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John: I keep dreaming that there is a dominant, inner expression that dictates the outer life. This is an influence that is familiar, deep within my natural frame of reference. However, the loudness of everything else – the superficial – drowns out this effect over the short run. 

So this influence silently dictates the overall way things unfold, even though it’s not readily apparent in the outer.

In one image, I see this inner expression represented as a skeletal frame that holds things together. The outer features are what I notice at first, and am apt to be swayed by – like the skin and the flesh on this frame – on a moment-by-moment basis. As a result, the controlling feature in life (the inner expression) takes a backseat to everything else in the outer environment. Or so it seems, even though in the long run the skeletal backbone to life is what ultimately wins out.

In other words, what I saw is this skeletal structure, and it comes all the way down to the ground. So there’s something about the structure that makes an energetic connection to everything that’s rooted in creation. Then the shell, the body, the flesh, and the skin on it is what people pay attention to, it’s what they see, so they’re not aware that there is an aliveness to the structure that actually dictates what is meant to be and how things are to unfold.  

Everyone is paying attention to what is more apparent or obvious, i.e., the denser, outer layer, which is just the wrapper, or the exterior of the skeletal structure. So people base their choices and actions according to appearances, because that’s the easiest to sense and to see.

In other words, the invisible skeletal structure carries the energetic or vibration of what’s meant to be, not the skin and the flesh and everything else that’s visible. But it’s the outer, visible layer that has a loudness that captures the senses, and draws everyone’s attention.

Of course, in the long run, what wins out, in terms of what is meant to be, is determined by the skeletal structure.

Isn’t that a strange image?

So in this dream I feel fortunate in knowing what is actually affecting what manifests in the outer. It’s a wonderful feeling of relief to know that there is inner guidance, determined or destined to come to the forefront of my being.

First of all, I sense this in a fairly general way, but then I realize that my attention is drawn more to the skeletal structure than it is to the outer layers. I do not readily grasp this.

I can feel it and I can know it, but I lose sight of this knowing when I’m caught up in some situation that requires my immediate attention. Even then, when I’m unable to hold onto an inner balance, I’m comforted in a subconscious way with knowing that there is the essence of what is meant to be, like it’s waiting for me to go there, to look there.

In the dream, because I’ve made the choice to have the inner framework to life dictate how I’m meant to live, even my mistakes and detours are simply guided and shaped into what is intended. I find that amazing.

In other words, as I fumble about it’s almost like something else is directing me because whatever I’m doing is being transformed somehow. It’s affected. Sometimes I suffer when this happens, but at other times my input is redirected and guided to bring out the intended inner effect.

I come to know and trust this inner expression, even though it’s not visible; for me it is just as real as what is visible. What is visible in the outer is there for appearances only. I’ve become able to see the deeper thread of things, beyond the noisy surface.

This cannot be said, however, for my coarser nature that is still dominated by the appearances of the outer world, fed only by the physical senses.

What I’m describing is a subtle awakening, of my consciousness, to that which lies deep within my nature. It gives me joy each time I’m able to break through the outer barriers and be touched by this inner essence, which waits patiently for me to attune myself to its existence at the core of my being.

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Jeane: I am in a regular kind of room with a bed near the door, and there is a man lying on that bed. I am sitting on a chair; I feel like a man in this dream. On the other side of the bed, on the far wall are round disks that have a button right above them or right in the middle of them. It seems as if they are part of an alarm system. I have the impression that we are guarding something or someone; it’s almost like we are guarding the president.

So, I am sitting still in the chair and the other man is sleeping or lying down on the bed. I can sense a flickering or something in the lights and I know there is something wrong. I stand up and walk around to where the alarm is; to the part that is my alarm. While I am doing this, I suddenly sense that the man on the bed might be an enemy. He might be part of an assault or attack, or whatever the problem might be. So I announce out loud that I have already activated the alarm, thinking that he might interfere with me before I get to it. Then I do get over and push the button. I walk past it and want to open the door to the hallway, but I have this feeling of unease because my sense is that the other guards and the people outside should be here by now, and I can’t hear any sounds or see any lights out there. So I have this sense of unease that something is wrong and I wake up.

John: So this is a dream that has built on something that occurred in real life. You’re holding a space (the room), but something isn’t coming together in terms of the masculine flow (the man sleeping on the bed, i.e., me), or a quality of bringing energy through. You are being vigilant in terms of your energetic presence, waiting and alert, but this other energetic is laying down.

So something isn’t coming together, and you start to wonder if, because it’s not coming together, then maybe it’s the enemy. You were feeling, as part of your overallness or a higher self-inflection, that with the combination of you and that energy, something important was being sustained. But because there is something about the energy that is represented as lying down, that is not on the job even though you are vigilant, it means that it is slacking off, and perhaps is the enemy.

This dream is portraying the idea that when something needs to happen, and it doesn’t happen, time runs out. That’s one way of seeing it. Another way of seeing it, on a more personal level, is that when you feel that something needs to happen, and it doesn’t happen, then it means it’s carrying on against you in some way. That’s an interesting thought, isn’t it?

I think that’s a quality or trait of the feminine nature. If something isn’t in flow, then the feminine begins to feel insecure and wonders if she is still appreciated. Then she will often try to overcompensate in order to get a reassurance that everything is okay. But this process is destabilizing to your flow in terms of what you are meant to hold together as an overall space. It takes you astray to have to ponder whether this energy is an enemy or not. So the energy is no longer functioning as part of you; it’s not an aspect that you can identify with – it has become lazy.

So, I would say, this dream brought you some completion from something that occurred personally, as a kind of breakthrough, even though it is completeness in a different way. We have a peculiar belief that everything has to end in a fairy tale. A lot of things do come together in a wonderful capacity, but they don’t look like fairy tales. When you are able to realize something, even if it looks like a disaster, to be able to grasp the image, means that something inside you gets it. So that’s a coming together.

In other words, it’s not an either/or situation where there’s the fairy tale ideal with the perfect ending, or otherwise it’s a total loss. It can also have a catastrophic ending, yet new understanding has been attained. Many teachers say that you learn more from mistakes than you do from successes. So you had a dream where you probably learned more than if the image had ended with a wonderful glow and you saving the day.

Maybe the drama can transform things, whereas the happy ending leaves nothing more to do. It seems like a drama can pull something through more quickly and more succinctly. We shouldn’t always see things in such a black-and-white way. In my experience you can get more value from things even if they are unpleasant at the moment.

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