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the_jewel_inside_by_bib993Jeane finds herself in a scenario where a son is estranged from his parents because he’s gay, which is an issue in the outer world. In the dream world, however, all the characters are aspects of ourselves. So the image is portraying a process of trying to bring masculine and feminine elements together, because any separation, or unwillingness to accept these aspects, prevents us from connecting to the Wholeness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So even though I dreamt a lot, again I’m still having trouble pulling out dreams. But I remember the sensation of I was always working at smoothing something over, like down and over situations.

And at one point I’m discussing with an old friend of mine, from my hometown, she’s a jeweler, and it’s like she’s made friends with someone that had maybe gone to school in that hometown, but who’s estranged from his family now because he’s gay and they don’t accept that.

So she’s talked to me about that, and I’m aware of it, and he lives in Portland now and she seems to be a link with him. I’ve gone from wherever she is back to my hometown and I seem to be working.

I’m a little bit lonely because, I think, I’m not in a relationship and I’m working all the time. In fact, I realize I’ve worked for six months without taking a break, and so I’m considering that maybe I need to take a vacation. 

I realize that there is an old boyfriend in town that I could go visit, but that doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do. And then I run into my sister who’s talking to me about how she’s trying to get this family in town back together with their son, so she’s going to write the son.

But I realize she’s being a little naïve. She doesn’t actually realize the guy is actually gay, and his family is very kind of righteous and they would be rejecting of that, so I’m trying to hint to her that maybe she should just leave the situation alone, instead of write him, but I feel like I can’t tell her what the situation is or I’d be breaking my other friend’s confidence.

So I’m just trying to strongly hint to her she should just leave the situation alone, but she already has a letter that she’s going to mail to him. And meanwhile, I’m trying to think about where I can take a vacation that will feel okay for me because I realize it has been so long since I’ve taken one.

And then, because I’m still working, this man brings his… I think he’s with two of his sons and one of his sons is kind of out of control,  because it’s part of my work and he’s bringing this kid to me because the kid’s kind of out of control. He’s a kid somewhere between like 9 and 11 or 12. 

When the kid first comes to the office he freaks out a little bit and he kind of runs in the closet, but it’s a deep walk-in closet. And my sister is also there, so that kind of bothers him even more, and I have to open the door to the closet and go in and calm the kid down and get him to walk out because I need to help them out by getting the kid to be a little calmer. That’s really all I remember of the dream.

John: This dream is portraying… it’s kind of nice that you can do this amnesically and not have any idea what you’re talking about, because this dream is portraying some sense that you have of a change that is taking place in the overall.

You are portraying this whole scenario as just something that exists, or that you behold, or have to accept. You’re trying to bring something down to soothe and you have this friend, who’s a jeweler, and she is using her nature, her naturalness, to try to absorb or handle something that is estranged in life, which turns out to be the gay guy.

So she just accepts him as he is because otherwise he is rejected or deemed separate, or deemed out of the equation. So this part is polishing itself. This part is becoming a diamond; she’s a jeweler. This is the diamond part inside of you. In other words, you’re attempting to soothe the situation, and so you have to catch up with this diamond part inside of yourself that is able to do this.

But the dilemma you have is that, in the outer, things aren’t necessarily all accepted as a oneness, and so there’s a certain degree of naïvete involved in another part of yourself, and that part of yourself is your sister who is seeking to reconcile the family and doesn’t realize and doesn’t recognize that she’s stepping into something that is, by and large, by the collective, rejected.

And so naïvely, in her innocence, knowing that this isn’t right, that there is this imbalance, she’s going to attempt to reconcile it. You are catching up with the diamond side inside of yourself that is able to reconcile the situation on an inner level and soothe something in life so that the process is able to unfold from the inner quality coming through.

And that is something that is subtle. It is something that if you were to try to say it you’d kill the magic, because then it would be like throwing the diamond quality onto the ground like it’s cut glass. It’s just something that is embodied. I guess I would call it, using a masculine way of describing it, I’d call it a type of knowingness.

However, in your particular case, you don’t even get to that degree of definition. And it’s very similar to the trait of a teacher who can kind of recognize the journey of the soul but, how can the soul journey? How can that person catch up with the light and the transformative effect that is who they are, and how they become something so much more, if he’s sitting there giving them a blow by blow, inning by inning rendition as well as telling them what is going on, or what they need to do differently.

