The Steps of Life

ma0sdefault2For a person who finds themselves on a spiritual journey, there is often a moment when, in looking back at their life, events that didn’t seem to make any sense suddenly could be viewed as being a stepping stone on a bigger path. And events in a life, as well as the dream images, are constantly trying to nudge a person, first toward the purpose of life, and then toward their purpose within that. Why would it be like that? Because humans have freedom of choice, so it’s not automatic for us to respond. We have to agree to it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.) This post was originally published in October 2017.

Jeane: So, in part of my dream, the part that I remember less well, it felt like that I was going into a room I maybe saw my old friend, but he was there with somebody. But as I would go back and forth into that room, I didn’t necessarily want other people I was with, especially if they were younger, to see him because he smoked. It’s like I didn’t want them exposed to the smoke – but it didn’t seem to bother me.

In that same sense, it felt like I was trying to help some people find some places to park some vehicles, and there might be some horses that would park there, too, but the way it was laid out there might be a bus that would come, then there might be a little parking area and you might have to park it directly across from each other. And, again, I was concerned about whether people would be able to breathe correctly if they were right across from something that had exhaust.

But the main part of the dream that went on and on and on had less images and it was more like I was either going back and forth, or up and down, all the time between two areas. And again kind of concerned a little with breathing right, and maybe concerned a little with whether other people saw some of what I saw, not particularly wanting them to, but mostly I remember that sensation of going the back and the forth or the up and the down all the time, and that seemed to be what I was doing most of the dream. It didn’t have images with it, it was more of a sensation.

John: You’re doing the technique. I’ll tell you the dream behind the technique thing. I wrote up the technique and then you just were describing yourself trying to do the technique.

So, in the dream, there are superimposed designed steps that unfold. Of course you can take and try to walk through the field of those steps, because you are that whole process that’s evolved. Or you can just look at this in the generic terms that there are these steps that unfold.

In other words, as you go along, and you’re doing things in life, you are in the outer. You don’t realize that there’s something else going on inside of you, and so things just keep unfolding for the longest time. You’re not aware of there being something else.

But then there comes a point when you realize, and this kind of hits you by surprise, that everything that you do is part of a designed plan, and practically all of the steps that you take, what you’re thinking that you’re doing that generally is associated with some particular perspective or situation that you’re living in, behind each unfoldment is something else that’s inflecting from more deeply.

So what’s happening is there is this master design over things, and each of us then goes through these steps that are all in conjunction with this master design. And first of all you start off as a demerge. That’s a step which means you don’t have a physical body or anything like that, you’re just a vibration, and then you just keep evolving with these vibrations, going through things with these vibrations.

Well, initially those steps are an unfoldment design, and that what they do as an unfoldment, as a predestined unfoldment I should say, the design comes into place after you get to a particular point where a signature note has to be imputed into the human being. And that step, then, is the me, you know the quality or the characteristic within the whole that is you, that is a little different note than something that is just ordained, predetermined to unfold.

So the way to visualize this, and the way you feel this, is you are a type of will that’s unfolding that hasn’t yet constellated, at the very beginning it hasn’t yet constellated to anything that has a type of consciousness. And then when it gets to the point where it is meant to have a consciousness, then there’s the imprint that takes place, and then after the imprint takes place, then there’s a whole bunch of steps that occur as that little imprint then is part of what unfolds.

In other words, you’re biased based upon the signature note that you came that you had as one of those steps. And each signature note is a little different. And so there is a design, or master plan, or predestination in terms of the unfoldment, but with each person taking and going through each of those designed steps veiled, or biased, by their own little signature note.

And then as you get towards the end of the process, in other words, it’s like there’s a little beginning, and then there comes the signature note that’s your definition, and then there’s a whole sequence of steps. Within that sequence of steps are steps that you’re taking that a teacher can see is the journey of that soul in relationship to its quality or signature note.

And for the longest time that whole process in between, that whole process in between is kind of a bewilderment because you’re buying into everything that happens at each of those steps. Then when you get far enough into that, when it’s determined that you need to start to inflect back to what all of that was about, you then have two steps right together, one step and two steps.

Then you have these two steps way far in the process and those two steps wake you up, they may start to bring you back. You start to for the first time realizing that there has been a design and, as a result of those two steps there, you’re at this point of where you’re starting to recall. You’re starting to realize that if you were to look back at the whole unfoldment process and all of the steps that you’ve gone through in life, that you thought was about this and thought was about that, you come to realize that you were completely wrong. It was about something else too at a much deeper level, and you took it to be this way and it was about that.

So now you’re able to tell that you’re part of something that is an unfolding divine. Now that that is waking up, now that that other is there where your attention switches to the whole – because you’re actually starting to look at yourself as a component of the whole, when before you had a kind of conflict of interest introduction there.

That was the mood and the tone that you unfolded by, so for the longest time you didn’t realize that there was something of a deeper depth underneath that signature note that really inflected what was the design, and how you’re part of the design, have always been part of the design, and that there is this preordained, or predestined quality to your being.

