d5oadThose dreams where we feel like we can’t move, or like we can’t break out of an inertia, often linger the longest with us after we wake up. Yet, in the dream world, sometimes we’re not supposed to run away from the aliens or monsters: what seems alien might just be a friendly part of our self that we are irrationally afraid of – it is us that has turned them into the bad guys. Most often, an inner connection is trying to be made, and if we can get some insight into that through the imagery, we can facilitate the new alliance – and forward movement. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream, I see a spaceship in the atmosphere. In fact, I see a number of spaceships. And, all of a sudden, one of them kind of does this little roll, as the thing goes plunk, and hits the ground. 

And at first I thought it was crashing, but then, when another one does it, I realize that they’re landing. And so I have this deep, deep inner inflection, as if I know from somewhere – an ancient part of myself – that when something like this happens, you should hide. You don’t just sit around to see what’s going on. 

But because that inflection didn’t come through loudly enough, and in the outer, in my senses, it’s never happened before, so instead of following those instincts, my curiosity keeps me in the outer. And what I knew when I hit that inflection was that there happened to be a little spot that only I knew about, that was in the back of a closet in a kind of a little hidden room back there, that I could go in there and wait things out. Just get still, and wait things out, and I wouldn’t be found.

Instead of following my better judgment, the next thing I know is I see myself in kind of what’s like a large warehouse area, and the exits are all blocked. And there first were like some kind of execution, or some kind of service, guys, that came and blocked all the entrances. And then a person comes up to me and says, “What they are doing is systematically killing everyone.” I am told that the only way is to make a run for it, and that I have to figure this out. In other words, I have to figure this out for them because they can’t seem to move. Maybe I can move. 

And there I am wandering around in this place, too; it’s spacious enough that you can avoid more and more of them starting to come in. Some of them don’t attack, and others, big guys, but they’re all slow, they can’t run or anything – they just kind of slowly track you down. They’re like executioner types. 

One of them carries a big club, and then if he touches a person with the club they scream out in pain; it’s like being electrocuted. He doesn’t club them, he just touches them with this club. And another one tries to tackle me. He’s a little different type of character, I don’t know what he’s all about, but he doesn’t quite get me by the ankles – so I elude him.

So, essentially, these aliens, it’s not like they’re adroit, and they’re powerful, but they’re slow. But I no longer have this option of getting out of sight to let this pass. So I need to kind of follow the cue, which is I’ve got to be able to run away, which means to get out of the building. If I do that there’s no way of catching me.

So I kick at a piece of plywood near an exit, and, to my surprise, it gives, gives way, just enough that I should be able to slip outside. But my problem that I’m having is in jumpstarting myself, how do I motivate myself? How do I move? I need to move more expeditiously. But it’s as if I’m in kind of a traumatic, dumbed-down trance. I kind of know what needs to be done, but, again and again I’m my own worst enemy because I can’t seem to come out of a stupor. It’s all I can do, in other words, to fight a disorientation spell that’s immobilizing me from taking and acting with definitive steps – because I can go a lot faster than they can, but somehow or another, I can’t. 

And so what I’m describing is a stupor and amnesia that comes over me when I am overwhelmed by conditions, in the outer, that stifle the coming together of an inner awareness. So I’m not in a state of being complete. In order to be complete, a human being has a natural connection to everything that is happening. However, I’m not in that condition. I’ve lost this natural, overall awareness. I’m stifled, in other words. The acuity that is meant and able to be there, within, is kind of like veiled, or just out of touch. 

So I move around in the outer in an aimless, somewhat curious, not motivated, not properly alarmed, trance. This condition can be so bad that I can find that I’m no longer able to move when I need to move. And I know I have this acuity, I just can’t pull it out. And it occurs when I fail to follow an inflection from the inner that invokes my attention. The failure to adhere to this keeps the coming alive from coming into a clarity, and thus I am real shut down and veiled from what is a much needed access; all access within. 

See, where I’m really at in all of this is I’m in a spaciousness, and I need something to come through as a clarity, in a time way. And, if it comes through, then I carry the knowingness that I need, and can act in a way that I need; nothing can constrain me. But if it can’t come through, I’m in a trance; in a spell. 

So what is going on is, this is actually a repeat dream. I’ve had these kind of dreams before, just like you had your kind of dream before. In my case, I’m unable to fire up with my usual out-breath intensity. So, when I’m like this, I’m unable to generate what fires up, it’s like a type of momentum, or coming through, that’s attained and accessible, with ease, from the out-breath. It is as if my timing is out of sync, I just can’t find it. 

