Secret Compartments


Why does a lotus blossom struggle through the muddy water to reach the surface? Why does the salmon have to leap the rapids to reach the spawning ground? Perhaps the universe requires that, for things to succeed, to reach the sunlight, or to reach the calm shallows, they must show their fitness. For a human, the fitness isn’t about procreation or any Earthly attainment, it’s about struggling in the right direction, toward the spiritual purpose, the greater human purpose. And the clues and information we need are revealed along the way – as we prove our fitness by continuing our search. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)


Jeane: So my dream, I feel like I’m young in it, and I have a sister, like we’re teens or preteens, fairly young. And, at some point in the past, it’s almost like our mother had died and our father has disappeared, and so we’re looking for our father.

We must have a guide at some point that helps point us to this island that our father lives on. And when we go to that island, then we start looking for him. And as we look for him, it feels like we have to crawl through secret compartments, and crawl spaces, and up and down, and then finally we come out into an apartment that’s my dad’s apartment.

And he’s actually happy to discover us when we get there, but it was kind of spooky because some of the crawl spaces are kind of tiny and intricate to crawl through. But we made it, and we kind of got familiar with them. And then we find out that one of the reasons that there are all of those crawl spaces, and the reason our mother disappeared, had to do with aliens that come to the planet. You’re at risk from these aliens.

So at some point, the aliens do show up, but I’m able to get away from them, even though it’s a close thing because I have a familiarity with a crawl space so I’m able to crawl up or down, or know that there’s a corner I can turn and go into, and hide, and feel like I get away. And much of this time I feel like my sister is around also, but she’s kind of invisible. I never really see her clearly. 

Then there’s a slight shift where I seem to be investigating looking for more information on the aliens, and that kind of takes me away from where my father’s living. And I’ve gone into an office where some doctors are that I used to know, and I hang out a bit in the restroom, and the restroom is kind of structured oddly. 

There’s like an anteroom, or a waiting room, outside the restroom, and then if you go through a door to the left there’s a little corridor and it goes to a men’s bathroom. And if you keep going straight you just go around the corner and that’s where the woman’s bathroom is, but it’s all kind of together in a way.

And I can hear one doctor come in, because I’m just around the corner in the women’s, but he’s kind of a mild-mannered doctor, and I know the other doctor who’s a little more adventuresome probably has the information that I want.

When I go to him initially he’s reluctant to tell me information on where the aliens are, or how I can find out more about them, but I get enough information from him to know that the guide that helped us find the island can help me. And it feels like the doctor has even thrown a tip to the guide, in terms of some gold coins, so I go over and I look over this wall into where the guide lives. 

He’s kind of sitting facing forward, almost like his apartment is more of a car than a living space, and behind his chair is the tip that the guy threw, the gold coins, and there’s also I see some money that I think is a tip that we must have left him. 

So I pick up the two gold coins that are behind his chair to hand to him. He’s sitting in the front of the chair, and he indicates that actually in order to get information on the aliens two gold coins wouldn’t be enough, he’d need three. 

So I start sorting through the tip we’d left for him and I see these smaller gold coins. They’re more like a dime size rather than a quarter size, but I finally, as I dig through, I’m able to find at least three of them. And I feel like this must be the equivalent of the bigger gold coin, so this is going to be enough. 

And  even though I can tell maybe the doctors or other people don’t want him to tell me, he then points to a poster which kind of has swirly ocean colors on it and the name of a couple of scientists, or a picture of them. And he indicates that the one scientist is the one that has the information that I need on the aliens. And that’s when I wake up.

John: This is a really big dream. To begin with you’re starting off just kind of on your own, learning the ins and outs of getting by in life as best you can. In other words, it’s called developing a certain understanding about how things work.

In other words, going and realizing that there are these corridors of ins and outs and ways that you can conduct yourself that seem to get you by in some sort of narrow context way. As a consequence of that, over a course of millennia, or lifetimes, or who knows what, you’re coming closer to recognizing that there’s more going on.

