Founded in the Breath

blueIt has been said that one mark of a developed person is an ability to live in contradiction – to hold two opposing ideas as both being true. And we can see this contradiction in our very act of living: we are a spiritual being, yet we exist in the physical world. And we can be completely spiritual beings while in the physical world. But, we get into trouble when we forget the spiritual side and only live in the physical world, because then our “better half” loses its connection to our life, and the universe loses the opportunity it has in us.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then I go to the sleep dream, and in the sleep dream I delved into the process in order to cover an important aspect. In other words, I delved into this process orientation, that one tends to think that they have, in order to expose an important aspect. And, in doing so, I notice that the breath just simply carries this overallness of a beingness back and forth.

And to lay the table of it, how that is, we touch the crown of all there is in the interval where in-breath turns to out-breath, which there’s kind of a quickening of the inner essence of all that there is. And then you have the out-breath, and in the out-breath you’re touching the interval, where out-breath turns to in-breath, the essence of a longing for something more that is exemplified.

Now for there to be a complete cycle of creation, where you get the inner, and you get the outer, and you get them all simultaneously, you have to be able to go up and down at the same time, so to speak. In other words, not just first one way and then the other.

So everything is founded in the breath, although we take the breath for granted. By taking it for granted, there’s no paying attention to our beingness. In other words, we remain in an amnesic state. And, when we’re like that, then we’re in a kind of a confusion, a bewilderment, for the heart to sort out.

It’s as if the heart, then, always knows that it can be both places simultaneously. But when we don’t have the up and down simultaneous, the whole breath, there is this quality that’s like a gap, in terms of the heart feeling its wholeness, and thus a bewilderment and a sorting out – or a sense of a sorting out, or a sense of a vying of first up, and down, as opposed to up and down simultaneously where you won’t have that.

And the tendency is to have this in this loci because there is this presence, herein, that is enhanced gravitationally, in a kind of mind sense orientation. And, in this loci, we turn to our mind sense duals. We are inclined to take the in-breath as just an inflection, as opposed to a depth, a beingness.

When like that then the out-breath is starting out by carrying down a thought from the essence of stillness, which, when it starts carrying it down, becomes lost or consumed, absorbed in the plane of sound and collective consciousness thoughts, but when you have the in-breath and the essence there, it’s never really abandoned. The in-breath, when unconscious, even unconscious, is always beckoning as a reminder of the way we are in the planes of light.

The sad thing is, we get lost in the mind sense outer orientation, and its thought-upon-thought compromising, thinking then that all that we pick up, or denote, especially in an out-breath, momentous way, is concretized – and we call that manifestation – as if we’re going to now try to sort our way back into something more from something that’s concretized, using, again, the tools of our mind and senses. It just isn’t going to work that way. We’re just going to be going around and around in a kind of spiritual illusion, even though we have plenty of hints and inflections from the in-breath, if we could only note it, which is the plane of light of ourselves – and then some.

So the inner is our beingness in light, and the outer is our beingness in manifestation. When in light, we quest for the human body. When in manifestation, we quest for the unseen light. From the meditation dream, I learn that the gray area we think is an awakening of our being, is a vibratory ignorance and spiritual illusion. The inner and the outer, the in-breath and the out-breath, are black-and-white distinctions that are loud and clear, not gray as we tend to believe when we hearken to our amnesic plight, imagining that we are in the awakening process.

From a bifurcated way of looking at it, we tell ourselves that the awakening process is true. The awakening process is true only in a spiritual illusionary sense of painstaking bewilderment. Such bewilderment is likened to a waiting for the heart to stop trying to sort out the buying/selling dynamic of the out-breath/in-breath, so we are in the outer, and in the inner, distinctly, and simultaneously. There is no gray area process in the end.

In other words, that’s just a bewilderment, or the mind senses in this loci imaging and creating a spiritual illusion. So we create a spiritual illusion here, and then we lack the substance of holding and concretizing something into a seeing and hearing when we’re in the planes of light. So it’s kind of like we have to pull both together in order to be what we really are, and, in that sense, we arrive at our God nature, or essence.

