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internet-connnect-map-fractalIt may seem a contradiction: to let go, yet also to become responsible in our development journeys. It’s not, however, because we do need to become conscious of our energetic affect on people and things – in terms of what we think, how we act, and what we do. Yet we also need to let go of our personal viewpoint, and also the idea that we know better than the universe how things should unfold. For the universe to make use of us, we have to be able to listen and respond to what It wants. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the next dream I’ve gotten into a pickup with you, and you’re in the front seat with another guy, and at some point there’s another woman who joins us – but I don’t know if she’s in the back seat with me or not, but it’s one of those bigger pickups that has that kind of half passenger seat in the back.

So, you seem to have almost driven it right up and into a building that reminds me a bit of a hospital, and we’re going to do something there. I don’t remember what it is, but I’ve gone away from you for a few minutes.

I come back to where you guys are to see if you’ve done what we’d come there to do and it hasn’t happened. It seems like what I get focused on is I have this large shawl that’s more like the size of the tablecloth and I’m trying to get it folded right – and that seems important. It has embroidery on it and certain bright colors in some areas.

And the other woman even tries to help me, but I have to kind of wave her off because there’s something wrong that I just can’t get it where it will fold in the right places. And I finally figure out that maybe somewhere it’s been stitched together, but I have a feeling like if I can get this folded right and wear it right it seems like it would help us with the process.

But I’m frustrated. There’re even some doctors that are having a meeting that come and wander through at one point in this whole process, but I just note them in the background. And then it feels like the dream just shifts.

John: So what this dream is doing is it’s indicating that a lot of your problem in terms of being succinctly aware of what needs to be, has to do with the acceptance of letting yourself be directed in terms of how it is things unfold. It has a sense of almost an easygoing relaxation to kind of go with the flow like that.

However, this isn’t appropriate, or getting the job done, in terms of how it is that you need to be in terms of your role with yourself – with who you are, and how you are able and meant to be. In other words, something can bring you to a point but, nevertheless, after being brought to that point you have a responsibility to take and step forward and see how something is folded, and put together, and packaged and such. Or otherwise, if you stay in the malaise, you stay in a mood or in a tone in which something just isn’t quite right in terms of what it is that you’re meant to access, and experience, and touch, and know in terms of yourself.

In other words, you can’t live a life that is based upon a submission or bifurcation that goes through the eyes of someone else. You can do that up to a degree. You can catch the ride like that up to a degree, but you have to fill in the blanks, and bring about a balance and an order, and proper packaged unfoldment. You have to do that – as being true to yourself. You can’t just let that sort of thing hang out on its own – as if it will figure itself out that way.

Jeane: Then you and I seem to have gone back in time. We seem to be almost in a foreign land in kind of a little village square area, or more like an old time city area I would guess because there are shops and everything around us but it seems kind of foreign.

There’s still another woman with us and we go into an area where we’re going to eat. We sit down around a round table; there seems to be a Chinese man serving the food. The woman disappears for a moment into more of an inner area, so I get up. I think I’ve taken just a bite or something out of some fish, and I get up to go get her, or bring her back to eat, but when I step through the doorway I can’t see where she’s gone.

So I wander there a little bit to look, but since I can’t find her I come back to the table. It feels like you’ve eaten, and I look around to see where my plate is and I do see that there’s a cooked fish still there, and I’m going to look to put a certain sauce on it. And then the Chinese man who served us kind of indicates to me that, no, I need to taste the sauce that’s already on the fish, that it’s going to be the right one.

John: So, you’re taking and you’re describing, in the first part of the dream, what it is and how it is that you’re meant to be in order to bring something forward through yourself as a knowingness – and that you won’t catch up with that knowingness if you just sit back in a submissive way.

And then when you shift and seem to go somewhere, what you’re actually doing is this is not a traveling per se, in a physical sense that is. It is instead a reverting to a way of perceiving, inside of yourself. In other words, this other process brought you to a point where it causes you to shake yourself out into perceiving more directly, internally. And that’s important for you to be able to recognize the unseen, a language that works in that capacity.