In other words, you’re at a point where something now is capable of happening to you, so that you can be speeded up, or so that you can start to take on the greater characteristics of something much, much bigger. 

In other words, you’re not just some really small thing just working in a real, real small mud puddle, crawling around in these avenues, and corridors, and tunnels of life, that you have learned to do, in kind of a way of coping with all of the personal aspects that make all of that sort of thing work. You’re suddenly now starting to realize that there is something more. And that’s where you start to bring in the characteristics and the traits of something much larger. 

You are looking at the mother characteristic or trait, which is a wholeness in creation, or manifestation. And you’re looking at the masculine quality and characteristic, which is like an energetic coming down from the creator. You’ve gone along up to this point in terms of maintaining your own identification, and now you have to start to take into account: what is the mother, and what is the father of things?

You’ve evolved to the point where you’re starting to look for the mother, or you’re starting to look for the greater wholeness. And, in order for that to happen, you have to get information from the father. 

Well, part of getting this information from the father is this can be a bit much because change always happens that stirs things up from within, and that you have developed, over a course of time, the ability to handle this kind of change that could have dire consequences, or denser consequences, to a person who doesn’t know how to channel it, or steer it, or focus it. 

You apparently have learned how to handle it, but to the degree to which it is still foreign to you it comes across as alien energy trying to disturb or affect you. And all of that gets twisted in you having to contend with that without too great a reactionariness, because the reactions cause you to lose the context of what is truly going on.

So little by little you come to notice, using the bathroom setting or something happening off to one side, you can come to recognize little bits of each. 

And so this starts the process of the spiritual path, as you now are going outside of your own mannerisms and have come to recognize that you are part of some sort of much larger schematic. 

It’s not just those little tunnels and this, that, and the other that you’ve developed a good personal understanding with – that you now have to contend with something much bigger. And so that involves having to become more conscious, or to speed up.

And so now you’re using the principles of energy. Now everything is energy in manifestation. You were just working with kind of a sound principle. That worked okay, but now all of a sudden you’re in need of acquiring that greater attunement that comes from the light, or the information from within, the father energy. The sound energy is the mother energy. 

The ability to put the two together has to do with picking up, bringing in, a certain kind of inner quality power, or presence, and that’s reflected by the money that you have to pay, or you have to catch up with. And then when you catch up with that, then it automatically inflects and becomes clear to you. 

Well, to catch up with that you have to drop even further, and it’s a continuous process. It’s always more and more and more of the same of these indulgences, or mannerisms, or perspectives that you take on. It’s just at subtler and subtler levels. 

I mean, sure, yes, it started at some point where you picked up a certain kind of rootedness of yourself, in terms of a dexterity of knowing how to go in and out of tunnels and such, bicycle around in life in a personal way, that you picked up enough so that you can then exhaust that as a deviated means and start to reach to a greater soul nature of yourself.

And then start to recognize more of what the true principles of creator and creation, or mother and father, are all about. But you still have this mystery of either having to find the mother, or accept the father, or how all that is, and that involves catching up with an inner power awakening and opening inside of yourself, expanding in terms of a presence or an aura of your being.

And when that happens, then you’re able to catch the hint of things. You’re able to see the principle of something that is divine, bringing the inner, which is aliens, but able to handle that, bringing that all the way in and through into creation, the reflective other end of it, or the flip side of the coin to the creator. Because creation is created in his image, and in that way you catch the hint, you catch the hint or you recognize what is taking place. 

In other words, you are able to alchemically unveil what is going on. You get it, you know it, you live it, and/or start to see it – and that’s the scientist. That’s a big dream, a lot of action in there.

Jeane: There was.

