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chakrasystemHere John continues his dream imagery (see The Light of Consciousness) where he is being shown that a development journey requires bringing something higher down into life – through our life. Just as the in-breath becomes the out-breath to complete a cycle, humans must follow that process in their life, in service to something higher, giving expression to creation through the physical realms.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And in this next, to begin with, I’m able to go directly through an issue without having to consider the full extent of the issue. This occurs when the breath can make an initial cycle through creation, for example.

In other words, the principle we’re talking about is a path that’s described as having to climb the chakras, or the Kundalini energy. This is kind of an Eastern way of looking at things, and that when a person is doing that, that’s viewed as the end-all be-all of what life is about, is that you keep going higher and higher, applying some sort of faculties from lower self to higher self.

And essentially this gets you out of Dodge, or out of the dilemma that you’re in of this domain or something, being somehow or another estranged, and that you climb the chakras to somewhere else.

Well, when you climb the chakras you get to a point where, because you’re meant to be in creation, you’re going to climb the chakras, but you have to come right back down. That’s the out-breath again.

So, you have the in-breath, you climb the chakras, which is kind of a consciousness, kind of difficult to do, and when you do it it’s like, whew, you’re home free maybe. Nope, you have to come right back down again, each breath being a cycle of creation.

The more often the breath goes up and down, more is revealed, and the greater the responsibility becomes as a person sees themselves to be more and more intertwined with all of life.

To begin with, when you first climb the chakra and whatnot, it’s like you really accomplish something, but what you did to do that can be very defined and very rigid and sequestered even in your nature. That’s where a person could, for example, go into a cave and perhaps make great strides, but how overall is their nature? If they come out they might have a hissy fit over the slightest little thing because they don’t have any depth, any perception that goes beyond a very linear focus.

So to go along with this I had the following dream image. First there is the memory of passing through a hospital ward, and in a casual first step the situation isn’t so overwhelming. That is because my perception is still yet quite limited. In other words, that’s like climbing the levels of yourself in your hospitalization case, and you know that you have to get out of a certain denseness. 

You’re climbing the chakras and initially you don’t have a lot of character or lilt in your energy, auric nature, or whatever you want to call it, that takes in the expanse of it all. And so to begin with, that’s taken into account and you’re able to do something straightaway, fairly directly, and you can think that you really accomplish something. Then you come back down and each time you have to take into account more and more of the Whole.

And this is seen in this dream where there comes a time when I see wing after wing. In other words I go through this hospital, my visualization is just go boom-boom, and it’s like you walk right straight through it. And now all of a sudden I look to my left, and I look to my right, and there’s a wing of beds and stuff that go on and on as far as the eye can see.

I hadn’t noticed that before, and they have to be taken into account in order to go forward, or to proceed, because the proceeding we are talking about is on an energetic level whereby the breath goes back and forth, more and more consciously. So each wing represents another level of perception in the overall that needs to be accommodated. 

So to do this requires the integration of all parts of myself, and what you could call even other parts of yourself, and that is what I mean when I say, feeling overwhelmed as I say it, “Where is Maggie?” 

In other words, she is me on another level of beingness that I need to access in order to take into account an even greater overall accommodation, consciously. Which causes one to think maybe that’s why the teacher has students, is because the teacher knows that he is the student, and the student is him. And the greater that is realized, the more all of that integrates in terms of a thought of God, to various thoughts of God, in terms of the taking and incorporating into account the Whole, which lifts something up.

And that to do it individually can only go so far but, as a group, as a presence that embodies all of this stuff, that takes in all of this divinity that each person carries, your situation becomes most impressive.

So a teacher has the ability to come in and awaken all of that, so that what mushrooms out of that is this whole greater sweeping up, the “Maggie effect” in the ward, so to speak, of myself. That is still me, but is a taking it into account that isn’t my normal customary nature.

So what I am describing is, is I’m looking at a consciousness that cannot occur without ever-greater merged correlation of the whole of life.

