Shaking it Through

consciousness1216We’re all familiar with the concept of the unconscious, semi-conscious, and the conscious levels of our inner selves. But how does that show itself in our lives? On a spiritual journey, our systems get information first on an unconscious level, then it can move to the semi-conscious and, if we listen and can pick up on it, that information can become conscious in us. That’s part of what it means to bring things from the inner into the outer. If we don’t bring it into consciousness, it is lost to us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, the only dream I remember, I was on the grounds of where they run the Kentucky Derby. First I’m in one of the business offices meeting with a man who’s involved in the handicapping, and he also has a horse who’s running in the Derby.

And then when I go from his office, I’m actually sometimes driving and sometimes my car turns into my horse, but sometimes it’s a car. I’m kind of driving around the area to find a place to park, and it has to be a little ways out. It’s in a circle, but it’s a ways out because my horse is also going to be running, but not in the Derby because it’s running in one of the other races. I have to park it a little ways further out and again, like I said, sometimes I’m driving my car and sometimes it turns into my horse that’s going to be running in the race.

And as I get closer to where I park, and I’m trying to find the right place to park, I’m studying the whole idea of how the horses are handicapped for how much weight they’ll carry and such and, and how they run in the race, and everything seems to be represented by these lines that go back towards the wall where I’m studying where to park, and sometimes they link from where I’m going back to the office of the man who’s in charge.

And I’m just trying to find the right place where I’m supposed to park before I go about what I’m supposed to do next, as I kind of study the energy lines, too, that go back and forth, that represent how all of that works there.

John: The oddity of your dream is that, it’s as if when you go to a depth inside, because you’re naturally in manifestation, you go to kind of a place where there’s just the energetic. In other words, it’s kind of like you’re playing with the displacement of energy.

In other words, in the outer, the energetic that is at hand takes and unfolds in a particular way. And on the inner, there’s just the energetic that is in existence, that is in place, and it can be displaced at a deep enough level in the inner, it’s displaced from an outer consequence, or unfoldment.

So I guess this is your way of seeing how it is, that the way that you somehow see yourself, or perceive yourself, or understand vibrations of yourself, that what it is that you’re about can be looked at in an inner way as just vibrations and energy lines. You might say, without the outer, they can kind of even sit latent – or do they sit latent?

Is the outer just the illusionary reflection for those vibrations to unfold, and that otherwise they are there but sit in maybe some sort of imaginal or something, that can’t run its course? Well, it just shows that there has to be many, many levels to things that, at the highest self of one’s self, you can be in just the overall energetic in a larger wholeness capacity – that’s the macrocosm. At the microcosm of yourself ,it unfolds as an aspect of manifestation.

Interesting how you did this displacement. The dream is told it had the displacement in it. In other words, you’re on the grounds of the Kentucky Derby, and you were actually, in a roundabout way, by being on the grounds there was something intended to happen, but it wasn’t readily apparent. What was readily apparent was whatever you were doing with regards to the owner of the stable, or the grounds, had something to do with the horse, but that horse not necessarily being you, or your horse. But then, ultimately, being your horse and car and the whole works as well.

And then even that gets displaced again by the fact that then there’s all these energy lines that portray what is an intentionality that’s meant to be. If you were to break it down, you could chop things into layers, or levels, a level in which you’re the overall equation, a level in which there is a latent energy that is out of touch, so to speak, but you’re in the vicinity of it, the level in which whatever that energy is, is you, an energy in which it unfolds as both being a horse or as a car, in other words a vehicle that drives or something that takes on motion, a quality level in which you can go back to a stillness and just portray the energy lines of what can be.

That would be like taking and going back inside of one’s self with something that is already, potentiality-wise, on a number of these other levels unfolded, but now back to the energy lines as if you’re still holding onto it in some capacity. It’s like what you’re doing can seem very odd without recognizing what the theme of the dreaming was, and the theme had to do with shaking things through into a conscious clarity from some depth deep within.

What you did is you found yourself kind of like, plop, in all of it, so that you had a bit of a piece of yourself like this, and a bit of a piece of yourself like that, and a bit of a piece of yourself like that, of which it all could be aligned into an unfoldment. It’s kind of like snapshots that can pull together and appear to be a motion picture – and yet each snapshot can appear to be something that is separate in a process, as opposed to an aspect that is intertwined and flowing from beginning to end.

