Marching Orders

65ticsWe like to think that we have some control of things, and that we hold the keys to our own destiny. But it’s not the way we think it is: the universe is refining and evolving, and we can use our freedom of choice to be in support of that process – by our intentions and actions – or we can choose a life more personal to our little orbit of people and things and focus our energies on that. Either choice is fine, but the universal process is only interested in one of these answers. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the first dream I had, I notice that I seem to serve some sort of greater master. I do this by knowing the need of the whole. What I mean by that is that I have to determine what is needed in life, on a level of overall oneness, and put my attention to that. This is the inner echo I hear and respond to inside.

In other words, what I’m doing is I’m seeing all the kind of things that are going on and I see right through that, and it isn’t those things that are going on, it’s something more that’s actually percolating. And when I see that I see that that is an overallness. It’s a oneness. In other words, this is the inner echo I hear and respond to inside.

In other words, it’s like a greater master because I don’t count in the personal, it’s this other that holds some sort of marching orders of a beingness, a greater beingness, and what I’m doing then is ascertaining, through an inner introspection, how that is in terms of directing my beingness from within.

Now what I notice is if I do this naturally, it’s kind of like you’re just in the whole and you hear and see as if the subtle oneness inflections from deep within are your attention. And so this is the state I adhere to, and believe to be a way to be, that is conscious to the greater need. When I am conscious to the greater need, that is when I am realizing my higher self, which is a oneness in all things.

But based upon a denser aspect of the dream, I suddenly realize that everyone serves a master. In other words, that master is my higher self, which is the real me, but if I don’t catch up with that then it is a master of the mind and senses. If it is a master of the mind and senses, then the ego predominates. And it’s an ego that is overbearing and set in its warped ways, and it does this in manifestation in an outer way, kind of tyrannical, in other words, because it’s responding to outer things as if they are pushing it around.

For example, when in this condition I am shown that to begin with I am provided a lot of latitude. In other words, when I’m in manifestation, when I’m first placed into manifestation, when I’m still amnesic and haven’t really woken up, I see that I have a lot of latitude to kind of be creative, in other words to go around and experiment, to get caught up in things, to do whatever. I notice that others do not seem to have that grace, necessarily, in that they’re consumed by things as opposed to me playing in things. But, because I do, when I’m playing in things I do not seem to need to have to go through certain unpleasantries like others.

Now that happened to be the state that I was feeling last night. To a large degree I fell off the edge and, oh, it hurts the heart. But when you’re able to just kind of do a bunch of things in life, it can be like you’re bouncing around with a get out of Dodge card. So I’m able to do my job, as I see it, because I’m actually able to hold onto a vibration or bring forth an inner gift which is in keeping with who I really am. In other words, everyone else is more indulgent, so they are denser, and feel more beat up, and I’m able to play act.

So initially it’s like that. To begin with you can get your feet wet. Over time, however, this changes. Doubts, reactions, moods, whatever, come up, and when they come up you forget that you don’t really own this inner creativity in the physical sense of it all. You lose the free flow connection that comes as a flow from within and, therefore, you lose the inner knowingness.

So when you lose the inner knowingness from deep within, you lose the grounding, you become wayward, and your attention goes to the mind and senses in a personal capacity. And then if you take and you look at the two, at some point you come to look at the two positions, and that’s when you realize that you cannot serve two masters: one, the inner master of guidance, and two, the master that is the outer mind and physical senses which wallow in manifestation as if the ego owns the place.

And you come to know that when you go off on an extreme like this, and lose your inner creativity which was there, it’s not yours really, it’s something that flows through you and serves the higher-self principle of oneness, when you lose that, you become self conscious, you really fall out of whack.

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