That is why a group consciousness, or lineage, or brethren in a path, are so important. They are me, and I am them, when the process gets to be like this. That sure blows the “we are separate” motif out the window. In the end, everyone becomes you and has a role as a thought of God in an intertwinedness.

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In this final installment of this conversation between Ann and John, the process of spiritual development through dream work is discussed, particularly in terms of how far the average human is from being able to open up to their own inner light and spiritual knowing. For the previous posts in this series, see Saying Yes to the Process, The Greater Part of You, and Loving Without Leaving Traces.

(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And the ultimate state or station is when there’s nothing that you’re not – you’re everything.

Your dreams feel fun, simple, and easy to look at and kind of portray and it feels wonderful to do it, it feels joyous to even do that.

Except I do have the trepidation now all of a sudden that one would be put through their paces if you start exploring more of this throwing off the garment of things, as your last image indicated. You want a divorce from all of that now, and the thing is, is that’s a big subject. How do you do that? That’s a big subject…

Because you don’t know what to annihilate.

Ann: Yeah, exactly. Yep, and you can get yourself into trouble.

John: If you annihilate the wrong thing you go backwards. How do you know what to annihilate? In other words, energy is neither created nor destroyed. It’s just in a different format all the time, and so what is annihilation even?

The word I’ve started to use is subrogation, which is a word that means where you’ve taken a particular energetic that has a deeper essence quality to it and you’ve twisted it in a way so that you can use it in an outer capacity way, thinking that that’s important.

A good example would be women who suppress their sexuality and start to take on and dress a little more masculine oriented so that they can be more objectively oriented in terms of the world and therefore they take on a different appearance. They sparkle differently. They don’t really glow, they sparkle.

They become more streamlined in their persona. It’s beautiful in it’s own way, but it is a subrogation from the glow. The glow is unconscious. And the sparkle is conscious in the outer, or thinks it is. But it’s limited. It’s very defined.

You take a person that’s like that and the kind of conversation you would have with them – they know where they’re going and what they want, and they can be wonderful people. But they have a definition.

And it’s probably why the teacher has indicated, that we’re not the best, there are a lot of people that are much more wonderful than we are, and what happened? Why aren’t they? Why not them?

It’s because they have sealed themselves in a particular way, and aren’t receptive, just like it’s said that ministers for example are probably the last, because they think they know something.

Ann: Isn’t that the truth.

John: This is an odd kind of process and, I don’t know how much more of this I can put up with sitting for four or five hours. Because my back will get sore too. I mean, I do my best to prop myself up – I’ve got blankets and pillows and good seat cushions and all of the accoutrements.

What I’m finding is different, is for the longest period of time I hated meditation. In fact, I wouldn’t do it. And somehow or another I dreamt. But now all of a sudden I can actually see what it means where a person can sit and go somewhere.

The teacher’s joke that, when their time is up, they just sit in meditation and, boom, they’re out of here. That actually can make sense to me now.

But before it was like you went through the motions in order to counterbalance something in the outer, and more often than not you disturbed yourself by doing that. And yet somehow or another you continue to do it even though on one way of looking at it, it was kind of an act of lunacy.

In my particular case I can justify the act of lunacy because it created interesting dreams. So I still have a means to the end. But, what if a person isn’t doing this? Where is their means to an end? It’s all lunacy.

I guess the time is coming when they pull the rug out from underneath that lie, that I was telling myself, because I’m starting to ponder and struggle with the idea of, yes, you dream into knowing, but what is it that you’re coming to know? How can you tell anybody this stuff? Who can understand this kind of stuff?

It’s now gotten to the point where we relate things based upon our ability to identify somewhere inside of our self, and the identification that we make inside of our self has to do with something that has a quality of substance to it.

And yet this process goes to a point of less and less and less substance, or definition, that can be found as a type of substance. So, how is it that you can comprehend it? And yet it gets like that and gets like that and gets like that more and more and more all the time.