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A Conscious Breath

i1209gesIt curious how things change. It may appear to us that everything happens gradually, step by step, but the change happens instantly. Even in learning to ride a bike, we keep trying and trying and we still don’t know how. Then, suddenly, we do, and what we have gained can never be taken away from us – because we are actually different. It is the steps and effort that eventually help us make a change, but the change can only happen when the criteria has been met, and then it changes forever. This is important to understand in our journey, because sometimes we may feel like we’re not getting anywhere, but the truth is: we are getting somewhere, but we’re just not there yet. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Actually, the theme of the dreaming was about switching, and how that process works. And, of course, what was being challenged is our concept, in terms of how that works.

Our concept is we are inclined to think that we go from one place, from inner into outer, or outer into inner, in a sort of sorting out way, as if there’s a gray zone, as if we awaken between the two aspects of our overall beingness. An aspect that’s on the inner, that is more than we can know and catch up with, that, among other things, embodies all the planes of light, and an aspect that is in the outer, that embraces, and seeks to embody, a quality of an essence put into thought, to create a concretized domain. And we don’t sit and awaken in the way that we would like to believe, in which we think we do, as a process.

We don’t go and do this in a gray zone, meaning sorting out the inner and the outer. That idea that it works like that, a process of going home, so to speak, a journey, that’s actually all illusion. You’re either one place, or the other, and we’re always in, so to speak, both places simultaneously – or as close to simultaneous as possible – because you have the in-breath and the out-breath, and on the in-breath you’re in the inner, and on the out-breath you’re back into the outer, and it’s not a matter of distinguishment as a means of being on the inner and in the outer.

It’s not a distinguishing game between the two. It’s not some sort of sift and sort. That’s a bewilderment zone. That’s an amnesia to the breath that causes us to connote that way. It’s kind of like black-and-white. It’s a switch that’s just boom, boom, not with all of the commotion. Yet in the plane of the outer, in the plane of manifestation, we long for something more that is, so to speak, our beingness in the light, the unseen light. And in the plane of light we quest for a human body. In other words, we are both an inner and an outer, simultaneous. And the gray zone, where we use the mind senses as if we’re going somewhere, to create the sensation of a journey, that’s all spiritual illusion.

So that’s what I came to learn from the meditation dream and the sleep dream.

So, in the meditation dream, there’s a way of sugarcoating manifestation, from the inner level of existence, as being correlated to the underlying essence therein, that can be shattered. In other words, you tend to try to correlate it, but it needs to just get shattered. In other words, it’s a distinction that we make out as if there’s an awakening in a more and more kind of way, instead of a sudden and abrupt shattering.

In other words, what I experienced inside was I was suddenly given an experience where this in between process that we go through, that’s kind of like a gray border area, or zone, in which our mind senses and whatever it is, and everything vies for the heart as we’re trying to sort this thing out, suddenly went poof! And when it went poof, I saw this as either all in the inner, or all in the outer. And then I saw that it’s always both, because that’s the nature of the breath. Where the in-breath turns to the out-breath is the essence of it all, and where the out-breath turns to the in-breath, in manifestation, that’s the longing to it all, put into a concretized nature.

So, in the dream, I was shown the distinction between inner and outer, meaning that there is nothing in between, and the distinction was not some sort of steady seeking in a matter of degree way, like a journey, but an abrupt shattering of the veil. The veil was completely shattered, not experienced as a matter of some sort of ever increasing degree. This stunned and shocked my sensibilities. I hadn’t expected this. I just didn’t know, or wasn’t going around realizing, that the distinction is so black-and-white.

So why was this important? It is important to know the difference as being black-and-white as a shattering of a veil between the two, you might say, planes of inner and outer, and all of the levels that that might be, as opposed to a gray zone approach where one is lost in the abiding, as if there is a distinguishable in between, which introduces a touchy feeliness into the equation.

You don’t sneak up on consciousness. You let go of a distraction, in an abrupt black-and-white switch; just drop it. That’s why the practices of stopping your mind and all of that stuff are to get you to realize that it’s just a switch, it just boom. You’re either there, or you’re not. The gray zone area is where spiritual illusions and self-deception abide. We make all that up. This is what we do to ourselves in our quandary.

In other words, you flicker back and forth. You short out, because you can’t make the compromised gray zone work – because it doesn’t really exist. It’s a spiritual illusion of one’s nature because awareness isn’t something that’s approximate. In other words, the awareness of both places, there’s no approximation between the two. It’s one, or the other, and everything else is noise, spiritual illusionary noise, that we make up and cause that to be like a journey. The mind tries to make the distinction, and, in doing so, causes the flickering sensation that’s the spiritual illusion.

