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ebomdThe human is considered a witness to creation, having the sensitivity and the consciousness to reflect back what it experiences. And when a person puts their attention on something, that thing invariably responds to the influx of energy that the attention provides. Now this can have positive or negative effects, depending on the type of intention, and the type of attention. Yet in a spiritual journey, the human can offer all forms of organic life an elevated, energetic experience, simply by putting their focus upon it – as a service to the whole.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so, the meditation dream was, in this dream I’m walking across a footbridge. In other words, it’s like being in a desert, and then there’s a footbridge that maybe crosses a kind of little ravine; rather than going down the ravine, and up, just happened to be a bridge that goes across that, you know that keeps things more on the even keel.

And so, as I’m crossing the footbridge, I’m able to glance to my left and, in what is normally a nondescript landscape because it’s like a desert setting, I see a bright spot. And so it causes me to pause, and, as I stare at the spot, I bring it more into a tension that’s like a blossom spot. You know, it’s a spot that opens up like a blossom would open up.

And I have a way of looking at it where it almost consumes the entire landscape because my focus can focus on that and it just accentuates, or becomes, an aliveness. And that aliveness then pulls my attention towards it. In other words, it creates a zooming in. And I wake up profoundly affected, and enamored.

I am fortunate my attention is drawn to what I am able to denote and glean, because if I would’ve just glanced at it and ignored it I wouldn’t have been able to pull it more in to something that can be denoted and gleaned, whatever denoting and gleaned means, because otherwise, where I was at in the center of the footbridge is important because it’s like slipping between the zones of things where something more just suddenly appears.

So the meaning is, this is a dream in which I awaken to an inner depth of meaningfulness and the effect consumes my attention. My attention is so magnified that I am not able to draw myself away from what sweeps over me in an all-consuming capacity. All around me, when taken in a lifelessness, instead of an aliveness quality waking up, all around me would be, on the surface, bleak and lifeless.

Now the aliveness that I see has opened up my awareness to a landscape in which what I see therein has me captivated. My attention zooms in upon this brightness, like a bee to a blossom, or a petal. This being the all that I need to behold state of reality, like to a bee its state of reality is finding that blossom, and once it finds that blossom it just zooms right in on that and extracts what the nectar needs to be that it needs to extract.

Nothing else is important. If you’re standing by a tree that has a lot of blossoms, and there’s bees there, the bees don’t pay any attention to you. They may pay attention to you if they’re looking around. You know, they’re in process to go somewhere, then all of a sudden you can be like something that’s in the way. But you can be standing right by a tree that’s full of blossoms and there could be hundreds of bees, and they’re busy with their business, when, if you were in an ordinary scenario without the blossoms and there are hundreds of bees around that would be scary.

So, again, it’s a type of zooming in and a type of focus, and the theme of this dream it has a similitude in that you go directly into the adhering of something, the holding onto something.

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John: We left off the discussion of your dream yesterday (see The Lost Essence) with this paragraph:

“All of this is progressing somewhere, and where it’s progressing to is a total letting go of everything. When you totally let go of everything, then it has no hold on you. When it has no hold on you, then you’re in a nothingness, and yet you’re in everything. You can’t see it as a nothingness as long as you see it as having some sort of existence and presence that you have to contend with, or you have to cause to happen in a particular way.”

This is the development struggle: We’re born into a physical body, into a physical world. We’re designed to realize, at some point in our lives, that we are here for a purpose beyond the society and culture we find ourselves in. When we have that realization, we must begin to let go of all the aspects of our (ego) identities that serve us in the culture, but keep us separate from the wholeness that everything else is. Spiritual development is anchored in this process of letting go.

And we don’t have to do it on our own or without guidance, because the truth of who and what we are is inside of us – if we will only listen. When we can catch up to it or hear it, it’s with a type of hearing that’s beyond our physical senses (that only correlate to the fabrication of the outer world in front of us). When we hear this inner voice, it somehow slices right through, so we begin to react less and less to the push and shove of the outer world.

And your dream showed a magic quality where you accomplish this letting go by going “poof.” Instead of identifying with the external aspects of the image, there’s a part of you that can just go poof. It shifts, you let go of the top deck and appear in the lower cave – in the depth of you – where you’ve let go of everything. Thus you impose no effect from the outer on the guidance you receive there.

You probably set the image in the desert because you have a sense that time has stopped here, in the Holy Land. The Bedouins in the area haven’t changed much in 2,000 years. There’s a bit of contamination with the tourists, and a degree of mechanization that’s occurred, but their approach to life and the land is pretty much the same.

The ground here is the same as it’s been for millennia, and there’s nothing to be done with it. But in your dream you take that desert and you pop the bubble by making it into something that flows, as if on the water, and then you attempt to pop the bubble again, so that whatever is there to see just goes poof, and in that is your complete overallness.

You’re not able to maintain this state, though. This might be where your essence sits, i.e., you’re in physical reality, but you’re actually somewhere else. That’s how the great teachers always are. They’re compelled to be here and they participate in the magic of things through those whom they help to extricate from their ego identity and the life of illusion.

The degree to which a person is able to do something outside of the personal, is the degree to which something is facilitated into the whole. But the degree to which a person stays with their personal view, is the degree to which things cannot happen and, therefore, are lost to the whole.

When we humans allow something to come through us (without prejudice), it’s like we become a conduit for an essence to manifest into physical life. That’s a service into life and into the whole, which the human is designed to perform. It’s how the future is processed from the energy worlds into manifestation in the physical worlds.

But typically, we humans just process our own identities, and egos, and patterns, so even if we connect to a new essence, we turn it into an old act. That’s when that essence is lost to the whole. We have to get out of the way of life, to really become a useful part of it.

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