That’s why I find it exhilarating to play with your dreams a little bit. Yes there are light bulb moments in some of the stuff I’m going through, but how do you twine it in? Your stuff can still twine in. If you go out on this whole “divorce” journey that you’re going to have to make, then you’re out in the desert again. Here you’ve been rescued from the desert, and you had the opals and the rubies piled high.

The palace that you find yourself in – the time will come when who gives a shit about the palace? It’s kind of a curse. Right now it’s very important, but at the next phase it will be in the way.

Ann: Yep, it won’t even matter.

John: Who would guess, you know, when you’re sitting at one point, who would guess that that’s even possible?

It’s kind of like a Rubik’s Cube to have to sort through. It’s interesting that you’re able to handle a lot of the stuff that we talk about because what’s interesting is your dream shows that you’re spared a lot of this… I mean, you don’t have to go and torture yourself with a lot of deep, hard meditation. You won’t have to go through this huge self-consciousness as whether you’re doing something that displeases something on some other level. Are you going through any of that?

Ann: Not necessarily. No.

John: That’s kind of neat actually. I’ll describe the state that you’re in using another kind of path as an example, using Raj yoga, and under Raj yoga the term isn’t student, it’s aspirant.

It’s said under Raj yoga that an aspirant needs to stay an aspirant as long as they possibly can, because then they will go from aspirant to another kind of connectivity. They’ve gotten all of their questions answered, they’ve gotten all of the compliments out, and they can then do that wholeheartedly.

But what happens is because of the nature of our upbringing, where we identify with things with the senses, and everything has got to be about something else, as soon as the aspirant realizes that there’s something else wondrous to be had, they want to go from aspirant to student or whatever. They want it.

And so it is said that in Raj yoga what really wise is the aspirant who takes his time. Who takes and stays an aspirant and gets closer and closer but still stays as an aspirant, doesn’t reach to get whatever or try to get whatever there is.

But that can go farther than someone who reaches up because then you could get caught into the spiritual illusion of using the tools so to speak that you’re used to questing for things in the outer, kind of like trying to quest on the inner, instead of just holding out and beholding.

I’d never heard on this path it talked about like this, but this is a big theme in Raj yoga. You kind of know this fits, because on this path you’re just kind of left where nobody knows who’s a student and who is not.

And you come to know that you’re plugging in based upon this dynamic that you start to take on, and who knows, to a large degree one of those dynamics is probably illusionary too. It’s kind of like people still have their idea of what can be shared and what can’t be shared.

I still remember this gal, you know, I was asking her a question and I was kind of new and she says, “Well, I’m not sure I can tell you this, or I can’t tell you,” almost as if there’s certain things that can’t be shared, or can’t be revealed, or can’t be talked about because you’ve developed this idea of what can be said and what can’t be said.

Which is a type of sealant, which is a type of spiritual concept orientation that that person’s developed in terms of their idea of what the path is and what it is that they’re getting from it. It doesn’t work that way.

If something comes up like for example if you share a dream, I don’t go and say well gee, I better make sure I don’t tell her this about the dream because this could disturb her, or affect her. But the dream has its own language, and all I’m doing is trying to tell the language.

If I don’t tell the language right, you’re going to know it from a deeper level inside yourself, and it’s just going to fall by the way boards.

If I tell it right, it’s going to be like light bulb moments and it’s going to kind of like light a rocket ship a little better. There’s no such thing as trying to sit there and trying to figure it out, not when it opens like what we just described. Not when it opens like that.

However, every person throws their own defense mechanisms out there and when they throw out defense mechanisms, it’s loud, it’s dense. The clarity is subtler.

So that denseness snuffs it right out. It’s the way it’s designed, and may my mercy be always greater than my wrath. The designer flow flows. It just comes down and it flows.