You come to figure and find that out when you hit those other two “me” steps way, way, way down the way. That’s when, to your shock and surprise, you come to realize that there’s a meaningful synchronicity, there’s a meaningful coincidence, to all of this.

When those steps come in that is when you’re able to then kind of bring the future to the present. What does that mean? What that means is that now all of a sudden you start to see that this has all been a design, and that you have been living in accordance with the design. And now all of a sudden you are able to ask the question, what’s going on? And kind of have an answer in terms of your connection. You can kind of see a linkage, an intertwining.

So the steps of life, then, instead of being a bewilderment, become something that is knowable, something that you can accept, something that you can go along with. And so now what continues to unfold is a closer and closer recognition into the overall, into the meaningfulness of something that is the big picture – outside of the alienation of the original one signature note that still has to sort itself out and be rescued. And as this gets more and more pristine, that is when you start to catch up with the vibration that is in keeping with the orders, that turns you back into the process of traveling in God, we’ll say, where you’re connected to the design.

When that opens up, that’s when it all starts to make sense. Every bit of how you’ve been starts to make sense. You can accept that. That’s when you can then accept your true inner power. That’s what it means to accept your inner power is to know the wakeup of those two steps of Kundalini energy inside of yourself – and then you follow in those footsteps, those footsteps follow out in terms of listening and abiding in that.

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Letting it Go

ima2211gesWhen we let go of something, an old habit, an old opinion, an old defense mechanism, we make room for something new. It’s a law of physics that nature will always fill a vacuum, and that is a fact of energy that we can use to our advantage. When we clean and clear, something new is possible for that space. When we let go of relationships, we are open to meeting people who are right for us in the now. And when we let go of the past, we free ourselves from baggage that limits our future. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.) This post was originally published in July 2018.

Jeane: Well I dreamt a lot last night, and had at least three dreams, but I don’t remember many of the details. I remember more of the message.

One of the earlier dreams, it felt like I was on a property that had like pine trees and some buildings, including one building that looked more like an old stone tower that someone lived in. And the man that lives on this property, that has some priest-like qualities, he kind of pulls me aside from the other people because he has like a mission for me.

And what’s involved in this mission is I seem to climb up the outside of the tower wall, and talk to him through a window in the tower wall, and he gives me something, a piece of paper with some information on it.

And then I’m looking down, I’m hanging onto a tree so that I don’t fall, hanging onto the rocks on the wall and then the tree, and I’m looking down. But I realize that I can get down safely with the support of this real bushy tree.

The result of whatever he gave me through that dream, and two subsequent dreams, is that I really learn that in order for there to be more of something rather than to do what everybody else has been doing, or even I had been doing, and contain it, or put it away, or hold onto it, that what you had to do is open it up and let it go. And that was how you had more of it.

So it was like whenever that came up in the dream I had to remember that because it was kind of counterintuitive to how everyone was doing something; like they were kind of trying to hold onto something, then I would have to remember that, no, the right way that you had more of this or that it went into the world was you let it go.

John: From the way my dream unfolded, and the nature of the theme for last night, before you started to tell your dream I was actually wondering how it was that you were going to be able to keep approaching things using the tree, so to speak, or a groundedness, in manifestation as your means of being able to grasp something.

The dream is indicating that something more is needed that can open up if you let go of trying to function as a container energy only and allow yourself to shake, or quicken, the flow that is coming from within. And when you do, that will only intensify, as it is meant to do, because it is seeking to have a greater and greater connection as a flow through you.

So what this dream is doing is letting you know that there are limits to the functionality of container energy because there is this connection to a flow that you have accessed or, as the dream says, that you are given. And what you are holding on in terms of climbing down, or having the tree, or coming down the wall, is done because you’re in physical creation, because of manifestation being what it is that you embody naturally, that you can access this in a greater and deeper way. And that if you connect to this as a natural inner flow, in a more quickened way, it grabs a hold of you more and more all the time.

So what is a dream like this suggesting? Well, I suppose it could end up having you acting more in a masculine motif of writing your dreams up when you have them. And, if you did that, you may not necessarily have to know what they mean at the time that you write them up, but in the memory of them it would probably trip one right after another, right after another, right after another. And the reason why it would trip one right after another, right after another, right after another, is that some part of you will know what that means and, therefore, you will pull out, or facilitate the pulling out, of the meaning as I am saying it because you will be attuned to the correctness of that from a space of subjectivity, and kind of knowingness, that has been quickened.

And this is also what is important in terms of you catching up with a connection to the masculine, in which you would be pulling in the wisdom and sight yourself. As it is right now you are catching up with this through the container energy of a flow that is caught in a container, and it easily dissipates, but the container is not going to change. The container is going to catch these flows as they come in, and what can change is your greater understanding of those in and for yourself can intensify on your own, in other words, without the need of let’s say my interpretations per se.

In other words, you would be more acute in terms of the understanding already from having shaken the bush, so to speak, in that way of this flowing inside of you. And, were you to do this, this would just then intensify the depth to which this whole process would start going. It would kick it into another gear or two.

