Vibrational Barrier

Carl Jung

In the analysis of these dreams, it is being shown how the images progress to show us something; to make something known to us. If we accept that premise, why would our systems of consciousness and unconsciousness be trying to communicate with us? Because dreams don’t scold us, they may make us feel something, but that’s our reaction to the scenario. And if something is designed to communicate with us, about us, then there has to be a criteria for how a human lives their life, and the system is trying to help us do that. So, what is that criteria? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: All I remember of my very first dream is it was like I was following up this, it almost felt like a stairway carved inside a cave in a rock or something, and I was following someone wearing robes. And all I could really see of him though were orange mala beads around the neck. That was all I really had in that dream was just that image.

I never really saw him, but it seemed like some spiritual figure because he was wearing robes and he had this string of orange beads. I never really saw the person. And I was just following him up a stairway inside a cave it felt like.

In the next dream, it feels like I work somewhere and I’m going over to see a coworker I haven’t seen for awhile and visit with his family that I’ve been friends with. And I go in the house and I notice that the walls are really bare, like the family is living very subsistence or something from normal.

And then I go in the next room, to talk to his folks, I realize his dad has dementia, can’t really talk or reply, and that obviously the family’s being real hurt, or drained, taking care of him. And they didn’t want to tell me, so I just go in and I visit as though everything’s normal.

But then a little while later in this dream I have this scene where I have to arrest this coworker and another coworker because they’ve been embezzling something, but I have the sense that maybe I have to take on some responsibility for his family, then, and that’s all I remember of that second dream.

John: Well, one of the aspects of dreaming that you have to contend with is, the first dream is inclined to indicate where and how you’re at in terms of something that is coming through as a breakthrough, or as a consciousness, or an insight.

And so your first dream has you yet seeing yourself as following something. You’re not seeing something breaking through or coming through. In other words, for whatever reason there is a ponderance that still exists. And the second dream indicates how you’re working with that ponderance.

The first dream when you’re following something it implies that you also have a responsibility, or connection, or a duty and that’s like trying to almost look at it too narrowly because the tendency that can happen is, like in the second dream, where there’s a close correlation to following something, and then feeling that you are obligated as a responsibility to take care of it – in that this could cause you to not pay attention to yourself. And this could cause a type of dementia to exist, in relationship to your connection to your inner higher self quality of the masculine.

So there’s actually a third dream that you didn’t have, and that seems to be the sequence of dreaming. The first dream is usually kind of something that’s coming from afar or a breakthrough, and that coming from afar or breakthrough has you taking and following something yet. In other words not quite accepting to yourself, with yourself, to yourself of how you are. I mean there’s nothing wrong with the following of something. I mean that can be really, really a tremendous connective intertwining.

However, the way you are working with it, or stigmatizing yourself is that you’ve bought into the idea that there’s a duty in this process, you’ve bought into this idea of this duty so loudly that it is creating a certain amnesia in terms of your own completeness.

The third dream, if you’d have had it, would’ve shown what this turns into. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with this, it’s just that, what does it turn into? You know, you are still keeping that hidden. I can see how this, on a dream level, has this one, two, three process to it. To point out the third can almost be too revealing, so there’s a tendency to not see it, or to not want to see it, or to not accept it. Because, again, the first step can be like a little niche-y in a way to understand, what does that mean to be following something? Because that’s actually a very deep meaningful thing.

The second step is how it is that you’re finding yourself working with that, which is where you are stigmatized. And you could be stigmatized in terms of how others see you, stigmatized in terms of how you see yourself, stigmatized in terms of… well, who knows what all of the means are, but it creates a vibrational barrier that you then have to let go of because you are not limited to something like that when it denies some quality of yourself such that you then stay in a kind of dementia. That’s a good word. I better try to remember that word as opposed to amnesia, dementia. That’s actually more to the point.

In other words, your overallness would be a proper container; you know, one can impute what this is meant to look like in the future through the stillness. One can impute what this is meant to look like in the future, and it would be a means of upholding and supporting in an overall sense, much like you see Castaneda doing in relationship to the group. This is what that turns into. You would be doing that in relationship to the whole. So that’s the progression of the dreams.