If it comes down in a herky jerky fashion, which I’ve seen it come down like that. In fact there are a couple of people that I’ve talked to in which they’ll have a particular perception about something that I’ll contend with, and I’ll go around and around and eventually figure out how to point out that it’s not that, that it’s more like this, this is the way you look at it. They suddenly have a light bulb moment, they get it.

They get it at that point in time but they tend to fall back on their own perceptions again. Because it got jerked down and there’s a collateral damage that it got jerked down. This stuff has to kind of flow out. It flows out.

You hear what you’re able to hear. You can say it all, but who can hear it? It shows that we carry within our self a collective mannerism that carefully screens what we’re ready and able to hear for our own protection. It’s kind of a grace or a mercy quality in life.

In other words, that keeps us from being kind of destroyed. In other words, we bound around in a kind of protective sphere. There’s a certain degree of density that we seem to have ability to offset so that you only go into the direness of the density of things, and the negative, to a certain degree.

You’ve evolved maybe from plant or animal to this point and it’s pretty hard to devolve, so you only take on the density to a certain degree. You have something as a momentum behind it of protection.

The same thing is true on the flip side when you can be burned by the light or the clarity of things could be such that it could send you off on a tangent.

Yes, they’re kind of examples where the kundalini may open, which is a type of light clarity trying to come through, and it’s too much and it blows a few circuits and whatnot, but by and large for the most part, you have good defense mechanisms, you will have things in your nature that protect you.

Only when the person is mean can that be somehow or another violated. In other words, there are certain things I know I can say that would create irreparable wounds but that means I have a meanness to me.

You don’t do that, you absorb that. People don’t even know this is absorbed, you just absorb it. I’m sure people are absorbing stuff with me all the time and don’t even know they’re doing it.

We do that, but then it’s nice to bring it out into a shaping vibration, or in other words you could call it catching up with the divine vibration.

In other words the inner and the outer work so wondrously and naturally together – so naturally that nobody notices – and that’s why it’s invisible.
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Today we have a continuation of the conversation we began on Friday, in Saying Yes to the Process.

Here John leads us through the ideas of the processes of dream work itself, and the unfolding of the spiritual journey as the energetically awakened person begins to see the world around them more from the inner into the outer, and explores the concept of holding both the unconscious and conscious aspects of life as one thing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Yesterday I had a very, very complicated and detailed dream, that I couldn’t remember one lick of when I came out of it. As a consequence of that dream I was in revolt to everything. I couldn’t identify with the outer environment around me or with anybody.

Everything was nausea, everything was kind of insecure. I was kind of like cracking up.

So I went to bed. Jeane takes and has two great dreams of which she always remembers her dream. She rolls over and touches me and same thing, poof, completely gone.

I kind of laid there in the cradle not even wanting to get up. When I get up I go back to meditating and meditate until 12:30pm. Basically all morning long – still not able to identify with anybody or anything and still in this very strange state.

When I come out of it I go out and announce, which I had announced to Jeane earlier in the morning, that I’m toxic and therefore I’m not going to eat for the next three days. You know, the feminine always take that as a shocker, you know boom like that. He’s really flipped out.

At 12:30pm I get up, I take a long walk, and I come back at about 4pm, and the TV is on and I’ll be darned panning around is one of my favorite shows, A Bronx Tale.

But it’s on a channel with all kinds of commercials and it’s got a lot of filthy language in it because it is one of those types that has very deep meaning but uses extremes to get there, and they’re dubbing it out because it’s on regular TV – plus with all of those commercials.

So I’m now flipping out again because I’m cracked; I’m fragile. So it gets recorded, the other half of it or so, and I disappear again and meditate for a couple more hours because I can’t relate to anymore TV or anything.

And I come out of that and watch it and it’s really good and everything, but I’m still feeling in this state where I’m a little disconcerted. Now, as far as a certain level of sight, it’s enhanced. But as far as a dexterity in the outer, I feel very helpless and weak.