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A Dark Pool

Dark-PoolIt is far too easy to be swept along by the fast currents of the world today. So many people, and things, make demand of us that we rarely have time to stop and think. But there is a danger in that, because those currents are taking us where they want us to go, not necessarily where we want to go. But there is a way to rescue ourselves – and no one else can do it for us – and that is through our higher-self urge, which can lead us to higher connections. These connections will put us into a different flow, a flow that will lead us where the universe is heading, and there is no safer place to be. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the meditation dream that I had, which went into this same thing, it starts off in which I can notice that there is this vibratory energetic that one can feel behind the breath. See, you don’t denote it behind the breath. You denote it revelationally with the baby, but I seem to have denoted it behind the breath – but that doesn’t mean I can sustain it.

I go over to visit an acquaintance I know, and I am noticing that this vibratoriness is in the atmosphere. In other words, it’s a schematic of what I’m looking at. In other words, it’s all breath oriented, this action. With this as the motif, a person I know at this place falls over into a pool of water. It’s almost like he has this water that rises up kind of in the center of the house. It’s like a pool of water. You don’t think anything of it.

You actually think that maybe it’s there for him to jump into and enjoy, and, being in the center of the house, you actually think that it’s probably warm and everything else, but this pool of water has undercurrents that are shockingly cold, and there’s a suction action to those undercurrents that pulls you under. It’s as if it connects to the depths of the unknown deep, even though it looks harmless enough by appearance.

So even though there is a connectiveness that is permeating the atmosphere of this place, in other words, a vibratory connectiveness, it’s almost as if it’s also cracked a little bit because the pool of water indicates a new flow, but it’s not contained, it’s not maintained. It is easy to lose one’s bearings and be sucked away, you might say.

So when a person from this place, meaning one of the owners or persons who live in this place, and then there are all these others that are invited over that just accept it for what it is, falls into this seemingly harmless pool it is easy to assume that it’s not a big deal because the pool is there, part of the house, so you would think, or so it appears.

So I could easily assume that the interconnective vibratory force is okay. In other words, it’s a pool, it’s there, it doesn’t have any appearance of anything wrong, and so it’s easy to have this assumption that is both true and untrue, true by appearance, but untrue in terms of it being properly in sync. And this truth and untruth is common in life. In other words, within the breath of every human being there is a sense of something more, and that’s what kind of keeps the nature going.

So you have a truth inside, but your untruth is that you don’t have a close enough connection to the breath to hold onto a revelational vibration. So every human being has this inner echo that is like a guardian angel, but the problem we have is that this effect is not quite conscious. As a consequence, a human being can drown in a small pool of water imagining that everything is okay somewhere.

In other words, you can actually have this sense. That’s why you can go along and bad things can happen, and you can still throw them behind you, because some part of you just knows that that isn’t what it’s really all about, which is that they aren’t quite there for this to be so. In other words, it is okay somewhere, but they aren’t actually there, or present, in that quality of vibration for this to actually be so.

So basically a way of looking at it is: the seemingly okay vibration is not really okay because it’s not quite consciously aligned from an awakened inner quickening to an outer knowingness in the reflective.

So when this person goes splash, in a shocking way, into the small pool, it is easy to look the other way, like most people there are doing, assuming the situation is vibrationally under control. I am aware that this assumption and the typical general appearance of an at easement demeanor are misguided, and reach immediately in the water to grab a hand that is reaching in a backwards way.

I pull and turn the person around who is being sucked under, and doesn’t even really realize he’s being sucked under. I mean he’s in kind of an amnesic nature, or a trance-like way, turned around from the surface orientation of things.

So as I do so, the mask over his head falls off, it’s like he had a mask or even kind of a head even that falls off, and the body parts that are nearly broken into discombobulated pieces, it’s almost like they’re blobular things that are connected together, you know it’s almost not real, and have a crab-like appearance. In other words, what was taking place was going into a type of delirium in which this was no longer a human being. I mean he was going into some real dark zone.