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An Illusory Expectation

b5fSpiritual development moves us away from reaction and toward response, away from judgment and toward neutrality, away from all the little inner noises and toward an inner listening. It is a process of moving us away from our personalized, disconnected state and toward a more universal state of connection. It is an incremental tuning, and we shift on an inner level. When we let go of our desire to be in charge, we become gifted with the guidance of greater intelligences.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This still is an interesting story.

I am the new number one. I’ve been renamed and I’ve been reprogrammed, and something about me has been supposedly changed. And I’m at this arranged living complex. Like I say, the old me has been reprogrammed to fit in with the way things are at this installation, or complex.

So as I walk through the door, having come down a corridor and because I’ve been reprogrammed it’s now okay as a reprogrammed and changed person, I’m able to go into this new section of the installation. The old me could have never gone there because I was too something or another, and so as I go inside I’m ushered to a table to eat where I can sit and eat.

The whole sensation is I’m like a new recruit in the eyes of them. However, what the system at this installation doesn’t know is that the reprogramming didn’t take, and I’m still the same old person from before – but I’m not letting on. No one knows that but me. I’m going along with this as if I have been changed just to see where this is going. You’re always play acting an illusion, don’t you to a certain degree?

So I’m led to a table that as I sit down is initially empty, and as soon as I sit down two others join me. One sits to the left and one sits to the right, and I know that they are preprogrammed because they come in looking alike, and they each have the same deep blue suit jacket. I’m not dressed like that. I’m not programmed like that. I’m dressed casually and so I realize I’m not quite programmed to be like them. I’m programmed differently, but not like them.

And then others join and they sit further down to the right of this long bench-like table. And then the food is brought out and so as I take… my silverware is all wrapped up in a napkin or whatever they call that. Anyway, it’s all wrapped up in that and so as I go to get it out to eat I notice that all of the silverware is dirty, unwashed. No one picked it up. It’s got food particles, everything on it. It hasn’t been washed. I don’t have clean utensils.

With a little effort, I finally get the waitress’ attention. She is a cutie pie, but boy you just can’t get her attention. So she apologizes profusely but really isn’t serious because I mean she’s not quite real. She’s not quite right. It’s as if I have interfered with the flow of things and her preprogramming. But she does bring me over a handful of silverware, and as she lays them down I look at them and they’re all spoons. I’ve got five or six or seven spoons.

I comment to those at the table, “What am I to do with this?” So again I have to try to get her attention. I want silverware. I don’t have a fork or anything like that. She’s like a zombie going around in a trance. So I actually stand up and talk in a loud voice, and interfere whatever the heck she’s doing, break her trance, to get her attention.

When I get her to kind of come over I say, “What am I to do with this? Bring me some real silverware. I would slap you if I thought it might wake you up.” I’m really carrying on here.

As I sit down after having confronted her like this, I look again at the silverware. I have three forks. In other words, initially it was all spoons. I now have three forks and two knives. It’s still a mishmash but I kind of realize that out of all of this hodgepodge I probably could make a set of silverware, but now I’m into my reaction.

And so at the other end of the table there’s a woman that is asking this guy, “What the heck is going on.” The guy next to that woman says, “Two knives and three forks.” That’s the answer. In other words, he doesn’t have what he needs. He has got two knives and three forks. He hasn’t got it precisely the way it should be.

So what is going on? The dream is saying that I live in an orchestrated world of illusion in which nothing is real except my pretended belief that I am entitled to expectation. In other words, nothing is real, although I’m pretending that something is real in terms of the expectation that I’ve slipped into, just like I have this righteousness issue. It can get me in a lot of trouble. I can be okay with things and then I go off on some cause or something. I need to let go of this self indulgent veil before it carries me away into a trance-like illusory expectation realm.

The meaning is, is when in a dream of illusion it is hard to get out. In other words, especially when you fall for it. I mean for a while I can play act, but eventually you tend to fall for it. And every energetic mannerism has its own outer corresponding reflection. The illusion, when you’re caught up in it, continues to continue. It’s maintained based upon human reactionariness. It is from a reactionariness that a person gets dumbed down consciously and placed into a veiled trance.

You go stupid. You know, once you start reacting you no longer see things in the right perspective. A part of me knows that I am living in a fake, externally reflective society, but still I get carried away by the illusion. In other words, to a degree I could go along with what is happening as if it is real, but I will become lost when I take up the part that is seriously affecting me.

