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In this dream we see the image of a mother who, almost casually, remembers she has a baby, and, when she goes to find it, the baby isn’t there. But instead of doing everything to deal with this situation, she decides to do the dishes. Yet we all recognize this scenario: doing one thing in avoidance of another, more serious, or more difficult, issue. And when we apply this syndrome to our inner life, our dreams use such an image to show us how important it is that we understand what we are avoiding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream last night, I would say that the color in the dream there was a lot of yellow, like the walls or the room seemed to be yellow; the light seemed to be yellow. And I was trying to teach you the tai chi form, or some form of tai chi or martial arts, Qigong something.

So I’m teaching it to you, and we seem to be lined up, you and I, kind of like there’s a line in what’s otherwise an empty, yellow room. But we get so far and I realize that the middle of the form, that you only know another form. You know, there’s different forms, or different styles. So it feels like I could maybe teach you the beginning and the end but I think the middle that you know another form. It’s like this form is going to be hard for you to learn, something like that.

Mostly I remember, in the dream, going through the motions with you, but there was a part that it felt like it would be hard for you to learn, either because you knew something else, or this wasn’t the form you were used to doing, or something like that. That was the first dream.

John: So, what you’re describing is kind of an inner condition, an outer condition, and a middle. So what you’re saying is the middle, which is kind of like the thread between two things, is something that is difficult.

Well, it’s difficult because you’re affected by an inner, or affected by an outer, and then we have this line in between, which is where we sort things out. And that’s what’s difficult. The sheer inner is not difficult. The sheer outer, in its ignorance, is not difficult, either; it’s just a dumbness.

But the thread, in between, that’s what’s difficult, because that’s where things come together. That’s where you have to have an awareness that pulls the inner and the outer together as working energetically as one and the same. And that that which is transformed from the inner into something that is denser in the outer, just because it’s denser in the outer, is not seen as something separate from the inner.

And so it’s all a process of catching up with the vibration. And so, in your dream, you’re using the tai chi movement, or an aspect of things in which you have a sense that there is a depth to that, and that there is an outer mannerism that approaches that, and that somehow there is the catching up with that makes the whole thing work, and function, and come together that is the energetic that makes what is going on all worthwhile.

Jeane: In the next dream I seem to be part of a large residence. In other words, it’s more like some kind of community, where people live together, than a home. I’m in one part of the residence, and then I remember that I have a baby, and it’s been around dinnertime so I want to make sure the baby has been fed. So I go back and I find the room.

I go in the room and go over to the bed, and there’s another woman with me. The bed’s kind of messed up. We pull back the covers a bit and we see that my baby’s gone. There’s some urine on the bed so maybe one of the babies, there was an accident when they were changing it, and somebody’s taken one of the babies to clean or something.

And then there are some dishes piled up nearby, and then there’s a second baby that’s been left behind. Well, she stays there, and I pick up all the dishes and stuff to take them down to the kitchen to wash. Then I’m going to come back; I figure somebody’s taken the other baby, my baby, to clean, so I’ll come back after taking the dishes down there and she must be cleaning up the rest of the room.

So I pile all the dishes up, and there are a lot to carry; you know how you have to open doors with your foot, or something. I make it all the way down to the kitchen area, and go in there kind of looking for someone, because I’m still trying to figure out how things are done here. I want to take the dishes over and wash them off under the sink, and then I’ll go back to help. Then have to figure out where my baby is. That was when I woke up.

John: This is a dream that portrays kind of a means to an end kind of modality, in that the baby that needs to be cleaned up is an aspect of a depth inside one’s self. And so, instead of contending and dealing with that directly, because you have abstractions that get in the way, and in this particular case that abstraction is more like a subrogation.

Subrogation is where you take your attention, from where it needs to be placed, and you put it into something that you think is going to help the equation of the situation, as precursor to the situation, perhaps even. And subrogation occurs all the time where people change their idea of how they want to see themselves in relationship to what they feel compelled to become, or as they see themselves in a process of change they go through steps that they see as part of a process.

It’s a subrogation in that what you’re doing is instead of taking a vibrational energy directly into the equation of whatever it is that is at hand, which in this case has to do with babies that have to, or parts of yourself that are in an unkempt state, that have to be brought into a clarity, or a balance, or into a rightness of nature, you instead take that attention of energy and you place it upon some other activity that has to do with the mess that is around you in the outer.

The mess that’s around in the outer is always going to be a reflection of something that is going on in the inner. So if you have a part of yourself that is askew, in terms of you catching up with it on the inner, you’re going to have abstractions in the outer that are going to be bifurcations, too. And when you try to work with those bifurcations, in the outer, it’s called subrogation.

Subrogation is where you’re trying to take the energy from one area, where it is more vibrant and vital and real, which is a part of yourself on an inner level, that needs to be aligned and cleaned up directly. You take that into the illusion of an outer, and attempt to fix the illusion of the outer. And, supposedly, by this process of subrogation, you’ll slingshot to being able to take care of yourself on the inner.

