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281esIt’s a difficult concept to hold onto: change is best effected from inner into outer. What that says is that everything we see exists because of the energy that existed first; what manifests from that energy is the world around us – and also us. An idea is an energy, and then we create something physical from it – a product, a poem, or a song. So if we want to see something different in the world, we need to change the energy inside of us and, by definition, it will start to affect everything we come into contact with, even, over time, our cellular structure. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I wish I remembered more detail from my dreams last night, but I just remember like the core part of it. And, in the core part of the dream, it’s as though I’ve been taken to another planet at times, and sometimes I’m on that planet, and sometimes I’m on a spaceship.

And, at one point, it’s like I go into a room on a spaceship where, I guess, because they don’t have me as much under control as they want me to be, and there’s first one person and then a second person, who are almost kind of gigantic and somewhat alien, and other times they can look more human, and they want to intimidate me, or bully me, or do something. But I actually have a certain power with me where not only I can stop them, but I can defeat them.

And so I just kind of demonstrate enough of that so they back off, so that they’ll leave me alone. And then I’m kind of exploring how to use that a little bit, just like what’s that about? And that’s really the only part of the dream I remember very clearly. I’ll just have to see if more of it comes back.

John: I’m not sure what it means, because what you’re depicting is something that’s transcendent, or off the ground, like a spaceship or something that goes to another planet, and yet you find yourself deep within as being okay with doing that – in that in the surroundings whatever is in the surroundings, that is part of the transcendent, that is just a nuisance. In other words, it doesn’t help the situation any.

You hold to something that’s important in a beyond the beyond, but all of the aspects on such a journey don’t do anything for you because they are ungrounded or something. Hmmm.

Maybe what you’re saying is, because there’s a part of you that is drawn to a beyond of the beyond with inside of yourself, and the idea that there is something going along with it, and that something that’s in the spaceship with you, or trying to be at the planet of yonder and hilt, doesn’t feel right to you, is something that obstructs. Maybe what you’re saying is that is out of place. That’s where you get into spiritual illusion in that you’re trying to accommodate and take both with you, but that component or part is something that stays as a quality of manifestation. You don’t bring manifestation into the equation. You, instead, go to a depth within. 

I see what you’re doing. And manifestation is meant to be a reflective counterpart and, in that regard, the inner and the outer make sense. In other words, the theme and the question, yesterday, had to do with the importance of a process in which your attention is placed on the outer. And the rationale for placing attention upon the outer is to alleviate the pain of things in your environment, to essentially figure out how to sort something out, or let go, by maintaining that sort of outer orientation.

And it didn’t ring right to me, because I’ve always believed that the change works in the opposite direction, where the inner awakens and, as the inner awakens, the outer reflective changes. But the outer reflective, and what your dream is highlighting or pointing out more poignantly, is that the outer reflective is a portrayal of where things are at in terms of inner awareness.

And so when the inner awareness is exemplified, the outer reflective corresponds as a reflective that is polished to that. It kind of happens by way of natural evolution, but you don’t go into the outer to try to straighten something out. In other words, you don’t go into the reflection of things, nor do you try to take on the reflection of things. You instead accentuate what you know, and can feel, as a depth within. And when you do that that becomes a heart, and a quality, by which things awaken.

It’s kind of hard to portray it in our puritanical, linear way, but it’s as if the inner, the access of something to an inner, causes the consequences to reflect in an outer that make the difference, that change thing. But they don’t change things through doing anything in particular. They change things only by having caught up with the stillness from within, the inner being the modality.

So what you had as a dream, is you had something that didn’t make any sense in order to help to see, and feel, what does make sense. You had a sense inside of yourself of something of a deep, deep inner depth, and you had a conceptualization as if the inner is yonder and hilt, and that because there is the outer reflection of things that somehow or another the opening up of the inner takes the outer reflection of things with it.

It doesn’t work quite like that. No, because that would still be hearkening to the idea that there is something about working with the outer to the inner. The inner creates the change, or is reached within, as a stillness. The degree to which you are unable to reach the stillness within is reflected in the outer as the vibrations that still remain, and the images then that correspond. And that is what manifestation is about.

And so as you come to a quieter place, and a deeper place, from within, the reflection of that corresponds in terms of the outer, the outer that is again still teaching you in a letting go kind of capacity.

You do not go and try to do anything in the outer – as if that will open the inner up. No, you take and you observe the degree to which you are experiencing something as a stillness within. You can observe that, you can be the eyes and ears of kind of denoting that, by the way the reflective outer is around you. And you don’t take and try to alter or change the reflective outer, because it’s not an outer to inner. The outer is reflective, it is an illusion, it isn’t real, it has to do with the energetic of things densed into an image that then has an apparent life force about it that is illusory; yet that illusoriness falls away as the inner stillness awakens.