So what is the dream suggesting? The dream is pointing out that when in a spaciality of the in-breath, I lack the timing aliveness to come out to touch the spaciousness, and, therefore it creates the reaction and relatability that’s needed. And that my sense of closing the senses, you know, of the spaciousness, and getting real still, that’s the option by which, then, something can pass and then this timeline of things could return. But in this dream, I don’t have this option to go out and explore for that.

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Secret Compartments


Why does a lotus blossom struggle through the muddy water to reach the surface? Why does the salmon have to leap the rapids to reach the spawning ground? Perhaps the universe requires that, for things to succeed, to reach the sunlight, or to reach the calm shallows, they must show their fitness. For a human, the fitness isn’t about procreation or any Earthly attainment, it’s about struggling in the right direction, toward the spiritual purpose, the greater human purpose. And the clues and information we need are revealed along the way – as we prove our fitness by continuing our search. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)


Jeane: So my dream, I feel like I’m young in it, and I have a sister, like we’re teens or preteens, fairly young. And, at some point in the past, it’s almost like our mother had died and our father has disappeared, and so we’re looking for our father.

We must have a guide at some point that helps point us to this island that our father lives on. And when we go to that island, then we start looking for him. And as we look for him, it feels like we have to crawl through secret compartments, and crawl spaces, and up and down, and then finally we come out into an apartment that’s my dad’s apartment.

And he’s actually happy to discover us when we get there, but it was kind of spooky because some of the crawl spaces are kind of tiny and intricate to crawl through. But we made it, and we kind of got familiar with them. And then we find out that one of the reasons that there are all of those crawl spaces, and the reason our mother disappeared, had to do with aliens that come to the planet. You’re at risk from these aliens.

So at some point, the aliens do show up, but I’m able to get away from them, even though it’s a close thing because I have a familiarity with a crawl space so I’m able to crawl up or down, or know that there’s a corner I can turn and go into, and hide, and feel like I get away. And much of this time I feel like my sister is around also, but she’s kind of invisible. I never really see her clearly. 

Then there’s a slight shift where I seem to be investigating looking for more information on the aliens, and that kind of takes me away from where my father’s living. And I’ve gone into an office where some doctors are that I used to know, and I hang out a bit in the restroom, and the restroom is kind of structured oddly. 

There’s like an anteroom, or a waiting room, outside the restroom, and then if you go through a door to the left there’s a little corridor and it goes to a men’s bathroom. And if you keep going straight you just go around the corner and that’s where the woman’s bathroom is, but it’s all kind of together in a way.

And I can hear one doctor come in, because I’m just around the corner in the women’s, but he’s kind of a mild-mannered doctor, and I know the other doctor who’s a little more adventuresome probably has the information that I want.

When I go to him initially he’s reluctant to tell me information on where the aliens are, or how I can find out more about them, but I get enough information from him to know that the guide that helped us find the island can help me. And it feels like the doctor has even thrown a tip to the guide, in terms of some gold coins, so I go over and I look over this wall into where the guide lives. 

He’s kind of sitting facing forward, almost like his apartment is more of a car than a living space, and behind his chair is the tip that the guy threw, the gold coins, and there’s also I see some money that I think is a tip that we must have left him. 

So I pick up the two gold coins that are behind his chair to hand to him. He’s sitting in the front of the chair, and he indicates that actually in order to get information on the aliens two gold coins wouldn’t be enough, he’d need three. 

So I start sorting through the tip we’d left for him and I see these smaller gold coins. They’re more like a dime size rather than a quarter size, but I finally, as I dig through, I’m able to find at least three of them. And I feel like this must be the equivalent of the bigger gold coin, so this is going to be enough. 

And  even though I can tell maybe the doctors or other people don’t want him to tell me, he then points to a poster which kind of has swirly ocean colors on it and the name of a couple of scientists, or a picture of them. And he indicates that the one scientist is the one that has the information that I need on the aliens. And that’s when I wake up.

John: This is a really big dream. To begin with you’re starting off just kind of on your own, learning the ins and outs of getting by in life as best you can. In other words, it’s called developing a certain understanding about how things work.

In other words, going and realizing that there are these corridors of ins and outs and ways that you can conduct yourself that seem to get you by in some sort of narrow context way. As a consequence of that, over a course of millennia, or lifetimes, or who knows what, you’re coming closer to recognizing that there’s more going on.

