a name, and this energy is a person that I know, and he says, it will be interesting to see how this energy effect unfolds on the future. And then, in the dream, it’s like in the traveling of the dream, it’s like I am meant to return something to him. And it’s like a substance that you put in your hands and you can mush around just like putty or something, like a secret substance, that makes no sense to me why it is that I am to return this to him. 

So I go over to where he’s staying, and the back door of this suite area happens to be open. I go in the back door, I go into all of the rooms of the suite and look around. In one case, I go into a room that’s a picture of somebody that’s like a kid or younger brother or something that I’d never seen before, and this is where his bed and stuff is at. 

And then I take this little substance and I leave it in his room. And then I notice having explored around that there’s something wrong, it could work better, in terms of something that’s like an oven or a microwave or something that’s in the place. I don’t actually see it, per se, it’s just that I know how to make that particular thing work better. And that I can take and add some feature that I can do right there on the spot, it just comes to me, that makes this function better. 

But then I realize that it would be better if this had been built into it rather than done in this particular way, and so I carried a kind of an edge at the fact that once I’ve seen this, why it is that others don’t see this automatically – because it’s a very simple thing. I call the CEO of the company that makes this item, and I don’t plan on giving out my name, but I end up doing so because I end up finding out that I realize that maybe I have to show them how to do this so that all of the items that they make from here on in the future have this built into them

So I offer to go to where it is that they produce these and show them how it is that this can be done in a very, very simple built-in way, that will really enhance the product and will cost very, very little to do, and will be an enhancement to what they offer. And that’s what I dreamt.

So the meaning of it: the theme of the dreaming is about having a special and secret approach which facilitates the way things unfold. In this dream, the connection is such that I am able to take what is taken for granted, which is an energetic that is seemingly wayward, and bring it forward. 

Although I initially hold back with this, what I see is an access that seems to have no bounds. And the whole process involves, in terms of the steps of things, actually even returning to the teacher the secret substance I was given. And it is said that everyone is given something from a teacher, and then that removes a particular kind of block or something so that a person can catch up with themselves better.

I didn’t know that you actually gave it back, because that’s what you do in this dream. And I can’t imagine what he could possibly use that for unless it’s to apparently do something that furthers it in some capacity that is his business, because, to me, it seems like a Silly Putty or something.

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Passed Out

Certain images in dreams seem quite reasonable. Other images make very little sense. Yet when we remember that we are all the characters in the drama, the background thread begins to come together. Here a man is passed out and the dreamer, a female, is offering protection and help for it to awaken. And the other aspects of the dreamer offer good advice: if you try to help this masculine trait directly, it won’t be as readily accepted. We see this dynamic in the real world often, and it has a similar nature as an inner unfoldment. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It felt like I had just one kind of bizarre dream. In this dream, initially, it’s like I’ve gone to a party and there’s a man there that’s passed out. And in order that he doesn’t get taken advantage of it feels like I spend the night with him. It’s not really a sexual relationship, but just wherever he goes to pass out, I go and I stay with him so that he’s not taken advantage of. 

When he wakes up the next day, we kind of go our separate ways, but remain on friendly terms. Well, it turns out that maybe he was either one of the brothers or entourage of somebody like the Kardashian clan, or somebody where they all are kind of entwined in each other’s lives. And they’re concerned about him. 

So then it feels like other members of the family suddenly approach me, because they almost want me to covertly give him help again, when they know he won’t accept it from anyone in the family. 

And then one of the sisters approaches me and she starts talking to me about a problem that she had, like she had, at one point, signed up to become a stewardess and started making payments towards that. And then she stopped doing it, but she still owes the payments and she realized that she has maybe a 12-year commitment, and she realizes that it wasn’t something she was going to do. And she realizes she’s even forgotten recently to make a payment and that she needs to go do that. 

I tell her that everybody sometimes makes an obligation towards something that they have to pay off that they don’t stay with. But what I’m really curious about is why was it that she suddenly decided to do that? What was all that about? What did it mean to her? And I’m starting to have that conversation with her, while at the same time, I think I’m examining this issue of how the family suddenly wants me to start looking after the brother without him knowing about it, because he resists anything the family tries to do to help him. And that was when I woke up. 

John: So, the person that passes out was part of something so much more that you are trying to revive, or wake up, is a masculine-side quality that is lost, so to speak, or out of touch, in terms of how you are meant to be in a particular capacity. 

That’s the direct image of something. In other words, it’s an image of something that has a certain natural particular place, and yet isn’t aware of it, is unconscious to it, and that something needs to occur to revive that into the reality of itself. 

In other words, it’s kind of like awakening to a type of consciousness that lies dormant. But it’s in the bones, so to speak, because this thing is there and it’s amidst the party of life. It’s just unconscious. 

And then you add another bit of information, which is about another aspect of energy that is a bit misaligned. In other words, the part that originally you talked about is an out-breath presence. This part is an in-breath spaciousness, the ability to break free. In other words, a presence is isolated and is insignificant and can be unconscious if it can’t break free and break out into a quality of greater orientation, so that it can, so to speak, fly. And that in this particular case, there is something remiss in terms of that happening in terms of how the attention and the focus is placed. 

It’s meant to be intertwined in a type of related connectivity, but for some reason it’s not. It’s dropped the ball in terms of the catching up, the education, and the awakening of what needs to be in a greater spaciousness. 

So you have a presence aspect that is unconscious, as a masculine trait, that is able to be in the midst of something that carries a certain known quality in terms of the outer. And then you have a lack of a proper spaciousness recognition, which is the in-breath quality that needs to rhythmically be there properly in order for this to be able to exalt or come into its own.

It’s as if something got dropped, and it’s as if there were distractions so that the help that was needed for this to occur didn’t quite come into being. So this is the other half to the story in terms of a situation in which there are two seemingly, in terms of the dream, insignificant things that need to happen to pull the result of something through.

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