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4433It seems shocking to realize that all the spiritual and religious pathways that have been available to humans, in the many thousands of years, are only partial truths. They are guideposts, and blueprints, to embarking on the journey, but they are really not the journey. The journey is within us, and can only be done from within us, because each of us has to overcome a different set of obstacles, unique to us, to make the journey. So it is not possible that two lives could do it in exactly the same way. To think otherwise is to not understand what is being asked of us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now, there is something that is unsettling, very subtly unsettling, to have to approach the subject matter of consciousness by talking about abstract things such as dhikrs, and holy names, and sounds, and prayers.

And the reason why I feel it is like that is because deep, deep down inside, once upon a long time, I saw the wholeness of everything – and I didn’t really appreciate it. I didn’t even know what I was necessarily looking at. And when I went away from that it was like being discombobulated, or taken apart, the nuts and bolts and everything were disassembled. And the price that has to be paid is to put that all back together again

And the process upon which that gets put back together is not readily given to you. You’re shown this, and you’re shown that. The understanding of the nuts and bolts is there, but you have to catch up with that for yourself. When it wasn’t properly regarded, and appreciated, and taken into account, you just don’t take and flip the page and go all the way back to score one again. Now comes the process of having to reconcile your way back, because it is a discovery of the missing nuts and bolts. One’s connectedness; it’s a discovery of that all on one’s own.

So this quality of having to reach to and access that which was lost, that one has to find on their own, that some part of one’s self deep, deep, deep inside knows about, but you don’t just flip the page and it’s handed to you again. You have to crawl your way back. There’s no shortcuts that are there. This is what this next dream is about.

And so, in my dream, I have an object that I am told has good value, and that this is an object that others will want and they will have a use for. The item has been taken apart by a person who has, as a business, this means of dissembling things. He is the one who tells me that what I have has good value and it is something that others want.

I saw it before it was taken apart, and, although it looked interesting to me, it was like a machine or something that I’m not really familiar with. The person who took it apart has issues with me, although he was amenable to taking the object apart so that it could be stored, or transported, retained and maintained in other words, he will not let me have the nuts and bolts that he took out to break it into its various pieces. He won’t let me have the sack of the nuts and bolts, that came out of this object, that I need if I am to try to put it back together again.

So in trying to get him to turn them over to me just makes him volatile. I mean he was perfectly fine demeanor taking it apart. He gladly helped doing that, but if I were to keep pushing him to knock it off, just hand me that so I can put it together, now that I am aware that this is something of value and of interest to people; I mean that’s rude, from his opinion, somehow. I don’t understand why he feels it’s rude, but it’s rude, and he just won’t do it. In fact, he’ll fight me over the idea if I keep it up.

Because I’m not readily familiar with the workings of this object, for it to be apart like this takes away my ability to do justice in selling it to others. I’m not inclined to do what it takes to reconstruct from scratch, so it creates a kind of giving up, or loss of value or appreciation, because if the nuts and bolts are readily there, then I can just do it, but they’re not readily there. And yet I know I can find them, or it can be done, in terms of putting it back together. In other words, it’s just not going to be cut and dry because I’m going to have to go out and get new nuts and bolts to do this.

And then I will be able to see what it is, and appreciate what it is, that he tells me is something that has great value and demand. Otherwise, it’s just a kind of a concept that I could easily disregard. I could be lazy, and not do it, and disregard it.

The meaning is, is I have a memory of an aspect of myself that was once complete. I remember seeing it complete, but this was not something I paid much attention. I noticed it at the time and, you could say, I kind of took it for granted.

Fast forwarding now to the way things are today, it takes awhile to have the adab and the character or whatever is necessary. So just knowing the importance and value is enough, now, for me to go out and seek to find the nuts and bolts on my own. And he knows I can do it, but given the karma of the past a process has to be followed. In other words, he can’t just lift a finger and make it easier for me.

Another aspect of the meaning is, letting go to an attendant stillness is important. It’s important because I need this to go back into life. Because I wasn’t properly being myself in the outer, I was deconstructed. I now believe I am able to recognize that value and importance. To prove it, I am on my own in accessing the nuts and bolts that are needed. I mean, I already have them, but I just have to access them in a more responsible and focused way.

These elements are not going to be readily given to me. In other words, it’s not like maybe when I was first created, let’s say an Adam and Eve scenario, where it was just all handed and I didn’t know what I had, so it’s not just readily there again no matter how much I may insist, or beg, or whatever it is type of righteousness. There is a price that has to be paid from having not utilized, or properly valued, and lived, what was once mine. I must now become worthy. There is a grievance about this that is like a malingering stigma. It can be overcome, but the process will require a deep inner commitment, and effort, that I need to find within.

And the deeper meaning is, this explains why, you know in the outer, this explains why it is that teachers only go so far. A teacher will describe the situation, in other words, give you techniques and stuff that kind of hint towards the situation, can even elaborate about its importance. And what we understand, of course, is always kind of misconstrued because we need to access, with a letting go stillness, that which is an overall wholeness.