So when I am done not only is the spell broken, but the person rescued, that I know to be a person who was meant to be connected to an inner aliveness, is suddenly reawakened. It’s almost as if this didn’t happen and he’s back to copasetic. The end result is like the falling into the trance was not real. In fact, it happened so quickly that I know what took place on an energetic level, but other people don’t know. In other words, this all happened in front of them, and they don’t realize what just took place, very demonic almost, right in front of them and nobody knows. And even the person that this happened to doesn’t know, and as soon as they’re pulled out of it they forget, too.

But if not for the connective rescuing from this amnesic delirium the person I am also connected with would’ve disappeared, even though in the midst there was a collective consciousness in which everyone which was there could, and should, have known. In other words, nobody saw this, nobody pays any attention. They’re not aware of the energetic.

So the meaning is, I am describing the general condition that permeates the outer environment of manifestation. I am being shown that manifestation at this time is a place where everyone is caught up in an amnesic trance-like spell. To break this trance is to peel away the veil and align the energetic beingness back to itself, and, when this is done, the effect permeates out and, if you weren’t there to witness the shift in consciousness, you would’ve missed the whole moment and the whole thing. You wouldn’t even have seen it.

What I am describing that makes this so is that every human being has an inner higher self awareness that is veiled and lost in the outer reflective, which, if properly realigned, pulls one from the stupor, breaks the amnesic spell straightaway. The spell can be broken so straightaway that it is like it never happened. Such a shift is so transformative that, to a person who isn’t paying attention, it is like the switch was never a problem.

So what I am describing when I say the dilemma is like an amnesia, for those caught up in the collective consciousness, is that the world for an awakened human being is not a taking-for-granted place. For an awakened human being, such assumptions demean, so you don’t do it. You see what’s really going on.

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No Shortcuts

4433It seems shocking to realize that all the spiritual and religious pathways that have been available to humans, in the many thousands of years, are only partial truths. They are guideposts, and blueprints, to embarking on the journey, but they are really not the journey. The journey is within us, and can only be done from within us, because each of us has to overcome a different set of obstacles, unique to us, to make the journey. So it is not possible that two lives could do it in exactly the same way. To think otherwise is to not understand what is being asked of us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now, there is something that is unsettling, very subtly unsettling, to have to approach the subject matter of consciousness by talking about abstract things such as dhikrs, and holy names, and sounds, and prayers.

And the reason why I feel it is like that is because deep, deep down inside, once upon a long time, I saw the wholeness of everything – and I didn’t really appreciate it. I didn’t even know what I was necessarily looking at. And when I went away from that it was like being discombobulated, or taken apart, the nuts and bolts and everything were disassembled. And the price that has to be paid is to put that all back together again

And the process upon which that gets put back together is not readily given to you. You’re shown this, and you’re shown that. The understanding of the nuts and bolts is there, but you have to catch up with that for yourself. When it wasn’t properly regarded, and appreciated, and taken into account, you just don’t take and flip the page and go all the way back to score one again. Now comes the process of having to reconcile your way back, because it is a discovery of the missing nuts and bolts. One’s connectedness; it’s a discovery of that all on one’s own.

So this quality of having to reach to and access that which was lost, that one has to find on their own, that some part of one’s self deep, deep, deep inside knows about, but you don’t just flip the page and it’s handed to you again. You have to crawl your way back. There’s no shortcuts that are there. This is what this next dream is about.

And so, in my dream, I have an object that I am told has good value, and that this is an object that others will want and they will have a use for. The item has been taken apart by a person who has, as a business, this means of dissembling things. He is the one who tells me that what I have has good value and it is something that others want.

I saw it before it was taken apart, and, although it looked interesting to me, it was like a machine or something that I’m not really familiar with. The person who took it apart has issues with me, although he was amenable to taking the object apart so that it could be stored, or transported, retained and maintained in other words, he will not let me have the nuts and bolts that he took out to break it into its various pieces. He won’t let me have the sack of the nuts and bolts, that came out of this object, that I need if I am to try to put it back together again.