You don’t quite pull it off. I mean there’s a walking through a doorway and all of this stuff that occurs, but you don’t have the instantaneous visualization of what that is like. But you’re getting closer. You’re still cluttering something up in terms of its real subtle quality that speaks in this nonverbal instantaneous knowing way. You’re still apt, when left to your own devices, to mess up the naturalness of it, but at least you’re starting to try to settle back and give it a chance; in other words, realize that the sauce is unfolding for a reason, or it has a reason to taste it, to recognize that first. In other words, note the difference between what is provided in a natural language inner unfoldment way, versus what it is that you are still inclined to do.

What you’re talking about is something that in my dreams I go into quite a bit of depth about, especially the initial dream. I too do not handle this, naturally, very well. However, I shake closer to it because it’s more of a masculine kind of energy way.

And you come closer to it by seeing how you are situated naturally already, and have to honor the naturalness that already exists in the environment that you’re in, and that this is your way that may look a little more indirect, but it is your way in which you catch up with that language.

I catch up with the language by way of overtly dealing with it in kind of a way that connects. In other words, I move the force or something around, and it kind of then comes and finds itself via inflections that spring out from kind of going through a heart center. And because the heart is connected to everything that exists, I find that intertwining, I recognize that intertwining, and am able to speak vibrationally to that – and in that way am able to find a nonverbal language that, when properly and completely and readily done in this way, causes things to shift, change, and unfold because we’re all on the same page. There’s no diversion.

That’s kind of how I do it, and you can come to know it by how whatever it is that’s unfolding is unbalanced and that there is a more natural way that it needs to be twined and folded for it to more succinctly link. You come to know that through allowing yourself to recognize that which you are able to naturally feel when you are yourself, in other words, not affected by influences around you.

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James Alan Smith

The flow is always available to us, yet it is always moving on. If we lose our connection, it moves on without us. That means we have to realign ourselves and reconnect – to where it has moved to, not to where we last were. That’s the nature of the real reality: it’s constantly evolving forward whether we are with it or not. Can we, as individuals, afford to be left behind? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The next dream points out just how far off one really is in terms of doing this process. I mean, you tend to see yourself as having experiences and certain realizations, and so you’re inclined to think that you’re making headway. But in the next dream it shows that our idea of what the flow and the naturalness is, if we really, really were to denote how it is, we are really way, way off, and that we are constantly blowing it, and blowing it in ways that we can’t make it back up. It’s like there’s just too much in life to be able to make things up where you miss something.

So, in this dream, I’m taking a dance class. To begin with I’m able to kind of limp along, and kind of fake it, because I realize I’m just not getting something. In fact, I am so bad at it that I realize that when I look at others, especially those that seem to be doing just fine, and they can do it effortlessly, I realize that my struggle of not getting it stands out, as far as I could see. It bugs me, it bothers me, but I still have hopes of squeaking through in the class. In other words, if I just keep doing it and whatnot maybe I’ll get my D-minus or something, you know, be passed more or less but, not really have mastered or caught up with anything.

And this is a class that is graded. It counts for two credits at the university I’m at. I hate it, and I’m so sensationally thrown off by it that I skip a class, purposely skip a class, as if, you know, at least I don’t have to subject myself to the misery now – for at least this time. But I didn’t take into account that upon having skipped a class, now I’m really out of it, and there’s no way I can catch up. There’s no way I can really go back.

So the dream ends with me observing the class off to one side, towards the end of the class, and I’m noticing that those who I had admired before, that were able to do things kind of naturally, and fluidly, and effortlessly, have now been put into positions by the teacher in which they direct and even lead others. And so there’s a wonderful flow to it all, in other words, instead of it all just being one awkward collage, that it has a whole quality to it that undulates with different ones able to do other things with the class. It looks really good, in terms of what they are doing.

It’s at that point that I realize that, for me, it is hopeless and that I am going to get an F. I’m wondering if this will keep me from graduating. Usually you have to have a passing grade in everything to graduate. I wake up dreading the fact that I am going to have to make this up, which means take it over, to graduate, something I hate to do because I passed at it the first time.