In other words, it’s up to us to access what puts ourselves back together again, as a oneness. The teacher can know, and can actually even be holding onto, the nuts and bolts of our beingness, which means that we are in some fashion holding onto the nuts and bolts of our beingness, but are disenfranchised from them. But it’s not totally lost because we have been there. We have been in a state of wholeness before and self-destructed, or deconstructed, on purpose from that wholeness back to a prima materia outer and the myriad of things in which a discombobulation exists.

The challenge has thus become: can one then overcome the mayhem, and reach within, and access what was always there, has always been there, has never been lost, it’s just hidden. That is the issue before me now. There are no shortcuts. I need to quit acting like it can simply be handed over, which is the wrong attitude, because in that attitude you’re disturbing and insulting the intelligence of the greater teacher, which is life.

So what is needed is acceptance, graciousness, and a more natural inner peace that isn’t ladled with demands and expectations. When I’m able to be like that, what I readily need will make itself known, or be provided to me. It’s interesting isn’t it?

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hieronymus-boschTo truly make a spiritual journey is to go against what everyone, and everything, in the culture and society takes for fact; it is to believe and trust that what we see around us is not the whole story. If we follow that urge within, it will allow us to see that life as we know it is only important in a relative way: yes, we can love others and make a living, but we don’t have to buy into the idea that the world we see around us is the pinnacle of human development. It’s not. The journey will lead us to let go of planetary things and help us embrace the universal that can be our future. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream I’m a young woman, or somewhere maybe in my 30s or so. I’ve been kidnapped by this big mob boss, or gangster of some kind, and taken to what feels like another planet because when he puts me down it’s almost like there’s some kind of surface he puts me down on, almost like if it were a really large lily pad – but there’s other people on it.

I mean it’s quite large like the size of this room, at least, and there’s some other people on it and maybe they have places where they sleep and stuff, and sometimes it’s even a little sticky. And I feel like wherever I am it’s not like I can just leave there.

And then it feels like he brings me little things, now and then, and then he’s even wanting to encourage me to get up and move around, or like maybe I actually can have some freedom of movement. But I don’t trust it because I know he’s kind of a gangster, and it’s as though he’s trying to convince me that everything’s fine, and I’m with him, and I can actually have a certain amount of freedom, but I recognize that that’s all an illusion to some degree.

So it’s like this kind of a little tug-of-war going on there where he’s kind of wanting me to pretend that I have this freedom, I can even maybe go to the spaceship, but I don’t know that I believe it. And it was all kind of murky colors, too. That was the first dream.

John: Well, you’re just portraying what it’s like to be caught in an amnesia of having to contend, and buy into, the outer. And from the perception of the outer it’s like it has like a whole monster, or harshness, or whatever it is, over lording quality to it that is doing through its reflective way to get you to buy into it as being real.

And every time you have any intuition that something could be different, it’s hard to recognize that in the face of a situation in which everything is being done to convince you otherwise.

And the significance of the dream is to catch up with the vibration that belies the fact that this is meaningful; I mean it’s a reflection. And, in terms of how it is that a part of you needs to unfold, that the reflection that’s there, and the intensity at play, to make this reflection seem all that there is, is something that you’re having to recognize and realize doesn’t echo to a point where you need to be at anymore.

And so, a dream like that, where everything is like that, and no matter what is done to try to convince you that it is otherwise, if you can truly see that and everything in the outer as being like that, then you’re at the threshold of an intense longing for there to be something more. And that longing can bring you out of the outer amnesia of things which are the reflective conditions of vibrations in an outer – and can carry you to an epicenter, or depth, inside of yourself which is able to take all of that in, in terms of the essence, as opposed to the reflection.

And so you could say that your dream is a calamity of things, so to speak, in an exaggerated format, that’s at the gateway of the epiphany breaking through to something so much more on another side. But until you do that, and if you’re still caught in the equation of things all around you, then it’s like that being in kind of a pressurized zone, and yet something is waking up, and yet there you are not able to quite catch up with what is waking up, so you feel the kind of heaviness density, and even a kind of anguish, at your condition in the physical.

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downloadSometimes it’s very settling to understand how to read the images in our dreams, because when a dream has terrorists trying to blow a place up, a young girl being found dead, and the game of baseball, it could be easily mistaken for stress or insanity and leave a person upset all day. Images such as these are called “loud” dreams because they intend to grab our attention, because of how important the message is to us, not as a way to scare us. Haven’t we ever raised our voice to make a point? So it is in our unconscious process, where we can be shown the status of our current struggle. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember one dream last night. In this dream, again I’m an adolescent girl. I’m with a group of other adolescent girls and boys, and we seem to be underground in kind of a cave-like area under a city, and we’re there because we seem be being tutored by a group of terrorists who are actually planning on bombing something at some point, we think. And, of course, unbeknownst to the terrorists, most or all of us are actually trying to figure out what their target is so that we can either stop it or report it.

Now one girl, she kind of sees on something kind of the side of a red sign, or a picture of a red sign, that’s like in a field or something, so that she’s beginning to put together the information and finding out what the target is.

And they take us one day to actually watch a baseball game, in a nice suburb where we can actually get there. We can get to a room kind of under the stands from our cave structure. And we can see the baseball game being played by a bunch of adolescents. And part of me figures out that that baseball field is probably the target that they’re going to blow up.