As far as talking about things that other people talk about that consider important in terms of outer things, I probably am dangerous to talk to in a state like this, because I’m liable to shock them. I might not be polite enough you know to cater to it.

Also what tripped this, the night before last, was we pretty much set up a movie we were going to watch. It’s actually a very excellent movie with a lot of depth to it, Water for Elephants.

Jeane selected it and I thought it was a dumb movie but it turned out to not be, so we had the movie room reserved and she had a friend that was coming down. This was in… oh, I forget what they call it – it’s a special way of filming so it’s really high tech and whatnot  – and of course we have a pretty phenomenal movie room here, so at 8 o’clock this person hadn’t showed up yet.

And before they showed up about 8:15pm, I could already feel the vibe, and by 8:30pm I didn’t even want to watch the movie. Well, what this person is, is this person is an incredibly brilliant person, very deeply developed on a spiritual level, but so insecure it’s unbelievable.

I’m so much of a type of raw energy, that if a person was really insecure, I’m going to hit that button right off the bat. I mean, I was aware of this before she showed up. I felt I needed to disappear.

And then when she showed up she greets me with all kinds of openness because she knows Jeane real well and I don’t feed her insecurity button, and she starts to crack. And then she tries to make a comeback, and it doesn’t work you know because, I don’t know, I’m just a hard ass in some sense, and I say I don’t even mean to be that way. It’s just kind of a quality there and all of it was useful because what it did is it threw me into this nausea.

I mean this is a wonderful person and what came up was a discussion in which there was another person in here that has a lot of momentum, accomplishes a lot, but is vicious…

But you know they can’t help themselves if they’re vicious and I couldn’t stand the judgement of it, so I took this person’s defense even though I don’t agree with it. I also don’t agree with any black-and-white rubbing out something. And of course that will hit the insecurity button right away, because this person finds that sort of thing repulsive. If you find certain things repulsive, and you are reactive, you’re not going to be able to carry the kundalini energy.

And she had accessed things and she had developed a sensitivity and a brilliance, but then comes the next installment that could take her miles and miles down the road – would be the kundalini energy – and it will freak her out. It’s too much for her.

Jeane likes her because she finds her so brilliant, but she’s is also very, very careful to know how to handle her in terms of her insecurity.

I joke to Jeane, I say, “That’s an amazing talent that you have.” Just like I can take someone that can walk up and stick a gun in my ribs as I’m walking down the street and just start talking to him as if they are a long lost brother, and then when we hit the corner they go one way across the street and I go the other way as if nothing had happened. And anybody else they would have freaked out and they would have gotten robbed and who knows what all.

But I don’t feed into that and so it doesn’t work. There is a kind of a natural intertwining. I think I have told you this story of this other guy that’s so dangerous that he puts people in hospitals when he flipped out, and I would talk to him and everybody else would give him a wide space because they knew if he flipped out, and you’re around, you are going to be in bad shape.

I like the guy. I never felt any… I mean I could feel the rumble of that quality in his nature that was out of control but it was almost like driving a car. I knew how to drive that, how to steer or something, and appreciate the wondrousness that this guy had inside of him too…

One has to get like that and be like that in order to break the trances of the outer.

Because the outer is nothing but a reflection of energetics, conscious and unconscious. In other words, you’re going to come to a point in your dreaming where you are going to realize that the access that you are having that is reflective has a limitation too.

In other words, the outer is all reflective and your dreams are reflective but they go to a different depth. They incorporate a certain soul element that moves around…

But the soul element is also caught in having to be in creation, in a magnetism of a human body in terms of earth, and it’s a little bit baffling and a little bit confusing, so the images that come through you speak of something on the other side, but put it in a language that has to do with symbolism that is an earth energy.

And you lead through the earth energy to understand the symbolism on the other side, or the meaningfulness on the other side. Well, because your senses work most of the time, 99.9% of the time, outwardly and the mind of course is there interpreting those outward senses, when you have a dream that you remember, what you have actually done is you have stopped the mind and have settled yourself.