And the meaning is, the earlier dream set the theme. It indicated I had to adhere to an inner into outer connection as part of the Tariqa, meaning the flow, or the process, or path that I’m on, and in that dream that is what I saw as having unfolded. And I had, as the dream indicated, a certain natural way that I seemed to observe it. And maybe I was even in that dream thinking I was doing better than I was, because in this dream I notice if you fail to stick to, or catch anything, miss something of importance, or when you drop off when things get difficult that that puts you in a process of experiencing and miserableness, on a sensation level, that is equivalent of the vibration of blowing it.

And, in the end, you realize that if you had probably stuck it out you may have gotten by although it wouldn’t have been pretty. So in the end in I notice that those who got it, and found their naturalness, turned out to be very inspirational and directive and added to the whole beauty of the whole process of flow, in terms of themselves and others. I was impressed to see this, and in seeing this realized that the teacher had seen this all along – because when I was blowing it and whatnot I acted like I was able to kind of hide behind the radar screen, but you don’t hide behind anything.

So in the first dream, as hard as it is to find what is natural in the unfoldment in life in the outer world, I am seeing that I have a natural linkage to the understanding that the unfoldment is inner into outer.

In the second dream, I’m unable to take anything for granted, lucky to be barely getting by. The miserableness of the struggle is accentuated. Again, this is a flow of something that you have to catch from within in order to do it, you can’t just memorize certain actions because dancing involves a flow. It may have some set principles that you start with, but then they have to fall into the flow.

In this dream I realize that checking out from a key element of the unfoldment process is something I am unable to make up. In other words, I can’t just suddenly get it by osmosis. In other words, I can’t skip one week or whatever and so I fall away from the process, which means when you fall away you’re going to have to do it again.

Such a dream can’t help but cause me to wonder to what degree is that happening now, and in ways that I am not getting it? The dream is also designed to cause me to wonder what it is in the outer that I am doing which points this out. I say this because when a person is relating to the outer in a way that isn’t working out for them, in terms of an unfoldment, that the outer points back to some inner flow natural awareness that is a bit askew. Like they say, as above so below.

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higher-selfMany people are led to understand that the “practice” of religion, or spirituality, is merely a matter of belief, and that the matter ends there. But the universe is in a refinement process – it isn’t finished – and we humans are designed to play a role in that. So it’s not for us just to ascend to a heaven, it’s for us to help bring the higher into the lower, i.e., into life here on the planet. That helps the evolution of things, and provides a true service whereby we are working for the good of the whole, not just ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my first dream I had a peculiar way of dreaming the flow, in which I realize how awkward it is to get from a parking lot up above, which is near where myself and another person keep our belongings, from this point at the top of the hill we are to go about our business each day. So we have to come from up above to down below to go about our business each day.  And then I realize that there is a lot that can go wrong having to take this trek each day, in other words, from up above, to down below.

What I am doing is keeping a car up at the top, which means that when it comes to going down below I can tend to hang back because I always have the car I can take, and others have to be more attentive about that. And I realize there’s something awkward about this because my attention is placed in this kind of waywardness that I’m having, as I’m sitting above. And others are following an attention to get back down.

And when I realize that we need to make our lives simpler in order to maximize the potentiality, I say to this other person who’s there – and he’s volunteering to help others get their belongings together and out of the storage, and whatever that they had brought up with them as they are leaving now for the day and going down – I say that we, too, need to leave now and go down the hill.

So I realize that from now on we need to do something slightly different. There’s something that just doesn’t feel right about hanging back and being the last to leave and whatnot because we have the convenience of a car. And so I’m suggesting that from now on we leave the car in the Craig parking lot, and Craig is kind of like an underclassman dormitory that you stay at when you first go to college, or you’re an underclassman, but we’re not underclassmen anymore. We’re supposedly upperclassmen, but that if we leave the car in the Craig parking lot and take the shuttle up the hill, that this is a flow that is easier.

