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a53How often do we find ourselves at odds with people or situations around us? We can attribute that to our sense of right and wrong, or to our sense of fairness, but the reality of the situation remains the same. Our reaction is a measure of our resistance to the reality of what is unfolding – all the way from mildly annoyed, to a deep inner denial. This resistance has a physical effect upon us, while it also takes us out of any sense of flow. We can be more mindful of this process in us, and remember that the only thing in this universe that we can control is us.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had one or two complex dreams that I lost. I had a very early dream that, it feels like there’s an old woman that some people are doing something with her about her breath. And she thinks that they’re helping her, but I think they’re actually stealing her breath.

So I’m trying to get her to shift, but it’s hard to convince her because she thinks however she’s breathing this is helping her, and I think that they’re taking her breath in some way. And I’m trying to figure that out, which way it is. So that was a very early dream, too.

John: That’s what it feels like, or that’s the sensation, in terms of breathing, that occurs when you are having to contend with something that you’re trying to sort out with your mind. And you’re inclined to have to try to make sense out of it, or sort it out, as opposed to go along with a natural flow.

Whenever you find yourself in circumstances which seems to be counter to what is going on around you, in terms of the natural unfoldment, in other words where you see yourself to be, in some degree, thinking you need to be separate or distinguished from what is unfolding around you, whenever you get like that, it means then that you are fighting with the way something is in its setting that you’re in. And when you fight something like that, then you find the energy, or you appear to subrogate the energy, to do that by using your breath.

Instead of being in an expansive state in which everything around you has a quality of connectivity, and appreciation, and excitement, you’re in a contracted state in which everything is condensed, and you’re confined, and having to figure out a way how to maneuver in relationship to that. And when it is like that, that’s like a stealing of your breath.

It’s like a stealing of your energy, and you’re inclined to believe, or to place, that as something happening outside of yourself, by others, or something else, because when it is happening, when something like this is happening, it is happening when you are seeing yourself to be at odds with what is going on.

So when you’re at odds with what is going on you have adopted an opinion, or a mannerism, in which you are proclaiming that something outside of yourself is affecting your demeanor in the way you’re able to breathe, and take in life, and putting the blame on that – instead of realizing that the real problem is that you have not surrendered yourself to the natural flow that you’re a part of.

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