Diffusing the Energy

com-webIt’s wonderful when a simple dream reveals a profound truth – and also demonstrates how our dreams show us what we are dealing with on an inner level. To be a person who is spiritual, or religious, or on a journey, all points to the same reality: one must shift their experience from compartmentalized life – work, family, religion – to a life where everything is experienced through the lens of the belief, or spirituality. Said another way, how does your spirituality play out in all your daily decisions? Do they support it, or undermine it? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I lost my earliest dream, but I know the dream I had after that, it’s like I’m in a house that we lived in when we were very young, my sister and I. We shared a room. Then there was kind of like a little, grated furnace that you could even, you know, stand on and goes out into the living room.

And I have something that I’ve been playing with that I think of as an animal, that’s a pet, that I’m fond of, that I can clasp in my hands. I feel like by clasping it, maybe I’ve shrunk it down, and I’ve gone into the living room to play with it. But now it’s smaller, so if it was like a kitten, now it’s more like the size of a mouse, or if it was a mouse, it’s now the size of a beetle, or something, you know, so it’s become fairly small and maybe even smaller yet.

So I go to set it down on the floor and instead it falls through the grates of the furnace. And it’s like, oops, there goes our pet. I go over and I peer down through the furnace and I look down and it feels like, as I look through the grates, I can see the top of a furnace down there.

And on the top of the furnace it’s like there’s a breeze and, with that breeze, things come scurrying back and forth and I’m looking for our pet and, you know, I’m feeling kind of badly that because I shrunk it down suddenly it’s down there now. And I’m looking for it, but I see all these little things scurrying down there, but I can’t spot it. I don’t know if it actually fell into the furnace or what happened to it.

That’s my first dream.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night had to do with having to maintain, or find, a focus in terms of what it is that is necessary for where one’s attention needs to be placed. The subject matter is called “diffusion of energy” – and we do this all the time and don’t even realize that we’re doing it.

You can have plans made, and then you don’t take care of what is situated in front of you in the present. But, more often than not, the way I tend to see it working for myself in terms of the dreaming last night, was that I would be procrastinating something that I know needs to be done, say later that day. Feeling that when time arrives, I’ll just up and do it. And when the time arrives, by not being ready in myself, I don’t actually then know how to get there, where to go to wherever it’s that I’m getting there, what transportation I need to take, etc., etc.

In your particular case, you are using a furnace, which is the power. Because when you’re diffusing something, you’re diffusing the power. So the furnace is the power and you need to keep your focus and attention upon that which is real.

And if you’re just casually playing around, you get yourself disjointed. Things happen that create an in-betweenness that you can’t seem to reconcile between the power that you need—and you can’t reach that power because you have extended yourself. You have placed your attention vibrationally in some other thing, something else that has drawn your attention.

You’re diffusing your energy into that. So that even when a switch or change is needed, something happens, you still are trying to hold on to something like that friend or toy that you were playing with, or pet, or whatever it was. You’re still trying to hold onto those pet images and peeves of yourself, even when something has changed.

And, as a consequence, you never catch up with the power that you need, or a focus and attention, in terms of what it is that will aim you, that will keep you attentive to what is important, that will keep you from meandering and flip-flopping and being essentially unconscious, because you’re not only that energetic power, which can be channeled as a focus and attention.

There was a huge shudder when you lost the dream earlier and that has to do with this diffusion. I could feel it in the vibration. And you wouldn’t have lost this dream earlier if you hadn’t gotten yourself split, or mish-mashed, in terms of that which you’re holding onto and that which you need to be paying attention to.

This is a very strange kind of challenge in that, that which you’re paying attention to has some quality about it that is important to your overall well being. That which you’re meant to be paying attention to, that is part of your overall well being, you have to pay attention to that and be in that vibration when you’re doing everything else.

In other words, you get yourself out of touch when you react because something has changed or altered, like your pet became shrunk into something and fell away. And therefore, when something like that happens, it’s stripped away for a reason. It’s the inner magnetism that’s trying to draw you to how you’re meant to be.

And then there’s the outer reflections where you’re off, where things then change to try to help you accommodate – in terms if you can see the hint of how it is that you’re meant to be. And so when the pet shrunk and fell down closer to the furnace, or the power, that was supposed to be a hint that you were supposed to recognize. That was an inner inflection, the meaning of which was that you were to see yourself and recognize how it is that your energetic is diffused.

You would recognize that you can’t catch up with that power that’s next to the furnace, or catch up with that which is there anymore, because you can’t shake the attention that you had a moment earlier in terms of your pet.

In order to be attentive on this path, you have to have all of your power, all of your energy focused. You can’t do this with just pieces of it, or portions of it. The dilemma you have is that all around you you’re going to find that everything is broken into pieces and portions. And to the degree to which you’re influenced or mutable in your nature, you’re going to be affected by those pieces and those portions.

And if you can’t simultaneously hold on to that power and presence within, then you’re going to get diffused and you’re going to get out of touch with what needs to be recognized and known from within.

We have a wisdom, a sight, a knowingness from within that is huge. But we stay aloof to that because we have these pet peeves and we have these little sundry things that we don’t quite let go of, that we react to, or reach back for, or do something in some manner in which the process of reaching back, looking back, trying to re-grasp something, takes away from our power. It diffuses it.

An example of this would be like if you’re trying to talk to somebody. The two things is that there’s a vibration or attention inside of yourself that is true to you, that is part of the whole, that keeps you in synch with what is flowing around and about you. And then there can be whatever else it is that’s going on in the outer, that is largely reflective, that kind of shows you how you’re doing.

But, in any event it’s there, whether you like it or not, tearing things down constantly, creates an amnesia. It creates a disjointure from you being able to know where it is that you’re at, and how it is that you feel yourself. And every shudder that you have in the heart is a movement further and further away from that auric space that is like your light body or something, in which there’s a natural knowingness.

One doesn’t have it very well to begin with. And it can be so acute that you can take and recognize what needs to be done just by a flow without ever having to invoke a thought process because you’re intertwined with everything around you.

But how can you be intertwined with things around you if you do not catch up with the power that you need to have that moves in relationship to all of that? And that power that you catch up with inside, has its own information. It has its own means built into it in terms of how to do this.

If you don’t even go there and, instead, are just dealing with all of this eeny-meeny-miney-mo outer stuff, and you just bibble and babble, and you go around and around with that, and can’t even hold your focus or attention upon even something like that from one minute to the next, because immediately you’re off on another tangent.

Or when you are talking or looking at something, you indulge in it to such a degree that you create an exhaustion in the atmosphere around you because things are happening besides just that, then how can you possibly ever get to this listening point which knows?

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