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SC116543Our dreams allow us to practice certain scenarios, or to try new ways of being, that we often don’t allow ourselves in outer life. In this dream example, the dreamer, a female, sees herself as the king – a representation of an inner masculine aspect. But the relationship with things isn’t quite right: the queen is pushed aside from her natural role (motherhood), and the king is commandeering the raising of the child. In each of us, these roles need their proper outplay, but because we are not conscious of how these complementary aspects within us relate, we must learn it by inner trial and error, finding a way to trust and give support where needed, and ruling side-by-side. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember one dream. In the dream, initially, I’m like this king. He has a couple buddies, and a woman. I guess it’s the queen, but it feels like they have a baby. But once he has the baby, he doesn’t let anybody else near it.

It’s like he’s got the baby in a room, and the queen can come in and see the baby, but she can’t really get near the king anymore. And it feels like he isolates his buddies after that, too. And he’s just watching over, and taking care of, the baby, but like everything changed, like the rules changed for everybody else, that were even carefree before.

Now it’s like he’s kind of in control of everything. That’s all I really remember.

John: Well, the theme of the dreaming, last night, had to do with where one was at in terms of getting closer and closer to bringing inner into outer. And the image that you have is of a sense in which your awakening process is getting closer to the inner, but the queen is in the outer.

And so the thing is that, the masculine is developing an insight, and such, that is taking kind of a position of command. You might say that it’s developing kind of an inner sight. But, you know, the balanced picture has to include both, the king and the queen. So the king and the queen are basically together.

So it does seem, you know, that things can’t be that far away. It’s just that for the moment there is a little barrier, from the standpoint that the perspective of things, the sense of things, in terms of the inner, is tilted more to the inner than it is to the outer.

In other words, that’s not a bad image because it’s usually said that the feminine has to catch up with the masculine side of herself in order to further awaken who, and how, she is, which means she has that as a kind of natural shadow dynamic, in which the feminine, per se, is generally deemed to be closer to a natural completeness, but can’t quite access it, or pull it out, or bring it out from inside of herself, and thus she has a shadow dynamic in relationship to her masculine side.

And this is indicating that it’s as if something may have set aside the rootedness, and the groundedness, of yourself in creation, momentarily, because the king has gotten a sense of this happening, and has indulged, or logged in.

Now the reason why you can also see that this isn’t a permanent condition is because that’s an unnatural state. The feminine always takes care of the child, of the nurturing process of something. The masculine looks out for things, in kind of a protective way, maybe, but it’s the feminine that holds something, that holds the completeness. So the masculine may have a sense of something exciting and has pulled that to a quality of wholeness, a sense of wholeness, is reaching with it in that regard, but it gets disseminated back into the completeness.

So it’s just kind of a dream showing an unfoldment process, kind of where you’re at, pointing out what I would say is a bit more of like a type of temporal condition, because you can’t imagine that the masculine is going to prevail over everything that’s born.

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