You didn’t realize that you stopped your mind, when you were sleeping, but you have stopped all of that moving around in an outer way capacity that just yo-yos back and forth and doesn’t have any sense of cadence. You have paused enough in order for this greater dimension to leak through, just like when I’m unsettled and cracking up, Jeane just touching me, it sets a trepidation off where she loses her dreams, or that quality of the other side trying to communicate through as a kind of language of the macro, to which she really is at a deeper level.

When you dream and then you are reducing this to images that you then cypher through to see what’s going on as a movement of the soul at a deeper level, what you’re doing in the dream process is first and foremost is you’re establishing first of all a stability and a sense and a training and an understanding, and a strength, by which you then can be subjected to access of the greater part of yourself.

When you are really fairly trite and dense, you can’t handle much and so everything is kept really basic. The outer is the outer and it’s no more than that. But then when you start to get more subtly refined and developed inside, to where you can access the greater part of yourself, then you come to recognize that the outer is nothing more than a reflection of the inner.

To begin with you struggle with your dreams in that you have to somehow get to the point where what you see in your dreams you don’t apply in an outer context. To begin with you do. To begin with you think oh, well it means I did this, that, and the other – I’ll change that in terms of what I do tomorrow.

To begin with, it’s a lot like that, all still cycling around your narrow perspective of life. But ultimately it gets to where you can’t do it that way anymore. That’s the nausea that you hit, that’s the third part of your dream. You can’t do it that way anymore.

You cannot be subjected to the limitations of power and control; you are intertwined with it all. You cannot handle you being treated as if everything operates in its own separate way and is distinct. You know better than that.

When you get like that, well, here’s the dilemma you run into, like Jeane starts out and she recognizes both the conscious and the unconscious, and then she learns how to take and put that sort of thing into kind of an order by which she can then express herself. Her dream described right where she was at in terms of using the energy, but it also portrayed the nausea in another way.

And I said to her that her dream was where she had both the conscious and the unconscious simultaneously. How can you be okay with it just being that way – in a state of a type of nothingness?

In other words, it hasn’t been formed into anything whereby you’ve streamlined yourself to utilize it. That can break you into a million pieces. That can cause you to throw away everything that you had identified with in terms of the sense of satisfaction.

There’s a way of interpreting your dream and this would be a completely wrong interpretation and fortunately you haven’t gone there, I don’t think, but there would be a way of interpreting the dream to think that your marriage is going to fall apart or something. And that is completely, completely totally wrong.

And that’s how the kundalini energy can destroy you, because that isn’t what the kundalini energy is about at all. The kundalini energy is there to cause you to take a step within. Everything in the outer, all of that, is meant to be an inner to outer correlation, not prison.

The outer is not a prison, it’s a reflection of the inner. Ultimately the outer reflects the inner.

That’s why when things are in a certain state of flux, here in creation, there is a similar flux in the ethers, or in the higher self, or the higher whatever, as above so below. And we are sitting with an access to it all, by being able to hold into the depths of something as the microcosm. In other words, there’s both the expanse and the contraction and the expanse and the contraction ultimately reveal the same thing.

As an example, the contraction you could take and put something under a microscope and you could see that every cell is identical to every other cell in the human body. Basically they have a blueprint, and that blueprint has a quality about it just like a fingerprint. It has a quality about it that is unique.

The microscope or the technology of minuteness can take and break the atom all the way to the point that it can get to the epicenter of all of the energy in creation where you have the big bang or poof effect just through a type of nuclear kind of way they call it nuclear anyway, a nuclear kind of going and going and going to the point where through the microcosm you get to everything that there is.

It goes that way too. We live in the microcosm. We have access through the microcosm to everything in the macrocosm. It’s amazing that there is no time and there is no space and you can play with it either in terms of expansion or contraction.

And a human being yo-yos back and forth between expansion and contraction which is the same thing as saying one minute they’re happy, and the next minute they’re sad, and one minute their heart is dancing, and the next minute their heart is crushed.

