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Lueam-fastWell, that escalated quickly. Yesterday we had a dream that involved a loving touch between the dreamer and a woman (see Ongoing Process), and in the very next dream, which is a continuation of the thread of the dreaming, it is a woman who shoots our dreamer. But the shooter is both a crime boss and a teacher, so there is more than meets the eye. And, even after the shooting, both sides try to offer kindness and consideration to the other. Just like in outer life, things between our inner lives can get messy before they find mutual ground and connection.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in this next dream, I’ve gone into an older building in a city and, somewhere in the building, there’s a woman who’s a crime boss, and she also looks like a combination of my Hawaiian teacher and a Native American teacher I knew. She’s like a small, older lady.

And, for some reason, when we come down from one of the upper floors, closer to the ground floor, in this old building, she shoots me. She shoots me with a pistol. She must shoot me three or four times, but very small bullets – but I am wounded.

And then I can tell she feels a little bad. I think she even gives me a phone so I can call an ambulance, or the police, whoever I need to call. She’s such a crime boss that she’s kind of immune to anybody who tries to touch her. But rather than leave right away, first she starts telling me that when I’m out of the hospital and I’m feeling better I haven’t been eating right, so I need to come out to her ranch, or farm, and get better food.

And then she turns around and she starts cleaning up the bathroom. And meanwhile I’m very careful to dial the police that I know will come and just bring an ambulance, rather than police that will come in the building to just try to have a shootout with her. It’s kind of an ironic little dream.

John: It’s a continuation in which everything that I said before could be said yet, because it’s still a continuation of the quality of scoping about in terms of an overall capacity, in terms of an atmosphere, in which you take note, and are always attentive to being aware of, when there is some little shift or capacity change that one has to take into account in order to maintain a general sense of well being.

It’s kind of like being consciously on guard so that something out of the blue doesn’t hit in such a way as to knock one off cadence to some great degree, or another, that throws one backwards, or has one having to sort out, or go beyond, a quality of a bewilderment.

In other words, there is a pace, and there is a manner, and there’s an unfoldment that is in keeping with a general overall well being. It’s almost as if you’re able to take the temperature, and the barometer, of yourself, as you are unfolding in the way that you’re just placed into life.

The interesting thing to denote is to ponder why it is that one would be reviewing or looking at something like this in this general context way, because I dreamt the same thing, but looked at this thing from a standpoint of seeing, trying to see, and trying to decipher, and denote, the idiosyncrasies that make the difference, or that cause the change, or sustain the consciousness, or however you put it.

I denoted that it was almost as if, because things seem to be copacetic, things seem to be okay in an overall way, that a person takes a step back because they’re accustomed to knowing that whenever it’s like that there’s always usually something more. In other words, a person is accustomed to having to struggle with things, and so when one isn’t struggling with things they’re looking around wondering when, and where, and how, and what might be that can throw them back into that context again, almost as if one is surprised to not have to be affected by something or another.

It’s kind of an aspect, or nature, of the process, and you’re looking at this thing almost unaware that it could change, but at the same time trying to sustain and maintain it as being in a particular mannerism that is fluid.

It’s hard to say it’s like a dream, you know. It’s kind of like you’re doing an introspection of yourself, or something, in an overall way. It’s kind of like you’re trying to follow the energy lines of an overallness or something. It’s like trying to hold a spatiality, or something. It’s not like it’s really a dream in that sense because it doesn’t really tell a good storyline because there’s so much of a reviewing theme, a taking into account theme, that predominates.

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Mars by Bryan Versteeg (2013)

Bryan Versteeg

In this series of images we can see the process of development. It begins with removing limitations in ourselves and, as new possibilities open up – as new energies are connected to – we have to re-orient and rebalance ourselves. Systems always seek balance and equilibrium, so when changes are made, there is a phase of regrouping. And then we will reach a point where we can no longer be satisfied with being a “student” of the things we are learning, instead we must remake our lives to make the work a reality, rather than a philosophy. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the initial dream, which I think was actually more about the theme, it’s like there’s been a contest, and then you get down to two that are left in the contest, and then those two elements are put inside something. I don’t know whether it’s a cave, or a microwave, or just some container, and an adjustment is made.

