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John: I think it’s interesting to consider how each of our recent dreams gave us difference advice, if you will, because we are in different places in our spiritual journeys. It’s different, too, because I’m a male and you’re a female, so the interaction between the masculine and feminine aspects within us always seeks a kind of balance, or harmony. It points to the idea that in spiritual work, no two journeys can take the exact same path: we all come from different starting points and must discover our own way, every day of our lives.

It’s a significant point because our dreams are so personal – we generate them ourselves –  so they can offer us an elevated view of where we are in our life journey – and they are always trying to awaken us to our spiritual self, or our higher self, that is more fully connected into the universe. The higher-self view is a perspective that is often hard for us to see in our daily lives, yet it’s the part of us that knows best how to proceed, because it has access to so much more.

What was depicted for you in your dream (see The Dark Forces) was that in your naturalness you have reached a point where you’re stable and solid enough to hold the recognition you have connected to inside. This stability enables you to feel that you can now go back into the world, or into Creation (into the depths of yourself, because you, as the feminine, basically are Creation), and you can deal with the dark energies that might normally be too much to handle.

In my dream (see Blast from the Past), we saw that the dark energies from a certain aspect of my past were still too much for me to handle; i.e., I’m told not to come back. A teacher I know has said that we don’t have to actually confront dark forces within us where there is no light – it can be left behind like another stream of evolution.

However, we actually do have the capability to do so. So there is a point where we can reach a quality of development within, and then we are compelled to take our darkness on, as a next step in the journey. Mostly, though, we should steer clear of it, because it’s at such a depth inside of us it will leave us alone if we don’t engage with it.

In your dream, you are compelled to return and contend with it. In mine, I’m shown that I’m not ready for that, even though part of me thinks I am. That may be my masculine, warrior quality. Yet it could also be a higher-self quality telling me “no,” in that it’s really only the feminine that has the right to come down into Creation – and then only when the feminine has set aside her own darkness about things, i.e., anger or frustration from history and individual experience.

It may only be the feminine that has this right, and not the masculine. That’s another interesting question. It’s my belief that that’s true. It’s something for the feminine to handle in terms of how things need to unfold. I don’t know whether that’s a universal law, or just true for this period in time.

So it’s interesting to see how we each are guided differently, individually, according to where we are, what we are dealing with, and in accordance with the natural laws and purposes of the universe. It’s through dream work that we can gain access to our inner guidance, which can help keep us aligned to the higher purposes and processes at play.

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Jeane: In the next dream it also feels like I’m always on the run, although sometimes I pause and change directions. My persona is female in this dream.

Initially, I’m with a group of people and we seem to be running towards a body of water, but everyone stops because it looks like we can’t climb over the rocks that are in the way.

But I notice that one of the rocks, a huge rock, has eyes painted on it; it almost looks like something that used to live in the sea, but that came out of the water and became a rock.

Even though it looks like we’re initially blocked from getting to the water, I find a way to get access by climbing over the side. When I reach the water, it looks like a scene from a south Pacific island because a whole group of people are paddling toward the shore in those narrow wooden boats.

John: I’m confused. I’m trying to get the sequence of this down. You’ve gone over some barriers to reach the water?

Jeane: Yes.

John: And there’s also something that’s pursuing you?

Jeane: No, I’m not sure I’m being pursued, but I feel like I am moving very fast, and I have to climb over rocks to get to the water.

John: But you have the sense that there’s something in the past?

Jeane: I feel like there’s something after me in a way, yes, but I…

John: But you can’t put your finger on it.

Jeane: No.

John: And so it looks like, so far, that you’re taking the feminine approach, in which you’re following along in a natural way.

Jeane: So then, when I get to the water, it feels like my way will be blocked because there are all these people paddling in these narrow boats – one after another. It feels like either the boat, or a paddle, will hit me, particularly as they are paused for a moment just prior to starting a race or something.

But I seem to be determined, so I notice that there is a narrow little pathway between two of the boats. There is  a very thin dock, and one can go in the water underneath this dock and not get hit by the paddles.

After I go out into the water, I get onto a boat. Then I look towards the land and realize I have to head back there. I’m not exactly clear on the next sequence, but somewhere in this dream I had seen a male friend of mine who’s a little bit intense.

Somehow, at some point, I become aware that this friend has been taken over by a demon or something, and he’s turning that dark energy on people. That’s why I have to go back to shore – to help with that situation.

When I get back on land I realize there are other people who have been taken over by these “dark forces” and they’re trying to hide this fact. If one pretends like they don’t know it, then the others won’t attack them.

I’m moving amongst them as though I think they’re okay, even though I know they’re not. I know that somewhere among them is a baby that they’ve taken, but the baby still hasn’t been touched by all this dark energy. If they don’t realize that I’ve recognized who they are, I might be able to get to the baby.

Then it feels like I do get to the baby. I don’t really see that I remove the baby, maybe just touching the baby was enough. However I do have to keep moving because I realize that this force (embodied by my male friend) is chasing and taking over people. I’m aware of it because I knew him before the force possessed him.

So I have to go and face the situation. I might be able to help. I’ve left the house where all the people had already been taken over, and I feel like I have to go back into the village. Perhaps I can help. Because I knew him before, maybe I will be able to touch something.

We will delve into the inner dynamics behind this dream in our next post!

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John: I wanted to delve into the deeper process between the masculine and feminine that was indicated by your dream (see Under Fire and Slings and Arrows).

Because we saw you, in the dream, with the bow and arrow, firing out rocks that represent a kind of light into the darkness. What that’s actually showing is that you are utilizing the masculine part of yourself to create something that stirs. The feminine is the wholeness of life, but needs the masculine to trigger aspects of her wholeness out from an unconscious state.

By doing so, the masculine aspect enables what is already in the feminine, but unconscious, to be brought out and made more relevant and more available to her. Thus it’s a fundamental process whereby the feminine reaches an awareness of what’s going on, and sees, then, the relevancy of herself in terms of the whole. At that moment, the feminine aspect can let go of whatever she carries as a burden, or barrier, against the masculine aspect, and can provide the quality of acceptance.

In other words, by getting over her resistance to forgive the masculine (in herself), she enables the “lights” of the masculine to become grounded. It’s the nature of the feminine to be grounded, and of the masculine to be more up in the air, in the way it works. So the feminine needs the lights and insights of the masculine to stir what is already in her, unconsciously, and the masculine needs the feminine to make those insights become grounded in life.

Without this process, the masculine aspect becomes disconsolate because it can’t bring something down and through into life in a way that can touch creation. It’s the feminine who can find the one correspondence to make it all make sense.

It’s a fundamental inner struggle, because the feminine aspect might feel anger or rage against the masculine in terms of how she has been continuously pushed and controlled by it. Yet when she realizes that she is able to bring all of that “light” through, in terms of acceptance of herself without the anger, she is, in that process, able to accommodate the quality of the masculine that is amazing and necessary for her process.

Another way to say it is, if she lets go of her resistance, the feminine can hold the space through which the masculine energy can come through, bringing its sight and clarity, awakened through the feminine, and into creation.

So your dream is showing you your natural connection to the overall, and it is also showing that when you are able to accept the insight from your masculine aspect, you can see more clearly what is going on, and you are better able to navigate situations that come up. It can be very empowering when the feminine gains a better understanding of who she is and of what she is capable.

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