It’s a lie that is told continuously, and it is actually the way that veils are established, in which we get caught in an outer instead of reckoning to the innerness of our nature, that is constantly at our disposal, but we choose to subrogate.

A good example of subrogation, you know because this is the world, the physical world is a world in which it’s kind of the plane of the feminine matta, matter. That’s kind of a term that means mother, feminine. Subrogation often occurs where the feminine thinks that it has to change its demeanor, in such a way, so as to be able to cope with the change agents of life that are being imposed as a kind of power and control ideation of the masculine.

So the feminine may alter her appearance, and the greatest blasphemy of all is when she takes and subrogates her femininity, puts on a suit, so to speak, and goes about trying to function in kind of a linear capacity, instead of in terms of her fluid intertwinedness that she has a naturalness to in terms of this loci.

And it’s not going to work, and it’s called subrogation because what is repressed is a part of herself. And by repressing that part of herself she is able to function in this bifurcated way, but she has numbed down and veiled this whole other aspect of an aliveness.

Now, as Einstein has said, energy is neither created nor destroyed, it’s just placed in a different way, and so whenever any kind of subrogation exists, of which what you’re doing in terms of trying to clean up the dishes as opposed to dealing with something directly in terms of inner self, when subrogation exists what you’re doing is you’re taking an outer density of things that are in a slowed down, more numbed, condition and you’re slamming that upon yourself. And, in doing so, you are numbing yourself from a quickened aliveness that is more subtly attentive, and you’re using this as a substitution. It’s called a subrogation from having to face the actual quality inside of yourself that you’re meant to reach in a wholeness of being.

And so you go from light, so to speak, to sound, or to a slowness, to a deadened condition, and you use the deadened condition to what? To crawl back to the light? I mean, it’s a joke. And it’s subrogation because energy is not created nor destroyed that way, although one might like to believe so; it’s just functioning in a different form. Eventually you have to quicken, you have to speed up, and you have to realize that what you’re doing is abstractive from the wholeness.

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a22spIt’s nice to think that we always face things head-on, with confidence. But, as we discover, not all parts of our nature have equal amounts of confidence. It’s true in waking life, and it’s true in our dreams. Here we find a woman on the run, hiding and being followed. Yet, since we are all the characters in our dreams, we can also see that there is also a wooing going on, as wary lovers try to find the best way to accommodate each other – so they may begin their future together. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I didn’t think I was going to be able to remember any dream from last night because I kept coughing; had a headache. But towards morning I had a dream and, in that dream, it feels like I’m a woman. I have some children. I’m living with a man, but I take the kids and I run away from him.

And I seem to go to something like a villa, somewhere in Italy, and the villa is kind of in a little village where they have all these white stone walls, stucco walls. And I’m hiding out there, and I seem to like it because it has good music.

There is a man there at the villa, but I can’t tell if I’m actually with him, or if I avoid him sometimes. It seems like I do both. And then there’s a woman who brings the man I had run away from to the villa, or the little village. Sometimes it’s like she helps me hide, and sometimes she helps him find where we are.

I also remember that there was a garden area with some marble steps and, at the top, there were these headstones that were partially made out of leather and alabaster. And they were the carvings that represented some famous lovers who had been buried there. I think they were performers of some kind, singers or something,

And you could kind of pull a little bit on the stone and it would come forward, and you could see the statue and the carvings. And then you pushed it back a bit and it tucked itself into the leather, which helped protect it from the elements.

I think three different statues there representing famous people that had been buried, one was this couple, and the other I don’t know who they were. And then it seems like I’m trying to keep a certain freedom, but I also have the kids there. It just wasn’t a real clear dream to me.

John: It wasn’t a real clear dream because you’re hiding from something that’s trying to break itself through. Even the headaches you have, that you pretend have something to do with dust and this, that, and the other, are actually the result of something trying to awaken, or come through. And you have these headaches as kind of a dense nature that you carry to try to keep things in check.

It seems that there really is something to this idea that a person who gets on a spiritual path gets to a particular point where physically they can break down, or start to suffer more. And, of course, a lot of it’s easily explained from the standpoint that they get more sensitive, or something, and they can’t eat like they normally eat, and require circumstances to be a little different.

And, in this particular case, in your particular case, your whole dream went into describing and portraying this whole quality that you have in which you are doing things that peek at, and yet somehow or another, work with, hold in some aspect of your nature, that which you protect.

In other words, you have these kids that you run away with, that are your kids. And then you have this peekaboo way that you deal with the masculine, with what you find there. But what you’re saying in that is that there is a setting in which what is important and necessary for something to come out, in terms of how it is that you need to be, well, that you’re sitting veiled in, yet you have your moments in which something comes out, and you do have a sense of what it is that has to be protected.

And then you take and you repeat that, in another way, where you see these statues or whatever and you realize that if moved forward they have one kind of dynamic; pushed back, left in a kind of staleness of the past, they have another look. And yet somehow or another you have a sense of the before, or of the timeless beyond.

