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Spiritual-PowerMan seems to have always been seeking power. Yet perhaps originally that power was internal, or a power that comes from greater connection beyond oneself, rather than a means of physical control of others. We may have lost this understanding on a cultural level, but on an inner level, and through our dreams, we are constantly being nudged back to our inner truth. It’s just a matter of whether we want to hear it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then I had this other dream. I’m trying to get away from an inevitable unfoldment by going through kind of a backdoor approach and using this to try to realize what I’m missing. For this backdoor approach to work, I need more energetic power and clarity. I need to see and/or find a way back. You use more energy to do this. You need more power to do this.

What the meditation dream and the sleep dream are both telling me, is that there is a way out, but I am not recognizing it at this time. But because I see the problem, this means that I will reach the result that I seek.

So, how does that fit with yours? With yours, you’re taking and recognizing that you shift now and utilize your energy. As you become more conscious, your consciousness ties things together in terms of how they are as a process in the outer. You recognize what fits and supports or heals the outer.

My nature is to try to figure out how to go back through a flow that has happened, to backtrack or backdoor through it. Because where it has taken one, the result is not going to be sufficient. And even to backdoor something, you can’t sit there and noodle at what took place. You aren’t going to figure it out that way. You’re going to know how to do it naturally, if you can find more energy.

So, in my dream, there’s the need to just automatically shift and come into more energy—or more power—and when you come into more power, you come into an understanding of how to do it.

Otherwise, the lower side or part of yourself is that when you’re afflicted, then you’re continually trying to figure out based upon what occurred, which is a type of going backwards into what occurred. You’re continually trying to figure out how to resolve it or to figure something out. And it can never work that way because it is always about something deeper and more meaningful.

And you took it to a point where, because it’s always about that unfolding in terms of who you are, that you have to continually access more power or energy inside of yourself in order to keep taking those steps. This is a form of awakening.

The way the dreams are connected is the form of awakening has to do with me accessing a certain degree of inner power to which to bring in the clarity of a situation that’s naturally known, but cannot be known if I just study the situation per se, because then I’ll only be bulldozing myself or making a mockery of this or that, or that or the other. In other words, whatever I come up with, is only going to be as good as the data that I feed into it, which is going to be outer consequences and circumstances.

When one accesses more energetic power and whatnot inside, then they have the natural knowingness and clarity in terms of what to do. That natural clarity and knowingness comes through and it becomes part of the feminine nature in which, in life the feminine nature as it becomes more conscious stops its doingness and carrying on so much, but then can tend to become a little too aloof because it’s not necessarily as bothered or as fettered by things.

But then with the additional power with the clarity that comes through, it then knows how to maintain because it always has to maintain its natural roots into life. And so it is the one that can bring in that change.

In this particular case the change that was needed, that also kept you part of a oneness, both on the inner and on the outer level, was the establishing of this alcohol and drug quality program. And, in doing that, you maintained yourself as part of what was going on and you wouldn’t have otherwise.

The thing that kind of brought your attention back was this drug and alcohol program that was established, or otherwise you would have just continued to feel yourself wispier and wispier, coming and going in and out the window. This tended to create a magnetism or a top-to-bottom connectivity.

So, the way the dreams, like I say, fit together, the masculine takes and has to address and access the power that it needs to know how to see how something comes one way and then the other way, comes both directions properly, appropriately.

The feminine understanding that, or gaining an understanding of that, is able to then introduce that into the creation. And in doing so, that keeps her from getting too spiritually ungrounded because the weight of things falls off. She’s naturally inclined to be doing things, but how you do things is a whole other thing.

And now, she’s able to do things from a naturalness, as opposed to doing things as part of a neurosis where she’s caught up in this, that, or the other that hasn’t been sorted out in her nature, which is more in the lines in terms of how the feminine was, or tends to be, when it doesn’t have this process, you know, working with it. It tends to look this way or that way. It tends to have to be overwhelmed by all of the neuroses of itself and, therefore, isn’t able to do something effectively for life.

This dream actually tends to show you how you establish an independence and a strength. It shows that the two parts don’t just lean on each other, they have to operate autonomously, or otherwise, there’s something missing.

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light_body1Through the imagery of John’s dream, he is able to describe the difference between being separate and disconnected from the universe – being caught in the denseness of the physical life – and being connected and in tune with the natural knowing and guidance that we all can access. Awakening this inner connection to universal guidance is what a spiritual path is all about. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What I did differently, is I saw the pitfalls of where you blink, or react, in terms of how bad it is in the Whole. In other words, when you’re not able to be in sync and in flow, how extremely shocking and bad it can be to the Whole.

In the dream, I’m presented with three very slow choices, which are heavy energy choices, to choose from, which are ways of dealing with the situation. And so I select one of the slow choices.

And the reason why it’s considered and deemed a slow choice is because there isn’t much energetic vibration connected to it. It’s weighed down by a heaviness of the situation, which strains the situation. It keeps you from having a dexterity and a fluidity.

As a consequence, a choice like that really doesn’t solve anything. It’s kind of like the head-in-the-sand kind of mannerism, and when it’s contracted like that, because it’s a vibrational stagnation, the possibilities don’t open up. They’re not available, either, on an energetic level.

Typically, whatever you do there lacks dexterity. It’s generally a mannerism that’s kind of futile. It’s a heavy energy, it’s a slow energy, and it’s an energy in which you crack and get crushed very easily because you have no reserve in terms of a sense of well being.

And then at the same time, I also see three faster and more vibrant choices, and I notice that when you make one of them, things progress because there is a magnetism that flows in this area. Maybe magnetism isn’t the right word, but something just opens up in the ethers, and things just kind of come together and they exceed, because it’s on an energetic level, where you’re flowing with the vibrancy of things, can exceed what you could possibly comprehend, which means then that you’re kind of connected to a natural flow or a natural knowingness.

