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Jeane: In this second dream I’m living in a small apartment with some family members. I’m friends with Prince Charles. He and I are walking around the city together along with one other person who lives with me.  

I’m watching things go on in the city. At one point there are people rioting in the jail, which is on the second floor of a building. They’re throwing things out the windows. We’re steering clear of the prison building because if anyone saw the prince they might have an attitude and throw something at him.  

Then I’m in the apartment and Prince Charles is with me. I’m talking with him about what he’ll do after being a prince. Would he want to run for mayor, or would anyone else in the household want to run for mayor of the city, or not?

We’re looking at that as an option. The whole dream seemed to be like that, mostly ambling about with the prince.

John: In this particular dream, the prince represents a certain mannerism, or energetic, that has an effect wherever it goes. The prisoners represent the collective who, if they were aware of the prince, would be inclined to try to reach out to him, or throw things at him (for the purposes of the dream, both actions would mean the same thing, i.e., the prisoners’ indulgence would take away from the effectiveness of the prince).

Yet the prince is able to move about naturally, unnoticed, invisible. He’s able to avoid the trouble and maintain his freedom in relationship to the environment. If the others had their attention upon him, it wouldn’t work.

Yesterday we talked about our short experiment with gambling here in a Vegas casino. We can act as if we’re trying to make something happen, with an awareness that it’s typical of everyone else who’s gambling. And people are deeply pulled into this deviation, this indulgence, unaware that something else within them is trying to awaken. And if you’re putting all of your attention into that, or any, deviation, then you’re just like the prisoners in the dream – unaware of the effect that the prince (higher self) is bestowing.

However, if you’re able to move about like Prince Charles, i.e., with an energy that affects the surroundings, then the question becomes: “What more can Prince Charles do?” Because if he’s able to move about as the prince and not lose his cover, then can he become something else – can he have an even greater effect (although being mayor may not sound like an improvement, in this dream it represents one).

And what is the prince really moving about in? You could take that image and ask, “Are all these people somehow under his influence or subordination in some fashion? Is he a leader or in charge of them?” Yes, he is the prince and the prince carries a certain quality that radiates out.

From his perspective there is attention on him, but from the perspective of the inmates who would throw things at him to keep something important from happening, there is no awareness. If the prince can keep it that way, if he can radiate something by his presence without being recognized, he can have an effect that’s extraordinary and can become even more extraordinary the more he can work in this way.

This is the work of spiritually developed humans: to radiate higher energies into life. We are all capable of this, because it’s what humans are designed to do. In the casino, we had the sense that as we’ve moved about we might be having an effect on others. When there is a particular insight or inflection that hits in a particular way, something happens.

As a developed person moves about they can tweak the vibration around them in ever more subtle ways. But it’s more than that. It’s to the point that once you’ve experienced a time, place, and people, you have an inner snapshot of what it’s like. If you haven’t experienced the time, place, and people, you just won’t know.

Once you do, you can glance back at it and have a definite feeling of how it is. That revisiting can be done with an inflection that you carry inside. All of these little qualities upon which one inflects carry a vibration. You can call that a type of spirit energy. That vibration, when you inflect upon it, touches the place, and has a quality that is transmitted into that place.

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John: In this dream, I’m affected by everything in the environment and it slows me down. When we are affected by things in the dream environment (just as in the outer reality), we become what is known as being in a state of “amnesia.” It’s like a state of sleepwalking, where we are carried along by events but have no control over them.

The effect is that it slows us down. If we are always trying to manage the environment around us, meaning we think it should be this way or that, rather than flowing with it, we get bogged down in the details and lose our connection to the flow. In this imagery, I don’t have the spontaneity to know how to keep from being thrown around or affected by the influences that I encounter.

Said another way, everything outside of us has an effect, because everything has an energy to it. When we come in contact with that energy, we can either flow with it or we can react to it. It’s our reactions – the patterns of response that we accumulate over a lifetime of experience – that cause us to spin out of the flow.

You might say that what is outside us moves at a faster speed, because we are continually trying to catch up and regroup while it just moves on. This constant state of trying to catch up weighs us down, leaving us feeling worn out or even depressed.

Then it seems as if everything is too much for us – it’s too big to handle. But there is a way that we can maintain ourselves in the flow in terms of just going ahead and touching everything in life, and letting it touch us. The outer energetic is bigger and moves faster than we do, and it can take into account more things than we can. It’s important to understand that relationship and just let go within it.

Of course we can avoid it, or hide a little, but it will eventually catch up with us.

So, in the dream, I have figured out how I can contend with those energies that can easily overwhelm me and prevent me from doing what I’m supposed to be doing (in terms of how I’m living at that moment). So I have to shift my attention.

What I do is I shift my attention to being the type of person who is able to postpone this inevitable catching up. I do this by leaving fliers behind me as I go. These fliers say certain things that signify that I know something else is going on as I proceed through life. I’m also able to touch people, as if in touching them I can change the note just a bit so that the force doesn’t have as much speed or way with me.

I can stay ahead of it that way. There is a tension that exists when I look back or think about the condition that I’m in, but that tension seems to fall away if I put my attention upon leaving inflections behind and touching people. 

My observation is this: The imagery shows me in the outer world, but I’m observing myself from a higher place and can see that I’m unable to function on my own. I’m barely getting by, but I’m able to maintain because I let my energy clear the environment. I stay just ahead of the collective outer forces.

The meaning is: I’m being shown how I must be, within myself, to exist in the outer world.

The subsequent dream indicates that if I touch something in any way, even if it’s indirectly, I have an effect on it – something has been changed.

So, in this dream I have some tillable acreage. A neighbor has a lease on a large section of land that borders my property. He’s an expert farmer. Because he’s located next door, or has a direct connection to my property, he is allowed to exert an influence and effect over my outcome in terms of how I’m farming.

The meaning here is: We are all interconnected. To know that is to have an effect upon what transpires. 

This is another way of portraying the depth of the human heart, only in this case there seems to be an assumption on my part that I don’t know exactly what I’m doing (the other farmer is the expert, not me). So it shows me tending to rely on the judgment of another who has more insight.

I don’t seem to understand yet that I am he, and he is I. Perhaps I can get this understanding when I become “less than the dust at the teacher’s feet” as the saying goes. Or when I realize that my neighbor’s freedom begins where mine ends, in terms of the personal notion of things, as I come to see everything as being intertwined, interconnected, and I’m able to simultaneously touch and be touched.

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