Instead he has to hold the trust and the note of what he feels. In other words, he knows the process of the heart and he holds that. It’s not for him to interfere. And when something gets a little bit too much he has to cut, he has to slice, and it hurts him as well to have to do that, but that’s what’s necessary. And all of this is kind of done, in this regard, kind of invisibly.

Your dream is fairly well pronounced over the fact that this part of you, your sister, is going to be doing what she’s going to be doing, and you have this greater awareness from somewhere on the inner, and that’s just kind of the way it is.

Your sister doing what she’s doing is kind of like very well intentioned and everything, functioning more directly in the outer with a lack of a oneness or a Wholeness, actually. She’s still following some sort of well-intentioned definition, and that part evolves that way. And the other part inside of you knows that it has to leave that alone.

And so you have the dreamer and the dreamed, or you have something of the inner coming through and able to touch something in the outer. You have all of the components going on. And the degree to which the diamond is able to become the diamond is that your sister represents the rootedness in creation, and you are representing this diamond quality that soothes but gets to a point where to do that work it has to hold onto this other place.

And just your beingness has to be what communicates or comes across as the potential change agent. Does your sister ever really fully change? You’re never able to actually give her the memo, yet somehow you’re doing an “as above, down below” approach, but you’re not doing it in the ways of the world, in the ways of physical manifestation, so to speak, of laying it out in A’s, B’s, and C’s and definitions that would be of a masculine orientation.

You’re doing it by embodying the presence, the part of yourself that gets wizened by all of this somehow, your sister, that part of you is kind of the eyes and ears then. It becomes a seeingness of things. But how did that happen? There’s no way of saying how that occurred because you never told her. All you could do was watch, hold a space in that regard as you worked inside of the schematic of things to soothe the transformation.

You’re trying to soothe the situation because you have a relationship to a quality that’s bright and sparkly that’s like a diamond, the jewel inside of yourself. That’s the feminine Wholeness of creation that sparkles, and in the end you have to bring everything through. You have to make and help facilitate the aliveness of the little boy, or otherwise you’re a hidden treasure that can’t be known.

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Thomas the Tank EngineIn her second dream of trains in recent days (see A Point of Emptiness), Jeane, as both a train and as a person, finds herself in a court battle with another person who is a train. It’s a good example of how a person plays all the characters in their dreams. This scenario has the elements of the inner masculine and feminine in the two characters, but as an inner guidance, the “court case” must be settled amicably. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The very first dream, very early at night, I only remember bits of, but it feels like I’m both a person and I also feel like the cab of a train, or whatever you call that first car, almost like my head can become the head of the train going down the tracks.

But I’m also a person, and it feels like another person, who’s also like the head of a train, is trying to take over my train. And it feels like also that I have to allow this, but I’m not always in agreement about it, so we go to court.

And the court is supposed to help sort out this process, but sometimes they’re helpful and sometimes they’re not. Plus the judge has to adjourn at certain points, and I have to go back out and try to figure this out on my own. So I know this is a process that I kind of have to yield to, but I’m trying to do it in a way where you don’t get taken as big advantage of as you might.

John: This is a dream in which, as you’re speeding up, you have before you a flow or a focus and attention with greater options. But to the degree to which you’re still attached to things, that has a greater flow or position as well.

They’re both parts of you, and somehow or another this other has been brought into the equation. In other words, as things get speeded up and you’re able to, instead of going down in a certain way, you’re able to become the part of something that is a greater flow.

You’re the head of the train, so to speak, not just a passenger on the train. In other words, not just something that is independent going around and around without any predilection about things because you’re just doing the best you can.

You now have a certain focus and attention, but within that is still the degree of the part that you don’t quite have a rounded handle on, that is like another train going in the opposite direction, or a tearing away at you in some regard, undermining how it is that your cadence and balance is.

And that’s also a part of you, but in order for you to recognize, realize, and appreciate this part of you, and to integrate it, and take it in, you have to let go. You have to just accept that. You actually know that this is okay, that this is part of the intention, or overall manifestation of life, how it’s meant to be, and in order to take a step forward into integrating that, you have to accept it. 

You can’t take and conclude that it is something that runs counter to who you are. It can appear that way, but it’s all you. The tendency, if something didn’t hit you between the eyes and force you to accept it, the tendency would be to block it out or to blank it out, to act as if you could stay and go in this particular direction on your own, and not have to contend or deal with that.