In other words, the levels can seem disjointed, and an unfoldment, or awakening process, can, from the perspective of a person caught in the outer, working with the five senses and their idea of wanting to see something happen, conceptually that is, there can appear to be large veils that sit in between the knowingness.

And yet the theme of the dreaming is showing that it all shakes through in its own way, over time it shakes through. But at any given moment in time, when you are caught up in something, it can appear to be awkward.

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An In-Between Place

John: Like yours, my dream portrays an imbalance (for Jeane’s dream, see You Can’t Get There From Here), but it seems to have more detail about how I’m wayward. For you it was trying to pull something together between responsibilities at home, and being able to hear and understand what’s directed toward you; those two things didn’t seem to take each other into account.

In my case I’m dealing with being scattered, not quite able to pull through what needs to be recognized and seen. The way this dream starts is with me driving my car to where the street ends. There are houses on either side owned by the same person. But he doesn’t own the street. I have access and, not even knowing what area I’m in but knowing I have a right to be there, I decide that’s what I’ll do: I park at the curb.

I feel that my car is somehow within the umbrella of his overall space. There are lights on at both buildings, so it’s not like my car is sitting in the dark. It’s okay for me to leave it there, but at the same time it doesn’t feel right.

As I do this, I’m debating how best to hold this space along this road. I contemplate placing a spare tire a car’s length from the car. Somehow the spare tire (which is a signal that I’m not handling the car very well) will help further establish my claim to this roadway. 

I decide that the tire idea is ridiculous, but I still park there. The owner of the buildings sees this and steps out to see who I am. When I introduce myself I also provide him with my particulars, i.e., telling him my addresses and phone numbers in both places I live. Because I’m so far away from my residences, it feels as if my memory of them is falling away. It takes effort to remember the information – I’m that far removed.

I’ve left the car in an area I know nothing about. I park in front of the doors to the two buildings, leaving enough room for someone to walk out of the house and across the street directly behind the car.

The problem I have with what I’m doing is that it feels like I’m imposing. The area is peaceful and quiet, but now my car will cause people to take account of it each time they look out their windows. So it’s going to affect the feel of the area.

The car also complicates their ability to feel good as they go back and forth across the street. They’ve had free flow between the houses for quite some time, but I suppose that had to end at some point because they don’t control the road in between.

What has changed is that the car has created an energetic imbalance that can’t be ignored, and it upsets the quiet setting. This state could exist indefinitely because part of me is just going to leave it there and I don’t know if I’m ever coming back.

One way this could be looked at is that I’m spreading myself too thin, i.e., I’m between two places (the two buildings in the dream and our two homes in real life). That can be discombobulating. There needs to be a thread or path (the road) that makes sense of it all, but now there’s an imbalance in the path (the car).

The car is an aspect of me, the vehicle I use to navigate this life. It doesn’t know where to park itself. It can’t park in either place (the houses) and, if it parks in the roadway, how does a person reconcile that? There’s a certain degree of light that can shine on it, as if it’s under a watchful eye, but it intrudes upon the balance of the scenario inside one’s self. So this is showing me that an intrusion exists that’s affecting how the inner (the car) and the outer (the homes) come together. 

Every time the inner looks at the outer, the inner is stuck between the quiet of a peaceful state and the intrusion in the vibration that it hasn’t yet consolidated, or taken into account, or accepted.

In a sense, by making myself accountable to look out for the affairs of another (the owner of the houses), I’m going away from who I am. I’m losing my free flow. I’m already lost but now I’m apt to see how lost I am and it’s a type of lost where I might not be heard from again, because I even forget my addresses and phone numbers.

My path should be twined together by the mode of transportation that lies parked between an inner and outer connection. It’s a bridge. There’s recognition of a gap that I have to pay attention to; this gap actually hurts the heart. I might not have realized it, having figured out a way to jump back and forth between these places, thinking nothing of it, but now, all of a sudden, I’ve become aware that there’s interference.

This in-between state hurts the heart because I now identify the roadway as being an intrusion, which is keeping the inner and the outer from pulling the space together, i.e., holding the space in an overall way.

So I’m interfering with my own development by not leaving a clear space (the path). This dream causes me to try to resolve what is a very awkward feeling inside.