In other words, at some point this stuff goes and goes until you blink and you bite, right? When you bite you’re in trouble. You go off on a tangent and act as if the projection is real. The reason for having such a dream is to demonstrate the means by which I am readily deceived over and over again. And when the delusional reflection gets a hold of me, I become lost and fall right back into an unconscious reaction. I become lost by the process of falling back into an unconscious reactionariness. So that was an interesting dream, huh?

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Remembering Your Purpose

It’s interesting, all the current cultural obsession with zombies and vampires, i.e., human beings interacting with the undead. In a spiritual journey, it can seem just such a battle between fostering our own inner light, and being drawn in, or seduced, by all the aspects of the culture that have no light in them, which can keep us from fulfilling our human purpose.

Jeane’s dream has this epic battle: zombies, aliens, a flood, and a wedding. What does it all mean? John explains. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Near the tail end of one dream that I’ve kind of forgotten, I go to check into a hotel and I need to get a room, and I have to phone you. But it feels like I can’t get a room because you’re going to be joining me at some point in the future, I think on the third of a certain month, and we’re not married so… I think that’s the scenario, something like that anyway.

You tell me to go ahead and have the woman at the hotel arrange for us to get married. I’m not too worried about it because it feels like it’s just a civil ceremony or something they’ll do right there at the hotel. I even go around the counter and there’s a big window display there and it has some rings in it. I think it has a ruby ring or something, so you just tell me to go ahead and get that, and charge it to your card and have her set up the whole thing for the third or whenever it is you’re coming into town. I tell her all of that. And that seems to be the end of that dream.

I go to a house where I think you and I live, but you’re out of town of course, with some other people, and I’ve gone up and it’s got several layers, and I look out in the street at some point and I see that there are people out in the street that come and stuff something into people’s mouths and it changes them into these zombie-like creatures. Not zombies like chase you or eat you, but they want to make you just like them.

I see this happening so I see this happening so I quickly go and round up the people that work with you, and relatives, and anybody that I know and get them to come into my house. And then I start boarding up the house so that the zombie-type creatures that are trying to make everybody like them can’t catch us and force us to be like them.

But some people I can mobilize better than others. Some just stand around and look out the window kind of like they’re a little dull about the whole thing, and so I have to try to get others to help me go around and board up windows, or make sure all the doors are locked, and I’ve got a lot of levels of this house to take care of to do that.

At some point I have to get them to help me to bolt the door, or put pressure on the door, so someone can’t break in. There’s one area of the house finally that I go to, and I have to go out on a roof-like area. And there are some zombie people that have come, and a couple of the duller people, I think a young woman and an older woman, they’re out there with me, and the zombies get them and change them because they just are not swift enough or quick enough to know they shouldn’t let them get near them and stuff something in their mouths that changes them into being like them. And then they try to chase me, and the other people too.

Because I had gone out and done that, then I’m trying to get away outside and I go down to get the car and my car, I guess, is in a garage, and when I look there’s water flooding the street and it’s running even into the garage and it’s kind of icy too.

And so some cars will come, and once in a while a car will make it. It’ll go really fast through the water and even though this water is pushing it off to the side like with the rapids, it tends to somehow get in the garage and at least be able to park on the side. Other cars seem to be jammed into each other a little, and there’s some across the street that maybe are going to try or maybe they’re going to feel it’s not wise.

I actually see a kind of shallow spot and, in spite of some rapids ahead of me, I’m able to get about two-thirds of the way over and finally I kind of make it over a little place even though someone thinks I’m kind of crazy to be doing that.

I’m continuing to try to get away from the aliens, or from the zombie-type people. Well it looks like the zombies are going to get me, some aliens that have a lot of power that the zombies will try to touch, come down and seem to give me some protection.

But that means, for some reason, we all have to go to court over this. Maybe the zombies want to claim you and the aliens are giving you some protection. For some reason we have to all go to court.

So I go to the courtroom, and there are several of us from the house that are still okay, who are there, and we have a little strategy. I think I, and somebody else, will be a witness and somebody else would be the main person that’s testifying. We’ve got all of that settled, but then we’re going to have to spend the night in town because we’re going to the trial, so I go to check into the hotel again. I’d forgotten all about the hotel.