And, the thing is, your dream, this dream that you were able to pull out, you weren’t able to pull out the other dreams before because the other dreams before would have involved you breaking through, confronting a physical dimension, that is there, because the subtle loudness behind the denseness of the physical dimension is something that is being kept in check yet by the outer quality of your nature.

It’s being kept in check for some reason because the time isn’t fully right, or ripe, for it to come out, apparently. Yet you have the peekaboo with it. And so, when you mentioned the headache, I immediately saw that this was correlated to something that inside of you that is trying to find its way. And the outer circumstances, the effect of the physical outer, is imposing this limitation.

The way that you work with that, or struggle with that, is causing you to slowly break through it – yet you don’t break through it as naturally as you could and, as a consequence, you have headaches and such. And, of course, almost in answer to a frustration, you have this dream.

And the dream portrays this little quality of, you might say, a scoping out that is occurring in a very steady and unfolding capacity. That’s interesting.

What a theme huh? Because the theme had to do with being able to recognize and identify a quality of a deeper innerness that’s at the depth of a person’s nature and being, even though outer appearances could easily, and tend to, suggest otherwise, because it’s the outer appearances that predominate, or appear to predominate, most of the time. Rarely is a person able to see through the outer appearances to denote what is trying to move around within.

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unconscious-mindThe way we’ve been taught, it’s easy to assume that we are “conscious.” But what is conscious in us is only a very small fraction of what is going on. In a development journey we begin to unlock our unconsciousness more and more, first by shedding light on our psychologies and lessening their effect, and then by allowing the universal connections of the unconscious to seep into our lives, as guidance and knowing. So the process begins by clearing the way inside for greater possibilities. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t remember a lot of my dream. It felt like I was in New York where the big storm is hitting. It felt like I was masculine.

I’m in an apartment there, like a wood apartment. The two things I remember about it is that, one is it felt like there was this energy of approaching something and having to back down, and approaching something and then having to back off. And I can’t even tell you what it was, I just remember the sensation of it more than the visual.

Then, also, in the corner of the room there was a little container, and in it was something like two very unique fish, and maybe a turtle that I didn’t notice until later. And they were fighting fish or there was something odd about these fish. And I was masculine in the dream.

And it felt like at one point I could go over and take out these fish and they could almost like crawl on you for a few minutes, and then you took them and put them back in the water. They were almost like an animal that was like a fish and not a fish, except they weren’t turtles because I saw a turtle at another point in the same container.

And it was almost like these were unique, and this was some kind of an experiment they were keeping these two little critters in the water there. That’s all I really pulled out of the dream. It was more like the sensations of the dynamics of what was happening, and I couldn’t focus in on the visuals.

John: Well fortunately it repeated twice. I remember getting it the first time and then I was looking to see if it would repeat in the second one. The first one had to do with a quality of the masculine that is brought through. It has to do with being able to freely let something come through.

You know, if you’re able to fully accept everything, you’re able to accept whatever comes through, whatever happens. You don’t have to measure or gauge or whatever.

And then the second dream was process oriented, in terms of how it is that you are able to accept and receive things. In other words, things can come out and can crawl around, or can be happening in the outer, providing you’re willing to go to a depth within with it – or to keep it submerged in the water.

Now, of course, that has two meanings. The opposite meaning, too, is that something cannot come out if it is kept permanently submerged in the water, and yet is capable of coming out of the water, and capable of taking on or being more.

But you have two fish right? See, fish represent a form of consciousness, and the turtle represents the wholeness of the world. And the turtle continues to swim in the water, right? You’re looking at a general overall unfoldment inside of yourself, in which what needs to be integrated and intertwined is an aspect that is able to take on and relate to the whole – which is the turtle – but then to get to that point, you have to relate to how it is that you process.

In the first dream, you’re still looking at things that you avoid, the first part of the dream. In the second part of the dream, where it repeats, it indicates that that which can come up, or rise up, has a lot to do with what kind of ability it has to probe the depths of itself. In other words, the fish in the water.

Fish represent wisdom and sight, or consciousness more than wisdom and sight. Consciousness, which is inclined to include both the wisdom and the knowingness. But the turtle represents the world, and so you have to catch up and carry this.

So, what’s triggering a dream like this? Well, you’re obviously upset about something. Things aren’t quite according to Hoyle, or expectation, or something. Everything isn’t as comfortable as it should be. And, therefore, you’re having to look at what can be accepted, and what can’t be accepted.

So what is the state? Well, the dream is kind of indicating I guess that when you’re more unsettled with yourself, you’re having to go through more of the unconscious. And that when you’re able to be more open and free, and not have to contend with things and worry about a friction, that your awareness reaches out to a greater whole.

That’s the process, but then the condition that you’re in is a condition that’s more a quality of intertwining. It’s seeking to figure out how to do that, how to do that, because when it falls back it falls back into a type of unconsciousness, that then keeps it from having its greater purpose dynamic which is, in terms of the whole, the world soul. So, it’s presenting kind of a conundrum or predicament.

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