When the mind and senses stop pretending, in a this and that way, the gray zone will fall away. There is either physical existence, or light, i.e., black-and-white. To say that there is an unfoldment process, in which we awaken, to aspire to an ever unfolding higher self, is a head game. When you take the head game out, there is just the breath. The gray zone demeanor we delusionally self-impose veils us from experiencing the black-and-white consciously, or the breath consciously.

The mystic can experience the in-breath plane of light, and the out-breath’s gravitational ghost energy planes of existence, the back and forth of the breath is not a complex science. The illusion of there being a mind sense orientation is what makes this seem so, because the mind sense orientation is correlated to the planes of physical existence.

So when it is said that everything must go to shift from black to white, as a way of saying it, this means that the mind sense orientation, suited for physical existence only, must stop. A human being cannot take the mind senses into the light. Or, to put it another way, the mind senses veil us from a conscious in-breath.

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One and All

dowdThis dream image points out that we are our own hierarchy. We are the menial workers, we are the middle management, and we are the boss, as well. And we aren’t always conscious of what level, or who, in us, is making our decisions. And this is important, because certain aspects of our interior lives don’t take into account the big picture, so the decisions can be biased to their personal, smaller area of interests. Our inner boss, or higher self, has a much better viewpoint to give us guidance on the big picture. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then, in the dream, I go back into the meditation dream, and at the end of each level of unfoldment there is like something that’s presented to me. It’s an embosser to emblazon the effect, or seal it or something.

When I first hear of this I think it is over the top. I hear of it, to begin with, with the dense out-breath outer. I find this to not just be over the top, but actually a bit embarrassing. In other words, it’s like too off. And then I find out that to begin with that’s the only spot that I’m looking at, where I can seal in that capacity, become set in that way, like you see people go through life and become set in the various levels where they’re at.

To begin with, I’m just looking at that as a level to be sealed in. You know, that you could step on the gas. People who step on the gas in this Jinn oriented side of themselves can become very, very successful in the outer.

And then I find, and come to know, as I’m unfolding that in each step in the awakening process there is this refresher enhancer, that I call an embosser, that you can use to draw back out each step so that it just doesn’t dry out. And each time I kind of say, well, that’s kind of interesting, but I don’t elect to do it.

And then, when it comes to the last step, which is where a person is able to embrace everything in life as the unfoldment wholeness, which means that you’re able to let go and let things happen, you know you recognize everything as having a greater will behind it. You don’t sit there with your own opinions about this, and do battle with it, confront it, which is more like a master tends to do. You know, there is a stream of consciousness, like they say, that unfolds, in the warrior way.

Well, I do an about face and I embrace this step of just letting go to a greater, greater wholeness. And in this case this embosser, the embosser effect that enhances something, solidifies it/seals it, looks a bit like tile work, and it is done at a doorway, around the doorway or something, as you’re about to turn into the doorway where the accent work is most appreciated. And it doesn’t look out of place. I consider it looking a bit out of place in each of the other levels. It’s like a kind of a completeness of a completeness.

So, because I had developed this habit of saying no to every other aspect of embossing the unfoldment, I’m inclined to carry that as a general motif, but in this particular case I decide to ask the big boss, who oversees the unfoldment, what his opinion is. I kind of expect him, maybe because in the other it wasn’t quite right, I kind of expect him maybe to feel that this too might be too loud or something.

And this is a guy who has his handicaps, but he’s kind of like a boss of everything. In other words, he doesn’t necessarily do the work himself, but he’s a general supervisor type thing, and he’s in a wheelchair. He doesn’t have legs to walk around to the world anymore. And, to my surprise, he jumps at the idea and sees it as a wonderful expression, and says that he’ll have to get back to me on that, on how to make it so. Isn’t that interesting?

So the meaning is to be able to consistently step back – now this speaking of this last step – to be able to consistently step back and let the overall unfoldment process extend into the outer, in spite of my opinions or judgments on the other levels of my beingness, that may not be up to speed with the deeper overall oneness consciousness, is a subtle letting go into a stillness that is in sync with the divine will.

I, with my limited faculties of the senses that are oriented to getting by on the physical level, am inclined to disturb the bigger picture if I acted on my own. I know that, so whatever can be done to remain at a peace and ease, while everyone around me is losing their mind, is wholeheartedly embraced by the one and all, the one and all of it all.

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