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imag022esAs a rule, we rarely give ourselves time and space to adjust to events in our life. There always seems to be a pressure for things to return to “normal,” whether pressed for by others, or desired by us. Yet we are very sensitive life forms, and every life form needs to find its point of balance and equilibrium – especially after dramatic shifts or changes. And this is as true for inner events as it is for outer events. It would be great for our health to become more aware that we are always in process with many, many things – some to rid ourselves of, some to assimilate, and some still we are yet to reach. It’s a process, not instantaneous. And it can’t be any other way.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I had two other dreams. In one dream, I seem to be helping take care of some people that need to live in group housing. And, the way it’s structured, there’s one kind of building in the back, and then maybe some lawn or something, and then there’s another similar building where people stay. So it’s almost as though these are people that are either elderly, or handicapped, and need a certain amount of assistance – so I’m one of the assistants.

And there’s a woman that I’ve been working with to help her adjust to living in the group housing, and it feels like just as things are starting to go better she moves back into the building in the back where she had been before.

But when she goes back there, there’s some younger people, or different configuration of people, that have moved in and she’s having a lot of trouble getting along with them because they’re maybe a little louder, or just different. And a woman who’s overseeing all of this is talking to me, and explaining to me, that there’s not a lot I can do about that. The problems that she’s having with adjusting, it’s like I had done my best to get her to adjust to the house, you know, where we were, but it’s like she’s chosen to go back, and that where she’s gone back to has changed.

And, of course, you know, she doesn’t like the changes, but there’s nothing much I can do about that. It was kind of like her choice.

John: So what you’re dreaming about actually has to do with your attention being upon something. And so when one takes and looks at what your attention is upon, the thing that comes up is: you can be appreciative of an effect that takes and causes you to open up or move inside. However, unless you hit a total emptiness, it is still process-oriented. As a consequence, there will be things that will drift into the situation and cause it to suffer.

Now, you’re looking at the situation as a suffering that occurs as a kind of blowback effect, and it’s a strange way that you portray it because the image that I saw was that in which like maybe the way of saying it is let’s say Ryn has a certain effect upon you. You learn something, you grasp something, it awakens something, it’s refreshing, it’s exciting, or whatever. However, when it comes to Ryn, she blows back and gets caught in the blizzard of things. She still has to fight her way in terms of the blizzard of things.

So she gets a momentary reprieve from it, in which there is able to help create an inflection that still has its effect as a kind of reflection inside of you, because you’re looking around and understanding it, and coping. It’s like moving things around a little bit. And the blowback effect of that, because the object is to have the pure touch, to have the pure emptiness, the pure awakening that puts you into a zone in which you really totally let go – like the image of the first dream.

When you don’t have that there is a collateral effect. And the collateral effect depends upon where you’re at in the physical conditioning of life. And it’s like the collateral effect on some teachers and people who have reached a particular point and that’s it, and they experience the collateral effect, they lack something in their nature to be able to assimilate it, to take it in and let it go. And it tears at them.

I saw in a flash a lot of different teachers getting affected at the very end of something, where they lacked a certain key because of the physical breaking down of something. Now, what causes this? What causes this is that it is extremely difficult. This is a step that has to be taken. It’s extremely difficult to be able to be in an emptiness in relationship to everything around you, to be in an emptiness, an emptiness in such a way so that it doesn’t set in motion something else.

So here’s the problem that comes up. Let’s say you’re relating to somebody that is fairly linear and fairly dense, and you choose to relate to a person that’s like that. That has a tendency for more crackups because the person is not able to let go enough inside of their nature to be able to maybe take on a particular light without a defense mechanism. And when that defense mechanism hits, the reaction that they have is like a type of poison, it’s like a spell.

And none of this is intended, it just is how it is. And so if your physical condition, the nature of what your heart can take in, is worn down, then the blowback effect, instead of being something that you can absorb, or just take in, and let go of into the empty space, if you can’t let go of it, if you lack the fluidity that you normally had, it gets caught in the bile or bladder of your nature yet. That’s how I saw it in the flash image, and so it malingers upon you. It tears you down, it causes you to suffer.

That’s the deeper quality of this, and you were kind of dealing with the deeper quality because the dream you told created the image of a blowback.

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