So in trying to get him to turn them over to me just makes him volatile. I mean he was perfectly fine demeanor taking it apart. He gladly helped doing that, but if I were to keep pushing him to knock it off, just hand me that so I can put it together, now that I am aware that this is something of value and of interest to people; I mean that’s rude, from his opinion, somehow. I don’t understand why he feels it’s rude, but it’s rude, and he just won’t do it. In fact, he’ll fight me over the idea if I keep it up.

Because I’m not readily familiar with the workings of this object, for it to be apart like this takes away my ability to do justice in selling it to others. I’m not inclined to do what it takes to reconstruct from scratch, so it creates a kind of giving up, or loss of value or appreciation, because if the nuts and bolts are readily there, then I can just do it, but they’re not readily there. And yet I know I can find them, or it can be done, in terms of putting it back together. In other words, it’s just not going to be cut and dry because I’m going to have to go out and get new nuts and bolts to do this.

And then I will be able to see what it is, and appreciate what it is, that he tells me is something that has great value and demand. Otherwise, it’s just a kind of a concept that I could easily disregard. I could be lazy, and not do it, and disregard it.

The meaning is, is I have a memory of an aspect of myself that was once complete. I remember seeing it complete, but this was not something I paid much attention. I noticed it at the time and, you could say, I kind of took it for granted.

Fast forwarding now to the way things are today, it takes awhile to have the adab and the character or whatever is necessary. So just knowing the importance and value is enough, now, for me to go out and seek to find the nuts and bolts on my own. And he knows I can do it, but given the karma of the past a process has to be followed. In other words, he can’t just lift a finger and make it easier for me.

Another aspect of the meaning is, letting go to an attendant stillness is important. It’s important because I need this to go back into life. Because I wasn’t properly being myself in the outer, I was deconstructed. I now believe I am able to recognize that value and importance. To prove it, I am on my own in accessing the nuts and bolts that are needed. I mean, I already have them, but I just have to access them in a more responsible and focused way.

These elements are not going to be readily given to me. In other words, it’s not like maybe when I was first created, let’s say an Adam and Eve scenario, where it was just all handed and I didn’t know what I had, so it’s not just readily there again no matter how much I may insist, or beg, or whatever it is type of righteousness. There is a price that has to be paid from having not utilized, or properly valued, and lived, what was once mine. I must now become worthy. There is a grievance about this that is like a malingering stigma. It can be overcome, but the process will require a deep inner commitment, and effort, that I need to find within.

And the deeper meaning is, this explains why, you know in the outer, this explains why it is that teachers only go so far. A teacher will describe the situation, in other words, give you techniques and stuff that kind of hint towards the situation, can even elaborate about its importance. And what we understand, of course, is always kind of misconstrued because we need to access, with a letting go stillness, that which is an overall wholeness.

In other words, it’s up to us to access what puts ourselves back together again, as a oneness. The teacher can know, and can actually even be holding onto, the nuts and bolts of our beingness, which means that we are in some fashion holding onto the nuts and bolts of our beingness, but are disenfranchised from them. But it’s not totally lost because we have been there. We have been in a state of wholeness before and self-destructed, or deconstructed, on purpose from that wholeness back to a prima materia outer and the myriad of things in which a discombobulation exists.

The challenge has thus become: can one then overcome the mayhem, and reach within, and access what was always there, has always been there, has never been lost, it’s just hidden. That is the issue before me now. There are no shortcuts. I need to quit acting like it can simply be handed over, which is the wrong attitude, because in that attitude you’re disturbing and insulting the intelligence of the greater teacher, which is life.

So what is needed is acceptance, graciousness, and a more natural inner peace that isn’t ladled with demands and expectations. When I’m able to be like that, what I readily need will make itself known, or be provided to me. It’s interesting isn’t it?

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