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fractal-universeIt’s very difficult to make our spiritual journey if we don’t understand the mechanics of things, how they work. But we’re not able to take that in all at once. As we see in this image, it begins with driving in the dark. Then a new element is added, a fiance, which allows a climb to higher elevations and the sparking of fires. And where the fires have been, the design is revealed. This is the unfolding process, as different parts of our inner lives connect and open up. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the beginning of my dream I’m traveling, in what’s almost like a small truck more than a car, with some other people. When I suddenly notice that, even though they’re not paying attention, it’s gotten much darker out than it should be because I suddenly reach over and turn on the lights just in time to avoid hitting another vehicle in the road – because it’s both like dusk and fog has come in. And no one was really paying attention to how dark it was, that you couldn’t actually see where you were going.

But once I turned on the lights, even though it’s still hard to see, I can see the shapes of things enough to not run into them. And then we get to a first area that we’re traveling to and we’re all milling around in a building. And somebody introduces me to a man that they say will be my fiance, even though I don’t remember meeting him before. So it feels like we visit awhile.

And then we’re moving on somewhere else. And this next town we go to is on a higher level, and it’s in a valley with mountains around it. And a whole group of us are in this rather large building; different people visiting in different areas. It’s probably a couple hundred people in there.

And I see some people that I knew from New York before that were seminar leaders. One of them, who’s quite focused, doesn’t really talk to me – even though I bump into him and then he nods to me. But there’s a tall red-haired woman who remembers me and comes over and, at one point, she’s asking me my age, but she never likes to tell anybody her age. So I just tell her what year I was born in.

But I realize she still never reveals her age, and she’s always a little critical of how one looks, or this or that, but she’s still kind of fun to see. It’s like after I bump into her I’ve moved to another place in the room, and I’m talking to a woman, and that’s when I remember that now it feels like my fiance and I have broken up. And I try to remember his name and realize I can’t remember his name.

However, just even thinking about that seems to have woken me up in some way that I realize that there’s a fire going on in the mountains. So it’s like I kind of either go up there, or project my consciousness up there, and I see one area where it’s burned in a pattern down the mountain. I see my niece’s husband is up there as one of the firefighters working on the fires, and I seem to be studying the pattern of the burn, how things broke off, or how they burned, or which areas are going to burn, because I don’t see flame as much as I see the pattern of what’s left after they’ve burnt.

And there’s something that I’m aware of, that’s even related to my fiance, with how the burn pattern will be, or how something is given in the burn pattern that I’m trying to figure out.

John: Well, the theme of the dreaming had to do with 1) having to be introduced to, or shown, or revealed something, because it’s a need-to-know basis, in other words. One’s kind of hit a point where another step is required in the unfoldment process, so when that step is unfolded you’re getting closer and closer to a dynamic that has a history that goes way, way, way back. In other words, it’s a variable.

You’re still not sorting out the timing. You’re still not dealing with the timing, in terms of what you’re shifted into, because your shift is happening on a spatial level. I guess the timing just catches up on its own, and your attention is upon the spatial level because, to begin with in the dream, it starts off where you have reached a particular point where you now need to have a greater understanding of what’s going on. In other words, you’ve gotten to the point where,  having digested what you’ve opened up to, it’s back to kind of a state of a blur, or a bewilderment, that is going on.

So to break you out of that you’re introduced to another piece of yourself, which is what you call your fiance. All that is is kind of like a spark that then sets in motion your relating, in a larger sense of the word again, in the mountains. So you’re opening up to something more, but it seems like that something more that you open up to you have a way of sharing and relating, even though you’re not given the insight in terms of timing: age.

And something is to change. There’s something about the spark of things that is to change. You’re not provided this spark yet as to what it is. Instead you seem to have to look at it in kind of an amnesic way, and what you see is this burned area. It’s shaped. It has a shape and it has a design to it.

So, part of the theme of the dreaming is catching up with the shape and design – as if this is all part of a great master unfoldment, and that part of your process of awakening is to get to a point where you see the pristine unfoldment, or recognize that unfoldment. And what I can’t tell is if you then become that unfoldment. In other words, you see this thing still through other mountain tops, that can burn and whatnot, which means that if you can see it you can be it, which means that you then are that that is designed: the unfolding.

It’s a very complicated imagery because this isn’t following any pattern that we’re used to looking at in terms of a dream unfoldment. It is instead kind of suggesting that you’ve come to a point where a change, or a shift, in terms of a next step, is at hand. And that what you have gotten to is you’re going at great speeds and everything, but now you need to have a greater orientation of something opened up again. Because you can’t go at these greater speeds that you’ve caught up with without an orientation of something more brought into the equation, which starts with another seed which is the fiance, and then progresses into what you’re now able to contend with. And it is a continual spiraling upwards, going into being able to relate in more of a higher-self way.

With the missing component being that you do not have the precision of timing at your disposal, but you are able to see the unfolding design. And it seems that because you’re able to see the unfolding design that you’re able to know how that design can affect all the other peaks and such that are in the overallness that you’re now in, this new overallness, which suggests that if you have a sense of that, then that sense is you, too.

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