So, in other words, what your dream is saying is that the container energy can only go so far, and that you can take this a whole lot farther if you embrace what is trying to flow through you. And when you do, it will flow through you more and more.

That’s an information dream isn’t it?

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Hidden Treasures

mandala_by_hadasoIn these two dreams, Jeane is discovering hidden aspects of her self that are a help to her on her journey. Our spiritual journeys are just like the many great stories and fables: sometimes magical things happen, sometimes it seems there are insurmountable odds. But just as in the stories, what we need is available to us, it’s inside us now if we have the need to make the discovery. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.) This post was originally published in November 2015.

Jeane: I just had parts of two dreams that I remember.

In the first dream it feels like I’ve gone to a house that’s a little bit more in the country. When I go in the house they have a big dog in the yard that’s a little intimidating, so I stay in the house and keep the dog out in the yard.

But it feels like before long the feeling I have is that what the dog’s actually doing is it’s kind of protecting me from another big dog that’s out there and I’ve made friends with it – so I can approach the house and I’m not afraid of the dog anymore.

That’s the impressions I remember from that first dream.

John: So it’s a dream about yourself going outside of your limits, or of your conceptual limits, from an environment that you’re normally in, into another place that involves you having to confront something that, to begin with, you’re not sure about how that fits in. And in taking and contending with that you find out that it’s a friend, it’s a part of yourself that’s hidden, that’s unknown, but it is actually a part that you have to access, that you have to come to grips with.

You wouldn’t have been able to get to this other place – that is also you – if you didn’t avail yourself of this friend. And when you finally realize the importance of that, you realize that there are still other forces because you’ve extended yourself outside of your comfort zones, you’ve expanded your consciousness, and there are still other things that appear to be a bit much that could interfere with your well being – and they also are shaped and placed in a mannerism as something that you will have to overcome. They’re dogs, and dogs symbolically are our friends, even though it’s something that you haven’t yet learned how to awaken.

Jeane: In the next dream it’s like you and I had gone by some place like a smaller town and a county courthouse or something, and you had borrowed something from somebody there that like was a box full of mementos or something from a county. I wish I could remember more details, but it was something like that.

We’ve gone back and we’re standing around with some other people and we’re just picking up a few things that we have that we brought back in our pickup, or whatever we had, and everybody is kind of glossing over this one picture in a frame, but I pick it up and I blow away the dust and I see the picture is of like an old time miner or something, and then down by his feet maybe like a pick axe and a hat. But I look more closely at the hat in the picture and it’s kind of a dimensional picture and I blow the dust off of it and I realize it’s actually carved out of a gold coin and inscribed.

You see it’s not just a photograph or a carving, that it’s actually made out of gold once you blow the dust off and then you can read the inscription. And then you mention to me that that was one of the things that we had borrowed that we’re going to have to be returning to the place in the country. And I’m just really interested because it kind of caught my eye because everyone thought it was kind of worthless, but it was actually made out of gold and was rather interesting.

And then I’m looking through other things in a trunk that I kind of even feel some of them go back to Native Americans, but I’m a little concerned because in looking through it I’ve disturbed the order in which it was kind of laid or packed in the trunk and I’m not sure how easily it’s going to be to kind of fit everything back in in the right way. That’s all I really pulled out of that dream.

John: This is a dream in which what you’re doing is you’re feeling inside of yourself a suspense, or kind of a way of something that’s coming, or awakening, that’s impending in other words to open up.

Initially you see it in bits and pieces and flashes much like one comes to have dreams that they don’t know necessarily what they mean. But eventually it’s an accumulative process that over a course of time what seemed to be fairly insignificant and meaningless becomes something that has a completeness about it, that becomes something that you find is a true treasure.

This then takes you to realizing that the journey that you’re on is like that. Before this all kind of happened casually, in other words where something was deemed not all that significant and kind of worthless but there was an inner suspense inside of yourself that helped trigger this meandering towards something like this that can open up for you. And then all of a sudden now it has, and it has a huge meaningfulness, a completeness to it. It has a viability in and of itself.

This creates, then, a change of focus so to speak in which you now find yourself purposely looking for more. And the dream is saying, don’t lose the wonderful sensation of how the other just opened up and caught you and swept you in – in kind of a natural way. Because when you actually go out there and try to pick up the pieces for yourself, and go into the hidden treasures of things, you have a tendency to get this stuff skewered every which way and not know how to access it in a manner, and in an order, and in a sequence that is important.

The dream in and of itself is telling you, the fact that you can see that you can get something discombobulated in terms of going into the chest of things that is there to be found and reached, and it’s only possible because you did get to the gold coin, and that just acts as the catalyst to more and more and more of this.

But now that you know that you’re in a process that’s more and more and more, you have to listen more attentively inside of yourself to make sure that it unfolds in a way that touches the heart. And when you do that, then that makes sure that it unfolds in a way that doesn’t get out of order, or discombobulated, and cause you to go off on some spiritual tangent or mannerism that’s not in keeping with the process.

And there is a great tendency for that to happen once you suddenly get the memo of what it’s like and what it’s about. Then you can tend to turn your attention towards that and try to help it along – and that can create a problem.

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