And a lot of doctors’ kids kind of are playing baseball there. It’s an upscale place, and then I go back in the cave structure and I find that this one girl that had figured out where the target was and was going to report everybody, I find her body hidden behind some rocks, in a cavern, dead. I know she figured it out, and they must’ve figured out she was going to report it.

So then I’m thinking that I have to figure out now how to get the information out, because I’m pretty sure where the target is, but I’m thinking, especially since she’s dead, maybe for me I’ll try it by one of the boys who’s a terrorist likes me, maybe I can get him to take me out on a date or something, you know, like I can get access to the outside so I can report it. Anyway, that’s all. Then I started waking up.

John: So the theme of the dreaming last night is gaining access to an unfoldment, from within, of what you are able or meant to catch up with in terms of a kind of inner Book of Life or destiny that’s already kind of laid out, or intertwined, within.

And the fact that they are like terrorists, and such, means that it still is this inner process that’s still something that is deemed or considered to be kind of foreign from you. In other words, you haven’t quite fully grasped what that’s meant to be about. And, of course, if you did, you probably then wouldn’t have to be going through the awakening process. You would then  probably be out of here – like the little girl that was found dead.

In other words, this is a domain in which there is a waking up process that occurs, and we have to sort all of that out in relationship to an amnesia and neuroses that we have, that veil this from being obvious. And so you’re going through the motions: things that need to happen for you to come to grips and grasp what is meant to be are occurring.

In other words, a baseball game is the outer portrayal of life. I mean baseball is considered the American pastime or something. I mean it has a very significant meaning in terms of its portrayed importance in terms of the American way, so you’re taken into the outer. You’re shown all of this; that’s why the outer is considered the greater teacher because, as you’re going through this however it is that you feel yourself, or however it is that you’re reacting about things that are happening around you, those reactions, those mannerisms, those kinds of reverberations that you go through, they all play out in the outer around you.

And, if you are awakened, you know what that is about, what the meaningfulness of that is. And so you have this whole process. I mean you are trying to catch up with some hidden inner depth of what’s meant to be, that you know is important to the overall life. You have your notions in the dream on how this can be done. You have certain mannerisms that you’ve adopted to try to do that.

One is you have this contrast inside of yourself between how it is that you see yourself and how that is, as an effect, that is attempting to do something, because you still see yourself as separate in some capacity, you see that then, as a terrorist, or a danger. In other words, you haven’t yet figured out how to accept all that there is as being you.

So you’re trying to sort that sort of thing out. That’s one aspect that we all go through, and we noodle around and adapt our way of functioning in relationship to an outer that has its seeming contrast. And then you have the approach inside yourself where you take and you throw yourself into the game. In other words, you kind of go along with what is done, what is unfolding, and you try to go along in two different ways.

The first way is kind of like accepting that this sort of thing has something to reveal, has its notion, and so you go into the game of life, which is the baseball game, and therein lies a great opportunity to come to grips with what is really real. Well, that’s kind of like coming into the physical body and having to go through and live a lifetime in this kind of an existence – that’s the game of life. We’re living it, and are we going to, in terms of living this game of life, come to understand what it is that’s really real.

And then there is kind of the side note where you will go along with pretending that you’re part of all of this that’s unfolding, that it is all kind of an act job, or an illusion. You’re willing to go along with that in order to see something behind it all, in which case now you’re acting like you can understand and figure this out from the standpoint of carrying a certain consciousness, or wit, or intelligence that’s unique and separate from the whole.

And so you go along with the whole, as you sit there and figure that by going along with the whole, and being observant, that you’re going to figure out what it is all about that way. At no point do you point out what would be kind of a fourth process, or step, in which you come to know yourself as just something that’s intertwined with everything that’s going on. And when you are able to fully embody and embrace that, then there is no mystery, there is no need to discover anything, and that’s when you kind of die before you die, which is one of the things that makes me ponder and wonder about the gal that is found… Where was she found, behind a what?

Jeane: It’s almost like in a cave-like area, into another cave.

John: Yeah, that’s where she found the hidden of the hidden. You know, it was all with inside of herself. And so the whole dance and whatnot kind of came to an end. When it comes to an end, she’s died before she died. In other words, it’s like a depiction of not having to maintain the hoopla anymore because she had gotten to where she needed to get. She had come to recognize.

Now that’s kind of a haphazard way of trying to portray something, because that’s just kind of a quiet rendition that happens off to one side. You don’t put a whole lot of significance in that. In fact, you act like it’s all the more important to try to find out something that she must have stumbled upon, that you still need to stumble upon, in your separate capacity of sorting things out.

Instead of realizing that, for her to have gotten it, means that all of this then lost its hoopla, its song and dance, and therefore it was game over. As opposed to still thinking that one has to untwine what is happening, as if it has a separate capacity, instead of it all being completely intertwined.

The theme of the dreaming has to do with playing with the Book of Life, and so what is there that you’re meant to catch up with? And so this is your storyline of how it is that you’re trying to catch up with what is meant to be caught up with, in terms of a consciousness, that is the all pervasive you.

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