A Sign of Progress

bostlyIn this dream, John feels estranged from his fellow students because he has special access to things. This separates him, but the sense is also made clear that this is merely a difference of where he is on the path compared to others. Said another way, everyone, ultimately, is on the same path: some are still unaware of that, some have an inkling, and some feel an urgent need. It’s neither good nor bad, it’s just the fact of things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In this dream I have returned to a university before it is ready to open for the new class year, and I figured out how to get into my room early. I have established a secretive tunnel system that enables me to go where no one else can go. I go up and down various floors to get to my room even. In other words, I can go into a room on a lower floor and somehow or another go through walls and this, that, or the other secret corridors and get all the way maybe many, many floors up to where my room is at. So I don’t have to have a direct key. I have an indirect means of doing it.

So, I’ve established this ahead of time and now I return again later, when it’s more timely to return, and most of the students are already in their rooms. And so I return with my family. They drive me out to the university; there isn’t the conventional registration, in other words, where you come and you check in and you get your packet and all of this sort of stuff.

Apparently when I was out there before, I figured out how to get my student ID early, and on it it says I’m a new student so that keeps me kind of invisible because I know my way around and, as far as I’m concerned, this keeps me more off to one side and not caught up in the clamor of things where the students all are oriented in terms of what classes they’re in, and where they’re staying, and how they relate to each other and all of that. I don’t have any of that going on.

I have what is important. I have this ID that I could take and not have to explain myself to anybody and get to the classes. That’s what’s important. But I don’t have the key to my room like they have. So I know how to get to my room. I already had my belongings in the room, that’s what’s also interesting. If I get to my room, I’m all set up.

Most of them are still kind of setting things up in their room and whatnot, and it won’t be right for me to go into one of their rooms and start going through the intertwined deals that I have going on that can get me to my room. They don’t know that that sort of thing exists. That would shock them if I were to start doing that because they don’t live in that kind of world. Their world has a set order to it.

So, I don’t have a key but I know how to get the key. The key, that part of the process, is received by going into the mall, going into the city amongst everything, in other words. I get my key that way.

So the meaning is, I am estranged from others because I have established an approach that checks me into everything unconventionally, in other words, not according to how they’re trying to do it. I’m able to relate to this approach but, other than coming with my family connection, I am not adhering to the basic format like everyone else. I mean, they all are same/same in how they check into their room, and how they see themselves in their room, and how they see things from floor to floor, and the whole bit.

I know how it is possible to move about in ways that they’re not aware of and, if they were to see it, it would jar them or scare or them or it would create a collateral damage to the way they take things in. Although I have this awareness, it has come at a price. I do not have the simple mannerisms and natural outer flow like them. My access is something that is unconventional from their perspective.

I’m already able to go to the classes and I can remain in a hidden capacity as I do that so, okay, I’m not restricted from things. Although I know who I am, to them I just need to let it look like I’m a regular, ordinary new student, not necessarily up to speed with things like I know that I am.

My key to the place is through the marketplace where I go for my accommodations as a place that is already familiar to me, my accommodations meaning my room, my room is already familiar to me but my key to that is through the marketplace, not through the studying and checking into the university in the way that they are. I already have access to all of that. I have everything I will need and then some in this university place.

I am situated, others are just now getting themselves situated, but my key is through the marketplace. See, it’s different, it’s not through a linear system. How it is that I am I must keep to myself. Any inkling about the way I’m able to move about blows my cover and is inclined to scare them because there is a fine line to access and overstepping their space.

Because we are intertwined, my access to where I live amongst them has the tendency of disturbing their simple space, in other words, I have to be careful how it is that I go about doing things entirely different in how they do things to my marketplace overallness. The reason for this disturbance is because they do not have this form of access and still have the personal barriers in place.

To go and learn what I need to know I have to honor this distinction by not disturbing their sense of security. In other words, this is where freedom of choice comes in for everybody, because we are all on the same path. In other words, this is the sense mannerism that they all commonly share collectively on this path. They’re on a path, but it just doesn’t have this other component. I don’t share that. I’ve set that aside.

My access to the day-to-day outer structure comes from all of life. However, much of what I need to learn requires the same access as everyone on this path has and I have to quietly and discretely, without setting off ruffles, connect to that. In other words, you don’t throw anything away.

Now, the deeper significance of this is, it is said that there is a door that you go through where there is a lot of space and a person who goes through this door will find himself very much alone. What I have described in this dream is like that. It is also said that when you find yourself becoming outwardly unrelatable to others, in other words it’s not like they’re total strangers and you know that there is a connection, but you’re unrelatable to them because of some of the way you’ve changed, that this is one of the signs that you are making progress on the path – in spite of the outward appearances which suggest otherwise.

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