In other words, you’re at a point where something now is capable of happening to you, so that you can be speeded up, or so that you can start to take on the greater characteristics of something much, much bigger. 

In other words, you’re not just some really small thing just working in a real, real small mud puddle, crawling around in these avenues, and corridors, and tunnels of life, that you have learned to do, in kind of a way of coping with all of the personal aspects that make all of that sort of thing work. You’re suddenly now starting to realize that there is something more. And that’s where you start to bring in the characteristics and the traits of something much larger. 

You are looking at the mother characteristic or trait, which is a wholeness in creation, or manifestation. And you’re looking at the masculine quality and characteristic, which is like an energetic coming down from the creator. You’ve gone along up to this point in terms of maintaining your own identification, and now you have to start to take into account: what is the mother, and what is the father of things?

You’ve evolved to the point where you’re starting to look for the mother, or you’re starting to look for the greater wholeness. And, in order for that to happen, you have to get information from the father. 

Well, part of getting this information from the father is this can be a bit much because change always happens that stirs things up from within, and that you have developed, over a course of time, the ability to handle this kind of change that could have dire consequences, or denser consequences, to a person who doesn’t know how to channel it, or steer it, or focus it. 

You apparently have learned how to handle it, but to the degree to which it is still foreign to you it comes across as alien energy trying to disturb or affect you. And all of that gets twisted in you having to contend with that without too great a reactionariness, because the reactions cause you to lose the context of what is truly going on.

So little by little you come to notice, using the bathroom setting or something happening off to one side, you can come to recognize little bits of each. 

And so this starts the process of the spiritual path, as you now are going outside of your own mannerisms and have come to recognize that you are part of some sort of much larger schematic. 

It’s not just those little tunnels and this, that, and the other that you’ve developed a good personal understanding with – that you now have to contend with something much bigger. And so that involves having to become more conscious, or to speed up.

And so now you’re using the principles of energy. Now everything is energy in manifestation. You were just working with kind of a sound principle. That worked okay, but now all of a sudden you’re in need of acquiring that greater attunement that comes from the light, or the information from within, the father energy. The sound energy is the mother energy. 

The ability to put the two together has to do with picking up, bringing in, a certain kind of inner quality power, or presence, and that’s reflected by the money that you have to pay, or you have to catch up with. And then when you catch up with that, then it automatically inflects and becomes clear to you. 

Well, to catch up with that you have to drop even further, and it’s a continuous process. It’s always more and more and more of the same of these indulgences, or mannerisms, or perspectives that you take on. It’s just at subtler and subtler levels. 

I mean, sure, yes, it started at some point where you picked up a certain kind of rootedness of yourself, in terms of a dexterity of knowing how to go in and out of tunnels and such, bicycle around in life in a personal way, that you picked up enough so that you can then exhaust that as a deviated means and start to reach to a greater soul nature of yourself.

And then start to recognize more of what the true principles of creator and creation, or mother and father, are all about. But you still have this mystery of either having to find the mother, or accept the father, or how all that is, and that involves catching up with an inner power awakening and opening inside of yourself, expanding in terms of a presence or an aura of your being.

And when that happens, then you’re able to catch the hint of things. You’re able to see the principle of something that is divine, bringing the inner, which is aliens, but able to handle that, bringing that all the way in and through into creation, the reflective other end of it, or the flip side of the coin to the creator. Because creation is created in his image, and in that way you catch the hint, you catch the hint or you recognize what is taking place. 

In other words, you are able to alchemically unveil what is going on. You get it, you know it, you live it, and/or start to see it – and that’s the scientist. That’s a big dream, a lot of action in there.

Jeane: There was.

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A Deeper Place

Inner0sIf we wanted to make a better recipe, we would begin by changing the combination, and the amounts, of the ingredients. If we were to try to fix the dish after it came out of the oven, we might salvage that one instance, but the recipe would still be flawed. In life, we want to take the same approach to change: we want to elevate our inner energies so that what happens around us is an improvement, and happens differently, rather than always trying to put a bandage on the same problems once they have manifested.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I wish I remembered more detail of my dreams last night. But I just remember like the core part of it. And in the core part of the dream, it’s as though I’ve been taken to another planet at times. And sometimes I’m on that planet, and sometimes I’m on a spaceship.