In other words, when it’s time to go we can just go. So what I am purporting to do differently is to put myself in the position where I just naturally go down like they go down, leave the car each day at the base of the hill, and take the shuttle back and forth. I point out how this is less stressful and makes our life easier when we do it this way. In other words, there’s something awkward or odd when you are having to hang on to a position at the top and not coming naturally back down.

So it’s an interesting image because the meaning of this has to do with that once you make the trek to a particular place where you’re kind of an upperclassman, or reaching a type of consciousness, that you have to take that inner that you have brought into an awareness, because everything is in inner into outer. You just can’t hang out in the inner as a completeness and say that, okay, I’m home free now. This is where I belong. You have to take it down into life. And so if you see yourself as having everything about yourself parked out in the upper, then you’re a little remiss in following the process of inner into outer.

What I wrote as the meaning is that I am adhering to a journey from creation, or manifestation, to the inner realm, or consciousness, where I am finding myself trying to live out my consciousness by going upwards to a point. The problem with this stage, it’s much more likely that we are able to malinger in helping others leave from up there, but we aren’t taking care of, nor are we in, flow ourself with what is the directive of coming back into the outer.

So this is an image that also reflects the Sufi way of living, which is kind of what I just said, in which a person doesn’t leave their consciousness up above. In other words, when you make the journey, or climb the chakras or however that’s described on most spiritual paths, that you bring it back down from above to go into life down below – because that is the need.

And so what this indicates is I have found as part of a long-term frame of reference that I have to adhere to the taking of a connection from the inner, and bringing the connection from the inner into manifestation. In other words, I am giving my light by coming back into creation to touch the light that is trapped in matter. In other words, I’m giving that up for myself, because when I’m up in the inner it’s like I can kind of help others and stuff like that, but actually it feels awkward because I’m remiss, I’m not staying in flow.

Because you have to give in to the world soul what it needs from the above, which is the inner, to awaken it in this plane of existence. So, you give up your light, and do not glow as much, and you come back in this way. So I have come to the realization that upon making the journey by going around and around climbing the chakra so to speak, that I take the information, I reach to the information in kind of like a clarity or light from above, I may not be able to notice it at the time how profound it is because you experience it in a whole other way, and then I’m able to bring it back down – I don’t sit with it – bring it back down into manifestation to help the wholeness here.

I could have stayed above, but that isn’t the process. I am in manifestation at the whim of the creator, so I need to do everything here to awaken manifestation. But you can’t do anything in manifestation without making the journey and addressing the issues that are wayward in yourself in order to develop a kind of consciousness, or sight, and a speeded up realization that goes or climbs the chakras or however it is gets to the higher self, only to find yourself turning around then and coming back down and facing the challenge that has to be faced in the outer.

That’s what it’s about, which is another way of saying that when you do that, you are able to kind of realize God, which is an immenseness that lies outside of your normal capabilities. You’re able to realize that in the imbedded manifestation, instead of aspiring to grasp something transcendent.

Another aspect of this dream, which is interesting, is the dream portrays the feature, an important and interesting feature, of the flow orientation that, when you experience it, it’s different than how you think about it. For example, it is less stressful energetically to ground the energy of the inner by the outer, even though mentally we believe the other way around to be true, in other words, letting go of our conditions in the outer. If we can do that, it leads us to kind of fall into a naturalness of the inner.

That’s how we’d like to believe it. It’s kind of that way, but then it has to be grounded. In other words, you have to get rid of your nuances, and your inhibitions, and your karma, or however they say all of that, and you’re getting rid of it by looking at it, by realizing what it is doing to you to keep you veiled from the inner consciousness. And then when you reach and find that inner consciousness, in order to sustain it or maintain it, it has to be grounded in manifestation. That’s why you have the breath where you go up and get something for a split second on the in-breath, you bring it back down onto the out-breath, and keep going back and forth until you hone it into a oneness.

In the dream I notice that staying in the inner as long as possible, orienting myself to this place, is being more unnatural in the state of coming into manifestation. In other words, you can’t hang out there, coming into manifestation to abide in the imminent consciousness which awakens the light imbedded in matter.

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