A Point in Creation

breath_work_cosmosThe recent dreams have been exploring the interval between the in-breath and the out-breath, and here John continues his description that began with his dream yesterday (see A Fleck of Creation). It seems there is a struggle going on, between the desire to understand what is possible in this interval, and the quietness required to allow what is meant to be to manifest. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So what I wrote down is, I described it because I could just sit there and look at it, but what I wrote down is it’s a dream in which I’m again coming from the top of the breath, and that there isn’t a suffering.

The suffering is the degree to which I think I have to start acting in this fleck way, and the only reason that there is a slight aspect of estrangement, that I guess is a type of suffering, is that in the quietness, it’s just all visionary, it’s just all knowing, or creates a seeability.

Since I’m trying to do something out of this interval, it’s like trying to take a read of how the vibration is meant to flow, as if I have a right now to be a piece of that, as opposed to just the flow. You can be just that little inflection, that little spark. You can be just that if you just sit in the quietness, too. 

That’s amazing, but that is also a mysterium. How do you sit in this humongous quietness, and yet from this humongous quietness there can be a sight based upon this speck? Of course, because I am playing with a will, or looking at a will, and how that will is to be, in relationship to creation, what that manifestation aspect of the other side of it’s going to be, because that’s the state that I’m in, you know, I’m not sitting in this quietness completely.

I’m not traveling in the will of God at any depth. So I then work with the symbolism of the creative, of the creation, and so the symbolism I use is, you’re trying to do it with this auction stuff. I’m doing it by trying to add up the inflections, or the effect as it would now be, in the moment, or current if it probed out.

I have the baseline, which is the solidness that I feel in terms of my sense, and now I just want to take note of how it’s meant to differ, in other words kind of like the next flicker. Of course the only way that’s seeable for me is still on a math level. And the scenario for it is, I was actually noticing, for some strange reason, I had the audacity to think that I could know this ahead of time, in the silver market, and I was sitting there watching and trying to see how it was going to inflect, whether it was going to kind of take a step back, and hold back a bit, in which it catches its breath, or whether it was going to keep probing out.

This probing out has a momentousness to it too, in terms of how it’s felt or experienced in creation, which is very interesting that it does that. I guess it’s kind of like a comet coming through. There is something that blazes. 

I was trying to get a read on this inflection to determine whether we are going to bring in another jolt of energy, or we’re still in kind of a step back that lets things rest and catch up with itself for a while before you get the next infusion.

The meaning is that what is going on is, that I’m sitting up at, or near, an interval of where the in-breath turns to the out-breath, noticing its pent up nature as I try to gauge the will. So I’m still trying to be in the speck. I really know and can intuit that there’s this quietness. 

How is that going to shoot into creation, is how I’m kind of noodling this? It is taking slow jabs from the interval and, in order to determine what it means, I have to be able to read it by evaluating it’s cumulative intended effect.

That’s where I’m doing the math. As I’m in this interval, I feel that I’m at a kind of a reprieve vibrationally, but it’s a reprieve that I don’t sit well with because I’m quickly trying to gauge what’s the next thrust, and trying to catch that slightest of inflections so that I have that clue, as if somehow or another I can then take a best guess as to how that will affect things.

What I’m doing is looking at this point, and it’s like I’m a conduit in abeyance. A conduit is something that channels the energy through, and that part of me that’s in creation, or that aspect that’s linked all the way to creation, is the conduit. 

So I’m focused upon channeling through the next wave, so I’m in the scenario looking for a perspective because, if you think about it, the perspective from the will. I’m also a point in creation anticipating the effect that will be. And so if I’m that point of creation, I’m situated anticipating this almost as if there’s this reciprocal abeyance at the other end.

Although abeyance is almost too positive of a word, because at the other end, where I lose the consequence of the in-breath to out-breath, then it’s a matter of coping, instead of abeyance, and coping gets into your own personal and all of that, too.

If you had the full linkage all the way through, it is more a following, it is more of the word abeyance, which is like kind of a yielding to the will of how something is to be. But just think there’s a whole shift inside there, at a much deeper level, that can just sit in this whole quietness, which doesn’t have to fuss around with the inflection, with the speck of that one thing that has been given a sense of evocation out of all of the stillness.

We are almost back to the creation, or the big bang… well, no, it’s not… something out of the quietness emerges, in other words, and then there’s something then that’s there and that’s creation.

So, it’s interesting that you go back into this quietness from the big bang that’s been blasted out, that is like this part that can then see itself, having flashed out, and been given a whole cycle of something from the quietness.

It’s almost as if that goes back, but it doesn’t get taken back very readily because that’s wanted. It’s interesting to have that for the greatness of it all – but it’s pretty puny, it’s pretty minute. That’s the funny thing about it. It’s pretty minute compared to this whole quietness.

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