When I walk into the hotel they remind me about the wedding. It’s going to be another day or two, and I’ve forgotten all about it, and I don’t know if it’s okay with you or not, but I see that they have this card there where they charged your card and there’s even another little card with some people of the house, so I’m kind of congratulating us, even some of the doofus people that drew little pictures on it, and I’m just kind of in shock because I’d forgotten all about that.

I think that’s when I woke up.

John: This is a dream in which you incorporate, and attempt to catch up with, an energetic expression in the outer by coming from one side down into another. And so the idea is that as a purpose of coming into life you’re to accomplish or do something. You’re to help bring something through, or to find something.

In other words, something works as a magnetic attraction that has meaning to you, and so you make the sojourn through time under the idea that something is destined or meant to happen.

However, that’s kind of a way of projecting yourself. You have a slight projection involved here in terms of how you see yourself coming into light. And however you hold the theme of that, and in holding the theme of that you’re holding a certain balance, and in that balance you’re able to perceive things around you.

It’s just like in the past you used to hold a certain recognition of a certain shamanistic shift or quality that you had that you could hang out in, in spite of what was going on around you. And now you’ve turned this into something that’s an affinity for how it is that you’re able to come, and agree to come down into life, is that you’re going to be somehow supported in some capacity.

But the dilemma that you find yourself running into is, you have to put up with the amnesia of things, where you could become all zombied out, and get lost and estranged, from what it is that you’re bringing forth from one place or state into another.

And so the whole thing has to do with a sequence that’s time-oriented somehow, and then you have all kinds of things that happen in between that are all associated with making you more and more amnesic, or out of balance, with an overall unfoldment. And you go through the daze of that, and the daze of that, until you eventually realize and start to recognize how it is, and what it is, that you have agreed to, that will be okay based upon some idea or understanding or vibration.

And it’s based upon a vibration that you have an affinity for. However, because it’s a manifestation, you’re not sure just how that all comes to pass. You just know that there is something soothing about the vibration that you have an affinity for. You don’t necessarily know the greater detail of it, you just know that there is an affinity.

And then of course there’s the sorting out that has to happen in manifestation because there has to be the cohesion that has to come together. And none of that can find itself if you’re caught in some sort of collective mayhem that stands in the way, with things that gobble up or devour your sense of self. What were some of the other things you talked about?

Jeane: The aliens that were protective that came out of nowhere, the car and the water I had to cross.

John: Yes, those are all parts of the path that try to break through to the other side and you’re now using aliens as kind of an example of one place versus another.

Jeane: They were protective as opposed to the zombies.

John: As one place versus another. It’s still kind of like a memory. Just like you can be in creation now, and the lineage the you’re part of, and however it is that you create a linkage to something more as a transmission stream that you’re connected to, that’s very protective in the face of zombies that are all around you in terms of an energetic that’s astray.

Jeane: It was a long, complex dream. It was hard to pull it out. Like I said, then the wedding and stuff that I’d forgotten about.

John: Well, this whole thing is, is it stays within the context of the dream, where there is a coming back from another place, and in the coming back you come back in order to support and sustain something. And of course you then have to contend with a delirium that you have to go through, and forces that you have to deal with that don’t seem to have any light in them, and seem confused and bizarred out.

And you can’t let that rub off on you because you have to remember why it is, and what it is, about yourself that is here in terms of what its purpose or connection is all about. What is it in service to, so to speak?

You’ve taken one inflection, and you have kind of seen yourself in the light of that inflection being that after the path of Nirvana, or going home, comes the path of servitude, where you can come back and sustain or maintain some understanding that is important for creation.

Before you made the journey back, you were in a state that needed a lot of sorting out, and only after the sorting out could you get to a point where you could move beyond the conditioning of things in the outer. And once you have done that, that means you are kind of free.

But in the state of service you come back then, you venture back, you boldly take the freedom that you have, back into life and run the risk of the delusion all over again. With the difference being that you carry a note that can keep you from getting totally lost.

And so the whole idea of the marriage and the coming together of this, that, or the other is that note that you hear as an echo inside of you, that doesn’t totally go away in the face of the zombies and the lifelessness that you have to contend with.



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