And then they start to maybe even develop some of the traits from Proverbs, or Ecclesiastes or whatever, that in other words don’t get too elated because then you are going to get sad or whatever as if there is an equanimity, which is a kind of Buddhist term now.

You know, trying to find that love of equanimity so you do not throw yourself around. This is just the order of things. Another way of saying expansion and contraction would be conscious and unconscious.

What we consider consciousness is in the outer an idea of how to best fend for yourself, and the most responsible and know how to walk across the street without getting hit and all of that we consider that a type of understanding as a type of consciousness. What we consider unconsciousness is a person that’s sleepwalking and they walk across the street and kabango. That’s unconsciousness.

That unconsciousness is a quality that includes everything in the overall. Consciousness has taken and streamlined and limited something.

Here’s another way of describing it. The world is created out of sound. So everything resonates a pitch or a sound. There is a sound in the universe and you can hear that sound.

Now let’s apply science to it. So science has come along and they’ve taken and they have figured out what’s called frequencies. And they can make a frequency, we will call it a cellular frequency, and the cellular frequency can handle voice technology, it can have the frequency that can transmit television and news radio and such. That’s streamlined, that’s precision, that’s taking something out, of you might say, a type of unconsciousness and made it conscious in the outer.

Then you can take the same frequency and you can go from what’s called analog to digital in which you tighten the frequency and now it handles and transmits and projects better things like data packets.

And then you could say well gee, I have accumulated all of this. I need to be able to contain it in some fashion. So now they’ve developed what is called microwave, which is a type of working with light where you zip this to maybe a home base like a central computer or something. So now you are able through the microwave to spray this around when before when you took something out of the macrocosm as a microcosm, you limited it, because a radiowave can only project so far, but now when you convert it back to light you can start to expand it back out into the macro.

The secret, the key here is to get to the point where you can be both conscious and unconscious simultaneously.

In other words, the dream I had last night is I went home and there’s a baby laying first of all kind of in the middle of the bed or towards the middle of the bed and suddenly it’s laying right on the very corner on the end.

And I start to wonder what would happen to this baby if it rolls off the bed. Sure enough, the baby rolls off the bed and eyes open up, the mother goes over and picks it up, the mother being my mom, picks it up, and the baby can talk.

Pretty sharp baby! The baby’s joking around about something that dad had said that indicate that the baby is going to be put on welfare, and the baby is laughing about it as if this is a joke because the baby knows. The baby can reason and knows stupidity when it hears stupidity.

Then finally I’m looking at the baby, the baby says, “Who are you?” I say, “I am your older brother.”

Then the baby comments about that, makes some comment, and I say, “Yeah, there is another brother, but I’m the oldest.” And then I try to remember another brother I had, but I can’t remember him. So it’s like he’s my other brother, but I feel like I am 40 in the dream yet my younger brother’s 20.

And the whole thing is this baby is in a state of unconsciousness, so to speak, connected to the soul of things, and I’m in a state of sophistication connected to creation and supposedly having lived life and have a certain conscious recollection about things, yet to this baby everything is unconscious.

Wow, I am a baby. That baby is me, we’re intertwined.

Ann: Boy, that’s pretty powerful.

John: So both the conscious and the unconscious have to be carried together. It’s the only way that inner can properly come into outer, it’s the only way that the inner and the outer can be correlated.

Otherwise, to the degree to which you have a depth of awareness inside of yourself, you’re going to keep building bigger castles, and you’re going to have no problem with the kundalini energy, except the kundalini energy is not designed the way the teacher’s teacher put it. The kundalini energy is one third on this side and two thirds on the other side.

It’s designed to open you up to the greater part of yourself. And when you open up to the greater part of yourself, then you come to find out that this path is about service. The reason why it’s put in those words is because you have a responsibility to the Whole.

And as you take on that responsibility of the Whole, you function differently.

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