And, at one point, it’s like I go into a room on the spaceship where I guess they don’t have me as much under control as they want me to be. And there is first one person and then a second person who are almost kind of gigantic and somewhat alien, and other times they can look more human. And they want to intimidate me, or bully me, or do something, but I actually have a certain power within me where, not only I can stop them, but I can defeat them.

And so I just kind of demonstrate enough of that so they back off, so that they’ll leave me alone. And then I’m kind of exploring how to use that a little bit, just like, what’s that about? And that’s really the the only part of the dream I remember very clearly. I’ll just have to see if more of it comes back.

John: I’m not sure what it means, because what you’re depicting is something that’s transcendent, or off the ground, like a spaceship, or something that goes to another planet. And yet you find yourself, deep within, as being okay with doing that.

And then, in the surroundings, whatever is in the surroundings that is part of the transcendent, that is just a nuisance. In other words, it doesn’t help the situation any. You hold to something that’s important in a beyond the beyond, but all of the aspects on such a journey, don’t do anything for you because they are ungrounded, or something.

Maybe what you’re saying is, because there’s a part of you that is drawn to a beyond of the beyond inside of yourself. And the idea that there is something going along with it, and that’s something that’s in the spaceship with you, or trying to be at the planet of yonder and hilt, doesn’t feel right to you, is something that obstructs. Maybe what you’re saying is that is out of place, that’s where you get into spiritual illusion, in that you’re trying to accommodate and take both with you.

But that component, or part, is something that stays as a quality of manifestation; you don’t bring manifestation into the equation, you instead go to a depth within. And – I see what you’re doing – and manifestation is meant to be a reflective counterpart. And, in that regard, the inner and the outer, make sense.

In other words, the question, the theme and the question yesterday had to do with the importance of a process in which your attention is placed on the outer. And the rationale for placing attention upon the outer is to alleviate the pain of things in your environment, to essentially figure out how to sort something out, or let go, by maintaining that sort of outer orientation.

And it didn’t ring right to me. In fact, there’s a person who gave a talk like that, and I was listening to it yesterday, because I’ve always believed that the change works in the opposite direction, where the inner awakens, and, as the inner awakens, the outer reflective changes. But the outer reflective, and what your dream is highlighting, or pointing out more poignantly, is that the outer reflective is a portrayal, of where things are at, in terms of inner awareness.

And so when the inner awareness is exemplified, the outer reflective corresponds, as a reflective that is polished to that. It kind of happens by way of natural evolution. But you don’t go into the outer to try to straighten something out. In other words, you don’t go into the reflection of things, nor do you try to take on the reflection of things, you instead accentuate what you know, and can feel, as a depth within. And when you do that, that becomes a heart, and a quality, by which things awaken.

It’s kind of hard to portray it in our puritanical, linear way, but it’s as if the inner, the access of something to an inner, causes the consequences to reflect in an outer that makes the difference, that changes things. But they don’t change things through doing anything, in particular, they change things only by having caught up with the stillness from within – the inner being the modality.

So what you had as a dream is you had something that didn’t make any sense, in order to help to see, and feel, what does make sense. You had a sense inside of yourself of something of a deep, deep inner depth. And you had a conceptualization as if the inner is yonder and hilt, and that because there is the outer reflection of things that, somehow or another, the opening up on the inner takes the outer reflection of things with it.

It doesn’t work quite like that, no, because that would still be harkening to the idea that there is something about working with the outer to the inner. The inner creates the change, or is reached within as as stillness. The degree to which you are unable to reach the stillness within is reflected in the outer as the vibrations that still remain, and the images, then, that correspond. And that is what manifestation is about.

And so as you come to a quieter place, and a deeper place, from within, the reflection of that corresponds in terms of the outer, the outer that is, again, still teaching you in a letting go kind of capacity. You do not go and try to do anything in the outer, as if that will open the inner up. No, you take, and you observe, the degree to which you’re experiencing something as the stillness within, you can observe that, you can be the eyes and ears of kind of denoting that by the way the reflective outer is around you.

And you don’t take and try to alter, or change, the reflective outer because it’s not an outer to inner. The outer is reflective. It is an illusion. It isn’t real. It has to do with the energetic of things, densed into an image that then has an apparent life force about it, that is illusory. Yet that illusoriness falls away as the inner stillness awakens. So what you had was a dream that dreamt in terms of this as a kind of bifurcation. I mean, it had to have left you feeling awkward, because it wasn’t quite right. But you weren’t sorting it out.

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