But you are compelled to have to accept that, to deal with that, because it is now in the equation of who you are in manifestation. You’re having to deal with that as well. In other words, there’s something on a microcosmic level that has occurred, which is meant to cause you to take a step, in the inclusion of the greater Whole, that includes what is, or has a tendency of being seen as, or has been recognized – if you were to have looked at it – as something that has kind of developed side by side along with your head being part of the train.

This part has also its head part of a train going in a way that appears to undermine, or to be counter, to the flow that you have put your focus and attention upon. And you, if left to your own devices of ideas about the spiritual path, would be inclined to probably not pay attention to this.

But you’re not allowed to get away with that. And something has brought this into an aspect of the microcosm so that you have to accept it, you have to surrender to it, and in the process see another greater dimensionality and Wholeness of yourself.

It’s actually like dropping a type of spiritual illusion, too, at the same time, where you are inclined to think that it’s not fair, that it should not have to work this way. And when you find that it is working this way for you, that you have no choice, because it is brought into the equation, to have to let go to it. It’s a very touching dream, whatever it is that you’re having to let go to.

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John: I have two very different dreams here that actually deliver the same message.

In the first dream I’m in very hot and sweaty conditions and I’m supposed to hold onto a vibration in a slow, steady, and consistent way. It wasn’t supposed to be this way – at least it’s not what I expected.

I’m convinced that I can sustain this vibration at an even quicker pace. Then it wouldn’t need to be so slow and be in such a hot, awkward environment.

Still, I resist my temptation to go faster, and as it turns out I see that I was better off going at this very slow pace. Eventually, the environment did cool down.

I found something very humble about this approach – a quiet consistency. There was no fanfare, and no frame of reference because this was not something that I would have chosen. My expectations gave me the urge to speed up. If I had done that, I would have missed out on being able to see myself as being steady, slow, and consistent.

That’s the first dream.

In the next dream, I just an average person and I’m in a parking garage. There is a man there – a dignified businessman in a suit – who has a bicycle as his means of transportation. It’s time for him to take this bike back out onto the street, but he doesn’t trust himself to do it.

What’s odd about this garage is that there’s an embankment that falls off to one side and you have to walk along the edge very carefully. Then you have to back the bike through the door. If you don’t know how to do that you could fall over the edge and never get it out. He’s afraid to try for fear of falling off the edge.

So, here I am, an average Joe, and I’m looking at what’s involved from his perspective, not from my perspective. I’m getting into his paranoia and his concerns and I can feel that they are being exaggerated.

I advise him on how he could proceed, but he won’t proceed. He’s reluctant. So, I say, “I’m so confident in what I see that if you want, I’ll do it for you.” This causes him to snap out of his reactivity for a moment.

He replies, “I’ll have to think about that,” which means he’ll just go into another kind of paranoia. I say, “I’ll give you two minutes to decide, no more.” He replies, “I believe you can do it, so go ahead.”

I take the back part of the bike off. I see a door off to one side, so I take the back part of the bike through that door and there is a little place that joins the outside and I shove the back part of the bike out of the parking garage. I didn’t even know about this door earlier – it wasn’t part of the plan.

However, the bulk of the bike won’t fit out that way, so I have to do what I had originally planned and go along the narrow embankment edge. So, I have to shift, from his fearful eyes to my knowing eyes, and the whole thing looks effortless to me – once the reactivity is taken out.

So, without even thinking I walk from one end of the parking garage to the other along the edge, as if it’s no big deal, and realize all I need to do is repeat that process with the rest of the bike.

When you put these two dreams together, what they are showing me is that I need to deal with life as it exists. In both scenarios, expectations color my perception of what should happen. In both instances, what should be an effortless process is made much more difficult because of what I bring to the situation in terms of reactivity or expectation.

If conditions are awkward, I can still go that route. Things don’t have to unfold according to my expectations, or timetable, for me to be connected. I need to drop these self-imposed limitations. Mostly these perspectives are never about serious issues anyway, they’re just mental distractions or old patterns. When I feel the strength from within, I’m able to proceed effortlessly; the problems just fall away.

So, on an energetic level, when expectation and reactivity fall away, the part of me that’s in emptiness, or in freedom, takes over with ease. It changes my experience of everything.

When this knowingness from within is reached, everything becomes simple for us. When I drop my projections about how I think things should proceed, it allows what is meant to be to occur naturally. The connection then is to a greater overall state that is simply there, without anything to complicate its overallness.

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