It’s as if you know what you do not know, because you have the right focus and attention. And so if you were to look back at this after the fact, it would be as if you acquired what you needed, even though, if you’re really honest with yourself, you don’t have any memory of how that worked, because it’s not like you made the choices that made it work.

On this low energy deal, you’re left trying to fend with your own devices, and on something like this your devices are less tangible because the inflections come and you act off of the energetic moreso, as opposed to the flinching, which leaves you scrambling in your mind and in your head, and developing defense mechanisms, and wounds, and everything else in that other, slower area.

It works that way because of the energetic aliveness that just somehow or another, because everything else is denser, it has its way of moving about a space, and the answers you need are, so to speak, in the energy, and come to one as needed.

Like I mentioned earlier, choices made under the lower energy area drain you, and what’s interesting is we’re also playing with the principle of four. In other words, you’re going one, two, three so if you keep making choices one, two, three, all low energy choices, the fourth is going to be a catastrophe.

In other words, you didn’t get it the first time, you continued to fuddle in the second time, you’re continuing to not come in sync and in balance and in flow on the third go around, the fourth is going to be a disaster.

That’s how it works. Things work as a completion. Who’s to say well, that’s a good completion or a bad completion? In the schematic of energy that’s a disaster though, in terms of in the physical, and that’s when wounds and veils dictate. Choices made under an energetic flow, which are the higher energy, that has the breakthrough and awakens something from some sort of heartfelt unexpected, they are like a windfall or good fortune.

You can’t explain why that is. That’s where you connect to the synchronicity and the coincidences, and things just seem to kind of rearrange for the well being, or if they’re rearranging for the well being, then you would say that in the physical context of things, results are kind of magical.

You can’t take credit for them, yet they happen for you because you’re in a flow, or the insights that you need that come to you at the last second, that kind of save the day of things, function a little bit like a wisdom from within. How is it derived? I don’t know. It inflected through, and so how do you explain the breakthrough when it functions like that?

Essentially my dreaming is thus pointing out the degrees, in other words, the two extremes and why it’s important to have a connection that holds to something inside, which has the space, and the depth, and the linkage, and the intertwining, and the connectivity so that things are much greater than could possibly be imagined.

Because you’re no longer walking around having pushed that energy aside, or lost that energy, so that you’re in a slow state trying to fend for yourself, which means that you’re stabbing in your heart, limiting yourself, making choices that are of your own motif and not realizing, not accepting the degree to which you’re haywire.

You’re doing it once, and could be doing it twice, could be doing it three times, and the fourth time is a catastrophe. Catastrophes hit in different ways. Catastrophes can hit even in a physical sensation. In other words, because we are attuned, and we take all of it in. Everything that you do to the heart, if you do this other kind of thing, it slams the heart with the wounds and veils.

The body has to absorb that, and sometimes that’s not good for the body. If you flow and connect with this other, then you awaken from inside of yourself, kind of like an energetic guidance that is kind of best described as affinity, and an attunement, to an aliveness that’s like a light body. And in that is the information, the creativity, the wisdom, and the magic.

And the other sits there kind of on a coping level that this other has covered, as opposed to it being choked out, blocked off, because you’re stabbing yourself again, staying in this dense way with no access to the light body and therefore, very low energy, very strained and drained.

And so if you’re looking at the two extremes it’s kind of like at some point you have this wake-up call that says, why don’t I access the information of the universe, which I’m all intertwined and connected with? Why don’t I stay there? Why can’t I figure out how to stay there, because that’s where all of it is made known?

It’s not made known when you take and you see something that doesn’t copacetically work or function in terms of some perception or mannerism that you want to try to hold onto, and as you hold onto it, you try to gear it, or steer it, or gauge it. That will never work.

And the thing is, all of this keeps tightening up, which means that once you kind of know that you have to intertwine, and you have to link with things, and if you find yourself not doing it, and you know you should be doing it, and there’s the echo inside of you that you can, and know how to, and have the consciousness that should be doing it, as you backslide away from that, it’s almost like the intensity of what you can experience in the backsliding, if you don’t take it to heart, it’s intensified. And if you do take it to heart, then it helps to springboard you deeper into the connection that you need to have.

What is this connection? Actually, this is a very odd way of catching up with the dream about merging, because it is like a type of merging, and your dream is the same way. You’re agreeing that you can take and cope with, or merge with, the aspects of the outer, because you can cope with it, you can work with it, you have a resource that’s willing to work with it, you’re not going to get sucked into it to the point where everything’s going to get all bound up, and you’re going to get zapped.

You have that fluid space inside you that you own, or at least you have, own probably is the wrong word, at least you have a recognition of because if you didn’t have a recognition of even in your dream, your overall would be something in which you’re having to fight, and scramble, and contend with things because something is not copacetic in terms of the Whole that you have imagined, or designed.

Your whole thing has the overall vibration to it, and mine has the narrow slice and dice that hits hard. What’s really, really interesting is that there’s always a counter to everything. It’s like speaking strictly of this approach where you’re getting hit with things like this, you actually are making little wounds, and slices, and scars in the heart – and you can overdo it.

It can be dangerous, and you can kill yourself, or hurt yourself, and make yourself ill. However, if you overcome it, the flip side of that does soften you, does bring you around to something that twines and connects and creates the linkage, it facilitates the linkage. It’s all designed to work, although it’s a pretty tough little role to have to play, holding an overall space, or working with the idiosyncrasies, masculine idiosyncrasies, feminine in the overall.

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