And whatever this adjustment is, it removes the limitations. And so I’m studying what happens then when limitations are removed. I don’t remember the detail of that as much as I remember the theme.

John: The theme of the dreaming had to do with orientation and alignment. What you looked at was a process of seeing contrast. But then ultimately you had this peculiarity in terms of how time played out. So it was very odd in terms of how to contend with this quickening of an orientation.

Jeane: In the second dream, it’s like I had retired, or quit work, and now I’m going back after being gone a couple of years. The same people are there that were there before, but the office structure has changed somewhat.

I have a desk that’s out in the open, and on the desk will be manuals and things that explain what the procedures are now, and it’s all kind of set up. But as I go there, because the whole place has moved on some for two years, what I’m doing is going around and observing, like I want to go to one area that’s on another level and notice where the administrator is, and which ones are there and which ones are gone because there will be like a referral base and you want them to know you’re back.

But I’m also just curious to see what everything’s looking like now. And it feels like after I do that on my own, because I don’t really have any business the first day or two because it’s like I’ve just come back so people don’t necessarily know you’re back.

and then I go, and I take you, and I go to this… it’s kind of like a theater, but it’s like a semi-circular theater in blues and whites, so that when you go in and you walk around a circle. And you look through windows down below, where whatever we’ve gone there to watch, and I take you in there and walk you around the semi-circle to where a woman and her family from work are sitting, coworker. It’s like I want to introduce you, but after I’ve introduced you it’s like we walk back around to the right because they were at the left to a place where we’re going to sit. And that’s all I remembered out of that dream.

John: As you told the dream there was like another level, like I say, I’m having trouble with these other levels that shift in. And, of course, the dream significance was obvious from the standpoint that something has to be shaken through, or brought back, or reoriented, or understood in terms of how it’s to be.

But the awkwardness is how to get anything done because something is so different. And that it’s almost as if whatever is introduced goes up against… In other words, your presence is introducing something. The introduction of me is trying to introduce something. It’s trying to cause something to be seen in a slightly different way. Whatever that is goes up against what is already in place.

What you’re doing in this dream is, even though it’s an image of going back to like something that you’ve done before and that something has changed about how it is, that’s the image, but the deeper meaning is that something is an awareness is rising up from within and, as it rises up from within, it comes full force before what is. And to try to soften things or to lead to an orientation or something that enables things to unfold more in keeping with how you remember it to be, you’re even trying to introduce or orient through your presence, and through introducing things like even the image of introducing me.

But when you told this dream in kind of a matter of fact way, as you were telling the dream, what was overlaying, which is something I don’t normally do, there was overlayment after overlayment. The overlayment that existed is, how is that going to work out now, because something is askew? Again, in keeping with the theme, how is this orientation going to… how are things going to be reoriented? Because what is, is, and what was, was, and there’s a gap.

Jeane: And in the last dream I’m reading a letter that Shadeen has sent out, and he’s explaining changes that he’s going to make, either what he’s going to do or won’t be continuing to do. And I’m just trying to figure out the implications of that.

What I would say is that in both the two dreams that came later, also in the back of my mind is the theme from the first dream, which is that there was something where there was an adjustment being made where a limitation is removed or not, you know, and how does that impact things?

And so when I’m reading Shadeen’s letter I’m trying to read it through that lens, in a way, trying to figure out what are the changes that will be made because he’s making some kind of change.

John: This is the process of an emptiness that consciousness approaches. One way of saying it is, the teacher’s role is the hand out, as fast as they can, that which is important for life to awaken. It’s kind of like that’s their duty, can they do that/ And in doing that something changes and something shifts.

At first they kind of stand out as something that maybe you see yourself leaning on, or having no way to function very well on your own without making a bigger mess, or being askew. But over time there’s a change that occurs, and that change is the result of something speeding up inside, or the catching up with what is being handed out. That’s a very unusual way of looking at things because people aren’t inclined to think that it’s that way.

The problem that exists is people are such takers that more generally than not it doesn’t get taken in, and therefore it doesn’t unfold. And yet one tries and tries, and that’s what the teacher does. They are handing out this essence, and it’s up to the student to figure out how to catch up with that essence – and not some of the gibberish that’s also part of perhaps a teacher’s personality. But the essence overrides it all.