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StephenHawkingANOTHERPLANETOn a spiritual journey, we are always confronted by the reasons why we do what we do. Jeane’s dream points out this issue in a dream triggered by the thought of owning a certain type of car, which may or may not be justifiable in a spiritual life. This dilemma puts her on an alien planet, as a way of looking at this issue from a safe distance. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, it feels like I’m on another planet, and something is going on on that planet suddenly, that seems to be threatening it. We’re going to have to leave the planet, I think.

I have a little pod-shaped thing. It’s almost like a huge egg in which I’m concealing some things that I’ll be either… it’s a little unclear to me. I’m either going to be leaving them on the planet, or inside this are things that will help us on the planet.

I can’t tell whether I’m trying to save the planet, or help destroy it, so I’m looking inside the pod to see what I’ve put in there and I have something that sets fires, but there’s already been a fire going, and I have a little piece of turquoise cloth that seems to expand almost magically, and just a couple other things in there. It’s almost like a little mechanical device that you can hide.

And then I can put things in there and then the other people around me won’t know what I have, because you don’t know whether they’re trying to help things, or destroy them, so I can put things in this little egg and hide them and have it on the planet. That was the first part of the dream.

John: It’s an interesting rationalization that you’re not sure whether others are a problem or not, in relationship to the issue of you keeping, or holding off to one side, something for a use later.

The reason why you’re calling it another planet is that it’s not within the direct perspective of your day-to-day awareness, or approach, to life. It’s something that you have set aside like for a rainy day, or for a need that could possibly exist at another point in time, or in another place, or under another set of circumstances.

In the dream, you make it sound as if that’s okay for you to do that, that that’s kind of like maybe you wouldn’t have this tendency to take on this idea, or approach, if it were straight out and in front of you. But if you can rationalize it with this being an accepted excuse, in other words that it’s on another planet, or it’s for another point in time, and that it’s somewhat set aside purposely for that rainy day or something, and that you have to carefully do this because you don’t know what would happen if others saw this. That this could be considered maybe something that isn’t appropriate or right or something.

So in your dream, because you’ve characterized the scenarios like this, it’s like, if you were to do this straight out as a process that you took on head on, you probably would see limitations and faults in that in terms of how that can affect your ego and your self-image. And you probably would realize that you don’t like that, or don’t need that, that it somehow gets in the way, or veils, something in terms of a greater surrender or graciousness.

But when you are able to rationalize it as being on this other channel, or level, that isn’t as up front, that is more on a secondary fallback way of being – that that’s okay. And so the reason why you’re looking at this, in this particular way, is best understood when you look at the theme for the dreaming.

In other words, this isn’t a looking at ego or self-gratification straight on, because you more or less have in terms of your day-to-day, found kind of a way of being in which you know that that’s not the way to be, that you can set that part of things aside and be more surrendered.

But the self-glorification could still exist in this secondary way, where you have your ace-in-the-hole, or you have the ability to rationalize something in relationship to something in another place, or for another reason.

In other words, what trips a dream like this? Well, it could be for example the car like you wouldn’t probably feel comfortable running around, with all to see, in a Jaguar, except that you can justify the Jaguar from the standpoint that it is part of serving another purpose, a different kind of duty, so to speak, in terms of the way you live in this other place, and that therefore you have a good excuse for being able to have the car.

The better way of putting it is, there’s a fine line between seeing this as something that adds to one’s being in some fashion, and whether it adds to something called your “duty.” If you can see what you do as something that’s just following orders, or following an inner duty, then the various things that you take on, or set aside, or have as secondary tools, do not become part of ego orientation because your frame of reference is looking at a bigger picture.

But if you use the bigger picture as a rationalization, and then somehow get lost and fail to recognize that it’s for a bigger picture purpose, and start to get attached, or intrigued, or fascinated by it as a manner of image or something, or as a manner of a way of seeing yourself in a needing this or something, you can lose a certain graciousness, or you can adopt a certain image of yourself.

And of course it’s so subtle you can do this, and rationalize it, because it’s on this other planet, or on this other level. One has just got to be careful how one recognizes themselves, or how one sees themselves. The object to see one’s self, is to see yourself as part of a functionality that’s in a greater Whole, in which you have a role to play, or a duty, and not as something that goes about and establishes distinguishable characteristics, or cuts in between, seeing okay, well, the Vegas is different and therefore the car there makes sense for Vegas, and therefore it’s on another level.

You have to be careful of being in between, too. And so it all depends on how you stroke yourself or preen yourself with the idea. The key to be separate from attachments in order to then be open to a greater flow, is to be surrendered and let go with whatever it is that’s presented before you.

And one of the limitations in terms of being able to do that, is the greater rationalization in which you pretend that it’s okay, based upon the fact that it’s on another level, or another planet as you call it, and therefore it’s an exception to the general rule.

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