There’s one movie, that was a kid’s movie, that portrays the way this works. A movie called [Nanny] McPhee, or whatever her name is, that starts off as kind of a person who checks in to look after the kids, and she’s kind of an ugly looking wench. But then, as what she has to teach, or show them, to bring them back from their distortions, distortional approach, as each lesson gets learned, or as something gets learned, she changes, until she kind of comes back to the youthfulness and beauty of who she is. And then she leaves.

And the punch line to that was, the more you don’t want me, the more it’s important for her to remain. And when you think that you need me, that’s when I have to go. And what she has done is she’s handed out life lessons that cause something to change.

In other words, a process has run its course to some degree, and he’s checking out. And that’s kind of how it is. That’s how it is with everything. You know, you’re not here to make something out of this, you’re here to use this as a loci from which you, so to speak, establish a base that goes forward.

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surrender3In the outer world we know that if we have a brilliant idea we have to do something with it, we need to help it materialize into life, or it will forever be just a passing thought. It works the same way on a spiritual path: when we gain an insight or a knowing about something we have to then incorporate it into our life, into our decisions, attitudes, and choices, or it too will be lost to the world. This is the way things unfold in the universe: the human receives the intelligence and manifests it into the physical realms for all others to benefit from. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Last night reminded me of the night before, in that I know that I dreamt a lot, and I had a lot of people in my dream, but it was hard to hold onto very much.

I know I had a young girl early, too, but the dream I remember was more near the end, and in that dream I’m in a large room. There’s a teacher in the room, and he reminds me a bit of Bruce Willis. He comes to each of us, one at a time, and does something with us. In my case I think we dance for a few minutes.

And as he does that it’s like he’s looking at something that we probably struggle with, or something that we feel we need in order to do better and, for me, I think I needed a particular thing. I can’t remember whether I needed a candle that you lit, or if I needed a poem that you read. I needed something. And then when I had that, it felt like I knew how to proceed better.

And I was with another person and it’s like, when he left me, and like he went to her, and then there was something that she needed. And then we went into the next room. After a while we came back into the room where the teacher was, and this time it’s like you’re seeing how you’re doing now, from how you were doing before, and maybe even how whatever it is that you do affects you if it was something you needed to read, or a candle you needed to light. It’s almost like you might initiate that before you saw the teacher, but you’re also moving in a certain pattern across the room all the time. And it’s just my vague memory of the dream. I mean I know the dream was a lot more complex than that.

John: Well, you’re dreaming the specifics of a kind of… it’s hard to say specifics because you’re incorporating a generality of how something unfolds. And you’ve put it into a dream format and, what you’ve indicated, which is also how the process works, is that the sensation of awakening can be a lot like things are given to you. In other words, they are suddenly something that you have caught up to, something that you need.

You looked at it as a quality that just when it happened gives you a certain relief in life, and you likened it to being like something that comes from a teacher, because the teacher is what can make the connection that causes you to awaken to yourself.

But then you pointed out that the teacher quality moves around and does this with others. Now what is really doing this with others, and the moving around that takes and infuses something in others, is what you do, is what you naturally do. I mean this is how you dreamt it, and this is how you come to know the greater beingness of the moment that is yourself in all things – is that just like there is the sensation of like a teacher or quality, a higher self or whatever you want to call it, that goes around and takes and causes something to awaken, and feel good, and be expansive, and be free and all of that, in the same token that mannerism lived in the outer, indicates you have to go around and do the same thing in relationship to all that there is around you.

Because it’s all you. And so how can you have it one way selfishly, for example, and not exuded, yet at the same time it isn’t really possible for something like this to be… the term is personalized, because when you do, then you’re only fooling yourself in kind of a cheat and deceit way when you think that something is given to you, if it doesn’t come across and go outwards into it touching and awakening everything around you.

So what happens is you come to a point inside when something is opened up, and is like a quality where something is given to you, and you can’t go away with that separately on your own. You have to resonate that out into life.

Now the idea of going away has levels to it, and one of them is when you judge or pick at things. In other words, when you feel a particular way, when you have something that’s opened up that’s rejoiceful and wonderful inside, you naturally want to exude that. But, at the same time, you can take a step back in yourself and notice how you’re anguished or repressed – and you have a choice then. Do you push away from that and try to stay in this expansive heartfelt space? Or do you give something to that, or do you do something with that, to cause it to be rejuvenated in its way, to be awakened, as an extension of yourself in its capacity for the overallness? In other words, to be infused. And how do you do that?

Well the mistake that’s generally made is the inclination to try to do this by causing something to shift in the outer, through a way of taking a position in relationship to whatever it is that you have as a sight, or a perspective, that is doing the best that it can to come off of the expansive feel-good state. Well the problem is that has an opinion to it. You may not think that it does, but it does. The way you notice the opinion of it is to the degree to which the energy gets dissipated in some small regard or another.

So when you see this energy getting dissipated, you’re not allowing yourself to be in this swept-away state; you are pulling yourself back into a regressed condition. Because you are the overall, so what you have to do when you see this is it becomes your worthy challenge to flood that with this quality that you experienced flooding in you, to live it, or to resonate it out, into the environment in which you’re in.

Now you can’t do that, and you aren’t doing that, if you’re taking and you’re pointing at this, that, or the other as being out of twang. When you do that there is a certain stabbing that occurs there. That’s why you will see that, even though that it may appear completely over-the-top if expressed in words, you’ll see a teacher supporting a concept that, from the standpoint of the step-back qualities and characteristics and nature that one is inclined to carry when they haven’t opened up to the gifts that lie there inside, you’re inclined to throw water on that, or throw dirt on that. Basically, “Yes, but” it. And the thing is you are correct in “Yes, butting it,” but that’s not what it’s about. What it’s about is to feel the sweeping up, to feel the sensation of something that goes into a wonderful let-go state as a kind of gift. Now you’re not going to have the gift if your observations tell you that something is affected, or is impacted, this way or that way.

The way your dream really just left it, in terms of an overall image, was that there’s the teacher, there’s the teacher’s presence in the environment, that teacher’s presence is sweeping things up, it’s opening up the gifts and the qualities that are there in the environment, and that, to some degree as that is happening, you’re finding yourself having to carry on in that motif as well – in terms of how you conduct yourself in terms of everything around you. You may be inclined to see that as the teacher going about doing this, that, and the other continuously, but it is you that catches the note that goes about and does this continuously.

So, from a shamanistic way of saying it, when you are then in a situation in which there is a conundrum in which something is divided, in which there’s the step back energy, then that is when you find out whether you have held onto anything in terms of the expansive quality of heartfulness, or not. That’s when you find out.

And you have these step backs all the time that are painful. It can like be painful when you take and have some sort of opinion, in other words, on an energetic level, whereby in an outer way you project a motif this way or that way.

So the theme of the dreaming has to do with working with a vibratory energy that has a free quality to that which causes levels of things to open up, and when those things open up then, as you move about in life, and you honor that part and those gifts, or however you want to call it, that have opened up, you find yourself able to shift at a moment’s notice – almost as if you’re called to be somewhere else, but you’re not really called to be somewhere else. It’s an action that is like being called to somewhere else, but it’s on a level of energy basis in which, instead of the usual denser reaction of something that announces itself in a loudness and a condensed way, you are able to effuse that, or give something to that, that causes it to have the sight, in other words, through that vibration to step forward again from its step back.

So what we have in life is, we have in manifestation, we have things that have to be, through the aspect of gravity or something that have condensed in a capacity, that need to know how to step into a greater light, in a greater space. And yet, at the same time, that which has been given something, that can step into the greater space, has to take and do the same process itself because it’s all part of an intertwined whole.

The teacher quality as you identify it inside of yourself, causes something to occur that is a wonderful breakthrough, that leaves you expansive and exuding, but then what are you going to do with that in relationship to the day-to-day that you could say seems like a whole different sequence of things around you? It’s not. It’s part of the illusion.

You have to give into that, or otherwise it won’t be real. It will fall away. The quality by which you have caught up with a certain acuity is intended to be given into life around you, instead of it being kind of like a possessory contrast by which you then fight the unfoldment of things around you – which means that you leave the stuff at the door, and it drops away. You do not have a oneness, and do not have a wholeness, if it is like that – where it drops away.

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